7am - NBA Playoffs, How far are the Bucks from the Warriors?

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, May 16th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the NBA Playoffs and if this is it for LeBron in Cleveland. Also, they discussed the Bucks coaching search.

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Oh. No shocking and we blurt. Live news from the brilliant things correctly colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Our 7 o'clock keyword is Vasquez then it. You're listening to be fast. Local morning talk sports show being done town. Check your way let's check Freeman. I'm borrowing cooler best BE ST where exact two up bill writer. You know it's not just does cranking out great programming here on the fan it's. Our other shows and including some of the national shows bill writer you hear me at 6 o'clock most nights on the federal tax. NBA with him. And I'd like to get into the topic of of dynasties and Kevin Durant and in LeBron James so yeah that would M and a and I think column Milwaukee get shelved under. The carper a little bit by the national media. A couple gas off of them yeah we'll see if he agrees on that will do that in about. Forty minutes but yet the NBA last night. Game two Celtics or cavs all I owe you money in other Tony and Alex you know we've got a team. You and I both like the camps but since you really like the cavs in my furiously against you so I let you take care of some. It looked like bill Boston early on with LeBron the team on his back the key is gonna eclipse will record of auto points of four game. But you know Boston took him to turbans the second half I. Gambling is not legal really yeah under the law passed this is why is it's gonna make so much money yet because I owe you a 115 dollars as a result but there's people were passive and think that. This game is a lot in a result of the not the case. I don't know I mean Connors fifteen bucks it's. Whole Lotta money. And I know you. And I'm not happy about that but Holler at that we did make of that the war is over in the finals. Of the fourteen yes Sony five guys figure that one back make sure you track it on parts that on your phone and you keep tracking it now guys keep track of all the bits that we do because we lose track right. Last road is Rosen Steve correct but I think he's not at the Mayo so you make sure right that the best that we have go on the MVP of that. Where you have yeah its winning an MBP 85 wanna sink you underdogs. Nick frankly an expert commits the opening your roster that's a Haiti for now it before that one the brewers finished ten games out of first place you said they would. That's so underdog. Yet that's only one vehicle owner well aware of that one too that's the only other one. I mean I do think that the warriors. You know I know they got to play it out but I do think they won the finals when they won game one in Houston game two of that tonight. Odd dive was three back and forth with people last night about one of the Celtics in the finals. I just I guess I don't see that I don't see it happening and I don't want it to happen among Italians a box guy. Every time the Celtics winning game when I see Marcus Morris sitting on the I'm a baseline screening. I cannot stand this team I hate them more and more now with each passing game and with every win that they did. It does it bothers me to know that how far the box could have gone if they just said their crap together me and well they did they just were able to take game one. Or they could won seven of course or Bledsoe had a series were actually showed up and didn't let Terry rosier Natalie get in his head. But use that to become a superstar in this league if they could just figured adult man. Who knows who knows where they'd be my. It a lot of teams could save them an epic wash it probably says you know what we can beat a look at the week Cleveland went through to Ronald. That could Abbas. Wash it probably says we which atrocities we could've won that series. Well we were that they probably think they were the better team from Indiana probably looks that it says 11 game one in Cleveland against the camps. And now look at the camps are down 02 deck could be just plain India so I think there's a lot of different ways you can look at it but the bottom line is. Both teams are singles things didn't get the job done. Washington didn't Indiana that. While you can get the job done so but the Celtics continue to win I could see I mean at the Celtics have always hated the Celtics back from the Larry Bird. Material things when he's to be the box like I've always had a chip on my shoulder the Celtics anyway. So I don't like that many and I would never cared for because they've always have success. Well they're the team made the most. Idea I hear too. And it's all because of this year and I think last year at this time it was the rafters. And I told this when a team beats my team I want them till lose. I don't want them to go to the finals and make the finals and win the finals so that I is a box fan can say. Well you know we didn't win that year we need to get it past the first round by golly gee we lost in the team that won the finals took care of Siena and a key. That's yes I feel about comparing. Well the Celtics in double box with a one game out of a beating the Celtics know they lost the game. So we gotta do is deal there and remove four barks and make it a coaching change and you know they got some. Get the crap together I think there was just an indication again that that series about just how. Dysfunctional balks were the entire season and they just now learned to just. That nuke you this they're just not good enough to differ from playoff series spot on last night's game. You know you LeBron scorched 21 of the 27 points for Cleveland and you think him and he's gonna periods LeBron doing what the critics think he's put a team I was back. And then the rest of the way. Now he's this post guy out there it in the army still score 42 points but I didn't begin the impact he did like you literally the game. And I'm not sure viewers can custom now but he took a shot to the face of about three minutes left in the first half left the flow. Came back and no one of those things that people hate about LeBron if you're LeBron haters how he plays out every time he gets in the actor. Touched in only makes it as dramatic as possible but then that second half. He seemed off. I thought this the cab seemed off it seemed like two things one the Celtics. They were I mean they ask for is getting them this far they are playing. You know at the highest degree I was gonna say balls to the walls which for some reason I feel like I should did Cleveland or passed well yeah Cleveland in the Gergen and all the mail like they are playing underwater the slaying. Because look they they are playing so lol. And watching the game on ESPN it looked like it felt to me like it was a Friday night. You know 7 o'clock ESPN game in November. When you go from game one the other night. In the Western Conference finals of the intensity in neck games the magnitude of a game the pressure they came. And and you watched last night that the announcer they seemed like they were out of it the Boston crowd in the second half seemed out of it until. JR started shoving people just the whole deem to meet is a felt like. It felt like these guys didn't realize that they're playing for and I direct a lot of that it at the cavaliers because obviously the Celtics they're the one team that's giving. More than a 110%. At all times here I'd I don't know did what are the cavs doing via III think. The Boston had a large part of that though mirage here had a big third quarter and edit the Celtics have a lot to do with how bad the cavaliers. Looked last night. You know leaked over the cavs could turn anybody else besides LeBron I mean nobody else really did much. Share Smith was bankrupt stupid you know. Stupid move at the end trying to injure RL or proportion of the back you know cheap shot there should you suspect of forgave him that. Bomb to throw out a game that but you know the Cleveland I think the Celtics just head that way of doing it to them. Do that to opponents just make him look bad I think that's what happened last night. Well also the cavs are bad I mean there was one time when LeBron was off the floor. The line it was George Hill Kyle Korver Rodney hood Jeff Green Larry Nantz and not winning the finals. Would George Hill and I'll Korver Rodney had Jeff Green Larry man no. But okay. You look at Atlanta ball their and that just speaks the okay if the Atlanta sought their Interscope playing in the playoffs and they've had legal dilemma of the grotto bench. What does that say about the rest of Eastern Conference well take youngest out of the box Liam you still have. Eric Bledsoe Chris Middleton Jabari Parker let's say eight. I don't know John Henson and what it but it didn't produce playoff victories knowledge did and that's the thing that's the Bob Murray dampers have series victory so. Bomb anyway you want to cut it up it's still. The cavs had a band lineup out there. Yeah it third on nine and the bronze on the events of likewise LeBron on the bench. Hunted down nine. But that's a speaks of just hope for the rest of the conferences 7991250. The number to call us as always rams on the north's. Hi good morning ran around and although it's a L adequate equipment. Your brother or little boy. Well did you know that and I talk all the analysts and you can't work. Alum is too quick I want to be. How are. Part of the world book paralyzed. Him from being in the contenders and the war. There which is second question referring to difference. And the second question is well. In looking man. The campaign. From built formal basketball player split I look. One got out of would be. Well it never. Outlook at this book or. Even with these issues and that I football not this garbage. Or it could that progress activated they put their cup. You've got them one at a B. But it economic the plane ticket. Right off the facility but it is it because they're they're. That satellite yesterday I want to simple offer it on paper profit from from my time between their growth in direct though. This from a plane and we'll go back in district court. It via Munich and predictable that the electorate had voted in because it didn't book it. Whitman. Yeah. Both which got the ball. You can take any local veterans have put them building eighteen is probably start. A little good candidate for golden flow. It is pretty close it is aimed their ran out you know like the first. He got Rodney hood George Hill going into Jalen brown but look at all the data and stayed on June drone bomb. Hated his plane well Ruggiero study about the big third quarter he had Horford. Continues to be huge for their team. I mean there's holes guys part of it or just playing well every gate. And that's what he keep limit how far the bucks away from the warriors geez how far the blocks away from. This svelte fixed. The raptors. I'll answer that one check in wake buddy guy's chime in 7991250. Talk more NBA with the cavs going down all too. The warriors have a chance to do that to the rockets tonight as well yeah I'll tell you what I have an idea how you could would I you could rattle Goldstein's keys a little bit tonight. If you're used to. Which ever seen done yet okay I'd love to hear that because I don't as of right now think that there are any possible I think there's a way to do it the relatives of Villa outside that you didn't. Rattle things little bit there were those guys the league can't figure out the warriors. By chuck can well talk about that next here on the fast. Very fateful hours away with a triple classes without profit again it's just dribbled over half Alice K. Got it going he's got police say defensively I think we we got to be better. Our car help in a couple of times in the first half and I think Nick Young who threw to resolve of those plays you know I mean some some games on C may make those mistakes. And guys summit to show us but tonight every time we did it they may dissent so obviously. Make you pay me means that. Second littler from the Brian strait college athletic studios with Chris Paul. Little flummoxed after game one how to stop the warriors screens might have an idea for your organs that in about. Sixty seconds or so do want to remind you of your paying more money. It interest that you need to on your credit cards is happens a lot you buy some purchases. 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This deal with good credit you get a special interest rate discount go to light stream dot com slash Bard that's light stream dot com slash Bart allied GHT. ST RE a M dot com slash. Bartz Cody. So that's a credit approval already includes point 5% auto pay discount available only when you slack auto paint prior to loan funding. Terms conditions apply it offers are subject to change without notice his election dot com for more information about limits on late scream loans and same day fund. Predator who are underway now guys you know some people start in this business guy you know Jimmy Jimmy Kimmel I believe started in this business by calling it. In two radio stations and LA and doing voices. Cody start is regularly championship yeah so oh yeah I now we are well well underway. There was a guy who did radio here in town who started his career. By calling it in my shall Becht what are yours go to a Howard Cosell and the person patients who was that. I've got a serious name is a summary of stationary tell you say but he was so good. And we needed another person and turned out that guy had college radio experience and away he went and he's just took off. I started just calling him a radio station a lot of people don't know this. I started by doing man cedar freshen did you on the post game option yeah it is for a series at cedar. Yeah that's how I got okay. And I hate ten a Sparky you know this Colleen and anti gun. Was dead so was that him the whole time last year was that you. I really haven't cedar on the phone. Let's see if we just sum oh you play some are you were never in the room when we did the interview. Let's leave what that one out the mystery OK I think we can do that I think what you double in the Roman we talked to him that's right. That's not have you ever seen mean at cedar together and he'd been that's true okay. Think about that OK so three you've got an idea how to stop your own states and I tell you wanna get the rams question. And we will take your calls 79912 feet I and where the warriors aren't compared to the block I see somebody's put stuff Koreans asks I to a too often I see this guy just dance and around. Go on down the lane doing whatever he wants all their ballots in a cheap shot like JR Smith last night by good hard screen. In your coming over their screen and yet or you are a good hard screen and just rattle those guys case a little bit I think he just goes. While there he's out their prints and around and nobody does anything about him with him I think you need to send him a little bit of give him a little love to aperture I'd agree with you if she. Was the focal point of the warriors which is not right now it's haven't it's given a rare but I think you need be curry still a major threat and a team. And I think that I just could never to scale white nobody ever does that again. This tools around. Does what he wants you know outside the perimeter and nobody ever lays the body on him at all. Hard body you know someone roots for the warriors. I can tell you if they make it to the finals Amar I'm worried about the Celtics because I dream on should probably get kicked out in game one early. Markets Smart on dream on dream that is an act and well furcal and are now known you know Celtics who do's and if the Cleveland as an overcome this deficit your. The Celtics. With Stephens will do a few things. I think to. Two image zoom LeBron the to have third after the first quarter that a few things with the run. Took him out of a little Manila media take shots that you know he probably wanna take. Steve is the same thing. And it ran SS a question of how far the bucks away from the warriors. We're even began there was 11 specific play when it. You can't camp there was one play that I watched. That night that made me think of the blocks in game one on Monday night. And it was it was just a simple rebounds. And Shaun Livingston. Was under the hoop user closest guy attic he couldn't grab up and get it but Shaun Livingston. Had the wherewithal to. Tippett outs. Where there were two warriors I'm not saying that's reinventing basketball. As saying that's a thing fundamentally. That I don't see the box really do what. For the parts of but the stars that they you know of these so called stars they have me Alice is the star. Legit star and he's not so easily just start but the other guys around him his supporting cast. On and you would think that located have some of these weaknesses covered up. But look at the book the post defense post defense is terrible have nobody defend any of those. A post players probably get maven Portsmouth after perimeter defense is a very good they don't have enough three point shooting in a three point shooting leak. So wells are three things right their right off the top. That just kills the team all right so the bucks. Going to be real warriors you need a guy. You need a guy like KDC need to get it's gonna go to the rack boy if he can't. Get there or if the play breaks down that's the beauty with the warriors right now and they've got this beautiful offense but at the press the play breaks down. Mean go to Kevin Durant and you can make a shot from anywhere so that needs to be honest yeah that's as far away from Katie. So already this exercise. Yeah is not in or we get them look at the they have look at their guys look at their stars and the boxcars right then you need a guy like Klay Thompson. Late Johnson doesn't even need. To dribble he doesn't need touched the ball recorders at a time you get it to him he can knock down five straight three point shots so who's gonna be clay tops and you needed that to be. Tony snell what's the difference between Klay Thompson. Like yours like yours Tony is gold state does it doesn't work they make a height they make it will senate shot. High percentage shot the three point shot. And that's a that that is supposed to be a low percentage shot yet they. Revolutionized the game where they turn that into a high percentage shot bid lists then if you're going to be there or is he a guy like dream on dream. The course has died at the box that's dream laundering was the last time the bucks ever had a guy like yet Parker. Who mean to bar I'm not comparing the two I'm saying who could fit that mole but what but three months. Is hard nosed out coffee stand SL tinged. Kate that's such a bark park that doesn't work either who is a list of the hawks have got to. Never works well they haven't. Then we then we haven't even mention two time MVP stepped curry. OK I guess milk. Can be the step curry honesty not that. Sounds to me not my chance. To. Not a chance in any bench guys that come to perform like Obama loony all she's hot fire grew much. How much farther ahead. As a player is Covile loony bin John Henson waive fire which sucks. Billionaire guy like we did mention. Andre gave gay would dollop whose Andrei would doll on the blocks zero may know what could put Parker well hopefully in that mold. Best case scenario but even though. It's a say that bouquet W say that the box should be could be in the situation where the Celtics are. You know they could have replaced the Celtics and being in the conference finals while. You're answering all your questions right here because they're not as good as gold statement. Not close to Goldstein but limiting they can I got to the east if they had their slots and did you say comparisons for the Boston Celtics and he talked short through. Yeah but they took on the seventh so you know that it was there I I I don't I don't think of the box made the NBA finals. They would win a game against Houston oracle and they close know what I believe they've. Played Houston here at the Bradley Center. And you gratitude for teams. The Bucs are light years away from Golden State I mean that's clear but. I think they could have done some more damage in these Eastern Conference the problem was maybe we play the best team right away even though that's the team while we all wanted to I just think. Our problem is. I don't think giving mental toughness their their mental toughness is zero. Well have they really lacked mental toughness amid a do you look at the Boston that's a mentally tough team Mets a team that. When they faced some adversity they overcome it. They more common in the playoffs I think bill's best take on the box the Michael's tended to his of their their team that doesn't know how to win. That's exactly right 791250. Trails downtown what's public trial. Their guards are good you guard network. Due it would look at this point what are there. They are saying let that all of our Antonio. Bought and go to. Art. Eight at the law. Or are you never. Well there are. It's a load the flaw. In part is on the ball. Not. Let go note over four hold it a little false. Notre Dame. You know. They will you. Ever hired him. And they're not all it. It is time Bartlett ill make Smart. And know how. So after. Acted. They coach you keep an improper and people like you make mistakes at all or on the other. I'll let you fight it out pop in. NBA history. It will bode well if you. Are what keep your growth in it so well right back. Yet there's a reason why all these San Antonio assistant coaches are being interviewed all over the map. I'm the box of eager to get the two guys that they. Are talking to a New York that's another story. The two guys have a target to New York ball spurs ties. We'll talk more about the Bucs coaching search. And that why people are so upset about where it's happening in a moment. Dick can I ask you do you agree with this street tweet from trial. He says on here is barred against slobbering over Golden State let them rest dude you're doing Wisconsin sports geez. Who cares your brother works there my god. What about what I just did is saying and doing my brother. I'm comparing the box or some we called and asked to or the boxed circles to religious what I'm comparing the box. To the team that's on to the last three NBA finals the team that's going to most likely win another one the team that's making basketball. Not fun for a lot of fans because how good they are even when their perfect offense fails. Pondering it are there to save the date you'd think the bucks or anywhere close today. All that while there for you that they're not I want whatever world here live until you wanted it's David emblem they guides as he's getting on you because you're target door to Goldstein is oh. I'm giving her from yet comparing the box to the warriors is not something to do and I'm talking Wisconsin sports. Are right on top Wisconsin sports without Wisconsin sports. Lorenzo Cain attitude 76 batting average he's got to know BP of a 380 order talk about the school stimulus is to 98 average will be PS3 63 words are was coaching search and you know they have secular views and two guys who are figure solid candidates. Messina Torre Messina and booed those two guys solid with spurs ties. And I think the council on one of these two. We'll have that next bill reiter will join us as well here and writer than you weeknight here on the fan a checker like that we are served up by Perkins. Or 57 FM the fan. Just like the or served up by Perkins restaurants bakeries bill reiter joining us we'll talk some NBA. Thoughts on LeBron james' types of Kevin Durant talk some hey why does nobody care bowl Milwaukee with bill writer national. Radio guy here and weeknight on the fan. The Milwaukee Bucks in your viewing it looks like two candidates that we know got second interviews Mike booting holes that are at Torrey Messina. The streams they're doing interviews in New York which some people were mad about you I mean I. Put it out there and it's something I Twitter and a some people were like no fears read if you want this walked. Should the ownership of all that be here don't you want ownership and all levels guys to be here why should be business the conduct throughout New York. Martinez right here Milwaukee. And may be reading too much into it that's who those might increment my feeling and that I looked at tuna as like. OK if it's all this is being done in New York. Is or should having a big state in the coaching hire who's this John horse higher. On these guys who work New York guy is of the owners here. Are very have a big stadium to. David Soares is going to be higher. Okay. He's gonna get the nod from other Nazi but Davis serves as the guy who really to hire their job. You know there to make a coaching change in. Green Bay it was you Ted Thompson or is going to be you know what good can start out making a decision. Not north not Mark Murphy. So I just was a I don't know. Was making the decision on us. I mean personally I don't care if they interview on Mars early ideas you don't say. I want the right guy but but what I mean in New York that the visit this tell me or minerals businesses being. Done a New York should be done here Milwaukee well I don't care where it's done but I think there if you wanna read into it read into the fact that. The owners are going to have a big say in this and Sherri could say was their team you know they should be able to do. What they wanna do but I'd I would like this decision to come from a basketball standpoint. And they don't have really a guy that. They trust to make that decision I guess I mean Malia and you know John horse make that decision he's your GM you should be the owners they don't seem to wanted to large part of it too because of in of the ship your. I don't think horse fired kid. No but I mean the ownership here so what does he do what experiences they have and hiring a basketball coach I mean what. You know who was to be right coach who directed my team goals in this one experience and it was a bad but those guys are businessmen. Those fish particularly in the business area fantastic OK but the coaching the basketball. If John Morse is going to be your GM. And he's gonna be your basketball guy he's got to be the CIA. We are gonna ride to make that decision. Kenneth organized make this is in one guy no I agree I agree with that point others for sure. Who ended they hire a coach like Buddha and older tell me Demi Moore horse is going up to New York. It'll be the sky where I would be doing it here so that means you know all sort of an honor for censure horses in these meetings. Exactly should be that the problem. So I think that's the problem more than. The location of where it's happening I mean if we of course in on Milwaukee B on you know when you think the ring beam a Walt what you think Phil okay. With the Milwaukee blocks. Ownership would be here. Can't you know in the city you think they do the interview at it needs you know a senator Michelle and everything sure you get adequate silly these guys are just flying in on game days and ARO. That's all they are I know that. When you see the box owners but they're gonna be enzyme. And I still lives in LA yet but they're gonna be hands on might they are should they be here all the time bureaucracy hands on owners. Shouldn't they be your all the time if their hands on. They don't have to be they don't want to be. I would like them to be here to I'd you know but. That they and it's not these guys well they have there you know Alex lives here and then who's gonna be whose final call is it. I'm which one of these guys are gonna hire I don't know that's the problem that's not a problem that's at bats the problem to me they can do this interview in Lexington Kentucky. They could do it in. You know. I think both the senate and AL I don't care I think the two guys they hired yesterday or at least they talked yesterday I could see even if they heard either one of those guys I beat Greg. I'd be filing either one to Messina. Accomplished what seems like now we're starting over to Europe and if some of these guys were successful coaches bring animal over here. My staffs and seeing if they could be potentially head coach is on the line. Chuckle at the we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is much more on the boxer at the show I mean. They could name their head coach this week we are waiting on bated breath. For this decision to finally be. Final in the meantime the NBA playoffs are going I'll talk to bill writer host of writer than you he joins us next we're gonna talk about. Kevin Durant and LeBron James and you know to that point why does the national media ignore Milwaukee constantly in the NBA at least that's what it feels like. Talked to him that I. Chuckling putter that's check for him and I'm borrowing caller from the Brian Stratton college. Atlantic studios. And it's not some NBA here with someone who's very qualified to do so. Has covered the heat especially when LeBron was there you here on week nights here on the fan. The show's writers who knew the name of bill writer bill thanks for a couple of minutes I know that we've got the two series going on in the NBA. And it's they're doing this yesterday it's all due to you I just wanted to say that. Good work with the NBA all season the season is over the Golden State Warriors have won the championship and now we move on. I've whoever I doubt if I have to go to the papers are all the technicalities and all that but yet. You're absolutely right it you think it over it all over but the shouting and the coronation. They I've I've watched the networks and all that and I hear radio national caught took I hear the same topics seem teams being talked about all the time. Respect which is agree or disagree and that I think you're right I think Adam silver very much want to change that they understand. That he cannot sell the dominant sports in the country and make a whole lot more money in the other league combined because. It doesn't matter what you into playing or where you live in the country you're gonna watch the game out of your baseball fan but where's. A baseball games on your market. Let your god it paid off and you're not like in the acting I think believe very much are the last EPA was on the way it was done to try to keep guys. And it didn't work right and what the wars thwart their efforts. But I think that. I think Milwaukee the perfect example. If you guys hire the right approach that. He's got to do it reminds me of went down toward Brian speaker I think there's that level ill because of Ghana on that team up to you made. I think Milwaukee and be calm one of those eighteen people were talking about I think Adam silver screen that that aren't an account Dayton Minnesota they gave it stayed in the war on. Donna staged in Milwaukee. And the incident and stay in Philly Portland able to keep game in little over that it will. In the long run people are really good young players in the league. You've got instead of one unit in the NBA championship once in the LeBron James will play against them. You've got doesn't work and are well into that shot. But I want her going until they get that second superstar here walking or third one even. If if that's your boss finally willing to talk about possible winning an MBA chief chip but realistically. I'm also sure it's ever happened. Get Brad even recollect all I had that the most brilliant ultimately the I mean I admit although I may. I don't know that who wilders a guy and I probably have a not to have a negative perspective on that he was such it is adequate standard or just such a disaster. Tool on front office and coached die. With the hawks. But it people brutal and it comes off that that Autry is you can hire the right vote which is just departed after the right got it up. But that is second to fit their. I think Milwaukee and he really did leave me bosses in the future mean all all about Billy I'd get editor radio in Boston. Earlier today I've said that I think Milwaukee. Indeed at thirteen. And I think Donna's is. Is capable of being illegal at eight and guys like our younger and can be the best in the game. Got to meet the favorite to be the best player on the face of the earth whenever LeBron finally actually becomes human being irk Beijing. Bill writer writer of the new year here right here on the fans of weeknight on the fans starting at six. I wanna ask you about two different guys need your thoughts on an and they seem to be very polarizing. And I know I didn't Twitter fights about and so I wanted to bring it to you one obviously LeBron James and I where do you think his future is because I think that. Last year at this time I thought it was silly he's going to Philly I can connect those dots and I think they'll end up in Philadelphia. And on the east for a long time. The more that this season and these clouds gul. I still think there's a very good chance he stays in Cleveland. If they can convince San Antonio to bring coli have there or find another piece. I don't know if you least twice bill. It'd last like last time around. I was pretty sure you would go in the Cleveland and I set it on when or to clockwork on TV a lot and got mocked but that was because I had reported I was talking to people. Either I'm not connected that I should be or is done under lockdown I don't know the I don't think anybody else just talking. Even the rumor earlier however it wasn't it four years ago when he left Miami. People on the appropriate appropriate for Maria Robert hawking in there were rumors or information misinformation but that was out there. It almost like try to penetrate the CIA right. In terms of what's going on our bit I thought Ilia backing what the movement started it and and I think Cleveland has increased the odds that you'll stay. However I I'll let that I don't think LeBron actually I think LeBron understands modern media and modern stand. In a really into the way and I think he understands the lesson from Miami on out there that burst your people into the brought in mocked him when he lost I want. Ever been hired there it got changed. I don't think they'll be is bound by the old rules of loyalty and the optics of leaving Cleveland as his previous stars. I think you go where he want to go wake up one day you want live in New York City and it ought to spirit like the New York City. You don't dare wake up one day you want to play great pop it. I think that he did you do on if you wake up one day want to run an organization that all the friends. We're very Smart entrepreneurs around him app the heat of the kingdom she didn't Cleveland. And it is a cop out and I think it appeared very different paradigm the opera operate by and figure out what. Because this is like where Kevin Durant gets killed he went over to Golden State I think when they lost they were up 31 and they lost he realized. With Russell there he wasn't going to be goal and stayed in Oklahoma City and they realize even if they did get past they weren't gonna get past LeBron in Cleveland. And then people judge Kevin Durant saying while he took the easy way Al open. In a sport or we judge people now buy ratings. I just think it was a guy that wanted to win any foul on the avenue to win so I don't get is not be on Kevin Durant has a lot of other people. That adds I mean even now rom when he went by and crock and I was met by about a week that he didn't. And sit and wait that he went about it during one of Arnold and be eight and I think direct become. They're a lot less likable mean frankly and I knew him when he was young and sort of went through it. Not ideal site to be around a new and different diet. You know he's cocky arrogant company. I think in modern breed of player in LeBron really epitomizes this broad police are respected. Is that players should they control their destiny in the week it's like you Chris Paul or high level guys. And the players association never seen start in all in the union at that level before it all but certain leaders. LeBron believes that player powers the future belief. And I think that it's made its way down a guy like Iran and the outlook. That he the likely answer but either I'm gonna go wherever I want and it's a great point. I don't think that it should've got until I think he cares. Robert considering I don't think he did but I really don't I think she let it go where ever in the world wants and not care one bit about. Now why should anybody care I mean LeBron wants play for a winner. Well Jerry direct command these people to be winners if they're yeah we wanna be winners we wanna work for good organizations widow. I don't want to work for a great organization he does you what I bar Wheeler or her great organization we do what's wrong market for top organizations who have four you know white. I've heard what I mean but I got it. I am from Dubuque Iowa I grew up in the deployment certainly need to work there I've worked I got married and what a lot of people. But I had a rib and I want to personally in any I mean up until I'm not a cult I'm on the left got. What Ella what comedy led a job and put your wife about it what we are we love you mean. I'm not I don't think the rate might ate a lot while I think it was off the top Iowa Nebraska right to go back. But the chocolate either try to make about a like these kids right at me your career. I'm not gonna judge. Any any of those guys if they wanted to including LeBron I. Do your thing dude on the eight American man go make your dream wherever it. Bill we appreciate it will be listening to you tonight we ignites. And six here on the fan.