7am - Packers free agency

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, March 13th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart took a look at some of the free agents who are expected to sign with teams and if the Packers are mising out on a few.

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Oh yeah. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. James Crichton College athletics. This season chalk it always blurred on sports Radio One 057. This is just perfect guild and AM robot ask. Jimmy Fallon there's a gift for Jimmy Fallon doing that it's doing good morning everybody which I heard. You are Michael's pitched a golfer like five minutes last week so that's very good talent to. Call while he has are all jealous that's fine all yeah sure did look they give anybody give anyone right now no oil still believe that took going to be we already read it took off for me. And and create original gone over the some million gallons of so you brought it up solemn disown. Did the league in the ability. So but Jimmy Fallon there's a given him doing that Erin Adolor friend of the show just tweeted out that gaffe. His tweets says good morning Packers fans while you're asleep. Alan Robinson agreed to terms of the bears. Sammy Watkins agreed to terms of the cheap so there was a story out yesterday. At the Packers are possibly interstate in basle moon and then our minds they're gone will conveyed Branyan both on the Unicode Jordy and copper they keep all fours it can be like 2011 where we have. Four receivers and then maybe did Jimmy Graham and the tight end and just run rough shot through the entire NFL. Off they would've if they were at your Robertson or thirty Watkins. One ovals guys Jordy. Or cobbler have been gone. Alan Robinson would have been perfect here at all 6364. Strong could goal we get balls he would have been great for and don't coming off the injury we have been great dole for Aaron Rodgers. I'd gladly traded on Robinson breather what the balls to guys the Packers have either Jordan your Cobb. The save a Sammy Watkins and only to put the best numbers and the rams last year but I take him to. Well check I think some people on the Packers organization felt the same way the problem was. The price three years 42 million dollars for Alan Robinson and but again it's the money up front if he would get up from twenty million. I had I was you would know better than me now the bad that averages the fourteen per. So that's for Alan Robbins saying he is a Chicago bear and the Chicago Bears what everything about mixture -- heat. I'd Jordan Howard. Point five billion guaranteed that's that's the key NFL free agency this is like their first real receiver they had a you know as I ever else you get hurt down there. It's like you know you you look at it in him when you guys signs of country music you get all three years that deal chances are not but when he five million guaranteed. What are all in on him man. And he still carries a 24 results seem like he's been around longer and companies only 24. Mom yet that's that's huge for the bears get him. You know they're a long ways away but Qaeda BA great Crete the Green Bay Watkins to. And Watkins just announced not heeded announcement has reported this morning and going to Kansas City. But the Packers are marked as similar deals sixteen up. Her over three years Sammy Watkins of the bills the rams now of that she thought the Packers are still. In the hunt for Jimmy Graham that news keynote yesterday. A New Orleans the other team. I feel like nets or you'll end up I feel like the Packers are sports teams are always mentioned for these guys. This is the brewers embarks included. All guerrilla these guys in the before you know what it's like up not. He's going to the clippers up now he's going to the Diamondbacks. Now always on the jobs okay does not. Well one thing about the Packers is that when they came out and said we wanna be more aggressive. That might have given agents and agencies leeway to say ask but the Packers they're paying you know that every nose on be aggressive we can. If slowed them up there is a lot of this is a lot of hearsay and rumors. And a lot of what you hear is people trying to get. The best deal for their guys so rumors we'll Kamal it. Lot of these started by agents up to try to drive of the price. For what their player can make and then ultimately. Would they can make Chris tweets and at 1057 FM the fan and winks thinks at chuck Freeman. I guess the Packers want to have the slowest receiving corps in the league. Losing locked ins did it she'd sit or about Robinson to the bears the bears. No way to drop Robert Nelson means we have very little room to add any real depth of the defense. And Rogers contract is still a thing. This is also grow. Well it's again it's still early in the game. Error that the son of Aaron Rodgers is some. Not gonna predicate whether or not they want to get other other county help Molly think there's going to be some stores restructuring done in contracts. And tomorrow's the day right now is that is the tampering. The legal tampering period as the caller and he's mus will be official tomorrow. The -- areas Randall trade will be official tomorrow. Or learning about trades and because it's now the official tampering time. We're learning about who's agreeing to Wear follow on 47991250. Public to Marius to see the tweet that he put out yesterday. What do Sam free yes. And a couple of mode g.s of crying. Set a more views are ducts you know not set a Modi is about this. He pretended to be sad but he stopped. And as Jeff Floyd lockdown browns told us yesterday on the show. The plan is to move to Marius Randall to free safety zones Liggett and to Mary's Randall was re tweeting things about how he's more comfortable. As a free safety instead of a cornerback bullet like okay now all. I mean yet now why did he never say that when he was here I mean Bob sure he did at a. Yeah yeah I mean just because he feels a couple it was seabees better free safety. You know I mean just as guys as I feel more powerful freeagent as free safety does that mean he's necessarily be better like the Marius couldn't honestly got cut. After that bears game. And then they nowhere but he was on the Packers they needed he ended up performing well. So is the opportunity to go somewhere else and succeed even greater now while we ought to Marius should be happy Pakistan I don't know rather than tweeting I'm free and if that is in relation. To his time here now bought. It's those strange coincidence that he put I'm free of the bee mystery. 7991254147991250. Mostly he brought his girlfriend. Hess go to John John I feel about all this job. Wolf first of all on board with the talk about what could manned land. I don't care who. The dinner is Randall on America's list I admire. Yeah I think I forgot about him already hear what I'm out. I'm note. OK I don't look like apple bought it would revert back outside because until there right now. They can get a look at the water you could stickler Roger doesn't actually look at all. There were some up the sideline speed. We we get something done now at the receiver position. In the draft and what I'm looking for the Packers to do there is a lot of talent out there. That impact that we need to get all of us live band and I'm sorry I'm not a plastic components of the war was already done what are your pain. And I don't know why no doubt that the ethical impact without water the wind a lot of a lot of Green Bay took the cobalt yes. I'm a public order the good reputation. Wanna do that you look at the defense and no pass rush. That the continued onslaught the light become quiet but I'm looking to boost being put on the news you want to drag. And add stability and not trying to pick up. All day of the salvation bit coverage quote ambition and had to act. What would still play a damn that up and look how many I had ever done that and I don't want the student management. Group that again. John you like editing because some of these other teams are signing our. Will be sunny free agency and you'll hear the brewers archer the Packers speaking mr. for anybody yet. I'd. I don't wanna down panic but I'm starting to get nervous than they've got a lot of holes belt and I don't want a good laugh out and let the ball. Let's get on the net additions and old. A potential all what shall not put repeating within striking distance won't weaken the ball. And I couldn't I don't one particular victim income accident because he's not been well now. We can pick up some are. Potential I. Know my employer. And that's what we need to do what it straps and Budapest the internal ought to get the Super Bowl this year. One of the problems is that checkers you're alluding to. He can be frustrating because for whatever reason the Packers there's an article that will come outs. The guy's name and Packers who is the top cornerback god there Johnson Jermaine Johnson rams yeah. There you can find an article it says Jermaine Jackson hasn't backed us who the top receivers Robinson. And watch skins. They've they've both signed now all Robinson to the bears and lock and that the chiefs. There's an article yesterday linking those two guys to the Packers Jimmy Graham I know we have a bad on it I think that he will end up going back to New Orleans. There's an article that says Jimmy Graham to the Packers are so these guys you see this. And then you get excited. And it doesn't happen and we don't know what the Packers are doing we don't know what they're negotiating we don't know all this kind of stuff all we know is what we see. And that is articles that are being written linking to these guys are rumors that we don't know where they started so when they don't sign. Alan Robinson when they don't give Jimmy Graham if they don't get Jermaine Johnson. We look at is it off as a failure. When we don't know how much those guys were in on them in the first place and the agent is an area and Darvish and on and these agents. All use the NFL insiders as tools. Apples and a bad Whaley guys tool but I mean though they might you know he's might say hey you know my guy is solemn got an offer from agreement Packers. And all sudden let's say you rapper or when are all in all the Packers are said to be talking to well. No solace song wide receiver and amid ID be true but that agent is using that word out there. The Packers take the Martins say while not an outage the next guy. Then all these rumors start and before you go Geist contract it's ballooned to. High or higher because all you know all these stories out there may not even be does that Jimmy Graham or Ellen Robinson or any of that but. These agents use. These NFL insiders to Guam at their word out walk and drive the price up. When you're a Packers and you come out and say you wanna be more aggressive because. The media and the fans we are we are like clamoring just for good pence to say eight where aggressive I mean. Let's let's let's see what happens pack I think that we were so thirsty. For him to just cannot say. Yeah I understand what free agency is and just heard him saying that I'd love to sign everybody. When the Packers earn a cap situation and they've got to figure applause I think that your whole Lotta money they need to get around. I every bar people thought when your defense. You know when meet Greg there are said that there was going to be author of free agents that maybe he is you'd go what is a sign out Robertson is a site five free agents. And make the deeply oh isowich what do you spent right. Aggressive in free agency could be like two guys. 4047991250. More on the Packers more on Jimmy Graham and the quarterback dominos. Have begun to fall a little bit vikings lose a guy we'll have that for you. 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Out of Minnesota. The details next. I mean that would. Companies that this. What this means that this is that aren't yeah. Hello all right I. Not Florida. Well right flow Rite Aid which he was like it just goes in the WB a few years ago on when they did that crappy he had all loved it. Bob Barker was the guest hosts did you watch raw last night Mel. All senior was great men are down and CNET came out said I'm not owner wrestle mania. I'll go as a fan he went into the stands now started drinking some beer with a guy Maha and he came back in the ring instead. You know what screw it I'm either going as a fan I'm going to wrestle mania. Odd kids the undertaker. Off. He challenged the undertaker or out of nowhere he said it's not the people that Debbie Debbie that don't want this match to happen. It's the undertaker wagged when I lose. I get right back up and go again where you lose your dog forever per year is set come back and bite me. Okay now is there a bit of Russell each other. Not at wrestle mania army and any I mean I'm sure it then I'm this year than I don't they've. Muted. I'm sure they've Russell I'll while interest thing is this is something that was projected as much Miranda that yeah that these two guys were going to be a couple wrestle mania all deaths are you know what's gonna happen yeah let's say that'll happen RK I was talking about that would rose yesterday. And he said that OS Russell medium I vaguely remember this that. Undertaker left his boots the ring. Vaguely that they did that foot and power was terrible. Why they're vaguely remembered because I didn't are checked a guy I don't watch it. But Ira I thought I remembered capital yeah he'd sort of retire but not really in user would you leader boots the arena means that is that stuff that's that. But we played flow right because we're going back to 2009. Today. Thanks to Brandon Jennings a nice night at the box Tuesday were attacked Gary willful. Around eight to one neat also that leads us into our Twitter Tuesday question today which. Active former athlete from the state would you like to see come back whether it's to the box. Whether it's to the Packers whether it's to the brewers tweet us at 1057 FM the fan use that has stayed. CW line she can win twenty dollars to Perkins who read some of those answers. A little later let's go back out to the phones 4147991250. As we talked Packers in free agency there's names that are rumored. It may go somewhere else the receivers were hot topic yesterday Alan Robinson jaguars. While he's in San with the bears Sammy Watkins rams. He's gonna silenced cheats the Packers don't have a lot of money to throw around right now. And you're seeing other teams that do start to bring in some of these guys Jason is in South Milwaukee 7991250. Woods Jason I Jason. Our boys are giving way. I'm aware that I know all I think dead think that you're right earlier you know yeah. Fine at packer fans probably not that it fired a fifty and I'm tired of being sick and tired of empty bed. And that's where we. All our selves. And Barney it all create the a wider deeper. Or try it and we need a quarter go out there aren't Welker since you saw Eric at eight. It helped by separately Eric are good now. We don't need how or why we work org or not or. I'm going dark. Like. Roger is not. Merkel happen with mediocre people you can put up a lot rot of the make up but cannot. Just Bucky Dent. Are lucky did not get Bucky dead to the full. Yeah I think all terror now what you. They don't want to do I got great friend for life with her name is Jimmie nine only about it and that Jimmy Jimmy Jason Jason. Jason white couldn't you have to come went two to sixty offense and the defense if you could use cuts and salary you can help balls. You could purity Kabul right now I think the primary focus needs to be adequately eat that we Derrek Lee you'll. What are you got earthquake African oil or or you well monumental collapse. Forty if you're Arizona. Or wake up drop in Boca with you laid an egg over time. 46 in existing and we got detonated an Atlanta. It's always eat itself let us now in a cop and out thirteen not if you spent to accommodate your writers abilities. He picked were the NC double what cook or 10 o'clock or eight in order you are never in the guy. Now I don't think so I mean I think if if if you're going to depart with one of receivers you have. I mean obviously the defense needs help is notable that he agreed to Jason happened mean. What do one of these receivers is an upgrade of what you got with Randall Cobb well M and a majority to collect the toilet shall loyalty doubles guys they'd they'd have their time of the Packers when they were fifteen and one what do they have in Jennings. And driver and James Jones and majority. When you have that kind of stable of receivers cop two yeah out of your rookie year in Findlay. When that camera stable of receivers. You can put up 45 points a game. So maybe that's where the the rumors were going her. Or was going. Aaron Rodgers makes people better but a guy like that if you want I'm ignoring get them nowadays signs. Or they will sign for a little more. Then the Packers pay divide day which is good Michael Cohen just waiting out some of the numbers odd divide they had and you remember for years and 58 million. Thirty million guaranteed. Sammy Watkins three years 48000030. Guarantee with the chiefs Alan Robinson bears three years 42. When he five guaranteed Colin says I'm the Packers I feel really good. About the deal I'm they would divide date he says if I don't Vontae sort of wish I may be hit. The open Mario Hubble that the other by the mayor of a side too soon. And this was like with a Aaron maybe Verisign discount for expect that he does get went. You know he's going to get because of all these what does play the waiting game a little bit but the Packers got the Vontae probably at a cheaper price here but. Now I would take either. I take gallon Robinson. To Gallup Robinson over you could trade on Alan Robinson and Cobb for what do some. Our rob us the right now I would do it these two guys who side Robinson and and Watkins I would take those over the two packer receivers right now. You can call up 4147991250. Can also leave a message via the talkback feature in our app we have a free app WS SP 157 FM the fan download it. You get the on demand options you get the news you get our Twitter FaceBook all that all furry. And you can leave messages as Ryan ended hey guys ran from the falls I see that too wide receivers that are rumored to talk to the Packers have now. Reportedly. Come to terms with other teams lighted the Packers not either one of these wide receivers you know it's gonna be the same crap. Different general demands are not gonna sign anybody except for the garbage that nobody wants. And we're gonna (%expletive) away another year Roger's career not KR ENGSE. You know back to Jason's call to Alan Robinson and Sammy Watkins firing up a fan base today. I would say that. Rodgers needs some. Some groceries the cookware men give him some weapons to throw you just can't throw guys out there and expect those guys to make you know the Michael Clark to make plays. Give some guy give a tight end. You know these two wide receivers and a party or plan pre somebody else and hers better. And and fix that and then obviously the defense to be I mean that's what McCarthy is set to I mean we all know you gotta make the defense better. And you know I think you have to do that through free agency but you also got to work on a few things on offense to they need a lot of things. He a lot of things were team that I was 79 Lester and her you know without the quarterback. On they need to view the a few other holes to on this team. Just like there we broadcast live from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios were served up by Perkins where the Bard's bigger breakfast. Is now available ask and you shall receive. That's right you guys asked us to bring him back in Perkins agreed but now bars big breakfast it's coming back as Bard's. Bigger breakfast. And we're sharing this with all the 1057 FM the fan fans. Trust me very proud about that there's a there's a breakfast named after me you can go and save Bartz bigger breakfast. And they will know what you're talking about Joey semi three RD got a yesterday. And when you guys go duke get this. Tweet me picture when things and and we'll share. I think it's cool to see all the people they go out and do this because. For just 799. You get three eggs three pieces of bacon three sausage to pancakes to French toast and hash. All for just 7993. Eggs thirty bacon three sausage to pancakes to French toast and hash browns. All Burgess said been nine the nine. Run it do now locked to get this available at any Perkins in southeastern Wisconsin all day. Every day limited time only also Perkins today QD three. After 4 o'clock. So the free agency market is heating up and the Packers still on the sidelines. Another team as far as quarterback position little bit on the sidelines they could lose out on cased genome which it looks like they have. They could lose out on her cousins as well yeah well Teddy Bridgewater is gone. But the port of call in to Drew Brees and Minnesota and rolls 39 year old Drew Brees the latest on how they could end up with. Really don't the best case scenario. Or even the worse chuckling cooler we'll have that knack while worse would be best for us chuck and went around for our. And. A year for Lady Gaga kisses poker face as we go back in time. Like the Bucs did last night the year they drafted Brandon Jennings on nine it. Brandon Jennings the big night last night we'll have more on that throughout the morning on a bucks Tuesday Gary you'll call coming out. I'm next hour we'll hear from Brandon Jennings to chizik called into the post game show about fifteen minutes after the game. Last night do you like this song. Hartford before. Lady Gaga now poker stakes poker site news. Now have you ever heard of packer fans. Have to brace now. No all out by cheese has an attitude I've heard them they backed Lou they were back in 2009 OK packer face. Her uncle my credit being. When her claim. Credit saying. When I mean from what. And I think we're paying for just being fed and passing. Yeah. Not exactly. He really knows. Yeah I was there on course. Yeah earth need. The cost of wetlands it's. Simply want to games gifted crappy T. Yahoo! now it's good that you won this gives them still like I still feel as though it well you know because they couldn't beat a good team. I'm gonna lose the the Steelers but the Packers sort of redundant but more planes starts of 2009. That says Canada theme of today with a somewhere to all the books here followers out of the vikings all life. Don't go back to 2009 with the that's our bumping back from every break all you want but we're talking about Brandon Jennings I teased the vikings so worst attack of adult or tell the vikings. I still have their commercial break you start listening to what I say I try not to and I angered. We do two different shows a past that's a problem. Drew Brees OK Drew Brees. Salt Lake. The vikings got some interest to elect one ovals bubbled Brett Favre thinks we're he's he's come up their fourth season or two. If they got the suitable defense right now on the UST to quarterback I mean when forever they've always need quarterbacks of their. So leave a nerve of all three quarterbacks the richest and and an MS to gather there they might be targeting next. Well Lou the Drew Brees situation. He's not going anywhere he's gonna stay in New Orleans he has a life wanna stay in New Orleans he said he might stay in New Orleans. He is taken like all negotiating tools off the table. You'll end up signing in New Orleans. Now if the vikings somehow votes him away. That would be that would be quite a coup and they may have to get that desperate. Case Keenan is off to Denver. Eighteen to twenty million dollars a year. The case Keenan who could've got about 23 if they franchised and in Minnesota they did not still able to get a ton of money. Mean user third string quarterback and he's better than any third sharing car wreck but he was the vikings' third string quarterback and was able to par lay. Last season into nearly twenty million dollars a year. Kirk cousins. Seems like he'd like to go to either Minnesota or the jets the cardinals could be in the running if the vikings lose out on him and they don't have case. And they can't get. Brains and they won't have Teddy. We bring that same Brad. First pets but they don't do. I mean not the worst option in the world that on Bret Holley first six around all they don't think you have three. All of its six romp nick couldn't get a six trump for that Garrett now. If can't unity for Brett coming they drafted in the fifth round. Now he evaded you know it you need you'd try to wrap he would just cut him and probably wouldn't trade within your division anyway. This is the way things worked out but. Yes the vikings. Quarterbacks are leaving and they'll give Drew Brees and Vera the kind of media right now. They got Drew Brees. Said sock. Again that's ovals short term things for a year or two but now the NFL is really short term league. You know you keep to try to win right now and then. You know talk about next year next year. Then there's the Super Bowl favorite they Drew Brees right. You know their defense picked Philadelphia probably still is now in new England and Tom budget feature Brees certainly. The missile effect Royce factory and but chair and looks like we bigotry is now to get that there there are running back third get back it was hurt. They're gonna they're gonna audio encode yeah they're beat him back to invade me now they'll be policed the favorite to win the division and now what we. At about earlier was it sounds like Brees is gonna end up staying in New Orleans and sounds like maybe Jimmy Graham could reunite their got another talk back again you can send these in via the app. This is from another round. What do blazers give Ryanair hay in regards to Jimmy Graham and the Packers. You know. People tend to forget that Drew Brees also freeagent. You know there's no guarantee he's gone back to the same as you probably will but there's a small possibility he might not in his Jimmy Graham and wanna go to the saints. I was known Drew Brees I I think Jimmy Graham won't fit in perfect zero Rogers and not. You know. Hopefully it's not smoke in there really interest in him and wanna recommend down thing. Graham goes there Brees does leave but I don't think Brees does leave the F these guests look for the best possible deal to. And my gram bomb he's looking for a good contract and a good quarterback. But at the Packers don't sign Graham. There're. Going to be hard breasted tight end the tight end is very bleak right now. Yet they even have one ready yet rod and end Lance Kendrick self. So we get to tie events but neither one of those are starters. Modified starters you dvi. You can I mean you'd love to have a guy like this comment about Graham and be strong and athletic Ken guy's gonna catch balls and make plays for you. Now I've seen on Twitter last night big people some people think that grant is nothing more than a Decourt at this point in his career. And there are upset at that the Packers are in on these guys in the waning stages. Of their career I would like Jimmy Graham and acting with rare Aaron Rodgers that would be housing agree that would be a success catch or fifty passes last year well he dropped a lot he did not he did not go over as well and Seattle as you would have X not did what people think and you act like he had a horrible seasons in Seattle where I mean but like Luke Wilson was all playing him at times but a lot of that was how they used him in Syria but they didn't. He east is known yards per catch ten yard nine yards that's not great. Your report is this first year with Seattle we have fourteen yards a catch. I'm 65 catches so I mean 5765. Specimen. He's 67 a big target. Big target for Rodgers for a enforce. A 9912. Was this. Throws the ball Mildred. Philippe don't know okay. Just going to learn more from me again. Yeah. Then yeah now. And then I yeah. Now there's a 1008. Yeah. Secondly there from the Bryant and strength college athletics studios. Again we are playing music in honor of Brandon Jennings. Coming back this is from 2009 the year he was drafted it. We are not necessarily talking about Brandon Jennings from every sitting and talking a little Packers right now get back into the box next hour 414799. 1250. As the free agency market is here the official day that people can sign tomorrow. But there's moves happening. Case keen on is going to Denver. Alan Robinson is going to Chicago Sammy Watkins going to that she's gonna barely the bears were not him to count now. And but they think that Roberts is a better fit. With their offense and L Packers have some of their own guys we got to make about two namely Morgan Burnett. That the F to re sign now he's so he's. He's probably the top of the list as personal free agents some visa because if I know Jerry have stormed back to. But and I know you probably think that. Just Janice. Yeah. Police summer shirt free to. You know I just heard you forgot to put that in there with Black Eyed Peas I don't think debt to Sean is coming back is well into next year. It's your game. Now there you go Vogel at some Catholics are Xiang they kind of brought him back tomorrow we're taught as an actress punter is it 4147991250. It's got the trial. On the north side identity. Governor orbit lineup. The normal or disciplined. You know well we he does start tomorrow but you know you see the packers' main. Names and interest involved with a Marty's. Regions or would it work mr. Bart. Apparently. Got relative. Lack the wants them acquire through. But he ordered beat writers there won't call them. The attackers name in the mix of interest or you know trains street disbanding. And if someone of more I think. And you know I'm out here that waited until they actually come through inside guard that's here. On talk about interest in other why aren't the only difference I see between 2000 and uncle calls so far is that. Who who is more personal. He's more. More people's person you don't. More democratic you know took the word out there he's not ready to be so tight lipped about things and ended their own nickel and cool at all. If Richard is separate they're not. He is not doing that much you know about I'm not in all hot wife and all that I won't be tomorrow. Something is being done to Doctor King equality a team of seven and nineteen. You know if that was that was. A syllabus so without Iraq. Yeah you are you say you're out of President Putin says anytime to do let me just yet I mean if you don't help us seasons are. How is that not worried about Metallica it's great he does actually start until tomorrow. But what in the state apparently there are pursuing a guy and that guy here you know or seen it. I think exceeded the aggregate bank like the practice is pardoning oh. You know the ball was well what coaching is seeing what they actually been gates I wanna beat them actually did that it is it is Jimmy Graham happened that happened. Great they need to support they need to do some BP that they need to are probably. Outlook which remains absent or maybe to keep from the co a 2121. They get we gotta do something more Burnett not come back so start that. It's reform guy in order to be their coach Eric. Not gonna happen so no we got moved forward Chuck Jones Internet when they're not on you know so don't have an apartment and it's rat somebody else. Moment and I part of that you got to bring the veteran Batman is 29. Brings one of the things that try to do less of is just take potshots at other media members or am I try to do lesson. But I do kind of blame. Packer media mafia. For where we're at right now why is now because when good Americans took over 200 and everybody was asking the question involved. Free agency. And maybe they were doing that Suze do disservice for the fans so I don't know who really am blaming but I think back. That question could it just. Not been asked I think if you wanna know drying Americans is gonna do in free agency he should elect him. Had his first period of free agency but what they did as soon as he was hired at a press conference. Was beat 'cause Ted Thompson was so. Against it and just did not utilize that as much as we all wish that he did it. These guys felt like they had to ask they had to give Brian good at and saying. Yes I understand free agency. I like free agency I think we could just focus away from that. Let the free agency period developed we would never had the quote. I want to be more progress on an outside agency agents on the he was asked about him five times relieved the debts on him he should assemble all set the sweet and seek. But they told the what have I yet eight I guess it is a two way street and agree I mean it's a visit though he can't wait to meet if he does it. And that's great media with a pack of media mafia put pressure on these guys like they always do. I don't give enough credit for summits of the but I think what is happening is that the 'cause that was said it. We took it as all my god you were signing every dog and they would Mohammad will person comes in for a visit. Not enough they came for a visit we got to sign up and we got to the go to remained Johnson and we got to get the two receivers we've got to get Jimmy Graham and Alex thank case Kean and further element to. We got to sign all these guys our whole team has to be free agents. Let's I mean like Charles said and started yet yet guys are signing that lets give this guy a minute. Right wasn't till yesterday when you got all of a sudden they traded that Murray is Randall and eleven events of the box that was a bad trade all I was not. The great tree they gave them up for not thing well you know what to do. And after previous comments re up. Disappointed and the you know leave you flip flopped draft picks young quarterback. You got Bob you've got a maximum you could've got for like yet. Now there's what's disappointing is another first round draft pick. Didn't work out in Green Bay that's with Sox. Thanks to Thompson. Jocular graft we are served up by Perkins restaurant bakery is it's also bucks Tuesday. Water Renaissance last night. Brandon Jennings. Along that's gonna keep up stricken Wexler. And a thousand bucks next.