7am - Packers sign Kyle Fuller, but Bears match

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, March 19th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed the Packers signing CB Kyle Fuller to an offer sheet but the Bears decided to match.

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I. No chocolate we blurred. Blue eye is probably why you didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. Now my Burgundy dress trying to make very good model again good lovely. That's Jack Freeman I'm borrowing quarter. We were talking NCAA tournament in our number one. Though the point I was trying to make about Tony Bennett. I don't know I was doing as good enough of a job as I should have been and it's not that I. But there's questions on to whether he. Should be a coach in Wisconsin if that's really. The guy you want to even Virginia's got a look at like this guys are getting it done for us but I thought that. He's not getting it done in the turner park bright but he's getting the army's when he ACC titles right but at some point yelling at term and yellow book and the well so the ball Tony are dog Bo Ryan to when he was at Wisconsin Maine Weisel I can't cart these job in question because he's not what it had done in the play the same thing with. They pay the same thing a bull Ryan for years. Eight ball and other first round lost. You know when we got beat by old miss and policy 2013 you're 2012 maybe 2013 analyst. It was like god this bowl ever get it done. In the NCAA and finally went to the final four and went to the final four twice. On by. That's the night that was the knock on bowl for many years at Wisconsin in this case he can't go Barney NCAA is he key cannot get to the the final four finally did. And Tony Tony can't get their eager. So he is what what he does though when he loses is the acts so gracefully in the interview and while that's a good trait to have I suppose as a man I don't see why we. Do it to be saint Peter at the pearly gates and judge. That that I don't see right that's so important to us that's my point. And I don't see why why how guys react after a win or loss. Is so in. Pork and too well it's what's more important is if he wins. No matter how yet I mean like Bobby Knight in Indiana. Despicable person debut did some good yes. But you know any mumble I think most people realize. Indian guys were close to him. You know just you know what what he was like all right but still he won three national. At the end of the day he won at Indiana so that's what people love them. So yeah at the derby if you win. That covers up everything winning or was up a lot of years faults 7991250. It's tactic KJ. Quick what's up all hot KJ. Result problem there it's and I just wanted to consolation that game and embarrassing loss but it did that in Virginia is that. Ain't nobody RT and watched it because. It wants Lleyton be. Nobody thought they were gonna loose that's one of the other reasons it and watch. I look at Virginia as being its. Although I am. Honey you due to high you know that. Will be. Ratings mean it won't the ratings have been great for the old term. I've yet but not decades the people you're they thought it's Tony one time at halftime and they turned that. I don't mean to return to not let the bed so you need to Friday night. Model look at a watch which and that I won't let it. But as I'd hate what do I just take in my back. Desperately needing sleeve yeah about what I stayed up for that game whether it's tiger when he what do you I'm accord you don't watch the second half. He I assume I don't I think Iran and minority and did you not a it's not but anyway. I've looked at them like Arizona. Do you NCAA tournament and not opera that's another thing that. But Arizona's doing all Americans though was Virginia's not. Well you don't mean it is still the same results. Are one way or another way to get all of America or not you Google did not just a number one seed in the tournament. Tomorrow. Mean that there are. Overall number one seed they had the best record in the nation. So that you're in the term and then lose it get to unite to act like why he'd get blown out tomorrow. Mean there's no excuse for your right. I just what narratives for Tony Bennett and that competent to be our transition. Out your game was basically console is. Players in and get them off limits because that's gonna live with him in the wrestler lives. The the Nielsen ratings for the tournament and been very good and upbeat KJ ratings just came out. The tournament's been canceled don't I know watching cage council no one's watching the game they have to what else led deuce. Good this weekend I'm a perfect golf ratings were Merriam I mean this is a bit of golf. And a lot of people watching golf yesterday too because once again tiger was in the mix. And yet for a third week in a role you had an intriguing. Final round although. Non major yeah Tug boats and golf coming up on the show today including. Rory is fed up now with the fans. Why he wants to limit alcohol sales. So they sat yelling at him about the law. Or whoever. Why have her words priorities of that all we'll get in that. A little bit later 7991254. On 47991250. I don't again handles himself while tiger. Tiger tiger at present a guy threw everything that that guy's been through surgeries. All the other stuff off the course. Men necked guy. People want to rip on him and call names tech guy handles himself well. All the time. Yeah that there's a guy who could who could have a mentality of screw everybody. But he handles himself really really good crystal signs autographs a lot. Gets up there answers questions. Very cordial. ID tiger handles himself terrifically. Chris streets and says did you lose a lot of money and that Virginia game Bart lot of winks whining going on over something I never gave two thoughts to you. Not enough I'm gonna be as transparent as possible when it comes to this. The Tony Bennett interview. I don't wanna see a lot of praise for it because they don't want to see backlash. Wing guys he interviewed. And they're upset and they show you brought human emotion which we. Bag for our athletes to show us. And then you jump bottoming criticize him for that so if I'm gonna be hard one way. Gotta be hard the other night a practice due to. On notice only precedent you and I just Rihanna went on notice set a precedent for the next time I had to defend Cam Newton now for having feeling sure that money course when he throws five touchdown of the game he's going to be in a great mood and and so on. 7991250. Kurt driving around talents up Kirk. So furloughs landed a ride around town romantic night. If they're stupid stick Pamplona around the people that's more to do and are you had a pretty used to on a regular just now did tell me. No I don't have a kicker on every channel I do know that the scoring. Would everybody out of billions and everybody change the channel two that day and it'll. Game calling it home you know we we disagree yeah partner partner and arguably typically I agree with. But in this case. Op play football. And you have sportsmanship. And we Cam Newton does Spain he doesn't show sportsmanship. What better coached and it was trying to keep their kids that when you lol. Go out like a man. And that's already been. They mean to go out like a man what does that mean. He's not a coward like would cam knew loses the other guy doesn't wanna give it quote in an interview doesn't make them less of a man. And I says he's going to go in order to understand how he slammed the ball brags about they don't all of that when you may. Good like you made sure sure become coordinate stand up towards their and we got our butt kicked. Or I did this wrong why did that wrong. He show boats everything in life rockets closed the way. Still ball when he gets on a thousand dollars Kidd also that anybody could be on top of the world when their winning. I think the true test of a giant well when he does his wish is when you get your ass kicked like Tony Bennett is can't you sell what you did it's true that guy. You don't brag about when we get about one because everybody know Bennett and development. All around advertising that's I don't know about it being. Because where the news or thirsty. And don't have the people don't tell anybody. Now the librarian at the school says like Cam Newton was here and then we. Packed up their car and rush over there or there reporters home. And if you like to I didn't really follow him do a nickel also I have to get there and on the station. Trashes them at every opportunity note here is that in the enabled Cam Newton with his plea agreement status is on the northwest side. That day. Good one that I have a quick comment about. Not so much about of Virginia in the UC UMB which you know very few people hard. Or its right name. Okay that's so yeah. Did. I you. Point is that is that. It is one's two how can our premium wine by the election committee. You know I mean it would all these different analytical and all that different. You know things that they're so let's not should be number one should be about numbers eight and got in. Oh let so why do we got our you've been pretty old one on their take a while I think that. It won't follow it and no doubt it and yet or are gonna be active to. Operate. Its export. Yeah I mean but Virginia's going to be a top team and you. Ask. You MDC. In their sixteenth. There are texting and Simon are you don't rate the acting the way you make it right project Purdue is clearly a number one seed. The number one overall city. Course. So I mean what but he trying to set. What was he turns. Do you have lessen their own. He was he's he's upset the ball but previous caller. And as thick collar before our car before. Houses along and whiny answers given. I don't know I don't think anybody is on your side in this them. That that's fine let's they'll when I still wanna see him at Wisconsin. If the river is and I don't know that the big question is they'll yes. I think he's eventually you have been here he's Arab. He's eventually bust that door down and get to a final four. Well this was a bug in this as it is going to be here's why it is like last year and the year before that and is that many opportunities to do it. But he hit he can't do it and that if Alice rooting for one team in the tournament that would about it and I guess those watching the game. Friday night and I was like I didn't normally you're rooting for a sixteen seed in that situation. In this case I wasn't. And mostly you want he's down twelve with a walk Biden assault ago they get OK you can still make your run here and it just never happened about I put them away. Drew firm last night I don't think there's a person in the country that I refer who last outsider Jordy Nelson that was rooting for Kansas State. All not a me out of. At I just I was a pretty for Tony. All right I don't care or Virginia but I want to see him go far and maybe you go to a final four when national championship. But in Maryland ball after the one megabyte I can cure all farm Maryland multiple Tony went down they got beat by. They are tasty beat added that that I care. At this at this point none of these teams I'd I added I don't know apple for anybody. So usual thing you should be canceled late age are not cancel a I'm still hello Johnson but not enough that's a true but I. And I'm not root for anybody but I out of a few people who likes the sweet sixteen better than the opening week. Like did meet a Thursday and Friday. This four games Thursday of four games Friday in the in the regional finals on Saturday and Sunday. Are deaths in Missouri separate the men from the boys. This forced the teams. So yeah the first weekend of college though the other news of the Thursday through Sunday canceled Q I'm I'm I'm I'm good with a and all the upsets and awed by now I think you get the great match ups. And you further see who's gonna go for you know to get the regional finals on Saturday Sunday the number really all. I thought I would I would much prefer the sweet sixteen. Better than the opening two rounds. Yeah sweet sixteen here at the it would keep getting first and second rounds of the civil attorney your Milwaukee which is great. But I wish what time we got to regional final here. V ad pulled up this the ratings. Now from the miracle on ice game. In 1980 yen helped it was a Friday night cocaine and USA is underdog so nobody lot. Long. Well. I. These are computed a cage here at all. Course it was. Or channels the regional cable TV guide them that I know he lives they are tired of that. Starter like they are served up by Perkins on the. Chicken wing Wheeler were served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. That's check Freeman. I'm borrowing polar. What an exciting time Friday the Packers. Signed a cornerback it was to an offer she Paul's great would probably face he signed image that that outage they signed him. Fix the quarterback spot for a couple hours that Kyle Fuller Chicago Bears. He had the transition take a polite terms of the Packers could sign on and they did. And then that gave the bears five days to figure out what they wanted to do. And it took them about a 180 minutes. And then they signed him so the bears. Keep Kyle Fuller the Packers. Don't have a cornerback. Now there's some. There's a lot of like intrigue is too. Was this a good move or were they doing it or not I've seen people mad at the Packers you know because it actually. Held the bailout does Kyle Fuller. Negotiate with their quarterback not a. You're Kyle Fuller when she say okay. Now he of the bears came at a much does offer words that offer before. If your for you're saying. Why it took another team to give me an offer you before you guys are ready to step off the table give me a long term contract is that how it works in a jumper and edit. And yeah I saw some criticism of the paper. That the the Packers may have helped dull the bears cause here now you know what the Packers went mountain. Emit a move. For. Know a guy who would have team in and then their top corner I had no problem move. Well Bill Keller as a packer sort of in great it would have been fantastic at what it's all of a lot of burials and yeah they would abandon. Big what they had to make a couple of roster moves to fit him in the salary cap by. Now they've got it done. So. Kyle Fuller instead of coming to Green Day. Will stay with the bears. The deal includes an eighteen million dollar signing bonus. Contrast that with the thirteen million transition tender. So he makes more money this way in the bears. Because somebody. Signed into an offer sheet. They do have to pay him more money so you could say well see the Packers now are making the bears. Hey this guy more but he can also say well the Packers just negotiated. For the bears now. I I don't know two ways we're gonna bogged down in there's always look at that yeah what what what still is true is that the Packers starting cornerback is Kevin King. And then. Lend the tape kids or just talking and. Or high water to bomb. Device how's it becomes pack our bag in the Bible's the comeback update unit the bag but there's like a priority now. Com. But I'm sort of you know give it some time to address some corners. Which. You know that's gonna beat sufferer got to come in here and be an impact player. It was a waste a year for Kevin King this past year I don't know how much he grew as a player because he was hurt all the time it seems. Durham now right now did that Lou really empty at defensive back but I. Who knows what she get the training camp somebody Mike to cut bark. I wouldn't panic just yet but I've. Bit of a good movie you're sure you know it and you know the barest and that having to step up to plate. And sign. No one of their own guys to long term contract but still. It was a nice place through the Packers thought about it a great chip. I would question why the bears match right away. Well this province of Leo the reason why is that probably want to do this deal all along but they felt. They low balled him and gave the transition take the one year wall million. They date 'cause he was coming off of acute injury rolled down season. While he was didn't play yesterday. This coming off an injury. If you're the bears. You get five days. To kind of keep the Packers waiting ia five days the match so. Right now the Packers could be waiting do we have this money available. Should we go sign another guy the bears could've at least with the Packers and some sort of stayed a limbo but they took that stress off the table from. So very interesting drill hole reasoning behind this decision we'll talk to Michael collar on a. Want me to tell I don't put a decade from nowhere. On Friday and him. Sunny Fuller to on offer sheet but I remember the last time. Somebody gets signed it would offer sheet down within an hour or two. That seemed teams signed the got a long term contract and that all happened within a span of a couple hours that was really quick. Oh yeah that was quick and. You know the details came out of the Jimmy Graham deal to do. That the Packers can get out of a deal after one year it's not working out. And it's not gonna cost them much. I think true. It'll cost more after. One year than a wealth to yes well after one year it's there's 111 or twelve million dollars guaranteed them a deal. Not a bad deal. Eleven million guaranteed. So but they communicate if they cut him after this season the cap hit in 2019. Is seven point three million and I didn't. But the cap hit after 2019. For Tony Tony would be three point citrus so but it is a good deal it's. It is constructed and a lot of the money is signing bonus for him right away his salary. It is like one point four million this year at 3.5 the next seven point four in the third year. Are they could get out if they needed to so it is it is one of those classic friendly now Russ ball. Contracts 79912 fit I've I've seen people like Pete door he blessed the Packers for Sunday tied him. Not going stronger of the defensive back mark Dole's defensive backs just flew off the market. Last week runway at the top ones that's why the Packers try to go out and get a guy like no Kyle Fuller Georgia's on the Norris silence at George George. A while that I don't look at mobile and I am. What color Kyle Fuller. Heard almost every year he's been an elite this work is patsy what is best year so what that backers of the words that make them pay big wanna pay and they kind of forced the and that way and well look at it got better remembered it as we are weak in the cowboys let. Orlando center so he's available. And he then 832 year though he did he think he's a very good corners deal. So he's still doesn't have a hockey got to wait that idiom smartly just gonna wait let it play out immediately deep corners and you've got on a draft. The cornerback I'm Iowa watch what I say yeah I'll I'll be fine it'll be part. Jack. Yeah its march 19. They might be some other guys come along the way. Said you would be here come here for one or two years anyway he came here if he does them here. So Scandrick on the market. That's another guy we can look at but some of these other guys that were are no longer Rashad and Melvin who I think everybody in packer land. Has been calling that guy on the colts now he sang with the raiders one year deal 65. Aaron Mathieu would have been more secondary help. The honey badger those at the Texans. That was a relatively cheap deals seven million dollars. While we guys that are available right now EG games. Played football poll last year. Pacman Jones still available. And Russ Cochran with the giants those of the three guys were routers from Marty is a name that's available. I feel like they're going to sign trauma. Sounds like it. If it's between each remind our divine I was kind of ball spec a little bit and Arizona I would that would take from mine although. Well we've heard from Michael Cohen is that Alison king of sort of form this. Mentor man T relationship so why can't bring in both. Bring thousand. Ditch remind you that we Brad Brandon Jennings vapid bragged I'll go back. Now with secondary ring an actor model and beautiful lineup next the Nevada could give up 45 points a game picture. I'm not that Gannett San cat got so he's got to be tired of saving lives now she can scratch 048400. Yards. Not I still think things are going in the right direction now the draft this you've obviously huge book I mean I'm getting Graham. And you know obviously Giroux Jordy boy he had a nice deal with though with the raiders. Yeah way came the Packers lol the Packers all the Ted Thompson majority by a low ball him and the the raiders went all in now. But seven and a million a year it averages out to be there are seeing guaranteed now. Fifteen tells you almost quickly almost a million and a half from the backers do we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. The big question Jordy had to face I've got five questions. Bring you five for frames chuck and white clerk here on the fast. It's time to go inside the mind of chuck Freeman IndyCar that's Carell so it's a scary thought he. Five point 395. Burning questions for chuck freeway this he's a shock and we've blurred. On sports Radio One 057 FA. Now five Perkins restaurant and baker be is that Jack Freeman. I'm borrowing their five burning questions very check are you ready I'm ready question number line. I think we've done this question before our. But will do it again what the box at a game on Saturday and that was interesting but they did win to beat the box. So looks like. They could end up one of them final three seats. The final three like 67 earnings. Padilla it's kind of what the feeling is I know I can discount before five C just yet and it's still a chance plenty of time yeah yeah up. But when you look at some of those teams at the top of the standings in the east the raptors the Celtics in the cans out those three. Who would you rather as a box made small. There aren't good questions in this and it nearly five per greens but I did have to get out that lane walked. Here's of the the cavs. Got the most polls rubles to rape but still we got LeBron. You it's you would probably looking staked out Cleveland weather Charlie discovered wrote triple their three and three in this times of those who looked at a you would say. What he would be fifteen you want to face right but then. Without LeBron factor it's like you don't wanna face. Toronto just rolling. I would just. I would say Cleveland. Even though you don't wanna save you don't want it here at the right thing not Cleveland I don't buy it. Toronto Boston bulls are bad match ups. Cleveland has got so many holes so what they got the best player of the three teams. LeBron. I have a I'll say Cleveland for now but you know I think all three would be more you know serious. I think Toronto is the toughest match up there of course it is yes the cleanest thing is very interesting you can't bet against LeBron. That team ain't that good but you know at the Indiana hit the three C differ while. But I think Cleveland's gonna they're gonna hire down that spot they're gonna block on the three seed. I don't know man I think the Celtics huge gap. I think I'd rather see the bucks take on the Celtics and cavs are the raptors off boxer and show me anything right now that can give me any. Motivation what he means they line man in al-Qaeda only be a bit Atlanta T know the night give him 119 points. You know that wasn't that wasn't very impressive. Now boxes. Torrey principled O box of 13 the last war but against bad teams. Let me write in the story for bucks against bad teams now the box. Were down by blank. Went on to win by. Less than ten. The opposing team had. Point at 33 three point shots and blank had a career night. At every bucks game against the bad tee now when that's not that. That's giving us your question whether they could be when those top three seeds. When they struggle against the bad teams go to question number two pop up than a month Marquette warriors us our rights. And you know ninety. Almost to the semi finals OK when they claim next now Tuesday at home Penn State at the home you'll Spence who cool what time. I mix. Nine to be an ESP in one of your speeds okay. All right so the question for you ends. Bigger accomplishment. Winning GNIT. Then all are. Making the NCAA tournament losing in the first round may. In the NCAA tournament losing the first round. Without a doubt. You know if he wins the nineteenth. Marquette alarms would rather have him I would say Marquette fan would rather see them go to the NCAA. And Mike last year finally got their ass kicked by South Carolina. Wherever had that happen. I mean when he went to unite Steve who cares. I misses. The MIT isn't what it once was forty years ago. If nothing close to that. Mom. The out. Dem beating Penn State on the final four of the oil market only give alarms that chance to go to the massacre to Madison Square Garden go to the MIT off their butt at that that. The argument for the NIT part of this answer would be well you ended your season with a bunch of wins in a row. You have high pressure situations and you want to turn it. There's there is something to be said for that I mean winning the NIT is now nothing. But I would agree rather make the long day I think it's not that of one of the best part of wanted to blow these guys it's not nothing it's that doesn't mean it is kind of tired and at some then now. I may not sound annoying and I T does it. Not to guard going to I don't think manner they were in the and I needed just a change. So I can only one that and I TM the seventies that was the fraternity of America. Now. Plus OK to play all three are games of the Al McGuire center they practice every day in the Al McGuire center they should know they have the facility like the back of your hands. More so than playing in the Bradley Center. Where they only play games and have a shooter. Importance but at the Al McGuire center where they practice everything. And they notes and the summer those guys are out there in their shooting. They should of course they should win that game at the Al McGuire center. The F 37 under fans of their fans breathing down. The next of these visiting teams. Yeah lacrosse team was like. Doing things they gave birth the fans. The men's lacrosse team. They were. And like the first six rows then. And they would do choreographed. Skits during free throws where they like one guy was giving birth to another man. There today he officiated a wedding just really good distraction beds back from the team went oh. TW Josh cashed in a couple of weeks don't guys in the swimming team the blue book the duly passed 'cause we've been playing. Guys this week team were. Impact of the baskets. When they're shooting a free throw the music he was shooting free throw and they take off there's the did you they're just and there are Speedo trunks. Woo the it was relief it was funny born edit. And they allow bad yeah a lot and I was I that's my first question I was like men the athletic director your allows them. That's pretty close the naked man wants. Right back to the basket where blazers shoot the free throws and got another either are coming up will then a few minutes duties swimmers you know maybe piles of I'll go to Byrd question. Does casting here of making major make his Major League debut. At some coin Tony eighteen if so when. Next year. Unite and come up at all. At a really good camp. Again he was distracted last year well I think if that the thing with service happens to. They want that Major League service to kick in this year yeah he definitely today he's going to start in the minors they sit they don't want announced I don't think they want that. Pump and at the September I think the stock that's like it but yeah if if if anything September but I think the start the second base right now. Fair enough question number and four and I you know they could go on gets them to but I only fear is could be again. What was the S and 55. Who. It was the temperature. All g.s mid fifties it dropped like around 4 o'clock don't like when he degrees when not to go driving range just minutes of balls outside it's great. Question number four is. How much do you let yourself enjoy false or whether days and I say that because. It was warm yesterday off so everybody starts thinking about there. Yard work and things to do when they get out maybe hit a few balls yep. What I today's 3833. Tomorrow 3642. We're not gonna see fifty began. For a couple weeks so for me. When it's a warm day like that yeah. I stay inside. You'll buy too much into it I don't wanna get I don't wanna get let down so I stay inside I pretend like it's 32 and a and then today and none the wiser C I just I take it for what this. Likely issue number in mid February we had temperatures in the sixties. Yeah we attempt in the sixties and I was on the driving range here mid February hitting balls in the by next week it was crappy once again but I just you know that. Live in Wisconsin you can get a feel like dead march or February. On and you know it's gonna come crashing down in the next day or two so I just take her for what it is brought side. Take advantage of it it was not only was it a warm day. By you know march standards but there was no wind. When you got a nice daylight yet and there's no wind makes a feeling the warmer outside he's gotten chilly winds out there. No wind should. So I mean yesterday as he went out I wanna hit balls and it would no wind was perfect perfect going off during golf at his driver on a cart. That's one temperature drops and you know they're driving current. Question number five a U 54 free games I ask you question in just a few minutes ago about the N ninety. I said who's winning the N ninety bigger. Then losing in the first round of the NCAA is that a bigger accomplishment. We put the pull up. 52% of you guys so far say yes. Winning the NIT is a bigger accomplishment then making the NCAA and losing in the first round OK so I put up another fall. At 1057 FM the fan actually the esteemed Cody granted. Would you rather lose at the buzzer. Or lose by getting blown out. I read to compete lose at the buzzer. I had better get on me like Virginia yeah you want futuristic can I do know ho ho ho is more heartbreaking to lose at the end because if you lose at the end like that. You can second guess every single play. Down to though. Mike cross it put a few sort of you get blown out you can just say that we got RS can't we arm aspects hot that ever happened what how did you lose by. By twenty points the sixteenth C path kicked that you shouldn't happen. C mapped member with wood Wisconsin lost to duke we're talking about justice Winslow thing here and the rats on this play. If they were just got blown out I don't think it would be as hard for people to get over. I'd rather lose by getting blown out. The NFC championship game mutual was worse when they lost to Seattle. Or when they lost to Atlanta. Not Atlanta blew them. That was horrible bowl oh Seattle is now you're a small course. There is club at a loss to be a loss the loss of sixty now the boards and you said he'd rather get blown out there are both painful ice bowl painful. That's five for free in this is checked and went to a vote on our polls. At 1057. FM the fan would you pick your wanna throw something out from this off you I saw that was very Milken's during the walking in this weekend. I know a lot of people like you were him I just don't get. Emma throwing off you next well I have no idea Hillary gonna go here now just look quick never throw the soft you and I know it's not to be very popular. But I don't I just don't get it. But would be nice for you can't be unpopular opinion on the show today. I've been right and while I'm gonna say sales on that promise still submit thunder for you right now dale curry missed shockingly. Should do like her we are served up by Perkins restaurant in big series brought you the high. And a deputy if you're looking to buy a home whether it's your first or last can take and deputy. Online then and deputy Dak down GSM mortgage. Equal housing lender. Two things or throw off your first well. One non basketball related. Ozone the ball this weekend. Out of town went to place which I first timer rent this place it's a terrific place ago wanna go there again. But this is an eagle please don't advertise but it's been this far right Emily. Tom. And I don't I don't understand. Why this guy is so popular but if you're gonna see pat McCurdy. Back back back back back. Yeah don't seem to amateur is only the appeal that. Let's Nixon. October roads are receipt that occurred I never look at nice guy and all that I just don't get. The active with all these years as a bottle have on right there in the studio there is now street guys got to leave is he's it goes Obama. I told him a pat McCurdy story Mel pat McCurdy so he goes and he plays like. Admirals game now. But it also play like bars yes so one time and fun like he was playing at the bar do you hunter in. And then after he was done. He sat down. Next to my mom. Parent who is that these slot machine like I saw pat McCurdy Dick paid. And then some. Take the money out of that envelope ha. Gamble it all the way at the slot machine while he's no different than any of us guys aren't the man I'd like Tony minutes aren't lost son spooky spins hip check in. You get down and cut the heat is that like the rest of laws that tells where paychecks okay. The most guys would like to buy. Arm I got there adult I don't get though with the continued appeal is. Because he's only explain what's until about any Wisconsin. It's familiar. I recognize that and it hurt a bit like this guy take his status as Alex Bruce Christina there. Today I just because he's one of ours too I think it was in 1991. The summer fest it was it was fine. Just dumb and it's like. Efforts of the song is the first time I tried alcohol ouster of years though my daddy did made the corner bar. Down there and rebellious teen doesn't speak with a pat McCurdy was flying in case I'm not saying he's not a nice guy. That same of people shouldn't ought to join it just doesn't appeal to me. I was like okay. But it was you know metals going on Saturday and that's that's our look at what other Wisconsin treasured U ain't but the heat it's just I don't. I don't buy into like everybody else starts. Just not all in on Rosie ever see the have occurred show no I tell you don't know who he is so are some ever heard our name out today aren't. Just go do what I might drop and Marty who let's that. Not then I'll. Get that reference I didn't get an extra Major League today. How does that really ever heard. Mega product Cody all. While Lewis if you clear the road now. How the car load. So it would McCurdy deal. I just and yet. And onward. In June and another thing is that he had 2002 things are a what was the okay this to the subsidence Tony Bennett. On Friday night didn't feel like to me the biggest upset in tournament history. OK can we hand that produce it and not feel to me didn't have that feel to me as. Monument even though was sixteen over one. It didn't have the same feel as many other upsets okay. I didn't bring that up yet because I thought I was alone I sixteen veto lining up with OK I didn't. Horrible happened to Tony. But. It I don't know. I mean I look William BUMBC played man watch them play it's like I didn't look at them as playing out of their minds. Any else you wanna say coating. I still don't watch much count basketball I want an NBA basketball all week he's got a Tiger Woods to bill. They golf regardless again three weekends and roll man and include them in golf and we say he's back now could this deal Beck is gone. Golf might be the annals of sports it's rising on TV duke golf Tiger Woods has made Sunday golf must watch TV right now Paris the last three weeks to seize the hitters and our fills you hit a film I agree. Some people were watching golf over march bidders yesterday I was one of them meets you. Check regular we are served up by Perkins got gel covered no matter what you watch yesterday I am barred dance Cody that's check.