7am - What to do with Jabari Parker?

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, April 16th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed the issue with Jabari Parker and why he played so poorly.

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Still. No sure can we blurred. Live from the brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. Up five Perkins restaurant and bakery. What a great Christmas vacation we have. New Year's Day. This beautiful Alia as this January 3 joining a team. Right big and lead in the restaurant last night and on the freeway not they can man. It's likely January Elsa are we are we in a rerun. They go we've done this before. It's snowing outside what is happening now it's April 16. Go out and be careful on the roads. You realize like. Memorial Day is like five weeks away now it's canceled. Audience came in Italy in Wisconsin surfaces than bush Specter August. Not because a lot people like the three day weekend. And of course the reason for the holiday. But it Wisconsin. I believe they declare this last night they're gonna do Memorial Day actually the Friday of Labor Day weekend okay thirty or forty weekend because by then it should be at least sixty sure. And in the following Kubiak dollar thirty yen yen while the out winter starts in September and ends in of June. Yes just grow a tail. On the box game yesterday. Yeah I mean a disappointing loss to game not surprised. I'm not surprised that they found a way to lose their team because that's suspend. I think Lou the story with this. Now did not win his organization but the score here not just not getting the job done never surprise did you. When you think they're gonna win a game or you know take your business something always bad and have something bad always happens that these guys. And it's out many times our own fault for marketing your business but. I'm looking at the tail on the court yes transient problem are these guys just not get that done. How did not get that done I know it's a road game but. Man they are like three point underdog going hurricane three point underdog going on the road. Against the second seed. Yes it just shows you how evenly miss these teams are considering the injuries and the still fox. You know they were the weaker team yesterday couldn't get it done when they had to. They lose out 113 to 107113. 2107 they lose so they're down 01 here in the series. Lots to talk about after they gave us an anti Eric Bledsoe had a bad performance. I thought Tony snell left a lot to be desired. In and you look at Jabari Parker Jabari Parker fifteen minutes one of five shooting. All in all for one from the three point line which that was not a good shot the field goal shooting one for five coupled. He took to the rack got blocked from Horford. Just two points total one turnover did have four rebounds and an assist but he played just fifteen minutes and he'd been playing. More lately Tony 530 minutes and I thought. Before the game we might find out that he was starting because Joseph print the took some time to tell his starters which it we always just assume it's yes Chris snell Bledsoe and Henson but. Jury doesn't start only plays fifteen minutes. And you know he looked a little as I said to be desired and others that tweet. On guy's name is dean. And he doesn't stop a lockdown box and you may follow him on Twitter at all the box ideas become very popular followed because he's got a lot numbers and very good stats. Really some good insight into what's going on any tweeted this yesterday he said the on off with Jabari Parker he played fourteen out of 53 possible minutes. The box with Parker on the floor of the net rating was minus 45 point 62 bad. With Parker off the floor it was plus eleven point one which is better so we saying the box there's a huge difference. They're worse when Jabar is on the floor according to the stats and bill one tweet that I started to release scratch my head about. Was when he followed that up with. If you want to win this series Jabari should see exactly zero. Non garbage minutes for the remainder of the playoffs so I see these tweets last night and I think. This is insanity. Mr. Bart Parker to Ari Parker is a good player. There's some times where he struggles on defense we all know this there's some times for his body language. Looks a little disinterested we all know that too so I went back and I watched all fifteen minutes and Jabari Parker. And what I saw was a guy who on offense. Was getting into some bad. This this. Lindsay didn't support Janice there was a time goddess was driving and Jabari wick in like the worst possible spot I. He looked at times like you know when you play why ball. And it's four guys that you just joined their team these guys have known each other for a long time. In years China run up and down the court and feel it out now that that that is what he looked like. At times not offensively. I thought he did his assignment. He was covering his guy. And I didn't see a lot of egregious things that he did defensively. So. I don't think that Jabbar he had as bad of a game he did have a good game while he did make is lucky he's not right he did make its presence felt. But he's up but you hire both. Like the chances of our part we are okay but and we I think you're on the same page that Jabbar a special player and a special player. Does have to have better than fourteen minute well. The fourteen minutes he has over what he does have control over the had a better routing thirst residential much epidemic court which I don't understand why but one of five shooting two points. Jabar is better than them dubbed the bar some little higher for him now if snow comes up I have one of 514 minute effort to points well. You don't think we both realize that snow isn't it isn't always the was more open and it is going to be a percent of the country but Jabari a bar subtle little higher for him. The athletics and that really not accept the 1052 points he should be better than them. He should and when a day when he was on the courted did seem like he wasn't as involved. In the team and I would like him to be more of an impact guy I remember the first time ever watched Jabari. Yet a rebound and then took it coast the coast and a slam dunk and I was beside myself because I not seen. A block do that in like ten years Devard Parker is a good player but Jabari Parker was drafted very high. He's up for a new contract. He was very open last week here on the fan well and there's a lot of attention to remain he's got to perform. At a very high level I think for people to. For people that not criticize and and in what I just said and the things honestly last night about Jabari. Yeah not have a good game last night did not have a good game last night not but by the simple fact of me saying. He did not play as poorly. As somebody guys think that makes us chock. Jabari fan boys a look at the fans will lead order Jabari was are these guys on the take that's our user Larry's agent was I disagree like come on what is. Is right history I mean you can't shine up up. A two point 15 effort. At all I think this cells figured you might be do try to do and. Absolutely not and that's why does not know I'm widely confused. As I call you just got that because that's what other people are getting well because you dissent wasn't as bad as it looks at those giants they'll actually here's here's what here's what's going on. Jury action to Jabari Parker's game one performance now. From not just this dean guy but a lot of guys a lot of blocks fans. You don't want him to play anymore this series that's overreaction that's what I'm saying OK by me saying that. Everyone's like why you're sticking up for Jim but. I just said. Eight things he did poorly you know go all look at that links thing but that would become better said they think yeah important that we see is numbers don't look as bad as the way played. We say things had to make sense I watch film I I studied him for fifteen minutes. Defensively he was nowhere near as bad what you thought. It was actually offensively. Or he had more problems yesterday which is interest thing. But isn't it to save that you don't want Jabari the play for the rest of the series. Is a really really a bold statement that I can occupied I would say that you're seeing. I was trying to you know there there are and I'd bring the sellout. Because there's a lot of people that have set it. Because I was getting bombarded last night for even saying the phrase. Jabari didn't play as bad as you think I didn't say Jabari played great I didn't even say he played good. I'd even say he didn't play not bad eggs eggs he's not as bad as you think where you wanna set for the series while I find that ridiculous either. I thought he went off yesterday and I'll me to say this to he's better than that. I thought he did looked disinterested and I was wondering. Is that. With the comets that he made. We've built Sparky you know that I have on their show the marquee basketball show when you know he made some comments. I am wondering. If somebody organization says something to him somewhere coach stiff sets up of him. And he came out there and look this interest that I I had another where's our water someone had a real problem with him. And took it to ask that mr. barrio offer whatever because. You know it that way he was up their in the court yesterday. That's not the job part Parker that we know he's better than that. And when I shall be effort that he was giving at times up there and Korea drills like he didn't involve himself and I'm I'm I'm wondering. If his appearance on the show hints and as is. Being honest in the show some of team down and implement. Od Tim has been just. Bombarding us with direct messages on to order. He's batter he special why you guys you guys are stronger than this it's a great debate but you and chuck are not giving it any depth. That's from ten. Well how in a QB depth I iced we both agree c'mon I mean Yule we older I think even fox nation agrees that Jabari. He's got the ability be great player. Can be a special player. I wanna Beck you wanna back but also that it was a terrible effort effort on his part. Demon general amid the numbers don't lie you way played on our offense. You know that one involve himself involve himself. You know we just didn't look very good and I mean that is the deaths of it was very uncharacteristic. Now we civil performances from him many times this year than it be an issue but it causes like. I was a different Jabbar yesterday. Honey get it. I see attic and put a point Tony five point tonight now that type Lafferty said yesterday right but may be the last month of the season we're seeing a really good Jabari but I mean when you him a playoff game yesterday. Disappeared. Right now with a career I think Jabar he's become AJ hawk of the boxing was drafted high. He's got. Unrealistic. Expectations. You know maybe you thought he'd be the guy here and its Genesis the guy and maybe Jabar is not good enough to even be the number two. In the long run the Jabbar is a guy that can score two point one to five point tonight. Get some high impact scoring and that's what you need on defense he's got a lot to work out. The problems which of our yesterday. We're not defensively. They were on the offensive side and they were on just as general demeanor the everyone's body language is different so I don't know how to. Read too much into demeanor Babar if you are a couple things go his way. If he didn't get blocked by a Horford twice and if he pops down that three we are singing a completely different tone but the matter all that bounces away yesterday. Well Mel Walt because Jabari it's a bit what a 51. Of five shooting of two points and his disinterest on the court. That says a lot just from. When I was a big game today economy I agree that wasn't as bad as there was tension for the series while noise when say that. Now he's gonna if he's gonna have a your Kamal MB disinterested again then you know that doing your White House's than he goes liability but. I'm expecting him to come back and play. Much better in game two why I don't know what the hell with the issue was yesterday part I just thought maybe. Somebody says some of them and then had dragged him download I don't know but. That's not the Jabbar park we've seen since his comeback from his injury or the Jabari per seem. Since he's joined the Milwaukee box. When Middleton hit that three OK I didn't notice out but I I saw video of it he and his react and and this is this is now I'm gonna get upset. This is one of the worst things that fans do. Wayne watching sports. Is you read wait too much in to these guys' reactions. Jabar he's reaction was. I had not any seem to be like okay. Okay ahead not. Tyler Zeller actually looked mad are you guys mad at Tyler Zeller today when I'm when I'm in a sports competition. Or even like watching sports media telling about meat. I remember the game the badgers played Kentucky you remember that gave you picked a bad is the way twice which down. The one they won okay. At no time in that game that I cheer. At all I waited until it was over to show real emotion I do that in sports. And I do that watching sports MAB Jabari was like bet you guys freak out when. John Henson sees an old teammate in a January game and smiles that on the when they lose by five you freak outweighed too much about body language. And needs to stop. Well I don't know which are very mistaken there I don't know how he's feeling I don't know what his deal was the snowstorms that mail man and I did well. To worry that this production at the end of the day when you look at his production. The telling that's the telling point. Okay well his body language throughout whatever I don't know but I know that he didn't contribute much of the game yesterday. He didn't show much of an interest in contributing. And for this team going forties when the best you know I still think he's the second best player. And you know to get that ever production out imagery that's a good enough and and maybe a player maybe the coaching staff saw that and says while we're not gonna if he's gonna be like data out there. What's the easy to have Jabari Arthur inventories probably ticked off too because he was probably not in the game win. Hum in crunch time when they need is when that team needs and he's not out during the court and but. Namely the image move coaching staff but I thought that Jabari was just have one of those days were he was he's gonna do more harm than good of having him on a court. Four on 47991250. Are you in favor. Of benching Jabari Parker the rest of the series he's not the reason why they lost that game yesterday eyesight to weed this out to us and I said only Bucs fans. Could see an all time pathetic performance from Bledsoe. Could see Tony snell slapping rebounds to the floor in crunch time. And blame the game on fifteen minutes of Jabari brown and for that tweets Parker to help them all look at this fan boy. You guys are insane 79912. I've been there. Offended by the hockey there. I highlight courtesy fox sports disguise and Gus Johnson Marcus Johnson on the crawl. Just the two points right there that was it for Jabbar yesterday. Fifteen minutes of play 4147991250. Chuckling there on the fan there is section of Bucs fans. That are flat out fed up would Jabbar and and think it would be better off. For the bucks this series. Excuse me. If he did not play. Let's go too far. That's going way too far I mean Ulysses. Analysts are sub that we don't know about with Jabari and that he just is not this should be playing anymore which I fight hard to believe. Mom I'm expected him into a runoff coming up tomorrow night and is. Is like this that okay. But not give he's giving you the benefit at all for me I don't know what that was yesterday what he's doing he he has to play and play well. For this team ever shot in Jabbar. I do the opposite I I would start tomorrow. Of stardom. And Jabari wants starting not been shy about that. And I think if he starts he's got more confidence and help play better now is that right. That this guy may come out there and be more focused and attentive if he starts verses if he doesn't. Knoll but now is not the time to cycle. And Alice size everybody jolt product he has to get the most out of the guys that he has and I think for him to get the most and Jabari Parker. You start him now do you stardom and he's disinterested for 67 minutes. Many they need a poem well here's originally you you got to start electing. I wrote it are going this way coupled less minister Tony snell. 33 minutes yesterday two point one of four shooting over three from chip shot a three and a quarter he hits it whether we novel but agreements that. And you know world say what you pay attention I've. But. I mean I thought Tony Snow was absolutely horrible past and I think Bledsoe was and now you pathetic ya old whistles Chicago this team. I say tied army general's team but Brussels wrote Michelle. He wasn't bled show yesterday that's for sure. He was glad slow. Terror. Quiet and shut for a bad joke 7991250. Let's go to fill in cedar bird fell what you think and feel. The Oprah did it as an analyst at the office of the note that like it eat it but I called about. Jabar. You know for some reason I don't know why that is. Because they grew up together on the on the team but Jabari Indiana is keen to not work well together eight. First I don't think honestly explain what Jabbar. I don't think I I digging it did not go well with China and we Jabbar who is playing well but an idiot every that's not allowed it so even getting big minutes. Carbon analysis spot. So I you know. The problem is. And the bucks and I'm hanging my head on. Into Jabari implant it yadda. It would have region from him an inning analysts. A sign and trade or whatever it into Mubarak. He can't play with honest. It but I doubt that our guys. The but she needs someone to play with him and I think when you drafted Jabari we are like that's the guy at the guy is gonna play pianist by a for whatever reason it's not working and I don't know I don't know what's it does not I think with the skin this core war. Whatever his. Between. Parker. Let's sold Middleton and the Imus. Assure Middleton in goddess got the points yesterday but the of them it and the today still gave up as to filter the ball twenty times and lost the game. Still lost via militant what a great game now 48 minutes still. Lost the game. People. Do question the Jabari honest relationship not just on the court but also. Off event and Jabari was asked about that last week and the Milwaukee basketball hour here on the fan. Our relationship with all my teammates. A very good we Alston sent a long time ago. Being honest we have a relationship. Where we are second year after months that you state don't someone who worked out walk and so. You know we have mission when it comes to that. But I think what people wanted to hear was yacht is my best friend and love them all sometimes change India sometimes to Bart you could. Work with somebody in our be teammates with somebody you guys to be good friends. But this is now order free on the court. And I think maybe this could be the case that people are talking about true the could be bodies off the court all that. But maybe they're games just don't jump together. If people want to look at that and am wondering why Jabari and Jonas are functioning well together and not getting more wins and in others the can't win again much debated yesterday. Four on 47991250. Let's go to Ben who is in Germantown battle it's up. Had not been not been yeah I don't agree with people and to our Indian. Are trying to hold out hope it might be you've got last week but we can't bank in the light. Fifty point billion dollar Patrick the year I mean c'mon play. Our team directed at B a playoff you either by an option open. Well he's got a better what he showed yesterday. I mean grip right now open or serve let go about it for sure Meehan. No question let's all globally from yeah yeah or. They don't you and Parker ever won eight point five point you would ever had points here. I drove four points ball thirteen points but he did hear him and does not excuse but he is Rivera urges me. Middle of the season nobody else is a mid season form so. Arm you know I think Javaris come along just fine back from second erecting of that neither so. But that doesn't there's no she's triage. Middleton was the second best final four is today he had a tremendous game. And if you're the box front office and you're looking at the future this team based on the one game yesterday sort of aspire to box yet you were you want Middleton here. You want him here to play with Dion that's they seem to be. Good together you want Middleton. I don't know if you want Bledsoe for the future and maybe you don't want Jabbar and certainly. Not at forty million dollars a year I don't I don't think he I mean he surely didn't play. At that and maybe that is too much money for Jabari Parker at this point we'll see woody hits on the open market it there's going to be a lot of tough decisions for the bucks this year. And if you base it on yesterday's game. Then Jabar is not a guy that you wanna pay I do agree with that point well they lose a series at least not that much if they were. A series whether they lose it in four or seven games. You're gonna have to go back to draw on board and say okay we could beat the Boston Celtics win may have couple of their best players out and you know we're right there and we couldn't what do we we should have played better we turn the ball over there gonna have to make changes with debt. The core of the team. And I'm not saying countless nuances here forever hopefully but the rest of the guys around him. They need to get the pieces that the Fed around him and who Knowles whipple's pieces are anti actually played some games. They thought that Bledsoe Middleton Parker and be honest that would be a special group right there it's turning out when they play together it's just not working. 7991250. Ian is in Hartford in the morning Ian. Oh. All barker got split it I mean at the lately he did yesterday they're idle problem like that you. I I think what they've. Seen that much better. Out there I'd like third position them. I did what political business being out there you can play the way he did a review what they have they're. Think we're told what it would do what brought that there. Don't really get into the shot what what's still a lot they crawled. You know 1890 deep economic shock Arctic economic shock you get that shot and I didn't get it to 32 shot. I mean I he's got a good look. Simple yet but I don't get laid an active when we had a comeback. He blew by. They wrote here quite a layup. He can do that almost every time if you want. But he settled burger on the ball on the ground. And taking jumpers but I did I just can't understand what the I think he has not an answer for that he'd walk there. He does not work but I mean that the people here try to defend our I just. There's a lot of issues that got right now. Play is terrible. You know what the and you read about Bledsoe and aboard the bottom Bledsoe here it's just nobody think tells Bledsoe okayed this is a good show for you this is a bad shot for. And it's like he's got the green light to do whatever he wants on the court and show wherever it wants and just you know him and jacking threes. It's just not his game yet sometimes or get on a roll now at some outside shots but more times than not like why is he shooting that shot. I almost think the Bucs have been better off not making that trade. I. If your deficit just in the floor that was a Jason Kidd right and you have moose than he can get some rebounds. I just I don't I hit the LeBron went down your your demand trouble the point guard spot Yang of Jennings in Delhi but then he's hurt too in that stuff that you can't foresee and then maybe. The sign another guy who knows. But I'd I just don't see here here is the dilemma that I am having is that we watched the game we all watched game yesterday. In all the hatred. And you're upset feelings for the loss are coming to Jabari Parker who. Like I've said. Did not have a good game. I have said that countless times but I don't think he's the reason they lost. There even close to yesterday there were Tony turnovers. And Eric Bledsoe played terrible they shouldn't too much. Yet mean just saying that. Deflecting any thing from Jabari. Makes me like. Jabari stage malls or it's the dumbest person on sports to I just I don't I don't get it Eric Bledsoe had a bad game yesterday. Eric Bledsoe is bad for this offense if he's shooting. With so much time on the shot clock gay guys are all mad at Jabari there's got out of vendetta against him for summaries in the same reason. They you don't understand why chuck and I like on. Is the same reason I don't understand why you guys hate him so much and that's where we're at an impasse. Well I mean I don't to Ben jump further I don't care is is the dumbest cake I've heard yes. Well but the thing for our football I think each. The little little reaction to them here a couple people on Twitter I I don't read says why don't read too much in the notifications. Were people call you call me and I wanna be clear about this I'm not just taking one argument with Twitter. And bringing it up in the air that sloppy. What I am and I've done it but what I'm doing is there are. Box writers and box analyst. And guys that Bucs fans really really listened to and really really trust and and they're the ones putting this out there. And I just dumb found just curious what analysts web and I'm at all bloggers here on talk about guys who. You know a little bit credibility by them this is I was seeing. At all the blocks which if you're a box then on Twitter you'll love this guy you'll love this guy he's great at a lot of stuff. There's other guys had the lockdown box podcast X said truck that are that are spreading this sort of thoughts. And but I mean blast is sub markets Johnson. I go to remodel guys who. Who you know little access here those guys have that and nobody liked Denis said he thing. Now the guys Marcus Jensen who works for the box is not come out against a guard Parker. Let's sit all these bloggers just cup a couple of bloggers out there. It to get some credibility with obviously. But. I I I can't go once the bull's eyes I read some of those guys who symbols. And those guys are pretty funny. But I don't read too much into that either. To say that Jamar Parker should not play in a minute that's us. Let's go is that's it's going to sound level headed demo. Ian says let me explain the Jabari thing to you as Bucs fans we know he has to produce and he's not his fifteen minutes were terrible and he hurt the team. His first run was a fifteen all run by Boston to and the first quarter. I'll tell you why he can't read into that will do that next chuck went around the thing. Yeah. Served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery from the Brian Stratton college athletics studio. Palin got a chance straighter when brewers tickets to Saturday night's game. We're talking box we'll talk a little more brewers. Lots of sports. To talk about but chuck and I started to show. Complaining about the snow and since we started the show. The snow has picked up even more yes this and now. As picked up even more like continuous from Friday happy January 108. Because this is ridiculous so tweet us at 1057 FM the fan is that takes CW tickets. We complain about the snow you complain about the snow tweet us the most biggest complaint you have from the snowstorm. Whether it was yesterday or today. If you're crazy Psycho maniac person. And you like this. Justify yourself in will put into the drying out on a 57. FM the fan with the hash today. CW tickets talking Jabari Parker right now it in the box in general but there's. Bin. Idea floated. That Jabari Parker. Shouldn't be playing in this series. Your thoughts on that 799. Oh yeah also a V I mean there's a reason why we lost this game. Too I mean. In the box before which you saw the boxing team won connection when the series and in as is raises this sounds as it leak. I saw some things there as bad as it was at times that where you know we shall turn the ball over twenty times. Get to this team over time on the roll and it. I'd be I said the you'd lose a series of five if they lost the series actually five games. I would be so disappointing these guys they got swept through and who worse than that but. You know date I I I think they can't compete in a series. I think they miss that they had no one. Expects during the series where. At Boston now so I'm bosses just seems like your plastic man stumbles guys just stepped up to the plate with a box put some of these guys in the box as a team. When it counted 5050 balls or whatever. Did not get the loose ball is some reason all of her loose ball away from winning that game while Ottawa is leading get. And they lost again and they beyond that they want to overtime and lost amid all plays to win that game in overtime so. Now can the bucks compete the series at. Despite losing 22 were ever try to resist a bar at the beat can't compete the series but I'm still stick with the I think the Celtics went. Eric's the northwest side seven financials you do exactly. I'm doing in an area and Nadal probably good Jim marsh you know he had a bad day British still. Are you could still be in the rotation a lot of people forget that some of the pivotal game seven. Last year it was cute before James Harden completely disappeared. But mark bigger come charmed. What you would be a lack of effort and motivation as you guys stated he does seem disinterested that would be much bigger consign our good. Anybody can have an all day. And also we would you got a good alternate for old bill that would all of blog and at the point code Bledsoe got their scores mentality. And the blog I would Golden Globe black hole quite a bit when you're right in the points what would Walden. Telemarketer marine cute sound warm day much of a little bit. Or you have kind of bomb past first pass second. And I'll get mine when they come out they can respond better knowing. That build a good chance to go get a get a pass to open wheel Bledsoe goes on look to score. A about thing Jabbar should be your rotation but if it. If you're not gonna put forth effort that he would be all the different comments and thank you. Erica it's a great analogy Mo cheeks by the way. And if it it's a good turnout to be like a Mo cheeks sick for cinco reform. Say Mattel audio recording seek. Good team players both guys. Got to be your turn out brought here eternal B Mo Mo cheeks whole Josh Debbie great. Putt though you know. So far I'm likely born to play the yesterday I thought I hit a Big Three. The threes in the well wasn't designed for him at the three from the wing. I mean I think deck I got lost in the shuffle have won I mean until mega hit that three of them. They give up the three look at the final twenty seconds that a team win yet of the regulation when he went back and forth like that that was. That's let's play a pass or their. Bribing came in startled slow look a little rusty the shot was off but then he. Eventually became that third guy that the Bucs needed they needed a third guy to step up and that was Kenya honest with 35 Chris 31. Roger and ended up with a sixteen. And we there'd Bledsoe. I just the thing that disappoints me the most is when he was traded over here. The it's stories that we heard on him in the old dude facts about his game that we knew was that he could be. The kind of point guard at the box really don't have any Malcolm riding can run the point effectively but you don't have that kind of point guard. They can just go to the hoop. And do the layouts and do those kind of plays that Eric Bledsoe candidate. That's a really really really good part of his game. But we're also told just don't let this guy shoot threes. And probably don't let him shoot a lot yet since he's paying the year he shoots a lot and he shoots a lot of jumpers any does take. A lot of threes for a guy who we were told that never let him shoot threes. He takes a lot of threes and nobody's been there to change him I don't know of the coaching staff doesn't want to or if they're afraid but you gotta tell Eric Eric when you get the baucus sometimes. Check he'll have a great steal he's good on defense of a great steal a go to on the court. Before any other but crosses the timeline. He puts up a shot right away it would nineteen seconds on the clock nobody's there to get the offense started yet nobody certainly there to get a rebound. I just was sold. I was so disappointed in his game yesterday because if he even plays. Slightly below average the box within yesterday. All this goes back to us of the while the wall someone's got to Tobler soul Ali nobody else was there it's been a good shot a bad shot gave this account to show we needed sake. This is a bad shot this is a good shot of the notices were I don't I don't know and I would we would suggest that would happen. But I mean the crew was right there I mean if you take some bad shots now. Get into the lane and you know blown by his nine. And with his strength in a movie CUC's strong very strong he can get by his guy he completely body by his guy a couple of tightest video clips play that game. But you know too many times he does that's the strength now there's weaknesses pop from the outside. And you know too many times. That he shoots a steamroller games. 447991250. Thoughts on yesterday's game. Does it change your perspective on the series I think that. While I went box and six bucks us that's always that's the culture he can't win six if you don't lose too. I do think that the Bucs need go to win tomorrow night. Or I'm and I have a hard time defending box and six because. I think if they win tomorrow night whoever wins tomorrow night I think will win the series the bucks and may take in six games may be even seven. But the Celtics they ought to all. I'd adding the box kind of fall off the rails. It's tough comeback from 02 deficit we saw Boston do that against the bulls list boss was better team our boss to get Donald to the doubles. Lost the first two games at home yeah and he did Beckham wants four straight yeah I do remember that bottom it would look like how do we use differs from ups of their. And then you know the bulls and the football fading. And that was that but you know he only the audio books give Donald to you know it's pretty much done. But the I'm expecting a better effort another tight game. And you know I think they can win game two on the road ride. I think they can and I think they should now the Celtics may shoot a little better. But they really were all laid an egg game and the Bucs still were able hold them off for a little bit or at least take it to overtime. A three point game was pretty good level of point five or whatever was. It's pretty good a minute ago once again the box three point the perimeter defense. From the globe beating yesterday Ian. You gotta find an answer for Marcus Morris I knee and he's very easy to eight. Very easy to hate. But I ABC if Jabari could play like that game Oregon gets the loose balls in this team would be at. It was all insanely different right kisses him on balls now so that's where I think. Because the expectations and Jabari at like we're not gonna solve the do you pay of fifteen do you pay him Tawny. Just you gotta do what's best for the team to win this series. I would like to see Javaris start. Get an interest in right away. Ingle from there I would like to see the rotation maybe. Expand a little bit there were people asking where Shabazz was. Either give us humor Jennings was he was an active. There are people asking where or Delhi and I was Prez Delhi did even get in in Jason Terry. Hey team. Yes sir well what happens usually in the playoffs. Short eventual. You know you play less guys to shorten things up and I think that's what but the tried to do yesterday shorten things up. Yet to argue the bizarre series of told yesterday going before the game marked militaries in your mormons and Jabari if you've been quiet. Ten guys played yesterday Broward resisted their fur foul situations Zeller only got four minutes but he really had an eight man rotation. Brock did was the six man Terry based on minutes the seventh and then Parker the eighth. Which yeah I mean I am surprised they are. Free men and edited to yesterday's a lockdown bucks guy too he said I am surprised at times that. The Bucs team plays better when Jason Terry's on the floor but then again Jason Terry is one of the few bucks that it had. Coaches network box coaches. In his career I mean a lot of these guys are under this kid front tee system and they don't know anything else. Jason Terry is a guy with a ton of experience. And he doesn't do you know he's a great veteran presence guy gets knocked down in a bad foul he brings everybody in calm everybody down. And yes part of the reason why am I mean it's a large reason why is on the team. As or larger is a wise on the floor yesterday but it does it's also surprising that. It's just I'm not surprised at the bench tightened up everybody does that. I think I am surprised that maybe we NC Shabazz the regency deli and we saw eighteen from there ya. How's that Shabazz also presidency more. From Delhi but the back course I mean you couldn't take. Rocketed off the bench and a second after he was playing so well yeah you know he could he do it who's been a socio take. They're gonna stick of what solely on the bench him soul on that day will stick our rotation the way they had and they were to vote and he gave Terry big mats. So there was no really no place for delegate loyalists. Overall though pretty good weekend for the NBA as far as entertainment and games. Saturday. Couple blogs having filly to care Miami while we go I'm Golden State take care of the spurs. The Toronto game was close for awhile New Orleans in Portland if you stayed up late Saturday night New Orleans took one from Portland on the home court. And then yesterday. Indiana beating Cleveland. I was in shock of the week and I'm mean I'm not. Terribly surprised I I want you team until not to sleep on Indiana I wasn't confident enough to take them when we were doing our pool. Boyd I don't know watching Mickey yesterday. Maybe this is the year to get Cleveland maybe this is the year tobacco well. You know we MBA doesn't want. Indiana beat Cleveland they want LeBron in the bowl season could obviously to LeBron draws. Draws people that the beset by men they lost by eighteen. At home in nobody saw that coming and you know here's the Minnesota last night I mean. Minnesota had some chances and make game and pardon made some plays and he's the most open and pulled my game out. Yet they had a very poorly designed three. Point actually Jimmy Butler took a lot of too. The try to win that that's that's a series that could be close every game but Houston still sweet yeah Minnesota will fight and fight. But they're just not. Up to Houston's level and in Houston might have the edge and coaching Merrill Antonio over that I know despite the way things went yesterday. And they did play a great game yet they took Boston overtime. I went completely guilt on the box at this point. I do feel good about tomorrow's game. I. Think it's big I big they got to play better than needed yesterday and if they do that I I expect civil players in the Celtics come down match to. But if the Bucs lose tomorrow I think the series is only lose by double digits tomorrow how disheartening that would be struck and Michael are we are served up by Perkins. Restaurant and bakery is still Bucs lose the brewers. Dropped two of three another back home. That take on the lowly Cincinnati Reds will be the latest on the weekend including. Some more interesting bullpen management from Craig Counsell. At a McKelvey our insider next.