7am - Who is the favorite in the NL Central? Barnac the Magnificient! LeBron vs MJ

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, May 25th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Bart and guest host Ramie discussed who the favorite is in the NL Central. Also, Bart debuted his Barnac the Magnificient and they debated LeBron vs MJ.

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And you know literal sweet Wisconsin. Broadcasters awards for excellence and our fans know why do you live from the Brian Stratton college athletics. Who knows. This he's shockingly clear. On sports Radio One 057 have been. I ask you something about that award that you won the loan note this mentioned in the awards yeah. I'm serious the what advice would you have for somebody furthers social media on the experience. I'm dead dead in their name now I'm serious. Is he won the award for what vast social media personality and Bob Johnson rod did you know. Television and digital what does that mean it means everything wet behind the best dance yeah. Oh. I didn't really add it all yeah. Yeah. What do you do or go. Now you fun little video he's you do a lot of fun little video I made a mockery of the box arena tour the other day I did not and I did I think it's Allen god you should watch it it's very great. What else have I done I just my hilarious to eights can I get it does your videos to build my social media profile. Low tech alarm get a ride the coattails. You know I would I would welcome our competition if you want to know how does wanna be in your videos. And then tagged me in them and save me the trouble. Of making my own videos and posting them out say a thing you one bit of advice. Yeah you if you would someday. Have the award that I do that yet proudly displayed. On my. It's our dining really. Right next all the pictures of our families as a big flat. Like right there like it in the dynamite that thing on everybody now. Don't re tweet every single Tweeter mentioned it and Rami okay that would villas that are like the ones to. Not just a Google has got angry grandma to everything yeah I do. I like the read tweets I only retrieve the bad I was told that that get delegate new followers at as resided do that I only retreat the veterans there's been a lot of fears that a lot of nice things about me. Over the last week thank you. Ali only when Irish tweed it was that. I'm just so white boy that's virtue signaling. Because it is like. So that's about the only thing average reader that's what you do and why virtue signaling. Earning a note that means it's like when ID when it when something happens I'm I'm. It's like I'm like here I'm white I feel bad to allow okay dad aren't that's a that I mean it owns a molester well I'd give him. That included the so that's how you're hordes. Re tweet. Russian dots is. The right to the this most highly. Yeah it was it was for awhile running back off here are even wondering that like what what a bargain with that award. And now you tell me more funny videos. Videos that go along way and don't retreat everybody I did our guards bigger breakfast campaign help OK I mean people started tweeting me pictures of their breakfast isn't. That that went a lot while I've actually borrow that page from your playbook I tell people do text tweet me a picture of your ball offered me. That's been a while that could sound a lot of different ways what I meant to do with that. Typical product is good please just actual ball pretty Beers what I'm looking for bulk and there is that they brought up at Robby is treating pollutants there's nothing like. There's nothing like. Know it's weird sounding about it it doesn't sound any doesn't sound I've seen it all but when you say tweet did you picture of your Boe per day under all of it. And it sounds really messed up. At sounds really weird and yes I know that that's what does go for. Italy new window and a Honeywell pretty good I coming up in about ten minutes either the best thing that you'll ever hear or the in. Absolute worst Barnett the magnificent. Now that is coming up. Orion it's meant taking a bit from Johnny Carson. Carnac the magnificent you said he took that bit from Steve Allen right out mean many others of use that throughout the course a comedy history but I'm giving proper. Attribution. And I'm not stealing any certain jokes so I feel like it's more jokes are yours yet it has been done before an homage and Howard Stern has done an homage stern yes yes yes so it's more I loved. I love it to the voice Sony did this will be a very lame PG version of that guys coming up looking forward to it. A little bit you want me to do my Ed McMahon throughout the whole thing. I actually have a script for you in this hour right now you have to be at McMahon yet so. In my Ed McMahon voice Syriana and how little Austin so most coming out most commercial breaks are like three minutes it the next one is like six minutes. It's because we're still prepping for the bit. Because a lot of production value intuit so. Hang onto your hats around seven point the one thing I did want to like say about the NL central race. And this is a clip from Tim Allen on our show we talked to him two days and no yesterday yesterday and attacked him yesterday. Any talked about how the brewers. Could be the favorites in the division right now. I think the brewers are the team to be here the cubs are sketchy at best and we live in the moment here. I get that that. Philosophies that you say well in other Philadelphia Eagles are champions until they're eliminated following here I mean I I'd get that part of that but if you live you live in the now Livan in where we're at right now. Either the cubs so I think the brewers of the comes running a little bit concerned and and I think people should be concerned and that central. And I think has been this like this way the whole year aware. People are. Late forgetting that the cubs are good why I don't know there's they're not playing up to expectation there item plain mad but they did this last year yet. And they're not playing if you look at if you look a little deeper into the numbers are not playing nearly as bad as as they did last of their offense is actually been. Very good and and one of the better offenses. In the National League when you look at on base percentage such etc. The pitching especially they're starting pitching. As has been a let down and and that's led to them under achieving to some degree in the win loss column but. They're not playing that bad of baseball and no they're not suddenly a bad baseball team it's probably when you look at just what's on paper. They're probably of a better baseball team and then at least what we saw last year may be better talent wise what's on paper than when they won the World Series and torn sixteen. I don't disagree with that and I think the brewers are better than they were a year ago on adding the brewers. Are better than I think. We thought they were yes so they're 31 and Tawny I had them winning 85 games I think it's at 882 wildcard I've amended that to 89 or ninety. I'm gonna go 899. But I still think it's going to be a wildcard I still think the cubs. You know either June basal of the long season and you should you to you have to give the brewers credit for what they're doing this is great. The brewers are good team there's times in the last thirty RE UT were weather's been hater or can able or something offensively. I just said. I've had a like on my dash this team is widget and there are not messing around this team's gonna. Do some damage but. He's got the cardinals in the air who I think. Could be an eighty win range eighty to ninety somewhere in there they'll compete. The pirates could surprise they're still playing well still not by the pirates not a not a lot of people are but. We should look at the pirates like we look at the cubs the cubs are so talented. I don't know it's the rivalry thing I hate this team as much as anybody I take these games personal. When we lose we eat the brewers really do to them the cubs. However I have to give you some therapy they're they're they're a better team. They will figure doubts I've got a hundred dollar bet. Chuck and I were arguing about this and then bills like OK come on myself. Like while great finally. So he had us on the shell and we talked about it and I said all that beat the brewers by ten in this division. You know a hundred bucks. Said you're op. Such degenerates shot and Cody and has met with to sew up cuts aren't tech names that are members at least 300. 300 that the cubs would win the division by ten or more down 10 my guess what I was trying to do was Obama criticized the fact that the cubs are better than we think they are. But what I ended up doing. Was most likely costing myself 300 now probably yeah I don't see I will be happy to pay if it means the brewers in the did I don't see anybody winning this division by ten games I think it's going to be a dog fight right down to the end closer even than what we saw last year. Then again we say some on the radio all the time does any of it mean anything sometimes people don't follow through shall be division champs this year not swim across bush. That was Tony fourteen frames still has the cement across the entirety. Of a great life that on the roundtable via the roundtable I've never been spectrum sport year round there never ending there. You're Russian do one I would love to do that Dennis. Do you listen into the I've set a lot more. Right now it's chuck and white glare or served up by Perkins restaurants and bakeries up coming up Barnett B a magnificent. What I'm telling you I'm so nice see this script before I actually do it I don't know I had a script out giving Tia. I'm so optimistic I got a rehearsed man about how good this this could be an all timer okay I've got people coming and he's still talking about I submit this for a WBA awards mom all night OK I've got people come enemy still I talked about. You know eating old abandoned bar. I know I know this isn't my shift technically and I'm just here for one day if this segment that were about to do yet wins a WBA award we talked about they asked even though it goes to the chuck and wink cooler show. I want a plaque like Bart I have to help my damn living your as far as what tomorrow's show wins the award Yost. And they inject impression. Earlier diverted jug of other people have better on yes I love baby chuck have you heard baby check on the afternoon Jeff from none of them all that's as you Colin dead baby to a I. Like it it's great paycheck help me out with the Roberts special to be area specialty meats read what time I was that the V for me is that. Did you do that area. First Robert specialty meats yeah well our Memorial Day weekend you really set me rallied around me you really don't want us that a guy out Bart. Like I never have voted Barr an accident Memorial Day weekend is upon us about your planning to watch Milwaukee's first place baseball team or have a family and friends over for that all American pick out. Make sure that the food you're serving up is altering quality meats from Robert specialty meats. There Miller Park hill gate party is guaranteed winner. With Roberts ribs out of state ball was pork ribs marinated in a tangy barbecue sauce and all those old bridge on a stick man. You off. 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For the best election bid to reserve your Memorial Day weekend ordered. We visit be sure to pick up some of their cherry wood smoked beef steaks larger Keating perpich snack treats and check out online at Robert special DB its rocket shot that job. For more info on money if he'd coupon that for the best and means job Robert specialty meats. Your hometown butcher either the best statement or worse same thing you've ever heard that is now. Ladies and gentlemen what a night. It is time once again for a visit. From the stranger from the east. Yes the all knowing all seeing all telling financier sage soothsayer. Carnac the magnificent. Made a thousand black things. Follow over your body thank you thank you I hold in my hand the envelope it's. As a child of four can plainly see these envelopes have been hermetically sealed. They've been kept a mayonnaise jar on a funk and wagged dolls porch since noon today no one knows the contents of these envelopes what you. In your mystical and borderline divine way will ascertain the answers. Having never before heard the questions. May all your podcast be full of Mickey and Minnie Mouse design. Has not yes. Parents. Can I have the envelope please the yes here is the first done below Barnett the magnificent. I shall put the year. I'm allowed to my head. Juliet tell Ngo for sure we had no idea floor. Mike should set ski. Jeff smaller job. He named three people. Whose names are easier to pronounce for our on air stepped in Brian good weekend. I have another envelope please yes jazz greats say cheap here is. Second envelopes do we need the music that is certainly out of the matter with the music yeah I think hello yeah yeah we were I'd trying to debate that. I'm already having a lot of public does that audio and visual today that are caring. Third I find this not happen on what I tell you before we have but it's a good job another having fun. There you go get yourself this how dad it's not racist it off because I'm here yeah yeah they. They got here whatever you are. All right another round only to be as great sage here is the second envelope. It sooner. Bred to shoot her. What did mr. must murdered due to the woman that ran into his vehicle yeah. Who. Ranked. The shooter. Doctor wrote the joke. I did and two weeks and it's. But yeah okay another. Yes you guys great stage here in the third envelope carnac the magnificent. Dennis the Menace. Dennis. The Menace and Jason. And Jason. What pray tell does the envelope saying great stage. Name too awful kids. Are you guys. Yeah it's you know I think yeah. Are here. Instead of real lets you you're nervous about the yeah great stage there's the next envelope. Manuel roll out windows. Manual. Roll up when notes. A cassette player a cassette player. Bottom Bryant bothered Bryant. Name three things that were in cars in the ninety's that shouldn't be encouraged. I. We can be peaking right yeah. Apple could put together could you that's quite all right let's be I could not be good. Budweiser. Budweiser. Didn't move onto the next though below or yeah that's B for the envelope. Good habit then yes I got straight to our neck Budweiser Budweiser. Why the bucks are already better off now than there were with Jason kid matter. Budweiser. Budweiser. Yes great stage and other hello would you like the next below par neck police here you go sir again not race and not racist at all. What are you I am in error above a Palestinian man to be exact. Yes OK yes there may all your huge be solved with friendly conversation yeah. Old. If you Leon hello I did give me the envelope great carnac. Pizza pizza and Miller Park and Miller Park. Name two things that are worse when Chicago gets its hands down. You're wrong with that body. Every you're wrong but that's funny great sage I feel like the jokes like in nine out of ten that executions like six. But the jokes just have to be that much stronger. On another envelope please do it here you go great Barnett carnac the magnificent Diaz raked stage. Kate Middleton and Kate Middleton may give Markel meg and Markel. And fan national baseball insider set beverage and brand national baseball insider. It's not mavericks. Name three people who can't stop talking about princess. Yeah yeah yeah yeah us very well said. Very well said. Might pull one. Flea market flea markets that I had an envelope I don't think I handed you an envelope. The budgets alone the OK okay. That yeah I'm just spit then yes sir flea market flea market. What do you upperclassmen like Kenny cheat and keep doing under coach will go to jail. The belief that there. Please Marky Mark did yes yes great sage. I think I have. Oh enlightened ones please give us one more and they got out they get out here you go great run. Lambeau Field Lambeau Field. And church and church. Lambeau Field. And church name to play through you should be able the meal for what you believe it. Yes. Yes you are correct sir I hold in my and great Barnett the election one. The great sage. The final envelope that final. Well I know I'm below the screen you're doing this is coming to an end your army and the magnificent yes. Yes. Clay Matthews played Matthews. Ryan we're on right and broad. And the Wendy's big show and the Wendy's big show. Just name three things that are past their prime and over okay. I disagree with crowds did what. Yeah my son but Byrd's body yeah. All right yeah. Thank you for reminding us that both great carnac the magnificent. Have time. Let's not indeed. It's time for another five minute debates. I'm borrowing cooler running Mac off we got to keep doing the show after that time dad and my alarm to go enough there we got together that they get stopped it. Dells they go out and a high note I don't know if we're gonna get hired I don't know that what do you who cares about your arm. It is usually a time that way you know why do you say like. Every single thing that happened I like to let people didn't behind the curtain and if they're wondering what that sounded that is let him know. I think we got to go to the phone here we'll talk about LeBron in the second I was veteran thank you are. I was told to never bring you on or mention your name. I thought. Never. Had a caller I heard the dream do in the morning show today. I would call The Milwaukee Mile a member yet. Michael I can't lady in general about your the dream team was coming into the future event and heard this month that is what is that. Yeah well I RE I don't know I'd that was persona non Grata and art. I'm. Shocked reload. It. And you're pulled a worker. Now why I like our third year working with chuck Freeman and and that and the city and sorry that it's okay great all. Yeah it's more. I called it the guy and I don't want don't not at the what content into. I don't get a lot lower. Air in a city that that I heard the jury it was going to be out this morning and I got a great. You can like do that later. You can call me locate it how do I thought god adult with a great big I. Barnett the magnet yeah fared at the Baghdad visit the last segment. Eight. It was laid out and I know you're keeping it on yesterday so complete. And yet he gripped the and ignore it. I thought it worked very well I thought it went very very well Bart did a great job rating the jokes I do a decent Ed McMahon we had some slightly racist but not racist because I'm here music. Yeah. I went very well I enjoy I enjoyed it very much I hope everybody listening enjoyed it as much. Well I'd say it won't popularity is that yes all that but. I the last big centers on the land mine. Oh yeah we have the United Nations on the Wendy's big doesn't get to a pretty much any raise Oakland selected. And the net. I literally on the court. At you know I think you are you boil it makes you. Will driveway to. And. Did things for the productive phone call that the high. Please let's talk about the brought in and day year by my eight by bite. I thought he was gonna count I went I thought I really thought is going to complement the Barnett the magnificent bit while he. Saw the tweet us mindset I'm setting my alarm for this and many called right after the bay and obviously did not hear the bit he's just called to say hi. Yeah. Okay hi hi Mike. Somebody I hear the barbecue is getting Kansas City I don't I'm not I don't know I don't know there's an brewers got it. Kansas City Manhattan. Well it wouldn't wish did you move to make it adopt the bugs there and Evan NBA team. Kansas City not like just sell the Ryan Lander menus. Across the country. All right. Yeah I do I dug a little LeBron MG okay and I know you won't do it I'm not no I'm not. Not admit I made a vow I will not debate LeBron vs that gentle brown retires in the book is closed the book a LeBron I. Think that the LeBron. M Jed discussion. Is it does bother me any time LeBron either has a good game in these playoffs are a bad game Michael Jordan it's brought up. Every single time and I do think that we should. We should focus on enjoying what we are watching gas because at the very least if you're big MJ honk you can admit. Daddy LeBron is worthy of having this debate could you not admit that. Guy he is the first person you can legitimately have this debate with Shearer so let's. Let's watch him any enjoy what he's doing he's single handedly trying to take a bad team. To the class I mean NBA people were trying to justify that Kyle. Corps offers a big difference in these plans now but here's here's the thing is that this is LeBron team. This is LeBron that's the art then there is that he came home run at Bristol and Thompson get paid. He did all that and the other day here you're talking about how terrible coach Ty Lue is and you might be right about that he didn't sound very Smart in his post game comments. About not getting Kyle Korver into the game just guessing wanna tie we'd be that coach. Right and I'm David blatt LeBron he's put himself here so my question then is when LeBron retires yet you will have the debate some. How much of a factor are. The amount of rings that LeBron has going to play into the conversation. Not as. Not as big a part in the debate as I think it does for most people went against them Jordan six and all in the final yes. LeBron is three and five yes a case he's been to the final eight time yes taken them a team there is seven straight years and the guys put so much mileage on any place through elections slowly Lally me into the LeBron vs let's say today yet but I'm saying for those and I'm glad that your at least gonna go there because for those that think. It's about ratings no reason Durant went to go state was get a ring. Hourly it's necessarily about ratings. Per say but. It's it is a knock on his resume not that not every finals that he lost because. I can't I can't blame him for losing to the warriors when he lost to the warriors because they are what they are in the looks like the run. Might be about to come to amend or get interrupted. But they are what they are and I didn't expect him to win that serious eye and expect them to win when he was in Cleveland the first time around. But to lose. Twice with two hall of famers by your side. The teams that you should not be losing seven game series two in the NBA finals as a knock on his resume that's a knock on him I don't know. I thought you you can call somebody that goat. Who's riding with to all of favors by aside and Ray Allen. It in the backseat and and call him the go I don't know how to go loses twice in the finals. With with that type of supporting cast no matter who he's facing. I think one of the things that happens in this debate isn't Scotty Pippen canning it's under sold those not. Noble what I say about Scottie Pippen is that. We don't okay we don't know what we don't know and we don't know Scotty David and I had a good do it AA that Scottie Pippen we don't know if you would've been great if he ended up anywhere else but here's what we do you know he ended up with I'm Jay. And he ended up being a much better basketball player than anybody thought he would be coming out of college whereas the brawn. Ella people have been great about the broad wooden next to LeBron were already great before they ever played before Brock so should LeBron. Be a mercenary and go to Disney rings and as he can to share strengthens the date yet does that go to Houston try to wondering. It sure if what if you end up Angolan state somehow. And if you went to Golden State I think that those rings would. Be very very diminished and way to carry the weight that that in championship ring normally what I've always said Alice in the brunt closes career. Either spinning don't we all. Or picking a team that's close going their first season and seeing what happ I like to see him go to Philly or like you said Houston look for a year. Courtesy of ranked himself out like year after year here I really do go from team to team and really be a mercenary did B unlike anything we've ever seen in the NBA. There's nothing about his legacy that he needs to hang onto he's already laughed. Cleveland bright and then came back and may be leaving again. I I would just like deceit. Hindus that I think it's so unique it be so unique in Iraq and and different but in the front the talent they can automatically take a team Ted the second round in the east. Geraldo it's you know I don't think you would do that plus he can't you can't have power within an organization with just when you're nobody is an. Bowed down to LeBron and and cater to his every whim. When they only have a one year commitment from him and he likes to run the show he likes to have some power and some say. And what's going on in no team would give that to with just a one year commitment to calves that wanna give that to him this year. Because they were insured do commit to Cleveland beyond beyond one more season so they they stopped. Necessarily going down to LeBron and catering to is everywhere I can't see it team doing that for one year commitment not think. That sits right within that type situation. 799 drove fifth the my body this if lord. Is Chiming in amnesty are today might it might be like late though. That's on call apartment when he picked up the car there. What do I get it. Why aren't you calling the shell out to like talk to me like a normal that in an aggregate unpaid. Today. All right fine I don't care pick up whatever you lack faith. They'll with a bit of Brian Jordan saying we like it you know unfortunately broke right change the problem or a rocket that. Michael Jordan seem like Kleenex or Coca-Cola. Like it but not and that's where it up bat you know and and engine and it will rival never app that like no matter what O'Brien does shall never will be. For all by the majority considered better than Michael Jordan but you know when you when you look back Michael Jordan's career like that they don't be a course that is like. He was the best player in the NBA at the time yeah on the armed but backed team and it looked for a change. It is the best player in the NBA and he and without them satellite. That they can bat into the NBA not the one yet. Any gonna click the final whether it'll or maybe you're looking at who cares but like you to get that they would back up finals a little orders because he's just all clapped. I don't think Jordan. Ever played it seemed like these lawyers think you could say it was harder for him to get through. Back then because the look like the one that now but there when he got the top like Bailey played you know light. It or lose any of those teams that will give bomb against the lakers. You know that was probably like the picket. That the picket when he ever had but like LeBron James when he came back from when he came back from. 31. And up and 73 win. Email we don't talk about that here said at a non I don't like talking on and there is. Couple any at a triple double. That occur that like the greatest performance by a player of all time. Also this also this I've seen. LeBron James. Do things that Michael Jordan necessarily could not could not do and a singular moment referring game. I'll see you later today and maybe haven't may be in for a senior by the new car yet today yes I am nice congratulations and congratulations to set on the set. I'll tell you more about it and about three minutes and ism I mean LeBron is more physically gifted that that. Couldn't do or didn't do. But that doesn't make him a better player when he put together the whole Reza may. If you wanna take a snapshot. You might be able to say LeBron James is a better player but I think when you take the whole picture and and you put together you put dom all Reza may I'm taking Michael Jordan over the abrupt. Dude sort of on the top ten I'm more worried about the war I was just gonna ask you that how you feel and. I don't know if it. Obviously I was gonna say if they win game six having big win game seven located right. If they don't win games exit right obviously yes they're dot yes but go back to go on state now. Yeah I I think I miss Andre Iguodala. In this much though is that weird to say when you step Durant acclaimed drama is that these guys missed their fifth options get one NBA finals MVP he's no slouch that's just how good. Brevity is the gulf state dollars are absolutely but he does a lot of the deed a lot of the dirty work. I mean come on movies at a nice you know running here but. He's not on trade and I think they miss Andre without an update if that's you can chalk all of this up to having Andre Iguodala didn't make. Durham on green fumbled the ball yesterday. Like in early Amman green which hurt our. Which I watched on the phone in my car while driving back from the game per game last night a your money out as it does it out and it's not like wow really really care as a warrior support that's right I got myself a warriors fans. I've decided that. I'm a boxer is that reader allied can't tell you why we supporter he would call me Aybar is supporter and a box supporter. Since they're not my number one team. Yes because of my brother leads Golden State it probably won't like them and if you ever Levi's you ain't gonna care about the brewers. I will I know. I'll tell you always will they'll always. Hold a place with me. Because of guys like Tim Allen and Steve Sparky piper and you are rather hang people I love and care about who like to see him you Colin likely exceed our colleague Mike wake it did for no apparent reason to do it. My text me man. Good idea I really thought. I'm related to other like clay and seven and I segment gets called up it doesn't hurt that segment how he and wicket knows good radio. Yeah look at the prairies dad yeah I'm really looking forward to this compliment we're about to get the Mike wicket. If at all does OK guys Mona. I think Mike. Never accurate for me down there in Kansas City there was like five or so enemy that thought it was going to be. I just wanna announce uncovered back to Milwaukee. That the spark. The ball they really like you over at Perkins is a term that you might weaken a little little little bite would get a President Obama. I'm gonna see sit lower today as I told these guys over at Hyundai west Dallas there. Are part of the international autos Hyundai kind of Carly might if you don't mind me last stand up today cool your goal of the Steve's marquee fight for family route I am does that mean there's a little wink or otherwise acquired over the bigger vehicle more seats. Is there a little Rami on the way now there's not a little Hitler on the way I think it's right that's what you're buying a vehicle like that now. Oh my wife catches the Tucson a look at and dominate the Santa Fe are in there in other pretty similar cars been. Likable so let's get one of each so we'll have that I'll have that today. A clean out my old car last night's. Found a lot of things that it realizes still ahead but broke the vacuum in the process. I broke my vacuum cleaner in my car. That's what did you do that I sit in he's owning you Dyson vacuum. With purchase a vehicle today. I'm heading over to our highway 100 and Arthur that's very can find the location they do that. I don't know I mean there's kind of place that throw like I pads. Emotional around. What I think and is is that now they do I bet I don't handle on I don't have a tablet it's not a not bad though. Was like a Kindle that's an algae thing. I don't know I got it for free what about my phone is just not just the big phone now is it's definitely a tablet user from a video streaming apps. This is my endorsement not here are about read a day. Up until I can't tell you about other tablets he got. LD tablets and precision. Viewing it. Yeah. Look I am I am going to. Congratulations again on buying a car that's all the big thing I know that's an insider at the third round of applause thanks and I'm going to. La honey west Dallas again on highway 100. I'd sit does over there Dan Brian might make Roger Adam Pam. There's another start to the international auto Sunday Hyundai Greenfield that's on Tony seventh street. Near college if you're a little closer to that part of town. They've got a great staff over there too John Dillon DeVon Gary that's work. I know baby Telus has bought his vehicle. Over there and wood Memorial Day coming up. You know it's time to reflect on the men and women of the military that it made the ultimate sacrifice in these guys that Hyundai west Dallas and Hyundai Greenfield. Aren't trying to do something special for you Johns gutter. And Dan Richards both proud marine that's so in honor of the day they're going to help all the veterans out if you're in the market for a vehicle. Or maybe you weren't thinking of one maybe in a couple of months whatever this month you get an extra thousand dollars off any new vehicle if you are. Of such how to say this to pander because it's Memorial Day in and and is something people just every company should do something like that candle if there is some sort of major discount if not does given stuff away for free. To the men and women of our armed forces. We've decided to make a year running giveaway our podcast for free nights every day some very generous Sylvia as well very generous our programming this one do. This this special episode may go aren't actually my polling right after about have to pay for that I've nanny 94 he missed Barnett under a thousand dollars off any new vehicle for veterans they wanna tell you to have a safe Memorial Day weekend. When you go there please make sure that you mentioned you heard bark talking about it you can throw around dog's name in there. As well I hope it gets an extra savings and they Greenfield on the west Dallas to great locations to amazing stats. I've got a friend. And we're gonna talk you through I have one friend Koppel. She lives in Florida OK she moved there through and that guy from Illinois she's from Wisconsin. The chances of that they both moved out of Florida mean from the midwest as they're having a baby they decided. She's detector frantic brewer fan boxer and then she wants the rays get a packer fans can't. When he'd like no but he wants to raise the bears comes bulls fan Randy hurried as is as he should they've agreed on the proposal. We'll have that and would you do the same want to hear from you guys. Coming up it is just the way cooler Ron not running neck locked in for frames on the fans.