7am - Who has been the most disappointing Brewer so far this season?

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, June 13th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about some of the players on the Brewers who have been dissappointing so far this season.

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As you know literal only you Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence when your friends know why do you live from the drawing intense strident. College athletics who knows. This he's shockingly clear on sports Radio One 057. We are served. I've done my Perkins restaurant and vagaries. I'm borrowing blur that's Jaffray man. Three did realize and accept you know. These days. I'm exhausted today yeah I know but I give other Miller Park to won't be those Omniture. And Rosalie I did these Tuesday's fall by wins the afternoon game so much alive and then there and I know dregs that it. Right Andre a little bit today and in by the end you know we walk out of a Miller Park that are on the day both six yourself. The Villa belong once but a look at forty game I mean how law of weekday afternoon games. I do in BMO go off there aren't had taken a ball game today. Especially when your teams of first place like the brewers are. I love it too because they are in first place and it gives me the opportunity. To. Personally. Hang out with two different check Freeman's I get the radio check for four hours. And then I get the find chuck at the ballpark and sort through her four hour fond you are not ballpark check this morning are you are an idea I'm. Now well what were debating the issue back euphoric. And if you cut an erroneous up and Heidi you're expected to lay down to take it. I mean I'm very great how it's not giving up that don't happen in the future it's a different different elements. Not a Lindsay good to see none of that matters that should stock okay. That stuff all right go ahead. Right sport the fun and soccer and is a sport ally rulers go team. All of that great. Hobbled dumb. Babes and voters in the so that we can do that and they and then I wanna talk about it all time I think you're free that your wife's gonna be and it's not like the job ballpark chuckle and say that most stern radio check would say all right I got I just. It's gonna be hard for me to continue. Because of the the tree that you dangled out there yesterday. If the brewers total loss. Chuck obviously we talked about this and we talked about yesterday he made guarantee chuck never. However many are no guarantees them an email to guarantee yesterday at the birds were going to win. Many put out a video on FaceBook. Around 4:34. O'clock yesterday. Not only did he explain to guarantee but there's a little cared at the end that would have been nice for me this is checks video from FaceBook. I'm reading. And neighbors are gonna win it do I think the brewers ago well today. Young lady play. Does that click I was walking out of the house going to see his favorite baseball team does that look like a guy. Who thinks is baseball team's gonna lose that and you obviously don't list that chuck of liquid aboard 6 tilt it. This morning amid a prediction. I guarantee only Betty guarantees on the radio station for the sporting amid a guarantee that. They will definitely win tonight's game I don't they've lost eight of ideas these guys. By the driver around town hall today and I see the W flags fly and it break if I've broken 845 ohm I've seen the land of Lincoln might displays of getting tired of it. All right you know history the Chicago Cubs this horrible. It's absolutely core. Yes I think they're gonna win tonight at the deathly guarantee so I'm gonna go watch my favorite team. Winning game tonight somehow someway. They will not lose tonight I guarantee oil bunt away. One more thing and admit a lot of deaths regarding this. Different things people Obey me I've heard from a lot of you guys on Twitter today and FaceBook and all have a lot of guys don't think I'm gonna be right in this. But wait for this one goes out to you. And he matches up and on the show today that you don't make a very nice to you on the show and I treat you poorly and all of that. There's another thing if the brewers lose the ninth. We would've been nice the bark that I will do anything you set the ground rules you pick the day. But as they're gonna happen. Rosen gets the job done tonight we'll see tomorrow morning six of ten I shut him Michael. You can't dangle a carrot out there for me. Then never give it to me are well I mean. You went ahead it. I didn't offer relief at NC a clarion mind but one who let me do it at I threw that out their and off of 5 o'clock or some way to be game. I'd a went to the ballpark that I came back again after during the pregame and you know. We went back out of the game but I I don't know committed to me and just throw up their wants and needed to do you know I'm a guarantee came through sort of residue. I don't know which would couple budget beat guys the barn every day I don't looking for. Mennesses SOB you're gonna run into him and I don't know. At Woodrow Medusa who now and a disaster and sound when you Communists they have the hospital okay. Jake the ballpark Jack IE and we're really at the ballpark in five and a veto it and completely different elation jet pump the only guy you don't usually say too much of the ball game. But the people -- you talk to me the same two or three people but I in the side at all. Out of you that a game signal audience to shine. You know if you the other guys there Chris I shot 8 o'clock today on the fan by the way I don't cradled join us at eight. Colombia with little divert a little different. Setup than. You and I year but doesn't have to be. A little different dynamic it doesn't have to be would what woods did. Enjoy your time and here I do little. Time yesterday on the show I have a great time today. Obama have a great time I used it or not and I. I'm ever heard John dilemma. Do well. Single look from budget Tuesday. No known mob feel great I'm god knows afforded geek that I have is like it was a support they gave yesterday all day. And you know as you want in the wind and and and and go wanna take a tooth for me skies and day off on Thursday but I feel great I'm great to know. Let's say they lose today OK okay it's Jolie she's seen in Mike Montgomery. Is the feeling gonna be like Aaron well we got the fun on we got on one on Tuesday. One of two that's a cameo it's the count well these idiots swept but I don't think it's way well I think. The feel like they lost Monday it was pandemonium on one little snake people work you know freaking out all through anyways last night. And everyone just goes back out what they're day so now if they lose them our worries about the T done I mean they. I thought twice to the target team they're good team they have some shortcomings of course they do a lot of teams to the cubs have some shortcomings. But you know bottom line is their first place they're ahead of the team and everybody predicted that it too covered for what is the cubs. And you know middle jewel here and they have a chance the extent and at least today soul no I think. Yeah I thought the panic was little much elevated their boss for five like last week there we go we're sitting here before. Worried and you know complaining after they lost the two in Cleveland has put them everything was coming to an end. And you know they went to roll Philadelphia and suddenly things are fine. I that's just the nature of slog season ban. You know I'd I'd like to figure to win the division but who really knows. I'm joined the right for change of B in first place in the middle of June. All this and this is partly why I said this is the most important series of the season and I think it will still prove to be win the season is over because you come into this week. You're jostling between first place and the cubs got one from you on Monday a game the brewers probably should've won. And that I think really not a lot of people back and I think it. Put that bear here up again between the brewers in the cubs so had they won that game and then swept the series. It would be. You know a rough summer I think. Chasing the cubs. Looking ahead to the next any player comes in August and in the six times in September I think there'd be a bill back report there if you lost the first two games of one today. K you got line cubs still have the upper hand on you so I wonder now. You'll lose the first on which your win last night and you win not just with a great pitching performance. And not just with some key hitting from Travis shocked but and smarts you know analyst and baseball starts with Lorenzo Cain so. I think that the and I I've said tone setter. Pryor a hundred times but I do think this is a series that. Jump starts the way we're going to feel about the team this summer and the way the team is going to feel this is what's important the way that team is gonna feel about themselves. And how they view the competition ninety miles self. So yeah out one game Monday no that was a big deal one game last night. That was a big deal at the brewers got the win today our last night I think. I think this game is very important today to continue what the trajectory of when he team will be. Yes it always is a bit in every game is bigamist when you would clear division points limit teams of the fight's first place with these guys are cardinals I yeah of course they're huge he'll be you know you don't wanna. Lose all three of the games MB two and half games out but. You know the sun you know you and I look back and forth this whole mental brilliant that'd be a deep or tweeting at me and agree with you yesterday. You know amazing you know people are agreeing. I'm not that they're basically agreeing with you but you know all Chuckie you're an idiot yell yuppie area the book though to those cubs are a 100% in the brewers had some really. I mean and I hear people from yesterday come up to me that the game and saying the other way and I'm like so what is. I don't know I don't I I think debt that mental block thing I mean them how to how to explain them when he last night the Melvin Jason Anderson went out there with any. Bit of fear or can he could win that game because he went went out and pitched one hit baseball for Saturday he's these general pros. These guys all feel like the run that I'm a professional level these guys all feel like they're on the same level. We do I mean this is you know chasing Anderson going out there throwing seven innings. In the pressure situations chuck and that's where. That's where the brewers didn't have a mentally against the cubs because the cubs had been their before the brewers hadn't specifically when the two teams faced each other. So for Jay Sanderson to go out there and start rolling that's a good way to get over that hump. And in the brilliance I think the brilliance of Lorenzo Cain on the base pads if you're gonna look at a plate if if the brewers start winning more against the cubs if they win today. They win the couple in August if they do better in September against them presents. Those are the only times they play again I think you look at that play I think when there's a team that seems to have that operate John you. There needs to be something that turns the tide and I do think at this base running brilliance from yesterday. I think that may be paid back. You could buy as an ambulance. Okay. Lorenzo Cain knew I was going there really sure but I mean if you look at the I mean I've I thought. I thought the first inning we show on getting that edited to get to duck some upon. With the cane and yell it's living up to be with singles I thought that was a great way to start the game and M. Com. They get the runner over to third missiles first and third and and and Shaw on us real count or the doubled on right field line. That was the that was the tone setter right there that night. He comes up but he rips that I am three old down the line and look at the scoreboard to nothing doors spot in the first the end that was huge deal of good that was huge I thought that was the key in the game and then of course deftly on the acting aerial attack on another run. Oh on the benefit that it just was. I think would you committed when you are able to open lower have a team like that you kind of McDonough amid the worst enemy the couple looked foolish and. Yet they did an ending that that could be key moment if the sort of momentum turns between these two teams so when you're talking at the water cooler today after you go back in time and talk at a water cooler. You're gonna talk about Jason Anderson it's not like that base running let's not forget Trevor shot on the conversation. Who had the the four RBIs all four RBIs were from Trevor shot. Also let's not forget Eric things he got a base right way to get that started icing in the yellow dot spy I sixteen yards ya think. Some sleaze became leading off the right things led the game off the base hip and dead yucky it was a three hole last time he bounced out. Other short of force on second base so it was news source themes in yellowish. And then the base hit by the double by Shaw so yeah that. They string player never happens if cain's not trying Ellis in the batting order if things isn't leading off now so if you're in the LA Spain's lead off crowd. Cain what a let off yesterday and yell as they would have been one to normally its keynote Cano launched. As it was yeah Alex Kane. Which led an angry base turning points so it put those surprises he thinks the leadoff spot yesterday and the he's batted there will ya the recent California but I thought maybe the first game back. They would put him maybe the five hole. Solely in the whistle brawn and as you are not life. Now they were ready to go off the bench now but they never needed them social again today they have themes that Derek I thought maybe they would try to squeeze themes of Monday night. At Pincher row pinch hitting role that they didn't I did two and there are plenty of opportunities for him to come and body heat. You've only got like an hour absolutely yes so side and off he was like quote unquote off limits Monday well but it was good to see him Tuesday yet that is and a he's doing the one hand it's going one arm swing problem bitten of the and the dugout on Monday night but he you know he comes up and meet ya he gets the base hit right away. And and then notice with a base hit anything OK here we go. Here we go and they get the now the big hit by Shaw and the crowd is as many here there are treatments. Finally I'm him at Miller Park technically there for you know the brewers that. Served up by Perkins a a couple of great locations when you're in the market for a new vehicle a broad nice Santa Fe sport on the way over here a pick that up. At the international auto Sunday location. In west Alice and there's two locations. With the international auto Stanley when you're looking hundred vehicles we are looking for good deals on those vehicles. 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On the dashboard on it I love the connectivity with my phone. They can stream music that you can stream the the the app you can stream the radio dot com app and listen to the station even if you are. Outside of the area with the and tennis check them out to great locations great discounts great rebates great service. International auto Sunday two locations again Hyundai west Dallas highway 100 and Arthur and they Greenfield sup Tony seventh street just north of college. Avenue. Brain David put it offered two days. We're toggle Packers. Nothing on the field was important yesterday and it talks of central Bryce. Can shall rise not important. There was a link. One little link fall. Has got packer nation dissecting. What it meant a hospital pain top hat coming out now yeah. Jenna guards basically found a citizen graduate. But you know things happen man in the united got to continue to. So really you know put some real leprosy was he talking you know it's time to have to put into existence and you know move forward. Just like there from the grind Stratton college athletics studios. Brewers beat the cubs last night more on that coming up your chance at about a lot of meat rewards. With a big play of the game which I think most of you should know sold. We would like today is your winner today. On the first the news from the mandatory mini camp two pieces of news one. It's not super mandatory if your veteran with the six or more years experience again the cop outs Aaron Rodgers. And Jimmy Graham mole wilders in some of these guys that have been in the league Clay Matthews. For awhile but still like David practicing since he's been. Yeah I feel like to add owed TA or a mini camp bode DA and I feel like there's been more Foley's pac religious practices than normal unnecessary. I I I feel on all your installing a new defense and we had a good training camp you gotta get held up yes I mean every edge here at two rookies got to get acclimated he's. OT a's have only been going on for. About ten years 1015 years almost say never used to have these these obese go to DA's. So this is called the mini camp apparently different Leo two years this is a mandatory making this a mandatory one like the OTAs. You probably should show for those two but you know one guy Denver talk about him but. I just never emerged you have like baseball. You'll see Craig Counsell in Davis or is bringing these guys in over the wintertime to practice before spring training you'll see January. Mini camp in Miller Park well spring training is a little too long anyway also a streaky visit a I mean look at how we're sitting here and there's like you are playing these pre season games by a week for we three are like it's just get out of the season and we'll get the same way. So training camp goes out for six weeks he goes out from July all away. Who right before labor. And it just goes on forever I just I had all these practices to secure our sport man well. It's a job both but it's still wise and hock them the NBA they don't bring these guys in the summertime. The NBA seasons is that it is gonna start like. September oh that's way is some really coming out in July said they would but the got a lot on you know summer league all the veterans are playing him at. Now on the veterans supposedly Smart of Amara this on football's the only sport where they bring you worry it's like your round practice. Early at February off march April. 5 June to listen to point their but glad. You think there's too many practices slow I yeah I'd I don't OK got you get it your team you got to figure out. You got a chance. Gotta brag that Altria the new NBA two. It's a little different in football. You want these guys to leave in mid January not come back till July 8 I'm not a I don't mind having them well I mean he used to be that way. Well it's not anymore while a decision I won't what changed the practices you have in season which would you have a exigencies clearly can use pads anyway it was then collective bargaining dream what is. Change between the just move these guys having training camp and liver disease be it meant there would be the would be like a mini camp a weekend mini Camp Lejeune where guys would come and that was pretty much as temperature checked. And then they would have bumped their training camp and get underway in you can have the six weeks training camp they're ready be ready to go but I yuppies. Is it seemed like Steve these guys who writes honestly I feel like they've been practicing like that. A problem why are the matter who cares. I'm just seems like you don't wanna cover it may that you on the title of the Packers and may the care that they are practicing and may never mind never. I don't understand your boy I wider still whether by listening. In May season's not till September. What do pregnancy and April season until September. September. Also yet to practice say that's my point why you guys they'll play rookie ball in December when the season not till eight Earl. Oh baseball players rookie all yeah. The veterans arch in 95% guys excuse sixteen veterans on this thought it was only three anyone but these guys have been. Rogers member of the entire time. You know did this three day mini camp sure there it's a year round job well there all year round jobs are paying. Baseball's not your run they have more time off then you realize it bank. They were just a lot we've talked of the Packers for four months. All that's not true they were now talking about the Packers frankly are real today while they made some changes in January February Missouri they did not thing. March they did not thing third April as the draft and the players weren't there. Made the rookie showed up in May for three days now the veterans sprinkled in there will be another here again mainly mainly are off until July and then try again. And again and think they directly practiced every day of April are in May. Is there same thing with the with a baseball you don't baseball league season ends and first week of October so October November December January. Middle RCS five months as we often baseball. I don't know what you want I'd I don't understand what you're so excited about it. I don't understand why are so upset that not sell or just say that Carter started talking about this and I don't understand why they cracked whether white or practicing and may. When. That's the only sport world. Word you have Sony offseason practices and not before trading gimmicks Indians baseball spring to restart the middle February they'll bring those guys and many earlier. Bob MBA different sport there's play takes all strategy why they're there is that that is your right to visit her sports. So they practice different. Calls out. They practiced more donors I don't practice more book what I. Nevermind we're going got to implement schemes. I look I have dubbed them prepared to double what I Clinton both Iraq now I'm not trying to defend. Training camp I guess I don't that it is they've they've practiced three days as we get through the PS and the rookies are here a month ago. Yes the players you say. Boyd you figure breakfast or they're operating here and in eight at many in this were bright the golf died in the season's not fourth. Season that the season will not start until school we. We're starting to turn coal and leaves are falling we're just getting in the summer here and you know or stay home and we got a long way to go. You've got ninety guys and we got to Whittle it down to 53. You've got a new scheme to implement on defense you need time to do that you need taped to do that Dick at these guys acclimated to their job soul and soul. Part of fifteen years ago that was they didn't need do why don't we take test in school why don't take the case ET's. Why do we. Why don't we go for four years before we take the AC tees why don't we just show up the week before and then sort of pretty AZT a little different. Nevermind go ahead and went on what does it worked out how high Clinton decks well we'll talk about that a moment we were at a time. That's the segment. Well I'd I'd. That's not my fault. That's not my Volvo mindful that ballpark checked. I'm talking evolved show on March got low Reynolds says the old swept the while that's. All right Hough Clinton Dixon. Wing when he signed another contract situation. We will talk about that. At some point in the shift because the big is drama with our Clinton Dixon's. Why hasn't he been at these OT games which saw so much ado about nothing McCarthy says one thing. And they Clinton Dix yesterday. Said something and then be awake for the camera which were forced to read into we will read into that. Just a little later here in the program. It's a Wednesday suds and ask chuck and wing clerk any thing Wednesday. Tweet us your questions whatever they may be. You lot out on a 57 FM the fan on Twitter out on a 57 FM the fan on Twitter user asked say. Ask CW. Not only could you get your question asked on the air but he could win some summer fest tickets. We've got those available to one random person. Tweet us out on a 57 FM the fan with a hash take ask is CW. Your big play your chanted free bottle coming up. Sometimes you guys don't have it. This should be an easy one let's get a winner today checkpoint or on the things. This. Be the first to know at 7991250. And you'll win fifteen dollars in rewards players find your way. What are you telling casino visitor pays big. This has shown can always learn on the only station brewers fans needed 1057. Guys your big money play the game with a lot of a lot of me hotel and casino he was like a field general out there running the bases talking yell it's in the second heat. Scoots back to first base. That is a big money play of this game came back up. Here the body has about yell at us. And that's base running play by McCain is flat out brilliant that it really was and I'm nurse and you like that. You knew exactly what he was doing I had no idea what he was planning on doing but it was amazing it really was. You talk about. See in the courts and see in the floor as a basketball analogy but that's that's see in the field and understand what's happened and is not to my cap to isn't. This is a great heads that this whole play you know it's one of those freak plays you really don't see that very often and now comes just a few times a season probably for him to think about that and I got it done something was up one response Stanley stepped off the bag. What do you do if you. And then you start and obviously the unemployment so. Great plan as part that I helped us if that when this special one critically thruster plumes we've actually he supports simply moving Casey never actually happened. Reported that night was no news though. Starts must work. Craig consoled Chrissie outlets. Lorenzo came our own Tim Allen at the beginning of that he big money play the game obviously. The base running brilliance. From the Milwaukee Brewers last night brewers tweeting out. Cool video where they took that and made it like an Abbott & Costello tech 1920s. And videos that's Cooley can see that and our Twitter account at 1057 FM the fan that Campbell we do that. After every game. 830 is the MBV it's a game 730 is the big money play the game you can win free rewards plate to pot a lot of meat. So stay tuned for that 735. Every day after a game. What applies. Last night. From the Milwaukee Brewers we've talked a lot about like. The good stuff okay from the last couple weeks this tweet coming in from Paul jock room. Can we send down Garcia Pena and Santana to the miners and bring up some new blood I'm tired of all these offers. This team could be real special. Those three guys have not lived up to expectations. Or even light. You know Mendoza line of expectations. The RC has been really cold. Kenya has had moments and his great behind the plate by hitting hasn't been there and then Domingo. Seems a loss is power also now losing consistent point yeah well. You know going into the season the mingle seemed a losses spot on the team. Here's a guy who put up some big numbers last year in and also though that he's taken. Geez you don't make it always trade and third they're picking up two up fielder's. Where my gonna. Arming only NNS power and average numbers never really. And gotten gone he never really lost a starting job starting the season but now he's getting sporadic playing time he was in their last night. But yet those three guys. Have to be better. They do off Garcia. Horrible plate discipline doesn't walk enough swings at bad pitches. VR. He's had a solid season I think offensively. Though didn't last night the played the split wasn't very good guy at third base less than one obviously the first pitch Capps back to the ground. Nowadays don't throw your arms up that. And then Nam. You know domain don't just days a shell of what he was last year in in many ways power. Offense. Many things. Well BR you know he had the the little gas from the field the other night that he has been producing. With the bat though but to Paul's tweet regarding Garcia Pena and Santana. I don't know what the problem is in the last week they've been batting 333. All I'm sorry that's a combined batting average of Garcia Pena and Santana not in the last week. There are combined 333 batting average Santana is one for twelve. Pena's one for twelve. RC is three of eighteen. They have not been getting it done. And play and. The combined efforts as what. 333. This is make your sense that the real well our bet 333 to meet Ole. 33 isn't. While you sit there have come by bedding or just 333 which we pretty good. If the three of them are betting 333. Yeah I added a mop. I added all all three all and all ate the ball well and plug zigzag and our president. Now to hide behind all of you combined all lets its own alliance is a great they're great that's a little slight hands. Well of combined to probably be about those numbers Bobby won't 33 yet bill it's good it's terrible. Combined you wanna go truly combined they have right it's. And that's how Ortiz who played at all your houses that's what counts are there they're hitting 190 that's the that's the number of Saddam buying their that was it that's the robbery apparently taken that that. Terrible com. Yes surprisingly. They have vols three guys get their story first place I mean there's a lot of things you look at this team you view that you say men. Holiday of first place with the numbers that data off. Pulls three meals you got three Hillary players to reverberate Gregory spirit players were not. Having great years or Goodyear's RC is specially Garcia I thought Garcia this was going to be a breakthrough year for him. And it just hasn't he just if they tried give him a little wake up call by some renowned for play for a week. And he came back here and he had that game winning base hit but you know really hasn't been all that good the last thing I. Still we got a AAA if the brewers had to draw a mean if if the things went the way they want him because he got sent down. To work on his discipline and work at the plate but then salad Dino got hurt now and if you send these guys down or view move on from them or whatever the case may be with each guy. In the case Manny Kenya yet aircraft aircraft in the last week you know he's sitting. 365 ya it. Viewed him yesterday for the on -- show a hot seed you very nice guy very very nice guy at all don't talk catcher he's grown a bit of a mustache heavily yeah com. Yet he is there I enjoyed him I do enjoy talking to him very very nice and you know just talking about how he got acclimated there he's Basra solely for teams and now know he's he's come here and he stepped right in and produced right away at your catcher it you know it's harder to get acclimated to her is Natalie you got to learn the names of the guys a year whip. You gotta learn like how they pitch and what they like and that's not called their that's what we talked about this is known some that you lose you learn in spring training week in new. Pictures so he's kind of had alerts on the stuff on the fly but again the guys of veteran he he's he was a thirty year old rookie eight years ago. A bomb but he's he's been well traveled as a pretty good story there and the I mean the Dorsey might be for these guys. Off the scrap heap in the comment in the produce right away. Now Soledad last year salad Dino for almost votes this year they pick them up and they can they they contribute right away what these guys. It's now crabs is giving you had at the plate where Manny is probably just better defensively especially gunning down. Runners Garcia yeah you can bring up Brad Miller you can go Acela Dino he's healthy. But RCA and you lose a lot defensively when you don't happen there so that's Canada. The decision that the brewers have had to Maine do you go to the offense to you go with the defense. Right now I mean I don't see Garcia being sent down again any time soon. I don't think if you if Brad Miller comes back on them idea that this expensive so guard. A Santana. In oh. He does have an option to be weird to see and send down but you're Kia Broxton still wasting away in trouble me. And then with Kenya you know he's just got to figure out the plays they got three guys that. They've got I mean would they need to they need to bat he hit well and that's and that's going to be on them. Mom better dancer Pena I mean if he wasn't rock solid and a plus defender behind the plate. And so good pitchers he wouldn't be in their bye he's so you know we still the regular catcher. And that's gonna stay that way he pitted of course they love in me a career last year he's another guy though Kenya. Late blossom player. He was again picked them up and he did start you know believe that was there K rod trade to Detroit late twenties throw win. Early thirties and and the furious but he struggled this year. Palm but. Are still first place like Dallas won't they be of those three guys are playing well. You know 7991250. 4147991250. Our friend Johnny in Franklin John you're their last night did you run into the same problem with chuck cubs fans everywhere. I would do it. It would job caught it ought what no what I don't elect on their game and might actually it would. It. Off but I was yeah. Mr. Paterson and at bat and it was quiet and called call that I that I know I can't. How all. Auto all crap after. Don't ever try it ought however are. Great lap I com. I like it ought. And I I was. And got caught up for sure he'll come under water now I'd call him actually being. Not well okay in my mind pockets probably ought. But not. Terrible. Terrible. I felt like I can hit a batter up and then all who want school. And I don't understand I don't approach. Corey flat. Pay it all. On a while now patient there. And call back off. Call out hot and track at all. I. Don't that I thought aren't. Sure. Other Charity Challenge. Or create an important. That I got up. When I mentioned the guys were you lose on defense. Not with Santana his defense. Has not been any thing. Are remarkable so he does have to produce more at play he may try to be color Enzo came like with his numbers offensively but. And you'll never reached that plateau that level. I'm on on defense chuck like 07991250. Between our CS Santana pinata. Who hire you at any your rope with which which one of these guys been the most disappointing here. In the year of Tony eighteen we'll take more of your calls 7991250. And you can tweet is that 1057. FM the fan. Also coming up by others day Sunday Father's Day. 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You know these seeds is going to be playing and he's gonna have to you know he's gonna try to produce was up here and that the situation was we had a there was a player in Tyler that'd. We brought aboard and was playing really well so is it. It kind of gave us a little leeway to do something like that you know enough and now but notes with the injury it's it's on Nolan and we'll do that job in the. He has and that's Craig Counsell a couple of Wednesdays ago after Orlando RC a ten game winning hit against the cardinals. They need him to produce brewers need many Pena to to produce they need Domingo Santana to produce. All three have been scuffling as of late which of the three. Have been the most disappointing 7991250. Let's get out to Brian. On the south side who dials the sub Brian good morning what's I'm Brian. When did you guys. Are great topic I was just thinking about. We lose a Monday that Domingo. And there's a lot and I'm guilty to the way I do want to that the brewers. Betrayed him. Are probably within you have been producing. And when we were able which they don't. No you know Kelly pulled back a bit. One of the brewers achievable but now we're like a little we know we can't to anything world. But you know that I've bought RCA. And as bad an average. Last year. I Cubans here that you are about what the whole group was when he took cheer when it's extreme. That you will be we go self identity have wondered if you could secure a liquor another season Youkilis fielded this year than. Or we you know it played we've pretty good so logical one here. But that does not work and also. Well I think what with RC of people were you know he had a nice year last year. Struck out a little bit too much but you have a nice year and I think nationally with a young players twenty years old you think he worries that next up could be. But he's regressed he's bet 199. So I don't think people were ready to say he's going to be MVP candidate but. These thought I think we all did that he would be taking that next step in this game this season he's just he's a talented guy yeah vary but for whatever reason. Look at the numbers 171 at bats. He's got 199 that's terrible. When when he was gone for those four days there were plays there are ball that went up the middle and there was a play between present salad Dino where they dance. Communicate. British Garcia would have made that play he gives you plays. And elevates you defensively. Like few guys do but you also. You can only go along with that for so long like Billy Hamilton is a guy with Cincinnati they keep because he's fast but he's. And he's really good on defense but he he's good on the basis but he's not gonna like getting on sometimes so you can you can take the positive from a guy. Which you also can't negative B to date and whether CO right now that's been the case. Yet they are going to Brad Miller they think Garcia has dried out there I don't make that trade for Miller. On NN and stick him Donna minor leagues if RC is having a solid season. So instead of having Garcia. Measure blocked down starting shortstop every game. You don't know you know it was going to be a shortstop everyday because. You know he just hasn't played her well I mean it depends a little tired today a look at you know we ounces and did you base at last night he met a three Anderson general base of little flare to left field. But Garcia has some. He's he's got to be better than us. No it should be today's suburbs wife. On she was the MVP of the wives gamer heard you have brewers won twice yesterday now they won the doubleheader. The why he's finalized part of the lineup all she's the plane baseball out. Got pregnant you could move again to stay all the time not a hot why that's I don't what's it like being pregnant I don't know. But you know women who are very that they go out the Puyallup their image golf than they do a lot of different things. You know they're not out there I could now that so we had to fight with I was pregnant at all. I just blame the women. Are so much tougher of yards alive believe women are so much tougher even sitting to standing and let me think about as the slow pay in I'll say this too. What comes a sports. Women are sold more mentally tough than guys liberty they are. Women and an off the field they go through hell lot more than we we guys so no women. Much more mentally tough and guys it guys are trash. Well I'm puts its work the weaker sex yet but I'll when accompanied childbirth men. Getting needle stuck in your packet. That's not fun. I got you yeah I have a bad night on the toilet who hunts to do that these women are pushing union out of them well you don't need to get right back up and go to work the next early which they're dealing with a lot of paid time off. They're dealing alignment they do as it is tough out there maybe fizzled there's a lot on. On all alone in Lhasa on a single women out there too there's a lot of pressure on them so. You know with a single mothers work trying to you know keep the keep the plates been an at home so. Via a modern moms out there you know moms and women do it's it's not easy and will ask Craig a shot about this is they have now there's this but there's mental toughness so they're totally tells the brewers staff fracas on fox sports Wisconsin. You'll join us next check point learned.