7am - Would you include Corbin Burnes in a trade for Manny Machado? Packers supplemental draft

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, July 11th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed if they would give up Corbin Burnes for Manny Machado. Plus, they took a look at the NFL Supplemental Draft and talked about if the Packers should do anything with it.

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No chugging. Heard this should only just zones. Matter. Must leave the three Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence the guys just one. We now live from the Bryant in striking college athletics studios it's shrunken. Clear all the. This is her. Major League strikeout. Is this side. Carbon burns not only with his first big league appearance but his first big league save the brewers went eight for last night and morning check and went clerk. I'm borrowing through that is chuck Freeman. Round ball fly ball strike out ground out ground out fly out six six down the first player to get us saved in their Major League debut since. Fuji ally did it for the cubs and Tony thirteen first brewer to doing since a Dave will point. In 1980. Who I know little about now trade piece he was one their top prospects in their farm system first print them off and you know your. And believe dose part of treated since extol the sky no we've heard before and yes and six though Sanchez have you heard of him no minor leaguer I think in the Phillies it's okay now another six dough all right six analyst John only won one every generation. Six Moscow have won a great arms and brewer history right field many gun anybody doubt. And six those of a good dude man and I was sorry to see him go. And though the burst traded him and me they got Ted Simmons and Yabuki visually fingers and helped pushed it into the World Series in 1982. Brewers made that trade in of winter ED. But the early summer ready to govern the World Series. We are talking rookie pitching they made it big trade before the trade deadline. To get Doug Don Sutton. And they got him from the Astros for three prospects. And that was huge at the time because. The Sutton helped put them over the top slowly got pitching unity to the supplement their great offense. Will. Don Sutton or inside 82 brewers are just understand what when when you've. Picabo great stories at this journey to go vote for Hayes is a few more with the brewers know when they know I mean this here's the similarities are when they. When they got their big piece Don Sutton in 82. That gave them. Another chip to win in the division title and help them in the policies consul was great he was here. All the birds have a decision to make got a lot of decisions to make the trade markets are very fluid. Very volatile and the brewers showcase. Or. Found they have somebody that can help them and Tony eighteen now's Korver burns going to be used in Tony eighteen. If so what role and could that be actually for another team would you trade carbon burns and a package for Manny Machado four on 47991250. On a good answers on our Twitter account are read some of those. The let's get the pulse of the fan here it's at some voices. Sarah Jacob on the south side so would you trade Corbin burns and a package for many much out of that's. Reportedly who the Orioles want the brewers. And then reportedly countered. Brad Phillips and Luis Ortiz but Corbin burns right now seems to be who the your heels are looking at you would get a rental short stout. A pitcher that these young controllable something that you know Davis or is numbers like very much 7991250. And then any other trade conversations you wanna have with us. That's why we're here Jacobs on the south side good morning Jacob what's up. Guys I feel like I'm taking crazy pills like Will Ferrell and Lander here. I mean it did the idea of giving up a guy like burned for McConnell was silly to me now they've actually seen him pitch. It's it's not even on the table like if the Orioles even start the paperwork Corbett and all of them right away. One of the time I'll be there in Corbin from the WW the all out what he's excited about called Woodson but at least it. Sorry I have learned network router darn much yeah powdered or in our record orders are now. But I mean you look at a guy like burned and I think about like teams that have been a corner side like the cardinals and won the complaint that we hear from work and you know whats with these guys every time they get an injury they call their next big picture they'll attempt another picture in line and triple A that's ready to come in and Dominique. So the brewers finally get some pitching depth in their system. And now we wanna trade you're talking about six years of control of course rumored six years. First sixty games are Manning the capital. Now I've heard Byrd and they like while the hope that the two years that we make big acquisitions we got a playoff sweep the the deceased here than you would try to break that Greinke will get what those guys where hitters. That's what plays in the play out itchy. A guy like my title as great as he is at the plate is not a good fielder at third base now you're talking about Internet shortstop or you to abysmal. You weakening yourself in the field or maybe being neutral at best. And you're talking against sixty years of control for a guy who could maybe you're number two guy in the rotation now the brewers still do need an eight. If you're talking about a guy Alexander guards being available. I eagle test in your idol package based around him and I try to just load up on pitching would include burns in there. I'd I'd rather not if it is at all possible just because. I have visions in my head of a rotation epidemic Alex in the garden had him under control for four years. I have a vision of a rotation of kindergarten earned. Nelson parole you know to load up on eighteen that's what we play out not it's a no hitter is great. But the board they don't need often in my eyes right now. All god what have you. Have you seen the way to score a last night to put runs on the board but Vince scored runs that a problem these guys this year. Well you know you look at yet and lower third down in the line of that and a problem that. I think most teams aren't gonna be it'll all are one through eight malign there you go to meet. Load up on its unity against sixty years for sixty gain no weight not a shot egg that night I was. They met Jacob he gave got a Major League reference any got the W divvy raffle Lutheran so good Jeff won the east settlement child says he thinks Mattel's bloom of a defense threes are very good the defense. If shortstop. We are seeing there they drop off defensively a lot with salad you know or Miller shortstop. I even seem a channel playing on defense but I was I assume it's like Saladin yeah I mean it's not a great without Garcia I mean that's like minority he can play shortstop. Our air temper as he's not like. He makes a bunch airs all time sports boys playing like. Fifteen different positions he goes out of play shortstop but every now and then you're gonna have an air you know maybe that's the same a match out of on the channels bat. I had two home runs again went out and I think it's Maria now arm I feel all. When I William Obama playoffs he could bring in our CN 89 inning when our own Tom last night you know there was a legacy to us. Odds I kittles and yes well all things all can guess the guy because of me says chuck. Just want question one of the brewers gonna want to get some pitching. And I go pitching UCL a man their pitching they need help that you guys I'm like going back here for a talk this guy almighty yes is being bombed them. And I'd say it won't pitching pitching is really do in the store for these guys that they're winning games is a start pitching is literally good. I think there's a theory out of the people feel. As enigma out there that people feel that the two were pitching isn't very good at the earliest pretty. It's exceeded expectation yes but it's been reared its been real good now do they have any guys who were gonna blow you off the map. Now. But their pitching is not been a weakness while I still if you ask me I can have one or the other I'm still gonna take. A pitcher now if you get down to a seven game series it you can get. A guy who's going to be it's a lockdown ace for games one. Four and seven than a ball it that's where I'm looking Jeffs and heartland 7991250. Jeff hi event with stuff. I would be reluctant to trade burns. Or rental. You know much and a cute with the fact that they offensively they're challenged. They definitely need in my opinion he's up there they're light up. You know you but what I would like yeah I dream would be. It again matter at a rental player but if they could add. A second base or whether that's in net early air elect into city. And ideally I'd quiet this would BJP Rio models from I am now I know they're I think they're trying to build around him what I read. That our little PR on their case and try to build value. But you know those big guy I mean whether it's in better airfields or vertical well. Sellout you maybe a you know cast in error and that develop a little bit foreign fighters. I think it net at two or three years let me hear you create an extra member. But nonetheless I like to see them at offensively if that are going to get I would they have Ortiz. They get stolen book in her outwit their. And oh look I keep I keep if you look at. You know I don't think anybody really wants Woodruff or Welker singles guys would be like throwing guys but. Teams want top prospects and neither one ovals guys really blowing off the map. All whoever fans going to cherry Jeff thanks as dollars all you Broxton T god Domingo and go L odds Billups a drought Welker says luckily Phillips and I doubt we've seen. That have been. Mike now but then like Freddie Peralta we're ready for all the came up here and pitched very well and have been five starts and forward like great supplement the tours and selling tour did and one was not so is okay right I don't think they're gonna trade scooter is a free agent in 220 I don't think they're gonna tree got here were talking about acute you have control over scooter for the next capable that's he there. So the teams urges that what's that the residents foolish to not to treat him. Bomb. You know here's things what to third the reds too they start doing some of these guys that's it weakens Castro this week at them. Now they are true there definitely sellers if I was doing Cincinnati sports stock I look at my 41 and 51 or ads then you say girl and I. Say we gotta that we should be acquiring. Them now cause I knew we could get one picture here in Cincinnati and we've got the offense at the brewers well falter they always do the cubs aren't as good as we believe this that cardinal is not here they're not think this vision is. Tires or I'm in a printed T shirts while rats and Al central that all right guys who might be children. And seen I'd be killing you go back and forth who beat your wife spending good leads Wal-Mart and we. Who can be funny and should nasty boys are this. The boys. Beagle in the parking lot fighting it out calling each other names all the bad. Thank god that hope would ever get that situation. Then we'd say coming up at 730 we're gonna talk about the Cincinnati Bengals in the supplemental NFL draft that is today and the like falsely put. I would fall asleep. You don't shoot it tricky it is starting and a couple of weeks back in I'm not ready and not at all I want to be football I wanna wake up. And rake the leaves and then watch a football game. But I don't want training camp I wanna stick I am with you now let's get to. Let's get to the liberty weekend with the the council on that Saturday on and I great and then the following week is the NFL but training camp. Where include roll with the brewers here man down I don't give. Our nation's farms where animals bureau purely a force for linebackers gonna do this point. I mean I do care I don't care and I'm not ready to care dumped a mall mall all know brewers in this tolerance all the murderers. 4047991252. Good innings in court and burns last night six of six numbers went eight for does that take him is he off the table for you. In any sort of trade talks read some more answers and now you guys can chime in 7991250. Plots aids and asked chuck it way cooler anything Wednesday so if you do not have the opportunity. Are running to chuck Freeman at a gas station and ask him a question you can ask him a question right now. Will answer your questions at 845. Tweet us now on all 57 FM the fan fantastic ask CW. If you'd rather wait and next thing you seem at the pump often you pump gas every three days ago long drive I'd say retrieve Ford and yet you right now you know. Particularly the Friday. Well Friday you and our golf and EO we are dolphin. We're gonna be on the murder club give it a little test run before we have our owning and it's going to be a match semi against Umar you would told. In Hillary can't match and Friday also that. Also Obama commercials that will be one of two competitions we take part in on Friday chuckle likely jeopardy on Friday yeah. I paid 8 o'clock whose dollar. Who's dumber it's boards darn sports junkie like literally a 57 FM the fan more from you guys coming up Corbin burns is be even taken off the table. After two innings of work. Chuck what are on the fast. Brewers coverage. This is chuck and white color so got business done on the field this segment has brought Tia Mike Granville improvement district grand bill. Feel the energy in the power Granville business dot ORG. John you like the early iron serve. Death by Perkins restaurant and bakery to get business done last night that would be Corbin burned spurs win 84. Corbin burns his first big league appearance. You get to save comes in the eighth inning three up three down stays in for the 93. Up three down and it has a strikeout in the process is. On a loud and Corbin burns now is our lot of birth fans' minds especially. Here at trade deadline time which is about three weeks away and with the report that the Orioles. Could be interest and came Corbin burns. For many much shot L at least a lot of questions because Machado you'd be getting really the centerpiece of his trademark and I thank. But he's a rental he is a guy who is at the end of his contract. Three months laughed. He's gonna get paid next year and saw some people might think and it's a fair question has spoken the brewers negotiate. To keep them there's a shot yup well yeah he's going to be August 30 million dollars a year yankees or cubs hotels are already named Yu Darvish all this money by Dodgers throw them end up. You know what's going to be s.'s how baseball is going to be a big market team the same thing with CC sabathia. He was a rental and then he went to the big market team with a big market contract. This would be the similar away. For the brewers to acquire that kind of talent but it would be a rental and if you gave up Corbin burns in that deal or any other you'd be giving away a pitcher that. Controllable for many years to come who's got four pitches projects to be a starter will be used in this relief for all this year it's seems. And as a vow last night seemed like he could be a valuable piece in a playoff run so is he off the table to you in any sort of trade tough. Now I mean you know me. A pharma gets civic yards from the Mets I definitely living I'm good with including him Bob burns. You know this week you're gonna remind we didn't get the depth. Oh I might it was an area between either forgot that I'd be honored Syrian authorities here is it this is dead when the news cable from Ken Rosenthal. That the brewers were unable of the didn't wanna include core burns and trade package. A solar put out there chuck Freeman had said Freeman and Ortiz. Phillips. And burns. And throwing Santana. And I'm all in for our shadow ahead flyer yeah. Still that way while I'm fatigued just because he threw out with six of six down last night. I still an animal he would deal him for the China. Ortiz Phyllis birds and Santana tried it shadow or do you now have the government shuttle what is happening to me. Why. I'm calling guy I am mr. Raleigh now I have more tournament attended this year and I think give you any other day I disqualified here I said you can trade on the but it's got to be fur controllable ace to take more hero that day. I might save the same thing about. That you want to trade him. Not for much out else. Both ball died. Why only wanna forty or one guy and the Steve I don't want a prospect or I don't why do we wanna I wanna worlds here what do we want an all star shortstop I would take a World Series appearances here I knew we were gonna be trash for the next five. I wanted so bad and I want it so bad. I'm not an unusual instruments. Oh she's. None of course I do it I Iraq through and those pieces do. I'm one in and put make at shortstop now Mike by big deal here is keeping made that move it to their doors arkan include burns. As were running out here it seems like I'll work child line. Well what what I stick him fifth EAG can't put any award for a. You know what one of the things out we'll talk about that and I'm how would you ship downloadable wrong chuck I just really wanna make sure I'm not a wishy washy. Radio host yeah I have to make a decision. I'll trade carbon burns from China. So now you want to on trying to I'm trying to finalize the decision OK so I I ten I talk a witch about various things. I had yesterday definitely went out because I never saw so assault is a what reality here but just two innings I see you know. As usual that you say Donna yes I public the first pitch and he when he nearly threw the backstop Reese bill. I mean that was a little jitters kittens and servicemen here but here is at great. I gored compare sandwich or help everybody out. Tenure single. Hey I got this I got this friend man she would be great for you now I. Cannot she be greatly she's beautiful out I had done. You meter for two hours you're in love me more about that Fred after he sari like air now. Before she hit an OK nice cedar. Now you want us here again but don't you gotta downfield and score keeper but a bit after two hours old Gotti the door a little bit more you're you're all in right. Because there's going to be here is obvious the reason why she's single. He's good look at she singled. She's got the flaws are all in this she's there showing a little bit orders now she's probably a little bitchy on the side he's not pitch outside France she's got a little attitude problem you know that attitude all what what can girl doesn't have an attitude she's very humble they all do. She now see a whole show you go look at girl that's humble. And I surely some mile ocean front property. She was one of those girls Michigan that was taller for her age and was kind of like a freak and boy did like current third grade up. And then as they everybody got older then I'd like she was normal high eight and her looks that they improve their managers are sees total mall because you are operating Assad. Yeah he's beautiful and the attitude improved. I'm worsened and that attitude has never Beckett he's got great parents and I was raised in a great fan slow a solid as a matter of museums and older sister who was beautiful. And then. She did you try to used just her looks but now she's got a very bad job because her life when all the tracks as she knows. What it's like to just relying your beauty says she's also. Odd doctor. Now that she won't doctor yet she saves lives rather than animators you ought to Mario. That that that part of wrecked him. Roebuck in money money attitude what was the why is she single 'cause he's only Tony for. Well and she put her job first okay now that she's finished school now she's ready date time that is that sort of famine that girl's nor respond in a world. Maybe MTV. Not speak of dating. A watch super game last night. And come the seventh inning and Zeus is up. And I accidentally. Switched to another channel. And I almost in turn back into the brewery and because I turn to another channel. And what that I spot on TV the love connection. I was like. All it Andy Cohen that guy was balls like what do they bring this show back he runs Bravo what evident chart we were. About love connection we talked about chuck wolf his love connection. They brought back last summer and I watched it like I like the volume it's different now yeah. Community videos of themselves and all that and I gotta admit I was drawn BMI like the old connection better but it was drawn me in house like. I can't watch it Mauricio have you back the zoo's speaking of Randy Cohen and it's really into the show called southern charm today. My wife's been catching up on its on Bravo. It's really get if anybody watches southern charm you have a friend in me please tweet me. Well southern charm if you're white if you were an unwelcome issue hasn't suited for us is us 79 until fifth high tech is Korver burns. On or off the table set those guys I do notice though the girl and they're a little more attitude than that. Girls did thirty years ago when laughter actually chuck ward Jesse's in Jackson Jesse 799 pro fifty all the audio. It then. I am not treating. Our two prospects or that guy ever not that they have any control of I mean I understand we want to win. But we're Whitney right now we have the fifth best record and they are we shouldn't be worried about a bat I mean we're scoring runs. We needed we needed I'd go past six. It'll bite sixth inning and the last thing chuck wanted to Italian. My daughter's twenty or your soul working on her bachelor's degree not cheap single no kids. Or nothing to eat our kids now like. All right Jesse he do you OK now your parent like we all are. And you know we we can look at through that rose colored glasses is snow. No bad attitude as well as to ask Davis got the extra. It's a building an attitude. And she can be very daring attitude but I can tell you there and seek to. Today as they touted battery name my wife HMO eight I meet me at camp once once they get chair all are in trouble and. Seeing this NASA has been adjusted just right. Yeah out so they are have adequate but it's out there you just have to learn how to get pretend you're let it. Yeah but. Dubbed the we've got some single guys here at the fan I know Billy Smith looking for love now. You remember my daughter Sierra chain where. No there when you work there like two or three years that you are there in virtually hazard map. Street insert an hour stationed there. Know all our own promotions that promotions run on our station. Note you can ask. When you talk to rewrite apps moved out here that's my daughter to. I see comments are not of you don't always see in the afternoons. You are then we went let them go I will we would've though because I've I've. China daily out and as you don't remember this guy's daughter. No I think it's. Well I think was the for department. May well maybe maybe cheaper just to mark work truck. Now she probably isn't promotions and turn our let's ask wreck wreck Altria all Null would you trade carbon archive. I should or you got any doubters. No I. Don't I don't need or problem. Okay I'll do but we all you wrecked. Or alternate 6454. Recent. Or 064 ads right Jules for Jesse's daughter won't. I don't feel. Your prime maids there. And thought here all. Hello hi hey you originally got an attitude. Into Clinton until I had good rhetoric. I want that it don't think America the other side emperor and the outlet. Arab. It could charge they'd come up for portrait or liking it. Side is the go rhetoric same time and LA on the personally both cable and our embassy start Saturday. That day that doubleheader. Why exhibit then I check at a good point before you got the stretch amounting video entries in the bullpen why would you want to stardom on Saturday. It blew out that that's it seems like it works out yet an idea and pitched Tuesday. The settlers on Saturday and images of but he can't he's an ex couple days. Erect and easily to pitch a couple of weeks is not strips out Rick are you looking for a lover and you just given up. Avaya a trio field. I don't know I'm vessel or does like one bar realism of are. Even though feel I've driven through it poster pre. Hurt by hurricane actually territorial there are without their two of the day after. Well Daria I drove the news a news guys out there. Play it to check it out yeah check it out myself and now those people lies have been destroyed let's go take a peek nobody it's those problems. Much better. Amid new houses everywhere. Now oak field. Right next duets and it's part of ten minutes from Omar. General Michael Orr served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries where. You know maybe eagle meats and not people they're looking for love in. And Perkins there's going to be a lot of people that like good food at Perkins especially here in the summertime as you can savor your summer. At Perkins sweet unsavory choices on the menu like the pineapple upside down tanking platter the chipotle chicken skillet. The bacon have a cat I hash brown Benedict the hand better brighter buttermilk fried chicken so good available for lunch and breakfast and dinner. Now Perkins is also on board our golf outing again. This is coming up on Tuesday August 14. He can sign up at 1057 FM the fan dot com. I've been just on a player you gotta to summer for some we are taking people to sign up you replying alongside either meet chuck somebody else. They hear on the station whether it's one of us that were here one of the guests the TV anchors. I journalists all those kind of people former coaches sign a pad Baldwin's you WM all these kind of people. Are gonna be out paired up with at least you get at least one problem so it's a very cool outing there's breakfast lunch and dinner at the river club of Mac on a which we will be shootings in videos and now batting each other chuck burst Barton Cody scramble. Yeah well Friday Wallace us. The would you yet you guys who destroyed entire scramble as I did you begin June indicated match yet that's a good way to put it to two on one hand you can't match like no hole he used to do back to his early days. I'm Regina is to do that trust three guys. While you got two of us Cody and myself against units on Friday. And you know what else we could do on Friday go to Perkins because of writing well I'm in if you wanted that to struggle like we are served up by Perkin or combo Brill. It's and we will talk a little supplemental draft. What does that even mean we'll explain. They could they could take a guy for the first time in forty years. I can't wait. Can't wait to finally that is. Our right that's coming up chuck and we are on the fat and there are. Just wait blurs served up by burger restaurants and bakeries I'm borrowing her dad did so well Jeff Freeman. Surprisingly here today because. Check always takes off when there's a draft. I coincidence if we're talking but the draft we just like talk about soccer. Lauderdale that's open that's ultimately a new draft. I'm humbly reluctant to talk a water and how what about the supplemental draft Omaha. Executive TV. Overall I don't think sells the supplemental draft is very weird first involved there's five of its five players and yesterday. But the Packers could take advantage avid you know what this I three cornerbacks if they would this fight players. Involved there's as only five people Americo care. With those type players. Supplemental jab guys that weren't eligible for the draft. Sometimes. They don't get drafted. And an age when the supplemental jazz is. We're now well what do you do now is there's five guys there's three cornerbacks. There's a running back and linebacker in the Packers haven't taken someone in the supplemental juror arsons Mike Wahle. In 1998. WNEH. Only but that worked out. So at the subsequent to what happens is they go the first round pick the order they base it on your record. A previous years it's a little bit different order than the actual NFL's draft but your record determines your orders so they go to the first round they say. All right when the first round as anybody want. Adonis Alexander defensive back Virginia Tech. And they go through the order and everyone says no. Because if you if you take them in the first round of the supplemental draft you'd lose that pick in next year's realtor. See you lose your first trumpet you would lose your first round pick in severance has passed. Than they do second round. Is anybody wanna these five guys are pretty passes and and 23 round is Avery why I not Jacksonville who would you like it will take Sam Beale defensive back western Michigan. All right you're taking a with a third round pick so next year in the real draft you do not have a third round pick okay. And that's on the supplemental draft for and it's something that doesn't seem to fare. The illusion mixture between two as the picnic here does though he's gonna pick anybody the first or second round. Well Josh Gordon was the second round pick in the supplemental draft and point twelve. He had issues still he's told that's the Texans took Tony Hollings. Running back at Georgia Tech in the second round in 2003. Now. The Packers that Mike Wahle and 2003. On the air 1998 in the second round 1520 years ago. And Wallace suspended for his senior season by the NCAA because he tested positive for steroids. So some of you that that's who's in this you're now. Alt test Dave brown was the first round selection for the giants added duke quarterback. In 92. He's a book called Favre ever go on here. Rob Moore. Wide receiver jets was their first round pick in ninety. Brian why doesn't work. Yeah first round pick boy the Bosnia and he kind of leak those are the boss Kenny came and went quickly. Ernie coach there was a first round pick of the supplemental draft. Colas are skater on for ever the camera DM when the Packers are playing at the rivalry Dallas back in the nineties when we could ever be Dallas. Course there was like a packer quarterback for he and for a few years. Chet a mud Brooks. A mod drugs for the Packers last year and it still might again. Linebacker what would you would 20063. Round angles because he was dismissed from his college team and the guys that are in the supplemental draft something happened typically college. Where they can be an address. But you start academically. Eligible. Suspended because of benefits that was Terrelle Pryor. Leading college because of academics. Dismissed from his college team steroids like Mike Wahle. So that's today I do not believe it's on TV I don't know how they actually do this thing but the Packers could have interest for the first time in Tony years because there are three quarterbacks. On the board if they wanted to ransom plot. A very edit their secondary is enhanced. Good enough for now they got enough guys back there. And I think the F some good guys back there are two of. You know we've got to forget about Kevin King. As he flew under the radar didn't play much last year as much we wanted to Seoul amid got him coming back to. Eckerd located secondary maybe not next year but going forward or some of these guys get some experience. I'm really I'm Kevin King and I I and that entire 4017. Draft class Adams BEL. Jones. I think you see a big impact. Yeah that I despite a CK at Peking is going do what he's gonna you know he's got the have a big training camp and get himself on the field and you might have a chance third starter spot. So that's your grand old daily. Are shall we say green mill monthly are critical monthly next time we'll talk Packers is our artist eleven. Well a month tree trees with tree we talk Packers yesterday because. The night before. Their opener of their home opener there haven't the Steve Miller Band we did that's two straight days of that awesome ever talked yesterday. It is shaping up to that record they're building something at multi world I just I don't quite know what they're building their third there's a new facility going out there. Right by the bar and I. I'm trying to figure out what they're building there. By the bar in the parking lot. The bargains across street from Lambeau Field work more free world is the vice re a skating rink is that there's there's something going up there. All yeah OK I don't know what that yeah I don't know the bar hinterlands yet right here. There's something else went up there and we drove by a few times and now haven't haven't checked it out you know I still and been up there since. Murphy Oil that was built. Okay and I am going to pass on the opportunity to go up in two weeks from today. It's the shareholders may you're not going now all you always kill. Well you tell me yours and consecutive year olds are you went there you go that one year and I snuck in and you were mad access Nokia vision at a donor. Well you're not gonna go I'm an owner of the tickets at my house I kind of snuck in because if I left the door open in one of their. Ninety year old security guards there was look at and so I want earned him the shareholders' meetings that night yeah I'd like death. It's what took them so long to figure we should probably do is that night. This Cyril Armenians were really not exciting or it isn't bloody ten in my c'mon you are not tad now Brian good to currency climb out. And they go all right let's go through our annuals and it's a me it's a meeting now and then they dismiss you are you can leave and you can go to the pro shop where you can buy. Exclusive shareholders only merchandise you're the only time these well this is more win and I bought a teacher in don't they have like concessions and all have available. You can bide Geary and I products on the Murphy's got it a bit of Murphy's got it figured out and he is c.'s Booth so thirds boost shareholders' meeting. Old Gil always people here so we didn't have them spend some money. Alia. I'm on him start to climb or we are served up I'd Perkins. Restaurant bakeries more on the brewers Corbin burns two good innings last night. Is he a trade chip or not for you guys would you leave them out. Of any deal we're we're asking this question you guys are calling in four or 47991250. And also tweeting us. And some of you don't want to trade for any rental whatsoever. Which I a nine relief well I'm format I wanna I wanna worlds here you do. Where would you add that rental I mean at at the expense of food. I guess is a question mark commuters to some pieces Lewis there's some glaring areas. Huge upgrade it's a debate it's okay if you get somebody better at six of his other VR of course you'd like to do you have scooter Jeanette. A couple years don't you wouldn't do it but now wage and has claimed he put him ahead of you are few yeah. More from you guys coming up or it's in tweets they some phone call 7991250. Chuck and we cooler on the fact. It's different and I'm borrowing but this is the theme of my new favorite wrestler. Actually hated this guy. Bearing Corbett. Baird Corbin was the most bland wrestler that the WW had currently. Vinny shaved his head and became a constable. So he's like. Easy body bossy bullies Kurt angle basically on raw. But they call on the council Barry Corbin so Jerry last night on Twitter suggested that responsible. For Corbin burns nickname. And I don't know that's too hard to follow but I would like to start calling carbon burns the constable. Constable Corbin burns but he's but there's already Korver who with dad nickname. Air corps you know so be sure that nickname with the Russell. Yes a good. What he because he has to LTE is what but what does he do that Kurt angle. He says I would resign hired by Stephanie McMahon to keep you in line and that's every time Kurt tries to do something there carbon shows up any and a long hair and it was always wet like a wrestler and any shaved it. Any wears a suit when he wrestled he wrestles in like a secret prior to a new gimmick like and I used to hate zone giving his previous gimmick that work at it works anatomy in the constable whether any actually interesting so. I don't I don't know if you're gonna do with me but I'm going to stamina use Jerry's lead Imus are calling courtroom burns the top. I got to see this guy. They're gonna go to YouTube does to the super physics is a southern guy like because know these guys and in the WB. Arts are just water to me the bland there's an all star. Was the most bland bland doubt he was like an affliction T shirt turner wrestler is a funny though. Like. A breath circuit I have one character and you like god this is guys Terrell. And he comes back is different character like Iraq when he first was the rocky mania he was terrible no we liked fans booed him a hit them. And any became the Iraqi People love them. A stone cold Steve Austin didn't find his real gimmick is stunning Steve Austin and any key stone cold Steve Austin who became the most popular grosses of all time. I do is find the right gimmick and then they run but it. Court and it burns the constant possible UN. Yeah Wallace's right now what things that you looked some video of him are you saw they're like gimmick. Yeah I love the impulse experts pretty funny Johnson Franklin 7991250. We're talking about constable Corbin burns. And you sum for two innings last night does that take him off the table. John good morning what's up bud. Good morning guys John. Yeah you know that were so it was going to be up there so is that they're really pivotal point number crunch these decisions are gonna happen. Not only this year but so many years on and we're gonna look back at this point. And either we're gonna look back with what upon. I'll go to the Motorola. Are how bad it was. You know well if it is what are you gonna do whatever they get the opportunity workers sitting in nobody thought the haven't about Rutgers. And nationally. Is there anyone move goal of the brewers have ever may even. When they've made trees like this deadline moves that you really Scott line or somebody could say the three run over used against him because. That you know my ever ever do but the bulls never those guys early today off. What were those guys Joseph Thatcher did they go do anything done nobody really I think they're hearing but we will if you look at Beckel this trades John. Gene cigarette you wish they had Chris Davis you wish you had. Well Chris Davis whereas if your question at a Christian Ellis they've done very well might now Brantley was a throw a but I look at trading week Chris davis' at that the that this is the Mecca by mean I'm not him as a memoir thought he'd be but I think this is different because we've never really traded like a pitching prospects. Jake order reason may be the wealthy guy when they get Sutton was 82 litre between two pitchers to the top pitchers. Yes sabathia there was no pitchers involved there image and you are saying. Well I mean you know I am the Bergen about Nelson Cruz is till the end it is true name on a call. Every second or third night and create these numbers and yeah how you look packet you know how great ease and and a long time. I hit it that opposition but we're gonna have to go at it you're right I trust her and I'm willing. There's a part of me I want the whole I could be brought. But there's a part of it and understands. It's gonna happen B what do I have to beat they're gonna happen but these guys go and you don't want a lot of Google apple saw hope whatever. Whatever deal they make it that you make him feel much at all that make them Roland somebody yet some control over that the lead until the next couple years because we're going to be. And I think in the next couple years. But yet but it with a particular with the arms and you've been here at all. Well look at could be a big piece of the puzzle for the next few years well that's what makes this decision does Agha. Make corporate burns is a guy that teams are looking competitive teams are looking to a wider. Right now and you would be a competitive team and you'd be trading him away. And actually you're bringing them for the miners. Yeah and that is niner game and possibly pension you know some temporary and immediate meaningful games if you do all well. I'm pretty much but I'm willing to trust her and I'm gonna go look the programs are gonna get on national complain that it's good they're going to be and shut out. It's a lot that I don't feel it's going to be painful it's going to be painful. Well and yeah it happened you'll at all. I mean the alleged deal repainted that one at all when they did that mean the winner. When we give away. Yeah I feel when you initially yeah. Yeah now I love that. I know I'm initially you're like man here of those sprints and now. And it turned out now. General star who returned more on this you guys can chime in four on 47991254. On 47991250. Corbin burns. As you've been taken off the table for you and have nots. What role does the constable played. And Tony 1830. BS second sort of Josh cater. We'll talk about it would you guys next chuckling well qualified second half out.