8 am - First impressions from Packers' preseason

Tim Allen
Friday, August 10th
Chuck and Winkler 8 am Hour - The Packers came out on top, 31-17, in their preseason opener against the Titans. Tim & Tausch discuss what they liked and din't like about what they saw. Plus, insider Michael Cohen of The Athletic joins the conversation.  

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I sunshine here for a Friday addition of Tim and tells in the morning here on the fan we are served up by Perkins restaurants and bakeries. Live here in the Bryant and Stratton college athletics studios. Tim Allen baby tells bill Schmidt Anthony Mandela and you guys. At 4147991250. We're gonna break down that up packers' victory 3117. In just a little bit. Also. May be this. This cubs brewers thing as they battled on the stretch here. It got a little bit two soft. Seems like everybody wants to be everybody's friend so we're gonna talk to Danny park ends of the score in Chicago and maybe we can start a fire we'll see where his headset to being a cub fan assuming he's become they are pretty sure he's a large time. Border raise cub fans so we'll be able to get get mix that up a little talk in Malloy O'Neal's an old school when it comes to sports and that it does dropoff in the life itself but in just in terms of sports. I'd believe it has had an impact. On at least a game of baseball football. I don't know if it's that stood the test of time it's still going to be. A contact sport and I don't know if now that's that's more above a barbaric conversation although there are some x.s and thousands of nuances to it that you can get into as you know. Of the baseball's always been that conversation type thing. That has lost that has been lost look at reactive should look at the activities you have at these stadiums baseball stadiums. And this does go back to you know 67 these even eighties. The one activity you had at the stadium itself outside of observing baseball was what I think it was the speed the rate are gone. Was at the one thing I think that's one thing I can look back at just another activity at the ballpark. Was there any others I I don't recall any others. No I I think that would probably be the top one OK now. You've got. You know not only that you've got to batting cage you've got these other kids zone the if the kids on the jumpy bubble you can view Google's slide down slide a little amusement park of these places you go over hang out at at the new Burton Barr go up there get yourself a mix straight and you wanna have a cocktail now your talk somebody else it's over there and then see now that value to our dollars are not able that some activities -- gym. On the northwest side you're up here on Tim it's outs in the morning. Yep. For a far thank you for one little thing you do when you're only one on Asia opposes that you've given. 32 weather forecast. Arum I really appreciate that. Date eliminate rude in real dial over again. Certainly out leg of the people gave. I don't really care if you like me ball longer better. Our. Third point is that route through increased to I think that what the two. Ito. The terrible fires are creating that they should increase the route to buy in order to play here. To eliminate. You don't calling. Position player pitch. Jim's idea supplying more jobs for the community and that's good. Am down. Our. But it won't if they really aren't as being a game maker rule out the bear can only adjusted very well once Burnett's. A guy that would speeded up. Am down. I'm number one net they're going to be running at two and in a few years. Inevitably fall camp 1943. Is that. They're going to be more of this of these certain become more control. Sort of better and then you'll. Long played left field for one batter and you'll come back him right at the Asian eliminate to have want to pitcher leave them all he's done for days. Well I will meet you here is from each on that particular thing and we'll go back into this conversation but. Once you leave the mound to go play left field for a batter you shouldn't be allowed to warm up again that's it. A very good point okay I Jim hey thanks for listening on the power of going home one more in our. Conversational goal. I'm 4050 dollar for being altered. And then sit and watch under old bingo well yeah. Yeah you'd send it our all right thanks thanks. I'll so you line. Yeah because not only that I pay for this ticket to go to the baseball game. Which makes what ever want to do in my seat my right scenario all right that's my right. As a civilian and a citizen of this country. Do what I want dammit I paid money for the seat. But why would like to do it is because I want to supplement the ball game maybe a wanna hear it don't wanna hear what Brian Anderson's column the home run the zoos just yet. I wanna see your bill Schroeder freaking out over a miss strike called by the umpire. I wanna hear what. What the guys are talking about what Angel Hernandez behind the dish. Screwing every other call all day you can break it down there and also names show here on the fan then also wanna make sure that I'm getting all the updates from. The people that are liable in the Booth to versions that are up in the Booth waiting tweeting out in your phone them all the brewers have won Mannheim with one out in the third inning. To score they will need a base hit it looked in that 82 video clips of someone in Tuscaloosa. Just about yeah they did some funky and skate I'm watching some dude try to do and in my feelings challenge which you are gonna do by the way we're gonna we're gonna ever armed. I'm watching this guy. Dance outside of a moving car. And then tell his friend to drive over and then he gets smoked by the car. Great yes all well and good not at a sporting event Weiner because we're watching the game and we're gonna talk about the game so dams we're gonna talk about life. Now how how you don't and the school don't good. It's vigilance will have to wait wa. Wait what then wait why. That's what this is turned it's the weight what generation. Back all the millennial your column waiters we did the wait what's. Yeah it was. Honest to god knows if you have kids I can I swear to you that right now. Someone is saying right on right on because I hear wait why. From my children. Wait what but couldn't you com. Teach. Couldn't you bond. There's a bond there at a sporting event. I missed that amiss that part of it. No Jew. You don't know what it's like do you. We bonded we have fun we party in the parking lot. Appear in the party yeah we've cooked sausage and everyone was Benson Miller now here's the military you're one step further they also have a stereo and here to I didn't tell you that you like I can play every song that I like. Off off this thing that's ruining our generation as well so what the earbuds in you now. And we'll get any of the blue route all of Charlie and the ill man or turn that music got. It's crazy. How. I think at least baseball has adjusted. Launch angle the long ball and in the NBA is as always on the best face they just embraced it. They did they do a nice job of that and what we are talking about football. Talk about me taking the big hits out of the game. Stick and some guy across the middle. That is not playing into the social media generation. And would like to see that. In this for Jim. Jim sunshine today. It's like a highs gonna be around eighty partly cloudy skies tonight a little bit on the humid side overnight lows going to be around 68 and sunshine for your Saturday. Over the weekend 82. Like that that was beautiful. Indeed Michael phone abroad like it's oh yeah we're gonna talk backers football 3117. They get the win their first pre season game we'll talk to Michael Cohen our insider from the athletic next year on the fan. 8:23 good morning Timmons house in the morning. We are served up five Perkins restaurant bakeries live here in the Bryant and Stratton college athletics studios. The boys I don't know if they're back on Monday I think I'd read another out of town I don't know America back I guess we're going to be told some news. At ten when we get off the air. So during our performance and valuation. This millennial conversation might work out did you bring another shirt for that. For our performance review after the show no I gotta fill up my show exit form. You need to fill out your exit forms. Before you meet with this yet. So we'll see we'll do shift supervisor you're. Of course we'll see what happens if a coming up we will next hour talk with Danny park ends of the score in Chicago. Our sister station there and other cub brewer rivalry. It's going to intensify after the weekend here Tuesday and Wednesday how big how big are those games. You have the Packers and and the bears rivalry week one that's a Sunday night affair house to be risky go we'll check in when Danny park and on that. Among other things. Michael Cohen should be joining us shortly year. He had the game last night at no brewer game two. You know compete with that so we got to block your attention span focus a little bit on that no Aaron Rodgers yeah however you did have Dovonte Adams Jamal Williams. Mean it's you two key elements in their soul. I wanted to see and I am all for Aaron Rodgers and a lot of quarterbacks at least get the series in the first game. Gary Keller send almost. Fell off his chair. When I was in here was that a week and a half ago post game show ended Gary came back we did last hour the picture via arm. Most thought I'd tell out of his chair when I said do coliseum Rogers for like twenty balls pre season. That's for. Quarterback of the ball. Frankly that's why it is I just wanted to see him loosen up wanted to seemed alive wraps yeah com. And I was with the I wanted to see and at least for a series last night and your plan from the home crowd people come out they pay good money. I mean finally the Packers discount those those are pre season tickets I know some people are their regular or regular season games went up. It's like 120 and the pre season got back down let's face value of seventy bucks that's the right thing to do not gonna see any starters but he's. People paying good money to come in there and see the green and gold. You put the shoulder pads on what does it hurt yeah I'll I don't believe that it's there. I understand what you say but I don't believe that that would be the impetus behind why they would do from their respective and they don't oh yeah anything no they don't even at all and it did what they do honor what they do ol' U is full on effort to win a Super Bowl isn't right. That being said if you think that air Rodgers is going to rely on just. Dovonte Adams Randall Cobb and Jimmy Graham your mistake. There's going to be more. Receivers catching footballs from Aaron Rodgers that being said why would you put him in there. Put him in their first series. Case in point Andrew Luck. Played in the first pre season game yesterday Cam Newton played Ryan tanning hill played Russell Wilson played Jimmy drop below play. Lot of big time quarterbacks. That did play and they did not fear of the injury now. They were there we're going there to make sure now obviously. Andrew Luck needs to get in their right hasn't played in over 500 some days. Iran is also coming up pretty serious injury. Is is there somebody Sanford forget and in there was it was some shoulder pads on you're hitting another team. You've been you've been busted NO GA is in many camps and training camp plays last year to finish up the C is not like he'd leave his season was like OK but he did not look good. He didn't look good Carolina. Arm strength wasn't there. The fearful fact the fear of injury is is bugging me a little bit in. Then that may be an old school thing like our last conversation. Sure it might be you play football you'd be developed chemistry you learn things you you learn. It could you know the communication from the sideline. In on a play their communication between receivers and they gel and chemistry of those that all could win your super ball. Now if you're not say if if you're okay with Aaron Rodgers now plane last night and when does he play out. Now this is where it would come and does last night I was cool with him not play and after I saw 69 on the sidelines and shorts. I saw 65 Blaine Taylor. And now the ball cap on he wasn't planned blog wasn't playing the only real starter. Then you add in there was Portland's. I'm cool with you not plan if your regular guys party you are playing right if if you're going in their way with dudes that are regulars. That I'm not about to rescue didn't injured but I do wanna see you next week for at least. At least put up the pats so if you say than that Aaron Rodgers. Is more important to the Packers. Then would be Cam Newton to the Panthers. I don't know fike and agreed that. It's relative to the team hasn't not sure. I'm not saying that Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are better quarterbacks. And Rodgers just in relation to their team. They're just as important they are yet they're playing football but also in the in the same vein. Who do you trust not deficit get hurt. Cam Newton 65250. Pounds. Or Aaron Rodgers is broken his collarbone twice and has said multiple concussions. That's a circumstance though I mean any of these quarterbacks he pounded. We cam Newton's physical for that is why Battier and -- around there's a little bit different but I'm thorough and Aaron Rodgers out there he can't shrug off and Lauren Burk at 34 years old. Can't do physical grind physical beast. But there is. Theirs aren't I understand the camp that wants to see Roger's plane pre season. I was I I do want to see him I'm in that camp but I was down with them not playing him last. Geronimo Alison. You're boy now 81. Didn't look all meet amazing last night economists. In home. Can we get some MVS. Can we develop something here. Number just ten De'Angelo Yancy apparently taken big strides Rogers you OS throw one front of the crowd. You just got done chastising. Some of these younger receivers. Right. He did that he did so don't you wanna get in there and see if if if your words had an impact. I think he supported us this next game he's black but he should play a series in this next game a quarter and then half. I'm not playing in the fourth one primarily though because and that's not because of Aaron Rodgers. And this is another counterparts at a an argument of taking the fear of injury out of it. I got dudes that I I got a legitimate battle. For that second quarterback spot value down. The sharp guys or Brett Hundley but then if you don't but then if it's not a battle. That I'm trying to get some for the other view that's true we saw it use or you play you would do your thing what game plan with you will get you some good wraps. Woolsey we go get a sixth rounder back for. Yeah I guess that's I'm finally given Kaiser and Huntley and your boy nick Boyle. Her Tim Boyle and Timmy and I royals opportunity to play a man today boiled sounds better doesn't it does. Sounds more football is. The that I understand those guys get in the wraps. But you're trying to win a Super Bowl here you play football your football player go play football you. You'd you can't run scared on this thing you'd be Smart about it you know I can expose yourself if you're Aaron Rodgers to use of you know as susceptible injuries or whatever but c'mon man but it's not like play football and I mean. Baseball guys do to where you'll play a couple of innings an angle at the golf course. So the second pre season game Aron is what I wanted you watch you play the first serious. That walk straight into the locker room do your press conference and then just leaped just like a regular baseball player would spring training. Because they're not getting paid for right or what they used to do at the Pro Bowl and why did it. Take another game they go to the airport is the all star game in Milwaukee when we're all pitchers while there all of the way to general Mitchell earlier thought. 4147991250. A much and when do you play Aaron Rodgers we'll continue our conversation next Tim Allen baby tells bill Schmidt is 7000 the morning here on the fan. Brewers fans who was yesterday's chilly as MVP. Be the first to know at seven. 91258. And he'll win twenty bucks Chile's cash chili's is back baby back. This is chuck can play caller on the only station brewers fans made it 1057 FM the fan. Simmons outs in the morning here on the fanned and we're back baby back. Yeah well on Monday we'll see we'll see if we're back this soon but we'll see how that goes. Scott had an idea hold on Scott we got to get to Don first Don Chile's MV be in the brewers' the nasty game yesterday Rudy have. I do massage like you guys who Mariana at night. I'm doing well. Yeah I hated to do it I hate to give our viewers got it done at this year yeah I hated to do it but that we have kills us and he killed it yesterday all right Donny big of free dinner at chili's has brought you by chili's chili's is back baby. Back all right hold on a second we'll get your information Scott you had an idea once undermine. Yes hello Jeremy and rubble that they yourself. I AM where does suggest if you don't have a title racial about that pretty empty dynamite soul. Who. Audience he'd dynamite. You got some dynamite you can play over there. You guys is being made out big time. All right well you know opens soon they don't we try that grid at eight by the way evil and we all need this is another millennial thing. Bailey tells year it's his birthday today. I'll fix thanks man appreciate Scott and thank you Scott thanks soliciting talks later on tonight after the game yep. He's it's he's he's may have left a little bit because FaceBook I normally he's thrown off to him thrown off normally FaceBook would like auto generates like happy birthday to you because you've it. In put it that writes I started to FaceBook so when everybody goes their FaceBook page is Selig right on the side the birthdays and all your friends that have birthdays today and right away you can just click on their right on their timeline. At a birthday man. Remember they do it revert to its him. Apparently. FaceBook just doesn't think I like positive reinforcement. And patting myself on the shall and have people tell me a cool hand and wished me happy birthday at the apparently is don't want him yup well they don't wanna wish you every birthday don't they don't want to tell yet how cool you are. Slate so we'll spread the word here help spread the word. Well how awesome my birthday is now awesome it is have a birthday now you're now you're sounding a little bit like Rami Matlock that's all I really wanted to like the sound like running Mac life it's served. Speaking of which next hour we will of re employ our staff here on the fan. Yeah out we're all looking for new jobs usually. You're you're always looking for work in this business what do you think. The fans staffers here. Would do for a living in the world of sports have to warrant. Sports talk radio. So so what you're saying is like. Vienna part of a sports organization like a team like college athletics department a league. A league OK so this to be front office chair equipment manager. Grounds crew. Mascot. Possibly good science one guy that I think would be a great male cheerleader out of a jag. All right that sounds good so as stick around for that will will reassign. In the world the sports are fans staffers. Today in my be an upgrade for some of them who knows maybe. Your new job absolutely don't have to dislike it. That he Danny park in from the score in Chicago will join us to and we feel that this come brewer rivalry is is his little soft and so we're gonna fire things up a little bit he's also had some conversations on his show I now. Just talking back and forth on that people out of Chicago or just. Not even worried about the brewers are really not even paying attention at the brewers when cool. Good good for them they got to win. That worried about it like you and I after games. Lose our minds every time the cubs journal one run yeah absolutely people around marriages and a double double look like at the end of the year Penner race so get to a Danny Parkinson our next hour as well as. A couple of other things that will but not so a lot to get to. And we will get to Michael Cohen acts from the athletic in and talk about a packers' victory last night. What does he get out of it will talk after the break here Timmons house in the morning yup the fans. Guys on the inside the Green Bay football only insider Michael Coe and all the all traces of Thomas Motorola. 3117. The Packers beat the titans last night game one of the pre season schedule and a Packers football underweights amateur house in the morning welcome back. The sports Radio One 057 FM the fan and time to. It's a great midwest manic hotline has all our guests do and we'll talk to Michael Cohen our insider here. On the morning show talking and some backers football a.s from the athletic Michael are you good morning. I. Hey guys it's it's going good you okay today. All tired good. It sounds like a Michael what's what are you get out of that place last year every season. It brought the game rap was a little bit shorter right. Another. And and officers. Rule ten after three so the only real places open are like those late night diners for you going in and grab by right. Owens now. China because we've. But yeah it's it's too late night. Okay Kemal yeah South Florida voters just got to go out and Exxon dealers and applause the militants. It sounds very great and not gotten. Here we go what it what did you get out of the quarterback play last night in the ball game. I thought it was very words that. I thought that her car. As many issues at last. Look. Inept that this last season. That to bounce back and show. That you could then do you have with the the first shooting went against you know the majority of the spotters. Encouragement from Packers then I think if he is continue to do that they accuse them. More confidence surge could perhaps your reliable backup this year down there as. Indeed exhibition games here where I just. Finished second and third in the league in yards. And passer rating over the four games would you repeat during training camps but the bottom line is that you know mentally he's putting you to do it bounced back. Showed that. He can make some throws I read that he wasn't making last year so I thought it was a positive step in the right direction for him. Hey Hundley is not the united it it is not gonna make this team right immediate you don't trade Randall the Kaiser. Just to elect eyes ago right. Dependent Kaiser pretty. Partners. You have to go through pre built literally from the ground up they changed school where there was a lot of really thinking there must great addition. Well then why did they trade forum that entries is they whose got all these mechanical issues and and there are some concerns are why would they do that. Rework accurate reporter becomes your leader percent to Rogers who destructive got you okay process of playing from like a frisbee. It's that they would ever want to have the same or whatever I want to have this sucks but so they breakdown quarterbacks and and rebuild them from the ground up. Essentially so. We Kaiser you know he can you remember to back up if he does all the things they wanted to mechanically. You know body lies composition all of those things and then plus yet sure. Any command of the playbook in command of the offense. You don't all of the span of basically from April to now and it's hard to do that even though he's been the starter you know felt so. When I'm getting at is that the only way a big doesn't make this team is at Kaiser plays so well in the next couple of weeks. But the Packers could be totally confident in him as a backup quarterback and based on looks. Last night. I don't know if you can get to that point but to say that you won't ever get there and just I don't believe he can do it or lose it in the span of the next three games silk. I would say right now there's a better chance than not the only district. Envoy to Michael's I want to just watch and Kaiser and that in that two minute drive though and I get that he started her for a full season. With the browns last year obviously and winning games we had plenty of time coming from behind in a two minute drill. I did like the poise that you sought of the do during that that two minute stretch before the half. You know curtain certain. Course and it wasn't exactly. And corporate and personal legal reason. Equally important part you'll. Have personal appearances. It would tree view to her situation differently. The bigger and you know you're correct because of all don't there. Iran or yard line in her war and not what it called an easy put the ball at the end zone. Counts. The decisions there were some cars and some pros and. Look I was young. Won't buy it buy him the quirky cop. Yeah. Are there risks you no indication. Critical of the effects of reaching out to really excited about this way apart particularly well. Sorry you do that there are between you guys want extremely pleased to put Ecuador heal the other one was just okay about what he put on paper. By Michael. Merciless as gifted that news this finish up more running short on time analysts finish up with a view. Zip to. OK if you've got to go out have a couple of Beers and tenement house room we're gonna we're gonna re energy and it energized. How would you be interest in that. I don't know over their bunkers aren't I that's OK what what would you do for fun Michael let's get to know Michael Coen. Typical of where I was fortunate Arctic golf or sports or soccer will come. Two a little tennis on cracker. Well those are to figure out there just wrote her. Well Michael if if you really want to if you wanna hit though if you want the black top I could. I'll show you some down on the low block man I'm not gonna lie not gonna say them a key allies JaJuan but if your child if you're trying to play a little ball might be able back you down and put a couple. Well they got there he goes over a plan. And it sounds fun. All right thank you might appreciate it man certainly or you know. Pro here and there's Michael Collins the athletic join us. Other great middle husband online Tim. It's harder renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval from Britain in West Bank dedicated to providing perfectly personalized almost. Those right here in our community since 1935. Much prefer to run around play soccer than fly to Vegas now some drinks and then. It's me. A little funky with the cellphone too. Yeah. You know cell towers were sold at a greenback. It's not that small city isn't known but it's be that bad and now. That was rough and he has a the Hundley Kaiser thing is becoming more more fascinating to me this morning. Just just this morning I thought it was a slam dunk now he's our insiders such I take that. Very serious uranium more for my Clemens here before the break him before the sport slash that. There was deafening conversation in that locker room last night. It appeared that everybody was focused on that back a quarterback you haven't we done this bid and been there and done that with homily. And everyone said well I'd let him go we still developing what do we go we still developing right new there. So we're gonna go back to that just in case things go haywire with Rogers. We're gonna go back to that. I don't see them keeping three quarterbacks it's ridiculous I don't see them given three quarterbacks. You made a trade of both looked less than a season and a half full of their belts pretty damned decent. Defensive back would you agree into Mary's Randall talent wise yes yes penalized now okay we need to reach kids mature for sure. You made a trade that guy for that guy. And then that guy Kaiser. Is not sure. Keep our Super Bowl hopes alive backup quarterback. The why did you why did you do that that. Yeah I I can you clear me up on that I wish I could but I don't I. In all due respect to Mike I just can't see them keep them both so if if it is true that Kaiser's gonna have to play. Out of his mind for the next three games that have made Brett probably not have a job. I literally see I don't know how he does have a job. Hundley are Kaiser Huntley yes. I don't lesser a word you're lets you work out a trade for one of the two not just elected usually I don't siege on Kaiser agony traded. Twice in the span of six months in I had exists in the if you go back and and there's a philosophy here for me Billy and that is. When you are a team that is expected to win a Super Bowl. Then you have to cover your flank just in case you lose your shot you have to have the back up there you because you're Super Bowl chances go from here. Down to here. Without a backup quarterback a viable backup quarterback I'm not saying you like me Jim Boyle. I'm not simply continue to maintain the same. Super Bowl chance Joseph Sandler still alive to win a super wal and then when you add Huntley in their last year you went from Rogers. To a viable option to win a Super Bowl to gone. US from a twelve to one to a 61. He had just gone then so what did you learn just in case you lose that Super Bowl. Viable chance at the top why did she bring in a veteran guy and I like the attempt with Kaiser and number one guy. And all of a sudden he's gonna be a bubble man I don't buy not abide either I've we'll talk more after the break here Simmons outs in the morning. You have the fan.