8am - Adam McCalvy, Do you still believe the Brewers are a few pieces away from contending?

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, July 16th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked with Adam McCalvy about the Brewers moving forward and what they expect to do at the trade deadline. Plus, they talked about how far away they think the Brewers are from contending.

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Let's get the latest on the brought you by the law offices of Tom. Motorola log dot net or call 414327. This is the only station brewers fans need to sports Radio One 057 FM. Chuck and Michael are we are served up five Perkins restaurant and bakery is I'm borrowing that's Jeff Freeman. You know we love the shots you are. Milwaukee baseball insider Adam McKelvey each and every week. If only we had something to talk about what that in this we Afghanistan or Iraq our brains a little bit here by you know hole. Get a few things out of only have to sign up today again I Adam. Are rendered for not guilty all the home run derby the all star game. And the brewers had even an average week last week at the all in on that Los little luster for me it did I hear this. You know. And you know I I agree and it. It's. Gonna be really weird day. In the afternoon they have all the all stars together they have like power of the American League and our National League. And it's like one gigantic press conference were the guys are all the room. I think it is going to be kind of weird of these guys and and note look. Players. Have to work really hard to get to this game learned volcanoes are really really good baseball player for a long time he's been an all star wants. Yeltsin the first time the other guys the first time guys and I hope we can enjoy it a little because it is a special thing to them and their families. But I I agree man I mean that. That would as brutal finished the first tablet thing you can possibly out. And took some really. They'll be brutal losses in the couple in Miami an extra innings. You know those go a different away it changes the week a little bit but still lose all five. In Pittsburgh and four days he is awful and it it looked like a team that just completely ran out of. I'm gonna get the depth but you know for a team that I've been hearing about for the last five or six days of being so tired of and we want all these guys and the all star game and paces in the home run hitting contest. Great that's fantastic but I mean if these guys so tired as the all star game really good for these guys. No I'll probably not I mean from it and read it are gonna be real about it but. Again this is that this is a career honor this is something that our. You know the so that when reference page comes up to the rest of their life is gonna they all star. So arm. No one's gonna turn it down. And at its special global players. It it it doesn't deny them a couple of days of this break because it's it's pretty intense I mean they got it last night. There is news I think one of the most players usually throws and there's some kind of players caller's something like that. Arm the dirty you know like I said it states that began late. 2 o'clock. And then they either drop the derby which is a long night. And the next day there's a parade. And the game aunt in aren't a lot. It's a lot of monarchy that and Iran and media. And all that stuff. But then you know they do get Wednesday and Thursday carry charge and that sounds silly two days but for a baseball player when you're in the midst this 162. Two days together he'll like a light and that's buddies back. You know give a guy Seattle line up to date for an update given two days and they make a big deal audited but it to a guy that in this every day mindset it it is. A lot of times so. Well I mean it there's no getting around that they're tired you know if they were entirety and not a marquee players are denied a bit of a break it's not perfect but again it's. It's such an honor I think that the guys are not now. This excuse of being tired it's like game we're learning about this for the first timer worse Apollo. Believe it there's thirty teams in the league that are tired. Not that he had look I don't think anybody that is like in its. I read they're quote like look I it was an interest circular I've been here in DC. Arm but I didn't read any of it is like making her an excuse in blows up. It was it's just a fact that they've initial 21 games or any day and they were ten and eleven in those. Our own again it it. Is how you get there it matters. So the way they got there was critical. But they were ten and eleven and structures of Torino Games and what leaders and nick I'm themselves. The break two and a half games on the cubs five law. On that key I I think now it certainly wants the standings. And that those five law in Pittsburgh we're. Really back there's there's again there's no getting around it but but. It's just a fact that it all these games. In on it all that. Because they just they look at tiger. And a McKelvey our Milwaukee baseball insider. Yeah it was a tough stretch. I know that and I don't want to overreact too much to one week of baseball but everybody was cut in pasting this the other day so. I'll read it the NL central standings since may 31. Cubs Tony five and fifteen reds Tony three in sixteen. Pirates amber is nineteen and Tony to the brewers have Ben for the most part outside of a really good may. About a 500 club and so I think this is a good time for David Stern's in the whole organization to try to figure out. Just exactly how good this team is before they start making moves. To get to whatever position they wanna get sick. I'm I agree with you or percent on. They are. Beyond their record thirteen to figure out I was just. It's hard Hillary gaining a little that he released in the break and they are. An above average. Pitching team the kind of in the middle of that that middle third. And. Below average opera. So. If you're gonna ad I think I think the reason at all these. Trade. Leaks that are app and are centered on the offense is it seems to me that they were certainly is more focused on improving the opt. And you know then at that same question that we talked about the last couple of times how big are you willing to go. And are you willing to acquire rental player or. Does David Stern's shtick quit if the proper cities after making most of his other deals I think sort of at least sort back. And Neil Walker side. Getting a guy that control multiple years of their their help for the middle infield arm and a player that fits the bill. I would argue after a couple of years now and then it's raining or Cha. So. All the leaks are demanding that charter or are pretty clearly had been cards from Baltimore. Getting that market at hottest pop will get teams to compete. Up there offers they can squeeze out as much in the camper player who is only available you know should choose team to a victory capped months. And although indications are that the bird special in so. It is bigger they're making a player from Manning the Toronto but all as that young power at the all electric we're gonna get your deal. You get closer to the deadline public scandal Orioles squeeze out of one team and is David Stern's willing to really up. Prospects of these LeMieux up to a guy only three months should be out of character for him. But there is a great need and this team needs to be better offensively and that's the position where it's easiest to. Added get an impact. REY just tied to barter earlier but its own while students of the art it's great that we have earned these trade talks and all that but you know the court this team. And more guys have gotten of the of the of the main guys in this team we've got to step up and a tomboy yell action team net. But you know some of these other guys have bronze got to get healthy and contribute to the second part of the season. Pena's gotta get right shortstop shots spots got to get fixed up. So there it is Charles got hit that are third base that he hasn't with a home run yesterday but like to see that batting average clam little bit more. So the core of this team could do better to help these guys out. I've no doubt about it and I would say Kate Kenya as one solution catcher is one area where. All that that top area and add it doesn't look like the Marlins are gonna par or JT real mood of these the most impact player that is potentially. You know bill wouldn't trade it took. Did what we're. Just sounded like they are not going to move them. Oh the brewers they have to roll the catch is they've got art and me taking a look at I'm back here he'd he'd give a mug of big yet. Com and that has not happened. This year so I agree to try to charge they're playing really banged up. Because they've had so many other injuries they have it DL. But he's feeling you better I mean I think you see that the result. As of that series in Cincinnati but you're accurate stretcher of a number of weeks where. Key was he was really banged up and acting that plays into where he's at offensively right now. Solid shortstop I don't know I don't know they're gonna get anything from the inside. It Orlando argued that showed no signs of being able to do. So that I mean I think the concern that middle infielder here over the next couple weeks. Again I don't know it's going to be any mature out of because there's. You know Baltimore is a good job. At a boiling down market. To Wear it out right now and getting teens seemingly improving their offers. But I think that there's other players. That that could be had it not so crazy price alms. Some some middle infield height that give them a better combination to get a little more offense coming from those missions so. But look I agree with you about the stepping up there's no doubt about it when you lose. Seven of eight and you can structure I'd seen series that there's plenty of blame to go around. On the players on this team now and they were held to the up to win the games that they won. Also like to get answers to those internal options also need to play better. Emmett Kelly joining us here chuck doing clerk a guy we've talked about a lot Josh hater. As pitched three times in the month of July. I don't I don't know third. If they're gonna save him in games to be like. They're second closer or if they're trying to limit his innings firm late September. I. And if the weapon gets exhausted. And find a new weapon later and I'm just surprised he's only pitched three times. In July. What the circumstances because they're there they've made the decision. That third architect Richard Behar. So I guess I don't like that decision I disagree accurate thing about it you get is key if you will burn him out I am now. There is no well in this case I mean this is. I unique players in they Horry now but as fast as you don't use and you lose games. Well. But it cute picture when you're down I go why. He's not gonna bring you back I don't want. But look at your criticism about pitching the time for some time July and it happens off where he could have been pitched. In that you don't want it of one and Miller Park which one game where we're counsel about it afterwards and that's might end quote right now try to answer that question. Because that at least get a spot that is current account on the record explaining his thinking. It I I do wonder when we come back from the break what do might well I think one of the biggest questions facing this team right now is having had the break digestion. Is Corey naval. In for a little bit lol I think we've seen how are here at the news. In July is core cable that they use. Chaebol and kind of the traditional closer role and that is kind of formed the way counsel used the Russian news and I wonder here. You. You get the idea being totally flexible with all of your spot. I wonder whether that street council to make more of your creative. Use of some of his arms in enclosed gains whether that's close up Iran or close down. I think that's one of the things that go look at over the break. But yeah at sixteen paint her out cheater overkill Vermont that July is. Is back then that's not making full use of a guy and it leaves it is concerned that something about the shaker. And that we're told not the case that he's totally. Other that little here in Miami were counseled the athletic trainer went up to the mound. I'm he's said totally fine totally fine. After the strike Gary without a little bit because. It was just until he was on this great that's never been seen before. So I don't think it's totally surprised that restricting your guys bottling. It was sort of vintage early years induction heater yesterday in Pittsburgh. So it some that is part of the question that they then I'm coming back from the breakers are there better ways to utilize Josh cater that they can't. They can picturing games certainly expands. And usable little bit more than they were you during this this stretch and lie. But still keep them all he can be cute little thing and keep melting effective. Because the chief burned out there's no one there you don't ever space. What you just tell council after an able via their base that and then get off the wall freeze and you freeze is your job so they're an autistic guy always kills the brewers it seems like Al. Needed every council that the doubt was you know he does it show his face much in that there were frustration but. Yesterday didn't Apple's keepers and you could tell. That was that was a rough on for him. Yeah look at painful with the pain so I mean nobody. Coaching had slept just five games series and those ships in the Yankees. The bird's head after the birds since 1990 and it's rare obviously. Series. But to lose sight gains or days so one team is really soft and you know the prior art okay see. But still it's. It looked Ahmadabad sparkling deliberate and it reminded me a little bit of you know remember lack equities game or two to a three and they rip the brick and it's tremendous high. And in the second half the season you know pretty quickly I think what was it about a week after the break. They were okay and then the bottom row after that. Including out. Terrible here each year Washington DC a remembering where they gave up eight homers so. Maybe they'll do it this year you know maybe they got there are bad to everything we that we say every kings got a five game losing streak into. This is six including street now that you Algeria again to cure the opt in opt be they got out of the way for the break. You go home recharge batteries will bet you come back and maybe the second half of this a little bit different and the second out lucky after the players keeps saying that. Experience last year will help that there are different team. They were very opera that the old second half collapses knocking out this year. So they'll get an opportunity a couple of days to come back into top stretched out of the altar break. Of opponent on the go get a chance to kind of you know see if they could use that breaks charter law. Follow him on FaceBook Twitter and now I'm in sir Graham. And a McKelvey. Enjoy these next couple of days and we'll talk to you next week. I found little of that today on the availability of assurance that I the I'll share some of these guys say they are again. As they got on the plane shouldn't the thanking him cute they're disabled on the eve of the go to work friends. All right you guys. At a McKelvey joining us on the great midwest bank hotline at such a renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval. From great midwest bank dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans. To those right here in our communities since 1935. It is interesting to look at where the brewers are now where they were a year ago. In what if anything they can learn for that. From now we'll talk about that coming up its check in Waco or served up by Perkins 12:50 AM radio dot com while by seven FM the fan. Brewers coverage. This is chuck it way cooler still got business done on the field this segment has brought you like Granville improvement district Granville. Feel the energy in the power Granville business dot ORG. Women and criticism taken away from them the ball of the season weren't tough we weren't tough little stretch for an hour. Scuffling offensively a little bit but Sloan. Know we're gonna end of the break and a good place. Underwent liver in the Brian Stratton college athletics studios that's chuck I am Bard's. Who got business done the pirates. Five times solid tumors in five games. That double header I was so Jack for that double header. You know it's it's. Rates too I'd still games of baseball games pays we'd like one outside emissaries sort of stamped it started at 1130 had already done by sick and it. You know suppress terrorism movie and nine against real nice day now's a tear and they'll want to. He tells up we're graduation party and two bad games in your Beverly felt that even though they're close. In on neither team could score some runs he's never thought the brewers were. You know to get down to not figure one nothing it's almost insurmountable at this point way to screw rockets. Are not a good team when. They get down early. Now as tough as rockets in the broadcast when they don't run first really picked up early lead basically from our front defined. Not Astro. Four on 47991250. Again you don't want to look at one week is based 462. Games. Plus 44 weeks six game skid they'll point to the all star break right you don't wanna look at one weakened and one week does not a season make you Weisel last year gave what the thirteen over the 500 mark right now. The year goal there are fifty and 419. Over but they were the only team in the division with a winning record. Well here's what happened last year last year. On Sunday than ninth in the all star break was a week earlier. They were up five and a half games after the all star break in a series there are five and have games on that Sunday. Two Sundays later that lead was gone it was it was time in the NL central between the brewers and cubs. This year on Sunday eighth they were up the game and a half and then not just a week later they lost four games and they're down two and half games. The cubs and the brewers in the same Amaro wins. The brewers have lost five more times in the cubs so the brewers action play five more games in the cubs and that's five in the loss column so yes to have back. But they've lost five more times so it is going to be even more an uphill battle and many of those losses came to the cubs again you don't wanna look at one we can say. This is the season right here. However. In watching this team this week. It has sort of it has sort of made me question if this is a team that should. Sacrifice pieces of the future for Manny Machado or whoever males be available. I am somebody that wants to see this team win a World Series. I MOK if they trade prospects to get that done because prospects are what they are their prospects there their two may be someday help you in the big leagues. Or is trade chips. So I'm all for that kind of stuff. Some of you may be more on this sustained success model. If this is sustained success. A good first half a skid no playoffs. I don't want that that's not what I want oh and also at some point mr. wasn't a success. Mel I think a lot of brewers fans a look at lesser success is that be extra K okay peddling are gonna have like yeah. You but since the building at 515 leader of the division break now here's a the the all star break. The cubs. Now all of the brewers haven't as tough skid and playing a lot of games the cubs got to play 22 the next 21 days after the all star break right they have a tough stretch they got a tough stretch games coming up soul. Okay some hitters or start to turn things around. Result in bright. The offense going a little bit this weekend in San Diego. They've done a great come from behind team now there's a team who put their starters have a man great. But they've been good at. You know in the middle and late innings in and seems likely go to extra innings the cubs find a way to. Two winning teams have to adult and as always your truly is the outlaw he's always resurrect the lost two extremes they're visible for the most part of our great they've had thirty come from behind wins this year. Armed. Assault but what about the cubs now to burglary where your goal. Your goal I think you're below the 500 mark and right now they're what seventeen games over. It's almost the carbon copy last. As far as the brewers and cubs where they are in the division of the cubs are. But the cubs cubs are playing better or playing better than they were a year ago so let's go back to the bat we made. I don't see that that can handle and that's it because who in division I ten game now. This is a good week for Bart's a lawless. It won't hit it was. It's trending now away. Com we'll all season and best all season was not a good time for a walk but we have the you know that. The outing me against she wouldn't roads on Friday. And we had a bizarre. A bizarre way of bizarre day I'd say we can get to that two weekends I'm just we're restart. Am I a six stroke lead after two holes. And we could talk about the bizarre restart that we yeah. And even if we don't if we run this time there's a video posted on our website and video you can check out the the whole round. Four on 47991250. Let's go to Timmy Greenfield. Let's not Sam. Not to let Matt has gone. Thought I would not I'm on the whole situation and I think we should go all in whether that means. Many which I don't know war starting pitcher I am willing to give you access your wallet. Is that what you need to go to for this team to be a contender I mean there because they're just a couple moves away. I think we are if that's what I've. With excitement at the building and everything I would totally do that and the channel. You have meant admitting that shadow on this past weekend what he made a difference and I'm of this brewer team. Absolutely. Absolutely because it. Upload it would begin this we consider that oriental. He is not a million home run yesterday before they couldn. And then that would keep it short stop. I would totally do it was not very good defender and shorts and he's not he's never think it's a that I worsens salad Dino the job he's not he's an arson. But could upgrade and that and then I think the brewers which they're I think they are moved. And I think that could potentially be Smart move I'm glad that we didn't know what you doubt it at the beginning of the year you know. So I think. I think many in the channel I think I would totally do it. Whatever whatever you. You know he the the whole team. Appears to be dry and you saw there you can just tell their bodies. You they just didn't David not crisp out there you tell I don't do earlier in the regular for space you can tell it he. Resist it was it was a grind for him it's been a tough is not used to playing every day it's been a tough first half for him nice nominating contests. He's playing the all star game on Tuesday but it tells us a good idea. Do you watches last week. And have a change of opinion in terms of what this team should maybe do come trade deadline time bomb I think guide I think I'm getting there well because. I don't really know I thought yeah or one or two where a pitcher and Manny Machado away. I don't think I think that right now well. We should be let. Sixer a one week of baseball well even half would I know all affect spinal. Column I did it are gonna go on this okay. They had a bad stretch. They were tired team now they're going to be awful scene guys going to the all star game so that I can get your rest. If I'm given another week. Yeah I want to see what happens after the upper dodger series in Washington two tough teams here let's see killed in a little home cooking immensely Gomez knuckle on a road. Let's let's do a little test after the author I'm not given up on the season. But men. You you play McKee Richard feet mod that he didn't Pittsburgh. Yeah I forget about it meals moves. Call the Orioles bluff this week. Looks like there you know trying to drive up the prices they show I'd. As they should be damage out I'll call their bluff. But the price come down play out another week Syria or wrath I'm with the and that 7991254. On 47991250. This is a really bad week of brewers baseball and a really bad series so are they still just a couple players away. She David Stern's be looking at those moves or maybe next year let's just add by more than DF a bargain bin until then. What should he do its check in regular 4147991250. Up by Perkins restaurants and bakeries. Is chuck Freeman. Brewers lost six in a row. The pirates. So now it's time for introspection. Especially if you're David Stern's. And I think David Stern's. Takes a long form approach I don't think. The ball rocks too much weekend he's not gonna look at a six game stretch and completely changes the outlook on the team. He's not gonna do that. As fans what he might. And I think that's okay. Because you what you have to do is look is this brewers team. As they are now guys have been hurt. And older guys have been playing hurt. And they've been doing the shuttle from Colorado Springs to Milwaukee in the bullpen but are they had a good enough team that this is the team. That is one or two pieces away where you would give up guys in your farm system. To go and make. A sort of move. Well now. Not right now. I just wanna I wanna keep these a voice that I wanna get this thing that this team right. And certain guys in his team's turnaround from. I I just. I don't know widely I mean if if if if this was because of them being tired yes it is exotic duplicates as the baseball. Most of the season and I had the bad four game stretch in Chicago back in late April when he couldn't get out your way this kind of the same way. As this four game stretch in at Wrigley where. You know you looked lifeless and look terrible and you probably this one of the games away just like you didn't Pittsburgh there's a either Gregory. You had a lead one of those games that we can blow but you know it's just eat you didn't show much. You didn't show much life and I think this team has done a nice job balsam back. From a couple of different skins. And righted the ship. I just wish to play the right that's why was it plays like some camera. Now before him I didn't strait talks wanna see my team and it's a must feel good about it right. I wish they played tonight I think it's good for ruin psyche that they have a couple meters from gas and why I don't want them deflate and I know it's like we go to that. My ticket which chastened if you lose. You want to Specter and get their money back it's like now you lost the six games you wanna go out medical's Wednesday. All I know I am I we're all very well it's like chase and on the sub and I football game. Gently if they didn't start yet a bad Newark and Ric Clark Ron salt cod at 7 o'clock 730 game can't get profess that up because. Yet get their money back you lost. Last year you had a situation where you didn't going make a big deal and I and I thought that team showed up when they were five and have filed. I thought they needed they need to do everything they can improve this team because of the position that therein and last year would have liked either Jose cantata or sunny great. And I would've part of would Lewis for instance do that I think last year they needed a pitcher dating game at once so we'll never know all. What would've played out if they have one of those guys now for the brewers David Stern's he thought. Let's not make that trade on the Neil Walker and and he swore as they can see what happens what happened was they make the playoffs. Now they were able to take the Lewis Branson and trade him. For Christian yell it's so if you're gonna say well would you rather have Christian you Ellis then then Sonny gray I mean yes the answer is yes I what. Would a package have been able to be put together to get Christian yell at without Lewis Branson. We don't know how we Sonny gray be doing in Milwaukee. We don't know when they've gone of the class last year we don't know but last year at the time I thought this team in the position they are and I think they're just a couple of pieces away let's get this done I want a World Series I want it now. If I'm David Stern's and looking at the same sort of thing right here if I'm not borrowing clerk and I'm David Stern's. I think I'm looking at this team is not a team that's a couple of pieces away and I don't make a big move. I don't they sent a couple of dates. Noah and the overall sort of the comeback and take two or three. The Dodgers. Are they sweet the Dodgers are you Beckett and that it's not on the about not not an a team but you know I'm going all it is not that I am Powell is is it just. So I mean going all in. All in cells like throwing all your chips in and that's it if you David doesn't work out in your back to square one that doesn't have to be the case. You could be moved all in by getting a pitcher doesn't mean yet though. You know you're about forfeiting your entire future is still there to ten years to come I think of I'm David Stern's that I look at the first half of this team. If I'm David Stern's. I don't believe that he believes there are Manny Machado. And a JA happ away from going to the World Series. I don't think he thinks that well you got some of the injuries now. Bizarre thing to junior Kara. Let him go on the disabled list now what's of that and he's been so consistent for you. Well and they're using this all star break yup I'm just saying they're putting things got on the DL and VR on the DL yeah that you could use like heroes got off in the forum now and you'll dep the second turn around his season and in the bad direction. Because he's been very double doubles guys. Soul you know when he was still part of the rotation you hope you know he's able to have the second half either the first. Look at set all year that I think the cubs are gonna win the division. And I think this team as there constructed. Is good enough to get into the playoffs but it's gonna be is a wild card. And you're either gonna lose that game more than go to the divisional round and lose. Maybe get to the championship game and lose treasure tired or whatever excuse. Odds are obviously their oath of the wild card standings in the first time for the well you have to know that there's there's two ramp back while I am not given up on the division. Let's Sibley a look that the so are they and knows well versed they would be the number one seed in the wildcard. You know they got a as Arizona is after game back. Arizona is an epic game back I mean jeez did what kind of everybody Becky amendments on the wild card this is a really bad week. And six games they let. They let everybody under the Pittsburgh Pirates. Who were. The game that the earth Steve sixteens and the brewers. In a while carried out the same variant but big insurance games they're five and tap file now. I think the biggest point a caution for guys like you and me who talk about the brewers for four hours a day. And who our feelings and thoughts on the brewers are all their for eternity. Is to not. Overreact to the situation and say something that you know you can look and say how high you said this year 88. The brewers. This last week. It's different then a weekend audience it's different than a week in May. This the trade deadline is a finite thing. It is coming up David Sterns is gonna make decisions. That impact the future of this team and soul. I hate to tell you guys but these weeks and games are weighted more heavily than the other one well in terms of those decision. Well there they're trying to win when you're trying to win aircrafts cam. May or in Adrian Hauser. Okay. And will person. And yet you're shuttling all these guys back and forth between. The minor leagues in the brewers here and these guys are gone back and forth all time. You didn't expect to develop chemistry when you're trying to win with fifty different guys I mean basically they're trying to win the fifty yards. I mean some of these guys aren't Major League pitchers or Major League players on it especially I'm contending team if NATO or just playing for Florida. Our Miami. Great you know he can make all the mistakes possible. But it works got to go off there are here estimate or to go play second base. And the go up there and here because the standards are right now you're in the first place you've got to produce and he doesn't produce. It's Sox. And crafts. Know obviously keen is never very good year but grass is asked do a lot of in this team. All right he's a journeyman at best player he's just coming here Purdue's. He's not been producing and that hurts the team to missile began counting on guys who shouldn't be. Why shouldn't be a part of this race but a county Democrats is that or some guy in a walker since when they shouldn't have to be. Chuck and Michael were served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. 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In 82 on one scramble match of the river club a Mac on our golf body will be Tuesday August 14. Last year check in my attic context it was shot. First me only I got to do every shot was so essentially. It was a scramble against myself. This Syria included kodi in on the bad so is chuck person mean Cody where. We played a scramble against him we took our best shot and played from there. Cody and I won. Well sort of I mean overall we did when we played four holes you were up three strokes as of six strokes after two holes yeah it was ugly. Ellis started it was Ternium Doral. And calm than I was up if it was a three strokes after. Four holes. You guys may have little comeback and now I had a bit older so after four holes we you know and I said OK guys you'll just said let's start over I said OK guys on three strokes. After four holes. Hubble we just start over there we go double or nothing. So in the that was fifty photos fifty and then we just that we played I think it was a thirteen all around so the we have five holes left on the front nine. And you guys took a four stroke lead after five holes I'd call him terribly despite finding every sand trap. I'm hitting the ball to ninety down the fairways and finding a fairway. Centrum epic the balls down there and terrorism center some hit out of it just spent the exit epic some downforce strokes. I'm still feel good at this point. But. You know united we came to this the seventeenth hole I was down 117. Hole and I got seven. On a par three. Which I'd never you're in a bunker right off the green as I do and I got a penalty stroke and you wanted to make sure that you hit it out of the bunker all my tee shot I. School holes I mean I hit a horrible tee shot worked warriors out I had the hundred yards of like what the hell. Some hundred yards out dead and I'm distorting our whole and I'm gonna put on agree that it. You know I'll be okay uploaded every green every judge I hit it this is an outside sand trap site. And then my third shot skull it over the green out of bounds. I would say skulls arson I'd say Iraq and I look deaths also yeah checks in the sand trap now he wants got a Sanchez so he takes a swing. It goes over the out of the sand trap over the hole which is right in front of the sand trap. Then over. A little area between the next hole over that tee box outs into the trees on the other side and empty the garbage or America is probably further than any shot I hit all day if you know what did and then when I take the penalty shot there. My thing in my mind 060 yards away. Sub sixty yards away. It was brutal and Cody and I ended up winning so that I chip by the two putt and pitch on two putt on the regular sub. And I don't think Cody will be cited tell you that it was basically can't reverse UI he offered very little to our team. At the start you were playing better than me you were hitting better shots we're using more of your balls but in the second half of that match it was all me first trips like. I don't think I use these are what are your shots that's incorrect. The last Noelle you. I seventeen we use some of mine. I don't think it was a assembly was all rose a date. You know Bart you here you nailed some putts you know some shots. Cody though kodi would have the worst shot you ever seen he did the up and then he had this one that light curve perfectly from beyond the trees on to the grain. Did you take did you kiss for a soccer was a sudden did you guys ever hit a sand trap. Norris Hall we trapped once okay. But I was in I don't know twelve to thirteen times John the river club a Mac on its order golf outing again Tuesday August 14 you can sign up at 1057. Aux game ya no matter where chuck drove it he would hit a sand trap out. I don't know what this believable I I you know it's a beautiful course. And I and and that's what's gonna keep me coming back to their place the play. But every time I can make a well I feel really good about it I go down there to eighty. Down and it's in a fairway sand trap Obama you got the issue that starts in a three wood off the tee there. Well look at the gulf brought over here orchid but here's the thing is I. I'm not as familiar with the course right Knoll were hit the ball you know we don't play course on a regular basis. You know the world's only as our brand new course you just say not the sand. Did you eat what you I don't see this impact on. Yes there's that one all were muted in the water we had no idea there. On grass and yeah see Obama there and it's a physical play he was a clinic. At the catalog for go to Camelot on a nor revealing is there but you know we've played. River club probably four times slides. Luckily some courses I don't know older exactly variance but he's the gulf Cody so you have you have the skilling knew. Right I do like back in the day I was telling you would have played junior golf from seven to fourteen at those ages I was always at the top of my class. You know he played junior golf dome LSU before we played in and I had no idea so I have some shots and me. They just don't come around very well I mean you guys won. You know on the restart so if you put it kept on doing eighteen who would've won. I think we were on by a stroke or to book as we kind of putts around on the final all 'cause we were up a fart jokes all you did there. So what does the UN of when he I don't know I think is one. Actually I and registering a five and final hole because we had a four play to win it again everybody has so what I had their final hole. I we're back and I cranked it no wind like 300. And he even says Giles has an airplane terrorists got up there and I want to get so why haven't won a hundred yards out and I was on -- open it was a month. Fairway centrum feels like I can't win you also through your club alive yeah well now pump the yet that tape club throwing was part of it. So check any checks are good golfer but if your honesty that are golf outing just be warned. You'll drive it into the sand trap no matter what god just get your right but you're right the I river club I. You know I shot. 51 on the front nine and that is not me there's a lot of 45 minute video you can check out some of the round including how sweaty we were how sick Cody was. Cory and Jordan's flu game type performance. You can check it all 1057 FM the fan. Dot com I was driving back to Green Bay I was sweating. Until I got there I am probably just Sheboygan I would just drenched I would see her alive. I'll wait to and let us pass out one now that I'm up 1057 FM the fan dot com. But I'm more on the brewers and Jabari Parker which runs things more for you. We'll try to. Reconcile that pain with a thousand dollar keyword coming up.