8am - Brewers beat Cubs, Chase back? Arcia struggling, HaHa winks, AskCW

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, June 13th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed the dominant performance by Chase Anderson and if he can continue pitching that way. Plus, what did you make of Ha Ha's comments?

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You know chugging. You're this should only just zones. Matter. Must leave at three Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence the guys just one. You know live from the Bryant and striking college athletics studios. It's shockingly clear all the fan. That's Jack's frame ended. We are talking about your first. Place. Milwaukee Brewers. Back on top hot shot in the NL central championship. Well the cubs they get back today here in the brewers. Give themselves a little bit of a distance 110s start today between the brewers and the cubs you see this guy when you watch voters gains on fox sports Wisconsin. And Bucs games as well for that matter it's great to Sean joins us on the agreement West Bank ally and Craig thanks for a couple minutes is always how you do Olympic Greg. Our Durham well. Well when he's not the hosting the pre and post game shows are making pizza ads. So while we get Andre you have bad that you or I I Siam was any airs Monday and you're wearing a tie and I thought. That's the tire from the pizza commercial wasn't and it. Okay yeah. I noticed the water out. You get a pizza you want to eat it beats her answer yet and you're like king pizza ranch. I've gained about and she's out in April so yeah it sold in Boca. Okay are you want like a lot about some noticeable pine sol. Next time you're up there you're gonna have to take heed of pizza rehearsal we get some pizza as a goalie you because of fate or what our hard. Work. All it. Worry and Greg and any of this was solid win last night they scored some early offense. On back to Mike Garrity isn't a guarantee of victory yesterday they got on great and the former spy chasing Anderson. Well a couple of special that's for sure yet everything working yesterday and that I think the thing that stood out. For me which Jason Anderson is yes a lot to be back and now it could occur occur when you can. You know get that MPH creek got you know not sure two and in his kitchen case it was more like a notch or two were three. That to set a soap opera everything else so off speed pitches. What I what he so capable. Bringing that to. The rest of the year like he did yesterday. You know look out. I think this is going to be you know really special here this is. The current quarter this season for him because. Quite frankly you know we've all went on a separate status where this. You can hear what the starting stepped E*Trade knows Kirk. For somebody to really step up and get formats like that. She seemed pitching today he's been very solid but but they need a guy that says I'm gonna take the one in the this rotation and you know what it's might turn wilderness is wilderness set the table core Ford ever to come you know on that in the coming days after so hopefully obstructing. I think of that stretch in May and June of last year where he was one of the best pitchers in the game and a when he can get closer to number one starter. Then maybe three year for starters he was an Arizona. And at times he looked like losing some velocity. Could have been regressing back to this season when he's your line. And then you've got she seemed pitching the way he has junior guerra who no matter how much crazy gets I think still quietly is having the year he's having. That just makes the whole rotation look a little better. Sure what's gonna happen with Davies we don't know would drifts here today gone tomorrow you've got some stuff to the back and suitors been all right. But to have chase and be an ace type pitcher Craig I agree and it's that the rotation starts and ends with how he performs I think. Yeah yeah you're right you know it's it's not a corporation. You know Alex. It's not a rotation that you know is gonna command Q lights you know summit some of the big you know. Rotations of the past where there's Milwaukee you know they're cranky days or whatever and it. You know it's just rotation rate now that. If if they pitched the way they can't pitch to their capabilities. Extra whatever they're. You know their best averages are. That torture opener collect all one time here. And then and then I think a lot lows if Stearns to. You know be much more selective. And in this case you know he's got in court darker the most part when it comes. Nick in the right moves with this team. So hopefully that'll be you know. Guys like chasing Anderson what we saw yesterday rule will help make his decision when it comes to light trading our order burgers. Are that much easier. What seems to be the biggest issue with our CO other plate discipline and as it is baffling to their front office why he just can't turn it around east on the 199. Well you know rates it's acting concerning. Sure. You know we've we've seen this happen with players before he still Yong. You know I know people like to hear that when they exceed that guy you know in the wider current school year plus. But he hasn't put together to form Major League Baseball seasons yet and you know guys sometimes struggle like us. But. The good ones are the ones sickened eventually get out of is that ours later probably going to be able that later for him by I think. You know I think is best case scenario right now would beat her in nickel back to triple A critics during the period of time. You know get out of this atmosphere. Now with the hope. Of an immediate return. You know bought but one working needs to stay down there in just get a straight. And and unfortunately. You know all the entries that we receive care in backup help. You know that that hasn't been able happened for him I think is triple laced it was 45 based cops. You know they're open and I think it you know getting you know ten days two weeks sure down bare minimum. But he just needs to he just needs to figure out the mechanics again and and get competence backward we know he's capable of doing. But again that you know that the lack of depth to our position right now. Within organizations you know. Mostly. Via injury is here is just absolutely killed franchise this point. So. You know hopefully hopefully they'll be in a position here soon where they can they can send him down and get straight marker all the so capital snap fingers here but. You know it it's really you know Michener few people are sparks yet they're you don't wanna feel story or basically baseball player. But sometimes you feel that way in the batter's box you can just tell. You know how confused or lost to you straight now that things are quick it at all the passengers is it it hasn't affected his defense all I think. That to sign right there where you know all. That eventually he's gonna he's gonna get debt off since back in the match and he was sitting you in 230 this quarter to forty what a difference maker it would be. I'll put him into you know he'd be on the cusp of turning things around and even help but not the club about even more which has happened away. Craig to show on fox sports Wisconsin they're chuckling clerk. On the fan. You look at Monday night's game in the brewers' you know lose one that maybe they can add and I know. In that locker room they think they can add that one then they come out yesterday. And not only have the performance from chase Sanderson. But also from Travis shot and also may be the most brilliant display of base running you might never see from. Lorenzo Cain who was really the only one that knew what was going on there when you look at the brewers and the cubs. And you look at how the cubs have been able to. And it dominate. Over the last couple years at Miller Park and really this year. I think that they needed the brewers needed like a turning point or are turning moment to realize that they can compete with the cubs. Not just throughout the season but in those key moments Craig right now I'm a look at that. Play in that game yesterday depending on what happens today as a play that really could've. Helped the brewers get over that hurdle it's a long summer but that place specifically I mean I've never seen anything like it. No I haven't either and you know mind my immediate reaction to that was. You know look at what they get when they got this guy Lorenzo Cain. You know great data we got a World Series winner take out experience you know you can say all those things you could put on paper clip headline. But this is this is what they really got they got one of the smartest guys in the game who are constant thinker. I mean somebody needs to you know another gear or good. You know grant disguise you know. You know another Korean honorary degree and something. Eric Gordon has a degree. At some kind of being that was that was not a routine type move. Coke that was not a great escape that was that was purely by design you exactly what was happening. Or even developed. One you saw yellow which caught in between second and third base herself. You know yeah you can't give you can't give enough credit was runs came. You know it did yesterday because it it all happened because he's a banker became mean he's incredible experience but I would agree with that that certainly. Could be a turning point and now it's up to the team's sake you know make at all happened starting today but I are you know optical. Back you know talks about one big game they could've worn out there I thought. Now imagine that state we an unmarked. And you go back to back in my turning point neck in what was that we're on our defensive play I'll are on the fence now they win that game. To me you're thinking almost as much. Hey you know what maybe we caught up to you work you know we're not to you know. Intimidated by the cops or whatever just the way he. Played that whole thing now by hiding the ball behind his back in. You know kind of stick and that the cubs fans who were there that day and you know if the birthrate pull that out in addition to what they did yesterday. At all so you're saying. No anomalies momentum swinging but you know this team has arrived and it comes to. You know equal playing you know talented and hand in effect at dinner it's it's also their primary now they'll compete to the end so. Know that they're getting closer Kosher. But it would be great suit to pinpoint that played last night Clemente award come here. All right the trade deadline is so they are still several weeks away and the end of July but. Now sometimes CT is make moves earlier and earlier in the Bruce made up my removal of the weekend but do you think that they will be. Bomb in fall in a lot of discussions so therefore make it their team better. Oh yeah I don't think there's any question I mean. They've got the best record in the National League right now and I don't think it's gonna stay. That way with the current team that they have I mean because. Somebody else to three other teams that are that are right there. In the National League are also going to makes a boot so. You know it it just part of the process through the baseball season as she go to the contenders caps do something continually make themselves. Better and try to stay last effort to head competition. And which you don't want to fall into. In my opinion anyways what happened last year Warren. You know the culture ripple the medic. A Concord Rupert TrueCrypt you know completely outplayed what. Were the rumors were you know a year ago and in July and August when it came to original potentially make some groups. You don't want a full quickly behind the competition that way so. They they've got to depth in the the minor league system to do this straight now they've got some nose and cap the way. To be able to afford computers as well so I I definitely see them doing something. Crickets on fox sports Wisconsin cradle C a two game today and then afterwards the walk on pizza rants is open till 9 o'clock. So we can get there by then and enjoy a meal the current. Effort that's sort out credit to preach they'll see out there. You'll Kurdish on joining us on the great midwest bank hotline start your renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval. Loan from great midwest bank dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans to those right here our communities since 1930. Yet we can go to the Pizza Hut and out pizza the pizza ranch in Nam war on and then there's a bar. Richt on the street called the slammer. And upon. The slammer because as a prison in a upon all areas but there's a bar called the slammer. That's like in lacrosse there was a bar called the library. You can tell your mom you were at the library child how local area. Both of these names there's also bar in mobile on call Paul Paul's I don't know why are vent and air. By Paul Paul's named after Paul Roberts. You know it should be all should have a bomb a lot of things named after him. Well specifically media grill because when it comes to grow out. Roberts special to me it's the place to go from head to states gourmet burgers marinated chicken skewers and even. Beef and bacon asterisk there's lots of delicious options from. Well an old guy like Paul Roberts Paul Roberts. Manny is a veteran of sorts if there was they hall of fame. For butchers Paul Roberts he's a first ballot hall of fame Robert special admits the Waukesha player. This is a guarantee to I gave vague here. I get a guarantee. I guess I got another guarantee. The security. If you wanna Roberts specially meets. You make of Bob. Home or to all of ribs and a stick I guarantee you be back for more that guarantee is now let us down power no water for all this is going to be too for too negative particularly if you do if he'd take me up on this and stop and Roberts today. Before the close of business today or sometime this week for the weekend whatever you know. More baseball town this weekend stop in your beat drawn out at home where the ball park. Roberts ribs of a stick boneless pork ribs merited a tangy barbecue sauce Mendelsohn Lisa delicious. Can't I just can't have a sizes how. Wonderful bulls are take eat ribs are grow on us today there are all easy to heat up and don't even ask Paul. About oh you know what is he put on those things because. He's got some concoction that he puts on those things. On those rivers and a stick that man they just melt right in your mall while ribs on a stick the stakes in Kabul the thirty varieties original sausages and Bronson Roberts. Including the Wisconsin worse featuring beer bacon cheddar. Stop Roberts probably on Friday stopping their QB some half pound beef brisket burgers nobles are Freeman's favorite. But all freedoms likes the big couple of of those about a big onion and foursome he wants sauce on it. And you're good to go Robert special debates in Waukesha checked they go to their web site to Robert special the meets Waukesha. Dot com. Yeah all the information you need on their answer money saving coupons as well but by all means they hand on steaks porterhouse is the tender points. The New York strip it's the realize how well the rabbis. While there and vote up this week. Put this weekend Roberts missed the meets easily get through subsite at sunset drive in Waukesha south side of Tom when to go and they're all staff. They are. Friendly beyond means fishy to give award for customer service that is such a great job led by Paul. And his terrific staff Dolan belts they got to grow the stuff up there always will though you don't need the stuff. Of vacuum where they'll do that for you as well if you wanna trip or not you're beaten us suffer while. You're gonna summit off the relatives well you know the bad camera the stuff that. And its service there yeah I'm second to none Robert specialty meats and so driver Waukesha south side of town easy get you don't go free suits your. Robert specially meets Waukesha your hometown butcher. Got my perkins' restaurants and bakeries. I'm borrowing there that's chuck Freeman. Ask chuck in Waco or anything whatever you got on your brain for us. We will answer in about fifteen minutes we does that on a 57 FM the fan who vanished eight. Ask CW. Hot hot Clinton decks. Answering questions about why he wasn't at the OT days last week a couple of different reasons. Populate digs graduated. Got his degree. Walk. And one of his Scott mothers and his godmother which is only I think 49 you know during passed away. Should a heart attack like right after so they don't know if it was because of the excite manner. Or why he knows big moment in his life and it is they've got a good relationship there was so that's that's terrible. I always think you know any time. Somebody goes back to school and gets that degree weather go back the their master's degree through doctor's degree. Where passes agreed you've been away from school. Clinton Dix has. Or if you're you know you're guy going back to you two degree from Waukesha county tech corps. Wherever a yearly Waukesha UWM market whatever men that takes a special is an issue raising a family that takes a special Mott a person nickel back after being away and I've always had a special. All fondness for guys and ladies who were able to do that Clinton decks all the or for him nickel back the other guy's got billions dollars. And he went back and got his degree. That was terrific. So he does this. And is such a high moment and then there's such hello now. Using someone close to him dies now and so he hasn't come to the you don't use. Now there's also we found out there was no he said Dennis. There was no financial incentive for him to come a lot of guys have it in their bonus in their contract that they get a bonus for coming two days. So he did have a bonus this time Satan you know with the death with there's no financial gain for me. And in the laster my contract agents would normally tell that guy eight don't goal in game don't go your acting paid don't go. Okay he's here it's mandatory now he showed up for the mandatory. I don't think there's a story there anymore but Denny was asked about if he wasn't there for a contract reason soul. We're gonna dissect the weight now. Because. Alina hi all weighing all the physical act of your eye moving but just one because when a hot was asked the question. He weighing here's the question I have some business on. Isn't the only reason. I think you can not contradictory that. Yeah. So in that little exchange Ewing twice the mosque yet them rob the mosque is the end act counties he's Tonto so. What I think was yes family issues but he also winked because you know I also wasn't get paid that Wheaton but I think some people are reading into it. Not only did he wink because. Of that but he wants an extension. He's in the last year of his contract so if if you wait because he wants an extension. That's one thing if he'd just wait because yeah I wasn't getting paid citing com that's fine the stories over he's here. What ever but it he is gonna start. Toying in negotiating through the media that's where it may be. Story that yeah well he did have obviously said he never insult to come because they picked up to tops the pick of the fits your whose country. On the rookie deal. Now how how to have the best of years Lister Richard Stuart portrait the option of it was while five million dollars but he wants he wants some. He wants to. You know he was makes money financial security. He doesn't have the right of the Packers sold as a free agent after was here was the purpose of him. I mean other than being a good team player what was the purpose of him showing up to the OT is when he was gonna get paid there was no one cent of and he was gonna make his money are Sams and less then 7991250. Without Sam I Sam. Hey good morning guys you know I listened to that yet they and I certainly sympathize we lost everything else. But if you heard Tony is. Had a chip on his shoulder when he was talk he kept saying look at my numbered my numbers he might. You know it. Obvious it's just look at the number I don't have to defend myself out any bank. And you know what. Guys. Been OK but he was horrible I think being generous good job when you said I didn't have. I think if you rent all say in the NFC west would be your bottom plate may. He was lost in a year where you didn't get him. Step up and be a lead on being sent back side was missing in action and all I'm saying in his. How would it would it chipped off my shoulders look odd numbered lists. Projects I would just. And get paid it would no. You know no reason and finish off at a loss in the family. They. Think he on the now and ready to go straight year that's not tired I'm telling you that's not what I heard hired cocky kid. Yes they don't get paid our results you're a lot. Somewhere else that are not concerned where it started off. My films are gonna take knocking up another doniger new contract we found. No stats speak for themselves eventually phone says what's gonna what they're conceded better. The team maximize my opportunity in and when my wanna own. So he wasn't at the OTA is whatever and that it's terrible situation that happening wasn't gonna get paid I am not mad at him. If he thinks that he can have a bad year and then get an extension that's probably natural output of the it doesn't sound like he's going to have dual cam chance suited her cancer a few years ago hello Carl Thomas is doing right now but he he does. Feel like he's gonna do that come for training tip I mean how soon now we'll see if moral those up for training camp a cancer death. He says that's not. Something that he plans on doing but. It's also sells like Clinton Dix. Putting some of the bad season on him last year on the previous defense of coaching. Coaches because of the scheme because he says he's he's freer now in. Under Mike patent system to do what he won't know what he's capable doing. Other than dom system without actually coming on sales of our record with. Well bigger than what he wants you're gonna get you're gonna get paid based on your most recent what have you done for me lately production. And what can you do for me now production so if he is a bad year on. I mean that last game of the season we accuse him of quitting during it because you're a terrible this Detroit. Yes so if he plays like that ain't gonna give pain if he plays mediocre he's not and he always looking for. If he's the hot Clinton decks that he's been when he's been the best version of himself. Then yeah I'll get paid but. The thing that you can just go through this season get paid based on your first couple years. I'm off for a wanting to get paid mall for players wanted to get money this is their shot and it played. You're gonna have to produce a better than you did a year LC if that. Next paycheck isn't agree attackers that picture this year. I was still bark but that they have the maybe being this regime says a helium year. Rule live all this year and in that they've done a defensive backs the pick of the year and then also and number guys playing some of the team next year soul he may not be a Becker next year. 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And the scene we might be paired with lumps you know once we Google's elections but it's also a third a club. The battery job posting this last year's auto vice seven FM the fan that path. Brewers fans who was yesterday's chilly as MVP. Be the first to know at seven. 91250. And he'll win twenty bucks Chile's cash chili's is back baby. Back this is chuck can play caller on the only station brewers fans made it 1057 FM the fan. Who is the Chile's MBV. Again you can watch the game and then listened to our show around 835 and have the Chile's MVP. But you never know with Tim Allen and David doubts the curve balls they may be throwing I think there's two top candidates for this who would you say. Well obvious obvious it's either going to be chase. It those seven innings of one hit saved the bullpen and or you can go Trevor shot would knock that all the rounds well. Well it says Jim in Chicago Jim who was the chilies and VD. Let the chilly MCB. Was the ban the award winning the shock Freeman. Chuck Freeman really all Lorenzo Cain overshot over chase. Why check the sonic ten boys utilities MVP in the brewers' four zip victory he guaranteed it a lot like Joan name at guaranteed victory chuck. Freeman is utilities that. Wow see our thanks to you got to listen to the post game job. Why examples you shall it and know that the a well. I didn't I was coming out of Miller remarkable double him as the midnight last night when I was on with those guys. So let it all that's good also congrats guys. Cookie cutter Miami John name at that they give you ran in the Susie called are you at the exact same way probably she might just. As she Susie solar. I played Iran so those notes related area are counseled well yes is Susie might be doing at the me. Certain that the two way street and out of player now I suppose hey I Kevin Durant was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel recently here's a snippet of. That LeBron wanted to come to the warriors next season. Would you be excited about that or would you feel like all right it's this is now not fair where the Harlem Globetrotters here. I just don't think that happen all right go Leo yeah so my business news and writes them so OK I rather I don't know of them outside. So he's gonna deflect them out on the Golden State Warriors had a little more energy yesterday it was their third rate in four years I watched. A lot of that's okay and where was about. I was on NBA TV OK so the they took the feed from wanna. I think the Comcast station out there and it was like four hours and in the past here's the luxury that you're afforded when you win multiple titles. If we had a parade downtown. It would probably go the way a lot of for days ago they do parade. Your little rushed because any got to get to this stage we talk a little bit. Workers did that the last two titles they want so this year they thought. No stage let's just have the parade boarded turned into was a block party. Crap show on in a good way you had every boss had two players on a two or three players. And there are a lot of players that did not stand their boss like he could see Kevin Durant waving from the top of his boss with Obama I mean that's pretty cool whatever. But staff Currie was barely on his boss at one point he ran away from his security detail just to go hang out with fans. Jordin dollar still wearing those goggles he ran out and it's the put a bottle up to the crowd pointed out tonight at nine. There or multiple people on the crowd that had bottle specifically. Indicates that orders allotted any so he's going to drinking and the crowd nick young and JaVale McGee. There are getting hammered everywhere it was a really cool thing to see something that your afforded if you win multiple titles. And as. This has been happening to me as someone who roots for Golden State as excited as I get and it's cool they think it is. I can't enjoy Golden State without thinking what would that be like in Milwaukee. I just want a parade here so yeah I had never. Thomas sip rate even from Washington Capitals I mean Eddie. Winning chip to chip case you did it never becomes old hat and you know if they. Celebrated just as hard as they did the pastors say it is server because that put a lot of hard work in a and they made the run they went through that marathon so anything they did a net parade and now other than violence. Is is a great thing and everyone acted great in the crowd. There was no security issues because they wanna state the national championship so. Of the NBA title bomb and have a love for it to happen here home Wisconsin evidence. Would be great if one of our sports teams one or two sports teams here. Did that it would be. Phenomenal. Imagine yacht is running around the crowd I imagine it. You know Jabari Parker. Or was it food delegate to somebody that would get drug. Who would be the most likely block to take your shirt off runner on get drunk with the crowd. I don't know how any other I don't know they don't think that's the personality of the team is there anyone and that deal all Brandon Jennings is now on only you know harm. So but really what it Bledsoe when the brewers won the American League and it. Day in 82 they had the parade downtown Milwaukee and then Atlanta right to county stadium where Robert yelled. Rove into the stadium in this more Psycho. But I don't know that I don't know we'll call evidence 71 with a box won the championship when their own point chambers of arbor was four years old. I see pictures of the brave easily won the title in 57. Going through what downtown. Milwaukee but you'll be a wonderful thing. This Tom would be upside down were so fortunate ever. To win. A world championship. Chuck and like our Sunday. And all access I was as up to now say Elena we don't win a World Series shipped to our lifetime. He says that he says gonna happen. It's almost a quick that Al also pressured because no security but he's assured me it's an area. That's a question you have for Tim what about questions you guys have for us. Asked chuck and went there anything it's next on offense. You've been texting your questions in all morning for chuck doing clerk and now it's time for some answers. This is ask chuck Finley blurt NEC on 1057. FM the fan. Ask shocking white blur anything it is that time thank you. For all of your tweets at 1057 FM the fan you'd use the hash take ask is CW that tells Bynum and one of you will get summer fest tickets so congratulations you're the real winner you're the real MVP. Cody grants are both Cody what do the people want enough to get roads are bad we're bound trucks Linkedin page. After all those reads you want to know why it's so went to. All I ever really feel that else. Pumping them out looking for a job now. What were you or I mean I think what you get to the police like this are radio station. Rose could go down as one of us here has a nice linked in danger she likes water they do you know I don't know I mean I think. If you get too I mean collective. Roll four when he didn't but it's an idea if you're satisfied with the job where would he do why would you wanna move on. Merry go to come here and now. Jeff Freeman ladies and gentlemen your 910 years old stick around we'll have who is excelling at his job as of late and that brings then it. This off the top bank line and good morning. This it should not. Not I've been let's give a program very opted over the past few months have that opportunity to college you know I don't you know I did get a new job and all but I've been listening I have a question for its shots ring. It not what you got debt guaranteed right yesterday. Just make make you more desperate. I'm located the speed anything the discount I did I'd go into yesterday's show think it was gonna make security. It was my utility grip around this time yesterday when I thought OK you know like they're gonna win this game. It just getting hit so you'd just you never know it could happen tomorrow may never happen ever again. Is never off. I like and I like that you finally made in team amid eager to but again I like that it works I'll make another one today. Rumors guaranteed Hamas brewers guarantee only just you know or does do it. Tonight good. Well the margin is guaranteed a Virgo you think guaranteed Hobbs was sitting just a cursor bar but dealer if you just throw it out there. And it billiard guarantees something. The third win today. I think it's necessities for the moment what is this brand new talent that's overdone. I don't guarantee. The brew bullying today. And if they don't and we'll have a beat guys the Jeff Freeman day my triggered to agree I'm a very good experience I guarantee. But there and you're not a phrase I want onboard so I guarantee from the brewers will win today in there and nobody can. And T hair long Damon's game airing today. Now begin here hokey what do you Ruth hit its ads aired here on Twitter he wants to know what he should get his dad for Father's Day this Sunday. What did she get bruised death won't high stakes probably would have is this like blue with a brother that makes a lot stakes are Roberts actually neatly on it blows them. And I really voted against Dubow well get embassy what's his hobbies like the golf you know golf shirts. Given the time get a lot states. Never through them stick chair. It's generating K Gatorade they go to get his feet want to know why doesn't chill out sit in the same studio has barks. All that's behind the scenes next. You know it's if it's. A season and soc I am to you gotta. It's always going to be a tennis court ever do his own thing. Lutui of that I don't know. And as CNET went on adding checks just make it up and now they want to know how to answer you alone. For. Yet to speculated. For when you have to what we do not exercise he would dispute gain weight they're buddies get interventions. I've worn. My G I've worn jeans like you want a month and half its console myself soul opt for prayers three regular and one cent per hour. I probably have. Recently before. And and 3834. With a pair again a nice pair got a nice dark pair got a pair that's likes what fans and I got a ring to be there and got four. Four pairs I don't want to destroy complete holes yeah me too cause you called patent genes. But I never paint anything. Cody Allen Randy. Wants now to check green and putted better from all that role in range stern as FaceBook video what could be a coma and probably have a political one Roman ring. Shots fired no he's not there is I just don't think much of immigrants. You're off FaceBook video is good yesterday had to drive around town hall today and I see the W flakes flying it break your heart broken 845. I've seen the land of Lincoln like displays are you tired you know history of the Chicago Cubs could support. Yes I think they're gonna win tonight. That's the deathly scared to you know cubs they stink and I'm guaranteed the brewers going today and Matt tweets then there's always things kiss of death. Hey it's something catastrophic happens to the brewers today I think chuck should be able to slap Bart three times in the face. On the air. I will not agree to America agreed today even if it. You can plug it puckered yeah I did take you for domestic violence on the and I. You know he's got an ugly it is the thing also that then. Me being something something that's like slapping three times in the face earlier and obviously an earlier Cobb county jail it what you say user account which I. You're gonna copy me and have a guarantee that they do ask you weigh your putting up as your. Can I ask you why you're so offended. Speeches are the but that's like ballpark chuck would like it no huddle but. You're many personalities. Then on it that's that'd disorder that's this is this the Bourn went OK well that's a lot of volume viewing every day. That's something I can't control roads will be up. Ziggy says his girlfriend wants him to talk like shot during lovemaking. Which city do. Why your be yourself. Don't we you'll material. That. Anemic got my check now let's go back to the talkback line by law and order. If you had a choice of either being. Richard or younger going forward which would you rather be called Burress along. I was sick kids. News media. College yeah. We do that this. Go go forward I'd take the money in health I have enough time left right and take the money and back nine in my life would like to have us. I take we younger than he got may turn into my life from 34. A year here on them. The book the poll. And a par three. The climate of that in real that he but I mean it's been that paying you you say your goal 35. Yeah I I like I'm an old soul or whatever they say in which basically means well I don't like to leave the house slowly with the old souls different middle souls looking forward things about what you see you. You get tired just watching American. I have yet. Hello until yard where it yesterday. In I didn't lose my breath I sweated right so much but I you know I stayed okay Cody. Begin ramadi Iraq wants to know 125000. Dollars a cinema lottery. Would be your first purchase. When 2000 dollars home. The Puerto. Chicago life. The holes are conflict. Hillary go at that no house or Condo. What forwards to Google I don't know two months' salary. Oh no this the no I mean that's the that's not gonna happen but. I'm no we hotels don't I would also Condo. And that there I would pay out some loans student loans. You know they say that nice to keep the two Mozilla. Well yeah I get students Nat Tom McCain is a hundred a month here and that adds up. So I drive me out that I'd buy I do this will studio in my house and review our basement. Middle studio down then yeah I'd want I'd like to implement those two yeah you can build with cheaper these days to Bruton used to be. In intimate view. But they'll. I would build a studio just that there in to do show that the wanna come in but just didn't do it again yeah. Yes code Adam wants to know when the last time shifted to show by himself what's. Mean to elaborate on why am I really I mean I have probably 2008. I'd like to show myself. I don't see what's talkies to be with two people. Idling unit alone either. You know who initially he didn't want to buy yourself I've got a couple here. From quality. It's always good to have two people via illegal you'll take legal shows by himself when he's got. Joseph the bounce things off once while on it that you just sports talk today is as two people. Yeah I agree 34500. But I would wanna be if we. Neat if we have three guys are who see I'm right here and he's produce them. Fully company did but it's not like we're all three of us. When he 24 hours. Code to growth might want some of the most disappointed you've ever Bentley they would scotsman sports team high expectations low results. Lofty standard lines from that was. There's a lot of this one of the most disappointing and that's good question. Well. Let's ask Ellen tomorrow that's that's a good one well I ask you guys that on tomorrow and that's a damn good one that began at the guy I mean or. Or some real bad questions today. Doesn't get a real good ones most disappointing you ever been a bought a one of our sports teams as well as that would tomorrow are your chances are investing against. Where I begin now. Outlast your during this week we spent five straight days on gulf. This year will spend the statement Gary D'Amato joins us next. From can I say it cynic Jack yes you watch it should account. So the whole thing.