8am - Brewers expectations

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, February 13th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the expectations of the Brewers right now and if they are too high or not.

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No I. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. James Crichton College athletics studio. This is chuck it awaits word on sports Radio One 057. Tuesday we can thank our friends at frontier motor cars for that your new car alternative. I'm self point seven streaky here and target your credit and warranty to. Frontier motor cars that met Gary willfully joining us. Around 817. Bucks GM John force to join us around 835. A lot to talk to him about what moves the Bucs could still be making and what Joseph Conti asked to do to become the next coach of the Milwaukee Bucks an awful. Time bases well Princeton funny we're on T exactly. It's just going to hear on the Pham a little brewers to get into as dead. We're very excited right all without doubt and it may be one atop World Series some people are gonna go there if you wanna tag. NL central some people are gonna go there he wants out wild cards and people are gonna go there if you wanna toggle over 500 and not make the playoffs and be very well there. I don't know of anybody right now is going. Where they don't think numbers are gonna at least 8500. So are we setting ourselves up for a little bit of Lou. Disappointing orders has been too much and our recent lifetime here that all this high expectations for the brewers and bucks at this time of the year. I mean. I guess when they got Greinke the more I seen on these teams play well a little bit easier is journalist ya. But. The brewers have done a Mother's Day in them must whose injuries. What the brewers have put the cells of such good position. Coming off last year we elect I mean Lister was not a fluke. And yeah I mean is there I'd be curious what a couple of guys and a team I think couple guys really get better on this team. You know guys like John Garcia and I think you know wolf we'll Trevor Shaw equally review last year and this you know famously wrote out that a great start and then. You know finished with 3031 home run sparked. Arm I think the team is put themselves in the offseason and now they have not done march. But I think what these two acquisitions they've put themselves adding those two big pieces. And I thought clutch hitting was a big part of the problem issues and told. They've they've said the sub four. For making a run. At a division had a post season berth this year. Four on 47991250. Let's go to the north west side of town. Check anyway day you would sub day if I do. I guy I don't think you're going to be disappointed. You're absolutely have gone for the brewers season. What the topic of conversation yesterday and they thought you were a little too enthusiastic. I think is that who's at the boy are we up. Are known golf course not as my hands and as my old friend Mikey Stewart called it chicken little big show them. Yeah out here is my point I I think that. I think court where were overt thanking the Yu Darvish signing because. For 25 million dollars I mean every time I look this guy a Turk. And it just seems like towards at all when a guy keeps getting hurt. Even a bit for a little bit you're you're looking at. How many games and this guy gonna end up pitching for the cubs. You know I I just think that that. I think able repeat. On this guy and to be honest I I still don't want Jake area and I think he's too wall but to guide that you mentioned. Between younger guys. Might be a possibility but I ate. And it trading to one of our young pitcher might be a great idea but I I wouldn't. That he's the I I just think that star Herschel was at 31. And yet you started to get hurt more kinda like watching Bryant brought up about it all all the flooding now. He's spending time on the ideology different you've been saying about excitement and for 25 million I would pay out. I think you know 31 when your 31 year old pitcher. And I think you're over the hill by premiums. Deaths would you should just be at the peak of your career. And with Syria does each pitched better the second part of the season and he did in before the Allstate dudes pitch until they're forty yeah oh yeah. Are told local all right did you sign with a team again and he's like seventy ask okay. So I yeah I just did the same age basically every Darvish is what or are you are one of the two is like six months although many other. But arm. Area I saw our Boris is agent is looking for six years a 165. Million dollars. You kidding me. Six for 16564165. At one point it was a different now what they're solid Darvish got six for 150 yeah. Tops that's that's the best area of radio Boris looking for a little higher than that under at like thirty mil I know 128 Tony and I need help they get it he's just not gonna get it no way I saw adjustable son MLB network's of this out area. Maybe area at a need to take two contracts. For the repeal of the two remaining contracts of his career is that a one touch regularly is it just pitchers starting pitchers. They all want the 67 year deal. But how the baby are yet it needs taking a three year deal. And then but he's got to prove himself again but then on top of that if he has three great years then he can finish out with another three year deal. Or for your deal yet that guys don't wanna take that risk that I they're fighting for is that 67 they yeah exactly exactly. When Jillian Albert Pujols and a ten year deal Lee sack but you can also do but then it could also work yes she would if he puts up three great years. Stick with the incentives. You know if you argue a six year contract making a 150 million dollars. Now our horses got some incentives. What where's the instead of a guaranteed contract the new leader make it a fight like. You know what's his face off the doors with the with the you know we just. Ariza Garcia how soon we forget. Resorts and for that guy to pitch. Jennifer was an audience as he left the team into one neat fifteen or wherever it was he left the team. Is no incentive for him. He went home with his wife of California was having a baby he's the and stick around so all contracts should be happy and sent I think itself. I think so. Letting it happen help but I mean I like how isn't football where. You cannot guarantee it is kind of an. Now I absolutely don't do those guys got to go all the performer if they don't. Ain't coming back that stress and I I don't think players that'd be over too well that that's not happened in baseball ever does the players association. We don't tell law that adding the NFL players in a straight commission against guarantee cattle seem couple years we'll see if that ever happens but. But Arianna those of thought was also seen here. It Gordon get a three year deal. Put up some numbers and then that in its final contract you could Buchanan. You've hit it again. City me is that maybe that's the route that he's gonna have to do a may have to if nobody is I was quite early and build phrases yelling 81. Tips are opening up this week. Out of brewers I think it's Thursday camps are opening up this week and pitchers and catchers Thursday every cancer but this week or so these guys. Don't have the other gonna have there. The put association is putting together on spring training policies down Florida. We don't these guys run sign are gonna have our own spring training. Just work out. I sun article it was written in jest but it. Hey why the hell not I'd just three form the Montreal Expos and give them all the free agents sure let them play you know their project that team of free agents. I think is projected to win about 84 games so and I also free yeah projection so you could actually had a all the freedoms put. All position players and Noah. Would you team you get an alleged team that always be about 500 okay if need be parents chuck and like are served up by Perkins again it is a box. Tuesday's sell well tact Gary willful are insider coming up in a few moments and then it does not get more inside than talking with the man that makes the decisions. Bucs general manager John Horst. Will join us coming up here. Around 8:35. Here this morning it's checkpoint where we are served up by Perkins 12:50 AM 1057 FM the fan. Well Valentine's Day is tomorrow and guys there's nothing like maybe. 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Would you say you're not as inside as the John horse or do you know things that he does and it's possible way that ownership group. The affirmative. Currently about one vote we saw that look at some of these guys who've been getting buyouts. Yeah you know they've been looked in the bulk of got swept away by AD it's it's David Bowman. They looked into Marco Marco Belinelli. Orchard will you know they want backup relative Graham. These huge pick up and Buckley talked about scorer. They need perimeter shooting in thought Billy obviously fiscal rule. He could yield probably you know 212 point gain. He's a veteran player let me just took a great pick up four Philadelphia. Could they be looking at some point guard held by no there's been names that are rumored. I'm against Derrick Rose. Odd I -- diva in me noted it grow now now now I saw some people chatting online yesterday about may be trying to get Brandon Jennings back here and a ten day deal. They've got injuries you know the point guard spot in Delhi can put all the funny training videos out that he wants that there still. Yourself then at that position over the next few weeks in do we see anything on that front. Well I'm sure that the credit playing somebody and you know they look no. That you could go up for grabs. You know that there is no definitive. Clear cut favorite and I mean equal weight down. He might seem and each one of these teams have you know sort of deficiency. So I get so little prize of Yale book of Brian. Somebody to look a bit extra work because I think they're legitimate shot. I'm not saying they're gonna make eastern captain's final clue there will be called me the other day secret I think the other the Dutch but again. I still think they're too local to the bench. What is the best in the box. I doors for them achieving that can happen. Well I think you have this from the get going forward that was right yeah I'm courses return it to. You know look forget how. If you can get back on track there you just don't. You pick up point point per game scorers in the middle of treason and it's it's virtually impossible. In you know unity don't come remotely close to that. UW and helpful. About Eric Bledsoe has been looking better as of late to his attempt to Gary lawful obviously he's and a lot since he got traded here. But now the do exit the duke likes to shoot threes now is actually knocking him down man. Yeah I think that flirt with fire there because it's a that's not really you mean you know what you're in more of the big Orange Bowl there it give. Do you know in the open court for some reason oil output. You know he can improve that aspect of game civilly you know Tokyo close the book. Yet you know how that is that's sometimes fools gold Gary you know and I truly don't want a guy starts hitting threes you like OK I hope he continues the shooter as he it's 13. You want to keep going out there because. That's the best thing you have for reported that the guy goes off their and it's that first three because the musical back that well five or six times in a fighter rapidly and. You have precisely and in the you know you get caught up the matter once and while you're duel with a Korean also legal search should put more. And you still have refined that aspect of the game went that's in addition shouldn't secretly put. He should go pretty crazy Eddie you really open for the most part of your capsule and rich are giving guys in that might trip. But there and invincible and certainly the Korean. You know keep launch from. They Chris militants three numbers are down this year but overall. Since the coaching change I think he's taken his name his team to the next level spit in his mid range game I think has really reliving your. Yeah I mean he you know Chris from the preserve good player and Kenny quit the situation. Who are you glad you're a cricket but what. Would have had a better record you know have to break. He's legitimately. Legitimately could have been also are also aren't you could say EE dessert young adults thirteen wherever Kemba Walker. And should be the next guy you know although. You period from NBA people commit hurry up either. So we'd get Cirque. Would you you don't get out of local delicacy in the. All these guys that have got hurt for the all star game as a tactic Gary wolf full. Our basketball insider have been on team LeBron for whatever reason. Team Larry tartan skirt here Millar got a good and does there classic borrowing for Segway. Team old team LeBron. Is a completely new team. Things so we signed Sunday that new look cavs team I know it's just one game. If you look at the demeanor of LeBron from any time this season to Sunday. He looks like he has this team raring to go and if he goes in the finals with this rate take group of misfits. Adding that you can rank up there with any of his other accomplishments on any of his other teams. Well you're absolutely right I mean what will go on doesn't look rejuvenated. They actually get guys that defend. You believe that. Like you look like you well over selling how happy he was a little bad. On Sunday I mean all the senate majority Clarkson is is his best bloody ever does is lay off my column rally get its happy we did a man. Yeah but I mean that they really made so who really could lose you know last week. There under the trade deadline and like Churchill where an what do they expect of that is. Again I mean. I mean NBA guys called me two years ago that the wing of the week was done you know greens and every moment. Well especially on the defense then he concurred in the you know. And ultimate bring you some young guys go to their credit. More importantly they're they're good perimeter shooters and run because I mean my. My goodness seek help any team. So low bond reduced couldn't penetrate. Well there's incredible program to configure a lot of good open look. Restaurant also did. Boise some. Odd mart to open. At all. Yeah and enlarging that you know you are what windows. Or I mean their windows. Really tight reminiscent of the year maybe next year. The trial they'll make you run deep into the playoffs. In they they get shot I think we keep you earned it coached. I think their chemistry is so clearly. And you retired what looked into the sea captain Colleen was shot media on the one the wall. A franchise that's never really taken that next step up to. And absolutely. But I mean they've really got share what you know. That fighting you know 6:7 teams in the Eastern Conference will be little wizards. Get direct I think their talent to do any talent in the Eastern Conference. But they've they've got issues injury issues it's journalists. But you know there at this point it time to turn that around. Jerry all fall or seen journal times hopefuls press backs that camera marquee basketball insider. Last night C colonel warriors trying something a little different. Steve I heard today I essentially. Didn't coach his team last night gave it up to the players they went by about forty. I think that's one of the first things you have to. Consider as a coach Snyder team it's not Bob Myers team is not Jolie could seem a long night and told Joseph that. That's some players teams their team and they have to take ownership of it so that. Let me to wonder well if the box. Play my game. Without a coach how would they do and then I realized essentially. They've been playing the entire first half of the season without it sure NBA head coach right. Soon. Yes. It could leader all Margaret or two dragging deliverable they travel deal. Yeah here at exactly. So I think that what didn't do that theoretically you know would be the head coach right. All I would say Bledsoe. Where they part. Jason Terry. Jason Terry I mean you know that I don't know he's still but wouldn't you know it looked at coach. Yeah actually there appeared on the coaches meeting and Terry did. Jason Terry did yes celery. He wants to be assistant coach when did he in the worst way when he gets out of this thing yeah. Yeah it wasn't gonna leave after should get where he says the kids in his arguments to him. And so it media he has hung around and throw a LC say he's got to stick up for his body. We can't save it and I mean you get very. They're hurt they're in more than you know when you're court a little closer. That there looking silly bogeys actually there should play better now they just gone. What exactly is it more court time and so you know it can't be all that and adjacent to the data and equally tired grin you know compared claimed that table for the books but. Then those of some sort term. You know now my you might have just been saying it just as well although he did I mean I it's I would say let's not take everything Jason Terry says seriously. By Jason Terry on the guys who did on media they say we're gonna win fifty games and I keep referring back to and so. He told me two years ago there are gonna win the conference on. May be I don't think in trading at the rock and Georgia ailment. You you just be optimistic you know the. Do you think that I mean that. The fact that they did not make a move on draft mantra that tree did Monday at eight that's gonna hurt them. I don't know didn't know what is so important to talk. The sort of state or every great now Cleveland got those talents and he put problem that don't have their chemistry and it's really substitute integrate players in the middle of the reasons I mean much like one big networks or or guys they gather. I changer rule who have. Well but again you know who knows what we have to look at was Suzanne I still there they're mostly look at these. And you got walloped beatle. In. A pretty solid front court deal with that they they could be dangerous what. Yeah I think you know the Bucs don't Q2 Eastern Conference final and I think that could there come back to play them. Gary appreciate it we'll tag team next week or at the box pick up Brandon Jennings will have an emergency phone caller. Sound wonderful. Material. Well everybody now Christine journal times hopefuls pres by snag academy joins us. On the agreement West Bank how line if you're looking for a simple and convenient free approval process for your. New home construction or renovation loan programme mid West Bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935. Bucks GM John horse. 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And in the all star break box Tuesday brought you by a frontier motor cards you are new car alternatives so Tony seventh street get your car get your credit and a warranty to frontier motor cars. Dot net secondly there on the fan let's check Freeman I'm borrowing Wheeler joining us on the great midwest bank hotline. B general manager freedom want to box John Norris joins the show. John appreciate a couple of minutes how are you this nine bucks Tuesday I jumped. They got a great are you. It's great to have you aboard Geithner trading deadline that the team has been active for you know you were there. Bomb in another role when the team seem like trading deadline David always now pull off a move or to which you decided to stay can't. What did you see with this team that she thought that may be other additions. We're not gonna be beneficial to these guys. Well I think I think you're right is in the back that we did pass on the day of the trade deadline that you actually look at yellows cart. Yeah we aren't quite a bit so. You know we added it hurt like so early. Which would miss the transaction we got to art Parker back to back up a grand. And we may trade the pilot dollar and also it is no although it coast itself. I as we've done quite a bit. Are we got the team to the point where we were really really happy that we haven't trusted expert and what the actual trade deadline day is not unique around. We felt really confident with a group that we at that point forward this is that you. Eat and perhaps the Eastern Conference and McKnight well. When you see a team like the cavs do it they did on trade deadline day and not that you guys haven't been active throughout the season as you mentioned when you see a team like the cavs. And I'm jealous they were able to make so many moves are do you kind of smirk a little bit saying boy must have been amassed over there. Yeah I mean listen I think. Again we we've enacted they haven't made 86 laps on the day of the trade deadline. You know yeah let the comments of their general manager Colby Altman's owner and in the that talked about they are working at felt like they they needed to make some changes it to get to where they wanted to get at that. Think that the comment they used as they were trying to prevent kind of a slow march to adapt. And you know that's. By no means were we are right now in India which of our franchise and our team so we're again we're really happy that there at. I kind of going to that we we we made Oprah I would include economists are played output. Not only got stretched as you're going forward. And now you know Cleveland do what they did but I think we're we're happy we're at today. ABC mood change in this team and not. Not necessarily corporate plan or core courses very 200 promptly but I mean Emmitt. In May be a little different. Look to this team that locker room. Yeah and you know Joseph Joseph is our head coach so he's one of the leaders of the franchise and and other that you've got to have an impact on on the energy on the on the environment on the culture and and we we have seen it change a part of this enterprise. They are responding well it is jealous that you know and you know quite plane the type about all the we hope they can play and we hope to continue do that on a consistent basis that I mr. John horse bucks GM joining us check in winter on the fan. So Joseph front the obviously is off to a pretty good start I think of active coaches he's had the best start outside of a Steve Kerr. And there's been a lot of discussion as you guys move towards this new arena a ball what the team's gonna look like. With this new era of bucks basketball citing the assumption is. To going to a new arena you wanna you wanna big name but I have to imagine there's been some conversations about. Joseph so far in the job that he's doing what do future might look like with him so I'm picturing John that in your office you've got. Or maybe it's in your head. But you've got a checklist of well Jonas is the playoffs knowing her view it be Regis second round. Interview if he wins finals he's the coach look kind of conversations have you had. Abolish the job Joseph printing needs to do to stay the head coach of this team. So I. I don't think that the checklists is that is that concrete as it puts you let you know I think also you know the idea of once in a statement it is not the case what. What were hunting for this franchise is that people on the partners that says the organization the culture expert that we want. But I'll look at that point it was wanna get and they're just like we said we started in jail or the opportunity. We said that he admits that at every opportunity. To be part of our our process this summer which we're gonna find the long term. Cook for the franchise and end. How winning is a big part of that just accepting wants don't have access to what the staff is a success because overall law added. And they're doing the best that they can do. And they'll continue to be considered and evaluated just like everything else so he has people in the Osce. Chris Middleton seems like he's really played well on the last month would be what do you see in his game that east kind of take it to the next level I mean mid range you know you like this three point shooting below about a bunny mid range she's. Still most turnarounds and he's been a big part of their when he's on the floor their success as a way. Yet Chris Chris is quite another extremely high level he's you know it goes to our force down stressed that means he's I think he's. Started should. The ball war consistently when he opened Leckey Estrada's career. In overall I think Chris mentally and physically feels. Seals are really good right now he's been playing at a high level for Austin in. It's nice to have to have options and guys who goes down the stretch that you know. When they have the ball that they're gonna make criticism what does it shot themselves for a teammate that they can trust some of the baucus is one of those guys that he felt. I met with on this these last few weeks. But general manager John horse joining us on a box Tuesday. Thrill when we've heard from you. John you've talked about how you're always continually trying to improve the team and I and that's that's got that's. What I would assume is the role of a general manager. Where you guys looking at right now and other trade deadline came and went his bio process is I think very fluid in name goes very fast. I guess. What happens a lot only talk to people John is that. We'll talk to somebody and then like two hours later. There's like news from the team so if you have any news you wanna talent he could do that now may be or where you guys sort of that with the bio chem stuff. Yet no no news I guess. Fluidity of the visit to a two hours. I promised at the moment that that would that nothing. Kind of in the ranks by. The buyout the buyout market to market. And that is the stage looks at what we're in the seat right now at pike outlook that. That next backstage to improve your team. Seen the wire markets and interest in 114. But I think I could decide if player map that will be able to because we've got a good team that's great talent. In position on the conference and out a while so. So player or had interest. But I. Again it is there something that's in something that's really special considered it their system. Something Iraq make moves to make moves so we're gonna evaluate try to make the right moves and some of those come available or you know got this started come back from China some European created start to pop a drop and that will look at. But you know again it's not something we're just to do what do it it is the truth so you like to make a big difference for us. Saw report one of the Burke the general manager Sean Marks that you really want it Tyler Zeller EU we didn't it was a relevant switcheroo give up from a that you really want him. Is it surely in him what what intrigues you so much was Zeller. It got what what irrelevant we gave up form but while we we. It I don't like Tyler there's a group of guys similar Pollard talent in contract status that we identify. That we thought could help so that they specifically with Tyler is. He's not a not a short Turkey so he's got a contract this year and next here I'll without it we so choose. He picked us physically you know something that we saw like we needed today you got to get a classic matchup against some of the team to have bigger us started by more physical starting five. It is a different look. I'm Donna planned extremely high level by hiring in marshaled some extent and now what is role do you have the playoffs are those guys it's get a different look they're physically different than Donna on. All the people you know. Power at Billy's stretched Horry shot preacher recently. So brought that was accommodation of player per cent and contract. That we targeted imminent and pursued him and were lucky to get it. Bucs GM John Horst joining us check in Y Claire here on the fan. Others also been some we're looking at case obviously we look at had a lot of next season. There's not a lot of teams with cap space teams are fighting that luxury tax. How do you as a general manager chided. Did the best team now but then also kind of look forward because there's one guy that's very. Obviously a lot of bucks fans they wanna see here for awhile and are very interested in the negotiations on their contract with. Jabari Parker how is that coming along and wins the plants. Locked him up there if that is the plan. And then how do you fight the cap for next year with. Because there may have led the market just not may not be as big as it would be in a normal year for a guy even as talented as Jabbar. It's it's a great point Barton and trust. Obviously we study it honestly started he. That we think I'll have all the interest our needs that are brought the star roster. Out the other thing. But ultimately we we know you know eyes as we please you know extended dominant. A current. And back I'd like Eric Bledsoe and Tony now you know to bar coming in and the players going forward we know there. Apple's position now this courtroom that would knock that position at cap space so for us flexibility on them in the mode you know draft. Drafting well and having contracts that are tradable. By concepts are treatable. And just creating flexibility in those places to be about to be transactional do you think it's easy team. But also in the region that you get locked into the team is that you believe and we believe this group completed court this group. He departed big part part of that so we had really productive and positive conversations with Jabar is reputation. Rocket engine appeared we weren't able and I think that's but that's a look at that happens a lot there's there's very often I don't get X. Extensions we still have to artistry to write in free agency. And we had a great relations with Canada in relation to the agents will continue to have those conversations when it's appropriate. And try to get to an agreement to Jabar part of the. Do you have like is there cut off for him do you plan to match any thing or where you guys with Jabari and that cents. Yeah I'm not gonna comment on that right now it's not fair to Jabar organization but what I would tell you again is that we do we you have greatly shipments in and I'll. The dynamic to oriented agent we lectured expensive process early positive lately they're really good about our opportunity to party organizations. You see as -- getting better that are increasing as the weeks go on here and really play in the back to back the other night time in Orlando but you see. Slowly those numbers going up. Yeah that's a good question for for sure I think that yeah. One minute right now I think you'll you'll see it go to 25 and those are hard limit personality as a human on either side that they eat in. He kind of work with the Jabbar will get into the all star break and all summer how ill relative to act back in many restrictions but. Everything that was part of a so so far Jabari with the ladies played the least I'll it and I think what is hopefully we'll see continued increases in clock. Do you have an update on mir's how he's doing and what that situation is right now. So near one win it at all happened with putter release you know others. Kind of a three month period from your where we do a lot of evaluating and testing. Consult with doctors it's a serious issue. Obviously you know and sort of a processor that right now you know the doctors and get your results and hearing how. I'll Wear things that before we kind of comment or statement on board that. Bad bad thing is not a quick turnaround that that's a really serious issue and and we wanted to continued support here that has amity does resistant and make sure that whatever we find out whatever. Solution and in direction we picket the right once and then that organization. This is your last chance Bucs GM John horse if there is any news you wanna get off your chest. If there is there. If any are certainly bringing their old Brandon Jennings out to Jersey to the area this week are or anything like that any news job news. There is no Fox News that I have to update. Cast well they're gonna sign somewhat soon is that only he always got pregnant again hey William Klein like Magic Johnson in Los Angeles he contaminant free agency has now what do you think it Kevin Durant my now I Leonard I have. But they begin in about Sierra armed men and Aaron. Jack appreciate your time good attack Tia and we'll check in down their own. It John horse bucks general manager joins us on the great midwest bank hotline agreement West Bank if you're looking for a simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. Or renovation loan called great midwest bank. Committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935. Looks great to see the blocks at 3124. Bellamy not somewhat meter gold state fans Boston you know that's. And you'd you're expected to be you know where you are but where the box of band for so many years sparked the see them here the all star break seven games over the 500 mark. And having won either of their last ten. That there are this far with a five on a marked man the system its chemical thing to see. Chuck and Michael I would agree what that part of what I try to do theirs are Shania Jabari. I'm negotiating under bars half so that's our show and it always is dismal Ronald I don't expect that. Elle Woods as the Brad comment and 5% to as the other come our thanks again about GM John ours. Will kind of review what we just heard from the Bucs general manager in a couple of minutes because I have been able to successfully negotiate. On behalf of people or at least give the ball rolling by telling you about young express. Young express their looking for people in their dispatched. Department now even if you've never done a job like dispatching. You've never been a dispatcher you barely even know what it is. They're gonna train you every step of the way that's what they do a young expressed they give you the tools to succeed no matter if it's the sales positions. I if you wanna be a driver. I transporter. Or in dispatched they're looking for people with a good math skills. People like a multitask. Good phone skills can you navigate a computer they would help that you candy and opened since everything's computer based these days. Are you friendly that's a big one. If you meet those check marks they are looking for you they'll offer competitive hourly wage to keep you on gainfully employed. Paid holidays vacation time. The 401K. That health plan all that and more young express that can JUNG express that count. Young express success drives as Bucs GM general hours just join us what did we learn 4147991250. More from you guys coming up. Yet he I'm in a statement it is not the case what what were hunting for this franchise that the people on the harder is that there. The organizational culture the character that we want they help us get to the point do we wanna get and it just like we said we started. And Joseph or the opportunity. We said he did that at every opportunity. To be part of all of our process this summer in which were ratified the long term. I cook for the French side. Aux GM John horse joining us moments ago on a bucks Tuesday check and we caller on the fan you remember when Jason Kidd. Got fired. I think the next day of programming on the fan was. Roulette wheel of unemployed or employed basketball coaches we could name on him and that sort of has gone away over the last couple weeks. One big reason for that is that the Bucs are. Playing very well under Joseph prime. I've I guess to confirm that step but I do believe that it's. Of all the current co. Just print tees off to the second best start. Of any of bomb outside of Steve Kerr of I mean he's several favorable schedule we don't we know that. He's got some tough games coming up Hugo. Denver's gonna be tough coming up and he's got. Go in Atlantis terrible event as a member of the senate tonight Atlantis Carol for that after the all star break. Toronto. New Orleans Washington. Ditch right. Four tough games are out of the chute right after the all star break par. For very tough games. The got hot tonight the nuggets as you mentioned Thursday. I was freaking out I was looking at the schedule I'm like. This is so weird there's a weekend coming up with no bucks basketball now was going out and then all yeah the all star game I completely space take any days off. 'cause they don't play darts frankly did sleep Thursday and then all play the following Friday out so even like Leon as like in in the NBA. Earn all in the MLB. If you don't if you're at the all starting you don't get a break you're traveling you don't the festivities but in the NBA young this'll be able returns Sunday night or Monday. And then have a bunch of days off so yeah that that is a welcome. Thing for I think every team. The shenanigans from Steve Kerr last night I lead to that the warriors are tired other teams you can see are tired. These teams going get their new teams acclimated if your team like the cavs. And there and have plenty of time to do that it'll suck not having NBA for a week sure I'll be good for the teams a much needed break. Also give should be a little earlier with the calendar year it's at the end of February. Basically in Indy got the month of march and two weeks of April. Are we can have faith. Did you at this time of year there's of course is nothing go on Iran. Shouldn't MBA take its all star game mid January when the football going on and maybe you know have some games in February take advantage of it being a dead month. 808 days without playing him. In the month of February they could do it hockey's been up to this year so hockey every team gets like a week off. But at various times Ellis get like a bye week and so the NBA could do that maybe you have a game Thursday night. The author game Sunday and and pick it back up Tuesday but then at some point in the season you get. A week Carol week and a half off I would like Beckham that would keep games I don't have a problem with them take it this time which time off I just think it's a tough time in February. You should be playing games and take this all take the all star break maybe in January's C prevent some of these teams are tiring out this time of the year. It's more Olympics you have time North Korea asked Dirk to come back at Davis got six weeks seven weeks left disease MBAs going off at the perfect timing could watch all the two man luge you'll want to. I only saw. You know probably limits are going on. Okay next week. There is a union engines. Spring training camps are opening up OK but there's so. You know I just think you maybe take advantage the NB should take advantage of playing in the month of February would you ever luge. Would you ever get on a luge. Is it called Alyssa what was difficult slide which -- player is gonna go down on me in my secure order to go down the Lambeau Field. Sledding hill on Saturday. But it was too cold. To call yeah I was like nice clothes a year just to night you take him down nine degrees. Nine degrees those empty can down the slope of the hill and alpha male order gone on in nine degrees. Well. Now if you missed the wanna freeze this you know what else at the ninth that the I'd also bill might but he also become don't frostbite. General regular stirred up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is. More on the the box down Horst good conversation with him our Twitter Tuesday question which Olympic sport do you hate. Lab that is well and followed some five for frames. The case some pot chicken wing or the truth in the hunt there talking to me I'm always signing you know. Generally go on the fan.