8am - Can the Brewers win the Central without adding to their rotation?

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, February 12th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed the possibility of the Brewers not adding anyone else to their starting rotation and talked about if they could still win the central.

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A no chocolate we blurred. Lie is a from a brilliant this crappy college athletic studio. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Every line. Or about half and Jeff Freeman good mood. I'm borrowing clerk 1250 on your AM the Radio. One 057 FM. The fan. Or you tell me during the break their station that played heard instead of fox. Station in Appleton that I tell my guys did on Friday that I was. It felt like a high school games. Yeah they had the that the G is difficult to delete the Dili the daily daily league still might as well. Foam yeah. Final the box score traveling from one place to another run. Friday night in Green Bay when you go Boerse to him. So very apple thing you think you know listen that I heard enough but I always thought the apple bought step ahead all the games and apparently the only pushed radio and could hear Ted Davis that's an up king did in those area. That on our toes were the reasons for the box if we're guessing or subscribe to the NBA package now to get those who do some traveling. Subscribe and then now you know. The timing Appleton and I'm a box and I turn on the radio I'm one of those little box I got to listen that. The herd. Or times shot all that and yeah or attack or bill Barton bill maybe York on any of those things. You can listen to us right now Doug little brewers baseball 4147991250. Yu Darvish signs at the cubs monster deal six years a buck 46 is the base that's about 41 million a year. Could make up to honor and fifty. This is the way that baseball is this is a good deal for the cubs I think it wouldn't be a good deal for the brewers now you can still say that they overpaid. Brian Kenny. Of MLB network he does this thing or he puts people through the red flag system from the red flag system there is five red flags. Izzy over thirty. Yes that's a red flag for you Darvish. Is he on the wrong side of the defensive spectrum he says yes was there a miss meat misreading of metrics he says no. Is it longer than a five year deal yeah out. The dead team pig branding over baseball now the cubs using a pitcher. But he still says three to five red flags this is a risky deal for the cubs it's a lot of money and I think it's in my it's a move that the cubs now. This is gonna help us for three years four years we realize we're gonna probably be paying this guy a lot more than we should be when he's 37. Bought we want to make this move we wanna win titles. We're gonna take the risk they can afford to take that risk is there the Chicago Cubs. And not that's amateur mill lock. Brewers he can opt out of the deal. After two seasons PS2 very here's speak up don't think you more money in the fridge a market. Which I don't think there's any way does he get to be really good doesn't he does blows up as he thinks it's some money elsewhere. He can do that buddy give themselves that option. Are at least. Out one quick tweet coming in from Ryan he says chuck if you're on the road you should just download the fox sports go out and sort of watched the audio. If you're on the road yeah get a box like him I guess you could you could do that but. On TV. The error giving you the TV call. You know saying they're not. Radio calls to the that the TV play by play call sure as you wanna hear tad yeah or your when your the description of the game. He just doesn't like being with within. Further than twenty miles Ted davis' voice and any time writers who sold. It's like you'll hear them what scheme that every of yeah. Your small body could care less on a Saturday night but still there and race right now. Race for playoff spots as are the brewers and the question we're posing as can the brewers win the central. Without adding to their current rotation it does seem like. The cubs have won it are ready and and you know I do this with the Packers I say. It's over it's August let's make T shirts they're kind of doing that in Chicago with the NL central. Almost at the National League what was when the when you found on Saturday. When you find out Saturday. If Darvish with the brewers are hot after and a big chip in free agency debt he signed with the cubs the team competing with four division title. What was your initial reaction. Was that. Day come. And something else was it okay hey you know six your 126 million. That's a over the brewers had what was your initial reaction. When Darvish signed with the competitor. The cups I thought it figures out. And then I didn't feel that much anger. For the brewers that signing and magic feel that way well I'm I'm not that I'm glad you feel that I'm glad we are glad you feel that I'm not I don't worry about this I ought to be man thanks though don't you think that it's going to be okay. It is going to be aren't. I sat Taipei does that Tony million I said it's not my money when he was doing whatever they want. But six years about Tony six. That's that's sticker shock up to about fifty wit. Incentives an all star game what was seven aren't always so your first reaction was. Figures darn. Figures like a half figures. Are. Am almost big idea I might as a damn thing. And my instead all right so I was like. Fallen off. The alert internals like. That it really it didn't bother me at all that he signed with the cubs and you about the colors mean did I not it's not coming now. I am glad I've at you Derek said the consulate 120 what was happening I did right and I about the goals of mean washing it was a minute to minute rant to Los. A lot Washington's moshing what did you know what don't. I've tried looked innocent good you know the cubs just foretell more money than they need to do that's not to be in the at the end of the deal. Idol they were to look back and say the cubs got the bank to block. 126 million. Chuck you like or served up by Perkins 41479912541479912. Feet he called an active winter season tickets back. Because that signing. Why are they going to watch division champion team this summer can the brewers when the central with Al making another move in the rotation 7991250. Let's go to Mike and endorse. And I might. Warned gentlemen I just got a couple issues that I don't know maybe they can be solved I mean I'm not the front office or. You know we've got a cluster of Al fielder and I don't despite. You know we couldn't trade demand goes Santana and I know hader doing great foot. It's straight value should bring us slip Domingo I don't see why we couldn't trade Bart turned and I'm cubs there's signed up. Why would you want to trade either go in a minute so locates saint Anna which kitrey hater. Man what a guy in order to winning got to the bullpen. Or maybe maybe sooner or are. You know they're gonna be a step up pitcher that we contracted with the mangled that would. They'll bring art charming that you'd ever ERA is what I read three point 12 I think we need. You got that you took or certainly I mean cosigned Cabrera. I mean that area of the two older and you want to much morning. But the main street Cincinnati probably admit to a prospect penalty they want to they might go to like Luis Ortiz is that that's exactly they're pretty I had Corbin burns I don't see him getting moved it would have to give up on a chip away and I trading hater. Know that I given away either end. Now suitor. You know armies if he can win a spot the rotation but that's. He's throwing guys they built the temple wants something better than that someone. Who's got more potential. Say the brewers I think we might be getting lost Mike thanks for the call. Because they made these moves in the outfield came in LA it's one we might be getting lost and they're trying to competes. For the title and Tony eighteenth. I think they still think there in the rebuild those are two moves they made that are also for a long distances and what he did on the bullpen this year. This this winter so far I mean they made those two moves from the outfield. But I would I like the bullpen sure I like their bullpen do and I like their outfield and I like a lot of their infield but as far as the pitching staff. I think that they think they have guys that are about a year away ice whether they hang onto Ortiz. Whether it's a Brandon Wood you're getting better whether it is a Corbin burns. Or maybe moving hater in the starting rotation. They think I I think the brewers might be positioning themselves even with. The eulogy kaine moves for 2019 Tony Tony so like I tell the attack took cubs and in the hall earlier this morning used to beating the brewers were kronor. I said my god almost tell me Null. I don't I don't think they will count. The cubs collared the brewers move I just. You know brewers offseason moves what. You look at what the brewers every now they got. The their rotation their opening get five or six doubles guys obviously. Chuck they know and they have their bats carry the way and that opened during the way a machine of what the Gin Blossoms. One song which one item you're only about. I'll hurry they are actually very. The they have a lot of foresight in the ninety's now because. They knew the exact moment. That's something like this would happen. I want at the brewers. To assign anyone but you. Lot of you devers funds to be had I deleted it. You gotta be kidding me. Sorry you know I had to take the time we have finds there you gotta take it let's go to Michael on the west side of town to up Michael. The morning. I think it might be missing the point on this and I am the real becomes find our cash. Because the verb I would use. It's yours they're now saddled with that contract. Let's look at that. Is he really that valuable pitcher for the next fortified years Brandon injured yet. He playoffs it was awful. But access gave up on him pretty quickly the Dodgers gave up on him quickly. But now find what becomes taken for 120 some million dollars that have Jeff soup pot on their hands like GAAP. You know the doctors if if if if the Dodgers valued him. As much as they did last year when they trade forum where we signed a big the big hero which affords him the doctors you know and. Real. Now you and I'm single might. I want some sessions and yet the starting pitcher archer got last year should've had that great. Yeah apps. And governor Sonny gray. Exactly but now archer died because then you've got them all or number a year and the question is what the of course that. The verbal and third season. Yeah I wonder what this could be case were tampered goes into the season keeps archer in the rotation. Archer gets off to a great start and then of. And that price goes up exactly. The police stern but are you look at what he's done to build farm system and CNET competitive spot vote and what element on. For years and year and that too well appear. There is about GM and our state who's done a good as is greater job rob Walton include as turning things around like David Stern sales. But the one movie and make a Sonny gray very much you know about Michael Aguirre who cited the market as a member Markus yeah they're gonna be okay mark. Say yes Marcus from Breckenridge Colorado here just wondering if we wouldn't trade for Sonny gray last year we would be even having this conversation. Yeah that's a hard time you know what the AM but if you get sunny you're a humane and have yell it's sure true beauties of poodles but arm. I'm Tony at the Stearns has done held a job man. From where this organization was headed under Melvin. And I go back to go opening the F 2015 women discuss crush on opening day and I've taken all man. Hopefully this is the beginning of something bad but they turned it around in Europe last year they won. And you know he's got a lot of assets. He's done exactly what he's done and I think he's exceeded his expectations. So far. And from what I expected and in the the terminal B this quickly added they did all bought this farm system as quickly as they would. Or build up this team as quickly as there's a but I mean this is rob Walter included he's done the best job over rebuild so far of any GM the state is a riot. Four on 47991250. Can use the talkback feature in our Smart phone app as well and the brewers were in the central if they don't add. To the rotation do they have what it takes to top the cubs. Call us 41479912. To do get some time for you before Tim Allen joins us a 35 host of our post game shell. In a couple of days it is Valentine's Day Agnes is Valentine's week. 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He's put that and enough that I like biking it's still losing Gordon Sumner like kids they're losing AKA staying. And you know what I am pissed about the Yu Darvish deal. I've decided on during a break you he should do it. So you decide what your post. Yeah because. This is six years is nationally happened this is six years of playing you songs that I can't play politics as funds and they really earlier in the net but their jobs or blue your be regretting the eureka moment. Three years three years there are still there and they had. I have a great time we viewed observers. Three. 799 to save everybody tub filled decry in other all excited right now but not okay. A blue results of the brewers and give them a run this year still at B eighty means it's going to be a sweeter. At the brewers won the division title or you know what the brewers are pressuring the cubs and getting a lead out of the all star break. Enforcement comes and make some moves they don't have to make by doing weighs more prospects are you know the Wu tang clan. Who the wooed tank all of that to some else know with Julio and looting all can't curry says speaking of ponds I was ready to make. You'd tang clan shirts for opening day and now all. Now. We're not we're out. Orleans 479912. Feet deep in the brewers when the central and on another move let's go to Alex in west Alice what's up now I now. I brought back. Without another move board the all these trading deadline or bought another portrait. Before training camp or either or whatever redeployed into the season the poorest cute skinny still contend despite what the cubs are doing. I think you know obviously you know chuck I think you've hit on it a little bit earlier. Our second. Bigger agreeable to our I would let you make a couple of minor rules to sure reputable and and that I'll help these young guys that may be can't go five returning. You know in India and you work it that way because. You know one again and that that it's state we have been and well you know 120. Million dollar got thirty Alec fathers are. You know and he's you know beat you dark things so you know when he got into Britain on I mean back a couple of minor move. You know maybe it. Just my animals and in between pebble and I think you're an a in a good position if you can't get archers and argent and command a king's ransom. I'll know I mean. You know the technology give up but you don't want the human. Oh. They do I think I think it and absolutely. You know as you garbage is gonna pay at all 35. Are you don't know that I mean there's all there's all kind of thought that Bayer. I don't. I don't feel bad at all happy we did game I think we can hit with them right now and that's and that's what matters to me. Yeah now I mean don't. We now buy tickets for the brewers and cubs series. Is because of this this this move the drawers I think still on the offseason. I mean it this bit of trouble fuel is done his best job no America since he's been there but Stearns. The ways turn this thing around and put this team in contention now I hope. All the nice things of San about the brewers stars. Don't come to bite you back in the ass like that as many times we might get behind a sports team and our state. But I think this the one time. I think we're gonna be right bought the brewers if any time on a good side you know they don't win the division though they targeted attempt I think they'll push the cops. Don't be surprised they when the division and I mean Max out with this roster. They Max out at 88 artists I think if yellowish goes and as that you don't need another pitcher they kind a year I think he's gonna have Miller Park. Yes five team. You know has a ten year I think he's gonna him. And you know brawn these days health mouth stays healthy and produces. Garcia takes us a jump up Shaw has another MVP type your third base. Man I that I I think they didn't. Now I admit it ninety wins I think don't get upper eighty's concerning things get tough division but they're gonna be won the better teams the nationally. About two minutes ago I set I was mad. Because we don't have the ability to play use song now to use them on you know there's a summary songs that say. You in on and we can make puns for you do are published UN high. Any of them. I out okay I'm no longer makes you win and I'm in good ground great voice now I'm no longer man. Because wrestling fans now you know. Of a certain song. And I think the brewers can play when you'd Darvish. Takes the hill for the Chicago Cubs and I know Mike LaSalle all the PR guy he's big into rustling we could play. The Kurt angle theme. When you don't have all the mounds. Thank you for this Chicago Cubs. Use sonics yeah. Especially after the doors and what have you. Seven runs through the first three yeah. They have and the more I think money and you have there I think the plus side they did that is yeah. He does a lot of following that important stuff. Between members can come out and they're twittering turns out that if it does do people on Twitter page Wisconsin what do you say. By some brewers cubs tickets today let's fellow at the games today and and then they kind of say we don't need. Big Brother used socks I had the best idea that yet. Let's go to Scott west Milwaukee 7991250. Quote crazy on you. All heart. That's account that accounted plan. It model with the result you lose that Scott. Yeah I checked and I just naming songs of you wanted to chime in you can started anytime. Okay you're basically what encourages. You can't believe guy. On third base from nobody outer one out in the air scorer. There were killed them last year you use sex why you need a little coral ball literary say you should. You can't expect these candidates were shut out every night yeah. Not only time that happened last year. Now Walt never bomb. I think we're just arguing do you want better pitching and the pitching you have now I want better. And these guys are gonna the urban came around apparently no matter Saudi sand. You can't leave guys that your base though the hour one hour up against Oregon. Then I think a big part I said this before the big part of their don't fall last year was. Production with runners in scoring position case they upgraded their offense out right now it's time to do pitching staff right. Yep hopefully these guys are going to be better contact. Now look at Pittsburgh series I mean that was ridiculous. Right I remember what series against Pittsburgh there was fifteen of on the plane at that played a pirates every other week. A twenty repertoire. One game that cost him getting. It's reading that predict it won't trip you have when they're Gary historic tradition almighty bless you you wouldn't sex why didn't even get. It's here yeah. Do you want them to go to the pitchers that are now. Like in other pitcher to achieve got to do better baseball 101 overall sense. Okay really got to give these guys all. You get sex wired or weeklong all of their race says the issue. We are some Joan Jett I hate myself for loving you all hooked. You could live for you call. Yeah. Thank. OK we can't put the pictures yeah I think he'd be better contact hitters yeah. Before you pack if we good topic on air Rodgers now that there riders need to distribute the ball more or whatever. Although America's defense sucks no doubt what time of the pitchers. Now. Right. I can think of getting mixed feelings from blue phantom of size and the AME. They had us on a name more songs reviewing the tight I think I'm looking at some I think you have dollars and we have lost this year you know chips and Sosa. What's up Hubble to shape a view. Public I think I love you by the Partridge Family. I just go ahead. I don't care they got your starters they just replaced the magic area rule out also we don't winning the division you know. We just got more batters simply another pitcher I think we're gonna take it division you know honestly I mean. I don't I'm not scared those few dollars. Your mind. Never gonna give you up. That's another one. What Janet Jackson's all for youth day. Sip Danielle wish she were here. How mad at sit out this wanna say it because stuck where. In other steps to cubs and it in what they're never gonna update a solitary moment first thing about the jobs. They got their World Series title this. Kraft bought the winning two or three former role. Hell we can make you the World Series this past year. I think that when another on AIX. On Friday when this year up all please. It is you do are all big deal. Mean big I don't care. I don't you really. They're getting Yu Darvish I could careless. I feel like this and hopefully we'll review. Oklahoma. Hey Joseph judge she was dead though we have a you know Saturday night. The public that she probably performed the song hours after. He was a joke all we had here I. Hello George Harrison's got my mindset I view. Hillary. It's yeah. The women appear to be some sort. Holdings on all five point seven. And the fans. It's just doing killer Africa. Yeah he he died an early age him. San anywhere. Tim Allen joins us on the great midwest bank hotline. Odd symbol socket little Yu Darvish also there's a new episode of the Tim NTELOS podcast. Where I'm I'm going to play back a portion of that before we're done talking to you. They did their podcast in Vegas around town okay and it's a very funny as the pot TS taking off to him. I I don't know. The real I really don't know why I know that gives you an inside. He kept the imagination of what us knuckle heads do I that much ado now so. We took that recorder out on a one night binge in Vegas you get. On the way to dinner yet after dinner you get into the cab rides you get inside the casinos you can get inside the bathroom at the so he's he's he's he's you know you get a little journey of one Nigerian Vegas with bill. Our tip what was your initial reaction Saturday afternoon when you heard that Darvish signed with the cubs. Not surprised not surprised at all I think he's held on for as long as he could beat him and his agent and and I think that that's where it was headed from the start. I'll look at the journal sentinel. There was some speculation at least by Honda Accord that said that. I'll maybe that offer wasn't as big as some reports could have the brewers and and Darvish. Cannot sell. And it you know and that's the thing I'm always. Question these anonymous sources and things like that and if people speculate as to whether it be a good bet and all the sudden it's no balls to the brewers are after cranky. And then those things she got to this he got his lay low a little bit. And the brewers right now. Without making a move in the rotation. And they get enough to win the central. I think so I'd I think they've there may be a piece so where'd you guys talking about they have partnered. You know you say that you know maybe a pitcher. I'm really insisted guys and you take a look. At the bowl time and I know they brought in Boone Logan and JJ Hoover and free airy and obviously Albers says she is probably a lot can ample time but you also have Jefferson there at Jacobs Barnes is there Josh haters there Corey can enables there. That's going to be it Brad shooters out there and I see you've takes one of those rotation spot. They're bullpen. I don't know I think may be still one arm short people talk about the rotation. I still think may be a bullpen arm is in the cards here. Why the F somebody guys that bullpen how many more guys that need to. Are legit guy alleged guy that if it's been able does as much as MLB network last night at the top. I think it was 25 break out players of 2017. And ink and Abel was that sixteen. You know what he leapt up guys and heroism that is a wonderful year for work and able but no he lets up who's the closer amnesty. Now well exactly and we could go to here as a close. I guess you could but I think they'd like him in the more personal role in all that suit to a third and I'm one night and then two days later he gets too big outs against lefties. I think they'd love I love that I really do that. Don't may be may be one more legit I close before and save thirty tonic I. That that I think could still happen but there is a lot of competition back good thing. MF urged a couple times. Balkan able feeling are you because of because somebody guy is the brewers have had close. Have had great years and then you know couple years later than I do what the organization anymore. And it's just the volatile situation you guys know that that did. There are many closers that spanned years of of high grade success that this does not and that's just the way it's been. The repairs of the world on the Hoffman's with a world. They're rare guys they they are and and we seem to be forty year. That these guys have a little flash in the pan a year two and and then they go to and that's why Doug Melvin never would. You know pony up the with a long term deal would close its there's just too volatile I'd. In odd and I got my fingers crossed record to enable and I and I hope he does repeat use outstanding this strike out streak in the ERA and decent. So using uses dynamite you laws and if that's the case I mean if he's if he does repeat. Apple that isn't obviously much much better shape. Tim Allen host of the baseball post game show hot so weekly is coming out it's Mondays at six. Is we can catch him in maybe house on that program always good to. Get a look at what's going out the brewers a more inside look Tim I think what does Yu Darvish thing. I think here's where people's minds are going OK I think it's six years 126 million may be 150. With incentives. And brewers fans like. That's a lot of money that the cubs you know have to pay that's water relief. While that might be true let's just look at their rotation in the year toward the eighteen. Darvish can town out Lester Hendricks and Tyler that would. Then is correct that's the best in the league that's a really good rotation. And even if they're gonna get burned by this contract and Tony Tony one Tony Tony to Tony Tony three. I don't think the cubs care right now I don't see the brewers without making. Chris archer type move may be another one I just don't see them overcoming the cubs at this point in the central. And that's it's going to be tough and you're right that rotation has gotten I think the one guy point two. You know people double fantasy and month let's get that front line starter. It's got to. Coincide with Stern's plans and then that plan has so you know it's it's got to be good. For now and the end in the future and and to sustain a little bit and and can honestly guys that that's the guy I point to and I was forced to Doug Melvin is biggest mistake as general manager of the brewers and it was Ken Mok. I still I'm on record as saying now and I'll stick with that that was his by far the biggest mistakes so far Stearns as good as he's ban. His biggest mistake was not going over the top and it came time. And and now you've got to basically he's under team control as a portable it just made a lot of sense. And and so it lets you replace them with a guy. Now like an archer that is in control affordable Yong. Things like that. That still gonna go now from me has says one of the bigger mistakes if if any mistakes at all that's that's the one. Although if you did that move Tim could you argue that may be able my dad add that the chips to go after Christa you know much. Yes maybe maybe and and so what they did was I firmly believe that's what they did was they said. Well we can't get the pitchers we're gonna we're gonna go up there will be an offense. I heard one your callers Sam. Was he saying situational baseball and you don't get a runner over get him I fully agree with him. And I think that will be much improved this year. You know you look at that Tampa Bay game down not. A hater I think gave up walk off. And they getting private opt out of that inning. Many Piniella had an opportunity to bond some runners over. And get a man and man that's ABC baseball I think he was referring to I think you're gonna see a lot a lot of improvement on that would these two guys now lineup. Along with with what you were talking about chuck was at Garcia takes that step forward yup brawn that he stays healthy. That offense is gonna win games it well and we'll see much better base offensive. Especially in the hitter park I mean you got to have you know some mean defense out there is pretty good I think their defense the outfield defense is as good as the sever them. But I mean I think you've got the offense tailor made for this ballpark. It is it has an end council's right guy for it I mean put pressure on that other team continual process so. He can't be what the pitching I think they. They just they just what the script a little bit here and and Stearns well what that offense and so little stunned by out of big believer of pitching and defense but it sometimes. These geography if you will dictates you know what you can do this season seize the moment and he did that. Now will that will they get a picture of me that's that's the thing. Jason Anderson south scene and back Davies comment Nelson injury is looming large guys who it is I mean it just is in the argument. He can lean on what you're gonna lean on. May be or surgeon. You'll money guys are Dolan Aaron and I am a little leery on the rotation right now is a competitive yeah I think. But nowadays what Bart just talked about. That's your competition there that cub rotation are they've those guys now that are there or not he give the nod to the cubs' rotation. I think the brewers ought to win as we talked to Tim Allen had so weekly Mondays at six pay baseball post game show spring training live all this stuff coming back up here on the fan. They want to win but I don't know if I don't know of there. All in typing and I think with the brewers do have is a couple of arms and their farm system. Whether Ortiz is a trade chip Corbin burns everybody's high on even another year of progression from Brandon Woodruff. That may be. Do maybe they think they've got the arms they just need time for those arms they've got caning Ellis now for multiple years in those days we'll still be here. When the arms come to fruition. Yeah you know every every year there surprises. And and you're just crossing your fingers that. You know you look across the league in save one out later later this guy who who is this guy and now simulate companies. Now an ERA of three point one of these tenants to and Anthony's young do wouldn't be surprised everybody had. Hopefully Brandan Woodruff is that guy hopefully a courtroom burns is that guy. They're gonna need that surprised given the fact that. You know they may not belong get a pitchers so then you have what you have but that they really need that surprise and that's obviously unpredictable. But maybe maybe they didn't say that that. We don't have since talked to say we don't need a guy like because you always do. Our home but maybe they're a little more confident. As you said Bart then we are with the with the youngsters. Now Super Bowl teams are two coming out of spring training as far as health you know might be a couple of key injuries. Either way coming out of spring training. He and I mean. Brent suitor that there's an interest in god there. The dude all he did was was too well I mean he had you know what little bump here and there but. And it's not gonna surprise me opinions up in that rotation on the bottom and it won't surprise me at all maybe that's your surprise maybe maybe he has. A guy that didn't back at least hold in games arm. It's going to be really insisting it would you look at bellows. And looking at this this morning at my desk here and when you when you look at the competition. In spring training guys have you have you noticed there's not a ton. If you if you look at it at that point five man. This really not that many decisions to make. I mean there at the bottom end of the billable time. That's of the bottom end of the rotation yet you've got a couple of decisions but really for the most part I would say good. I don't 19202122. Players are already determined on this team. An injury could pop up your rights. Now maybe maybe that's you know you gotta swivel on map but. There's not that much competent that's a good thing that's that's a really good time and and hopefully they'll insert you know pitcher today. Whoever that might be. And then Bennett's game on because if you if you do what circuits are paid now all of a sudden unions are waiting Jameer Nelson to get back and people have wondered. How is she gonna get twenty years back. He'll be fine when he gets back he'll he'll be fine and he's not gonna be Cy Young but he's going to be fine there's your acquisition. In our early to mid season and then you could be you could be emotion there but that really also wrong because look at it where's the competition. Maybe the seventh out of the bullpen. And now. I mean I think things are looking up. I said this before reaching in my told mark this is that I think Stearns is done as good a job. It is better job than anybody has ever in turn around and rebuild. All the franchise through statements is included were Ron Wolf that Green Bay surge is done here now accused of any football season all that but. Miss the such quick turnaround and a good turn around in a couple of years he's put them as one of the best teams the nationally. Outs and I I think that coupled with an and believe me I give animals bought on credit. Four rebuilding competing at the same time but. I also look at Craig Counsell and that hit that chemistry that was amazing and and he did warn everybody warned us. And a half and has been and will talk more about only get to Phoenix next week that. He did warn us that this whole run in the car lit in the chemistry and how this model and all over the place. That's a different group with guys can make humble put that you know shtick if you will. Brett for a new season here in 28 team that's tremendously important you know we're going to be better teammates are gonna place for each other and support each other things like that. That has happened organically news guy again you cross your fingers that they're gonna find some there but counsel under Stern's. Outstanding he just says out Geathers and pressure on the other team I'd love it. Last the from all with you Tim I do want to play this is from the new. Cinnamon toast podcast. Timid to us in the morning you can find it at 1057 FM the fan knack around. And on our app they go through they took their podcast to Vegas. When Tim and really learn Vegas. And this is a sample of what Joseph here on the podcast. So we're definitely. Influenced by elk all right that was that's for sure. A lot of I'm amazed that we were able to. Hoover is a great convention I think we sat. It's to make so much money do you think we sound drunk very rarely do you Herbert was unruly driver. That guy. Is a cool do. That's a taste of what you get on the team in Paris podcast hey you know forward to getting tight ocean drunk 300 old guy that's gonna take like an awful. Awful lot of alcohol man. Following caveats to challenge it challenge he's not to hear these Altidore are you a little things. No not not at all it you feel better already at 24. The reasons Tim appreciate it keep up the good work capstone weekly tonight at six what's up. Real quick you mentioned Joan Jett at the admirals in the other yeah and down all reports on the grave put on a great show in the ads do a great job. She's got this song. That's do you wanna touch me there. A little changed the burden. You know quote from all reports in the crowd they were saying com and now. Not. Go. To the same. Well he's a veteran and. Is it is it. I think Stan. Are you still there. It's. My. Altai TO here tonight and style weekly. Well. Tim Allen joining us on the payment of us think how Joan Jett turns the big 60. The summer. If you are looking for a simple. And convenient pre approval process for your new on construction or renovation loan congressman West Bank committed to providing uniquely tailored. Common sense mortgage product since 1935. Tim Allen with a very. Gary willful like anecdote there in the bank Joan just real name is Joan Larkin. While it is you think should be as famous as she is an Angel Larkin is Jolie market and the placards my real name is Bart Larkin is that yeah. And I'd change the wing where it's. Mary Clark and I always liked him growing up during the should know all their friends and suddenly we're served up by Perkins I got a tweeting here. From you. Four you really it says Stearns has done a better turn around and Ron wall Paulus and mark Malia. Now we rumbles in the course Brett Favre helped the big deal. And same with Ted Thompson getting your Rogers well we get that by economic. At the good on that you but the brewers have been buried in media create in less forever oh you've. Struck a white girl again or served up by Perkins they're looking for dispatchers say young express this may be something that you're completely unfamiliar with. Working in a dispatch department how do you do it what do you do what is it even what is it. They will train you every step of the way young expressed his great company Christian based family run company. They've been in business for nearly thirty years. Their company has enlisted on ink magazine. As one of the fastest growing companies seven the last eight years and they're looking for people on their dispatched apartment. So when you have a company like young expresses a lot of different departments that they have the sales department they're looking for people drivers. People to take freight from point a to point B and looking for people to be the dispatchers. For them. No experience necessary they're going to train news so this sounds interesting to you and I got dining experience there's a lot of great things about the job. We heard you talking Bart evolved hourly wage it's competitive pay and holidays and vacation time the 401K the health plan I like all that I want to be a part of a company like that. I don't have the experience that's fine again they're gonna training they're just looking for people with good math skills basic math skills you can multitask. You're good on a phone. With a computer your friendly so good with phone people computer. Big got a position for you check other dispatch department don't express that can JUNG express that count young express your success. Dries them. So we're definitely. Influence well all right that was that's for sure. A lot of I'm amazed that we were able to. It's a great convention I think we say it's to make so much money do you think we sound drunk very rarely do you. Herbert was unruly driver. That guy. Is a cool do.