8am - How do you feel about sports dynasties?

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Wednesday, May 16th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about dynasties in sports today and if you root for them or always root for the underdog.

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Oh yeah. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. Digs flattened college athletics studio. This is chuck it awaits word on sports Radio One 057. There isn't one spelling. I want to bailing. It's family serve one male type favor brewers they're gone they had that sign in left field at the oak county stadium on surveillance. Vaughn's valley valley. Seizure 8 o'clock keyword real keyword every hour. Make sure you listen live for those if you're catching us on demand right now we did stop all the hours throughout the show I do got a song. One which I I and I haven't followed and hear the song is always so called Michael Bailey. 26 feet or not. Was at five. The partnership. Who attacked. The big song so it's all right good all that one's for you again valley was the 8 o'clock keyword but if you're listening and a man it's too late listen at top of every hour got a key were for the next few weeks why do people hate dynasties just. And I think we all the winners of some stuff you know you hear why he got out don't get it goals it was that lovable loser for the longest time. And they were an eight seed and they want a playoff series and against Dallas because they were the underdog hero at baron Davis and Stephen Jackson and those guys are like Dexter there. Because those guys. When their wedding they are on top of the world when they are losing their getting kicked out games the effect of sketches are getting teed up and throw a lot of use of the Apple's. Playoff games it was it was who's funny to watch but then golds they decorate and now we only. I figured out why people they dynasties. How's that I figured out why people hate. Winning teams I'll share that in a moment I would like to see if anyone can guess why now would hand. Doing the patriots right plenty of people in ally on New York Yankees won people hate success I think the Yankees for the money spending thing. Solve this I mean here's here's why don't get it because you guys can chime in 7991250. I would like to know all for a mute shock and really anybody. Lie. People pay dynasties. Why do you why do we want to get if it's not your team it's not your team but we seem to root against. Teams winning. When all we want is for these players and teams. We wanted to win it's a game it's important as we bleed for these teams yet when they try to win when they do everything possible win when the patriots went over and over. When the Yankees went over and over. We're we're like we. Penalize them for trying to win I not up front runner diet. You know I don't have a yankees had I don't root for duke any of this stuff. The only reason I root for the one front burner I do is because of Family Guy but give us some guys seems like you're these teams when we. Get mad at them for winning which I and it just doesn't it doesn't make sense to me although I do I have figured out one reason why. Which again I'll explain in a minute out but I do want an opening on what guess what. Here's what I don't like. I don't like I don't have a quality organization. I don't like when all sudden people become bands and a team because there went. Now Golden State. Go out of bandwagon jumpers OK. Yeah because they're winning chant it's right ball what's gonna happen when this thing ants. All gonna go away probably are becoming a Laker fans Laker fans have been their since the eighties. Because they're great in Easton you know they've always been about the Bradley Center. You know bulls fans that Jordan ball for answer appear in the bulls pitch count peoples to compare. Arm. But. Do these you know these these teams that have good runs. Like our sort of see Houston rocket fans were accused of rock of this effort before like recently. Our you know our our people still whipple's teams when base local know leaders like them because they're great. I'm Igor. Went to a store went to a place called shields. And Appleton cherry and Russian police are we got the old Golden State warrior section. Are they telling. Yes Sally yes but you know why it's because people were bought it jumping on the local state and wait but you know let's see where me. These people are 567 years go there Golden State Warriors. Jerseys and it's like you know for gold backed out of the tenth seed again. Like her look at density boy ago I don't warriors Jersey from when I bought expected 26 team. Yet you want to about bandwagon fans. People you know that that's one thing I him and you know I wanna I wanna know why you read why are sports fans. Look at the patriots for example and any hate them merely for the fact because they win. Is it spy gate is it deflate gay you know in Ohio look at that stuff I look at that as a team that's doing whatever they can to win. Now that I know upsets people. But that's how I look at it the Yankees. They're spending more money than everybody else too and all those championships in the ninety's. Would they were doing was building a championship within the framework of the game the way it was presented to them. Other team's gonna spend as much money as they wanted to if they wanted to. They just made the justification they again can't afford it CU and a team that was willing to do whatever it took to win. And they want is Kentucky bad for what they do for making their college university. Instead of a instead of eight. This is an education they're making it an NBA factory. You can argue that it's not the good old days college basketball but their program where they're committed to winning I feel I just feel like. We look at these teams and franchises. That try to win that do everything they wanna do to win. And we penalize them. Even though in sports there's one goal and the goal is to win why I don't like finally crucified to rent for going somewhere in trying to win. I don't from a depth but we public the the cheating. No Kentucky got caught cheating several years ago. I think maybe decade sticks in some people's minds and I think people look at cal Perry. Where he's cheated at you know to Massachusetts and he's put Memphis on probation and it's like. He's geese of these guys to talkies like what does he do an error I think deaths reason why. People he Kentucky. You know I think that somebody schools you know the did the cheating schools you don't you don't wanna see that happen you know doing and getting copper spy gate and all that. Right or wrong as petty as that sounds some of its cheating. And getting around rules of thumb make it better is bending the rules are word to some extent cheating so I don't have to from a gold states that cheating. That is flat out getting great players have kept to rip. And I told this to our video and a built right in just a while ago I said you know there's no problem who who doesn't want to play for a winner. We all wanna play for winners why would you won't want. Why we if you can't win the championship for one company worker for him and he can't win there why would you want to go to another company and win mayor. It's an ass chuck and weight or anything Wednesday's seat as can ask is your questions tweet us at 1057 FM the fan with a hash take. CW lines will do that and about a half hour right now asking you guys. Why do you hate dynasties why does it bother you win teams do whatever it takes to win and is there anybody. Out there that supports me that appreciates winners I feel like we just we do whatever we can to tear down teams that win. And I had a eureka moment and finally figured out why that was. And I'll share that we view in a moment. As well all that coming up here on the fact I just think that. You don't. There is little envious I I do I I like. Why can't they ever be us. Why can't we have one of our teams that's when I look at it. Political statements like I see them playing until Jonas like what do be discreet frost who wants. In her David duke and recently I know they've had about a lot of bad years were part of that so. You know fans out there certainly paid the price. But that's what I see when I see a dynasty you know the Yankees. You know they've been. Buying players since the seventies when you know the old man George Steinbrenner was doing it ever be a top freezer in the market. Somehow you always end up in new York and it's and it's happened still today. And win no more he could afford it in the at George Steinbrenner went all the money coming in and he could afford so that. The brewers had no choice and other teams that lives the Yankees are making all the money so I think debts would be envious skims it. I'm not saying I root for the Yankees I'm not saying I root for duke announcing their root for New England I don't. But I respected they go out and try to win because that's what you're supposed to do and sports need is try to win and it seems like everybody hates it. I'll share why I know I figured it out last night shot ya I know why people hate winners lab that coming up 799 trophy. I'll. Oh yeah. Perkins in Bryant and strength countless. Atlantic studio. There's a clue. Figured out why people hate. Dynasties like people hate winners Sunday in about two minutes 7991250. And again it's not extreme that not. Like a yankees' fan I'm not a duke fan I'm not a patriots fan. I just noticed as we talk about Golden State now and we'll talk about the patriots again and we'll talk about you know in these teams. Are good in baseball it's happening with the cubs in college basketball college football Alabama. We'd. We don't. We don't we we hate the team's only for the fact that they win win trying to win is Adam why you do sports. And it just there's no respect given to it I don't know it's like a boring thing or fatigue thing but I I don't think we appreciate winners. As much as we should we look back at the Celtics in the sixties when they won what eight straight titles or something. We didn't while I was a great team has all the polls of the Chinese it was a great team but what we witnessed great teams in front of us. We don't respect them or. Give them the credit I think that they deserve. I think the media doesn't think the fans don't made yet I'm trying to figure oh why I think sometimes the ascension people didn't you know via the a team a sending up. And then once they use people love them sending but the cubs when the ascendant Ari when Goldstein descendent or you know anybody else. When New England won its first a verbal. I got a real looked up against Saint Louis and rooting for the patriots because they were they were thirteen point. They go they they were the minute and then after a while to get the winning net people began to hate them a little bit calm and the saving goals state. And golds they broke the door down a couple of years ago. I think people love that and that whole climb up there. And you know the way to get the job done by eight you know of the unconventional way of winning by shooting three point shot all the time so. Arm but won't want to try to top that up people it. Does a does go state they'll do they have a big cheater base like. Some of these other green nobody likes Golden State okay. Nobody anymore. They have a big hitter race Golden State ruins the lead Kevin Durant Bruins believe this is what I'm saying here are okay sold in other words people are point four torture saying Houston and users yeah I think for the most parcel Houston goes on and they SM. And people start hitting James Harden. Right yeah people wanna see something different year in year out. When we don't take the time to appreciated dynasty Eric's on the northwest side 7991250. Good morning Eric. Won't lose so. I don't. Jeb Camden meant and meant it about this here Kevin Durant rate player. Probably the Oklahoma City. They had a 131 lead on almost. And in cold beer. And artist they did come back the following year. April Libya. Issue it is you're. If if if if it meant one last year he can be initiated. A match bouncy and try you'd get bit. I you don't sit as to why you big goal has been recruited him that you because they knew that you. Might pick. They know that you don't put together and that probably could they have and didn't walk. There's no war. And other than that I have I have to look at what other are you go to the side and another round. It. Couldn't but sometimes when you were started. In the Indy in these days it might. That they'd eat your way out. I think Durant saw that he wasn't if they were up 31. Thinks of the car Eric 7991250. Adding he saw that there are 31 can get it done he wasn't gonna get it done. Where Russell Westbrook by citing even if the thunder. Got past the warriors I don't think they thought they're gonna beat cancer yet Kevin Durant went to a team. In the warriors. Where the best chance to win which is what we want our athletes to want to do and when they do it we say oh you didn't do it the right way we want you don't win but it didn't win the right way. A hero for what a high school. Argue one of the top best players in the state this year okay. He refusals go to Wisconsin when he changed his mind and what's the Kentucky. He took a lot of heat for that well that's his decision to make and he thinks a better chance of him getting to the MBA. Is in a self is that is the go to Kentucky then Wisconsin than what's wrong figured out why we don't like. We choose our our kids choose colleges based on what's gonna help them best professionally on a rabbit as fans I figured out why we route. For the underdog or not. Not for success. And music I played coming back into the into the show was the theme from hoosiers. And think of Mighty Ducks. Think of their replacements. And think of miracle. Think a little giants. Beat the Major League. Think of angels in the outfield. Think of the longest yard and think of really any sports movie that you light or any sports movie you've ever seen it's not about. Ben. Team that it's not about the hawks. It's not about the pox journey to beat this plucky upstart Mighty Ducks team it's about the Mighty Ducks and their journey as underdogs. The championship so we're. Were taught that underdogs is the story. We're taught to root for the underdog and we're taught that winning is bad think of Happy Gilmore should arm again Evans a villain does he winds. We we are taught that winning. Is that the villain thing to do unless you do it for the first time well and it's movies. That make us hate dynasties. That's my eureka moment all I'm sorry. You agree so we loan easily keep these teams once they become winners like hoosiers yeah. Which once they become this whenever Charlotte they never show bought them sustaining success that you shall win the championship and an as yet because who wants to watch a movie about looters running the state data for the third straight year out that's not the movie the movie is the first one. And then there's somebody else is gonna make their movie. Or they've got to beat Hoosier now they've got to be the Gene Hackman led team 'cause they've won that title three straight years Hubble rocky. Everybody love rocky won because it was about the underdog and a coming from this or aryan Philadelphia in. A rising up in fighting the champion. And he want OS rocky got on top and start living the luxurious life wasn't. The favorite army people who love this much is needed when he was the past say Iran my theory little bit. We we love the underdog become movies tell us the love the underdog of the cubs the cubs for a losers exactly the lovable losers people hated them. It and people love them because they're losers know how they hate him because they win. Yeah that's what happens while we can they movies for that we can make our culture for that we're winning his looked as a sign of you should be embarrassed that your winner right should be. You wanna sports award to be played us maybe they do not maybe not that I'm on top social media here on topic here updates. And worth or on top for local sports shows in the morning you know warriors and oral may it may be. Maybe we are hated Jeremy in New Berlin what's that Jeremy. Hey guys good good topic today I'm the plug away and what you are talking about I'm I don't ferry have a problem with the team. Waiting and informing news dot super keen eyes you might call it like. At Torrey at this it used to I mean. That's where it takes to win the championship deformed his quarter of course super team in the front and now are down Euro eased out or tool. Where are supporting cast that not all that great. And yet he doesn't back it my. You want to join up with a couple of other tablet record and form one of the team all. It's like the championship in the three point shooting I think it's sifting toward the quarter court super. When LeBron beat Detroit deck in the two 2007 Eastern Conference finals. Over the that the pistons worthy were one of them now the great teams in the league and LeBron. Help and that run there are and the people love the Cleveland at the time and LeBron because. You know here's this young guy eagle help in the lead you know team that was washed year after year in Europe they. Are in the chipped chipped it gets and it's only a people around the Cleveland man away. Now people he Cleveland. It's. Very American to root for somebody until they have success. And then it's very American to tear them back down and that's very American wanna see him get a second chance that's what we do that's what we do as a people. He thought that way with tiger what's. When Tiger Woods is winning. Tournament after tournament after tournament. It was again I'm doubles and ten tiger hater but I didn't wanna see him win week after week after week when he was don't park when the chips chips and he'll win majors. But Denny fell away. And now all. He's as he's trying to rise himself backed up again at the age of 42. What after. Everything that's happened to Lama and the injuries and ought not all of for tiger now more than ever. When an underdog again when debacle but when he was winning majors. You know fifteen years ago and you know there's tiger on Sunday annual sales rooting against them but nom I'm all on board with tiger trying to get back. On topic 7991250. Let's go to Tyler who's and they view the morning Tyler. You Gloria. I do and I just think it's always. More exciting you know the road to the top of them when the Packers won their last Super Bowl. Most exciting moment for me was when they beat the bears need it was a let me be pitched very true there. It'll trophy it was when they beat the bears atop the senate should. Yeah so this big toe is way more exciting. The road to the cup and we actual victory and then obviously keen to keep doing it if gets tired. We wanna see if somebody knew of. Yeah there's a fatigue level to it too I mean that's why people or so mad that the Packers drafted cornerbacks again because there's a fatigue level to it you've seen it before you scenic. This team win before you don't want to see him again and that's why you like to see the underdog I think like in the high school Plavsic the state basketball tour. I think there at the sectional final BD nick due to the state. Is. More pressure than actually giving state and and and playing on the state for but winning that sectional final giving the state. Is more exciting than actually being at state and then routed the food is a crowd rally behind when it's the team has been there for five straight years in the plucky upstart from Hudson. The day general for the hundred absolutely every time 7991250. You dig a little more on this as well. Outlive your MVP. Straight ahead as far as the brewers last night and asked chuckling for any thing. Coming up in about fifteen minutes right here on Duff fans. Brewers fans who was yesterday's chilly as MVP. Be the first to know at 7991250. And still went twenty bucks Chile's cash chili's is back baby. This is chuck and white color on the only station brewers fans made it 1057 FM the fan. Second point there we are served up by Perkins restaurant in bakeries we also have friends over at chili's they've got some free food free if you can dousing the MBB was in last night's brewers. Lawson fortunately 7991250. Let's go to Don in the falls down it was the MVP last night's it. Was it just seems Boise Chile's MVV how about the only shop scene seven innings of two hit one run baseball definitely that Chile's MBB brewers back at a today to forty brand Woodruff against Matt. Cook. We found out this morning I thank you Sam. Asked check awake or anything coming up in a borrowed so well about 89 minutes right here your questions continue to treat those and at 1057 FM the fan with the past. He asks C Debbie you we were talking before about dynasties in white people. Hate when teams consistently win I think a lot of it does come from movies were were re instill that the underdog is the good guy. And that the villain is the bad guy there's a good tweet here that I just got to go off of that that's from Jeremy says your partially correct. Not movies that control fans' minds is the American story to pick yourself up by the bootstraps. Overcome adversity at the narrative that we see. New people living out the American dream it's why we end up heating billionaires. Like Jeff pays us and Bill Gates we like the story of them finding success. We like the story of Steve Jobs doing all that stuff in his garage. There we hate Steve Jobs and he's got a bunch money and we're jealous insists that's that's what we do and I think movies reaffirm. Yeah now without the right the rise to the top. The climb is always. More enjoyable and yeah I think in staying uptown Miley Cyrus said that it's the climb she's got a very great song called the Klein does she do a song called. That's smiley being Miley. I think she's got something similar to that I don't know off the top of my head. There were ago. Outrage he's on the northside 7991250. What's up Randy Randy. Good morning great. To read the yet I look you guys guys made more commute into. Really it wasn't for you we would be willing wards every single year yeah. In fact I got to accept mine I said thank you Randy on the north side I did to a problem I have I did my car when I heard about one award yes I think you. While I'm glad you guys out. Out of a bit of the chimed in I don't think if all that we hate the bad. I think that we don't look cop session more I don't look at what you look but I are a lot of little bit aka the content. We believe that everybody. That apple. Eat at the maple or to be able all compete at being able it what ride go are our. We'll meet that that's what they it's not that we don't like. That the winter but everybody. Everybody just the way. A when he is an easy. It is not it's not it is it is the this Randi keep up the good work losing keep driving us to be number one losing is easy winning is very typical Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee Brewers know that all too well winning championships winning mean contender is difficult. And the talks have many able to attain either one doubles brought my wiped at the awards ceremony two weeks ago I didn't hundred Randy next year. Well. Yeah now. Randy among other people say we have Rachel yeah. Outskirts not a New Orleans beat you up there and for ninety minutes and I just a table saying hey can thanks to all these people without tax 68000 people of some sort. Morning guys thanks for taking my call and you do have good so you keep well. Yeah. It's it's it's a useless. You know what guys are just on the parts and slot and chuck you're old enough to know that you go on this and I think. I think that's false starts if it's not that you see dynasties what we need is. Is when you'll go back let's go back I don't 1015 years to the New York Yankees and unless you live in New York. Everybody else around the country so we watched a baseball team for years that have no salary cap. We watched them wait in her every single good player on every other small market team across the country the minute they got good. The yankees' bottom up and a little while it worked. And then the last Imus in the last 89 years or so all. Its stock when it rod got busted for you all performance enhancing drugs and I think the whole country the baseball gods that. I'm not the not forget the sick of this and that started to turn around and some of these other note you look in the NBA and I kick a team like San Antonio Spurs. You could not. Tim Duncan is probably one of the least talk the ball superstars. In history and the need. One of the greatest players to ever play the game he would sub that was so you'll. Basketball team. Ginobili. Parker a weakened state but it takes all these great players to what he's not gonna go down as one of the top 2530. Players. They didn't as a Tim Duncan stayed there. And how many championships they win. You look at a guy like Dirk whiskey. He played in Dallas for how many. Year 7118. Years twenty years chalk 11 NBA championship and on that tell you something. Some neo sports for air. That one championship. Is more important than LeBron James. Gordon on national TV regular basketball team with a guy from Ron Paul and Dwyane Wade. And sit in the chair and me and common rat go sit. Out there and and that reason why I have an issue with LeBron James he's a class act. He does wonderful things in the community but because he did that. I look at somebody like Dirk LeBron would have just one out one championship in Cleveland hit home state. It would've been more important to meet and camera dropped seven. How bad is this gonna look now if he leaves that. That's in you again. Saying he goes to you stand and wait two and Harden and reviewing state. You're gonna look terrible you know not that people. Not a what are the limits how they would then that's or look like them again emblem of Ron comes back to give his Jersey retired in Cleveland just like Favre came back here. There alone from Cleveland on do you wanna know my alternate thank you tap for the call my alternate theory about why the spurs dynasty and their success. Is not. As appreciated. Is because of their collars of the of the uniform the kind of stale. Yeah I think so I think people thought the spurs are boring team because. In a boring Jersey now now you may think that's dumbest thing you've ever heard the Oakland Raiders think about it sleep on it and tell me tomorrow I really believe. I've really true this is real. I truly believe that people don't credit the spurs enough because they don't like watching them because the uniforms are more I think to know real take the candidate there in San Antonio. And they abandoned but that's the only professional sports he may have downer and it weighed down in southern Texas yet born who watched as the uniform well. I don't know what that just sleep on its rebound and let me know you think DiMarco it still seems stupid I'll say this I'll I'll consider all these teams that have won. They got Tim Duncan he mentions Tim Duncan. The Bucs have a shot at Tim Duncan if they go to won the lottery they ran a lottery Ryder that it went parks could have checked. They were in the lottery they did win the lottery that here the box could ahead. Chris Paul because they had all these yes because of head. LeBron James they were in a lottery here in when a lottery. Struggle Michael are we are served up by Perkins asked chuck and wink or any thing. Coming up next hey strawberry season at Perkins a lot of great dishes featuring strawberries. You gonna get some of the most juicy tastings drivers around. At Perkins and not just a plate of strawberries but hobbled with being your meal these strawberry Crist signed French toast. The strawberry Belgian waffles the strawberry milk shakes all available now. At Perkins kids do we free their take your kids Tuesdays and Saturdays after four get a meal for yourself and the kids eat free. It take you and your wife that to kids only free bring Graham and Graham play got four kids they're all gonna eat free. You do that Tuesdays and Saturdays after four at Perkins. Ask guess any thing get your questions and you've got a couple minutes because we're doing it. Neck in texting your questions in all morning for chuckling to earth and now it's time for some answers. This is passed chugging Wentworth and seeing it on 1057. FM the fan. It's shockingly there anything you tweet us every Wednesday at 1057 FM the fan with the cash take asked. CW. And then the posts we've your questions. It's go to ground. Good morning guys here's a good one is at laurel or yet. OK so this thing going around the Internet for Amos yeah I'm. Mike Meehan this so just like the dress from a few years ago or some people saw blue and black and some solid white and gold when Jim was like gold by the way. There's the sound clip and some people here laurel and some people here. Yeah and now I thought it just was laurel and then my wife tell me this morning see her again so there's this video that sort of tries to explain what's going on here I'll let this guy kind of tell us as we go along he has here's your original. It. So what are we all hear oral iron Loral Loral OK I heard laurel there too now he changed the frequency. It's supposed to be you can hear it based on the frequency. So here's what he does and is next on has a focus on the lower frequencies which says the word moral. Did you still here laurel now. Okay and then if you do do it the other way and the higher frequencies say the word Yani. So this is supposed to say yen. What are you here. I'm Julia trying to listen for you Danny I don't care for. Yeah I still hurt Laura yeah siren laurel every time but there are people that heard that and heard Danny so what that tells us. Let's not just bull around the office today and say hey guy what did you hear laurel yet yeah any what this tells us is that. We hear things differently as humans just like we all different eyesight and different taste buds are hearing. Is one of those things too so they ever get a fight with your wife or girl for her husband or whoever. I heard this you said this. We hear different we interpret different this is a revolutionary. Thing that is happening I'm gonna blame my last two divorces on this. I know her side she's your mirror. Worst is from anyway what is moral. He's a Graham did playing its hand over the utes just nobody's name in particular and I just some guy forget about this thing that could confuse people. And it's like the second biggest story in the world today the first being. Of course that I Keogh opens a tricky position. Yet I was like them. Maybe the worst single word I can submit them for next award try to get decked out in the site just thought that was at the mile long known was not the zeppelin and have and then I was an avenue I'd check out the six cot cot podcast or what we're targeted almost none of this and start to Marshall ever. Yeah our right to scare kids get sick I am so let's let's can we learn from this America can can this be a teaching moment okay. If we can all agree on mats. I Cody what else Brett on Twitter wants to know what he should deal with as Jason Kidd. You should if you're ever coaching a game of basketball you should. Thrown on the floor like Jason Kidd did with the compass soda. Which is really the only good movies ever had a coach you know I like them and that the net debt of Brooklyn tea but I like that movie got a free time now it's now by spelling has sought a seat. If you did more stuff like that. I think that the Bucs get them you know revolutionized the game it's like an aggressive when a manager jumps on the ring it for him to distract the Mercury yeah I like that take KJ sent us at talkback. Greens. A law ledge. I wanted to ask you how impressed are you by be par ranking nationally. That Wisconsin is number one of and it being the drunken state in the country. In fact leader ready. The top three. Cities in the country for being the drug gets. We will touch on that in a little bit KJ thanks for the heads the suit credentials are for them it's for like how many drinks should have a week the average citizen. Okay so actually will take a look at that survey. The other thing exploding around the Internet we'll do that and about ten minutes after your next chance at a thousand dollars KJ aloha. What's another Hawaiian word hollow he says sometimes my hollow. As any thank you. Cody next question Jeremy wants now that you're rather have eight MLS franchise Horry NHL franchise here or more want NHL dissect it. I'm in agree with you because I don't like Al MLS is structured the MLS is not going to succeed. Until there's promotion relegation in this in soccer. And I think all sports might benefit from that I have no idea what you mean imagine if there was I could name one analyst team. You can name one Minnesota Chicago fire K what is Minnesota Minnesota a lot. The cold Minnesota the Minnesota cold. Jenna is so there is the united all. And there's also Atlantic united and DC united which is a whole other thing the doubts it team do I yes fire. And the galaxy. Now on the resulting in NHL team Red Bulls are they attain the New York Red Bulls are days after an energy no disrespect to our local. Hockey team and I heard these streams and analysts trivia game reviewer Paul not a doubt in the do so would anybody Soledad whose name one to. Let me do two quick ones of the San Jose what's their nickname. Our hockey teams the sharks I don't care about and had fuses from San Jose's don't care becomes broadcast the San Jose sacker team as the San Jose state James Joseph obviously San Jose state race. That it's OK so your answers stingers doubles us all James jones' eyes and face a Dion answers earthquake do you. And early sunny. Houston. I. I don't know. The dynamo. And I am awful name first I call it an awful league Cody. That's go to Tony here on Twitter he's coming out of Milwaukee in two weeks and he wants a great burger who makes the best who was coming from. I just say. Okay is coming out from north them started down a Milwaukee Boston area out north men are gondola have been ever boy is a bunch of different places you can go I'd say hum. What if you don't have fun place at the press one expert with the you know the biggest burger that was pretty good. But I would see. From teased cops but you really want some. Pick up your grill gore Roberts special meeting of the third on behalf found Bruce skippers beef brisket there you go. Yeah. Yeah around it than that before but a player restaurants if you if you don't want to look at Roberts if you wanted to haven't already prepared preempt I would say cops. We are sold woman's nonetheless I would see QBs and received. Now I never had so it's been I have ten tomato placing can no show once like a drive and really Griese good burden of the of the doubles schools bars that are just like in the middle of nowhere. You know rehab that bartender back there that woman's been active fifty years. She's bar tending bulls have the best place the best burgers shut those notes related got a player Cody Jakes or 23. What Golden State win the title next year they traded TV or got it straight out. And no I don't think so I'd I would balloting so tedious the MVP Italy you're an. I would think they would still in the titled the the problem is I mean TD. That is just coming back from injury and he looked like just another guy get an idea and Katie let domains I think TV Golden State radeon as is that a Kevin Durant right they would still in the KD the back if play that team if they want a title without 280 million bucks under its watch hit TV these the might play. It's as TV would let a regular old experience thickness at the post season kiddies better than you on this at this point oh yeah yeah yeah at this and I think me and of course the dates that we plan to deal with a big they would have taken the Celtics down. Cody let's go back here on FaceBook if LeBron went to Golden State would you still watch the NBA so this is it LeBron. Adds to nick and Nora and I the games and be on it deals 930 at night. Cuban people seated since I told distilled a bar so it's about time zones for real windy get a chance to watch Goldstein. I'm used to watch it but there on Saturday and Sunday afternoons there on Saturday night prime time on Saturday afternoons sometimes on ABC wants a playoff starts do. I went out there on the post there always the national East Coast game pocketed almost LeBron goes the Golden State would you watch the NBA your answer is they play at 930. I watch what I watch it more than I. Do now when I watch school state anymore don't just watching onstage watching NBA as a whole and there's the question is it's so unfair. There's people we sent him now and VA about Golden State in the add it LeBron are going to be the best player in the world to the best team that. You know with JD nasty night out with Katie what's up with clay what a great time alone with my not. Why would not. There's people that tweeted as they heard Yani over the air I just don't understand how that yes I'm a people messaging B.