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Tuesday, November 14th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart took a look around the NFL as they discussed which division is the most exciting to watch.

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Also bears go home not where we can injury tired I don't think you're still working through no exams and so forth so I would think he has chances from these. And no show can we blurred. Live from the earlier this drag me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. What's give me what I want. Do you view which you want to move without news good morning GAAP net it's at sixth and not guy now you still for mean. A funeral and a bit more. You're William. Ruined my game here Ramallah in Roma now it is just got to let go nobody like Syria and why nobody does I'll trust me. Okay I'm. So just elect Laura about black. Every goal tending to the 8 o'clock. 8 o'clock hour of Terry wolf both we'll see what the books that you have a store for a trade or the B two point. Let's see. If he's got his fingerprints on anything that the barks amid a senator up there with a box connects they really think the books need to. Going get somebody to I help all the center spot right now let's act Gary about his boy in years it's a lot of Chia. And I had bad think they played three games I know and their three all out. Don't think it's all ball bled so why they're better song shortening up the band's addition by subtraction may be. Talked to Gary willful coming up visit box Tuesday. We did talk to Steve Novak earlier today that podcast. Available later today 1057 FM the fan that counts and on demand brought to you by. John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100. In Greenfield red for the top there you heard read before the good. Do. You are Mike McCarthy. And a couple of ways for Aaron Jones so. Com op Packers hurt again I don't know if that's a surprise to Europe but Packers hurt I may be able to go still dealing with the reds in play in the second half. They got a big effort at a Jamal Williams. In that second half an egg game 67 yards. Per Jamal Williams on Sunday 46 and knows. Coming after contact. Did you read the piece on Packers NASDAQ com. Bogged Jamal Williams preparing for the game is gonna Wear sleeves young and running back he can't you don't Wear sleeves because. It's just more fabric for the ball to and a slight off especially. In the rain but he decided last minute wasn't that cold so he didn't Wear sleeves I had no idea that he would be lower course that he became. In the second half. Can they get away with not having Jones or tie this weekend or do you need visas needs. Ion I mean if they without Jones us one thing but I had a big run with a forty yard run on on Sunday that was so that that was huge to. Because Joseph Carey taking over the lead back spot but if you're good for time it is that you need to mean Williams. Mean what an effort when he Kerry 62 yards. But. I mean he. He was coming off a knee injury earlier this year to. Thoughts from all lawyers play excellent. You know he's actually came bowler on how special teams you'll do we play on offense so I thought you know me clearly places fiscal pause agreement packer the way he came in there and you know where before all the time where you needed to run an Indonesian phone Booth style Robinson and he delivered miles very personally player. And McCarthy went on to say a little bit more about that coming back from that he's been a little banged up. He's really developed into a heck of a special teams player these particular kickoff forwards them through this way he goes all American social and also how long experience and so in order diner just so they gonna cut loose. So you took a big step from obviously Q it was called. Does Jamal when would we you're talking error enabler who will have on nine today when we talk to him in the pre season. Ought airheads and look at there's a running back they can take over the starting spot it's Jamal Williams and that was the consensus. That Jamal is looking maybe better than. And tiger than he was hurt. I was hurt Eric Jones gets the opportunity. He's look great that he gets hurt in tiger it's hurt and then credit Jamal Williams for keeping attic. Working hard getting his shot again and the Packers winning healthy. Got some guys back there the problem is they're not ever all healthy. He's a little different look than Jones. I mean Williams is a physical type running back. You saw him many times so or in a game just run over guys. Off and bear defenders very physical bruising fight runner. And he brings little bit different. Different type of running stout running downhill. Was what he does best at two thirds of his yards were after now contact now so little but different M yeah if you need obviously it's. It definitely needs a running game going on and there's going to be. An emphasis on enemy terrible twenty dorm AT&T is interior ball when he got times what. With the quarterbacks about the way they are they got to run the football. Until there's a lot of concern from fans. 4147991250. Can always reach us or 147991250. Like when Ty got hurt. It runs I don't Blair Jones will be fine in many was announced jones' third and they get runs like always a week I don't think that there's a lot of concern in the running backs have been going down this year and that is so I don't feel that sort of an. Is the next minute put these. He's Greg Beck goes down another strong so that look like Dallas time for the tenets that our receiver goes down in year. You know you're in trouble you know all the it was the guys that was lost majority that are now we saw in Arizona a few years ago when they were down to. Jeff Janice and bravest. Yes night to favor. Yeah yeah they're students. Janice. So this team's gonna be a CB just about upon. Sunday. Because of the AFC team is here. With the idea of a check of the broad gestures what. We get the CBS guys and enough they've assigned to him maybe there I'm sure they did use a sign of the week before so we won't give Tom. Hunt Osama TH oh com don't know thumb Brennaman says CV has football. We'll get to maybe I mean. I don't think we'll get the number one guys. Manson Rome old notepad. And I don't waste their time what about time we could've got over those guys now while the ravens are bad to Packers and ravens are the decision. And that needs to be made today and if it's been made correct me. There's been speculation. That. Via. Game against the Steelers can get lacks the top like in Thanksgiving week in the opposite way. You know like bull back to like three or new star I feel like every year by week three we're already well the Packers get a game flexed in week fourteen out of your flexed out now because the rams play the saints. You know seven and two home. And that's nationally may be a more appealing football game. But the Steelers draw ratings so the Packers and it's typically the Packers do but that Monday night game against the lions did not know but I mean didn't keep the sit there too because of the Packers. Win again this week W I was seven and five the Steelers are rare. They may still keep this game in the prime time now that's a decision that has that he made today now as to be made. Twelve days outs that would be the day. Calm. And I will see that's my wife's birth. The final day of the Thanksgiving holiday at summit and a I feel bad and I got a lot of Ellis. On Sunday night a number of they. You feel bad watching the practice plan now when she be like. Only if the Burke they you know I know sliver thin but it's you know football it's your job and New York's Packers when she wanna watch Packers legend that should that like not letting me. You know I guess I feel that I'd with the birth late. But you get all day. The do something though with her ranch but I'm gonna wanna watch football hold. Old now wants to do something else if you wanna do some do a turn them all if solid. Well you know your speak normal size Jamal clearly did seventeen red Sundays a year and your semi bar what you are usually is beyond you say you feel bad days you better watch your resolve them. I can feel bad OK he's still doing just doing a bad doing but do she won't be enough you watch Rizzo called in a birthday she's not gonna. Sane Hank. Called and I don't think she'd like editing she field I don't think she would like okay well. You know what Shannon my girl from the old for her birthday I don't remember we did. Ire president well yeah some time here. And that much now I usually wait like a couple of days before I usually just see when Walgreens has opened the day of to users verio. Out here. Your stuffed bear section all's stuck there is that Sarah -- you want is always the most where's your candy section setter where your cards do you sell flowers at Walgreens you're give Kurds here. Where are you are stuffed bears now that's the motive but I don't go that route excuse me sir merger clearance rack now. I there's I deeper the Christmas shopping where's your Walgreens branded bottles of wines that are. Now that's William duke. Where's your one hour photo Michael hunt like the worst when it comes of ideas what are you worked auto auto detect. I have no idea I'm terrible I'm bankruptcy becomes that. Coming up with ideas for birthdays and all that just terrible did you ever get your girlfriend a gift our. Now. Know all but I think it might do the accuser for Christmas today. That's not this year might do if my kids this year and tell my youngest I was the only six year old I was fifteen he's not an illiterate. I was fifteen. As dating this girl you know how however. However kids' day right. It was her birthday and she was ending a party and I'll hotel. Later in the pool area okay. So I bought her collar. And I gave her fifteen and the acts of it. And fifteen years old it all boils my girlfriend yeah but still prefer email from any. Mean. What does she want would she say. What does she say NS big guy who she spent the rest of them are all now well in the people don't care com. I asked Tony don't BT now jazz big T. And a if she want a little bit more than a fifteen dollar. Carted out now well. Your boyfriend or your car a Buick got. Now it's on me now. And gifts. Certificate you know myth of revenue in the mile mark it down on their Bork. Personally can finally use of the big egos Alec bargains there all weren't we keep bills and that takes her fifteen minutes. And by the time Madeleine Hispanics didn't give solace and no paperwork done all. It's next Christmas aren't I Janet Franklin's gonna give us the gift of getting us out of this camera station I just said Janney. Hey guys are. I'm not to warn about a potent number and the mayor cannot. All of a practice squad and Williams ran good last week showed early and well I mean there are a little bit differently but there are. My god can we when they drafted him that you mean highlight. Real runner from July and those like an exciting you know like one army shot and a couple of cap and I'll only get got some ability. No McCarthy puts a face him by going for that on fourth and one and giving him the football. Absolutely and whenever you know but let me answer the bell in Britain are about a hundred people and everybody looked different and I was consistent you know and that we ought not too worried about you know. It just what you think earlier in the third quarter when they had a fortune one and a sixth sixteen yard line and gentlemen might decide to. Attempt a field of one to 106 game. This appointment as you know heavy duty yeah. No I don't I look so that I know you always want the gold port which it kinda under starter with an eight game and I think all bowl. You want and then membership at all. Let's stop error and I know darn independent that I'll like it but I hundred bandit. Albeit didn't want them are just suddenly got a little at all our leadership and the Manhattan and then you know combat the other way I'm not so. I guess I understand that. A gate down I got a question for you now to. Do you like Randall Cobb in the wildcat running the option. Now not at all. Yeah I mean no I mean every movie that it's spinning out of it and it goes back error stop. Yeah up tubby talked yesterday that the area that are in. Simulate pretty okay cornerback Ozzie in thrall and all you don't wanna see it's well noted Japanese and the call gadget plays olds act Aron Adolor bout them Packers does that count 9 o'clock. We may hear from John again the return. Of the bark collar standings 950 today a couple weeks off as I was offs in the standings are back the committee is that a few weeks to delegate. And there's some good ones there's some good ones and there are some nine. 50 another morning where he may have been caught by the frost and the ice on your vehicle cold weather. As got a jump on us now is check the temperature first thing when I look. I'm my phone in the morning. I'm not liking these below. Freezing temperature is the worst when you get out there and your cars frosted over when this morning and it's not great it is uniting your car and start that thing up before he ever get inside with the remote car starter. These from sound decisions sound decisions they're located in or seen. They have been doing audio systems in cars since 1972. And along the way they have now all. Been able to sell more remote car starters there really anybody else. 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A remote car starter you can get those are your car's sound decisions check and Albright think mailbox that count. Or find them on FaceBook or willful. Talk blocks basketball. Three game win streak now. Amount from broaden Milwaukee's best Bucs coverage here on the fence. This guy's on the day. Inside. Hear from Milwaukee basketball inside here don't we won't fool on T go by the law offices of tub was full. Only on sports Radio One 057. From the right strength. Did like studio pat Gillick Malcolm brought him took voice lessons there from Tom brought about. Naw don't ever say that lets them that's Tom Brennan missed those voice. A local broaden Milwaukee's best Bucs coverage here on the fence. No monitors only our own doll. He sounds more like Obama didn't group although little video. Pathetic old the president guests. I'm dobbs I'm that you moralists the monotone. Well look at got. A guy that is far from that. Our marquee basketball insider Gary willful Racine journal times. And now hopefuls press backs back down what's not white eerie how are you regular. Gentlemen that selected Udall left hander you go right to. Space. What right on why. Are out of Europe freeway at all was a late night on and off. It was late night covered the blocks last night as always is there last night and in Gary result there is always. Bob we can down potential trades and only jury. Now the center spot a testament we had Steve Novak normal while it going Heath young people since that is she going to give themselves look. Another body all those are good right now but do you think deaths of vesey and helping with the blocks in giving and other centering there. Yeah I don't have he does little. You know there was some credit yup looks at trade epic that so pretty apparent leak. One another big men you know it's a matter which they go when. I'm sure they're concerned a little blue book portrait some. I'm not overpaying them you know I keep hearing from the people idea talked to around the league that. They have interest in the to illegal Okafor renewed. Of the sixers fixes that are pushing harder to look trade don't. And they didn't extend the contract Erica token worthy we keep it in her belt didn't look down. So I think that's got to keep and I am. And than those couple other options so. I would fully expect them to look or trigger another deal at some point. They pulled the trigger we can go on the air at Bledsoe DL how impressed have you Ben outward Bledsoe and really what's been a shock to me is just. Oh it seems like he yeah honest. Have already have them working together for years the chemistry between them as very impressive. Yeah you know there Eric. A different player. Turns 48 knicks want he's been a rumble the you can whip fiscal years. That of course look the Nixon. Stock to watch Peyton. He says you know he's sitting in here pretty seamlessly that it would and embraced on the if so the point radios. Or I had asked what would look bigger between the looks good and yes on Pluto we actually won played here. Oh yeah. You know. What are created the earlier order in Europe yeah I talked about all of also mean well what else went on out there that he was so disenchanted with the Phoenix Suns. Well I think Lou we can't expect the biggest part of that. You know it also out what you will ruin the table of Milwaukee Bucks. It and you know I expect him saying you know scoring number one. Two quickness threesome defense. We can spread the and we know dirty because my hope that this would gather what 641 okay. That's probably you know even charitable. What he is top and I and I saw that last night. Aren't sketchy from the when he looks out 56 re well. And for a guy that size so that's tremendous that's more believable or owners are doing here so yeah obviously you need. Of Britain at the open. The other thing that threw me up as well. I had talked to three NBA people yesterday. In every one of them says what so is it just an average defender okay. As one it's illegal my brother. He was not. In what he did he say he lessons are still courier predator. But though he sit all these people all agreed that terrorists could rip out all last night. Yeah we're locked up will wake commonly used pretty darn good you know people look up or arts you know maybe in the NBA. And he'll more than a little unique currently flooded creek so this was done scroll it so. They can get ticketed you've been sort of well look so that are going to be a big plus. The other thing with the last three games that they won is that they've shortened up their bench. And in Mears has been hurt. I don't wanna first dog I Mears abide. I think that's part of the reason what that are willing to let that I'm not look at the all the minutes they're getting off the bench now it brought into the bench. In Delhi Asia's third string point guard Don off the bench and then what you're getting heavily against. There's like these are productive bench minutes is not just some guy out there. Chucking shots. Yeah I know you're absolutely right. You know their point didn't use quotation and that this suicidal your usual for him easily Quasar recording. Via a flu season but you know there's couple factors that one and you know roster and he's got the exclusive Gary Becker last year okay. The number two it there's pressure on him the winner and I think the worded so well except play well you. Put him to retain his job and all long he's been told median in the people media event. You know he's not gonna play you guys it's no big minute because he wants to extend their corners look I know it which is Atmel. At mobile and adds an accent. But yeah out this is averaging 38 and middle condemn you 37. Beat Roger in every 33. I know it's spelled the prompt 3032. So. Other local or particular target major minutes in now let alone the minute you know he's in over thirty so. Or the location. Jason Kidd. Rodman has ninety minutes last night his playing time is going to decrease obviously because the congestion at the point guard spot. But if anybody can handle with Kelly brought does not gonna cause some problems. Yeah no I actually agree check in Scotland and you know I really do it right where I ashamed that I think. American dole dole could be yet guy you know. It would shot me one bit they will soon and returned later. You can tell me. Right now what you. Minute sir even being more because of the trade. But. All the dole could not swim team interestingly enough. There must have been anywhere between eight and ten NBA scouts were in last night. In usually it is water to Korea back. And usually cook when I duplicate. Some ways on the trading block okay. AM home power. These little little talks are the very conscious. Well I mean it could be about as stupid but doctor if you people and so me and they've been go go could be a you've yet I mean John Henson names and in the boat now I mean you know for a long time grin back lesser read or that. And one of the big you know rumors that I hurt it pertains John is that. I'd give it might actually be showcasing them remember Scott Baker has been extremely well actually employ our early this season. It now China's up lineup. There's going to be people like that so well social cues and Sweden. Tried to look rebel whose value were to eventually trade. I just still don't know who's gonna want. Leg I think any trade that the Bucs moved and sane or moved all of a dove. If they win because they get out of those contracts and these guys are under contract for. This year and then another two after and with the bill worry I have with a box is they gonna have to pay all these guys especially. Jabari this summer and they're gonna go over the attacks and there's not going to be enough money. To go around so there's just so many of these contracts that are nine and eleven million dollars. If they can move any of those guys I think it's such an obvious win. Tonight I'd I'm skeptical that it would actually have. Yeah yeah I mean you know contrary to what John Morse says publicly. That they were trying to move guys this summer looks a boat key achievement that is industry is garbage and and we saw that you speak to create great good role you know Hubble data now we want to seem exactly the mainstream as the starting center. Yeah don't vote at all or chemistry right. So you know I mean the book and put in the east than they want but that is so tribe it was an and they should you know the salukis. Still in progress. And you know together we got a couple issues that we have to address and you talk well you know. The last few minutes and respond. In military duke rolled over so. Gary all fall like Gary the master. The other nicknames are he's the master man he's the master for thirty years or thirty years. That theory. I don't think I've talked to anyone who chuck is more Fonda and you know well he's he deserves it and well what do you think Bart. And he is well. Yeah I'd like Manny likes you I do you listen here friendship away. You real or liberate where she's so gone. Look like you're out. I remember I probably don't. It was after a couple years that we had a doubt we're seeing all fame banquet. A lot will do these valuable Bart Houston all vessel was art. Or the library will organize their residency bark in Houston gas. That it hit partly. Or are and that's it that's good Gary appreciate it all active next week. Ground get what you get Gary local joining us on the grave in West Bank hot lie. Pittman West Bank committed to personalize common sense landing since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate. Or refinance there's a great mid West Bank deck down. Discover the benefits of simply local banks in its little bedecked beer cry against the pistons don't change the subject. All very nice of what you said. I don't ever ID Gary has brought him back consultant would be nice. Is there. He's armed with dial a master is he's been around doing this yeah best friends now. Now our collides into Gary but Gary says senate these. Are you share the ups and secondly guard here on the fence. Now from Brian Stratton college athletics studio. This is chuck and swindlers three true. And brought she'll buy Adam's deputy Adam deputy can help you buy your next home because he'd get deals done that others can't go to. Deputy dot com. Every trend right Davanon deputy if you're looking to buy a home whether you're first or last had six NN deputy online ad deputy. Dot com check out their homes for heroes program to teach your first responder veterans. Check it out Adam deputy dot com he's at mortgage equal housing letter Cody grant our producer with a three trends what's up go to. So spent an interesting season regarding the Packers running backs you know Erin Jones he did solidify himself as a starter but. Purchase and CL on the game against the bears on Sunday out three to six weeks time Montgomery's ribs are still pretty banged up. We may see Jamal Williams of the bulk of the carries on Sunday against the ravens are you confident in him as the starter. You go first part you gophers just. Beyond the government started. You go first I sort of Lieberman's starter I did it through and cutting. Yeah I didn't attack next let's expression. All right shatters outlook Australia. Should be atop pork yes. Will they covered as Michigan all right and a half. A Tonya. I think missions gonna win this game. Do you really yeah. Yeah I think bishop of the when let's get our you know freak accident right most times when your prediction I don't feel on Wisconsin's gonna win this game. Missions come and their points of good football Wisconsin or Michigan you said bowl with the argument Michigan know Michigan is gonna win this. In Michigan gonna win this game 37 and a half fights a panel that you wanna bet straight up. All. I that you want to quit this week I want to quit they keep pulling me back end. Audio I don't you doing here using my theory you when you decide I must say I like Michigan but Atlanta's suburbs talent mr. No I I think you're trying to get them me hear all of them all out. Would you like I like the badgers to do you continue to roll out you when you B seven and a half I mean roll like. You know how they win Iowa they win win now I know jags I think that we've been talking so much of this college football playoff these hypotheticals I'll. And I think that they will go to the at least the Big Ten championship game undefeated. Boy. I I I think machine get him here. I'll take the seven to have them. I don't know if I wanna ventured this Brad Altman for get in you straight up with odds though the if reams wins. You dim if you know what I'm going to the bank and go to the bank today and getting my money alien under and it's got a youth and then never look at me again. Well part you just goal a million of waste first four ECU wanna bet and I EC you'd do now you don't do you understand. Do you understand what it's like to be me. Well no. You 88 don't try to figure holds going and hearing all over the map don't try to figure me out so did you want about a ski or not I should. Or talk to all we got some daisy OK here's my plan Thursday my last day here reform will imitation I want to prevent on the game. If I win money to help time I don't want a bad if I lose money you know that's not happening on that's our NN right now now. That's Orion that's where I'm rose you're NIC derby and on the same plane here always gonna be bitten some games before I leave here on Thursday I'll absolutely. So I have some day which are looking at which we do usually on a Friday about guys like to be talking all units as rosy eyed talking on Thursday. Are you can be on the sidelines him in the road guys can step up your vet what about. There's like about. Broke tonight. I feel like ever since Gary lawful said that you're a Georgia tell him he like meat well just trying to just. Really prove that he does anyone know I think here's your retiring. As a gambler. I'm retiring from losing politics. Well the best way to do. On retirees get back on the winning track I don't wanna do the points. While pushing units points and some Dudley do dumb not to go into an outright. I want to let you think they're gonna win well but I don't feel. That confident in his first bedding storming out of the summit AF points. Amid to a Stewart's rebirth seven and a half you're disappoint some. Now I live now and that I narrative that is our game tonight we can vet Marquette Purdue does the guys that hopeful. That's Hawaii play. And had 11 o'clock and on our ability Cal's best NBA games now. Not the playoffs coating. Bob sue the NBA the boxer on a winning streak right now three in a row since adding Eric Bledsoe and at Phoenix Suns NBA trade. But superstar John is that in the Kubel walked about playing with Eric Bledsoe. From his skis. You know. I don't know has to make fight. You know to make plays the moon. I'm multiple. Almost no one in the feel like I need the book didn't get the ball back home. So he's just does is these phone you want that I noticed last night at Lowe's cobalt. Goddess was so the patient off the ball. Going to open spots cutting and running the baseline. And was it was it a fine and is he better off the ball and on the ball even why he said that he likes. One or the other things that he said Saturday night was he's taking. Taking a lot of contacts he's taking a lot of hits now and he's only Tony too and you can't. You saw on the first couple weeks the bucks. We just can't have indeed the only guy they needed a guy like blood that are coming here and have another creator and that's what's happened. And yadda swing he says easy when he says easy the beginning of this quote from Kansas east says it's easy you can you can just. And I hear that. That sense of relief that he's got somebody else and at least you know play calls to his level. Paul Yost his team is penetration. Taking into the paint and scoring so is gonna draw contact. And he's not the pull of jump shooter type guy who sold. That's especially not now let's just pretend he goes down because only times he gets all the goes before you're always like a hockey up okay. Now I have and one time last night. Yes. I don't ever talk about your downing found out now but I mean Apple's couple times game usually but that's the only jas is getting the paint giving files Gorman a free throw line may be finished off a three point play. Second like those are your three trends we are served up by Perkins alma the butcher's best menu this is great for me lovers but it's only available for a limited time you can really get. Some hardy breakfast meals at Perkins the meat lover smasher comes. On a bed of smash tops the big container omelet has six strips of apple would smoked bacon. Mashed with dictators inside Eddie eagle a little later in the day or not Phelan breakfast the statement irons and fried shrimp. A very popular. Item on that butcher's best menu check it out butcher's best. New menu at Perkins today you can try any one of those things and with an adult entree get a free kids' meals so. Bring the family tonight bring the kids and you get a free meal. Or little body suit or whatever your kid's name is our song by nuclear boys right now he's sixties now. Bobby see that on the son Bobby soon as ago obviously you. Obviously you know doesn't want his Buddy Holly right there all his body suit you know. They see it is now on. Yeah not a point. But if you if you heard it I mean it was just did it cross sort of like the top order to respect and Bobby CIBC. Why did I say that all kids eat free Edberg in the soup today. At park thousands of them and copies. Where. Wow I'm here it's. OK I mean this isn't funny. My time soon values and the team I want why are we going to the glass as soon. Well Buddy Holly to bring us back. Second Michael are. Romney Brian Stratton college athletics studios here on the fan where about a week and a half way. From the toy drive. So the toy drive we spent all week it blames Harmon fleets eggs and Ross and in Oak Creek all the shows broadcast live all day. And we take toy donations. And it was great last night I got Hague I'm fate add a you don't mean he yelled it. I got tagged on FaceBook from all listener who had already compiled. As name's Justin. Ian is wife and their business they've already compiled it's a picture of while at least or or cards of always. That they purchased are ready in anticipation to come bring them to our toy drive at side. You know we haven't really had time a lot of other toy drive yet which is coming up in a couple weeks we you may have heard some Promos may have seen. The website the united and talk about it too much and here's this guy and his family is business. Already thinking about I just think that was incredibly guys it's the week after Thanksgiving that we knew this from more than a decade now. And to cede that we've continually get more toys and more toys and then it's kind of started already vis a be dropped off their week but see that picture that that may Amadeus. You know what when people ask him once a toy drive Richards just think always the Monday after Thanksgiving the whole week after Thanksgiving. Is one world third and planes and hopefully this guy's gonna bring a dom were on the air missile make us look good that we bring an almost toys and our first day. Yeah we need Jamaica's a look at so if you're going to go to the toy drive and a good embodies what ours will insist specially come Monday morning now. Because real money morning is the first day Monday morning. And in Al built causes or lose those toys got home. Oh the the service I concede in his face all our own Lou I don't multi. The toys I mean five Friday and Thursday. Yeah a lot but how I would like to see more guys Monday and that a lawless you know because. Which had to make sure we can talk to you guys a little bit more to worry and that we're in these beautiful studios yeah it's gets a gets better and better for your apple studios. I'd if you come down there. We wanna say high chair and in no warrior from and know why you donated in all I can substance probably degree this week we have here on our. It's our really our. Our centerpiece on the radio station well it's the one we fear that were not as vain as normal now amended debts. We still doing normal show oral there we have gas we have great death so there. By that MR golf water to benchmarks. Well this is great too because all the toys they get donated for the children's hospital for these kids. You know the value of an N it's true. When I first heard it I didn't think it was true it is true either you've been there are you know someone I mean who doesn't know someone that's. Needed the Children's Hospital you know Beck can sure write for kids yeah and he's just so we always bring out their base even have someone who's. Had that experience. And it's amazing so to see a picture regarding share the picture on her FaceBook page out more details oral 57 FM the fan dot com. As well but to know you guys are thinking about it. Already. I just that may mandate it was really cool to see. And again and it's for cart owns a man. Never get out to Los of the morning. You know we're we're telling you bring those toys to us Monday morning. Or six to tell me matter if you keep you can't put our time which is damn but try to do tomorrow to see us in the morning Monday morning. And gimmick to Monday morning. To a Tuesday morning. Yeah and added or Wednesday morning out or is Thursday December 6 at ten. Aaron Nagel Ericsson joins us coming up next their make or Packers NASDAQ com as the Packers still a little life. In this team stuck there.