8am - Was UMBC over Virginia the biggest NCAA Tourney upset of All-Time?

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, March 19th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed the NCAA Tournament and perhaps the biggest upset of all-time for the first time ever a 16 seed defeating 1 seed Virginia.

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Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. James Crichton College athletics. This is chugging away clerk. All sports Radio One 057. I think the guys that are tainted dog feet. The appeal. Is not a gimmick don't. He's bonus game. Is right now. We'll play that did make no I no longer ends. What you follow that's there instead of Mario. Comfortable people probably get Goebel you know what I thought Charlotte I've achieved goes this every guy. Does he perform like it jeans bill yet didn't the state of I'd bitching there was guys who drove the Janesville we'll see how much do you think. It would cost us if we want it pat McCurdy to come in and play the music in and out of our breaks. It was like lighting studio. For one Michelle I don't. Fifty bucks no hole Null fifty box and a breakfast sandwiches if you apart speaker Greg please. I'll take a look the part and faster. In yet what all that for 799. And stuff go to hell I'll be there all week. He's followed away. Irritated people don't want it. And it just kind of. I was sick and they had six days a light. Right now is tonight's big event that's now just these two months meant something while I'm at a loss after. Soleil. Give Sibley took a bit yes speaking that's we gotta we gotta get to drew cork who drew is in Brookfield. We gave them our final four picks all away now I gave him yes the actively all right sold drew yes BI and Friday no Thursday indeed help yelled to Paul and I told you mission Steve was gonna win at all and I did thank you in Michigan State lost. When they get outta so are you ledger honored by. I got on the prepared he would jock man my old up. Above both Ford debt created game out of like wow are Miley April attack. I know we talk about Al Majid a go down they've begun that nuclear and I don't yet know ideally are about. Yeah that's a different frame it's not so you think you think he sounds Smart now what nominee and Hawkins crap and now now now they get also OK tell me. The amount of weight off used to beat Michigan State or Cincinnati Eagles were. Mean we saw that coming. Who saw senator Phil is barely got it at Syracuse ball so was wrong supportive of what else money so was everybody else though in this tournament I totally I. I've got I can't war live I've gotten old and my final then you should have the balls that you did your pics away I did at least. I say Cincinnati. Then you also open people I fought anyone like big dumb. Yeah Boller a few years ago the final four and best yet chance and I'm last year. I wanna pull last year so jurists are invoice to 118 under so what that a against the Rangers titles coroner does he get it right for your group. I got no book but I mean that that like the only public vehicle. Legit rectified and help would you. I on that they would apartment and they are we're gonna let our dollar figure on it. What I tell you all savor at all I told you don't think signals right now one. And I told Villanova. So what are expected to work correctly. LA then I tell you not take Virginia I was right about that would tilt. So I guess I'm not a media. I told god take Virginia I said take Villanova as a dog takes a scenario. Where you're darker pork. How much one for four. You know. I don't know reported here I told you not to not to take I told don't exceed your toe did don't they and don't take Virginia. Our values of you. It. Now well with arguments in district court in that I did well hey if you ever wanted to get 45%. Of your final four picks still alive you know after the first weekend. Call Sports Radio station as Altria and Noah now we are never right drew our apologies. That's I'd bowed out and now it's okay. It's OK I don't I'd go out and but I knew one night that I Michigan State went down yesterday Syracuse. Like man I thought about Bruce wolf I thought now epic and gave him that but I also told Baltic Virginia or don't take Xavier. Now the pick that I. See I. In in the bracket that I am doing well and 'cause I only filled out two or three by techno. Cannes this. UNC. Lead into the final but Kentucky. And here's either work two teams that three teams I liked. Coming into the turn meant to make a little bit of Iran one did not that was Oklahoma. I'd like Syracuse to make Iran I took the more Michigan State. Michigan State not on this tournament since 2000 Al people give more weight too much credit. I feel because he'd winning Big Ten titles that like you because he's missed their mark she's mr. mark said it's fine if it's so final four he's been too but they don't win it at her. So I thought you know what the tides gonna turn in Syracuse I like taking one of those teams from their first four. So Syracuse is a team arrow there and I also like Kentucky. Because Kentucky was a team. Now everybody's doubting they had a winning their conference tournament and now they're at a five seed in a bracket or the 1234. Gone you realize the last time Michigan State. Won national chipped to Tom Kareem was an assistant Tom Izzo that Michigan State along his bent. Now coming up short on time for the final force. 20020012005200920102050. Uptick debt run any day. I don't want it also due out of L wouldn't take the run that Thomas those at Michigan State. Should away with guns Sega. In that bracket. I like them they had a close game week on week one but their first game in a pretty good against Ohio State laid at the end. I saw like down on the pull them from hopefully the bracket year totally let let's do that now what do we life. Let's let's talk about who we like going for. If not will cripple the latest bracket. Five hour energy brackets that cap and of course. All right that's. Thanks my lower energy brands stereo. Economic and I tried to put BS PM last night trying to liberalize bracket couldn't find it. You know you that our couldn't I just of this look at all over the place the incident. Went to law. You know CBS. And everything but polite brackets like what are they have a simple opted to recognize. I went to fox sports there was a video of Colin Cowherd talk about John Wall off. I I talk to save thing. Could find it there. It was a mess. Are imported up here. Irregular. Com. When this. Hubble loyal to go get to the regional final. That's that's amazing. Who would have loyal to go beat old Hewitt dubbed the sister of the 98 year old team chaplain. Didn't have loyal and going to the sweet sixteen. Now did you see that story out. While cliff for 98 your way man. Should talk like an idea girl lady Amaechi was. Very active. You know you would think that she deals say one or two words but she was quite talkative. Our its sole. Shut those notes related. Well much respect their tour. I like you'll of the 98. While denying he would sell the region you've got Kansas State Kentucky law hill in Nevada who comes out of that. All Kentucky hopefully not. That'll be Kentucky. Well you've got Florida State games that I would say that. Pataki. On these sets of failures to now I did a beacon. Global battle that went on upon this week. So we sort of that's by the way I got two or three. When I won was well. Known you whine. Oklahoma against. Rhode Island yeah that was the first ones on Thursday I had is she covering over Montana I was watching that one on my phone. At a Taco Bell Manama falls on Thursday. And then I won Kentucky over Davidson because the spread was four and a half and they won by five. They were up eleven with thirty seconds ago. And they kept turning the ball around. Well there couples type games. The old earned Johnny Finnish word I would have three at the buzzer covered a point spread. Com so you either only 75 or a hundred dollars Rogers. Calls out. 'cause the Jimmy Graham that I won. These last two vets Taiwan okay. And then we got to figure out the Marquette I owe you some money from that you know go ahead in my just amount one. Off Florida State Gonzaga and Michigan Texas sane man who comes out of that all of Villanova. Of Miller teams I said. Was at Florida State Gonzaga. Michigan or Texas they all. Look at the wrong bracket I'll say. Boy that's. One of those teams go to final four a look at anyone doubles team as being filed fort team in America. Nines and I don't like them I don't. Com. I'll say Michigan. When he stunning fashion although you and a man. They just kicked the crap out of Carolina. If you see that yesterday I was on L. I must say Michigan's ago. Kansas Clemson Syracuse duke they're in the midwest. Why like Michigan State out of this and that's gone. Arm like Kansas I do. Olympic coach Clint has brought Brad Brownell when he was coach at Wright State. Was one those guys laser right state you know he was gonna stay there long. Off. I just only Jimmy Page time ever to advance. Crusty old angry man. I can't stand duke. Bill Self played him two. Up over Clemson. Even though they're probably. Care trust them either and anybody else they can't sentinel in the east I'll say cancer not signal to him in these. A guy like we're served up by Europeans restaurant and bakeries from what's left them and ago Kentucky. Inside. Kansas. And Nolan now there's one team them pulled for Imus stay in my final four I just have to replace. North Carolina with guns if there's anybody had. I'd pull for anybody. Which I don't normally pull part gives it kills me to save us. Loyal. Casino almighty Chicago teams but I would be yeah they're different. You know I like the coach Porter moser. I don't have a few years go win now in Green Bay played Illinois State ferry guys chuckling what are. We get the Michael Cohen group where he's in his time Michael Collins about to join us Kyle Fuller was a packer for about two and a half hours. And now he's a Chicago bear again all of what was that all Obama all talk to Michael Cohen next. Here on the thing. Guys on the inside. Green big football league insider Michael Cohen all the fan and he's brought to you Michael all of this is of Thomas Motorola. Job going so we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. I'm borrowing clarinet checked freemen are green and gold insider. Joining us on the great midwest bank. Outline who won the only Michael come on good morning Mike Mike. Well we'll talk deal you know obviously since the cal Fuller debacle on Friday or two was or wasn't. A bomb was this a right move for the Packers is to make this too to sign him and did they help all the make things easier on the bears. Does this all went down a span of a couple hours on Friday afternoon. You know I think we're probably counselors don't skirt in the looked at. The sort of seemed like it was a little bit of desperation. But. Look at the order relax too soon. It's everybody at the top of the art. Let crude us. Kurt short. Span of time and I don't believe it packs it Kirk Kirk where is he just didn't expect them to. You know get it cost. Here's you know this is like you know a last resort kind of thing in terms of all the top guys are gone what can we do well its. Archives. And the tradition Jack somebody all around until they errors. You know they've they've the next two hitters pretty affordable. Trial is home to. I think it's fifteen million the first here and it could be your own billionaire respect each year but there's. The critical he appeared to terrible parent these. A pretty at fort he'll based. Lender. You're free agency so you know basically for an extra fired the dollar area. I love the bears in a locked up for a long time so in that regard it was a very friendly deal for the bears. When they traded to Marius Randall. The sentiment that I was hearing from people which I warned against. Was bothered doing this because they must. The end I'm Richard Sherman and then he signs well that means they must be in on Jack Johnson but then he signs. It seemed like. It didn't seem like that they had a plan made they made that move without really. A targeted cornerback. And now that's tennis you're seeing what you're seeing as a somebody who's a fan Michael I'm not like. I'm not jumping off a bridge 'cause I think they're cornerback. Depth this terrible right now which. It is but they also made that move without having a plan to me which is why I further question the move that they made. To get rid of a guy I know that he was a problem for some. But he was still your number one corner up to that point. There's so couple letters. He then I think more of a problem. Soccer. You realize there are a lot of voters in the room I had issues which to reassurance. And some of you start having conflict with the coaching staff which was very public in the payers. And then you have some of the veterans that are frustrated with him and then you have to have at the end of the year questioning coaching staff yeah. Or you know not holding players don't eat. You know it was a situation where I think. Brian Whitaker well we just. Didn't want him around or maybe like a cartoon because you know some of the problems that you costs. In that regard I can understand. The other layer took risks in our Google+. An open secret your article churn up its troop. Yeah expressed desire to practice it Cleveland Browns introduced him at safety. So he is. Correct that you're going to try to either start pre sixty. So. Packers at that I don't want like ordered are safety and what the situation blows but. If you look at the Brown's web site and you look at it returning each accused the papacy. So the Packers probably the heavily desire to move from the safety zone which premise that. Told them that he doesn't wanna play corner anymore then that he doesn't have a role on this team. Because they don't need in the six. Her sole word of the Packers go from yours first defense of beckon me I'd that false and symbols of the ones we throughout their lives when. Are they enough hot water when it comes of that position right now. Yet there's a couple of different things that they can do first of all they don't treat person would do well at any given time. We don't know. You don't we don't know about it until it happens to them they could make a deal tomorrow from one of the best cornerbacks in the league in Regis you know. Don't happen in everyone's they'll also didn't have a plan at all. But on the other convict whose ticket senator older guys the clubhouse being one of them but I think. That they should bring back. And that they can use of course their draft pick the first draft pick on one they can move up probably toward the top ten. The Clinton pictured with somebody. Given extra. Period donors were infiltrate. All that you never know which other veterans are gonna get. It cut in Orlando Scandrick is cut your new business. I'm not saying those are the guys are the answer when you're gonna start dispute order or later guys. Get a crack at teams trying to change their salary caps who wouldn't the next he's so. They're not there at the water yet but it certainly. Have a certain between blink relative to what. Would it was. You know we can happen. Michael Cullen green angle insider here chuck and went clear on that the fanned the Jaime ram contract. That's order revealed over the last couple of days to. This that it looks like a friendly moved where. The Packers if it means essentially a two year deal making caught on there's a cap at about 3.5 after that third you are. But this is a move where. Attackers. In a lot of minds may be said and shorting note Jimmy yes they made that move in Minnesota cornerback so far. The new get it will percent. Up to this point. Would you say this free agency period has been a success for the Packers or have they left a little bit on the table. Oh. Bank records. I think overall and productive for them I think that and you've Ingraham was an important piece because he's essentially he's a wide receiver is not a I didn't. So you don't look the spot that Jordy Nelson. Took on the field will region grant spots so you essentially swapped those two most. It's pretty friendly contract if they actually it's actually a one year deal and it's what are your fuel you know with total but it's really want your deal because he had the roster bonus of several million dollars at this time. Next year so Packers could release and prior to this time next year. And they would have to pay him that several billion dollar roster so it's really but you know you do this one year and if you do well that'll pay you got several million dollar bonus keep. On the team. For 2019. Into the workers inside of resolve that I haven't seen yet but. You're adding a guy that is sent a pass rush ability from the inside and now the art do we have one of the best defensive. You know fronts of the we've heard there was you know whose children and teams like that in terms of their ability. And the athleticism that they have a there. Obviously I think there's something want to be desired one back position but. I think you know clearing the cap space that they didn't signing two players respect that those were positive for the credentials. Yes the Jimmy Graham deal which you guys DTL this morning it sounds like if the Packers. Want to get out of it after one year OC will working out. It wouldn't really hurt the booed the seller camp or hurt them financially. I mean it would hurt the so that let me pick your. Well yes it's essentially what you're till. If he doesn't play well attackers can release them. Prior to the start of the 29. Exceeding the 2019 the year and they don't have to pay him the roster bonus that astute three days into that year so. It essentially you know play well this you know keep your round if you don't play well this year. Michael Cohen you can find him at Packers news that count them walking journal sentinel as well I check on his podcast on Twitter Michael underscore Cohen. Thirteen Mike appreciate it we'll talk soon. Richard or Michael Cohen joining us on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for a simple and convenient. Pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan called great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since nineteen. 35. Frames a lot of brackets busted. Over the weekend. Email after email I kept getting. I could alert on my iPhone to it said. Or pick is losing do you want to change North Carolina. I thought. North Carolina lost my the five hour energy brackets this is I mean. If there was ever a year to show why. There's this new way to play these brackets this was the year for it truly fun weekend bot even more fun. We if he had the ability to change your picks and that's what you had he can still play along and with a five our energy brackets 157 FM the fan back yeah. Though the field this year it was tough I mean it always is. It always is but this year is we saw this weekend especially yesterday to. Just how difficult that is in and you know that when you have a chance to changer picks. That's always a great way to go but I mean you're also based decision like. But the Virginia game on Friday that third down twelve points with a 50 let's go like point. Why change a pay here or is Virginia out the better team. Are they going to make a comeback and win. And I told Jim that stick of Virginia they still might win this thing in the course you know they didn't. And now that worked against her but I just a but I'd be giving bracket I I do I well at least they most the time it's okay but this one of those walkabout you've taken. You've got to stick with Virginia there CF the case privacy okay. I would bet more on Virginia done to combat from twelve dealt by the scale. That I would think Maryland Baltimore County can pull out of win that game to resolve rumble Burke county Natalie. There are twelve they won by one Inky actually increase in Italy because Virginia's fell right thing by. Anyway you look at a five hour energy is the way to go we need some help to get you through the day five hour energy helps you feel alert and energize each shot was packed. The vitamins nutrients and as much caffeine as a cup leading premium coffee that what and it was going on Saturday night had a shot right around 5 o'clock. To be right through the rest night in the stuff was going to be we consume. Saturday night and going out tonight gets going on you might feel little exhausted from a whole week there might be piling up like me. Weis took on Saturday night house could go for the rest of the night five hour energy drink it in seconds two minutes last for hours I've our energy to back 100%. You know it also doesn't taste bad either there's like coming flavors are there there's dozens of flavors like yeah my favorite is great. Great airy section pomegranate third while lemon lime is also get a. We are here again today. Today I hand of the businesses to the these items for show and very. They're there to bury Monday as a very very adamant yes chuck electoral 57 FM the fan. I was challenge to put my money where my mouth that is gonna do that I'll explain next Saint Paul. To the NBC. Said he came to me upon a midnight plan. He set up this Friday. Schools. Now I. Are you still they answer my question is struggling with a book I ask you bought what what's the deal after thirty chemical coating. That's why I ask you you tell me it's a couple times and and he can you give Clinton music it's only. And as a great song man it's a great song OK tell me what's the appeal of him and some guy like. Called Cody. About an hour ago has Cody said he didn't know either pane I just know fragment parity from light festival's ten. And I know some guy like. Dave Cody a history lesson on McCurdy OK in the service or reams though because screams was saying why this guy came on an angle really auto so basically this guy called and he told me why. This guy's famous active members lighted parking tell me what this guy is doing. Usually I yield baffled to my ticket market you don't have an answer he's the guy that people I told you life Michael in Wisconsin like people they recognize. That's okay they've got these he's been around a long time so guys who were around a long time people like. Why do people flip on us. Marginal are in the morning cool. Florida lard because they've been on the radio for a million years. I like a million dollar if you don't like guys. Your dad likes that okay that's why they're still stuck at your email crazy at that are your candidate and yet it's still there's nothing else to do its policy that occurred tonight. Yeah beach residents Malaysians. That chuck Wisconsin likes to play all year he's like yeah today's Beatles I've never heard of him. No well are a long time what was your history lesson. I don't remember he started a band here in Milwaukee got nationally famous you did sort of T. And eighties the tokens it's I don't know it's something like that then. Don't know yet neither I just always the former forever. A QB driving around town yourself pat McCurdy your Friday night. We go and it's the same I'm sure he's got the same people every concert or whatever it's called Alec how you are Ariel. Well you know with Mario here he's been with they guy he pass the guy ten was it the eyes are wide that he never heard of that confidential. Secretary and and he's been putting out solo albums since 1989. It. So from last year out there he is he was asked by the attackers to write a song to play in their stadium. Originally objected because he did not like sports songs but he then came up without love degree angle on sports elderly parents of money. Now probably. So that's Ramona and I'm probably a nice guy. More ominous for my money where my mouth that is I set it off from Perkins if he came in and got his manager's email ten. Here's the email that I have written. Sir we are spit balling names slash bands to BA house band for a day on our show a couple of to play sounds out of commercial breaks. What would the rates be to have that in studio for this for either four hours from six the tendon or for two hours maybe from eight to ten. Plus your estimate got get up early early in the morning bright and thinking like opening day. What better way to have most holy day. He's probably got a gimmick. On opening day but he could cut me here from six states. Blue view might be performing at somebody is. Yeah it's six that he had to date on Saturday. We've Janesville and you know mosquito. Well at least get ready quote bullets that maybe you can get it for a half power. Mazen popular demand man. Rank among in house guests. All I get the bottom but still how Hollywood where. We looked up put up the Charlotte built on broad stroman the NASDAQ. Our John Henson. Or brought strong woman yes all right thanks largely darkness. They all the official okay normalcy. Can be freaking out as other radio guy in town mourned Gary just falls all over this guy ever time a guy. As on the show. But the came. While he's not gonna come on our show now why I'd just that I don't get the appeal that you might come on our show. I I feel like pat McCurdy goes anywhere or the money comes. Don't have anybody to pay out. Jock that's I'm getting the rate quoted. You don't have any money AMP you lost all your money to me I lost all my money playing blackjack so little Eudora U I have no mart. Well good all fund me okay. Something like that pay on Friday. I didn't expect this you weren't here. But we knew we found out all about your whereabouts. Thanks to a new guy that we apparently hired at the station Stephen news and people were texted me and ask you mean. Who is this guy who's following you look around and knows what he's knows you were bought an out of work. This is Stephen newsmen with another chuck Freeman dale update. Chuck is about to finish watching fifty shades of gray getting ready to put fifty shades darker look into his dvd player out. And hoping to do odd then make a full movie. Stephen newsman channel fall so we knew all of business round Stephen newsman. The status of investigative reporting in my life but like about you yes. This is Stevens who's been with the chuck Freeman day off update. Chuck Freeman is currently think it all spring and let and watching swings of professional golf with on YouTube. Stephen newsman channel full so these are the updates that he gave us Friday as a pop Peter Jennings was dead. Spelled. Those are the updates that he gave us on Friday. Diploma as we get around and they get it yeah. You get a hookah hot and cold this statement is with a chuck Freeman weekend recap. So clearly enjoyed seeing some of the upsets in the NCAA tournament. Clinton visited I don't every queens saw in Wisconsin Rapids he does I'll bet 55 degree weather we've had here in the old buy on Sunday and most importantly. He became. So all Lula of Stephen is that twelve. Stephen newsman helpful I did have a follow this Derrick is he's following me. Literally follow me around folly of the scab to Britain's. You weren't the only person he found this weekend. Well. This is Stephen news with a special weekend bulletin I have security one on one interview with loyalist Chicago's sister Ginny. He is not one questions as to Jean do you know hold of fame broadcaster. Shock free and you reducing poverty class on Tuesday not. A widget that's what. Question she's refusing and she's if you think please what this is Steven's been chipped up all these. Newsman Stephen newsman. Breaks. Not if watch whatever I do. They're being followed. I saw picture. Is that really him. I don't know man Steven news on the home don't ask me like I know this guy out of Wisconsin residents. People that follow you around professionally or like the last people I want now. Slow death declined don't ask me any anything about Stephen newsman. I he would notify me. And that that perkins' home of Bart's a big breakfast. Where for just 799 you get three eggs three strips of bacon three pieces of sausage to pancakes. Group friends toes and hash browns all. Or just seven and 99. It is available any time of the day. So you can get this meal which sounds like a pretty good breakfast option as it's called Bard's bigger breakfast. Indeed any damage today as long as Perkins is opened a most around here open until ten. This is good at any Milwaukee area Perkins and when you ask for the meal. They'll know what you're talking about. Parts of bigger breakfast you wanted to come back it did it only bigger all that food for just seven dollars. And 99 cents and if you go to today you get everything I just mentioned three eggs bacon sausage banking is French does hash browns. And a slice of body after ten at its high society Monday. That available at Perkins chuck and Mike 1057 FM the fan. This statement is with a chuck Freeman weekend recap. So clearly enjoyed seeing some of the upsets in the NCAA tournament. Clinton visited I don't every queens saw in Wisconsin Rapids he does I'll bet 55 degree weather we had here in nobody on Sunday and most importantly. He became an. Fall Lula of Stephen is that what I. Stephen newsman channel full. Live from too much. Who who then. In some. Dinners Long Island Erica beyond my wife's name is gone over and ask you half I think it's got a little much debate to bail us I think. They need said limit alcohol sales on the court so they need to do something because every week it seems like guys are complete in about a more more. That's. Rory McIlroy. Doesn't want alcohol on the course and animals it's okay what does plenty of all wrong the guy was yellow about is why. Here's Rory again yeah there's a Long Island Erica beyond my wife's name is going over and asked yeah. I think it's got a little much debate to be honest I think. They need said men and alcohol sales on the course they need to do something because every week it seems like guys are complaining about it more and more. Yeah. Yeah the it and there's certain guys in these galleries. That just. Get him out of there. I mean if you're going to be debt disrespectful to. To McIlroy or this. In the whole war. When you guys in his backswing. It's ridiculous I've I've enjoyed I've enjoyed in tiger's done this to the crowds the last couple weeks they're very energized. I enjoy a of very energized. Golf crowd jerk and sometimes. They're a little more energized than they would be because it's alcohol aided I don't mind get in the hole. On tiger did have a bad putt two weekends ago along anyway does your husband and black. It soccer club after only thing that that the tiger two weeks ago didn't measure 'cause then playing. Now I thought we could draw the line there now if your harassing these guys about their family. You can draw the line there but I like watching golf words more than just learned through the burden didn't well I mean it's not like you have and Boris. Of course across should be enthusiastic that's great guy makes a shot. But to toe. Get out of golf for the match the guy's wife for match tiger because dispersed all issues that he had a few years ago or whatever. That's not right now especially not write any sport especially golf. And I just it's just not him not good at Talbots you know maybe it was a warm day calls probably whales a warm day out the on an Orlando it was was really warm down there and you know maybe that's open to do it. I just when I was at the US open and it knows that I did notice drinking issue. With the crowds I didn't notice people having too much. I thought before of work great here in Wisconsin. At and any of the term it's an event here. I went to the BMW last year come in Lake Forest. I didn't get drunk because. It was hot as hell. And the drinks for like thirty buck. So maybe not limit alcohol sales. But maybe he just charged enormous prices from that wall. I don't think there's enormous prices from already I really was looking to go to a golf event to get hammered. No. Day drinking. But still I I. Arm I don't know what can be done. To. Fix the golf grow but I army of star is all start with the in the hole. These guys some of these guys are just in the backswing top Abu we that's ridiculous and it's guys or just trying to get on TV. You know I only giving the golf than just trying to get on TV a legitimate voice in my body like. Just like you guys are sitting in back of home plate at the cellphones up there in a way of being on it's just those two youthful after awhile. The same with this image he had gate in the hole after the balls there already gone they're not cheering forgive my whole nurture and get their voice on TV. They could careless and give them or not. In all you don't know that Frazier Ali. In at all now they wanna see again in the hole and now that is the third error the earth. Lyle boisterous give and a whole is all balled. So we continued cheering gulf. Teacher all the time but you've when we get eyes projecting his ways like that. He's doing it to get on TV. There's no question about a month there's dole skepticism on line about does your husband. I'm sure what's in. Them and say that that tiger. Did he leave bomb. A putt short is that it was it. You know the Alice up c'mon Alice tiger in the area that is come back. In his golf thing as well as he's going to hear a secret. It's a desert island in the minutes is not as as does not right it's not I should be real happy stuff charitable apps that are out of this statement. Check it awake alert served up by Americans. The Milwaukee brewers' roster is becoming a little more clear there may be a way to keep bodies you say you are although. Mean after a long Ed McKelvey from spring training you'll join us next. You're not imply.