8am - What would you give up for Manny Machado? Bart talks to Miller Park groundskeeper

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, July 11th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart shared their thoughts on what the Brewers should give up to get Manny Machado. Plus, Bart talked with the Michael Boettcher, the grounds keeper at Miller Park as they get set to host a soccer match.

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Hey you know literal so we Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence when your friends know why do you live from the drawing intense strident. College athletics. Who knows. This he's shockingly clear on sports Radio One 057 have been. Just like my. I'm borrowing that's Jeffrey amended. Ask us anything today we are taking your questions you can ask us anything between us that 1057 at mammoth. No fan with a had to take asks CW will start answering around 8:45 this morning also there's a soccer game at Miller Park tonight. They got a converted from a baseball diamond to a soccer field. Baseball players. They're not all thrilled about that and neither is the grounds crew insult to the head groundskeeper. Attacked him the other day around 835. And I also try to get some Intel on trades. All grounds keeper with the groundskeeper at who's coming yen as you'll hear about that at 830 possible so I tried everything the glories of the players were happy about it. Well the pitchers don't like it. All estimates of the amount they dictate completely take the mound Dow now and then they have to build it back up you know and it's it's not an easy process level specifically yet the symbols desert comfortable curtain around it outsold talked to Michael Boettcher is the guy's name he's grounds keeper. At Miller Park you hear that around 835. But we wanna talk about the constable if you're in on that nickname frames are you good guy solve one video of this guy and he's got a market like out there and Corbin. Was a terrible wrestle these different nobody cured wanna cells he changes gimmick than a constable and now it's got a funny so made up that Eumig form Corbin burns is who you saw last night two innings got the sabres went eight or. And we're asking you I actually put a pull up. And 62% of you say you don't like the nickname so that's encouraging but. Who cares we're gonna column that sold deal. The constable Corbett burns last night. Two innings so would you include him for Manny Machado the report last night came out that the Orioles are interest it. Al-Qaeda brewers are just an image shadow but they don't wanna get up Corbin burns may be act. I don't know Luis Ortiz Brett Philip packaged well mom live Orioles seem to really want Corbin burns he's a good young pitcher. He's going to be a starter. You know he's got four pages in the well. He could start now but the brewers looked at him and said we want you literally for all in 2018. He's struggling Colorado Springs getting into their all but against Colorado Springs. Everybody struggles there the altitude. And now here Corbett burns last night his first Major League outing now came in with a one run one run lead to Romley who runs late and with six execs don't buy because I set my exit Kirstie kind of handle twice in the last week. So they give it Corbin burns any any doesn't Pegasus save what he's is up six down. He did against bad baseball team and we've just been baseball but still when a third have faced up to the beach of that before you're right by oral baseballs you got noble vehicles games either. Six up six down. But our army he's got good stuff and all that the Amanda's that the he's. A guy who I'd love to keep it a fighting chance to get somebody else might have a channel. I would still trade them. I was at that I'm not gonna let dep former it's swimming completely. I always get lawyer is our top prospect but I'm trying to win a division title and a World Series this year. John tweets and be realistic guys. Many Mitch shadowed does not even close to guarantee a World Series win of course not and we lose which shot on the prospects at the end of the year what are we left width. Ball the wrong with the rest of our prospects now while you sit a sitting with. Every deep deadline move I mean it's. Baseball's got a history of teams who make them more look at the angels a few years ago. But the versions rated. When they each rated Zack Greinke to the angels. Didn't get to the handles the ball season. And they gave up prospects Newt didn't do them because so that's the risk you take this plays off of what we talked about a little last for. ID with Billy when he was in here and Sam site. What are we waiting for Tim Tim's point the other day I heard this on a post game show Tim Allen who is in for billion today tended to his point was. At some point. We are going to be OK with trading prospects. At some point. If you wanna win a World Series you're going to have to trade some prospects to get some of these guys to come and make an impact. Why can't that be this year because at some point. You're gonna have to do it so it seems like the only thing holding us back is in our heads we decided. Well this process takes time point twenties the year will compete. Let's do it then but there in a position now all Wear their game and a half hour in the central if you're gonna go to the World Series and I know teams have done it but I really. Engaging got to win the division that wild card game is too scary to me. You got to play to win the division I wild card game is Lima yes I'm glad you and lidge don't think all the while earning medals September I don't care about the while I agree I've already penciled that it is a loss in while he's also the night the book the wildcard today. Just in case the cubs are in the division the fetch in the cubs win the division the bulls have all likelihood would host and wild card. That doesn't matter it doesn't matter to me either right now this is on the conduct amid the Denver if they're out of all dude you know what I really sputtered on what they could. He would be hosting game all the you know how far into the class I've lucked. My parents moved to Florida for years ago David trying to get me to come down there and I haven't seen their outlets call far away from Atlanta. 67 OK so mr. Bingham. No all but the NLCS. It would be going out I agreed to go on October you know about the packers' bye week. The bucks lead the opening their new arena I'll get to game a different time I should be good and in the other day I'm watching the brewers and ago. All we. In all. I might I might miss an NLCS games in Milwaukee. That I hang out my parents in Florida. So now I'm rooting for the Marlins they go to the LCS or the Braves against a good. Traveled to Atlanta I missed the aggregate level because the brewers were in the NLCS. All I'll miss any ten and the brewers and the players and apparently six at all at that point you know I don't care about that no I mean that's the moors. I I feel once the either the senate race they are the priority in September and on our show. Brewers in a dark that this doesn't happen often this is very few times are in our lifetime the brewers have been. Like how being in Albion Florida for two of those days that's how far I'm thinking in Mosul two cents. Nobody in my amendments are deemed an anonymous a game I don't wanna miss a game 799. 1250 but of course we gotta get there in Corbin burns could be someone who helps us get there one way or another whether it's pitching for us or as a trade champ. Go to Matt on the south side 7991250. What is up Matt. Do. You know it's become a prominent let. A World Series of hours of data. That the odd ball out. If I'm not. According Omar but of course our last place the reduction overall. Our offense that. I've only ever had out here that already first place. Though it with Shaw and out short yard back a large. It. Yet. I've been ergo it ought to act. Out what our trade. That would make it boot Eric. I am with you on course now I am too I mean it would be tough I think. CN I think at this side of it when you. Talk about who you would trade from a chattel. If that's the got to go get. I think on this side of it it's like well I don't wanna change here I don't wanna trade Byrnes and on a trade. This guy and orchard Peralta. Then at that trade happens I mean we're all going to be kept heat heat wrap it of course are gonna be jumping for joy because we got maybe about shorts out. One of them. In the game to. More homers for me channel. Last night whereas got a text. Runs on Burke's not adverse then. Currently I got a little winning. In October. Emit LG than many up not that I am. What day. Of middle may middle of October on and it all that's on them. Hopeful that I'd. Fire at all. A friend of hers and friend of hers. Well other daughters you cannot go responded that marriages don't last long anyway you don't know dad she's yeah I watched you. Just like the mom. So is that redundant of the other choose the third in fall too far from the tree there. So I don't ozone related well knowledge this will this girls getting married she's if the guys getting tired of correct after a couple years and all of these people are getting married when he five. But I'm not gonna miss. Any pull out your fifteen Zuma want to go on a road Durham on the road anyway. Our salaam now know the brewers in the post season are going there when he had Minneapolis. Now pressure all fighting for its outlook on their own let's go on the road. Well yes the show on the road absolutely he does do it. I did from must Saint Louis in the Arizona Sadler today then inform her well. We armed them not not even the state. Not leave the city and the rumors of a postseason vehemently the city September year while you read that text and was voted for his regular five more times you know. No are you kidding boy it is a awaiting. For all of my daughter of a mom who I could care less about now obvious donor for the party but now I can care less. Sounds like and are getting them a gift. The U. Yeah I'm definitely not showing up Verizon's abuse against the give me not showing up. Jagr like alert served up by Perkins restaurant bakery is more from you guys 4147991250. Tweet us a 1057 FM the fan over the blue post season here and we'll also have by your questions Atlanta Braves going every year for Oz. It between us that 1057 FM the fan is as saying ask. CW. If you have questions about the best raiser for your face that got the answer that's Ares razors. Finally got on board with these guys and if your still. Not one of their customers they've got a great deal to at least try them on at least try them out. If you've got three Boxee can chime on mein at three bucks in your pocket you should at three bucks in your bank account. Even doubt they gave it sends I had three dollars and his bank account barely. Before he signed officially with the team yesterday to see that picture do you see that in the grand pitcher DJ Wilson. 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I would move. Team regularly I put teeny yellow stake up to them one to came it hasn't been leading off but I put I'd put him back of the number one attainable ones yell it's too. Which shuttle's three Zeus for. As good as he Trevor shovel yards last night too at number five Baylor decide what they yesterday and he hasn't gone yard much lately about the facing us. There you go let's check in Lechler from the Brian Stratton college athletics studio I don't forget to ask us any thing that's coming up in about twenty minutes any question you have for bark. Which is me or chuck which is you you can ask us and a qualified seven FM the fan news that has stayed on Twitter. Ask CW. In lancer Bonser and also will try to bug Tim Allen when he steps in in the 9 o'clock hour reason for built today are baseball post game show host. Odds via bad online dot com chuck. Via bat online dot com about where many much shadow will be traded an all star from mom Lois to our highest. Or highest on lawless. So the high. You'll figure fourteen to one odds are the Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians fourteen to one odds at. Many match out later down hundred bucks to a 14100 MAME which out of those the Cleveland at ten no one it's dash Arizona Diamondbacks in the Atlanta Braves. Ten to one odds Diamondbacks in the Braves Diamondbacks rumored to have a good package for many the channel weather channel on. The Dodgers around five to one odds. To claim many match up. The Phillies are around three don't want. The Yankees at 321. And plus two Tony five around two to one odds are your Milwaukee Brewers Thailand Manny Machado via bat on line that gave the brewers probably have. New best pieces. We're just a couple of I didn't house incomes. You miss the cubs have all got. Learning to six cubs say they're not interested in at the brewers because there does that cross line. They have no interest in trading for many much out now. They're gonna design that image out on it yet there and then their trade as a Russell and he offseason. Yeah they'll sign amendment right now now there's a report is they're not worried about a legal and go to Milwaukee they don't care. It sounds like they're gonna write out bomb as a Russell shortstop. Which is fine but it's been money at him in the offseason of Machado. Now people will roll worried when Yu Darvish signed with the cubs they spent a 150 million dollars needlessly. I feel like that will still work out for them all right well here's a guy who you want it. That does not having a very not having a very good run right now James Shields. You all what happened since we last saw him James Shields states. Yet you begin names for song if you want right now he's terrible. Yeah Al can't get out the James Shields straight I was what what will you be some numbers and shields. I didn't think I just ask you for those. I'm at the top McCoy but leverages a law caught what you look at them and you change your mind. On now and colleague has convinced me all home bogey I thought you'd be looked so that James Shields played the brewers on June sect in. Gave up three runs a game. Odd and he gave up seven the following game. The last tiny tissue in five and two thirds against Houston. Only gave up eight runs home. Struck out nine he struck out more batters that he gave up runs he's he's struck out nine but gave up eight. 4147991250. Gyms and Mac line. Jim how he's feeling about renting a guy for a couple months and then never seeing him again. Long but it doesn't include. The corporate burned it's torture or about testing here the other prospects. Are. On number net up an independent your way divulge why would have a tough audit last night if you had a tough Hollywood feel the same. Yes it would go to the market and she taught art. Work but I guess I see you resemblance there you know competitor and a four pitcher. Or pitch. We're sort of result. We don't give up our top prospect you know I have little confidence in a wood and a pitcher let seniors or juniors what that's about thirty years probably maybe I'll. Public. If you direct though and you ought to do it's we're gonna. It bring you our top prospects from a child we still have some issues on the pitching and the incredible. And try to push for war World Series titles so you're not only setting yourself. Back possibly longer produced a one year push where I think stern admitted to comment. They're trying to do more shot at title and the best way to get more shots is not to go and and your farm arm water you guys in the trial if they can put some together for the oh seltzer talked about it and while Turkey's psychotic drug court your race. Also that I'm a dozen virtue to keep our top agents brought us or during a two month rental I don't like that at all it's just so I'll bet. The only measure of pitching staff I feel like no matter how good this pitching staff is right now I mean the pitching well. But there's no names on there you know that these kids are getting it done you'll we should seen as the ace of the staff are now. But I feel like no matter how good pitching staff. Night in night zone goes up forms. Is not good enough for anybody. Nobody of people still look at it now to record a study of gas station yesterday. All the needs pitching badly pitching help happily their pitching has been fine all of India they need is somebody emeritus stabilize that pitchers and it. Jim thanks for the call but I feel no matter what how the boost pitching staff could continue to go on and do his do embark. It's not good enough for anybody has the look and say who's the lead an arm. Every dates let me tell you a little bit of a myself I try to coming here and I know we're on the air for four hours I think it might just make one good point today. I can just say one. Good thing a day I'll feel like that was a success. And I've waited until now on the show because I'm watching our streaming numbers from Ed the radio dot com map. And I see that's the highest it's been all day and as a liar highest audience that we've had all day. Those of you guys listening in your car tell your friends on the radio dot com that he can take us wherever you go. So I'd like to make this point. If you trade Corbin burns. You are also trading casting here. And vice Versa because the Milwaukee Brewers. They're not going to trade for Manny Machado. And have that be the only trade in their tray for many the shadow they're giving up a long term prospects for a rental. So they're telling you. We're going all 82018. Which means. They are going to use all the prospects they have to acquire every one they can. So they trade Corbin burns likely you're going to also trade casting here in another deal for another guy. That's probably how it's going to go out and I. Dude dude so events goes into every team you're seeing out there. Anybody goes YouTube channel they're gonna get somebody else do you gave the brewers trade permits shout out there and until on the matter a dump all their farm system if they trade for jet Lowery or Brian Dozier Whitman airfield or scooter Jeanette while it might not cost of those spots well you can play a little long term short term game. But if you trade for many in the child. That's a 2018 move ya so what is gonna do that give up on a prospect and say let's see what happens you're gonna do all the moves you can to try to win and Tony eight. Now here's I think there and do their gonna go what if they want to get a top line guy of you know. Can I get a from the studio lot re not Baker's record. I think a little bit shallow arsenic guard ordered from our class a deadline deal guy out there. The next move they'll make is reputed soldier or have. Scooter summons or not can we get to level a guys don't get one but they'll make a move to get like a soldier to. I feel like it's in the channel four dollars or slash Lowery slash merit field slash scooter. You think that you get both UV one. They're gonna get Manny Machado yacht. And they don't get it chattel they'll build then get rid Mary field I think the give or that it jet Lowery I think that you both. That's gonna cost a lot boy you just saying you you said you thought if they're gonna go get. If the British I don't image out yeah they're going to get a pitcher too well that you discovered because there embed them and they're gonna spent a lot of money. Capital. They're gonna spent a lot of talent no older Americans who had the marketing appeal their farm system to get to. Deadline deal guys. Coming up here to top the level. Not really a city guard and the child. I here's a pairs up airs I'll tell ya gonna. If they trade for many the shot on it seems like many match out was going to be dealt sooner rather than later is not gonna be July 31 trade it doesn't seem like. So they trade for many image shot and then there's Corbin burns or casting here in that deal he can say divided the other one as they're also going to be traded at some point. Why but he sooner. Because your going for a rental you're gonna you're gonna go fer you do that when the FCC didn't the FCC did he get another guy that was just that would 2008 was all about selling. Everything not to give into the playoffs. Yet not been in the playoffs in 26 year ya that was the goal and you were to prospects the goal this year would be World Series so they're gonna trade for Manny Machado. And it's gave it takes Cortland burns now doesn't take Corbin burns and forget everything that is said but it takes Corbin burns are here. The other ones also going to be traded that's how I feel. Well now I see if they bought the inside there wanna tree burns anyway for at least Machado. If they if they got a shot oh that doesn't I don't see where you think the court you think the correlation is that they are going it's that regard because. There are shooting for this year. And were bought next year and worry about the farm system next year if they trade burns are here from a channel that's at they'd be telling me that they are going I did you know because of legal give a child that doesn't necessarily mean or go get another. How many teams have gone out got two top level guys that the that doesn't happen usually that one wasn't what I don't see it. If you're not gonna it's gonna cost you enough to get the job not gonna win the World Series I don't see the point of going to get my name channel. We're not giving away a prospect for many it's got to get the player himself Doocy shirts we're gonna get him to get a World Series yeah but geez so do you think getting the child. Do you think about the one World Series right now Null. So much child does that it's a closer so much auto and send guard does all for sure for sure give the world's earnest yes life. Don't I would I would say that. Nothing in baseball specially baseball chair okay nothing's a given nobody's every day we Inaba cheat albeit a baseball. It did you did you have in the SEC the post season my in 2008 and CC got shelled in the post season game. And then do that he got a merit but my together the bowl season he was all use our guests. On match I don't. I still iced I think CB are right now via the World Series struck awake I know I don't need of the hour when the division what they have to make a trade. They will not win the division they don't make trades and it that this market basic way to we'll get passed by the cubs in the division if they stay where there. So to make one guy is going do. If they got Machado you're saying that's going to be. What's gonna happen. So also the guys in the team got to start stepping it up for them of pulled off the cubs. This team this farm system monoxide moves there are good enough to get in the playoffs but not the when Hubble Hubble the of the current team to getting better. I'm certain guys getting better I things it's arteries is ever chip aboard its last night. Maybe if the 'cause arteries if ever I would agree with you and I'm still worried about the commonwealth valuation at a. Is a man Neitzel ten and five stretch here and cut big gain any ground on the cubs. Other right there sure you're playing some great baseball and the cut your buddy this or he would sell the would you feel if you're that worried about the cubs. Even if you got a job on this festival the cubs. I don't let your network Calvin say a 100% it well but they'll say that it will give you better shot at leisure got a shot you know right now I don't they give a shot now my eyes yes you. First place. I think you have to make a trade to one in the vision. Arm. Yeah but it is if you didn't make it trade I still think they're good enough to win this division and I don't care. Soul what happens when we agree to disagree. We go to the standings. We do sports starts heating up. Standing there are things that are arguing about it I don't Mallard scorer but you always should senators because we feel good though that the brewers are first place for now. Yes it flagler big game and a half lead that they had him for the last six weeks I feel. They've been forced placement that we see how many days they haven't been in first place it's generally lower served up by Perkins ask us anything that comes have been a 481057. FM the fan. Just like that we are served up by Perkins restaurants bakeries asked chuck and wait for anything comes up at about eight minutes. There is a game tonight at Miller Park not the brewers there in Miami but. There's a soccer match. UConn game you call soccer match gaming public pitch the field it despondent and noticed that the when they re did the field you still see the durable. Audience see the finished product yeah I saw there on Monday. When they had taken that they killed on and that was as the biggest concern and there is a concern that maybe they don't get it exactly right. Win this thing's all said and done they've got a weekend have to do it because of the all star break that the brewers wall wanna play baseball where there's not a baseball field right now so. On Monday LA Donna Miller Park frames and I talked to the grounds keeper Michael Boettcher on all the problems that. They could have. If they don't get it done and then I was snooping around Monday when I was there and he's been chatter rumors get not so try to sneak that in his while this is from on Monday's show. Got to the outfield and our preparations are under way Michael venture here grounds keeper at Miller Park so it this is a little bit different. Then what you're typically accustomed to when you first obvious sign a couple of years ago that you are we going to turn this into soccer field. Was that like cool or was that the opposite of that. You know I think it was a bag and next. Emotions are now one you'd I love baseball I'd love preparing a baseball field for our baseball team. By you know as a stating that we are you know we divvy turn into a multi use facility. And you know I think it was a challenge that we are willing to take down. That's V as we get face of these and I think you know this is similar the years previous to take kind of talent as we need to and transform the field it as needed in the. Situation over to a soccer dad because sometimes. Be a soccer fans. I can't watch too much soccer but can't them at a fan either. I love soccer you can Garfield it's okay people like I guess they pay its. In golf via you know. Are nil Naylor soccer match you've got game. You got field. I think Gary this is York via fellow fellow soccer. Grounds keepers would mean probably maybe prefer me to come out of the pit side there I'm not since that's. And any idea that. What is I mean you guys do different events here it's like concert specifically here when people come and there are tens down and sleep overnight. And I think some of that is all right all laid down you know it's the protective field but the field still there this is unique because you actually have to change. The field I look at home plate it is not all blades of grass. The mounds is. It's down it's gone which I'm sure the pitchers alike but it it's. It's down how different is this event compared to the other ones shifted to prepare for. You know I think each event has its different impacts this one obviously very impact on our infield surface clay surfaces are especially. So yet they excavation on the mound definitely. A stress as we've put a lot of blood sweat tears and that he's declared for a lot of for a lot of hours throughout the season. But you know I think each event has its different stresses and challenges associated with the and the dead that played being this served on us like it definitely will provide its talented bringing it back to baseball on the back side here and so. You know but we were there we try to do our best to make that there's zero impact. That the players are gonna notice when they return here from all star break and in about ten days. I could there be any situation and there's liner to short it bounces funny and make you think that's because of the soccer games. Gossip hopes that. You know we're gonna do as many ethnic guys that preserving fires yeah. We're gonna generally not having that sort of situation here. And obviously presents its challenges greatly. And good probability for that to happen but we've got a lot of safety checks in place. From now until when we the players that back on the field next week. To make sure it doesn't happen. Michael would you say is the more challenging process making it into the soccer field. Are making it back into baseball field. I think. Bringing it back to base ball's gonna have ideas most challenging. Aspect just because we're going to be shaping at six and a half times the play. On the mound as it comes back and it and loads. That happen time and the time you know we're we're gonna have to mold that. Impacted his statement and then bringing the playback and on our infield services making sure transitions. Are within a fraction dominates the way they were when we left. I think so coming back to baseball. And molding the field back to where we needed to be able habits about its biggest challenge. Verses on them. Front side where were does that in and out. Now. That the backside definitely hazards more into these to bring it back to it right. How is that throughout the season that they place serious here against the Braves at K as they did last weekend and then they're off for three days maybe they come back. Column on how hard is it to keep the field. As good as it was in this series started in between those days throughout the season what what's the process. Throughout the season I think you know the dailies that you've seen. The conditioning of the plays that constant leveling the grooming of the plays and obviously see the mowing patterns and stuff on the grass. The thing these jealousy from homestand homestand as the constant cultivation. You know just nurturing of the turf surface. Mitt Barclays services get a little bit out of whack than what we like you know we're we're ready for re gauging where we're calculating what we need to adjust. An answer that's ongoing throughout the entire season so running in the background while this all things going back. We're doing steps to make sure baseball field is ready for the next homestand so the big days there's a lot of stuff happening in the background always in terms of hitting that turf ready bad properly cultivated properly and it's ready to handle the winner terror. Continues throughout this. Steve. And aversion trade from a shadow. That's a great question for somebody else. That that's time. Did he end up here we'll sat at the field ready cards out. But I think that's a great question for somebody else at this point. I'm literally asking every person that works here thank you so much for your time on out thank you thanks for coming out. They got to ask everybody sources can come from all different places for games when you hear me out a source sometimes the sources the GM themselves. Sometimes it's the Miller Park grounds keeper he kind of buzz saw. David Stern to sell form lame there throw and Baltimore Orioles went popped up by America and deaconess well you don't assault Stearns itself points over here and I. And it glanced at it and boy there are multiple calls made to love that area code Baltimore. The guy to have to know as the equipment manager because he's the one that makes the Jersey right away and that's that guy you have to get as the sore yes so next time we're down probably down there and item and go to the citing inadequate management blessed EO Tony he's been there forever yet so that's again find. Yeah you might be a role with the team. Or one of his lackeys somebody somebody that has sought the goods jerseys that's he got to find her there. Usually the first and now if you go to soccer game tonight you know musically walking around fine me wanna talk to people you know these guys and you appear commercial. With. That's a good brat or you singers that's what his effort to Broward yeah and zones. Yet Tonys and that these the manager chuck Wexler it's time to ask us any. Any question you have for us lantern next. Do you have any questions you may sending your questions in all morning for suddenly alert and know. I'm for some answers or just answer the question please please please ask chuck can we were there. All sports Radio One 057. As a month the sands. And I what do you want and golf. From the shots Raymond. Or from me. Borrowing color coding grants to. Is your vessel growth that you'll be hill and hands asking the questions that you guys have been sending in at 1057 FM the fan with that as staying. And CW Cody what do they want an out today. Let's go to art now he wants to get to know your personal lives a little bit of oh geez. Most embarrassing moment. Bomb. Probably. Getting Mary to the second one. And having utensils soon that's that's that's that doesn't look good and ready for anybody. I've known now what I knew then one of the re married to begin with so it should make that a song. Yeah I probably shouldn't so I'd say even getting married to the second one that's a person how long that last. Couple months months well. Now I'd still would save them here also a year a season this year via via. The end of spring fall or something laser. There is obvious reasons there but the job. Would have lasted as long as many but shadows time of the brewers are they trade for him today annulment shuttle will be your longer. And I stay with a secular Iran Phnom. My would be I gave this good it's not like Babbitt. The first and major girlfriend and was in high school and I Goddard this. Jury box. And I heading grade. And sent to buyer to her to Brittany. And you don't you don't lose it in your brain I said from Bart. Hugs kisses forever. Excel excel and when she got it she looked at it and said. For ever for all really and and a rosary. I Tiffany Tiffany. And still is an. But she married whenever you have Mary three kid who's in Idaho in a halt all John will move drove there her she's Mormon. Bush at the time yeah balls so would you revert to the new Mormon no no home never. Not that there's anything Raleigh that if you're Mormon listener know exist if you were what. It is at a lot of questions about the foundation now that religion McCain who do we mormons that is not sure all I know the Mormon. I know the levels of pat and I know that they aren't. You can come up there and he can go down but you can't come up. To hold that just Jimmie did an excellent Padilla. Jerry Watson now why did the 971 box not at the same treatment as the 1982 brewers. Gets a good question they should of there's it was a thirty you're the blocks they won a world championship. House for years all the time. But dumb yeah out the simply want box but this on the books are only the box reflect back to their history as well as they should. Brewers do at fourteen and didn't win the World Series that loss in seven games. The blocks. They nit they they they pretend like the seventies and eighties don't exist in the shoe right to the nineties were bad basketball. So they reflect more of the ninety's they have nineties nights might make your ball the seminal molding had a one night in the Mecca and that's because the move into an arena. But didn't care about the seventies and eighties that that they were rarely reflect back to. I'm rarely I'm with you I'm going all in their Marcus Johnson needs and number retired now. Let's just do Miller rating the other day about an they have some jerseys retired from that era but then we'll talk again not about Marcus I was reading they did there's this thing called. Like go shares is a website at figured out who's the real greatest of all time period based on this whole formula in their answer by the way as LeBron. But Marcus Johnson when he played was in the top twenty conversation. Fir his career herself right I think you got to at some point retire is yours course soon like the new arena Cody. Brewer fan wants to know what's the best sports related to Asian or trip the effort itself. Are really don't outweigh the Packers games are going to a halt named some like that. When we went to Boston that was I think the most fun we've been on ten trips for away games are going to Seattle this year but. For whatever reason the most people went to Boston and we did it was just it was just the party the whole time everything was. We had a busted that everything was just done right. Now and so I would say archer about the bus even though the Packers lost Matt Flynn started a game but they were anywhere they York city get blown out. It was sunny and have the ball that made it more fun salsa the trip to new and I'll see you took the Super Bowl 31. And it went insurance so they both play the patriots. Yeah. To the patriot type team ought to be moved Bill Parcells coach Richardson on the Packers play the Mansour won't. But we stayed Mississippi. And really commuting back and forth are going to see and I mean we're. She Seles I got very forcefully that whole trip people are staying out on. Urban street driving back the Mississippi. And then had to give up the next stage right back to New Orleans. There was sub host that was one on those good time of bodies brought there are not as good time Cody. Robbins got a question for Euphrates what is your favorite local fish fry. Money mind Perkins. Yeah I like go. I like Camelot Moammar it is right. Ivan hit it many around watch you every dive I don't have any fish rice polls what's the place that's over or forced home. Carry him to get a name placed it was good fish pride of the number these are officially the three times a week. Gotten used it's been around forever camping in the name but it's unfortunate what your good stuff. So good it can't remain in place. May I suggest the lighthouse in Shaun Hill. And isn't it fish for a the light is that the is that on the you know channel. I think so that's been at these been called all harbor points. The river people don't know this the river in south actually made it Sandra. The channel there's a channel that leads the river but it's funny you mentioned because Wii's and stay right on the channel they're great we probably both re houses away from. There please you're talking one dimensional and possible places. Retirement official fratricide would argue their wish for when you pair channel yeah I've let those guys and 1134. Had been Du'Shon. Well given to surprise you mention why would you go for an official or staying up late pre fishery vacation there when guessing a lot of questions. Government. Rules we have for NASA to visit a friend roads and try to get in the shed some guzzling asking questions the most. Out of your program and part of that cult. There's a cult and shot on a part of the call the posse yeah okay that's there Rosalia. Question report here I'm Bobbie it could only watch one of these reaping the rest of your life which one would you choose. Gatt W derby. Professional soccer or Big Brother community. You don't know what's your right now we're getting rid of 100 sue. I can only watch one could only watch want to move him. When we interview them to be. Why are Big Brother first. I like Big Brother but at the same never sought all modular. They catch the same people on the same roles it's very much like the WB it's actually it's tapered at races are shell. Ever when they cast is always racist now. They had that he could be out again watch soccer I would if I had to get rid of tool all of I would be immediate or wrestling because you'd peak. Asarco Russell I would take soccer over as you could still lots Indy wrestling because he's best buys independent W Debbie pop Indy wrestling him as uncle. No muzzle to watch two street cats fine. Was only indie route ten not anger really. Now I need the I need to theatrics of sports entertainment to real dangerous not silent dangerous. Zinni wrestling is pure and good right now WB is flawed in bad site more like get mad about to talk about community. How many questions that we do a liquid needy wrestling brings back the the stars of yesteryear yeah right they bought how many times we double Manny Machado on the show that at bat. All right overtime.