9 am - Brewers/Cubs Rivalry & Packers Review

Tim Allen
Friday, August 10th
Chuck and Winkler 9 am - Tim Allen and Bill Schmid wrap-up their takeover of the morning show with some more Packers talk. Danny Parkins from 670 The Score in Chicago joins the show for some Brewers-Cubs rivalry banter. Plus, what if everyone at The FAN got a different job in sports? Tim and Tausch pick jobs for their FAN cohorts.

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I. All right here in the warning on the fanned sir I don't like Perkins restaurant bakery is live here in the Brian Stratton college athletic studios Tim Allen baby tells bill Schmidt and you guys always welcome to join the conversation. In a couple of minutes. A colleague of bars and think it's safe to say that for sure brother and broadcast come out of come brother and dad down in Chicago at the scored Danny park ends from a Neal and park in this. Insisting little excerpt will have four yeah leading into that conversation. The bears and and. Cubs comes there are sock sock because yes this rivalry. Some people now did you change haven't faced each other for well over a month. Right the last seven girl has been a long while over an outing in June maybe yeah palm. So I think it's kind of died down the disdain for the Chicago Cubs by some people in the city. Are you and I just don't like the team in general at all I mean my grandmother could Wear cubs shirt and I would I'd make fun of her for it yet so it it doesn't matter who's in the Jersey doesn't matter the Rizzo were Brian Hirsch Warburg. It's the DMC. That I don't like this it's that whole world of. Cubs baseball and I'd and I never did even when they socked for a million years I still didn't like him. Like a mild sedatives listening to Harry Carey in the afternoon and taken a nap. I mean that's that's what it was it was just that's what it was then so what will talk to Danny. I'll park it has come and appear in just a couple of minutes last night you had your first taste of Packers football for the 2018. Championship season everything go okay for him. Was a fired up almost melodramatic in a way this free season Sega fired Debian on a few strip cards but it's probably the excitement level people to insert cards for a first pre season game I would think absolutely I mean I know you can get first and second half over and wonders and all lines you think go for pre season games so why not yeah. And and then it gets to be aware yet do you stop recognizing the names. And that's where things turn a little bit near nighttime activities and yet a couple of Beers double yeah I know you and I watch game together in Asem was on him a couple of mixed drinks is while. At Adam couple makes strings for day a couple of Beers yet. And nothing crazy because we're just easing ourselves into this we still have a final push with amber overseas and on the post game. But I just. Think that the amount of alcohol consumed during a Packers game in the state of Wisconsin action densely rises. Four state beer sales right. Oh for sure to occur it's across the board. People get extra help at night is the night games are talking about big games maybe a little different story. Night games Thursday night Monday night Sunday night whatever it. And I got it I have to admit that I fall into that pocket two of pats Packard night game. Right depth. I might as well I'll want to all of the water to the at all I planet too where. Okay see now this we talk to the millennial and and the old time situation. Why why do people in your in the baby boomer generation feel the need they need to plan out when they're going to your I'm going to drink on Tuesday. Yes I'm going to start drinking at 643. Yes with one KM of Miller high life twelve ounces. Why can't just beat LA are bitter yes sure level. And pretty soon as part time dodger fan I drank four days ago I canceled tomorrow yeah right like aren't. The play is here if if we're gonna drink and stood on the bus earlier is it doesn't it go hand in glove. Packers night game and beer drinking in this state doesn't it I can yeah but I mean I consider any sporting event a reason to drink. It's a little more of a reason on a Packers night game because there's a few there's only a finite amount of them three or four year not many righted so you have to kind of plan and plan of attack that. And then by the third quarter I love had three Beers. And that's what I will have one water. Mix it in with one shot of Jack Daniels to Ibuprofen. Now. Now just when I and then when I need another one have another one or maybe I'm sure they got mailed to you will break you just gonna eternally play in this Salt Lake. Then I'm going to I'm going to have two Beers and then one vodka Red Bull. Well no you don't plan it out like Abby plan out drinking. Like you today out I'm gonna Dre did Packers have a Sunday night game summit of the judges make sure we got. Get some grabs your ear make sure you grab the ansari. It's not a case of beer anymore you millennial thirty racked up thirty Iraq yeah that's it went that a case go from 24 to thirty wanted to go from case Iraq. Armed I think the thirty Iraq is more of I didn't know that was just. Localized thing when we are talking about it at school and you know and regrow thirty rag tag I want. Armed. I think it's more the F thirty of them because we like to put more drinking games nowadays. Okay and it it's so much easier when he got thirty Beers right and he got sixty of somebody yells brings one. They can play like three games flip coven and have flipped up yoga right your little clips up now. I know what it is okay see you're you're not that no I know what it is how about Harvard. Know our great games saw Harvard what you do is it's a mix between beer pong and flip cup rights we have teams like six guys. On each side won the F six cup lineup for beer pong right. So you and I had that our teams your team is on the left side of the table minds on the right side of the table you and I shoot I hit a cop. I hit wanna your six cups you and I search Reagan finished the beer put the cup. Get it on the other side and then our team's goal and if my team wins the race and put cop that got gets pulled. If your team wins it stays in or even. That's a game where you need like 4530. Rats. That's a lot of beer for sure it is so see like for me a plan. To drink is like. Two hours just open and not like a week and a half night. And the thirteenth. Come over my house at 734. And we're gonna have a beer at 742 is up it's not like that. Powell but with our schedule. Duo in the post game you might think it does have to be a little planned out those second shift workers you guys know what I'm talking about right. What about quarters. Drinking it bounce a quarter into the cup yeah yeah I was still play an alum you do oak yes. You guys ever play. Since two millennium. So do you keep the beer in the refrigerator during the packers' game or is it just owl like the whole. The whole thirty Iraqis are sitting in the living here. I had it both ways I prefer to be in the fridge a bullet because also. If say I got five or six people over right and then I finish. And I'm like and I'm gonna get on a may need one. And it encourages everybody else's are out and I grab slam in this thing are right now it all hang it out yet another one right. So it's right there I feel like it's just. It's casual grab Warner. And taken the average of packer fan. Puddles with their thirty Iraq during the game might. Anderson not Joe's. And chicken wings and and such sit on the food thing is this final thing here before take a regular food thing that's that's a little confusing to me. Some people like to drink. Or. What are the other they'll do twelve and then they'll deal borrowers and they won't doomed to gather that's me I've fallen to that Canada Germany. I I don't like he until after our. The drinking is done. You're agony eat like any snacks or nerves lawyer having a beer really. Ruins the bus so like when your eaten dinner. Got a berg got a plate of chicken wings you're not having a beer at that no. I don't eat I don't eat. And drink. I drink first beneath the that's that's yeah. Is that an old thing well maybe I understand it now some within your shirt your pants and yet chocolate frosting all over also maybe maybe we do have to focus once they get at times they're frightened one thing at a time people even should you play is a venerable track the bridge cellular one commenting on my damn feet yesterday. That's because I get all the key for where my flip flops it. I'm a big flip flop guy right you're over 300 pounds I don't like wearing shoes I sweat too much right so I have flip flops on. And this man chastise me every single day. I don't think it's gross coming here without socks on with bare feet that bare feet on right. And who's. Who's wander in out here just Sox in all just died in just a Sox have been there's not even have shoes on my left the house today. In a rain now and then he's walking around here with these ugly has feat that would play even. So wallet for the last three weeks who quite have the worst feed the world. I just might have 300 over 300 pound man I think my. You're prettier than yours there what are we learned in this conversation. We learned that when you get old your feet look ugly and then we learned that Malloy ideals don't like orange socks. Now. Eight and we learned that drinking beer. Is part of Packers football for sure I felt good especially on a keg stand outside a book. Packer viking game. Cubs yeah that was you night before Christmas Eve cubs brewers series. Let me assure you were sliding shorts brewers and cops. This thing is just about ready to fire up you didn't. Fierce intensity. We're gonna have that conversation next. Summer that doesn't we knew what they do in Chicago and there are cub fan. Stick around the fireworks begin tax on the fan. And I'm content and much. We don't spend a lot of time on the show talking about the brewers or how their wives do and how the rotation Stewart hub for threatening analyzing the brewers like we analyze. That really became funded bag clown who's on this station in don't want patient column of cloud it's got. Cyclone nation name and I can't even remember it bar and yet our weekly. Joseph blow know he's sports to partner is right I'd like to cut his. You likely conversation with the bar and clerk I'm down for a dude and Hilliard out coordinated weekly just because the bar way cooler. That's. Exert from McNeil and parking ends on the score in Chicago welcome back is 7 taos in the morning here on the fan. And that that is insisting where we love our babe winkle meant here we we really want caller yeah. It's on no doubt. Tim Allen best selling game show host name bill Schmidt it it sure does let's have that great midwest makeup line and while command. Our guest from 67 to the score in Chicago Danny park is Danny thanks for the time dude. Yeah I got bankrupt me out. All right so we do sort of know each other mutually through a guy you worked with in Kansas City. Josh burned here. And broker warmer yet we hang out with though Vern every spring out in Arizona so while we understand the type of brotherhood that. You Nyhan and Johnson Billy year have so there's sort of a kinship in in Britain and broadcasting. And does so you come. Well referenced. I hope good. Well I everything you hear most of it or don't go. Right and you ask for is larger hit like that. 85% of the tiger August yet no doubt all right well we appreciate you haven't on bay winkle men once in awhile down there in Chicago lawyer Jan our little buddy our body Joes and salon there. A little brother also. Doubt doubt they don't like to throw jabs Danny but we feel like this comes rural rivalry has got a little bit too nice. Between the fans so if I were a little bit harsher we apologize we come off too strong and mean. Well I mean if you apologize from. Front man. Up or urged a but don't worry I've under the BA alum who all that skin. So like I seriously doubt your org. By the cubs the team in itself it's gonna cost me years in my life than that and I've said before just there's just something about it. My hatred for that baseball team goes well beyond just the baseball game. It is it is going to the point where. The brewers game would be done in the cubs will be out west I'm hanging on every pitch hoping that that team loses I'm wishing the worst for that team. But I also understand that they're good and is this a little bit different this year from your perspective banning that you know cubs have something. Really grown up their tail here. Well I mean I don't know how different it is not exist but different team you know it for years and years the cardinals were. The collapse of the division and cubs cardinals lose the traditional rivalry. In the division and to Arctic all of us who are rare metal but he's got a little jealous and angry bitter at the cardinals and now that the top to mean you are doing that are backed 42 team becomes one. 97 games and were the road team in the one game wild card who the pirates won by eight and the cardinals what a hundred so. Because they're not not used to competition in the division it's just they're not usually used the competition in the division or workers. And what does what is the feeling down their army take. Talked to so cub fans all the time on the flagship down there what is the sense of of an actual. Race for this NL central or is it feel like it's pretty locked up downer. I think pick the cubs fans. You look rumors as some sort of what have you and going against but not any sort of real threat even though cognitively we know bit. They're two games back at the standings and were sitting around on September 11 the over the date isn't. You know obviously the rumors have exceeded expectations. Opinions of the problems no. Of the organization on down that if they played to their potential. No one else in the division is even close to that in terms of talent and ask back I mean. Deputy Rizzo has underperformed Chris Bryant has practically number or it got up and grow. Darkness of 126 million dollars are. Rated morrow is on the DL sort. There are former VP there 126 million dollar pitcher and their free agent closer. All of a given that weight less than expected this year and they're still on pace for 94 wins and gives them the pitcher so. There's just a few opens a quiet competence that columns where. The World Series of three straight at all yet here. You can repeat all that yours is repeat all that that's music in my ears that all that all that negative stuff if you Digisette. About the team but she followed up with that there's still facing the 94 brewers pacing right around the same mark a couple of game. Difference here but at what point Danny than would that concern get to cub fans if you can speak on behalf of them. At what point would it be concerning than what twenty games laughter but still tight races it down to the final week kid doesn't come down to a couple of head to head series. I mean I don't I don't like to speak on behalf of all out stand I don't that I talked outward up or every show. He says they don't look at the stand big Mac or out the first but. I go back or out MLB network problems are sort they're they're. Ignorant to it and clearly the brewers are right right or syndicate of disrupt the cult your quick it was injury. And they've had injuries. So it's absolutely possible. That the brewers could achieve this year and cobalt and spew division I don't think that's what happened the cubs on very well I had. Against the brewers out whenever the cubs play at Miller Park home game of the deplorable comes in there that were restrain the cut drive up there are so. Absolutely hate it ought to tell her that. Our character you can hit a I definitely keep it I don't know what they're little Robert Rick Roberts like Dick brought her you know but adopted its depth map. I. I. Would vote. I think it's horrible it's horrible the quarters or home. Saucepan article part it was. It was just so you were great to execute that are always telling if the people Wisconsin driver quite well. The door or whatever you want. If this is the same like you that much I like I would Monica. Well our team. Thank you again thankfully I'm sitting here in Chicago you're there Milwaukee's but yet the or or you don't it's like yeah it's. Dude you got but it may write it which jabs are are popping one way right brewers Twitter account tries stuck on the outs literate now. The brewers organization tries to keep out and got the part the cut organization is concerned rumors spans over taking quick weeks you'll put you guys would admit right beat you. You guys are Pepsi in the equation in the Cutler Coca-Cola or maybe as heroic RC cola. Cola. But I mean like the that that's how do what is in terms of the two organizations. Aren't the growers are really no. I recovered stark is in this city are they're quick to recover or cocaine. I don't quite helpful 1996. What are you really too white couple to him and it's just you know. Oh what while are not that. A wild card game not a bad result for the season for the poor. It's just adorable is that just adorable on the play baseball as they did come in here and if they can address that big old. Owned costumes to attend the at their own costumes what their name on its yup they get to go to Fantasy Island and and become a baseball team once in awhile. I don't know really give a whole debate speaker costumes what page yet got us all would I hope that you and I thought it. Yeah brewer hit a court order our thought is you land the ball well perhaps dot org or. Wait until they stuff above hooker Patton and he's walking around Joseph yeah and nobody that big. The good thing about Miller Park is it's it's well. It's will maintain its clean and doesn't smell like bill I don't know. I love mark Miller Park don't work straight. You know it's great great great stadium plenty of room for cuts that. Died I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go as far as doing this small C. Stupid radio old pacts. Between now and radio shows because that that's been overdone and that that is sort of so tournament challenge and a steel cage match I do I wanna challenge him to in the McNeil although McNeil the that that that guy. I don't know if he'll maintain that we could go into the ring together. With. I have no I have no entered the and a physical altercation with a. Okay how well that's why don't we get a McNeal and Tim Allen. Chain smoking Marlboro lights competition together I think that would be a good on the people wanna Ciampi is I'd love that. Sure IB authority. Man command chart in trying to quit prologue time I used orders to U preserve but. Again like you know the debate but they'll settle it on the people there and I'm sure. It will be a great story. For the rumors to win 92 games and postal wildcard I I'd. Positive that is going to be looked at it was a couple these in Milwaukee and there are wrong. Well there are no no no I honestly the sounds really gonna come once in October. Dumb fans come up for. National League divisional series it played two games at Miller Park they spend all the money that they can and then they cry and maybe get picked up on the way down a highway. It's one humorous scene on their way back cry in their cheers as they've been knocked out of the playoffs and pay a speeding ticket yeah. Apartheid figures could hear it in your voice though don't we've worked. That. Well I didn't do it yeah. Radical group a lot like. Or don't we can't let the people what would it what would. I have to happen then for the brewers to overtake the cubs is it just. From the columns respective so in other words the brewers can't win it it's only the cubs can lose. Well they and a baseball but anything can happen short the brewers to know if you know what team and don't want Iran. I've not. I've heard it but it doesn't point sixteen got this isn't some sort of overpowering. Your current topic and not. Yes of course we talk about occur from the cut respect on a halt the coats in Chicago. To have most wish our audience you know so of course we're not spending a lot of time. Hosting the brewers box scores you know like you. But not that outlook that you need to do what the color or leading the division of cultural war games back in the division it would be something that. Would be bored necessary right. In the team that is fine humans and it could had a Hispanic but it ought to cut the division. It doesn't matter all that much what the rumors are Buick and their style that's just a practical. Rate but the longer the cubs win. They control their path to winning the division so what need to happen yet the brewers beat outplayed the cubs by what. Two re games over the rest of course cease and I think they played three more games still in the standings to reward him whatever it is I haven't thought so of course it. At the sample size shall angst. The variant increases nine YE a team that wins 85 games early in the regular Hillary. He gave a little work particles they all soldiers go to can win a World Series at a hundred. Example and to a doctor about seven about five read about the war in a wildcard sort. As we go for Purdue's season and the crew are still close. For sure the brewers and where him but I think the review possible though not very likely that they will cut shot but it not very likely that the. Well based on the sample size this year though I mean you spell that out Danny that that there's been some underachieving in Chicago as well and so yes I think they have just as good a chance based on the sample size of a hundred. Almost forty games here that this is a dog fight. I mean again okay. That a deplorable you put you. It. Just as good of which. It's in what you what you what you 6040. A good. You're you're you're telling me by a 100000 dollar on the table about it all we picked it up or pick a division winner correctly. You would put her book it's shot at. While our talk and oh yeah and value change in the game here yeah that there isn't money that's out there and just microphone and his famous student loan Datsyuk and our really had a conversation. Our. Partner actor talked about that while we. Who do you think has the pattern or shot to win the depression yeah I don't think it's for growers it's OK with it it's okay. Yeah. In the second week of August and the rumors have. 35%. Shot to win the division when the war the year it was probably a 10% shot what a successful cease and brutally. Whatever it is such. That's OK okay you know northwestern basketball league yet which hurt the first. You're ever last year and they're have a parent their stadium commemorating. He'll play all week things banner or a written national championship here is hopeful we can battered woman make par four. It's okay for different organizations different than basis a different definitions of success. Making the playoffs and keeping it close yeah supple and Cooper were all a parent that winning the World Series is successful season accounts. And where we can hang that banner proudly and are adopted stepson apartment yelled perfectly up above the garage dad were were trying to change the landscape that at least on the air on the post game show that. You know it it is about a World Series title and it's not about making a wild card that's not about having. L you'd Danny were talk in nine years ago this this community celebrated. I'm not losing season when they got when they ended up that 81 and 81 so the bars change a little bit. Billy and I were in not Arizona we took a drive up the Vegas sweep mean laid down some scratch on not on the brewers to. Win the NL. Well now speaking of money I've flank my back. They'd kill you wanna give the news yet Danny way as we talk about you know trash talking in the leaving your team's gonna be able to get themselves in the World Series and have a legitimate chance that. Of course he gated. Of course. Because the more talented bigger stronger pick robbers spoke well and our. And we don't have slingshot or we're about to whip that Iraq played a sentence than he should have to tell us were doing debate winkle went show this morning and I think the that's permanent. Boy oh boy want to learn is fantastic broadcast there it's it's to Eric error. Barack that I ought great. And you can check out the rest of his work on how the Game Show Network coming up here 10:30 AM well Danny we ought to do. But away a bit differently. Genuine affection for the bad and don't disrespect backcourt play would we had to give our joked about it today about how old. You know what you you have some may use that would be bought or edit each Sunday our quick cooler it's fairly remarkable but he became anything other than a game show host. I said at the same economic joked it was brought up or no no no I thought the same thing when I met him the first time they boss walked in said. It really is are there are new guy Bart like are set who. Yeah is that his real name is that a radio name. Right exactly you think it is being mornings do. Yeah. That's right are we tooth factual and it sounds like. No but I I've really I haven't heard anything outside of just the the come brewer. How little bit of the rivalry that that is irked me a little bit you guys never been personal of about anything well here it's it's been about the sports no question about that. Our old Milwaukee. Or round or beer or people you're term. Are offered ample but apparently walked it and that's. Yeah hi yeah. I'm not a big fan of Chicago but. Wish I wish I could return that the settlement but I grew up in Kenosha so that's that's got in the armed at a Chicago basic idea now that the nose hair down and. There's nothing not to like about Chicago without spot up. You can write to law. Ninth I sitting pretty sunny and 75 for a mixed drink is the one thing that I know life. We at wells street yeah spic and wets we had a couple Beers couple mixed drinks out last night and we're in preparation for of this show this morning we appreciated Danny if if the brewers do happen to surpass the cubs sin and there have been moments big enough for you. I think this is a matter of time that this goes back and forth. We be happy to join you guys throw some game and go from there. Yeah I mean I'm happy to come back on whenever and went to grew worse pat look happy to return to show you're only thirty. Danny bargain say so the time has been fun. The Asian areas on the great mid West Bank hotline is sorry your renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval process from great midwest bank dedicated to providing. Personally perfect home loans to those right here in our community since 1935. And see how they see how they are. Yeah right. The whole carrier than thou brewers knocked that team down and knocked that team down a peg les. For the love of god knocked that team down. Yeah. So I welcome back Timmons house in the morning here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan good morning. Everything okay fantastic let's get tired honestly. Not weeks there are always complaining about. Its own warning at the end of it you're so tired I'm really okay house. That's like one cup of coffee memory ago Josh. So okay we're gonna reinvent the occupation. Of our staff members here are colleagues. On that I lose when notes okay so what would what would like part when cooler being. If we didn't do a sports auction is part flagler didn't do a sports talk show arm when I'm asked to do in the world of sports. In the world of sports so some kind of random. You know would he be like job. Let's go equipment manager. Equipment manager for partly cardiac equipment manager. UK good equipment here on thickened Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Well first we could say maybe the chaplain. Oh yeah Sunday is come on and talk to all the guys Andrew. This we must guest on faith in the zone. Cheap Sparky fight for but the Wendy's big shell 26. Of one of flagship. And FM. To face a chosen so. Com. I mean save a lot of spoiler yeah just walked up by one. Anthony Mandela here. Anthony Mandela legacy is like a statistician. Thumbs Saber metrics guy. Yeah yeah I'd be able to you know break down the WRC. Loss of every player on the team Bart could also be a beer and we have beer vendor good beer vendor yeah chuck Freeman. Chuck Freeman all wow I would say like. At AI game. Assistant basketball coach as perfect as perfect. Cody grant. Bull Renault prayer on which of and you win perfect for Sports Radio. Paul Montgomery some government Hogue grand a year on the world you would be job well. Parking lot of time. Of course to be perfect ambiguity to waive this thickens. Right here between the giants for about fifty years she could hold that job yeah he'd have that one furlong time maybe find that bill Michael's. Bill Michael's legacy is like. Home and I think like in athletic director. Yeah leg like to teach you Minnesota more better some like that it yet Mankato. Let's see we got you know let's see aerial Roy. We already know right I mean they played so they've they've yet be on the team but post retirement or are we looking more than. Yeah maybe Jerry Eller send com. The community fat no the royal mile community outreach yeah ahead of alumni yes perfect. Gary at. You do like an agent or something I could see that. I could see. Let's make sure you don't get ripped off. Presidents and Jake knotts right Rami Echelon. Mascot just a mascot somebody yeah it does does the guy that cleans the craft. Yet Jim Lansing lug nuts or whatever mask now. Rancho Cucamonga is yet. Let's see. Community outreach recovered. How about polish pipe bomb Jeff for a loss in a while. Drug counselor. Don't want yeah theology. We have yelling Josh Gordon. Mayor Mitch. But we go to work but is it not sports. Broadcasting. Well it Swartz yeah I guess. Put up mayor Mitch as like. The clubhouse attendant. At that that would work like the guy that doesn't get to be the bat away. Night but he just you know make sure everyone's jerseys are lined up for a might McGovern. Dean might be different. Would be really it's well shoot it for the coach at village of manor park softball team that would be perfect but I think you'll be osh. It up Ryan horrified. On site batting manager yes so I went when MetLife stadium is now having their own I gambling. Circus right there on site that could be run by Ryan Moore. And then you have Tom Parker our boss. Well. I think Tom would be like a really really good like high eight ball manager yes. And then you have cement jobs. I think we would be in charge of imp employee. Sensitivity. And relations yes. On how to work together and get along is that we you know we can run the seminars before the season starts and make sure that everybody knows that there's there's a certain way. To talk your coworkers and you must show respect. And understand that their job is just as important as yours. That'll work. And about sums it up. From everybody new jobs we did here on the fans. Different jobs in the morning served up by Perkins restaurants and bakeries live here in the Bryant and Stratton college athletics studios. There have been fun this morning got a ton of fun. Just like the best birthday present. That is baby tells his birthday out of ten Mallon Anthony Mandela it up FaceBook I'm in microphone make you feel loved. Yeah because I don't know what I did I don't know why I hit the wrong setting or some. But no one is telling me that it's my birthday on FaceBook and start to scare me I would almost forget. Is I didn't love myself so much I that's I was shocked that it was my birthday that's what I'm saying that. Most dudes who doesn't. Mean mean that it only matters with their. Girl why. Did. They get done OK what about like big cable I'm sure I am sure but here's here's where I combat that. Now is a newly single bachelor and in the Ferraro yeah city of Milwaukee there's no on the other hand there's no line demands so people need to know Qaeda has been reached out bills reds bird. Thanks Fred there are ladies Pete and well yes. Yes do you wanna give a great birthday present. I I know my 800 illustrates. My girlfriend gives great birthday present tremendous birthday presents president. Oh nice how are just one of well yes and this one dumb old. One's good Tucker and a 201 gets tired after over the first birthday present and Arnold and no one who wants good for the birthday yeah for that day now. But yes so you morality celebrate the birth week though right well when you're younger that's a difference one heals old guys. Gaffe so Anthony good job behind the glass here Jeff funded their ethnic study group. I. That's. I see no warrants are out of tonight's for the work over charged in charge of us sensitivity. We need amongst our co workers and colleagues and how to get along. And work together as one single unit. Sure bill Michaels is so live from the state fair on the network today. And so stick around for that I'm sure he's got a fun to talk about what. The Packers last sir no doubt and oh by the way I have bills that the probably lost his mind on the Corey can naval thing yesterday. A lot to talk about that's gonna do for us nationalist thing we do appreciate that maybe you'll see on Monday may be otherwise chuck and bar might be back in the league. 96 AM. Either way 6 AM 6 AM test in the moose is off of these airwaves and mobile local lives sport show here in the city and indeed for baby taos bills mid my name is Tim Allen have a great day Milwaukee. Okay.