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Thursday, August 9th
Chuck and Winkler 9 am Hour - Radio Joe Zenzola and Kevin Holden wrap-up their morning keeping the seats warm for Chuck and Bart with a recap of the day's top stories. What should you keep an eye on in the Packers' preseason opener? What went down in Wednesday night's Brewers victory? Embedded football reporter Mike Clemens provides the latest from Packers Training Camp, and Anthony Mandella reviews what the guy's missed...including a $150,000 mistake.

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Your only choice for local sports talk and the morning line. Know this he's chuck Finley clear ill. Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. They loaded final hour here on the fan good morning. Radio shows Gonzalo with you from the bill Michael show alongside Kevin Holden CBS 58 telemundo Wisconsin. In team Anthony Mandela producing the show. Wade's jammed pack Kevin we've got my Clemens coming up here in about fifteen minutes from Green Bay we'll get his thoughts. Got the birth her view to get to. From last night's brewers when he really good brewers when we have a chili's and BBT give someone get free food giveaway were given out money or get enough food. Beloved I just won't hear me and yeah I it's this going to be a fun final hour we wanna ask you guys something we talked about the 7 o'clock hour of course. You know you've got Packers and titans tonight it's hard to believe that the first pre season game is already here. At Lambeau Field a little from you what are you looking for 4147991254147991250. Kevin. For those that haven't heard what are you looking for tonight. I think my biggest thing I mean you know take the professional side out of it where where what I'm looking for is you know fun exciting things that we can call. Eyes you know this could break easier to be on the call tonight for telemundo was Scott's right so it's all that stuff aside. I'd the finger I would. Like to see tonight the thing that would would make me excited about this Packers team tonight. Is some sort of great defensive play maybe early in the game it is what you're gonna do this to Marcus Mario and it probably. So you're going to be doing this against Blaine Gabbert. Which means there's a better chance of a pick six so how about that how about one of the defensive backs picks one and takes it back you know and gets all excited what if what do five. Divine house did that's noted Josh Jackson did that tonight. Excited about that we knew he doesn't Celek having singer jagr Alexander gonna plagues or deal with injuries. So it is a big moment for someone like Josh Jackson yeah I it's. I do that to me would would get me excited to see. Some new life from the defense there is where your major changes new coordinator new attitude new approach. But you don't wanted to just be a July thing you wanted to translate to how the team plays and how they approach and on the field I think you can get that sense even in a pre season. You know Aaron Rodgers something he's been doing a lot in training camp and it's not something you should really read into. I did see an interesting theory yesterday from one person. On Twitter a ball. Aaron Rodgers. Credit deliberately throwing picks just to give confidence. To some of these guys in the secondary and I think that's I think that's a crazy week. Because you. This secondary struggled last year trying to get interceptions and that was that was one of the many bug a boos about the defense. And now all of a sudden you got all these young corners and they're all trying to make names for themselves are all Tryon. To get a starting job and try to be playmakers right out of the gate. Who sings Aaron Rodgers isn't trying to do that you know why I mean I get I'm. And then at packer practice I haven't been able to see these pics of my own eyes. But maybe that's not the craziest thing. And there's a small small. Are to me but I just. Aaron Rodgers is such a competitor he editor practice. By flinging a ball into a tackling dummy drug and then that the other right at that bad to readers seem like the kind of guy who's trying to help out by. Bye bye you know flow now picks for the busy it's entirely possible and that you know that he is. Speaking in terms of the team in that in that way I just. I don't know have a harder time by and that I think I think if they picked him off they've done it honestly or it's been a function of you know either a miscommunication or miss timing or something like that where. Rogers may not. Look at it as such a bad thing because it is a practice raid he sees it he knows that that didn't happen in the game they can go back and clean it up as they say. And fix it but I just don't know if Rodgers is the kinda go here's all. Casinos the other QBs won't do that and in real game. I think I think though it's all about can just contested balls 5050 balls or tight windows I think. And again I'd I haven't been at practice I haven't really been able to see this how these picks are happening or how tight of coverage there are. But I think Rodgers is has taken more chances. And that's good for him because it helps some work on thrown was dwindles because that's what he's very good at. But again I think he gives these corners the chance to go up there and make some place. 4147991250. What are you guys looking for in tonight's packers' first pre season game ripped listening to the show in his truck. Rick good morning you're on the fan. Good morning radio still on. India you don't and I don't just look at person consistency. And then some progress. Would go on any entry is. And then getting back your plans about so what Rodgers was doing and I thought that all along. He was thrown that ball not go so far that the BB couldn't get a vote. They don't show me what you got kitten. You know maybe you've got some of their and I think he's proved I think that's what you ashore. Yeah I could very well be right thanks for listening 4147991250. I mean I'm really interest to see what the wide receivers do. Obviously Aaron Rodgers is not to be out their from a football it's gonna be Du'Shon Kaiser and Brett Conley tonight's organist see what they're all. Capable of and what big plays can be made but if I'm one of those rookie wide receivers. In wedge era Roger says the other day hey you guys were his score. In your assignments. If I'm one of those receivers. Bet is it'll like a fire under me you got Aaron Rodgers. Saying that about my play. And you wake up a little bit I need to tell myself that I'm in the NFL right now I can't before around Seoul. I need to make the most of my opportunities tonight and should I better find a way to get every single pass astronomy. Yeah that's that that's gonna light an early fire they've got to get better and they've got to get better sooner rate you can't wait until week one. To make that adjustment I think maybe that's the best. They're a little bit of the messes and Aaron Rodgers is sending huge you know. By the time he gets August 30 at 53 man rosters pretty well set and after that you have to go prepare for an opponent that is the time to start learning or start in increasing anything. Intensity has to be there now and I think that was a nice things from that to push across here's the other question. Jake Ryan's done so or in Burke's moves to the top of that depth charted in that one of those inside linebacker positions. Do the Packers get a little bit antsy as they do sometimes with the injuries were it's like we really have to play or Merck's. But oh my goodness if he gets hurt what do we do their Samir we don't play him you know like that maybe there is set. That's something to look at where will they how they view warned Burks a mobile they do we can't see I got to. I have a funny feeling you're gonna see a lot of foreign personal for these games you just have to because he's a rookie and he needs to get acclimated because. They're gonna use and a lot of different packages he's a versatile versatile linebacker. He is very versatile at Vanderbilt this is what he's known for coming in so I expect to see Orrin Burks a lot now if he does get hurt. I would expect Brian good returns to go up there and sign a free agent inside linebacker and there's a couple of names that are out there that would be serviceable Navarro Bowman is still out their. Think is why these guys got signed at an all but I'm. Pretty sure Navarro Bowman is out there. I think brain Cushing is still out there they need to explore that a little bit more but right now. I say let's see what Burks is all about here and let him get. Acclimated to Wallis because I think he's going to be used a lot. Right at the start of the season so let him get comfortable 4147991250. Indian apple tenure next up on the fan to morning. Morning are you guys got. I think obviously the whole wide receivers situation is fascinating but dumped. I think it's also too easy to just say are more important in new new defense while obviously the defense it's going to be different you. Specifically I would like to the how they get to the quarterback and even more specifically. Based on everything that that has been that. I wanted to see if there is somebody in the secondary who is going to take over for what we haven't seen since Charles Woodson. Where the at the cornerback safety played in that every time he went he would get to the quarterback every single crime and make up quite. Yeah and it's a really good point thanks for calling Andy it's. A funny feeling. Kevin King might have a breakout year that's that's kind of the guy irate because if he's gonna schemes tonight Mike patton's gonna schemes somebody free yeah that would be my number one. Yeah and it does the height advantage says he's gonna have you know he is a much longer corner. They need they need so they. They need a playmaker they need that number one shut down corner Kevin Keane his as all the intangibles to do away. Asus now he's got to get the wraps and I don't think he's gonna play tonight based on the injury but they're they're going to need someone that's secondary. It will change tremendously. If they're able to find your legitimate. Playmaker. We are going to go to Mike Clemens using Green Bay coming appear on the other side of the break he's got a lot of good stuff. In his little training camp preview for tonight's game. Packers and titans don't forget we got degree angle pulls game show with bill Michaels and Gary dollars and immediately following the game tonight here on the fan. So stay tuned for that might Clemens coming up next he's got an all that I'm radio Joseph inferred shock embark today on the fence. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training temple tapes rescinded by Robert peck diamonds. Mike Clemens reports from title town. Good morning judge him when it's sports or chuck and I went where I. Somebody just laid back big time. Saw Jamie. This again this is why chuck and parts. Will be back on the show Monday. Now you're getting it will got to keep that from Bard not worthy for this I'm radio Joan. Trying to do his job the right way that's an old and he's still a great job and CBS that DA he's he's good. Easy job if you do the easy job. Mike Clemens joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline he does his job really really well Mike good morning power. I Joseph Kevin how are you guys. We're we're doing we're doing well com. So what are we haven't really talked about at all Mike is this new turf that's been put out I'm Lambeau Field what's this all about. Now wobbly you know all of this past offseason Lambeau Field was completely got it. I was just a pile of dirt out there cranes in the you know road graders and all kind of stuff going on out there. And they did have a captures a collection they had a Billy Joel concert. They replaced the turf last year and they used to be deep cracks matches they put him. Back in that 2007. Member after they won the Super Bowl in 1997. That feeling got beat up with some great games in the postseason like one against the 49ers. So they replaced the turf that they've been saying for years. And they thought it was such hallowed turf Baghdad twelve years ago they sold chunks of it. In like pizza boxes you could buy like a piece of Lambeau Field perk. For ten dollars. And they were distributed in like what that looked like it was you know Pete to carry out in little boxes like that that they are handed out I had to. I think it was part of the big Bob I was trying to raise some more money to for. As stadium expansion back in the way so that they weren't selling any that. That the egress matchup they put it something new called SI it's grass but it's same thing like this he regrets that masters. It's a mix of qwest's. Along what fibers. It's sort of dispatched. And so Mike McCarthy says something really kind of weird. When he was that pain out of the new fuel. Feel like to you guys Saturday night at every night. Authored the surface is great you don't we were fortunate all three fields and shaped surface. The limbo tools. Though they'd bring in new. The Britain don't they're all the same but it's this was a lot harder than this to Ted shorter than the to practice field shall follow him for normal shape. Feminine and again hopefully we. We've learned from your experience on Sunday Night Football your support with a the rule happened like. Ohio. I'm thankful Balkans the colts what he's talking about and the folks OK. That was two years ago what are you can. And of the hall of fame game all. Eats and so and so you know we had the hall of Famer Favre. And his induction speech on Saturday night. And then you know they're racing to get the feel ready. For the next day. And what they've done is like 1 o'clock on Saturday afternoon they're putting the final touches and paint in the middle of the field with a paltry local and and I everything. And then they can lay a bunch of platforms gone out and people are standing or sitting on that because that that's actually the actual seating for the induction speeches. And the next stated they pull up that pieces of plywood off and get and to get ready for Sunday night football league game. And the stuff that well regulated and you was rock hard in the middle of the field and wherever that paint that they've played them so they had to cancel the game going all the they've made all those changes now on cannot Wear. They've moved the game to Thursday night they put golden field and there are so that'll never happen again. I think it underreported story last year was how bad the slippage was. At Lambeau Field last year in the you know backers did talk about it they kind of dusted off. But I remembered at least so bad that when the Packers played the same and lost that game you know all the Packers want to turn over racial that they. When I got into the saints locker room for the now work those guys are Tommy Sean Payton was watching. Packer home games and thought that this with it was so bad. He told his players Wear the long cleats for Green Bay and out up by a pedicure here's a couple was running backs Albert tomorrow had a great season. And Mark Ingram explaining what Sean Payton's saints head coach told them. Before they got to the plane from nor once. The stress was nowhere motive cleats you know excess of air right ahead on this girl is enough enough when I was pretty good. Usually when we talk screw inside you mentioned that one time when it's kind of it you know and he was on it this week he kept bringing up clips of people slipping. Cincinnati game where somebody slipped off third down and kind of cost them. And he's kept bringing it up here pressing issues so everybody was like me. He got thrown these these these does because if you slip Nolan his level well below it that you just quickly so. Yes insidious pedicure for everybody you know from different than before the money. Eight at. As a global pedicure. So so Lee Campbell's field was in need of it in the Packers you know. Mean they heard stories like that quietly they went out there just tore all open I'd I can't find a price tag with the things would cost but. We'll see the first came on on that turf tonight. Now a million mayor he's gonna be alive well I don't think money's an object for Mark Murphy soul whatever allies or whatever you dated it. Who it doesn't matter it's is right. All the debris Amy they had half a billion dollars in expenditures last year but I couldn't find in this. In all of the budgetary work with that they released. Exactly how much it cost to replace the turf at Lambeau Field. Interest and interest to seal have new church you'll have new. Players you'll have new positions in nude coordinators. You know both offense and defense. There are a lot of things to watch and of course all under the guise of this being a first pre season game. And probably nobody you know really showing a lot of regular season stuff so what do you watch for who do you watch for tonight. Well I think everyone's gonna wanna watch to see these rookie receivers that I want Aaron Rodgers ripped him after that studies by the way. Where I was frustrated itself frustrated after that nearly three hour practice he took bad ball any in. He was aiming sort of where the tackling dummies were but he grounded it I mean you know peacefully as hard as he could. It was a you know of violence parole is pulled off the chin strap it was clearly frustrated. Clearly pissed at what he was getting from these rookie receivers. So I went in the right after reared itself this stuff which is you know on all the national sports talk shows. All the masters all the yesterday about an absurd if Rodgers do the right thing is just leadership is he being Steve up. I want to Jamal Moore who's the first guy they took of the three year old wide receivers in the fourth round. At wide receiver and I say I told the border just said and I says how do you feel about I mean are you tell you gassed right now after that practice. You know he knows as part of camp you know bodies. Star Wayne Downing on numbers starred in short so. Other people that big a blow would you know as part of it. Aaron said he had all of disquiet that the cancer had missed assignments in its own charts did you feel that happened just. When you're going to end up our three. You know guys are running out of gas. Here you know as far as game being fatigued when it. The greats are able to be fatigue and still be on point so this is something that without a word Cohen and we'll be better at it from from top. What's coach Brian like. Is a great guy may same person every day beautiful spears joyful person. Practice what he preaches he he he know what he wants you know what it takes to be great and he believes nearby in their home and he's not gonna stop until he gets the best. On the field he's he's very much to the point right not too much talk which is just what are planning to get right to the point yet he's he's the type of guy who don't let you know. Their ability to your role exactly leaf stakes he's clean slate. He's not going to feed you any extra non system that you know exactly what he he expects what is that you got to do. So first game. What's on your mind as one got to amply fed someone go out there and Hamas Imus on someone out there I think in soccer play fast and he beat me not worry about. Think about what it is I have to do Foote play. Number 82 came on more and what I had some Varco try to David rise. Who had four years is gone from like an offensive assistant two receivers coach isn't. Fast rising position coach star. I can play quarterback and dialogue. And so you know this could count on him to get these rookie receivers ready as soon as possible so you wanna look at these rookie receivers to night. At I didn't watch it tackle I think they got a problem right. Because with blog and backyard both nursing injuries. It can calm look he could he actually go at left tackle or right tackle. If blog is how percent against the bears. Jason spray. These are the two guys or forced me to tackle the future of the ball coming off injury of Mike McCarthy said the other day. You know with these kinds of injuries even all the back on the field it actually takes and a whole year of the next year before these guys are on the percent all. That's so frustrating and I have thought that the Byron bell that they brought in the better for the cowboys entered before that has been sluggish out there. Adam and TSA guys they've had in camp now for a year to I I was watching him at practice and he wasn't a 100% and you're finding good offensive tackles hard. And as you know team. That was they never do other bit of replaced Clifton and culture for the longest time. And David Bakhtiar it's just been outstanding left tackle but I'll be watching that that's a point of concern tonight. And then there's other things that you know to beat. Defensive lineman Montrae get Adams we've got to get to see number ninety. Unleash tonight as he's been outstanding in practice he'll be fun to see. You get to see punter Jake case Scott and kick it sixty yards on the field I look at reducing the couple holes when you've been up to a new TV crew. And I know I'm kind of curious about special teams is going to be the kick and punt returner. We've talked about number sixteen. REW Whitewater I've not seen in getting. Special team assignments and he's got to get a wobbles if he's got a chance to be in the fifth or sixth wide receiver Y Faisal was first team kick off. They had Josh Jackson. The second round pick defensive back he was a goner on one side and then this linebacker number 58 reader mark team. You know you're talking about the gonna bring in another inside linebacker from the outside. But this is the guy that Blake Martinez's ion. And martini was on the first team kickoff coverage all the rest were veterans best that's a good sign for those two young players but they're already inside of this country. He is my Clemens are greeting gold insider he'll be at tonight's game it's in the Packers and titans and now hopefully will be a leader for Mike. After the game on the green angle pulls game show with bill Michaels in Gary Ellis and Michael thank you as always and we will talk against them. Get you got it in my join us on the great midwest bank hotlines are your renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval. From great mid West Bank dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans to those right here in our communities since 1935. I'm Maria Jose and so he's Kevin all the CBS fifty gates. With that the burglar review coming up next we're pretty 01057 FM the fan I. Brewers fans who was yesterday's chilly as MVP. Be the first to know at seven. 91250. And you'll win twenty bucks Chile's cash chili's is back baby. This is chuck can play caller on the only station brewers fans made it 1057 FM the fan. Tireless giveaways and free food at chili's for 147991250. Who was the Chile's MBD in last night's brewers win over the Padres. Sheldon on the sell side can you identify who the MBB ones. Yes some movies that back to defect defect Asus K you are forever saw an air seems. Molten ball and BB's let's find out what Tim Allen this assay and utilities MVPs. In the brewers' 84 victory how Bob back to back to back by Zeus shot in famed utilities MBB well how about that multiple. And the bees Sheldon congratulations you win free. Food to Chile's. Let's go through those back to back to back home runs and our brew crew review shelling. Now it's shocking white colors brew crew review. Brought to you by both burning beer Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer triads your nearest total wind location. By Blair most came cheese pizza the ruler of great taste this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057. Plus I get an old and a CBS 58 telemundo Wisconsin on radio shows and Zola from the bill Michael show. Will come review let's talk about those three home runs the brewers put up a five spot. In the first inning last night making the same and after losing game one starting win. He's you say you are this three run shot. There are very drag your lives. Then. It was Travis Shaw with a solo shot. Into the show call answer. It. Yeah I really. But wait there's more era Spain's also going yard right after Travis shock. All those highlights courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. I know they hit a lot of home runs. A. Home runs are good at what current council says it only runs are good I understand some people like more small ball and all those. What home runs are still good Scott White people make. To be bad. A good five of the mini game and dad yet you gotta love it that's those are those are five great moments five cheering moments but it's also. The results of trying to swing for home runs your hitters that are going for this and you're successful five times. It's going to be hard to lose a game. Card council talked about the number of home runs in last night's game this is how we're gonna score runs I thought last night we had a bunch of balls for the warning track that can go out we get a couple more tonight Aggie at a ball to the laws in another that that's good man a bunch of guys driving the baseball that's good that's cool one do you gonna score much Iran's doing I think the threat of that throughout alliance is obviously dangerous on Netflix and I can show it. Brewers manager Craig Counsell after the game fiber said multi hit games. Couple other home runs that happened in the game came from Orlando RCL a went into going three for four with a run scored and RBIs. And Christian yellowish I'm pretty sure hit the scoreboard last night and they see it in the CBS did DA logo right under that. Hit a moon shot this is unbelievable. What these guys are doing Christian yell it's. Went one for five in the game with that home run he's up to eighteen home runs this year I think Alex is gonna get the thirty. That's and and to meet all of the other things he does plus thirty home runs you're starting to talk about one of the top players in the National League. I do -- yeah one no question I think he's in the conversation for the MVP right now the way he's point thirty homers would would put him in that convoy if any has the highest paid an average. I think I. I think I thought I saw the science where earlier he is the highest batting average right now in the National League at 322 and the brewers have never had. I'm batting champion. Never not once in their history not any out monitor never happen now at said to shocked to think but they've never had a batting champ hop. Well. Gotta start somewhere. Someone's got to do what needs its Christian hill as she has been a tremendous story this year and I probably one of the biggest trades have been made all year long across Major League Baseball based on but kind of player that you're getting in return Christian yellen has been just on the real so far so the brewers and Padres it's a rubber match say they've played this afternoon and not go one for the brewers is gonna be junior guerra. Would like to see a nice start out of him. Cummins six and seven with a 342 ERA he's gonna go up against lefty Robbie Irwin who's 213 with a 334. ERA. For the Padres and here we are we got another left handed hitter so. Trevor shot at a big night last night. Is he in the lineup today. And we should see in the lineup here pretty soon. Do you do you play show are not so you have to take a lot of factors in one scope didn't play last night. I didn't start to game so. He's probably got a play I don't seek counsel sitting in two games in a row placid state game after a night game. So I if I had to look at in my crystal ball my crystal ball tells me that shall place third and scope play second it's moost it sits. But most is he gestured he was two for four last. Seen this is the conundrum that were in right now it. I kind of want show on that lineup I don't want him out of it and I wanna see. Panel good luck to current council figure in the side wants. It's a lefty today you are gonna play because one easy kills lefties or to east hot right so he's gonna play so NC there's no first base outlet here. It may want to play rate field can shop catch. It if it. And then. You could goes seven deep you can play Garcia army now are secretly scope ya in six RC on the that way Shaw's play mostly in the raw plane. But then you wanna say Garcia went three for four alas that great he's but he hit the ball. And that's what what a pleasant dilemma Craig Counsell take at any day. While it's gonna be interesting we will have the planes permanently baseball polls and show presented by the Milwaukee admirals coming up right after the game today Tim Allen. Bill baby tell Schmidt will be Phil and then. And also rumor has it that. Their fill in and tomorrow on this morning show and they might try to take the jobs of chuck and Bart were not were just here keeping everything warm like we're supposed to. You know like the boss tells us don't you you're invited to someone's house don't move the furniture or soul. Well I don't think we've done that at all today I I do what Kevin before we get to my Clemens report. This is a little preview of what you may hear tomorrow. I'm chuck and wink there with Tim and they've attached you wanna go just given me. And it is well it. That I'm not a year I'm gonna go home and it's undrawn committed enlightenment. I. Like to donate a little bit and the scoop on that. There bill that had that had to be them at 6 AM after that all minor yep. So I thought they were just gonna do the all nighter right into the morning I thought that's what the point of that was it'd six say they were just gonna lock the door and not let. Chuck Lombard in here well. The thing is today it's an afternoon game so they don't have to worry about. Do what a night game and then coming back and do in the morning shell they could do another one doubles all letters again. So she later this year were really in the heat things in the pennant race. They might do that and they did last weekend from what I heard it was a really good show this song yes absolutely nothing like a little overnight. Local sports start here on the fan he's got an old and CBS the DA radio show wit you gonna heavy training camp report from our burial might clemens'. And then wrap things infineon and dull join us and I know there's some things we missed on today's shelters and some are things going canceled talk about that coming up next sports Radio One 057 up on the fan. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training camp update rescinded by Robert peck diamonds being groomed eight years Mike Clemens. It's the Packers in the titans tonight here at Lambeau Field kick off 7 o'clock it's our first look at Mike pens new defense for the Packers now patent says expect to see more corner and safety blitzes this season to pressure the quarterback. You can't line up in just Russia down four and dropped seven and and bring the traditional guys on pressures and it's just. It's way too cookie cutter and I'd like to put stress on an offense as far as identifying with the Russians are going to be when the guys do it they usually enjoy the little guys like. Like Russian pastor's office holders they don't get squared up by others it was offensive lineman. I hear of all this week. Third round pick defensive lineman Montrae Julius Adams was headed for surgery for foot injury cost him most of his rookie season now in camp the six foot 4300 pound defensive lineman has tossed guards to the ground when he's been double teamed and number nine he says his speed after the snap is what's him. Poured into the main thing we might get off on me and that's what operators must have on this for people always talk about which news. Marquis who's who go to Barnes is the word different variety of bears was moved. At inside linebacker look for a few corn per Panama Thomas filling a role left vacant by Jake Ryan the starter Blake Martinez told me he's been impressed with number 58 linebacker Greer martini. Yours are there when artists or does monsoonal all this. Maybe Cheri makes it corrections right when they'd make it in the meeting room and it makes we don't do this is the guy that's gonna make sure the next practices corrective he was behind me on. The depth chart first instances of Mosley and make it's you. Brought up in there but I'm only borrowing and measures he's right ago. How much does the front office value tonight's game Mike McCarthy says it's a big night especially from Brett Conley. And he Sean Kaiser at quarterback. This is really when you look at producers in this one guy's gonna have a chance to make obtaining. Present value. Inspiration for quarterbacks and especially who played under orders from the goals from. Both played all year and he's opportunism for so important for both of guys hopefully pick us up this week as we do run Tennessee. The final couple minutes here jocular way Clair served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is a live in the brain and Stratton college athletics studios radio Joseph informed bark Kevin old and in for shark. And then for Cody grant today is Anthony Mandela Anthony. They do this every day on the show what did we miss I know we missed a lot so please. Yeah well. You may have already heard over the past you know 1824 hours or so the bucks in the plane on Christmas the NCAA has some new rules. In place. I don't really care about all that that's old news now that is in the past some things though that you may be haven't heard about. Ott Tommy Fleetwood PGA championship gone today ride pretty big name celery one Yeltsin's. Well it would seem as though Wells Fargo accidentally wired his 150000. Dollars worth of prize money to the wrong Tommy Fleetwood Mac. Or his open championship. The golden world there's another Tommy Fleetwood who was also apparently a former PGA pro. And now that he lives in Florida and apparently he got the money front of his put at the screen shot from his. Bank account receipts. Armed how does that happen he's. He's in swing how would you rent out and try to seam that thing into some sort of accounting can't be touched another Tommy Fleetwood professional golfer imagine that I. Called Wells Fargo has been screwing things up it seems like nonstop for five years when they gonna get their act together and I. A 150000. Dollars to the wrong person imagine if I don't wanna say faked Tommy Fleetwood but. The other money Fleetwood decided you know. I'm gonna hang onto that. And hang out of them there's multiple build Michaels out there. There's a lot of film Michaels and exists the death one of the wrong goal Michael's got bill Michael's track that would not be good situation nor would not armed. We only have like thirty seconds here's what else yet. Real quick power rankings they come off from Major League Baseball the NBA NFL all that jazz and other power rankings for hard knocks on HBO if they're all going to be keeping tabs on the best story lines from browns training camp. Knock it alive. I need to watch that I am intrigued about what the browns are doing because there's so many packer ties trust he'll be let down the pair hit. Just like browns fan since Devin all the CBS like all of us Kevin owns CBS that DA thank you so much is always say you Joseph Anthony thinks you. For Tom olds Tim moma Mike Clemens I'm ready or gels owns all the bill Michael show coming up next 10 and house tomorrow morning now look what that want.