9am - Ask Bart and Ramie, Robotic strike zones?

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, May 25th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Bart and Ramie answered questions from listeners in a bonus round of the special edition ask Bart and Ramie anything Friday. Also, Bart and Ramie debated the pros and cons of eliminating umpires and using an electronic strike zone in MLB.

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And no winner rolls only you Wisconsin. Broadcasters awards for excellence grant. I have from the Brian Stratton college athletics who knows. This he's shockingly clear. On sports Radio One 057 we have fan. I've served up by Perkins. I'm borrowing cooler or that they he just did Cody why are you doing. I think you do that all of them. I bought my maternity care with a bed a dead and then lifepoint because I'm pumped up the start another hour on this show about your about the reported deal like out supposed to start the hour. Of the show I got. I did I thought I'd miss something up I biz to cute like you're like our Robin why do you. Director of our radio show. That's what we do the big show you know you know was worth distracted by the idea of just brownies and project does Japan Tuesday yes. The worst is when I've done radio show yeah not at the station before I bring a lot of like community people and for inner jerk. And their lip in other fancy by the theater radio so so many times and say hi you doing today. Guy who runs an art studio ha I'd be beat Dior wearing pants. All because people can't in the as the Iraq they're gonna make it theater of the mind and now I have to go off for this yeah make a joke right. There are guys blood vandalized shares over Auburn waited here anyway tell me about local arts. But what dirtier and all those just to adore you. Come that's the 7 person I am rob he's and on this very special day just let's say happy birthday to my friend might say yes non doing community Burt wow it's. While we're on the fan and it Cody asked chuck and wait for anything it's turned into ask Bart and Rami any thing. Questions have been coming in at 1057 FM the fan with that state asks CW. Pleased resumed your brilliant. Lots of good ones here Andrew if somebody offered you ten million dollars but you could only eat salads for the rest of their life would you do it. I gave my initial answer is yes it's not mistaken my salad. Now just Alex Jess and Cobb salad vegetables and they just the sound coming I could sustain on that note she is either. Easley who violently and I'm adding that. Now these guns need protein based and I don't know that Palin like that like what's the salad lettuce lettuce and then one deficit. Campo likes already get for ordinary thing. Ernie there well so is the question you can eat salads are bulls lettuce is. What's the best. What is the question sounds. Okay yes I would do it for him right now if I could put some sort of meet in into the salad some sort of pro V allowed but you can't be like. Dick chicken wings from your favorite restaurant in right compliment her I am prime rib and like if I put like a chicken breast and my cell letter license some lunch meats and to their for the rest in my life share. You can million dollars goes a long way so you can't do that you won't do that ten million now I gotta have meat in my life he gave his dump ribs on a stick him right out of the files over Thomas stick around. You off your grill those up. You got some some sports. On the TV. So I would say yes are you yes here now. Ads like that it could be themselves sorted through it yet I think he'd be able yeah from time to time maybe limits meridia did at the good question. Hot for our next question we're gonna go to producer Dave that you were accidents in the building. He's been on the wings things podcast if you time heads then you I have but pretty odd Todd producer David big sports fan. Dave you have a question for us I got a great question for you guys and it's all about food unless we like to move on my verdict and a it did about ten million dollars and not okay million dollars at all but is it cheesecake. A pie. Or cake. Decade in the title so I've never really considered. That it might not be a cake. But it is. This closer to apply when you look at the composition and I loved it. It's any rust off in usually. A gram cracker cut across dizzy were five apply. And it's filled with. A custard like billing. That's baked into cheesecake. On his head is brilliant this is like is the hot dog is set wage. And I don't know the next question for you guys will be answered yeah. The hot dog is not a single polish and it's because it's a hot dog right to something yeah unlimited on a bond. The hot dog and I might save a cheesecake is applied contains all the elements of apply. What do you think by is that crazy I know it's called cheese cake doesn't McKay can't to have layers at least. No I don't think it shows the cake as the basin in the frost and yeah so does it cheesecake have a base and then atop I don't don't you bake a cake. Beatle vacancies if you do you there are you don't exert so based Chi's case but most cheesecake there bay. I mean I guess the layers the crust in the and the feeling is the frosty what Jesus. What I like that that word bay it's a good but if I don't matter. I don't get it. Hasn't answered any of us are bay and appointments ahead I. And this other recovers aged. That what might have. I. After baking yeah opposite the I. I'm sick of supply car. We agree on mostly everything else they pop all right is there correct answer or not I mean yes I think the correct answer is high so. Yeah those are the best ever they care at a bottom and that the Iraq why is the right answer yes maybe you're an era but it. Producer David ladies and gentlemen thank stated them again thank you unit in question Cody what else we have off Twitter. And verve wants to know which of the two will knowingly become a dad first. Which of the two watts YouTube Myanmar or else. I don't have any plans in the foreseeable future of knowingly creating a baby. According what do we let you answer that you know we're we both stands I would say have you around you thinks I don't married. No I don't you know arts married and I lost it then what if I had to put money on 100 zoo warning have you I would I would put my money around me. Bullet like the lying to the law. Everything's gambling with the isn't that Iran Lee in the brightly rob critical child labor has won 25. Is very close this there's they're like and no kids. I'd say no kid minus one Swanee well I'm deathly bet on the no kick for either of you and I had it seamlessly Tony I asked him Ronnie Lott wants him. Maybe I'll look at that little guy that has come off as bureau an insatiable and no no I cannot debt so you imagine that knock a lot of action to like forty or some 38. All always your older and embark yeah all while now and I'm very I am surprised. That. Very immature other annuity face thirty water 32 now wild animals brass that most people assume that of me ice I would still take you but. Her right. I've said that if I don't have children by forty and I'm not gonna force it now will only have children when I'm. Fully ready and capable of raising children will never happen and maybe not if I don't do it by 40 am not doing it and I can be the old dead at two years they got another question what appears ready to end this once and that you create a baby Rami from. Would you rather have one kid was a die hard cardinals fan know or. Three kids. The other cubs fans. No man repeat that again so would you rather have one kid but he's a cardinals fan and have more sheep. Or you have three kids spot all of those three kids are cubs that now would have to be the three cubs fans of cancer having three kids terrifies me. But handled wind as the cardinals after rising more than anyone as it comes very rude as cardinals fan would be absolutely unacceptable in the be disarmed and put up for adoption. Excellent question on the MJ yes Cody and other odds on some Ziggy. It's one of those Mary killed in you know yes sir sold the three candidates are bill Michael's room and Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and boy. And franchised him out. No offense bill but those other two guys basically. Raised me in radio they are my mentor those their protege. For for many years of villas the bill's dead. Parker you give us the question you get a BB BDO new answers. Like finish the answer for them down. You know Sparky. Man I would marry him you good. And then so I gotta kill line and then marry and then yeah the other on he had to say yes yes and I feel like bill would be more like in control. The situation here is Mary Dell yeah I would kiss bill vol. He could do all the. Heavy lifting yeah. And I guess look at. You can really dry answer the vote goes dry though. I would kill bill the OJ. While Mary Sparky. I don't know it's weird is that everything. It's it's it's it's right down now. Yeah it's it's okay. The only Egypt and the growth and yeah and I did Barrett. I think we give you two more good. That's why you have counts the real by process of elimination wow are on the merry Tim okay. That's without today. On top. Okay yeah I you go to a fifth. BTLs hot takes a wants to know what is your favor heartbreaking moment that has been endured by a fan base you disliked. Soul. Like for Robby the cardinals losing the big gamers and like that yes. I'm. Me think about that that's a tough one. The first thing I thought it was Hartman but IE empathize with him but what I did to the cubs you certainly have to appreciate it right. We are now say hope in the agony of that that fans had to go on adding that in getting a obsess over the cubs then like they do now okay. Eight I don't know I don't know that I could put it well mine's easy easy. Favre's on the pick you are you know was I was that's easy the NFC championship against the Seahawks. Pollyanna gap I'll go to Al. But watching that game and seeing how good big slide to the ground and was staffers have now. There is little tentative deals Morgan does not always our neighbors and I remember saying I was watching it with my buddies. Not a Kenosha. And our members saying like you really think. No this is in the bag already that there's as a result peppers did I think I dislike him for it. So that instant I mean out it was obviously a little bit of a surprise it was an incredible comeback but it didn't surprise me as much as it did others. And I and I'm not allowed to take some joy and and in your agony aunts and Marco icing Cody Marquette on. Scored GB. Asks do you honestly believe they Geary. Is a box insider. Gary wolf hello Gary wolf all I'm assuming. And or do you believe that quote wild speculator based on personal and Dennis and quote would be better introduction. No he's an insider. Think people have a problem with the word insider. I think they don't look at him as one for whatever reason yeah heating go to the bucks. Coach presser a lot of people talking about that on Twitter you really need to be at a press conference I mean other than being able to ask a question. What do you get from being at a press conference. Rather than watching it on TV are in and Alfie okay. I've been all of on the box I think brutally should be and hard hat yeah I know I heard you complaining about that guy while I think he's he was in danger Mosley nickname you gave them. The Foreman know the other one. They booed the builder Pulte. But the bill was under other when I like the form icon in the form because he was doing one without a heart had yet he's introduced at a construction site. In your body into our cart path Alaska. On and I think that's gonna stick but they want thing we have Gary on every show every week. Take one thing for those that don't like Geary. No louder you are that you don't like scary the more you'll hear Gary. Justice you know. And yes that's what's that that's what's happening you have the power. If you don't like it you have the power to stop it. Agreed and that is the message and no insider. Is right 100% of the time right. Use the power is within years. Generally when there Ronnie and more Marines. Went back but more coming. This is Stephen and let's and other chuck Freeman they all updates. Despite the fact it took was not looking to beg people to make somebody's space with these noble what exports less uptight he wrote a script the data audio. Don't and he is now practicing in front of the mirror and just an ethic a modest effect it is trough. And it couldn't get any better out I'm hit I tell you that so just delivered a that's all it is Korea. Next week the world to get that you can you describe as audio mix this is Stephen who's been channel well. Like Steve can. Ten idea that is good view it's pretty hard in what he does. I'm amazed sometimes by the work people put it to contribute your radio show that does it pay them to contribute to that radio show I appreciate it but I'm amazed sometimes. I think I'm being told in my ear we have rain other Stephen I'll update of Steve what he got. This is Stephen who's been with another sort of frame and dale update. So let's play in the sleep in today when you look thought it would a premonition that ball general. It will get out ruin Nash out chuck has spent nearly a decade affecting. So now he's ceremonies called dale hey you know every wed balked at Romney's site. And needless to say he does not seem pleased that I'll sleep and it was bench adults well. David. Appreciated. It even newsman and try to report you can actually follow him on Twitter cuts I think I didn't follow it and it's lead in newsman. I'm sorry what's that another update from Stephen Stephen and stick. At what you have. This is Steve it was worth another chuck Freeman day to eight. Toughest practically chatting through the yellow pages desperate to wanted to Mexican restaurant opened the full 10 AM. Eddie blanket and possibly even on waffles pancakes with. There's Dallas beat down zumwalt nothing build and if you'll stop Al pennant should not. Had enough to keep him full Intel let let me I'll kick up posted at the search continues but my top statement and been channel bomb. I'd thank you Stephen fine reporting there Pulitzer Prize award winning stuff there might recommend a compromise. For chuck Freeman go the breakfast taco or breakfast burrito. Allah be be able juries so little legs in my hands pat burns that would be got them anyway out Rami here the Brian Stratton college in Atlanta and Toyota's. Well I was really all I'm out. I'm being told you Steve I'm being told by having the candidate. Frogs Stephen news Steve what's the latest. This is steeped in the who's been with another chuck Freeman dale updates. So was Lincoln about going to the bank to get them spending tax for the weekend when he realized who adore them Mike what he can take all of money might pull it into that mold that. Let's hope it's not possible to that the man they call Britons went back to the future stole sports almanac. And brought it what do you guys. Went to take five dull as the day from bought into his big didn't know how is completely rattled. Even managed health and it should be doing if I. That's the good where regret their Vista newsman Stephen is getting any info Hispanic Twitter a cute. Aunts Stephen newsman and we are going to have weeded Barnett the magnificent earlier today. This is a bit that we are not stealing we as a don't mop jets took from Johnny Carson. And if you miss that we're gonna have that again around 950 or so. We he is hit a speed bump early. But I think we got on track we all early in the in the end a bit yes yes yes and I can tell you. I was as nervous as anything I've ever done accurately about nervous you were about us because you're so talk you'd out during the break I was so very very rigorous now as I've I do instead of comedy so to me it's like Willis with some resilient avenue Bob. You bought an annual wealth life and apply a little bit better for it yeah possibly. I just really wanted to I mean I've spent ever since you told me you were postings show that I had no holds a yen. If. I think fatigue as an advocate. And if you missed it kind of did a great job and your road today you did a great job. We as far as like what's going out in sports today we really talked about much. There like oh not Mercedes Lewis signs. Like it. With the Packers blocking tight end another big target for the red zone if he's got anymore catches left in them. In does it be a good fit. Term I wanna see them signed them here is the I think does could be a good fit. If Dez was willing to come in and accept a role. That he's not used to accepting that I get the saudis third or fourth option yeah I get the sense that Dez Bryant needs to be the focal point of an offense even at this later stage in his career he feels like he's good not to be the focal point of the offense and he wouldn't be up in Green Bay. And I don't know how well that would sit with them and how he would react and if that would cause problems and you just had the Martellus Bennett's situation you really wanna go through that again. Yeah I think that you do different scenarios in terms of the distractions and the problems that that they bring with them but still. Yet just went through that. Adler Martellus Bennett. For Brett. Only. Just like I blame Julius Peppers for Morgan Burnett going down. Brad hunley was thrown into that viking game when Rodgers got hurt and he was. I mean he was as nervous as doing on the that magnificent putts so he gets into the game and he throws a pass to Martellus Bennett who just drops it. Now had he completed that they went got a first down. Given only some confident as ever that player Dawkins then build on as they went forward and then never happened and then you see if he catches that one pass. There's an alternative timeline somewhere. Abroad calmly goes on to lead the Packers. To a playoff berth. And possibly carry them all the way to the Super Bowl in years in the movie mister destiny yes love that Jim bowlers yes. I love that I love that movie authority in there aren't a lot of Jim Belushi movies and I thought came I love that movie because if he would've hit the home run yes in high school yes his life and having completely different. But he did and sleaze like working for a guy and it's X think it's a re live his life if you wanna hit the home run yet and I don't wanna spoil a 35 year old movie. But you can probably get on a family video near the other spoiler alerts for thirty year old movies that are there is still fairly videos near you. There's one in west L a set. I know that for Cher and Madonna can notion a while but there was one down there when I lived there bears on a final like to Coca. Yes I'm still video stores knighted him. Not everything is available streaming. It was a good place to go rent like video game and it's also easy I think it's easier to pick out and settle out of movie walking through video store than it is scrolling swiping in scrolling on a screen for hours on try and decide what you. And your significant other whoever you may be with at the time actually wants to watch it we're advancing too far in technology and so I think technology's moving faster than we're ready for yet and dazzling Edward and it's on holiday in baseball coming up next round on yes we are technology may be moving too fast. One more five minute debate with me and Ronnie coming up next what's this one. It's strikeouts being Obama how can disagree with this we'll have that coming up next here on the office. You know technology moving forward though Bart had been made privy I'll something's coming to the million dollar midway. And at my favorite place the whole wide world Dave and buster's. That is going to change the game of games. Get rid of that makes any sense that's all I can tell you for right now don't talk any further but something big is coming to my favorite place in the whole wide world. Dave and buster's and volatile Serena. Am our card in my wallet it's you always ready to go we rely Sharjah well there is baseball to watch tonight there's playoff basketball to watch tonight there's one more race left in horse racing's biggest three races. And you're not gonna miss a second of any of that action. If you head over to Dave and busters with flat screens as far as EI can CNN that DMB sports lounge. 3161. In screens 875. And screens no better place to catch all the action and some sample some of their new tasty menu why Adams. While you're at it like when pigs fly barbecue pork slaughters with gold fingers those are their chicken fingers and he got. They're traditional cheese Kurds they column cheese bits and much much more and like I said the million dollar midway is about to get a lot greater it's already. Pretty damn great with games like typhoon. Zombie zombie snatchers Tomb Raider Rampage right now he'd get one free play on either Tomb Raider. Typhoon zombie snatchers or treasure quest at the same day purchase of a ten dollar or more power card. Like my buddy Bard went girls keeps in his wallet and don't forget. Dave I experienced now busy I have like six of them is the perfect place to have your next company event after prom party. Or graduation party the orient blinded it's also great plays for summertime birthday party. When Mike is for you what from my face each drinks I interaction at watch sports at my favorite plays the whole wide world David busters the volatile as a highway 100 just south. Of north avenue. Hi this is spot and told us our on out pull out now about my experience I got brewers' game last night. Market apart was out fighting plan but now I think it should have a permanent ban the those dogs are all really do it. And watching them play sure is a moot but in three hours Genoa at an apple sometimes does Roddy and looks like spoiled Sewell. It was a long night as the brewers couldn't get a head and making matters worse my shoes are now covered in stocks. Dave buck well old well a little. I'm Ronnie religious devolved into cosa hey buck the he sends us homes. I don't know why. But he does sure so it mad at them thank you I've never experienced the bark at the park. Well yeah the airline and I air base they cornered off in the one section als wondered did I mean. There's got to be a lot of who wouldn't be going on right ran into a guy named Dave and he said he was sitting Embarq in part he was looking forward to the show today half. And he said that there's like a little grassy Knoll where they pee and poop. So backed team who can take a moment do they know that. I don't know aren't the best part of all my guys my dog for outside of the house. Just an ago and he's got to go he's just gonna go and I guess here outside in the apart right. As part of the whole game last night because the brewers lost and didn't really nothing. Was. When they did dogs as symbol. So they go and AM I don't they would all like their dogs tool. They showed that they put. You know dogs in the air then this one guys doing it with his baby. Some big guys that. Does the baby involved pants I was at the game last night right and shape in the same reaction I did yeah he seizes up on the Jumbotron aha he goes to tap his wife on the shoulder while. He's holding the baby openly everyone handy all my god can't be more than nine ma oh my job the whole crowd the big guy. They up. Oh while yet know you yet I mean how well how did I even want to get the baby did he have likened him. The door oh yeah okay if the torso RIQ is holding the baby like Ed Reed outlets couldn't. Then saying that the baby's okay good. By FR in the party should go to that I would I would like to your. Now mutt and sometimes they ain't great around other dogs he loves people he sometimes is not great around other dot and it's completely random you don't know when he's gonna like a dog when he's not elect him dog would as we walking past the dog on the street. And and barking ensues for no real apparent good reason sometimes it's his fault sometimes it's not but. It's it it's a touch and go thing with my dog and other dogs and I was Thomas the good. Out Lamar five minute debate here between Barton Rami as we try to figure out things we disagree on. 'cause there's not a lot though that's what I don't get at all yet now I don't know what I don't understand at all might seem like that bar light can't out gonna say this is a very surprising and disappointing for you in particular bark but. Earlier this week with Angel Hernandez being so terrible we were discussing it. Would it be better if umpires were. Not in control balls and strikes if if technology could dictate that and I just I guess I'm not I'm not ready for why. It's just another thing that they are taking away from baseball to make it not. Baseball balls and strikes as a huge part of the game. I think there should be human element to that I'm big on not blaming officials because. Officials providing human element just like the players players may make a mistake. Same with officiating at I don't know waiting game you not only have to be better than the elements than the other team but also. In the officiating I just though the book the more we strip away. Decisions from people in given to techno. Allergy act and to be afraid of me I take over like I am afraid I I can over almighty god okay aha. If you must know aha that's what that's all about you allow. I really don't like start. I know started internally and I think if we could just stop technology where we are group that would be fine now. Now technology is always making our lives better constantly. And permanently making our lives better and it will continue to and don't you long for the eighties. Some things about it but not wrong for how to sell the fashion and the music was terrible a journal cell phone sometimes but then I'd love myself on the slower pace of life little bit but not really. But none of this as anything to do would strike out there are as strike zones and I was hired to do with the no it doesn't. I've I want I want the judgment of human beings as far as refereeing an umpiring removed from the game as much as possible the the whole thing is to get it right is not the most important thing mill almighty god it is not how is that not the most important thing you're the reason. You're the reason that guys like Joseph west. An Angel Hernandez. Think their big deal and think they're part of the show when they should not be the players aren't perfect so why should the refereeing beat because I'm coming to watch the players. I got Angel are the referees and umpires when he always shows like he did that is a tremendous problem he should not be officiating that the problem. He went bombshell. He tried to make himself the game. But he is makes a mistake why don't we just eliminate all that and make sure that we even go to work because we have the technology its bid in tennis for years they use it in soccer not to decide when a ball is in and out you should know that. We have the technology I is a very sound soccer is very reliable lost the world what you that's been around for awhile before the US lost. Their bid to get to the World Cup it's been around for awhile this technology and it's pretty well perfected. They could easily have a three the electronic strike zone on ESPN. Out of you see that actually shows the course of the ball and whether or not it crosses through the strike zone we have that. It exists we can get every strike and every ball right instead of having every umpire have their own strike zone. And play a major part in who wins and loses baseball games they're not supposed to be part of the game they're simply there to get the call right. Or wrong that's their job and they're not. Good at it as they should be. Why not get it right 100% of the time the human element that I give a crap about is when a player tries to pull a ball. Out of his glove and what's it slipped out of my fingers the that's a human element of the game that I think you you should keep in it and I don't know that there's any way that you could eliminate I come to watch that athletes. Not the referees and umpires. They're just there to make calls have been get those calls right 100% of the time. Let's do it. We have the technology to do it on the bell rang for a technical knockout I have been defeat OK can have beaten thank you. I was beaten body was kept on pounding I don't necessarily agree with that aha but again arguing a lot further debate right. Robby gave you sound reason I gave you know I don't lie. I can I want the human element you know I do like is Perkins who. Love some Americans of misery and get in some real good reasons to get out there the strawberry menu that we've been talking about the strawberry milk shake. Is a reason alone to get there. Star break the sound French toast the Belgian waffles strawberry season is here and you can definitely experienced that at Perkins now today they do the Friday fish fry after eleven. So they have their spin on it all day Friday and then tomorrow. Is another day were kids eat free Tuesdays and Saturdays after 4 o'clock kids eat free when you get a meal so you and your wife though the two kids. They give free meals kids eat free get out enjoy the weekend giving this an AC. Has to be hot this weekend and get some cool treats over at Perkins bar and back the magnificence. I said it was going to be the worst. Or best segment that I've ever been apart of we knew it was a little balls it wise. Bit of a rough start and so if you can will have every domestic if you can sit through the first. Think the two of them any. 8% evil first Joseph yeah Chris and Joseph first Joseph yeah okay let's cut it out and it wasn't even the jokes the jokes were at the problem jokes are strong the jokes or find the execution rocky and then really took off. So that coming up. Barnett the magnificent next. Ladies and gentlemen what a night. This time once again for a visit. From the stranger from the east. Yes the all knowing all seeing all telling financier sage soothsayer. Carnac the magnificent. Welcome. May a thousand black things. Follow over your body thank you thank you I hold in my hand the envelopes. As a child of four can plainly see these envelopes have been hermetically sealed. They've been kept a mayonnaise jar on a farm and wagged all this porch since noon today no one knows the contents of these envelopes what you. In your mystical and borderline divine way will ascertain the answers. Having never before heard the questions. May all your podcast be full of Mickey and Minnie Mouse design. Has not. Yes. Our rights. Can I have the envelope please the yes here is the first done below Barnett the magnificent. I shall put the year. I'm allowed to my head. Juliet tell Ngo for sure we had no idea floor. Mike Hsu Seth ski. Jeff she Marge yeah. Name three people. Whose names are easier to pronounce for our on air stepped in Brian good weekend ever. I have another envelope please yes that's great Satan cheap here is these. You know envelopes do we need the music that is certainly out of the matter with the music yeah I think hello yeah we were trying to debate that. I'm already having a lot of public does not it is in visual today that are caring. Tired I find this not happen on what I tell you before we have but it's a good job another having fun. There you go get this album that's how dad it's not racist and off is not here yeah yeah they. They got here whatever you are. All right another round only adds great sage here is the second envelope. It sooner. Bred to sugar. What did mr. must murdered due to the woman that ran into his vehicle. Oh. Ranked. The shooter. Instead opted wrote in Joba yeah I did and two weeks and. Well yeah okay another envelope yes yes great state Jersey third envelope. Part act the magnificent. Dennis the Menace. Dennis. The Menace and Jason. And Jason. What pray tell does the envelope saying great stage. Name too awful kids. Are your eyes. Yeah its how do you think you. Here. Instead of we'll let you you're nervous about the yeah great stage there's the next envelope. Manuel roll out windows. Manual. Rollout wind notes. A cassette player a cassette player. Bottom Bryant Bob and Bryant. Name three things they weren't cars in the ninety's that shouldn't be encouraged the I. We could be peaking right. Apple could put together anything that's quite all right VoIP. I could not be there and pull. Budweiser. Bud wiser to remove up to the likes them below or yeah that's before the envelope. Good habit then yes I'd just straight to our neck but lives Budweiser. Why the bucks are already better off now than there were with Jason Kidd did matter. Budweiser. Bud wiser. Yes great stage another round hello would you like the next envelope far neck police here your browser again not race and not racist at all. What are you I am in error Obama Palestinian man to be exact. Yes OK yes there may all your huge be solved with friendly conversation there. Old. The humid down below I did give me the envelope great Barnett. Pizza pizza and Miller Park and Miller Park. Name two things that are worse when Chicago gets its hands yeah. You're wrong with that body. Every your dog but that's what a great sage I feel like the jokes like in nine out of ten that executions like six. But the jokes just have to be that much stronger. On another envelope please do it here you go great Barnett carnac the magnificent Diaz raked stage. Kate Middleton Kate Middleton may give Markel meg and mark goal. And fan national baseball insider set beverage and brand national baseball insider. It's not mavericks. Name three people who can't stop talking about friends and yeah. That's very well said. Very well said. Might pull one. Flea market flea markets that I had to an envelope I don't think I gonna do an envelope. The budgets alone the OK okay. The yes and I'm just picked yes sir flea market flea markets. What do you upperclassmen like Kenny cheat and keep doing under coach whoa did you. The belief that. Please Marky Mark did yes yes great sage I think I have. Oh enlightened one play. Give us one more and aides that they get out here you go great one. Lambeau Field Lambeau Field. And church and church. Lambeau Field. And church name to play did you should be able the meal for what you believe. Yes. Yes you are correct sir I hold in my hand. Graybar neck the election one. The great sage. The final envelope that final I'm little I know envelope that's what you do this is coming to an end your army and the magnificent yes. Yes. Clay match the Clay Matthews. Right Enron right and brawn. And the Wendy's big show and the Wendy's big show. Just name three things that are past their prime and over okay. I disagree with crowds did what. And my son but Byrd's body you have to. I say it's. And you know Barnett the magnificent they are the better the second time. Not a lot of people to him that they don't like it. What kind of person. I'm an area does they either love it area native. Tell like our personalities and picked up there's no it betrayed Mel oh no not on our Mary. We're mixed bag here yes. Running things coming and thank you for having the had a lot of fun I wanna thank god my friend Lisa we tuchman her only yes or lastly I think producer Dave wanna think Cody. I do not want to think we get I don't know. I don't recall. No thank you know things you don't think you wake yet none whatsoever on you but. Not sure that was about. We're gonna play online too there's more Barton Ronnie more than this I always say the four hours yeah Ronnie joined me on the wings things podcast we talked about comedy influences. We'll have that up by 10:30 here this morning. So check that out at one of my seven FM the fan on Twitter round I have two weekends emir of a friend appreciate it bill Michaels up next we're back. Monday with their best work. 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