9am - AskCW Bonus, Manny Machado possibilities, Tim Allen

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, July 11th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart answered questions form listeners during a bonus round of AskCW. Plus, Tim Allen stopped by to share his thoughts on the Manny Machado situation.

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You now hold your only choice for local sports talk. The morning live from them. No this is chuck in winter kill the winner will. Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence on sports Radio One 057. We have Sam looks the fan. Chevrolet where we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is big whirlwind last night of the Brooke very very go to Bali. Twenty minutes. Talk a little more Corbin burns and if he's off the table. Don't take some more calls for some people worry and so before are not in on this which shuttle do. We would be it I think you and I both want to see a World Series and we're done waiting yeah I think Marie and four but for different pieces Pope will. Check back that claimants do that we are continuing. Extracurricular anything we do it on Wednesdays we kick it off Roney 48 you tweet us a question a 1057 FM the fan with a hash take ask CW. And there's some good questions today we wanna get to as many as we can so you can actually continue to tweet as we're live here presuming that kodi can do two things that wants. Absolutely okay Cody grants Renault test pocket twos the limit now Rosie to mourn that. To the limit it aired here on Twitter the box ever retired number 34. Whose name should be associated with it. We have a son of a couple. Is that the youngest is going to be be and any of you loses but the bark at the youngest one of MVP here. That the we made a couple of years ago jas was also in the youngest will be the second best player. Inbox history next to Louis center. Should we go over the parameters of about one more time to that is and I say pianists of the MVPs some day three years ago when he fifteen dollars and and he says no and so I said I will bet you a hundred bucks give me five to one odds. And he did it. So I'd get 500 bucks a pianist wins an MB did you ever previous harder Harriman yes so I would have to collect on her from him I feel like collecting 500 from the EU would be easier mentally and I think I think the one with him is dead. That's old but I also the Pentagon has never wins an MD well I think you know it's I mean. Think that's there works both ways and it doesn't it did that I most likely absolutely will be paying out isn't gonna owe you Cody and bill hundred dollars. I got very brazen and said that the cubs would be the brewers by ten games in the NL central. They may very well still win the NL central by bad I can't see and this was a ten game so. That's 300 dollars I need to collect by the end of the season. And I started to save whatever money I gifts. Like random bonus money okay I'm starting to put in my PayPal account. I'm up three about whereas bonus money collect his last night on Yahoo!. Their daily fantasy sports at a free contest is celebrate three years of doing daily fantasy I get a free contest that is the brewers lineup and I did it with much Otto okay. And I won three dollars with no injury feet so I put that in my PayPal account I now and I Downey 297. More now at all and can't be until. Yeah in September we'll see what other nefarious ways I can collect money throughout this processes. And hopefully have enough to pay you guys vying October Rosalia. Undisclosed price for free news Canberra on Twitter want to know what eight ouch it's a jaish. Well. You call the woman he got such a young woman who who which one of which one that a call yesterday someone you're going to a wedding yet yeah I'm too many other yeah the brewers a third. Post season missiles goes weddings to be five days in October well. Back when I said yes this is back if February I was OK with it that I realized what was weekly post season ball and it's. Can be evident I think there replay post season ball in October so I do not wanna go and ice of the girl whose wedding or go to result. Friend of Shannon's her daughter daughters are plea action anyway and rice put them I say that net terms what does that sound like. The sleek yacht racism is complete Josh sounds like to be okay verio. From now on is it is it like can you go to urban dictionary look and just is just she's gently and she's just not a nice person people. But did you sort of jitters are heading B 10 she's not nice her mom word no word come for a I don't know. The Jamaican op. I think she Sheehan and I think it up. I got from her so I can't I mean wow they got collecting two year old woman yes she she's and she's she's the inventor of very Bryan Colangelo view one night you know take credit for so the we will take credit for stuff we don't do in the show and don't give it every credit but we give her credit. I did give all listener Jerry quite a credit for coming up with the constable. For a nickname for baron Corbin lie actually carbon burns parent Corbin is the wrestler we're taking it from. And we put pulled on Twitter do you guys like it 61% of you do not like the concentrate they want peace and nobody knows who the constable. Groceries on tonight we did everybody everybody should know and they can figure though. But nobody likes thought Brian wants to know if you guys and please join his fantasy football league. No I think that would be a good one for us to do together. As to who. You meet all gone forever a year we do this I say this will be the check then I'm gonna get in a fancy Obama now think you're the team and then you can count me. But sells like some bully and it was a preview power here not that actually my impression myself okay nod I don't wanna be. Honest I don't wanna be the fantasy football. Brian I'll do it if it's. But I cannot do freely known that the wanna do yet pay out. Woman who's gonna pay the money. Who the winners if he's gonna pay out. Wide done leagues time and time again or suddenly they don't pay out. So you have payouts need assurances on. Another words your your saying you played in the lead that you page of money and dating give you your winnings corrects okay. Okay they know what they did wrong and at that happening it's an idea never happen you know while I really sucks yeah. It's like somebody who has incidentally Ter report and don't bail out. You have to win straight into your city ought to go after rom and the mistake. Note in the league pissed off when he asked for the money and they say they are collected all the money at once on YouTube wanna start of the tournament. A pool into the money kodi is a stuff remain mosquito Ryan he wants to know if you're late eighties gave you a hall pass. Who are you choosing. Jessica Simpson. I would choose my wife I would turn it into her. Okay well so he may be looked at just how it. Did I know we can do that connection on that sent in the tweets all was sabotage. Might see. I thought maybe you're gonna save that soccer player like. Christine Cristiano Ronaldo evaluate any and tennis yeah new team okay I'm Italian squad all right. So I do that I've never seen unfold over person. A girl quite like you do him while he's gorgeous you know I just have to say and I just never. Have heard you talk to anybody who applaud anybody like that. No no I've I've always had a crush on Anna Kendrick who. Yeah yeah I like and a where she from she's in the pitch perfect movies okay Jocelyn 5050. It would be hard to say noted Jennifer Love Hewitt might first ever love all right. Welcome me. So speak would you Rhodes is curious Martin Lewis. Mark early Alexa bless. It's the book lets some little she was in studio illustrate. No I was Charlotte small bank do you give me. Beef about mark early but we don't give you much people are christianity top wage more about and then I'd you mark early is Mark Burly pretty. Is thrown a perfect game is the beautiful don't know here now. Novels. Gorgeous nexus thicket of not loyal at a national he has my Irish time down around it. Brown as you can you can not like that I said it can't disagree with me. Look at his face I wouldn't be able to. The kimono Krajicek Janet's house guys luck and you know I don't know I don't know I can do that as a no I don't know we years. I love guys that say oh I don't I don't know what to do look at guys come by now we all know. You can you can determine what the good looking girl yeah this is the number with the good looking yeah I know we can. Now you can tell of a guy's good looking and sure now if you don't wanna say it that's fine. But you know you know we know Cody Chris wants to know who you think are the most loyal professional athletes who can take up. I work guys didn't run off to get a Max money contract. My birthday hockey. EV one group of players solid Tavares then you just go to Tehran on news any loyalty a Saturday contract to these players and me feel like like they they're trying to be the last good you know I think. Players sports player athletes in general they wanna get because they know their time is limited they wanna get the best possible deal. Anyone here tomorrow when he was one of the coming Green Bay and that now he just wants where you get the best deal. Because you know after Merck were fans what do they do next being disabled Maliki and get all they can't right now. That's what is a pro sports no loyalty of the Jersey and I get that. Story takes are 23 once and I'll be Max salary. You do Jabari Parker to stay with the box. Well this prices coming down the sites and seven million right now it million. 101000010. Million says while much are they got for fifteen on in fifteen. We get a cheaper though. So that. And I would I would man let's say the ball has become a not for fifteen million I don't know did you ideally get if that was the case I guess I admit it but I don't think I pinky new cheaper buddies that if the bulls some home did dad. Yeah it's the matchup I think. Jabar can be a big piece of what they know it would you get into one we can't we can't afford it now they have a hard cap now if there are cap now can't do it because it is biannual and that Ersan deal he's doing most we can give Jabar is about fifteen so you would do that. I guess and I'd been attempted to gamble when it again this. Now I'm not even sure the Bucs are gonna take it seven and match and I'd I don't adding give anyone comes in years as. Well they Jabbar reacting to this point the box and be like at him. Which and why isn't an eating happened yet either they're just gonna global on you know play for the four point three. Or the to mobile home or they're working on a sign and trade it's very possible with everybody else in Vegas said. When we were trying to but the music won't while working on a side tracked puppy needs why would you assign a trade winds calm so together they form. Yet but the the other team knows that sold. They want to the other team probably know was the worst probably don't box don't want him yeah everybody else in the NBA probably guarantee you they know at the box the one. That was sort of our. The veterans. Do Sagal are what set pacers regular you know speaking of contracts to Bart Parker how much you think you'll get the brewers' offer him a new contract well. It he's the of these under team control for awhile. So it can be one will see the Prince Fielder where the brewers had in my routine patrol in the only with arbitration for the most prints or may with a commercials like ten million. I think. Next year and I'll look this up to confirm. I think next you're still a team control a year and is arbitration years and until a year after that so. If I'm not mistaken. He's making 557000. This season he can make the same next year yup that date on them they don't adopt the prize my understanding yet when he gets an arbitration arbitration Lawny could be make it more. Then you have to make a little more a chase Sanderson just went to arbitration now he's making four point 75 million dollars. You could do the same kind of thing with Hayes whose if you were to be an arbitration next you're hitting the brewers. A big come around 56 million dollars from I've tried the same their claims as make him might be little more. But it may legal or more now they may offer a long term deal like they tried doing VR. Before you turn it. Sure no problem with Asus is he makes the hosts our team that's not the bargaining chip for pacers right. So both say that's an Asus you know vote he's have a great year and a whole program the about a six cases have a great year. I still wanna be. Seen a little bit more reform and give him a long term megabucks contract. I'm saying because you figure that's fair I think we've VR. The moral and I'm Vieira the brewers almost did this. But let's assume. Wait a little longer make sure this. Isn't just a career here for one's hopes with him being under team control another year they'll now the policy. Bill Null or daughter wanted to earn in next year if he's doing the same thing or even close the same thing yes long term. I look the question before it was best fish Fries how about Perkins he'd try that out on Friday from eleven. Until close they've got to fish fry for you with all the figs and right there. At Perkins you can also take apart in their savor your summer menus a Perkins like to specialize in different menus. From time to time in addition to all the great favorites but this summer Owens a good one because they've got a taste better savoring sweet the exact Kenneth thing that you want. In the summertime some of the highlights of the menu include the pineapple upside down pancake platter. That's very good pitcher Paul late chicken skillet to saying that. Fills my appetite and sound so good the baking out a cattle and cash from Benedict war. The hand battered buttermilk fried chicken so good at bats all available for lunch dinner and even. For breakfast you can check that on a Perkins and with Perkins on the line why not sign up. For our golf outing. This week the outing is Tuesday August 14 signature foursome together sign apple Perry with a celebrity duel Fiji throughout the day there's prizes throughout the day. As well you can do that. And 1057 FM the fan. Dot com. Shall we get back into the trade scenarios and the discussion and hear from you guys yes as do that rap of lessons were game to an eight to four win starter Lechler served up by Perkins. This is where. First Major League strikeout. I is this side. Now it's shocking way dealers brew crew review brought you by both burning beer Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer try it your nearest total wind location. But Blair most king cheese pizza the ruler of great taste this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM. The sense I mean it's great. And obviously I'm gun Brothers watchdog and Thomas a fumble on a long time you'll see get out there analogy saying things done Thomas a couple long. And I got there and they'll start to do it. That's carbon burns that was the call his big league debut last night fox sports Wisconsin came in the eighth. Three up three down came back Alfred and ninth. Three more up and three more down on the first pitch he threw. Was a very high almost hit you know the press box up there it was a elevated fastball soon nerves and jitters I think that you know I would do the same thing well if not worse here's an heat they. Didn't throw him in a flawed game. He came in the 64 game in the eighth inning and when he threw first pitch I was like all boys. You know because he looked nervous out there. And any of the next one we falloff major fall off a couple pitches and get through it and it is hard hit ball the first hitter ground to short. Next dinner. And rocket that was flagged down by key outs on a field. And then he got through the third guy. But he's the only pits will have 33 down two innings in a row for first performance within the middle and race in a tight game. And that sets us up bottom right there. They tick down a few runs to late mag game so they get the 84 victory but Corbin burns does get credited with the save. First brewer to get a save in his first appearance. Since 1980. Guy named Dave appointees stable point. Good old days I mean we all know about Dave the point well they used him and trade is zero point jerseys Oliver Miller Park well he barely was here. He was abuse of Tripoli call up he was barely hear it they used him a package deal to get Ted Simmons and probably fingers away from the St. Louis Cardinals and evil rich. First big league player to get a save in his first outing in five years. I remember Fuji cow law for the comments. OK but you think about it that there are not gonna put a rookie. Knows first team into a save situation. Just not gonna happen but it worked out that they pitched beneath heading. When it was a two run games so you're in the same spot. There are taken off the ninth inning and bring you can enable them intact and the two runs on the knowledge double. Men were good when they sent a huge righted out. We talked a lot today about carbon burns and if you would be. Champ if this is some sort of showcase. Or trade potentially to the Orioles who seem to. According to reports. Have an interest in court and burns they would give us many much shadow but then we'd have to give up. This young controllable pitcher who will project to be a pretty decent starter in Corbin burns or 147991250. So we've talked about that. A little bit today Stephen walker shell wants to chime in on the free flowing conversation that is sports talk radio Steve hello how are you. Pretty. And it's up. I think it is we are really good. Look at that subvert our legal hitting well the beat down but there's still a bat chart. The barrel. Want it up. In the problem that I wouldn't mind another high at all and it hit the reality is that if you look at. Some of the other scene they got better starting pitching or higher and higher. I make sense of the north friend the other bit awkward but called on it. Is that adding the action I got on lap thirty under armed yet but it is here. They they did have more I think the bird and make it out I am not like it the way. Burned it he could be that one or are they achieve it happened a couple years. And uncertain and I kept going kept the Arab because he's their best player in front of the meat eat how we get a lot yet and there. He hit a very gone. Those two guys aren't you bought her. So I crawled but not so that our guys that are in there that the right out there I am it helped it'll hurt the commitment to other people as. The only guy it is true at the fair. I I. I like the idea of getting a guy like epic that whenever at all. In a guy that can repeat that your hurt is back you know light years away. Because I don't think your way. But it's still a couple short that are out. Yeah you know some people aren't sure who are just unwilling to part within me. Prospects because they feel it we gotta continue to grow these guys these guys are the future of the brewers grow grow now. Did the brewers got a least prospects a few years goal for the purpose of this piece of this that the time. Big Apple's prospects to deal away for potential veterans. Not that they're gonna play for the brewers anyway at the that they got parental guys because they're gonna Dick good like the air now. You can use those pieces that you show veterans are gonna help this team. Not inventing. This. Sort of way of thinking here but. Which it with the prospects. I've put out has done what I've I completely for hours and I'll. I completely forgot I was gonna say some thinking right now so I stall and try to come more it would more words now has to say I was gonna say arson I just admit. In the moment that I forgot when I was gonna say and I chose what this is Dora the standing music. Because barely else the NL central standings he's. All right the end of this National League central division standings with a Al they're gonna say probably a bison tiger. All those Milwaukee Brewers vanished on first place the got a game I have to leave it. On the cubs Seattle's seven out and nobody gives them up though the two teams this native Pittsburgh the best part about it gonna say was it wasn't even like. And I. I don't know I completely don't on its gonna say with some real prospects and then getting here. And Matt. I don't know let's take a phone call 7991250. While that's I completely out is gonna say you know we don't wind awards in Wisconsin brought kissel seasons for segments like you know we tellem that we were off on July 11 and do not listen to that show at all chuck and I weren't here yes so they don't have the Intel should do the show. Now than two. Johnson tell so it's John. What does that. Hour and don't I'm not opposed letting burn which follows up with. I want all its own. Arm I'd really like from the well. Nor are there in regard. You have to vote or you on the control. Our and the art yeah. You know put it out among what it would and hope for. Eat constantly. Are you didn't want bill and I don't think there was hope for him. It isn't it unfurled somebody else or in the dark it got outlining our sincere and goal against these. The pop wanting to look for you to go you know general you have got to. On a follow on order yelled that it can match then what poll finds the couldn't even hear it over the so too are all forms are that you aren't getting our government and now. If you look jumpers. That are written Knuble. Arguing your starters or bargaining. That reflect our current normal you know. Boy I think you are evicted Gergen include Britain I mean that's just not a throw in for them that's a big piece because they can tree that they use that they wanted to bolster. Consider a gulag idea. Walter left lots of incidents where. Or report thought it was a good work respect and Acapulco in there and so Orioles were willing. In addition. It Republican what growers are responding. I think that that a little bit with regards well war flop classical yet another about it yet. And the one I think. Apparently didn't order a vote of Britain looks doubtful. It Knuble there hasn't picked out yet that. It is so that is central government of mineral and energy but that all of that report but I don't know. I want Britain involved with a Islam is marketed to rebels. I want a target you're probably yeah. Well here's here's the problem syndicate Elsevier has been hurt right. Yes. Most on him but you to all severe has been hurt he's been out since may got to the finger issue. So easy isn't it since like Memorial Day weekend. He's been out peaceful speaker rehab start by. Pomp and miceli has a rotator cuff forces Sorrell Warner has a finger it's extremely given his right index finger. Sold. He was pitching well before that. And we Illinois histories is great. But you just have you just knew we would hope that this injury wouldn't bother via trade this year. Print anymore actually. 4047991250. I wanna look more into it potential deal and one of the about some occurred with Orioles inverse coming out. If you were so both guys have behind you would say okay which one this. Heater which one is Cindy are all heroes left him there. That's why we were awards yes nodding my. For getting out of my annoyance to a wars from being able to tell. The difference from behind who Cindy Garcia and caterers who are both got long hair chuck being able to determine. Which guys which from behind yes that's how we went a long hair. It lefty won his lefty won as a right as anyone and all the guys look like. Offered for free. From behind. Yes. John we're going into one. Check Freeman. Let me tell you about something else I will not forget or space sour or. Not you all remember what I was gonna say when it 'cause of the guys that international autos. Hyundai and there's two great locations. And there's one if you guys live on the south side a little closer downtown Milwaukee. Your fifteen minutes away. From Hyundai Greenfield these guys are located on south 27 street. Just north of college avenue and they've got a whole new management team and they're ready to get the job done for you Lou and neck with more than. Forty years in the car business combined you have to be doing something right. If that's the case they're committed to giving you the award winning customer service that you deserve. That international autos Hyundai. Is all about to prove that they appreciate you. If you mention that you heard me talking about them. Get 500 bucks off any new or used vehicle in the market for vehicle may be a Hyundai may be something else but if you're in the market for vehicle. Strongly consider the different Hyundai is that they have I just picked up a Sana for us senate based sports two months ago. I love of the dashboard of the driving ability I guess I'd like smooth I just love everything about it it's a great car. And Hyundai makes great vehicles. Now you can get five dollars off that purchase all you have to do is say air Bartok and about 500 dollars off a new or used vehicle. Plus have you got that betrayed and an extra 500 dollars off when you mention my name as well sell. Don't just go there because you heard it go there and say you averted and then you'll get all these savings. A friend that Hyundai Greenfield they know there's some choices when it comes of buying a car. And they wanna show you why you should buy from them at eleven or seen her downtown Milwaukee years somewhere on the south side. It just fifteen minutes away go see my friends and Hyundai Greenfield make sure you tellem. That parts. Served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is I'm borrowing for that Jeff Freeman. I just want to do. I know OK we brought up your second wedding before you know it wasn't. That didn't work so no six wanna. It's a personal best is because all the people wind fights that showed that and give their time on Memorial Day weekend and and I feel like a waste every Stein we wiest every time they at least they have something to do work well so they've done all of us. All dot as a Memorial Day weekend at all it was nice outside here doesn't it do I think the whole I don't think. Public it was that I don't think it looked at the oh look at that way. We had a wedding in New Year's Day and people would personally take away New Year's Eve from people know her giving themselves they sure do and it's free booze yeah. I don't know but I am looking and I looked at like well okay. It was a wasted everybody's time now haven't yet we did we Jack otherwise they would have gone a crappy restaurant and I'm gonna crappy content vote. They don't have friends with the ball and I don't rent one for a stupid part that's all the but I enjoy my wedding now why I would recommend. No 1000 of our idea amid and you want do that so I take myself back to my wedding and one of the things that my wife and I we're told is. The day's gonna go by fast so in the moment make sure you take some time. To. It's kind of stepped away and and and talk to each other a little bit and say it is old tried it. Try to step away at a very fast very busy day take a step back and let I'm slowdown and appreciate everything that's going out appreciated your round. Family and friends and they welcome here to celebrate you guys. And it's a great day so first of all you should do that at your wedding. At some point. They wish to do that. Right now for the brewers. I think that we're talking about these trades and we're talking. We're talking about trading for many in the China we're talking about trade referred Jacob the ground in no listen at guard and years past. We be talking about. Boy can we get anything for. Blaine Boyer possibly getting him or her praises Ramirez her tricks trader at things now we're on the other side of that and here at game and a half up in the NL central. After a year or you're five and a half games up at the break and you're still competing with the team that a lot of people think is going to do very well in the Chicago Cubs. And I am one of them but we should. We should take a step back from time to time and think. This is fine this is way better than the alternative we are talking and debating and having a real discussions archery for any which suicide about the soul. The brewers have had like this have a horrible all the history but three of the last five years they've actually been the first police's time of the year. I don't isn't out fourteen career I mean though not a joke foreign but fourteen near in the first place. A western course publisher to so they've actually been in first place. But they were really. Let ball let me relate to cigars you chuck framing your love life man I sure. While they look at your first. If if you want me to stop doing so O'Donnell. I don't care let me a look at your first letting us Tony fourteen. First marriages Tony fourteen 1997. Kate that 12014 per season now your second marriage was Tony seventeen. Now if you're to get married again which was two when he. When Cambodia interviewer to get married again and once you wanna make sure you did things differently than your first two marriages to make sure your third one. Turned out different. So that's I think the brewers should tell you look back at those two years when he didn't go trade for somebody. And trade for somebody this year and I do think I do think there every intention. I trading for not one but maybe multiple guys in multiple deals and I do think the brewers are targeted well. They probably another few results for it would Mets the deaths of late anybody would. That armor position Mets have been playing so bad but child all the Mets are terrible god one of these 1819 games on the 500 mark they started out eleven and two down. A two to a third member is that I like to read his league managers seems like Nebraska right Micky what's his face. But. They're getting heat because they're not. Mets fans wanted to search is playing the younger guys right now. And there are still plot and Jose Reyes out there bill and I after you know of their though Jose they didn't want to Jose Reyes back a couple of years go another can't with the reform. So I look at the Orioles here you look at the other terrible team now that we took a step back let's go dive right back into you look at the Orioles. And if you're David Stern's near singer and I want many much shot all I know he's a rental. What are you want Muriel saint Corbin burns. At that point if you're David Stern's you can make the argument hey I've got the better trade chip here you guys are getting a pitcher that you are gonna have for six years. OK you'll adjust catered oh Barry you're the team that drafted you want another pitcher you on a nice young prospect I've got the guy for you so throwing an. Zach Britton I mean Dave answers to make that argument throwing a guy like Dylan Bundy he's having interest in years some starts are really really good even complete. A month ago fourteen gains against the white sacks and starts are not so good but he's under team control for a long time you I think if you're David Stern's. Specifically if you're gonna look at Corbin Bernsen Manny Machado. You have to look at that from Stern's point of view like I've got I've got the piece here if you wanna give me much shadow I mentally ill and need a little more I think you can make that are. You could do this make this argument hey you don't you're paying animate channel. What good is that gonna do you because you just sunny and at the end of the year anyway you're look at the deal him so shouldn't the brewers beat. In a position a tall order now the Orioles and he was what you're trying to say because the orioles' big dark did they have to sell him. They want to get the pieces back okay so with her but he's so well. Screw it we don't need June we don't you but shuttle. Well Orioles be forced to keep Mecca for the rest of the season and I think the personal do though want to give themselves a big piece. And then go make some other. Like. They'll treat somebody from single way to get don't sure someone might definitely knows a guy who's gonna help the team. He knew a couple of I think they need a couple of veterans. Were going to help this team in spirit as role players on this team do. I agree. With you. All the way on most of this you stall tactic Tim Allen a wrap of the shows and for bill today or baseball post game show host and a watery this tweet about staying the course. Because I judges do not think that is the right move to not think it is and you know the brewers yeah. We'll talk about a struggling carrier on the fact. Served up by Americans from the Brian Stratton college Atlantic studios. I'm borrowing though that's check Freeman Tim Allen in for bill today tended to by now so he pops in with us chuck and barred tape BSC. Wind cooler thank you. I've envoys are good L arm you don't Eric that I would argue few things but it did her thing loses the commissioner things off the your second. You know he's hitting like him too mid to fifties now but I feel like is Eric should be better than that I've I've been done on him I don't like him in the leadoff spot. But a Philippines Manny has come around and ease of some he's the big hits for these guys this year. Ernie gamer round mound that's that's stories that here he's he's he's gotten some productive at bats as a light surely does and you know that's that's a good sign. You talk about role players and in this. System right now in the role players are salad dean own Brad Miller and aircrafts were there this gal so's in the Chris Iannetta is and you know those types of guys just got these and you you're gonna have to Neil Walker's you're gonna have to pick that up a little bit. I think. I don't know how long this can lass with your is single line of last century dead. A lot from five on down. The brewers lineup yes I mean a five last enough Zambia and Dino was fifth down Moehler then Broxton then crafts and and your pitcher's spot I don't know how they got it on the board but they did it big. I get the Skechers spot figured out man many I don't know Leo he's I was disabled list now but that's with a low Kimmel arrests but man this catcher's spot. Chris can't hit. You all right buckle in for some conversation I heard you guys take your caller Steve and I don't mean to call Steve I'll share a guy. Steve's good dude I think of we've talked him before you guys have to. He said. That much shot though is not enough to win the World Series hole I agree with them okay. Then go be a seller that Bart go be a seller instead of a buyer if. That doesn't push you over the top the what are we doing here at all but what Aziz why don't use cell and stack for next year that not a now. I wanna World Series this year in a position this year so what I was saying earlier to. And this tweet here from IndyCar he says am I the only one of the things don't fix what ain't broke Steven Slater chemistry current and future assets. A right well we didn't fix what wasn't broken Tony fourteen and broke it fix it wasn't broken 2017 it broke. I feel like they've got a team that can win the World Series with a couple pieces so do it this year but if you're trade government shot well. That's not gonna be the only trade if they each record numbers are many much Otto. I think you get expect to seek testing here in a deal for ace pitcher I really do if they trade corps members from any which out on the next ten days. You better say good bye to cast an era because you're not trading for Manny Machado unless you are truly going for it. There's some settlement out there that they say no matter what the brewers do. They're not gonna beat the Red Sox and the Yankees are the Astros in the world that is stupid that's the deal way to tell he can't think they'll win baseball he could MBA you might deal think that they've not Philadelphia Eagles will be the New England Patriots gun not big but in baseball though. You know while thirteen to the World Series which is this team does much much auto improve the space faults in purses of course he does then do it but we visit which over the top no. Our team gets its family or I don't and I don't really understand where. Coming I think the team right now is good enough to win the World Series I don't buyers or sellers well that just be a cells that is selling stack for next year that Elvis without succumbing. You and now I'm so confused why you're the one thing that knoller on combatting that argument. If you believe that they won't win the world's World Series a matter what they do than just sell. Then since your argument be to sell. I understand but their team is good do you think the team is good enough to win the World Series I thought this guy. You're reed now a national I agree this team without a trade not good enough to win the division I guess it does a here's what I don't understand is why people like I was tone part earlier today. As I was a quick trip yesterday didn't gasoline guy comes that the reasons why one million against the pitching they really meets the pitch until the results. There's a mic while they're at the brewers need are are not good pitching wise they are good pitching wise the perception what are they gotta do what the pitching staff got to do I don't know that and it does (%expletive) them off to. That they don't get the respect that they deserve they got him pitcher whites are and then use it as motivation. The pitching line just just don't just dom dom dom. You got a team that's good enough to get to this point. And you're in a very good position so now do what you need to do. To make sure you finish the job so I I don't think I think they need to make a trade to win the division had an interview. It's gonna go back and forth and embark Alam and I'm not being negative here and anyway I'd do think that the cubs are very good baseball team and this will go back and forth by the body all star break. Buckle in fans it couldn't it could happen that the cubs are in first I just don't want to relinquish that lead to them and did have to chase them like last year and three. Three game difference between the two game and a half two games is gonna go back and forth this is a bowl last guys aren't really a lot of fun I Chris France given that he's gonna rejoined the team the San Francisco the cubs I hope he continues to struggle. Because I mean they don't need him to gunfire. Razzle they don't need him get on fire either now. Od Tim Allen and for bill today tended to 10 o'clock I believe we get another update on who's leading in the fan voting. According to the brewers so we should be getting another update here raises that you are in first so hopefully when that came out last night. Other teams were motivated. And rally behind and so hopefully reducing haze is a device that will go official at three but I think there is another update. At 10 o'clock also. We're trying to get the name constable Corbin burns going or can you help us with that. Constable Corbin yet there's a arrest solar. I feel like this is too much back story for nickname but there's a wrestler bear in orbit. Who is the constable. In the daddy got you the loan Amman and it raw so Gerri to regain yesterday to call Corbin burns. The constable. Put a pull up to people like that. Most people don't look and he's only need here because any bulls who are watching wrestling right now. Which yeah it actually brawl was the lowest rated right I believe ever you know bill would swords that's one. Who George. George Burns. George Burns coach told them throwing one you go with C Montgomery Burns. For the Simpsons. That's true mr. Byrne easy burns orbit burns he has seen burns latest edition of the all 420 team according to the post. Game show. Corbin burns. Early adversity all of this yet all right so alarmed. This this idea of treating and giving many the shuttle and the Orioles apparently want corporate burns would you. If the brewers would you say okay. On his owners return if fungal burns I want somebody else outside of my job so someone with much of veteran or minor league. Economic could be without Britain for another rental or like Dylan Bundy he's got years of control. I would prefer Monday. That was think Stearns weirdest time of this I think Stearns. Can make the argument I'm in the position of power. I have the long term NASA now you have a guy you have to trade he's not gonna sign and you give me anymore. Is this Yasser robbed and that the stock dropping on much auto as the days go by not with the City Hall honestly had two home runs I know is on his stock is their man does he. Summer is gonna take small ball a stance and they could be just wait to get the best possible deal Vegas says though the front runner the brewers to get much out Tim Allen in for bill next thought Jerry Augustine and 1106 stay tuned for that. We're back tomorrow at six we'll see if page uses an end. If we haven't shot Ali act which shot a lots strong chuck and went on the.