9am - AskCW, Packers Training Camp update, What we missed

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, August 15th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart answered questions from listeners during AskCW. Plus, they were joined by Mike Clemens who shared an update from Packers training camp.

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Do you have any questions you may sending your questions in old. In for chuck Finley blurred. And for some answers just answered a question please. This is ask chuck can we learn every day yeah all sports Radio One 057. Sam what's the sand. Chuck Wexler served up by Perkins 9 o'clock hour we'll talk to Mike Clements Doug some green and gold. David Caplan growling at the Milwaukee audience. We'll talk to him brewers cubs covers the cubs own Chicago. And we like to talk to these Chicago wins saucy during the series with the brewers when yesterday. Seven nothing more on that a little bit later on the right now we've got some. Questions to answer questions from you guys it's asking shockingly clear any thing and Cody grants to our game show host of the moment. Erodes the public on guys who nice job today Q let's go to brewer fan here on Twitter what is your favorite place the visits in the state of Wisconsin. What's the my fear means like sports wise anywhere just anywhere. Replaced ago albeit golf course. To be Lambeau Field. We door county other article on to clerk. Two in Oakland with the cal is their right and I like to one make a trip to do Claire and I do like make it to the blue queried sites seal where. I'm gonna sail across them in mind is the exact same way went to college in the cross worked in lacrosse at the beautiful area I wish it wasn't so far away. You know it's three hours a month you know and I've said this you can accidentally get the Madison like something comes up for you accidentally wind up in Green Bay. Maybe you lost saw there's nothing on my calendar ever any years that says go to a cross and also forced myself to go to across yeah is not a way to soul far. You know it's by Minnesota it's not I'm Michael Clair is on the way to Minneapolis of you go to Minneapolis if you want a packer game of their whenever twin twins yeah. But I mean oh there is little on the way but not as much is crossed. Out lacrosse. Too far which is its once it once you get that its charm it's. You know sort of this majestic island I would say. I've probably been the lacrosse movie five times in my life knowledge is that are down Y notice but it goes their but it's like I've never really had a reason go to either right or an overall they're three times that number had a reason probably go. Now Cody. But are now. You want to know if you would rather swim with sharks 4000 dollars now or. Where bears Jersey to the station for a whole week on the river burst sure. I don't wanna swimmers sharks and muscled and usually you can win money that way. I don't wanna swim in the ocean I would spend thousands of swimmers sharks you wont gas out you know like a shark diving cages like to go down low. Yeah I'm Janet whites and I want it all I don't know I don't wanna be the walk away when those guys are in the cage yeah I don't want to the table books not that it must hold knows I don't think not a one on one occasion water. No way GAAP. Well why I didn't milieu for a thrill seeker code didn't talk about this I have already told you this we've done this before we had just never station. I don't want to he's gotten sick I don't wanna go bungee jumping by wanna go some of the sharks' zone how we've never had that can result. We have not mean you know anyone in multiple ways of Lake Michigan. Which of his socialist swim across you don't Deke then the and I really like to get a bath a at Arlington police estimate standing in Asia Africa and ice coating the thrill seeker I guess I'd rather where the bears shirt to put an ice bears shirt on than actually jealous well I. Why the fat just looks at the good looking sure I'm afraid you look at. Fabric looks good right Tony Willie the logo and team name is laid outlets like roads roads this when you're there should around us that it. I'll come on man alone now all I'm not a whole a whole lot brewer span. I got a very yes I do it your box and tube but I you know I don't wanna see the barest of room here sorry man. Don't wanna see I don't like it. Cody comfortable. And like you want ability he wants to know which NFC teams the you have making the playoffs this season. Minnesota that's it the viking anti backers of the vikings flight from the crown. Division crown and the vikings will be wild card. Do you want the hole and FC yes. Sixteens. You get to the hole and see what residency nor they'll just and it's all all all all I'm sorry. Jesus. I'm gonna say we're gonna have it the way that we do our predictions in about a month. I'd adults they'd out of the NFC north this is this 2000 device he's in the bankers are amen to tell you that it's just going to be the Packers may be the bears. No it won't be the bears prominent trash on the vikings again all season. So get ready for that code. KJ is asking if the Packers did Khalil Mac moon do they go to the Super Bowl all. Yeah right and every stays healthy yeah. I'd say Somalia so trade the pick they usually a Mac there's no reason why he should go to consumable and released him DOC change of game agreement. Yes so then you want coil Max and then give up what it's gonna cost to get well. I don't think you ignited the vote yesterday I don't think you'll take 21 round picks gives you don't it doesn't cost to get much. Otherwise they would have on the deal note here from unit Brian good because when listen okay I'll take. 21 round picks to get the Super Bowl course. Good note here from Zach crews who writes that the Packers wire. Said on people saying would the Packers be willing to sign Khalil match to a mega deal before Aaron Rodgers. Crews reminds us that on April 17. Of 2013. The Packers made Clay Matthews the third highest paid defensive player ten days later. They made Rogers the highest paid player ever mom so if the argument is well you can't have our highly paid defensive guy and I highly paid cornerback. I DK and the Packers have done it. Yeah but they have possible bowl because of a mate. I don't know I decide these the they've been deficient the few areas because of that people it's not your money. The most difficult no bar to not a desirable money it's bought the summer camp. Fitting all these guys in the cellar if I don't think the money makes a difference it's the South America. I just think when you have a chance to get to an elite player you spend money from the Packers have the money. So then go get them. Well I think that they don't want it's been. I think you're you're due to include Newman's been to draft picks 21 round picks and I can do that Cody. Alex he wants and no home. If Christian would it will make the bucks roster. If Christian would summer league standout they of officially are signing him according to shams. It's also acting up too many guys in the roster right now they do so Condit guy. The IIIE. You know summer league I'd probably watch it more than I should but I don't do it and Christian what was. By far the best player on the team in case I would absolutely love him to make the roster and maybe he does. I don't know tear he's coming back Jason Terry we haven't heard what he says he wants to do well we haven't heard the bauxite and now telling you wanted to come back. You know we're telling. We I don't know I don't know why tell the stock of the day don't plutonium they wanna go under the direction I don't. I've heard they might have even hired at Kelly's replacement. Warrick yes. Do you know who I don't know the person. When I heard that they may have done that earlier too. Is it someone that we don't know I don't know the name burst provides some of the person's name I just heard that they may have already highlighted. They were hired a person is it you. Know. I'm shocked Freeman here at halftime with just brought camera itself. Oh. Dustin has a hypothetical here who would be more successful. All Chris with the Packers for a Mike McCarthy would the badgers. Bob. Well. But I can't say he can't coach carmakers not Roger Simon say Crist on the Packers. All our secrets. Receipt of though coaching staff Saddam emerges the head coach pat doesn't manner. Well the Packers have a good of who I like the defensive corps all right then the whole staff yeah so Jim Leonard is now actor I'd say the man might seek his hand on the bad security and if they hadn't known. We have seen him as a defensive coordinator resells them. Cigarette. Next Jim Watson all would you rather go to the box home opener. Or a brewers' playoff game. All of old poor playoff game. Because going to the Bork's home opener right and goaded have been going time I want that new arena. But we'll playoff game seemed on one hand the number of games. You can go in the last thirty years since the Miller Park or in Milwaukee period. I'm not I feel like the Bucs home opener I think there's a lot of people that only got into the home opener we gotta get there we gotta get there. Yeah I think that whatever you experience that night you're going to be you'll find that atmosphere in January or February or there even is a difference. It's going to be marginal I thought opening night at Miller Park is pretty cool. With the president throwing out the first pitch and all that it just was a kind of a cool night. But I mean you know we're gonna see the new place a week from Sunday evening of the open house. I can't go or you go on yeah probably match him off at Verona brilliant first and then maybe afterwards. We'll still be running myself now Lotta times that things shuts down by every time the bucks have those daylong event you got a global four. I would now there are you know if leadership Madonna and the birdies he'd done around four. Did you get over the back to 530 others is now with six of I don't now but everything door of their temples blocks have not talked a lot about the open how so I have no idea what's going on I thought I was going to six months now I would I would gulping for us. Image before because you're gonna see you're gonna see people certain chair down ten budget like oracle but if you go before it might be more proud. But there will be stuff to do there what there's always a guy wants a first person and air it out Paul Henning. I don't know how many promised somehow get done there that's not at all. All of the manner regarding royal was wired shoe wow Portugal. Our family staff of the up and fondle. My dad's going to be in the final colonel hall of fame the night before content and then Sunday is my brother's birth date men and soared during the big thing and the whole Fam is going to be together for like the first time in a while there's gonna be do insurer. We've got to set the coordination and the ladies Wear yellow and why two guys were black gray offense this outfit sells through competent that we wanna go to brunch and apparently a place that brought my brother wants to go for brunch as Buffalo Wild Wings. So be the first ever bronze in history at a buffalo wild and they have buffalo while we brunch this I don't know industry's goal and eleven and it's called Jesus gave open so I can't make it. If we live good chances. I know where I'd rather go to brunch there's not one in final salary Perkins. Markets which a little surprise. They could use one. Pat I'll open it right in the you know front and drove there. Yeah I get Perkins back up and fund that's all we need. Op Perkins there they are all over the all the Milwaukee area. And today you can check out a meal and they get another meal on top of that the second offer free as a violent on Wednesday at Perkins. Join the the buy one get one Wednesday still few more weeks to savor your summer it is. It is slipping away at sunset will not go after 8 o'clock anymore until I think April or early may. So Summers slipping away he can hang on of that with the savor your summer menu at Perkins savoring sweet choices. Like to hand battered buttermilk fried chicken. The bacon out of kind of hash from Benedict the chipotle chicken skillet. And more that is at your friendly local neighborhood. Perkins toxin Packers we'll talk care Rogers and where he may be playing how much she may may be playing. On Thursday night how much these other quarterbacks should be playing and down microns is gonna have to be are deciding vote on. The Von house. Because they're Naylor thinks he won't make the roster Michael Cohen says he will some might Clemens will be are the signing bonus now on we talked to him next on the fans. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training temple tapes rescinded by Robert peck diamonds. Mike Clemens reports from title town. Only on 1057. FM the fan. I don't feel like when you make a statement like that to their needs to be. You know some big response or you know feelings curve. Offense that somebody takes whether. If they do they've taken the wrong way because this is a professional environment and I'm an invite us and I'm doing things. Then I feel like investments in a team from leadership standpoint and if no one else is gonna stand up and criticize bad practice. And maybe I need to do don't do. Okay from what he said there it sounds like he was sending a message but earlier. He said he wasn't. But not there and we sent the message they got it let's all move on chuck and like their from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios like Clemens. Joining us from Green Bay on the agreement West Bank outline LO Mikey I might. Up are quite over yet. Always always a success it's exit out there are no major success yes we missed yet. It was hot out there right. While noises and so is not six hours of law. Golf but dumb Michaels one he shot 38 under par at it it it ripped. Mark and only show ignited an are you speaking of delete. Right after the out heed that though woody woody shot and even the highlights but that was a good time had you ever been or you've always been a training camp. Hour here now now. No one of these times. Aaron Rodgers Colin as teammates or is wide receivers last week and he talked to one a little bit. Earlier this week about that he just wants to win are you on board with what he did it. All this. Well do you think he's a diva. Your listeners think that he's I mean I there's a lot of negative comment about Eric Aaron Rodgers. Who's you know what happened your team when he was down last year you were our role our buddies playing his best football ever. Last September. For the vikings game and you know it. But yet it up seven and nine and a half the coaches want their jobs because of the because they didn't have read probably ready. And they couldn't fix the problems. In the middle of seasoned try and you know hang on to a better spot and get into the playoffs and so that's a for the first pick yours. The fact is that number one Aaron Rodgers is not a vocal leader. He's the first it would bid it. It was Charles Woodson who gave the White House speech and not Aaron Rodgers when they went to the Super Bowl. But he does feel he's got to be vocal and step up they they called. This isn't like he's just talk in the media and not approaching some of these young players and say what's going on you know he slammed the football on the ground and and and school would guide them and let they've been on he's got dropped a few CDs I've heard in the huddle he goes to position coaches. And it's not like he is not a upon rallies he Cooley as he's Aaron Rodgers he's in his fourteenth season. And they're really Smart guy and Smart football player. And he'd want to see effort got a guy grabbed his job get through this coaches would make. It excuse this war some other rookie receivers of the younger players they want. They've never gone through this kind of a practice they just out of college in the last three years well not that effort is effort and we're so limited in you know the thing is these players. Didn't want it go through two days and get beat up through their collective bargaining agreement but now. You're looking at the C can you get three games and treat practices conflict what. Are you kidding me that's although I doubt left trying to get ready to try and beat two division opponents the bears. And the vikings' week one week to folders there's a little bit up and there that I you know I knew that you guys he'd be familiar. But you go around a lot. He left a brand new pair of lies in your four months. In. Tim Boyle the quarterback whoever won sixteen point seven quarterback rating and touchdown until the night against the titans I could have. What the likely Aaron Rodgers and the quarterback. It's unreal here I always knew he was you know the best in the NFL. But when you get here you see it in person how we cross assists things and how we physically does things it's on a whole other level and I thought so it's. Honestly can't put into words he's he's he's he's a different planet here is that we asked the other day culture first touchdown pass he said fourth game. 2005 against the titans his recall from all the years you only have this happen in 2007 against the dolphins and I was you know twelve years ago he go look it up if you think he's pulling your leg. It recalled that there's gaps or. He's he's very bright and policy very physically gifted. We'll assault late night we'll see Aaron Rodgers at least a little bit tomorrow night and then the shot Kaiser Brett Conley obviously they need some time. With Tim Boyle did this even have a realistic shot at the rosters see just a body right. You know. I everybody was excited about the way he looked and and and now frankly we are spending more time paying attention to because under the lights he performed really well. I asked McCartney about that it doesn't look simple Kaiser and boil it it's good things the other night but they have a long ways to go. When you know the way you play quarterback Mike McCarthy. And that's why I also think that this whole thing does it get rid of the various Randall by the way to watch and pardon. I definitely that guy is doing things where he's. He's I'd make it jokes and Hugh Jackson head coach is coming over there and get their attention your coach over here that's exactly there he's going no longer Green Bay. But I think that they really think life like Kaiser as an athlete it's only point two years old. It's gonna take them a year to get his footwork and although vote and elect as he. Done McCartney says you know. I just let them play at all it's. Scream at them about what work and that technique stuff that we like in the McCarthy quarterback school. One other plane right now they're they're just trying to get the plays down and ordered go with a football. But it takes a you know it'll take them a year so I think it's humbling because even known entities have to get get through in case. A Rodgers would go down again for a quarter half first. God forbid a couple of games. And and they got to keep guys are on the roster that to teach him let's. Somebody gets hurt in Oprah telling the whole crease he's and one tie with a ankle injury. Or. Is something else is or kimbo displays. You know I was mind. ID you know another thing most of these teams in the NFL they've elected feed their quarterback's face an average quarterback like a delicate Robiskie and Chicago's war working his way up. They want peace 75 snaps in the pregame. Both I think writers only had like 25 or 26 left Gillette because he's here Rogers. But that we can't talk to Mike McCarthy about this yesterday. I said. You know when it comes to deciding what work you wanna see Rodgers do and I think this result depending on whether the left tackle David backyard. Back from the include retailing Knight can start protector and writers of the backup tackle they've got right now is a problem. I asked McCarthy. About the work that you're getting the Rogers and it preceded how many stamps to feed vs what should get done. Practice and leave that. They're just one thing it's not decided when do. You know we are just absorb things more raw elements would we wanna get done on the practice field as opposed so. All the pre season games on me so we've we've we've made locker room saying we're mailroom was different as you were. Other people what would we pull all of a lot of credence to what we give them on the practice most of those were important padded practices. In her laid out on the floor port practices. On for a reason. For withdrawals happening. What time it signals. Coming your back training camp I'm in this training camp schedule. The structural not complete the third that very careful before we couldn't for Friday and made pretty much every year. Because you know from that point on the corners. Assistant coaches me which we're working on training camp. It's almost import prices of year so we're you know through May through June and then you don't just scripting over summer comeback and both were gonna step forced organ that's what you put the time into them because. And you have to get it done and those private practices to solution for a total was half as many as you used to have an old soul. You have to hit the target there in. Pre season games is a movement for governor also mentioned that ultimate football thing factors and how you play guys so beat you. We've put upon a time and energy into pill into into those products. Getting Mercedes Lewis Jimmy Graham. Stole the headlines I think Lewis is kind of an unheralded move what is Siegel an at this team. Was a blocking back but you know he can he made a one handed catch on the sidelines to the other night. And damning nine. Isn't that the veteran and I think he's got a little bit of a chip on the show he does understand what kisses the jaguars got done we got good. That he didn't get brought back. But we were talking to him about how he Billy sitting in the offense. And he brought up. What would dislike work on Rogers by himself nobody ask them this is what he said about oracle and Aaron Rodgers. He's on the dissident was planning a buzz so and a thing. The most underrated anybody loses his attitude has Ezra to. Whoever doing would've in the morning attitude and effort. Is it to most things you can control of credit and that's party processing room that looks like he does a great job of that is just a good dude in general so you wore during his goose. My comments covering training camp from Green Day reports all day long here on the fan Mike before we let you go you have to be the tiebreaker. Putting together our roster. Erin Naylor says Knoll and Michael Cohen has said yes the guys we talked to when it comes to divine how is it fell make the team how is he looking and really be on the 53. Really. Nicholas said about outrigger cuts. Here. Well I know right I thought it was that bad game the other night is okay actually to make some coverages. Peaceful peaceful little bit slower but it experience. Here's the problem you know Kevin king and they want him to be the starter but he. Not that another injured shoulder. And you will that mean that really raises questions because of the the other shoulder lecture popped out a dozen times during the season he had to have surgery. Seasons fall and break him a question mark. Josh Jackson. Is it really flashed now in the last two weeks he really came on family night authority had a pretty good night. Against the titans. And also he's also party got that looks like they're gonna run him as a Gunner on the kickoff. And I talked around looking he'd like what he saw there so. You know we used to make it first team special teams in your rookie year. You know one of these undrafted player just a really good cyber I I still think that there they would that full right now where there that help except. I think houses though that'd be their next jagr Alexander. The number one pick is is an outstanding player will lose all the field quickened really. Smart really is coordinated. Gifted talented gifted at a big personality. It could be a political point of entry but I honestly fighting is going to be the star that he would be a better guy. And the nickel or dime packages plane Nichols. He usually over the slot guy so I guess I just think that that's the way it would lineup I would think that would be device would be right behind Kevin King if he's healthy. As the number two corner on that side. Mike appreciate it will time again not next week and we look forward to more reports one I Smart. My Clemens joining us on the great midwest bank hotline start your renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval. From great midwest bank dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans to those right here in our community since nineteen. Thirty eyes wanna tell you about Harry's raisers were new customers. 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Millions of guys who've already switched on Ares that count today use code bark at check out to claim your offer. I'm David Caplan we have them on the show from time to time. NBC sports Chicago. He's got a radio show down there. EI. Would we talk to any riles people up that that is not. Anything out of the ordinary weather conversation with him today in here's some of that coming up next the. Don't fight Perkins on the Brian strait college athletics studios. David Caplan we love having him on radio TV down in Chicago. Especially when the brewers and cubs Jack and he said something that riled a lot of you guys up today. As quoted on our Twitter account at 1057 FM the fan. Cab said I think it's an embarrassment. Hey you guys the brewers with a good farm system a Smart GM didn't go out and make a move to get another hour. I think your team could make a run in the playoffs I really really do but it's an embarrassment. At the brewers don't get that arm and a lot of these guys have been responding well who are they supposed to get. Chuck Freeman the voice of the people. Took care of that for you there wasn't any one guy may be due drama only to use available commence. What do darker darker I didn't see him as that guy. I I I I just didn't see him as that guy who is going to be I mean. Maybe years to come what I mean he's is he the kind of guy here's a guy has he pitched in some big games so. He had not he really has enough but it did a great division and he's helped yet. I know that it had a relationship whether you can create a cult utterly layer security year. Several years ago I and the studio. And it just so they want to be certain people baker kept it. He's got yet he's got it back here and not interviewed like you've got a billion aptly. It is not it excrement. Like electrical or better with this guy or the rocket accidentally. I didn't interview them and every hour we talked it. Well he's he's just that not an act well while the cougar don't get that guy with their up and they're ability there are certain. I would like edit the and said he put Pittsburgh they paid you right under target people of Pittsburgh and I all the water out. You would call it we are all of them act every got all the local. So they loved it because it'll player in it right they are great jeopardy. That report they're number one a year ago what we're back Geithner. I can't believe that the Milwaukee Brewers will have a that it got the right there. Take it with the World Series certainty yet they're so rarely get the and they could not or. The warm up secret back in order starting pitcher. Gets it be dealt are easier so there Wrigley a year ago. Group you repeat okay. Okay. Blacks yet believe you can add another. David Kaplan joining us here on the fans follow him on tour at the cap man. I think what what has happened with David Sterns. Is I think the last two seasons. They have the brewers have. All played their expectations. Not just for like fans and across baseball but for David Stern's I think he looks at this team and says. And I only got sixty some wins bat and put together that kind of a team and I think that he's. They're waiting for this rebuild that they never gave a target publicly. But I think they they they'd like these guys and maybe they get attached to these guys in the minor league system mean it might have taken Corbin burns or Kasten Hera. Or Lucas or singer Corey ray are one of these names that the brewers just don't want to give up so well the cubs gave up a top prospect. Lash Syria cantata. The brewers. Just don't have that right now it's some poll I bill need to. Overpay a little bit at like the pirates dead. They'll need to go all and they'll need to do that on a guy I just think that David Stern's might get to the edge of the diving board David. And then say don't wanna dive in just yet and it is probably going to cost them opportunities. Because of the cubs keep getting better. You had a what happened last year five and a half you had them a couple games of this year. My fears of brewers fan is we're waiting for something not realizing the opportunities in front of us now. Well it debt are slightly tomorrow Robert. So let me say it quick story acted like I. That they began to go or you either he took over. Great week sit on here later index here adding that he's sick and the cult their role and episode I got. Is it you never let that I could not the darker. The Marlins and there like three days. Bartlett got bigger trouble then they trade him to the man he felt become the field. He's walking tortoise shell out in Golan you know I'll be traded again. And he she had Larry I bet sort of sit there you're straight you're. The final I video you're going to get a cup are already locked greatly it is Eric yet or shall I. Soap up leg side effect of this article say so early you know it belt crew got an extra prospect. Of the bat. And you're ordered New York tray like New York dark. You go to the mat they gave up but yet it was the sixth pick in the draft that was raided reserves of eighty. Never record breaking it and they call up back there it's about putting its catcher they act flying result the other thing that Jack. That you short sweet mellow guy that made it deadly it I yet. The prospects that he'll. I got a call say that is great career York and it cost sort. The rapper got upper gritty here. Rudy go. You're there and a great the Brady got to go to the Alipay because they held under a lot of prospects. You don't know what you're gonna get back over it appears though if you. Effort either hurt their talent they play hard I think it labor here I like your manager. I hit it through the US defeated by the way it's pick your arms that the the all the facts it around block it resort are guys who. They have the there Cole Hamels who. There there it seemed out their that would upgrade your rotation. Your better that you guys realized they needed credit this year that pretty good. Sitting the tourist mode here is that what they did what makes moves really getting the stock is I think they realize I think they'll look at night. They want to improve their offense because they've been dreadful at times offense this year and Italy with getting Soria I think that's an ice pick up always hurt now. On I think that they made some moves off in giving scope. They made some moves it's just that data move you make a move were starter a lot of people want. Right exactly pick a lot yet open whose stock is now in addition. The oak seem. You do not elected people to win it here it's you just don't guard. That. He would bring their sit early period and create edit or seventh inning or sixth inning. They're bringing their I leopard I had any or game that we were basically there are two years ago and promote career at the sixth inning. Brought to Rick to restructure that would ever happen with the regulars. So. I get your team is good. Power it. I liked the way they play the suspect you're starting pitcher will be the chilly feel that great tickets this year. And that's why your team's gonna win the NL central and we'll maybe make the playoffs as a wild card and then Lou I don't know that a dodge. I love the cops go there I got. They made some stakes give it up with big beard for Kara are gonna go without it at all however that the battle back in the Geithner is about. Artillery piece you can go away. Oh lord the credit is the prospect indicated AAA rating actually sit beside. A every night your former users stopped. Yet started here. We do comedy tropic of regret that they're eight and governor Dayton barely get hurt or whatever he's. Now let certain a little bit of great spirit or soul. Not broadly what could earlier this year. He just has a little thing it's. Just there's a character did not let. Offensively. The room wishes and thanks to certificate three hits yesterday. That you. The day and capital corporate some that were there are right now and yet I don't look at their whole lives are at greater burst late great. That's an important game today. Click another bailout younger brother had to had to eat the brewers had a lot and it's into the top. Pick anchor. Or start order a bit up and out so. You go up to date beat Milwaukee. You get out your right side up a lot golf create getter there and apple or seriously. Can't have a great rest of the morning and it terrible afternoon always a pleasure. Yeah. Hendrick. You guys. Well junior Gareth our guys' souls same thing. No matter how low a I was a walk and there are regular Eric what it's not like that there aren't that occurred in the US air edit the radio. You that you're very well. Odd David Caplan thanks so much for the kind words that Foley our listeners felt the same way join us on the great midwest bank hotline will wrap up what we miss coming up. Do not miss out at Perkins where today's a buy one get one Wednesday during the perkins' restaurants that comes where you go to sign up for that club they've got they're great plates menu that's still available and it's always available. Seven days a week from open to close fourteen items. Price from 48 dollars whether it's the homemade meatloaf the big BLT the fabulous five or more check it out. At Perkins will wrap things up bill Michaels up at ten here on the thing. I Perkins restaurant and bakeries mr. Freeman I'm borrowing their bill Michaels up next tended to. Here on the fan we like to cover what we missed in these final minutes we did not miss the brewers lineup yet because they've now put it out yet. That's always. One thing we do is. Read a line up scorecard we can't do that yeah yeah please appoint you as gripped by now. The final results at one point we start depth so what the hell. Maybe that means there's going to be some real crazy. Maybe he's not that he's only got to the locker media maybe aircraft is playing first today where the hell else Cody what do we back cover your roots. Well guys the NBA is expected to welcome franchises owned by the hawks nets lakers and timberwolves. To its NBA two K leak. Kind of a second season making it when he won teams in total okay so we're growing frames doing all the bucks date because every time I checked they lost arm. Item followed at all of don't know like the first night it was real exciting it was on twitch I signed up. For whatever the hell which is then and I still keep getting emails from twitch. Now I'm not paying attention. I've not paid more attention than I would look in the box or tweet. Bucks gaming loses eighty to 42 so we got some pretty crappy game or sports team I think so yeah. We got the craft is the crappy now what else go out our did you SE bed so breasts yes they of course against the brewers beat Jack. Ejected for arguing balls and strikes the home plate umpire Phil cousy and he quoted I just as they said. That's why we want an electronic strike zone on Mattel and how is an idea boss yeah so the right to Leon I want so scorching has the best will give an iso deaths of terrible call for good recipe teed me up. Secure the couple met I'm nobody teed me up. He thought about it turnaround immunity on and they felt real good like a real big boy wonder and apparently to feel them when they do. I'm Ronnie will be in the rest of the week at should be solved then yeah. We'll see on Tuesday. And now they'll Michaels on next ten to two. Here on the fan.