9am - Beer in Wisconsin, Cody is going to Mexico, What we missed?

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, May 16th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the Brewers loss to the D-Backs and wished Cody good luck on his Mexico trip.

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Know chuck can we blurred. The lie is probably had this crazy colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them though. Shocking like where we are served up five per kids restaurant and that bakeries. KJ asked the question everyone knows and loves KJ. KJ is like the most polarizing figure on our whole station house that. Some people like to hear from on the move some people don't that just like everybody on our radio station and a host of KJ essentially works here are some people here are some people like this. KJ is included in that win now when the station wins awards at KJ actually gets a plaque and those people think yeah. But he has the question and asked checkpoint or anything about how we felt. Of followed America. Really focusing on Wisconsin is one of the drug estates in the union. This came out yesterday from the USA today's cities where Americans get the drunk list your top ten as follows and again it's. The highest percentage of adults who drink excessively excessively means a drinks a week or more. Do you do that no mono and had any drinks this week already I don't. So I'm you know whether I if I were bunches of times you set because he come in here and I am I don't know. Obviously that that I never hung over. EM I get to know have an after effect now I don't yell you what you're what you're confusing his alcoholism is violent mood swings. Two separate things that you have got to mood swings if it does not from the booze. To everything it's not Null. Okay now. Don't make me prove it and I party needs is cough medicine. That ten. Drunk kissed city in America is lacrosse on Alaska area of Jake 2.3 point 8% of adults there. Getting hammered all the time college down. Number nine in the entire country. Is a Wausau. I like Wausau but really what is Wausau. There's nothing there what whatever comes loss off. Just Miller Light trucks. And alcohol people passing through one point nine runners I would when I mean I wasn't there's not much to. Others say theme with the rest of these cities Grand Forks. North Dakota is the eighth drunken city in the country nothing else to do there. Missoula Montana all of definitely. Ana is number seven that's the Steve's point of on the west they combine Josh cash in neenah and that's number six you compare those two cities. I don't know amass cash is Tosca shall we have that and but Nina. Is the kind of fluid area yeah and I stresses far from it now now. What's a good comparison. Last cash for the Milwaukee area Nina would be like a Mac line. Are like a locker shop. We like to make one of Sydney a lot of meat is Mac line so what would not what would allow us cash V cash cash. You ask. Cutting Diana I'd say about it yeah per share economy isn't. Bars on every corner that was Scott and urged to view and cutting it out to be no definite you know the fifth drunken city in the country Fargo. North Dakota. The fourth. Madison Wisconsin. Not surprising the third. Appleton Wisconsin. The second. All Claire Wisconsin. Well this. It's surprising a little bit why it's college down yep but I mean. A second drunk guess city manager there. I think it's funny myths of the gifts. Beulah the president of auto Claire the urge to really going out districts. There is water street. Where college kids hang out. And annul their growing downtown area which is two different areas you can walk the ball one but there's two different areas too well. There's a lot of places to go off the maybe that's it that a lot of bars. Well 46% of adults that live in a player get hammered every week they have at least a drinks are if you're top ten again goes ten lacrosse nine Wausau Grand Forks is eight. Missoula Montana seven us cash need a six. Fargo five Madison for Appleton 30 clear number two and the drunk kissed city. In all of America. Where 26 point 5% of adults have at least eight drinks a week. Is the home of your Green Bay Packers Green Bay, Wisconsin. Well the last weekend. The air smells like you know could conduct itself like paper in Green Bay just smells like booze. Boozing championships. It Green Bay there are parts agreement that I really like it is on the parts of just don't all right take away. The Packers agreement to record the the what's the expression the rush gosh boy what they become today but up with smaller scale. They be more like west Dallas. Well west delta cutting here simply cut costs. Yeah they have mated and then they've created. Received. Well. Receiving. I don't know what's the pace do you explain its enemy. Scene is just said the secrecy. Why did they what I don't get this I don't understand. I don't I don't know all. Why did they televise the were seen prompt. What are. Unlike my eighteen or whatever ball I I don't know why it receives Saturday night's Saturday every year they do it every year they did it by timer something. I don't know does anyone know can anyone help at all and you were seen 7991250. And locating receives a. Best restaurants. May get some great Italian restaurants Don Aaron hammer joints and all that. Some Lear I mean just sad to see. Osbourne received actually. To save to see some industry where you from your from like eight of the floating around it seemed we moved former seem to agree yellows nine K I've lived there. Who grew up there but we're seeing arm pub industry shut down there out of out of the of JK said. Lot of places have shut down to receive need to do is drive anywhere in town and see a lot of on a backboard that city just. Said the city. Yeah post prom like televised. At a national why is it such as there MC Missouri Missouri post deserve. Somebody doing the show. Is just raw footage. I don't know I would like someone telling us you're watching. No it's on like this weekend located on Iran and then I just had a a tweet that might revolutionize. Would be the last thing we did. Somebody twins that all morning on my phone and in the way to work I heard laurel oh when I listen on the AM I heard Yani. Sure they junior yeah on us. It is a few weeks he said yeah dad Tyrone Carter died in about pianists now he's like Yani. The artists. The musician. Sure all right mark sooner seem to answer my question thank you market do they televise the problem what's that about. They always tell herb many many years our reasoning is. Probably the most unique prom in the country it's got national attention throughout the years on what's socialism all of the high schools need at one location. And the kids will drive everything from horse drawn carriages to school buses semis everything under the sun. That can be used for transportation has been used to drop off or to drive to the prom they used to be a memorial hall back in the day out effort to all by the lake. Don't they broadcast the lake it's a parade. Yes pretty well pretty much they'll be some spots I think we're built we're not when their kids are leaving. I think they've been done that a couple times but they interview stores did the interview kids while the market and everybody's stressed out. I'm bill shall all the vehicles pulling up outside there's very unique. Vehicles those rules are red carpet. Yet or have they sent the actual dance like kids grinding and each other no no they're not trying to you don't have so not a dog legs parting ways that might Iran armed. On the food at at the first of all day and everybody gets along and just it's it's been this way the Rotary Club puts an arm in the span. Probably over fifty years and that's why it's so pretty. I think it is what is it this weekend MMI itemize assessment overseen. Among I remember right in my assessment of scene and we were scenes got some terrific things the pin him about this is the pressing the Siegel's businesses just closed down. You know it's a guy agree we've lost a lot of business but. Race team in the phenomenal place our restaurants are phenomenal stuff he's got some great hidden gem I could talk about it till tomorrow. Our our beach is one of the top ten beaches in the country year after year we are about fourth of July parade in the country. On there's a lot of great things are freezer was phenomenal. There's a lot of things to become a more mature seeping downtown as rock and right now and growing. New businesses are common in that way so. This is never looked back. My whole life basically been a great season so I've seen some ups and downs but it's it's on the upswing right now and it's a lot of fonts are and there's an integrator racing car. Committee that's doing a lot of a lot of things. Kind of undertone that they're going to be coming up and just really really. We didn't ever tried it and get things going to racing and don't give up on racing that's beautiful great great food. Of all the debt without without the food is is is and what the odds of doing some of the downtown because it for a while you're down I was dying. Now it's come around we'd we'd look at a couple of those restaurants open on main street last week government Betty is diner that's phenomenal there constantly things happen and so. Great place to come out of it and next. I'm not my mom actually draw it out Tom received Red Bull but I rails there with the old rails. Real. That adult bookstore down a road across from the porters. All you know you know vote that broke right right by reporters just pulled off phenomenal restaurant in there's a lot of things happened down there. Yeah a lot artist so this is turning in the swaption jurists that. But Norris is 208 golden that the summertime when they're cute trying to like you're an orderly Obama won the. Just plays the goody Donohue please call thank you mark if the seals on ramp to strive. I mean it is the Thai food there they give you pills capital they give you like there's like fifteen portions. The realize what just happened chairman man yes this was this is your wife for seemed. Yet so. Let me can lag just refresh the populace about how the show's going to thing. Award winning is always hope I threw the more talk about that LS UW Johnny. Well at 6 o'clock this morning we called Sparky because he's out at the I key were you surprised you're that meant it and caught me off guard and nauert. I've ever seen the border in the same thing really Sparky calls that. We're in sweet talk for IKEA was Sparky who one of Tyrone is all right I T out now he got up at 5 AM now Sparky. Got a good 5 AM this day he's that I Keogh right now all you know. We did 34 minutes not any that was the worst five minutes under him we just did five minutes talking about all the restaurants in the eighties and are seen. Probably went too long and at two so ill little. Although paid a fortune good insurance that's a doll that's an unsafe can you are right. I do want to figure this yeah anything. Johnny are you honest. All the and then I wanna do some fun to Craig Counsell faced Zack Greinke yesterday. You know the second time that he ever managed to gain. Was again Zack Greinke. No doubt we will compare and contrast the brewers are now roster now okay. From Craig Counsell second start as a manager at 115 it adds it's hilarious. Do all that next secondly that we are served up by Perkins. Restaurant and bakery is right here on the fan also wanna tell you about the boys. Over ads. International autos the men and women there the whole staff Dan Anthony. Brian might nick Roger Adams and John Dillon DeVon Gary too great locations with the international models one in west Dallas. Right highway 100 if you live in that area. Check out Monday west Dallas on highway 100. If you look closer on the south side. Close to Tony seventh street. Check out Monday Greenfield now you've got Dan over at west Dallas again John Allred Greenfield both of these guys served in the Marine Corps. They run their business. Aid should their sports fans love the station. They love hearing from guys that love the station they love hearing from you so there helping you guys that listen to the station let him know you heard about them on the station. Donation to help you out its may saving these days. Where you can get total savings of the 3750. Or 0% financing for 72 months and if you're a veteran like these guys like Dan like John. Others a veteran discount. An extra 1000 dollar rebate at either store on top of whatever other rebates you may find again if you're a veteran these two guys. Are the guys to meet angry Dan. At down highway 100 on the west Dallas I want 100 and Arthur and then John. Hyundai Greenfield part of the international. On those family two locations Sunday west Dallas highway 100 and Arthur honey Greenfield cell Tony seventh street just north college at tellem. Barred since. Now it's shocking white colors brew crew review brought to you by both burning beer Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer try it your nearest total wind location. And by Blair most king cheese pizza. The ruler of great taste this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Juggling the from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios brewers lose last night. If you stayed up for you aside it was a 21 loss. Eighth inning things got away from now I'm just a one run. Little poker on the right field line. Did the trick Joseph leash has seen the star in this 17 innings he went seven strikeouts is one earned run a Taylor Williams Boone Logan. The bullpen runs into some trouble. Jeremy Jefferson available later on available. And they were gonna go to commanders are committed cable damn point commander combine the fall guy goes 11. Time deal that brought Taylor Williams CN NS situation is the broadest of the spot so far. One outside and one what type bottom of the eighth and maybe walked leadoff guys have Jessica worst thing you do. Walked leadoff guy and that just. Led there was this month demise there than Wimbledon give them the two off base hit in the first had something going a little bit there in the ninth inning but that was that. So let's see how far the brewers have come. And really this team. I don't know if it is even that bad I don't know how they were that bad they should have been that bad I'm Craig Counsell. The second game he ever managed. Was again Zack Greinke when he was a dodger. And they managed last night against the air don't Arizona Diamondbacks in Zack Greinke of course on the page of the former brewers been with the LA now. And Arizona since this time in Milwaukee so what do look compared and contrasted the two rosters. Craig Counsell second game ever. Which is again Zack Greinke may fit Tony fifteen in the Ross series again now. Satterfield now tell me we'd rather have the there might be some tough ones here are not kidding so looters are leadoff guy work your way down. For the most part okay. 'cause really a lot of it's the same art. Satterfield Lorenzo Cain or. Carlos Gomez the runs a team McCain won nothing Tony eighteen. Left field Christian he LH war. Or oral Parra. Mom yell which time it once was guy industry decision wants the brewers to. Give. Horrow like a long term contract beyond yeah that is that why he's not on this radio station you know are part of it Null. Now not you forced them off to step aside and I gave Marty genetic memory in the face. Don't you want at the long term contract for par and yet he argued to be the united. Om bought a thankfully do that Aussie your the problem now is. The problem was his take on Ronald party love park. Right fielder Brian Brohm and Tony fifteen. Domingo Santana last night. Domingo. Or point fifteen bronze. Point eight. Know our deep wrong I'm not just abroad I'm at he's at 220. I was soaking it in a 2015 bra for sure how first base Hayes is HU Lar or Adam Lind. Asus. Now faces is betting 310. He was betting 315 at the time deli case legalized tell us that they but they Zeus third base would you rather Trevor shot are around us Ramirez. Yeah. Know you take shock. None well I mean is it to what he fifteen RM us now yeah before he quit. Mentally okay. As he was an all star 2014. Still probably take a rams' second base he can have. Jonathan VR or scooter. Scooter short study can have our CO or no Johnson era. Our Garcia. Even though to draw. So far is have a better career but really Garcia's governor upside catcher then as many pinata verse Martina Maldonado. Nina. The starting pitcher was Jolie chassis universe Matt Garza. Just seeing all the old couple we school might about a possible. Would you rather have a bullpen of Taylor Williams Boone Logan and Cory Lopez. Or Jeremy Jeffers Michael Boise and Will Smith. We cumulative three were skies of pedal for the answers this last night against ranking that's official at. What what what are what I'm finding out here is let me go through this line of again this is again. Console last night and the brewers they Zack Greinke okay they've done that if you times. Since Greg he's been a brewer putting council's second game that he ever managed may have Tony fifteen he also face Zack Greinke. And the lineup was Gomez par abroad leaned premieres Jeanette. So girl Maldonado. And then Matt Garza. That's really not noble noble look how much a lot of this changed since then on bush yes I mean that's not. Why I'd call how bad litigate that they needed to scrap everything and build that got through that lineup is not. Errol ball they're starting pitcher mr. This started which was terrible don't give me up. Our team Illini beat Gomez are a brawn team Comas Barbara TF's assault 123 ladies who was batting 315 at the time. Ramirez and scooter young. Who's better now than you have that you out. Sick girl Maldonado and the pitcher since I build my capital not a bad lineup I don't know what happened to that team. They're pitching. Better teams than them in the division. As Tony fourteen at a very similar to you don't look at that look at this they melted down and Tony fifteen. They weren't improving so runner Nikki got fired the brewers were the brewers or eighty and nineteen after they lost their game with the alliance when he fifty stack up today's. And that is the lineup I mean one from last night. We look at a lot of the years of those guys who haven't Noble's guys MM during her years at all. It's in the 2015. Lineup December better your the singles guys in between eighteen. LeBron is not a terrible here. You know yell action team brokered years. But there's an all star in that. Eight guys that they put them mania on the diamond. Tony fifteen at that point they were 819 and now the brewers are. What Tony foreign of the point for an eighteen you know point five any team any team tied for first. Yeah I don't you just I don't I look back into the rotation meet the rotation of all I got everybody's at night at what do we know we knew it was Garza. Tony fifteen who was here and when it in low Walsh. Garza. Will it Alter Earl. Julia also is part of it was bill Lleyton and still had table that was. That was 1984 maiden call. Or 1985. No I keep Fisher at team who are you all he was let yet it was grew that following Tony fifteen. Mellowed. 95 I don't know I'd argue as Tony thirteen to. Now one of them just interesting to Golan back because that I thought we look back and laugh more of it now the team that underperformed and that's why. You know that's like counsels the manager because really he got fired because they underperform but they weren't the debris did outline of the get rid of the rules guys. So those guys a recent girl wasn't that good to burn point fourteen what do Gomez turn into the turn into Astros theater you know Phillips. Are turned into Davies. Lane turning to Freddie Peralta. Around us were Mir is big tree they traded for someone. Jonathan Perry Ellis or someone gets it was yeah scooter they give any scheme you poll. Cinderella. They sent him to the angels. Right. Because Seattle's with the tools but the angels initially calling him maybe for what I don't mean. Second weightless served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries qualified seven FM the fan that's chuck I'm Bart our producer Cody. I this may be the last time we ever hear from Cody is. He's Chicago Knoll will explain next time I'm worried about a. Generally you're. Brains my dad's. Bad air from us cigar. We can use the Diamondbacks in that chase Sanderson his ideas all right well this and Aaron Hill. Still remember everything thank you nick thank you Kyle can't remember everything thank you Vern for restart cause name's Ken river none on others like no snow okay and see that's the good relationship that I think chuck can win cooler. Pride themselves on if we don't know something I'm this year I can only speak for this year. We're not gonna pretend to know it now and we're askew and then we don't tell us we remember you know 'cause. Well we're juggling a lot of you know bulls over innocent and I as much as possible changed anywhere and he had strayed from buy to meanness that means sometimes is you've stumped you remember so we appreciate unless a lot to heal and you might think of it yet powerful and all anybody else yeah I mean act. Exactly and and the people they did let us know on Twitter he has all did so in a respectful way. And we hope to bring that same respect. Back to use so Sid good relationship that you cannot get him molesting for this show now that it's a nice relationship we have with our listeners. And that's why we clean up on the awards. I always get that trade conformed with Tom all Oca. And Junior Spivey everytime I tied it again and Diamondbacks trail at eight I was really home Tomo who worked out. The fifth starter media narrative let's over Mueller was in that trade I believe what Theo did not about it out and that was for our Richie Sexson. Yeah big sexy with a big home run an open net at Miller Park. Now so it's you know the lot of trades throughout the history would do the best again yes sometimes that are rely on you guys. And we thank you for that we also reliant Cody granite producer from time to time although that may change as this may be the last time we ever see Cody we don't Rhodes is going to Mexico. Go to Mexico. Yeah leave and Amaro 7 AM. Seven they have struck flight no no stop and often Maryland and again on another clip aired it out in June what are you I would stay in Maryland. What are you putting go to Mexico and other best friends get married. OK so he wants is gonna get married in Mexico. And so obviously ask me Tom and I have to go free standing up wedding not standing up. And actually administered Fran mentioned announcing the wedding well do the play by play. Not yet try to separate. Yes so he's not adverse to letting go as his staff. I'm saying everybody okay guys on the porous got a radio right now yeah it does it will make it down in Mexico last scrap did you got the monuments on money and I thought I was thinking about that I only 25 bucks in the Cleveland that last night yeah I'll get that may be by next June on her. Well there's always a given night you can go double off to him until orders are there. I really won fifteen out take warriors at the spread. I don't know a thing warriors straight up. Well friends I really like the warriors tonight. And I really like the lord you don't want to cover it. I really really love those wars but he's got to pay he's going to be in another country says he's not gonna do what you want a straight up the gun at percent pay well spread. Not a straight up and I want to spread. Rocket and it was so was like probably even when Lou wasn't all secured the night I would Mel Hewson was this was favored okay. You had a long term appear. We're in Mexico are you doing it's gonna be intent on our roux at the Riviera Meyer resort. Hole. He gets that played what. What what. Good luck Y what's wrong. Well when we went to Mexico we weren't we were just north of Cancun are out and Quintana room. Is the state that it's in in like an hour of sultan buses. The play elbow Carmen area K okay. And I think it was the Tuesday of the week there we're there we got an alert that the console at the US consulate closed down. Dude it's threats. There are boats there are fairies we didn't take any excursions because there's boats they have dynamite in on one of the votes blew up. There's all some many stories that have come out of Mexico lately about. Alcohol poisoning and gain that there's a family from Iowa and never made it back. From I'm really so long now. Just be careful man watch what sheet yes. I'll be careful be really really care I Houston is a two point fear recorded scores announced dot com site give your previous two points okay I'll take that. I older. Now take a two points well. If you wanted audio boards I don't birds by Boise a little worried about QB the sportsman radio beg me. But that's fine regional sports so I owe you 110 dollars. Well it was nine EV right. Plus Tony five list when he throws a 115. Siler 200 to halt credit will be sued fifteen at the end of the baseball season woman as well I guy. I want a big chance now screens and dominate this money Jack. How's that I would like to bet you. At Dez Bryant will be a packer. All one votes and I'd like some Ives is right about Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Graham bet yeah. The whatever now. Now all I'm like what he's what do you think him wearing him why do you Weis talked in my eye opening day are you talk him. By training camp just like the first team Dez Bryant signs are not let this Telesis. Eight Tony five bucks. If Dez Bryant. Science. By opening day. Of the football season I get three don't wanna. To be signed by the end of the month. At five to one. Sacked by the end of the week I get ten doughnuts. And I'll give you five to one odds. All the way crossed. Assistant that Red Cross whether it's tomorrow or before the start of camp or by the opening day before by the first day of the season. 51. They took off dynamic content all right. The only side yeah yeah. Not rumors that they've agreed to a deal. Know what the science that does grinding camp wearing a Jersey and not 88 has ties data on your vital qualified ones straight across this whenever let's just make it six alone. Just say 51. One part time as a negotiating part of one negotiating. OK so I don't wanna write down your Bard's that's your retirement home here soon forget these things rules we should keep track for the Izturis. I like you straddling it on a final that's you have Brian I mean look at odds to make its money back and I'll monitor to just curious why this. I don't like this are good about it I mean would Ian Rapoport tweet something no I usually is usually right. What is each week though he's eat what even wrap up or yesterday because. Jason Witten had this report her he did an interview there was a report that I think she does Bryant fired when guys have given you. At the and he'll be a packer. By opening week time Mon may sixteenth do you think that this will be spent all their Rappaport said it was that there was no discussion isn't and nothing was in an. He didn't say to Packers will not absolutely not signed Hasbro Saudi ruler like gold suit tonight. I really do area law home like you like. Just like Wi-Fi its files to Tony I don't like batting with bark like being on bark side but Michael states so much tonight ooh I don't like being on Cody side. Both you guys this is the reason why this sports gambling seasonal work for the state of scouts. Yeah again game like last night. In her locker. Listen not it was really does this bit and it's the champions are born. Over people like the final news pages and all the time or money do you could profit for your state. Divx these holes is rarely see our role this time you could put a streetcar but did downtown every city in the funeral where the money he'll make from gamble at all reams Israel's UN Akamai. Ads do her. All right slower and you guys get. Houston's two point favorite you know as both local state okay. Yeah sold that loaded the Dez Bryant line. We've got those confirm what physical tinsel much of their best team in the world. Yes you read Houston's pretty good sound that they play too much as soon as you said they were gonna win game one they did it with everything they could they still lost a total they had to turn over the that's Houston now. That's Houston Houston's I still stand gates is many shouted as he can in turn over I was gonna sock did for me if Houston wins my point is that your way to bet. Yeah that will be Hal Sutton that's why the that's why a point spreads exists. As you know this fight colonial stick around we're anti mobile we missed today including via NBA draft lottery that coming up next. Cody good luck though in Mexico I am worried about him was to show we have someone in your place just the keys you don't return. All right Brian Hormats going to be here the next few days another part timer at station. So me Ryan for those of you that had not met him yet. He was on our draft shell I know more about for several years as well veto him it's essential to other high school. That's that's our IE got the job here on an unknown and outcast so Cody. That's or how much knowledge so technically. You phone Cody. Yes Australia South Florida so yeah or I. There are torn continent where it wasn't for for slot now caring for you look at tape. Where are re pronounce his last name or not. He's off the Gillespie tree that's all blessed the former braves and ease of relatives as that is uncle. Yes. There's I'm close great uncle I think its biggest political they don't that your ergo SP who was the TV anchor channel six but you know what degree is broadcaster John Gillespie. Who was a sportscaster for want star Sophie does a fishing show on cable TV but Douglas all talking about that tomorrow will toxin Milwaukee braves. Well he wanted to they got any idea no I think he had a little bit and he's he's a fight he probably every mineral plural passed away I'd say twenty years ago. And Haaretz thirty. East thirty okay. Aureus OK but he's honored to marry. He's got a baby. We've probably talked more about him that I really cute anymore and now. While law make sure that I played at ten tomorrow and his tenure there. Outlaw or anybody else that's next on the fan hey don't forget to head down to Perkins all throughout southeast Wisconsin. And order off their strawberry menu there's a bunch of different items and strawberries are in season. And they are available at Perkins the strawberry milk shake a favorite for a lot of people these strawberry Crist on French toast the Belgian waffles as well. And don't forget the great plates menu Sino we have the bigger breakfast campaign that was always find years as you. It was awesome to see against we know Zain there's still a lot I mean there's a lot of good deals that Perkins. They call it the great plates menu there's fourteen items on their and they only price of between four. An eight dollars fourteen different items he can talk about breakfast like the fabulous five. Maybe a meal later for lunch like the big blt sandwich. Homey meatloaf a good meal just present 48 dollars affordable good hearty meals over at Perkins will. Cover everything we can't net. String value Atlantic studios. BSE bobcats dot com. Go to grant tell us what we missed today were to leave these gentle that it playing time for your NBA draft lottery guys last night Phoenix Suns are the first pick in eight loaded draft. What should be a lot of draft. It's like four or five years now where the team with a besides I think the the draft lotteries and the coolest things I have all sports. Where they have a lottery it's just the worst teams but judges Jack even nasty is look forgotten a law this is born on solid Minnesota. I thought I can't no no none of them at all. No and I got to mop up he was done million definitely got a Montgomery album title he was made 65. As we always do and shown on lessons or whoever says yes. Give their time talking I was just you know Sacramento got the selected the picketed daily 5% chance to get. It there a couple of teams that win not now where did the sixers and I'm getting a hole please lowest possible Ali caps got eight. As the sixers. That pick came via the Michael Carter Williams deal. When Dana on the tenth pick so they got that pick from the lakers and people always say out the lakers take that that's where they got. On the Celtics almost got another top six pick. But thankfully they did and they need that suns kings talks grizzlies. Mavs. In top five so the sun the price to get eight McCain from Arizona I would say so. And it's an easy road trip for him. Box of course have the seventeenth pick in next year's yeah the big guy who will be playing up and Oshkosh probably. It DJ Wilson I'm joining him up their story and it's on maker stick with the OK we'll skip. Now telling our station Watson on radio Joan. Any changes tune. Then goes pre game three warriors and rockets tonight game Sioux warriors say they won it not been series lead into Houston. I'm being told guys messaging me that I mean a huge mistake betting news pol. Messaging you meet a Twitter not faced that. I should take the rockets. That they'll win by at least ten. This is the warriors throwaway game down which could be I mean I just. You know I like the warriors and I like losing money summit charitable than I am I'm Kevin when your money they can use the and I owe you a 115 now. Cody about a baseball all star second base in rounds and can no of the Mariners was spent eighty games without pay by. Mentally baseball after he tested positive for a banned subsidy he said he took some ugly in dietary thing. And that was part of probably city need to be better MM so he's at the end of screw anyway. Canola says I didn't realize. I was given a medication that was banned them. But I mean they got an album and you know you know look I cannot now bullish traders. Did a baseball player why would you take anything. Would note. Alien guy might both hall and they'll tell though if that's legal trainers the M the afflict many traders. Traders know everything you put your body sold yeah he's got to run them through the trigger. If you take five or energy you gotta tell the trainer I wouldn't I wouldn't take it to close if I was a baseball player and asking the trainer doctors would do it when you have that available you usually asks. Robbie. Bobby canal come muddying up. So illness eighty games and he's injured now but you can't serve the time that your hurts he's got to come back and then. You may suspend insult aid that can I've heard some Mariner's playoff potential run Cody so Lucas Glover. You know Lucas Glover right that golf arbor not so his wife Kristen Glover was arrested on Saturday night. After an altercation the players championship on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence battery and resisting arrest without violence he came. Off the golf course and in old. Shortly thereafter. And his wife put a beating on him because he did poorly. Called a bunch of names is this is this is the truth this is the story the truth. Beat up Lucas Glover. I mean literally the you know to do is the golfer got done and then as the white beat a month she told him. Called the bush and James called the key word for an act of not playing well now the bad word. And the result Corey didn't you know wire service copy here and police came either one is on the course. Not I will leave off the course. I'll police team took her away she was taken away kick him it's Gretchen and everything in the you know she was a resisting arrest. And Ian Glover is go on the defensive his wife. When his wife. BO. Made him look horrible not only attacked embarked. Now potted view what line out of bunkers. While the police water probably. Right they did Dixon must decide I don't know to call the cops because he's gonna defend his wife keep writing called caps on his wife puts up the non social media defending his wife. I mean when I'm a bad show I get home and my wife yells at me does she. But that's saying they realize it's not about is seen for five minutes I get that I tissue like that segment I yeah I do hill. If I say support facility in a bad light. Now while. You know we should be doing that anyway why not only are positive radio demo you know what. A slew of awards we knew if you haven't heard we won awards. Another award winning show coming up next bill Michael's tended to look we overcame the first three minutes that we are fine had stuck in Waco Cody have fun don't die.