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Monday, February 12th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart continued to discuss the effect of the Cubs signing Yu Darvish and what the Brewers should do.

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Okay. Only choice for local sports talk in the morning. James Crichton College athletics studio. JC's chuck it way clear on sports Radio One 057. That kind of thing. I frames they hear okay witness. I'd like to put you on the spot and about ten minutes. Regarding Milwaukee trivia. Christian theology was unintentional talk last week yeah and they grilled them with some Milwaukee trivia. And some of these questions that were really really hard OK I now get a 100% and Netanyahu gave what I wanna see you you know the answers and then we'll here. How Christian yell it did with the answer to get a little help from the guys. Kevin Maher Chris Rose stepped. But we can do that about ten minutes if you don't mind being grilled on the Nazi you know hopefully that will do that in a little bit not a good promises of what you do any better than him. While there's some really hard probably. There's some ones that you should it nothing about the queen city is that. Nothing about how cream city trivia victory in the mountain city chuck and went there we are served up by Perkins a 1057. FM the fan talking about the brewers rotation talking about the job that David Sterns is done. And you said something that you are being questioned dine on Twitter by any spark guy he says Stearns has done a better turnaround and Ron Wolf are you guys still drunk I'm human tumor tosses us and any asked if Tim was strong wow so here's what you're saying David Stern's drunk I'm not a mess I'm not high whenever people wanna throw at me. You know MI a would you sailors the most that I was away in my having a stroke but I mean okay. Or whatever the cirrus blitzers of these people called for change it would take shots at me and Twitter. C'mon Paula if that's the bill Michaels straight ahead in you take shots I got a call bill I never heard that our bills always ask her if you are coming after bill on Twitter he will not engage with you on Twitter they'll say call the shell you have those dole and he's right state your facts dollar shell Nigeria and then people don't college you know what though the it's the least you can hide behind the Twitter stuff and calling names and all that. Oh. Grumpy old man I really like. Audio man not a dime to grow you know I am mailman grumpy old man cheek Obama 708090. What does what does Ole. Or you'll man out whatever I don't know I also got a lot of appeal man I gotta look I got a lot of people tweeting me about bill this weekend because as you know. But 72 hours ago we talked a lot about snow blowing yeah. So I went home and my snowblower broke. You know and then narrow and said just borrow one from bill because two years ago snowblower almost kill bill Michael's. When he when he tried starting up in the summertime now sells Laura some of regular one more. My ice snow blow it's not a national one Michael's guilt as a snowblower snore no I was in the winter. It's a pleasure is going to bottles in the summertime we did that Bible as a winner when it's in. So David C there are at least ten seconds he was dead clinically. Bill was that. David Stern's the job that he's doing with the brewers of bill diet we might end his show. We can appeal we get a hobby and some years to our lives against the bill died and a little added we are practically everybody moves up right. So bills ahead of us all these and the till he's on fifteen stations. OK so we get the network I would think so. I'm. If bill they give it the Steve with a give Steve the network. Steve's audio and enough. In an area pay six guys to be on the network or two guys. Oh. Big shows that a lot of people on the now. On so would you you you're saying that David Stern's. The job he's doing is not just quite able to the round wolf jab of the turnaround. In fact maybe even a little better. Audience none of held a job I agree. Storage is on the dust turnaround of any GM. That the state has ever had. Amid the brewers forever and you get the birds have done an idea I mean one as far as winning. I say winning winning playoff series store in the World Series and got 86 wins last year. They're labeled as one of the best teams the nationally what is the last time we could say that. That the brewers are set up for the next several years to be one of the Bennett and you ought. 20111001. Shot deal. It's first a set this team up for long term success for pricey long term through four years. In them but baseball's turnouts a long time so you know when he's doubled the brewers this turnaround. After fifty years of horrible mediocre baseball in the state we're finally seeing the potential for this. Franchise to have some great heroes coming up. I think with with the Ron Wolf thing if you're gonna compare stern surround wolf people are going to. No more most likely side with a run in all I get there because the Packers are bad I don't know if you knew this. In the seventies and eighties all the bad terrible ya but at least the Packers. Have had a history of some success in back to the sixties. Have never had success I think Ron Wolf Mike get the edge was that he had line. Move. That nobody else would have done going trading for Favre yeah he had this guy locked in aid paid off very successfully. David Stern says it has like that one. Died kicked up the rebuild now he's done a lot of different things to do it but I think the legend and lore of that fire trade shark. I think that will have people putting. The war rebuild job over the Stearns who built not the brewers on World Series in the next couple years I think it may be different but until they do a people side with. I think he's put this and it the him going out and sign in Favre and a trade for Favre and and signing Reggie White Eagles are two big chip Reggie what I can't forget that two big big things he did that and you know the spring of 93 to 45 years ago this rank. By the way. Now the next month. Well let's say he did that and hours of April April 93 even so a lot of experts is on the best job of any. Any GM. In turning around a franchise especially one as Venice. Dormant and his lies this one has done. Grab Santa on the west side 7991250. Cent though it's up man. Good morning okay so what chuck fruit that I was kind of taken aback at what point 72. And I thought my thought you know what check your arm something that the department is not number. You can spark under different financial thing okay but after that salary cap. As does but the NFL does and the blue book after that that would want to get into that it's an actor is okay. And yet that all the way to make a bullet pulpit and an actor. And I would like to talk about that being tricked food. Well I I think a trait pretty delicate. Equally creepy. And that everyone thought that foolish it would put all the record but it also would have the best salt they'll bite your jacket. And he's taken. And kind of the apple that and broadening Belichick he. And media too high and knowledgeable I feel like you're in my Evan got a look at it here. Political north Arctic could. Aggregate of part of baseball we could get that. Great players that are something goes I can't believe all this guy from. Yet you're you're right to be as high end yell at his yards fry not enough to be there what if if they finish anything less than 500. That I take everything back. I think I beat Cilic development work. The problem I think is that Cuba Monday that the trade that the thought and. We have I think at the top fifteen you know right now at a ticket that's starting pitcher that you don't get caught fourteen and now. And he didn't salt under the radar but ultimately guilty without actually saying all the republic but we're gonna do it for your form here at the Arctic here. And I think the people that hopefully people that we got done better than pop off and I understand where that was coming from a power play let's talk about your better than what does a great day. Sample like the boys like. Update this muscle shirt Stearns. Was all in on you do arbor to begin with that seems to be some of the speculation I'm not so sure. He's that he was in tonight Rosenthal said. You know Ken Rosenthal did say that you know he thought maybe that the brewers were driving up the price if that's if that's the case fantastic. Yunus made the cubs probably spend more money than they wanted to do 7991250. Let's go on a Florida check in with Susan. Where in foreign marries Susan. I. Heard the same piece of the aisle Yankee strain my parents moved to punted gored a. Yes and no apparent regard is that an act close to that great spring training out in March are. Hey what's gone on. Yeah well I wanted to pop up the U dagger staying up Eddie went that the cubs. Yes and I'm not gonna worry about Yu Darvish I don't think he's going to be the pitcher that we think he's going to be. And the current. I'd really effect that I can think they need one good arm. To be real competitive this year they're going to be good. I big AD wins are actually. Yeah yeah I mean is that this nova some guys out there and not you know if they had to go to this season Susan what the starting rotation. I'd be OK with it. Yeah. There's and so they like. Everything David Stern and done fortune intelligent guy. He's looking at a only for now I think he kind of looking for the near future he he got a quiet. He got elected I. Worked their plane and now we have behind wrote quote we don't really know what their intentions are but I think you could. And you know you talk about archer as well. The day can you nudge the rays to give us archer you're close. Well. You know I dug deep field with the brewers he's seen action in college and match up meditated young man on the mound but. The brewers have to give up a lot and I think they have to give up a lot prospect that how to read play. They like the young prospect that poor and we have to really get a lot and that and. And you know I want depth of I would give away the ball for that guy either. I would have Wednesday off it meant giving up three or four prospects for the harsher forget it. Was Dave archer. Susan thanks for the call. Chris archer Chris archer Dave archer is the former Bengals backup quarterback as David archer yeah. Broussard David cling Blair thank Susan now. At a quarterback David nurture hectic and there's a cartoon called archer. I've never seen an anchor some big error on Miami's Sharia about the virtues. There's a show on the that's CW called Riverdale that features Archie. And Archie Bunker from all the family Pollyanna. But you know what. Com. Yeah so far the offseason has the brewers have won the offseason in the division. They've won the offseason he went inside and Darvish. Am not I mean yeah if he went out and he bit on them just to drive the price up for the cubs. That's another good move I offer summaries in ten lives there and gone on in Iowa. They not much cold over here today that the com search still. Yeah hey I think we gate feel real like to it. You know that trading deadline comes in July and then we got there these these prospects for whatever else to beat each. Trade for that one big picture that maybe only got a year you're to have slept on his contract. That we can we call it a step or two. Only thing is it seems like at the trading deadline probably got to give away more than you really want to at a cubs gave away. Did I did my don't work off for them but they probably gave way more. When tonne of any. Would've done before the season started I think you give away I think Ken thinks of the call I think you do give away more assets at the trade deadline because there's more players in it but if you are looking at just like a wreck until now. That might be a strategy to if you want a guy long term. Like what I would assume the brewers look at with nearly every move outside of Anthony swore Zach. I think that this is the time especially with so many guys without jobs. And this all the time to do the cubs when they went out and trade for Canton of that data and just do it for last year Null because they were then they would've won the division without quick top. They did it to not have to dictate to the free agent market this offseason which they ended up doing anyway got a cubs' 183. Million fell. Read morals can be a closer. On for now. Going into camp I think he's from there close dared they could still get like a great Collins. Great. News is already gone. You know yeah I still think the durable and is better than theirs. But I mean if they would of lost Chapman and the guy who just went to Colorado was is and we Davis yeah. Now I think those are two of the Davis blew one save last year wasn't it against us the home run and then they might start a game on Saturday afternoon we're there. I was there at least for the brewers and I came right. Called kangaroo down then not did he blow another element in the cubs on nagging ally if it doubles though while maybe but I thought I don't that was the one that he blew the first when he blew. Chuck and Michael are we are suspect or the I Perkins. Restaurant and bakery news. 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I can go get that fixed or I could wait until next winter I'm going to regret it if I wait you might be regretting it too if you wait. On a remote car starter for sound decisions on how beyond car systems for the audio for security they do that as well 2626338300. Check them out on FaceBook. Or the web site which is bright pink mailbox dot com has been that for a long time good back story behind that crystal tell ya. Brightening mailbox that count or sound decisions. On FaceBook for a peace of mind in a warm and toasty car this winter. It's a remote car starter from sound decisions. Is checked Freeman smarter than Christian you LH. When it comes to Milwaukee. The answer may surprise you next. Chuckling though we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is from the Brian Stratton college Atlantic City residents check Freeman. I'm borrowing cooler Christine yell lynch the new Milwaukee Brewers outfielder one of the new ones. It was unintentional talk last week the MLB network show with Chris Rosen Kevin Millar. And they grilled him at the end of their interview saying that with some questions. And the questions were about the history. Of not just the brewers but also. The city of Milwaukee and they were kind of hard. So I thought all right checks been here for a long time Christian losses than your like twenty seconds right so I would hole. That you're smarter then Christian yeah Alex but. Big questions again we're very very hard some of them war. And I don't know him all the answers so if you wanna Bol out of this the severe operative also do that I'll I'll do it. OK so what I'll do is I'll play the question from Chris Rose OK on MLB network. And then we'll hear your answer. And then we'll hear the Christian yell it's slash correct answer because if he got it wrong they cheated and helped him out each and every time. So question number one regarding Milwaukee. History this one should be easy if you don't get this one. Since he's won six you're going to jump in it. I would be surprised Chris Rose. Just wish. This case. Brains. Okay. Now I could see if you walk you like that yeah. But also I've only Michigan here because if you blocking lake is a great let it evaporate like it's a word to describe Q I want to go to the Lake Michigan. All while I'm a big family issue. Divide. You know era and not why I just not to decide I like the Obama a more minimum like I did you have relatives on the Edmund FitzGerald who that will be Lake Superior. Well now the here's Christian intelligent answer shock you got it right. Christian yellow it's. All these laws that Islam but no the Great Lakes is here that that would make the it is now. That's yeah. Now he had Iran it is like me again you are currently. Yeah Obama. That you get a lot of Great Lakes in the state. My secret place great exporter apparently so they put me in a more of the in the Mike kind of guy smaller lakes and a best fishing. I did well Lake Michigan fishing or all their name. OK then don't ever take the ferry across to Michigan seasick and that is insane did you view I have did you. Make it across okay. Well yeah you can either park your car and the visionary did you get seasick. I think it's seasick but we we we did go to the top and there is super windy down and there's nobody there to like tell you got to go anywhere sure I don't know how people won't fall off don't don't feel like when you all are out there like you're in the ocean. Yeah you feel like you're in the or should not going on and he definitely it's a giant lack I do like the oceans. Now the oceans are kind of crazy because idol gives you massive. Pool of water with yeah billions of things that can. Kill or bites you and boy are we hearing no idea what's in I have realized jumping it blindly exactly and then a shark bites arm off I have no I have no off. Desire and an ocean to Gault more than past my waist yeah that is pushing tiger we are here and there on cartridge number two. From Chris Rose to Christian yellow lights. Yeah this one which former president's. Assassination attempt. In Milwaukee. Geez that's why do not know that yeah that was at the hotel downtown. It was a Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt wasn't let's hear firm Christian balance shape just. You gotta hand from Kevin Maher it's. Yeah. They're not bad but he'll you know question number three. This is the one I think I had no idea you can. Maybe under the bad Milwaukee resident I mean again and I still don't think people called the cream city and now they'll pretend to. But. I did not know this either oh yeah it is all holes are just. Asked. Okay is this. The world's largest. Now wouldn't be the world's largest mosque because that's an Hayward. Speaking of fishing. Waugh have been walking now we'll give you are right point for that. I'd say the Milwaukee public's list tells the public museum. Probably was fourth great. They are in our fathers Luther raise their hand that Kevin Millar will give finishing Alex is Rockies mask down. Rockies mass deaths. I don't you know with Iraqis ms. Dennis. Christian. Yeah these cheaters aren't there Iraqis mascot Iraqis mascot didn't let it dinosaurs. Yes. Largest. Apparently the world's largest dinosaurs in this isn't I don't know who came against a question number four. This is because the Christian theology unintentional talk last. Dana five types of sausage is bit compete in the upper. Or worse hostage race. But there's only four. Well these guys get off five battalion. And a polish him. Brought picture hot dog ate my injuries. Yeah. And reason. No one's gotten. Italians now. Did you hit hardest questions that are bet I'll stay in the last three this. It's doing though I. Oh well yeah he'll hide the anorexic or beating Christian yet to result of the trees it was a recent. That's correct. And they wanted to add it and then MLB weren't let down because the rules for any mask ads are way more intense and they should be. Question number five the final question. I. Also it saves. About bath cost saves I give you hands. Key saves on CPM please say it today. Jay was a home runs home runs now Robin you know I don't know Brian Brian. So Ian LeBron and police say yet connect show. Yeah from Harvard's. Created varying. We'll. Ultimately their. Yes. I threw in this. He set then all styled time all star from 87 to 89. That he was gonna be they were both at brewers on deck was going to be my team. Yeah plea sick. Would have been fingers he was here long enough but yeah please sect Bobby's. Palm. The best closer they're very I mean obviously fingers was great but he wasn't into long and it doesn't hurt. Even those numbers retired I'll never forget that one out. Police sec man he was he was great when he was here man he was a terrific closer almost three years whereas the world largest muskie again Hayward paler. Jury were to your viewers right. I know Craig Heyward known enough and that's a hundred million dollar contract though that the cubs. That's another cup Cotchery that was Reynolds Jason Taylor know Jason Heyward Craig Heyward was saint that was iron coming back yeah iron yeah. The Jason Hayward gave them all of them meet boards at a hundred million dollar contract Iran. I know Haywood were men of former buck is now an official with the heat gas Haywood and with any at the end. Now China went lower served up a turn in waves doing Ramos said jab would tell what they whine. Nothing nothing. Our public this you go to Perkins today they'll give you a free slice of pie after 11 o'clock you want a freeze like supply when the purchase of an entree at Perkins good job buddy. Perkins precise a tie after 11 o'clock as they call it Thai society Monday a free slice of pie every Monday from eleven Intel closed. With each entree purchased. Into that Africans tomorrow kids eat free so you get an entree and you get a free kids' meal he do that Tuesdays and Saturdays after four. Order up a great play its menu if you're really looking to save money fourteen items price from 48 dollars. Good meals homemade meatloaf the big blt sandwich. The fabulous five for breakfast is welded grate plates menu. At Perkins. Check don't like Hillary served up by Perkins 1057 FM with. On the left what great perennials reasonable straightaway lost that brave it. You need found that as LeBron James gets the cavaliers looked at point. April right now with the children. Tell reporters that we have night vision defend at a high level. LeBron James van V cavaliers will bump on the Celtics yesterday yeah. Could be playing deep into the summertime. The way they looked Sunday afternoon chuckling that we are served up by Perkins restaurants and bakeries here on the fan. Yes so the cows make all these deals. Isiah Thomas they bring in the Rodney hood George Hillary Nance junior joining Clark's then you think out gala houses gonna work. Early returns are it looked pretty good yesterday. Are they the front runner now off greens in the Eastern Conference all ills give a little to more time on this beauty of the Celtics abroad is huge win. I think anytime you have LeBron your team. You know lets them put them. Not just LeBron maybe a motivated LeBron yeah hey hey hey he was clearly an unhappy LeBron and you know he's clearly now a motivated LeBron did. Well middle sale goes rest of the season but I mean I want someone on face the cavs have LeBron in the post season or any of those other two teams trauma or Boston with a beat handily by. Those oppressive for first time. Yeah that was a first into the with poses a threat that was the first game Friday night they. They weren't there but they didn't plane you know now and then Sunday they played everybody cavs win one to 41. In 99 there's also the CD osment guy who had never heard of moved from my Turkey year somewhere else he's been starting getting good minutes so LeBron. Is fond of him and has a completely new team again just five guys on the cavs right now we're on the team that went to the finals last year and Kevin Love. Hasn't been playing for awhile because he's been injured so it is a completely different team. The cavs making moves at the deadline winning the deadline clearly and yet you don't worry too much into one game but we look at the team made beats. That's the team that a lot of people think if the caps are going to the finals is going to be Celtics and they woke him up pretty good on the row sure I'm Paul Pierce today. Now the retired his Jersey right now. 34 armed I think the Bucs got the fourth best team and in the Eastern Conference. That is significant drop off between Toronto Boston Cleveland and and everybody else. But I think the Bucs are a top fourteen in the east. Not now. Are they K now are the cavs the best team in the east while I I think part of Nicklaus was LeBron of course there one of the top three but. Palm posted the full lips level of longer these guys. I think you have to do to have that Agassi target Tel four yesterday. Amenable. And say we're as good as it credit for college yet did. You know I mean allow Hubble to amateur models got an a one seat right now. In the east and they're up there bulls I mean those are three bombing of the two top two to Ronald Boston did who clearly best teams. And you know clearly got a big win last night but. In on the cavs. They were just a mess before. Am but you said the brunt of Google or more to me yesterday in that game LeBron in the clip we've played four. Feel like right now with a certain. Tell reporters that we have now we can defend at a high level. Also he's happy that their defense got better but also they've got a lot of guys and they're talking about this on the the ABC broadcast yesterday is that they've got a lot of guys who will defer to LeBron James. I don't know Isiah Thomas was doing that or or wanted to do no Isiah Thomas thinks very highly of himself busy show. He's fallen off big time too weary was just a year ago. But he's a guy that wants a shot and wants the ball and yet it's nice to play with LeBron. But he wanted to play through LeBron these other cavs know they were brought in for a reason George Hill is not there to take Tony shots a game neither is joining Clark senator Larry Nantes. I think sometimes LeBron just the first too much. I mean you look at him sometime I mean he's as. Good assist guy passed the ball around the teammate. I mean if tech guy it was more of a ball hog Cleveland might be a better position mirror. You know what I liked about LeBron James or what I'm marvel at with LeBron James there's a point in the game yesterday where he took a spill. And it looked like he's gonna hurt his ankle luckily it looked like. He could be off for the game if not extended time. But for whatever reason. Had yon essar Jabbar Ayers summoned on dollar that you think OK it's a couple weeks. LeBron or like I Albion by the and a half time and he was a super human dudes my attic you notice it's unbelievable you yet you can't imagine Michael LeBron ever having. A season ending injury. When the breaking his leg amid the brought to get her at all. You know we just need to reverse jinx simmer now now I don't wanna see a birdie there not I I don't see anybody heard what I mean LeBron. You would never see him all of this season any injury because that he's a super human. Ott tomorrow on the shell. So they retired 34 for Paul Pierce some. Tomorrow on the shell I wanna have a nice discussion with you about the box thirty. And has got a chance. It clips the career of ray Allen's so far as in Milwaukee balk. Well do that tomorrow maybe Iran sent. So as yeah goddesses careers of buck wearing 34. Moon has that been more. Against better than ray Allen's career is a block wearing 34. I say this review tomorrow. Think ray has some unfinished business of Milwaukee that he didn't never took care I'll say this is a preview tomorrow I think we're going to disagree. Oh it's out of all whose Jersey should be retired yet you had to pick one of them okay thirty foray area on us as of right now as of right now. It up and right now not two years are now is not an either. I think he's done some stuff I'm not yet I think he's done things that was one has not won a playoff series and we'll talk braver is the honest tomorrow. Around 7 o'clock. Few woman before having will do it suddenly some civility. If that's a work. Did we ever do that at all. I think we're gonna tomorrow I thought today we would go into this. Just okay let's be real I guess what's up. He got today or tomorrow Israel yeah what's up to we'd be fighting over Yu Darvish. I thought I thought I'd be talking you off the couch and eyed the cubs they're gonna in the central and not whatever. Why I think they'll win the division I am OK I don't I view only the brewers are channels of at all I think there to make another move. I would like them would be Chris archer if it if the doors stood there right now how many games would you say needs to respond to AD. I think eighth behind this does season's over so I've got the 'cause I'll put the cubs are on 94920016. Or 76 or seven games. Really did have a. I mean don't always like guess I'm glad you Darvish went to the cubs now failure not. You're glad they caught a lot of money you think not Darvish is way better be or Cheney is our wish. What went to the brewers soldier said. 91. So the brewers won the divisional Darvish. Thought it would be within one to three games so you're saying he's either way swing of what things has yet as well he had started the cubs and the ads guys swinger like six. Beat the brewers are gonna tell the cubs. And may again be a fun year I did and I don't think that aunt Mabel look it's not I don't think it's going to be one of these years where the brewers are playing 876. Games. Behind the cubs all summer long. Think the brewers are going to be right there immediately in the division at times this summer we talked to Tim Allen earlier odd to wrap up the shell talked to the other half of this. So we're definitely. Influence well all right that was that's for sure. A lot of it I'm amazed that we were able to. Bloomberg is a great good and I think this it's so much money do you think we sound drunk very rarely do you. Server was Serwer driver. That guy. Is a cool do. From the senate does podcast the latest episode 1057 FM the fan back down fan and a man John Paul's Djerejian saharan 100 green future he's right man. The look of things everybody wins IMAP driver now. And the customer who opposes in that era you get a cheaper price he makes his right you get a cheaper ride well wrap things up with him coming up I can make your Valentine's Day. Gift cheaper which series Berry's 20% off anything you order series varies. Think of the person that chill out right now when I say you love this person. 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Now it's bullet and issue I'd be sent to perform well were they where they upset because it was painting or a bad she just really not that aggressive. Not when Nash that yeah speech he had a problem that hell out here are machines rose mad about it. Thousands of failing are all on what lies yeah I just just on that may be all god mother loses their daughter and that she goes over the rebel browser like you and your she's doing that two fingered salute of people unfortunately smile on actress. While that might be even more deadly. All right. This one's future quit now and your gut I I would totally sport that pocket and she's. No corner of the little bit that I do I can't think this year and have an issue that I know she did so Yu Darvish signs of the cubs. You are you write over stuff and I do I do Bershard yes mom will push your thought six years 126 maybe a little bit too much but somebody who's gonna have to pay him. And at some point it it all just wound up that he was gonna go cups suddenly canceled posted shall because. He wanted to go to the cubs he wanted to be a big market that's were it so so good for him. And the brewers don't necessarily have to react with a big move I don't think armed right now. You already became the best offense in the nationally are now in our rush Hannity yes there it is right Packers have been Michael Oher or if anybody in the NBA got themselves and a new player LaBelle I would need for more guys are led the brewers EB. Now hall really didn't. On clear that would mean it's too much or reactionary business shocking you've been around here for so long and you know that when teams consistently hear when somebody in their division makes big move. Immediately you wanna go out and do some different. But doesn't ever work you don't ever go in the central without making another move. Yeah I think so for sure you you just can't go first extended periods of slides like her what are your callers bringing up the situation hitting. I'll legendary golf when he brought up but he brought the Pittsburgh series and that was that was a crucial part of that two of nine stretch she wails like July right that it was late July right after the all star break anyone and they lost four games in Pittsburgh all by one run a piece and you got to leave it all for the games. So there is they're tied Turner's in the season and Tim brought it up I think it was the the Tampa Bay game that was a big shift where there's an opportunity for you get a late running get a win there. You turn those games around with a more experienced ballclub if you're a what can happen now ideally that's this whole thing the doors and all season made that backfires on them to. When we put 162 games sure. Lorenzo Cain could only play 82 games right brawn could have another whatever you 65 season or right on to hit Q ninety become the player that used to be and you could see a team that could win close 200 I just think on paper. The dorsal and doom my mausoleums are seasoned but so far. The doors have done more than a cubs have done in the offseason. Yeah I think they have to it lowers about their team out of America. With the cubs started as a better team so I don't absolutely in the cubs' rotation is. To use a word that kids today. It's it's just sick command now the conversation sick Perot. It's it's six A half now sadly some Cody would Sam has birthday okay hurry or they had a birthday Cody Ellis does not sound like eighty the average say Tony seven when he sent him up. Yeah I would years older than Billy. And one more for okay you're 43 I am. Howell all our man Howell that. That's not cheesy game. A 330. Everybody brings their birth certificate tomorrow and we're gonna have a nice game we're gonna have a measuring count you out swinging how optimistic are you having a good birthday so far -- great birthday itself are here are every morning never miss a day to get worked in the old Daytona. You have apologies for an unlikely host and remember my birthday. That's no kidding I don't know Ireland go since you are dead birthday Claudia I socks on the Cody snapped jets over the weekend. And I said look to get a good time he goes. Yes Tony seven now I got all your birthday this we have diversity has known all its ten day event. You need a quick trip kind of huddle and believe ask her out I had I don't know why it still after all this guy does for you to indicating Iran all of that. Could your card would be nice so they got everything right well. Now. Back at at at at our rights turning into the Visio and there it's a party check in regular bill Michael that next wed baby Taj Billy's med. Happy birthday Tony. Thanks yes I haven't. Checking my karma thing.