9am - Brewers, NCAA Tournament, NFL Draft

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, March 19th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about what the Brewers roster will look like come opening day. Plus, they discussed the NCAA Tournament and a trade made before the NFL Draft.

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It's. No chocolate we blurred. Lie is probably a bit scrappy colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Jeff bran I'm bar and wait for joining us on the great midwest bank hat buying it at a McKelvey you can find his work it brewers back. Com. Mlb.com. Apparently Hank still alive Matamoros and for. Urgent brewers put out likeness and a lot like video. And there's a dog in there that looks like and care about is there again. We are witnessing the semi video yeah okay. This is Stephen boarded the video. He's the main guy isn't he hurt with a shoulder he's a bath. All of it right at. All OK okay yeah as they may everybody's on the disabled list. Now we have a bit about it a bat even while it went down in the EH games. And so it's not throwing but now that yet that little setback in Ali's. They decide if that's totally shut them down. No no hitting that note not a rule it out. They can jazz and their videos Bradley deadline. What the paint the dog used in that video he's probably dead by now to. Quote a big time and truth there Adam big time now. Yeah yeah give. I give Travis credit through the legs that that had. So Bravo. I lose that extra little bit but yeah she showed up and I'm back. Yeah that was. Incredibly welcome news in its annual event though we're talking about yet goal look. Basically anyone on any social media platform. And you'll probably one of the first thing you'll see is that such satellite radio that. Mean if it honestly I'm I'm gonna have to call the Serbs and asked if you eat. Acquired Chris Ellis specifically the play spending jet to eat it or die. The so all that counts it's like that and can't implant and spent. Way to much time. Wait Hewitt that might turn to deuce side by side of the guys in the flight. You don't change it senate seat either a project name. Chasing him exit early did you laugh pretzel so of course they elapsed. It's. Pretty awesome it's Caitlin ordered their social media meet them who came out of that idea and she got helicopters were bewildered. It or she came up with this post she got the guide lines right. All in a shot that real early in spring training and bad he'd been plotting to roll with it but I think each week beats up. The 25 anniversary of the senate about which is seen. Ask the whole law because that. The timing of this kind of these big east all adults of all the so I gotta like that all too little too. Well I don't I don't know what's out there and what's not but there's a link. Related to this Camelot all the religion based office so let media things in a lot of track. Pocket S for the team from other that we are there's a team yes I know let's talk about Sam loves the area are seen I don't like people. In the past or more about the same amount than the team. This one the few times are actually terrible the team over something like you know going off the field. Yeah. Tom what about regular is he gonna make this team of the gonna make by the way keep them on this roster. Well I can hold my an update read elect this. The site and also I came up with a way to keep on my only going to force starters. All that lay's decision not for eight days that the bat. I'd like that we can solve that I'm like come from a well and you know it's all. Procedural but remember. Years ago they weren't used to play exhibition loss Mack. A reliever that was pretty quickly encourage people and those guys got injured in that final. Sued here event. Last year wrecked cars that we're currently on the DL. Out they were taking out a batting practice city for it or are so. Last minute. All happen. And it it does extremely. Google just on period that we're looking at senseless it will eat even vote in the and I have to sort out. You know the bigger picture about. Debating its roster and he's a big help you know he talked about. You think about it each of our council and they get the staff together that morning. But they are really made a conscious effort to avoid. Hard core rocked the city. Until you have to make those decisions because. In the case of vote for example and the catching. Trio. That does is it often is age forty they've already just squeaked it wrapped all things that they don't need to decide yet now. It is regular is the one of those in that sense where. You know you don't need to separate roster of sneaky deceptive roster now that that side that is the trade zones you know you can make the decision let me trade. So there that is certainly a possibility. That some loot still gets dealt. To open up a sponsor you that say the outfield logjam on it. It does not sound like that is pot right now I have my understanding is not that they are very deep into our beat somebody sweet spot. But it certainly is still a possibility. And after a winter where you are aware. And ready to treat children. Things like that I think every team has really you know it deals or wherever our hearts and in terms of valuing the different players and sometimes trade that the some years to come together really quick because of all backgrounds so. I do not have an answer for you for your question all of these particular makes it I don't think you Stearns does either. At a McKelvey brewers that come mlb.com. Part. Part of my thoughts on this and me I may not even finish my thought because I don't even know. How to put it in a concise like sentence well part of me is thinking well that's good that okay. You got you got these assets you've why do get rid of a now obviously. Keep them as long as you can. And then there's like another part of me that's thinking. You can't do this solid time he can't does not make decisions. Like you have to make decisions. If you don't wanna make decisions and don't put yourself in these situations. Emmy Mason well. There didn't they you know make decisions but you don't make the decision. There's no benefit in making the decision now except. Please view that we have chuck because we want to know what it's gonna happen. You know what I mean it's a skeptical. Of all all it doesn't. There's no benefit to the club salute salute. Let it go cases and now. And some longer acting salute I answering machine tapes is that. You know there there's. Never point eight in May G. Where you sit back ago and actually usually looks to pay cut that out in March. Like your they're going to be they're gonna eat that debt and you know there. That is a big part of building team I think this is one area where there is no real. Deep gulf between. All the fans all spring training and setting the roster and how the front office. Because the simple way to church is the best guys. No team. Ever. As just picked the best guy. In practice. There's a lot more that goes into that because. No team has ever cultures will. Let the guys to line up on the follow an opening day being players that place for your team all year. It's a much bigger group than in the last two years it's been streaky players. All each each of Latin tunes that you guys have gotten into the game to the voters so. Preserving. Debt. As many guys you can is huge part of southern Ulster. And it is it's way way way more complicated than just taking Nebraska. And enact sometimes people get upset about that. The equation should be more. Then I think it's obvious counter to that would be what we do feel the best you can bet that any news. Not necessarily picking the best guys for opening day that accent it's like it became sort of forces fighting against each other but I think dep has. Yeah I wanna do I mean I want I would like to see them keep a healer as long as they can obviously he's a great part of the team sometimes they feel like. Sometimes I feel like they root. For a guy to get hurt or well eight yards going to be year they're some of you are and that that's fine I'd I don't know how long you can. Live on them. Well look we're keeping regular battles side of that. So that we are in for keeping him is use. Sort of rooted in both the best one side and keeping debt because he can't actions or so who would mean. If you keep making regular out there close. Shot. That would mean. Somehow. Actions were well looked at the order. That have options. It and then you'd keep cases are ordered not keeping that extra pitcher that you want the beginning of the year. So you can keep an extra position other sorts. With the keeping him in the that your. Because. Are you gonna play air means is that nor ever brawl that's another that they would actually. It brought in a play at some first day. So it's a got a tricky player right now all but he's he's a good player and and I guess you're lifting the arms. Now they get better on these that the decisions that are gonna talk I mean I think it gives temperature recession yet blocked shots. Phillips particularly having. Really rough spring terms captaincy results. Pretty good players should view was a good player last September. And yet rock and or slopes are probably gonna start to see a triple which is you know. Probably not fair to them. Terms of the talent but it's it's preserving that and that's for the organization. I'm surprised that stern says not me to deal. I'm sure he strike two but with all of his depth they have that he hasn't tried to turn a corner. And and hasn't pulled off a tree just yet. Yeah I am I into their. Based on certain industry chatter. And here it turns out in the results on the innocent channel. It obviously means that the returns for distinguishing chant. Is not what those of us on the outside think it would be for players at thirty homers this you know nearly oh yeah. I think I look at. The during the Santana last did last year and did not based skill in particular you know on how that value right now. And I hate I would think I would this is the first to get a really good pitcher a good starting pitcher rotation. That's obviously not the case or they would have done. I think that maybe the offers for the minister Tareq because it is. Defense that positions either hold a seat that's doubts eating it is gains still she's still a developing guy. That teams are not real and should be of of an offer that. Laborers Jews whose work so. I think again stepped up if mr. rather just reserves that. And so will be the starting pitching that they have but but I'm. You know I've been saying you don't I'm going to be surprised if we get to open Dave Evans added as. Picture and here we are you know we're captain needs to opening day were two weeks at home openers we talked right now. And they saw the adequacy. Pitchers will Arnold I am supplied on. They have this whole complicated system load. You know these predicting. The seed in the head that think they do locals in which all the other of their own computer system that spits out data that. On the sort of shows you what your team's capable of and they feel like. They have the arms in the system already to replicate what they did last year with pitching was there us. Pitching was what fit in the National League numbers last year expecting overall baseball. In terms of the year it was really what drove gene because he offenses are well. You don't not clicking the way it was right before the all star break so this was kind of a pitching team and I think there's a lot riding and I'll bet that's in the season and how quickly you can get accurately. Get back in it Jason Anderson. You again but he did last year when he was helping construct it again beauty thirty starts. Can't Julie chassis duty did in the good pitching part San Diego last year you know those there's a lot riding them answers those questions. Is Jacob Barnes organ through some stuff what's gonna let him. Well we had a long chat and an ultimate app like eating that you write it. Basically what he says it is he feels very. He's making like little tweaks here and their church all Israel it is like genocide little things the way the ball and little. You know I mean actual mechanical. And rookie Kurt multiples say is that if you know we can't it's harder to do this well because we just don't look these teams are more cheaply. But his misses are like. A centimeter off the strike zone incidence. Instead of the situations. So that's sort of where there pulling you right now terms of optimism and the other thing is. This is there covering copy of what happened last year and that the regular season they can be loose you know I know the player that we like everybody likes to. Debate a little bit but I mean he there was values aren't last year. And seventies some outings and you know heat humidity he was pretty good for last year people get some lunch you talk a lot of like. You know terrible he's not he's not terrible she's also on the developing guys that once all season. In the big leagues you know he's he's the one guy's church service time so there is patterns. Optimism that they can get straightened out in the RO should get pregnant and you know court it will slow the ball well either bounce here. But this final leader are coming after the off day we're gonna see a lot more than relievers that pitched a lot more. They've kind of been very slowly work in because there's just don't eat and you know. Building these guys up like our star. But that's how we do look back that such as pitched. Sometimes for these guys that's what can you just pitched so we'll keep our ticket buyers because I think it you know the key piece it is his. These data source spring training this year. And that the guy they need to turn around on this final candidate. Art before we let you go yeah ten days left a week from Thursday is Joseph Torre is a stance right now do you eight think that they have. Their rotation all ready to go all of they'd know who their starting five is without even telling you and who defied the. Yes I think you know at this point. It is I think they're so turned aside who where we where we. King there is do you start with four starting pitchers will tell you he'd fit in. Eight game. I Google the Arctic are still apparel debating now. I think it's Anderson I'm hoping they're anxious and looking to. Mike gets to you meet Miley against three and then you all exactly these four games for the home opener you Davies pitched against. The cardinals in Cutler opening holes saying he's been pretty litigants those genes. We've got to figure out how to get better at home that's one of the top. Think he really try to figure out last year miss home a little. I think those sort of the question is whether the use of why I think it's Brent suitor. The questions just when you work him in all sort of its current suitor that means. Options in your area and bring quicker again. That. Both of those guys that at least one option so they would go down Sheen AAA and he's certainly the first call up whichever ones that you better. When you need somebody inevitably. Somebody in the season. At a McKelvey we appreciate able to acting next week he seldom. Are. At a McKelvey joins us Sunday grades. Midwest paying a lot. If you're looking for a simple and convenient. Pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan called great midwest and committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935. Chuckling cooler 1057 FM the fan. Just feel like are served up by Perkins restaurant and victories if you missed any of our challenge Adam McKelvey. Michael Cohen earlier this hour or any also the fine programming we give free you. For free. It's also available on a 57 FM the fan dot com like fanned on demand. Presented by John Paul's view GMC hi we are 100 in Greenfield. Also there are five hour energy brackets the real time brackets qualified seven FM the fan. That county can continue to play and turn a minute or we were talking about the five hour energy brackets. Sort of new way of doing the brackets because you can change your picks as the tournament went on you can see the standings from the traditional way your first initial picks. But then also. With the ability to change and I got email after email and update after update throughout the weekend. I'll Bart north Carolina's losing. Might wanna change your pick I barred Xavier is losing. Might wanna change your pick you get points based on when you change that pick but. If there was ever a year to need something like this I mean this just proves how Kubel format. It's if it was an especially like. In today's. Tournament not mean today last year your report. Just seems like its soul open and he played we sit about every year there's so many different teams that can win it and especially right now. With sixteen teams left who knows who's gonna win it. Just bought. There's so many different ways is this tournament can end up barn I just dump. Depict with a semi finalists are going to be is anybody's guess right now and that's what's great about changing your picks you could teacher picks if subs Iconia right. Who don't know I mean there're so many uncertainties. Going into Thursday. Yet it should be fun to continue to watch if you get a little. Drowsy frames during the tournament top five are you got there right pick to get back to auto percent. Five our energy helps should feel alert energize. Each shot a speck of vitamins nutrients that while as much caffeine as a cup of leading. Premium coffee contains zero sugar foretell restricted and so it's a few minutes last hour or five or energy get back to 100%. A estimates a year earlier. A bought. I didn't feel. That Virginia getting beaten. Was the biggest upset in tournament history in my mind because. If I mean sure the got beat by twenty points. And you know it's a sixteen over one. But I feel like there were some even bigger ones just watching the tournament over the years bar I felt there were some other games. Upset that happened I felt even bigger than this one. He could error to go or Virginia was the overall number one pick. Up or exceed. It won't. Then eight K so it's hard to say that it wasn't. Because it's a sixteen over one yes it never happened yes well what all agree to it is that. Expert why is it isn't by the oil well eat first sixteen to beat a one. In for me who. Fourteen hours before it happened on the air. Vehemently said it will never happen. I if I do feel like it should've felt bigger yep that's right guys who feel like something. Something is. Missing ME greatest upsets of all time. It didn't feel like. Like a sixteen beetle one but I feel like it will be just like. I don't think when we talk five years from now biggest upsets of all time of a miracle on eyes grow you know whatever we won't. The subject until all the beat Georgetown has been a finite thing that comes our. All right but I mean preliminary rounds early rounds of court. Think that the once that I look at is beam. The biggest of all time I mean just as I feel. Few years ago in mid Tennessee State beat. Michigan State. If you stay with the two seed did Tennessee was the fifth team. I I thought that was. Mine's a monster a subset. But this mean for the other side of the argument this is being number one I don't eat I'm I against the sixteen I know the number one overall I don't know. I never happened what I'm solid and how to read a big deal is it doesn't feel like you and I might as we are ones okay. Your when Hampton. Beat Iowa State with Marcus Fizer I do. You know Hampton was coached by Steve -- felt all Wisconsin was that when the coaches like in the guys yes. Someone picked him up and her legs are yes and coach get great and he was the east tocchet. He caught he coached against. Com my high school bass will do must play that he was a Dell deals saint John's when I played a Martin Luther. We played this teams. We do know one of the time the guy in the fifth yeah that's like then that guy. We got a program. A buddy of mine who played around with me. Step program it's the book Phelps. Is on the same program has made the boss. He was the coaches don't feel Saint John we destroyed his team's. But he ended up. Now to be loved coaching ranks and college level and coached him the to a win over Iowa State CBS sports that com put on a list of the ten biggest upsets. Of all time OK number ten number 15 camps that I am then all of our number two Ohio State in 2000 orders from 2001 you probably don't remember that the UI. Yeah assassinated and I said OK I said member of the coaches legs in the air it was a Thursday night there in her late night. I was at the state turbot men that like seventeen in 2000 came at a fully formed brain okay. The nobody was sportsman you were rectum okay. Amid a sports fan my whole life my man I mean you know some people won't wash tournament the later on but I can't zest of the assessment north. Number nine. Number twelve. Let me start over yeah I mean all tied up and twist it to number nine. Number fifteen north full stay over number two Missouri. In 2012. I didn't really feel that one. As I mean it was huge obviously but not as much as. Virginia getting beat. Number 82 biggest upset in college basketball history in modern. College basketball history number fifteen cop in state over number two South Carolina in 1997. Yet I SE. Was the US and South Carolina was the SEC copper chips that here. And got picked off. Number seven was number of malice and I don't remember number fourteen Cleveland State beating number three Indiana in 86. Yes. That's yeah I read that ended the season on the brink yes I do of the book to seize on the brink written my John Feinstein and friend of show. We had a bomb on a golf tournament. But the book Teddy rip had written back to call season on the break followed Indiana's Bobby knight's Indiana's Hoosier team stepped pushed up. In the 86 season. And yet they got beat them in the next year they ended up winning. The national Jett should be Syracuse number six number fifteen Lehigh over number two duke in 2012 yeah I Jabbar Parker won and done. Number five was that to our partner Z one of them was twenty now. May was the next year two parts one and done he got beat too. Number five number eleven Georgia this was that long ago number eleven George Mason over number one you kind. In 2006. What the final four George Mason that was that long a goal now. Now. Now that was fun because I was big 24 fan. And there is a character in the show named George Nelson now here's the problem with that George Mason becoming a mid major going to the final four. All these other athletic brother directors in school presidents looked at it said geez how is George Mason going to the final four and we can you make the tournament. Unfortunately supplements a high bar for some mid major guys and now some. Yeah we'll definitely not dare other teams have success has now we enter now we have to do well bad geez okay oratory in mediocrity being just firewire. Number four number fifteen Richard in Auburn number two Syracuse. In 1990 wine. Slightly Iraq that won the first ever 151215. To yeah upset was then and then the other three revolve mention number three. Number fifteen middle Tennessee over number two Michigan State. Number eight Villanova or number one Georgetown in 85 championship game. And then it's got to being you MPC over us Virginia and Tony eighteenth there was again in the late eighties. Austin the defeated Illinois Illinois was a top two or three seed. And this one against Iran ESPN. And Dick by tells an analyst in the studio. When Dick by tells on top of the college basketball world and he said. If Austin. And he did a stint as head. Seoul while it's something on TV. I'm a guy on TV said of the brewers don't make the playoffs. I'll swim across Lake Michigan now while. What heaven of that did you make a bet would be what time it did he sets up that you never fulfilled it. I said if the cavs beat the warriors I'll eat my sure Jerry Kill and more happened of that. Can you prove that I ever said that. Well we can go back to the tape. Applause the group is what we have the National League central division this season. I think so yes handle it not heavily mayor Byron K articles Pope. There will be division champs this year. Not a swim across like mission. Yeah. Last time are put that type mistakes on both sports Steve marsh state should know better. Should've known better are never bet against me and I think Burress when the division this year in my typical stakes on army dissect this. All that is what we will National League central division this season. Crowds yes your true or false question now true or false now. And then. See here like like one of those guys that goes on the stand and just as I was Duff fire I'm guilty. You just walk right in your own thing. This is how check answers a true or false questions I think so yes handle it not only made by UK vehicles so that will be division champs this year not swim across. OK well let's fight isn't what does say true the subtle. So I Laurie. Saying it wasn't save something Donyell never do a now what it's given little. To pack up your your. Answer you needed to better security officials say balls because these and say. Kind of on their to give answers to why he said that but I'll meant that's fine. That's fine now. Else said. Ball there was no final four back in 2010. Miles right about one but people still want to bring it. I think the drawers or when the division this year two brains at eight years ago rate doubles four years ago we are talking about there. So god. Hubble there was one other upset that I thought. Arkansas Little Rock was a fourteenth seed. They beat third seeded Notre Dame and a coach at Little Rock was highly regarded. He was up Brawley's jobs coach look he made that Little Rock admit Arkansas Little Rock of all teams. Admitted the sweet sixteen this back when. Mid majors or small majors never. Got to the sweet sixteen he hit the sweet sixteen got a job offer to coach mark yet. Took the job. And then herded down who turns out Marquette the stale Little Rock. That showed it to Marquette was at that time. All dad dunks city. Who. That was that was who Florida gulf current Gulf Coast. Rejected deck coach parlay that job at the USC job. Yeah they were a fifteen. May be. They beat Georgetown. Ellison won thirteen. Yeah we thirteen now. They get to this sweet sixteen that was. I fumble one that. I fumble won the Jabari was one and done fourteenth seed Mercer. Beat third seeded duke and 2014. Paul Mercer area was the one. Yeah that was the that was the year. So we've got to say if we we ask you was it the biggest college basketball upset of all time and you have to say yes. Ya you I mean it was a sixteen over one it's never happened. You I think you have to say yes but also a sixteen overall wind to. Isn't what it was ten years ago because the ones are getting worse yup and the sixteens are getting better. Yeah I'll sit us. The biggest upset. In. In the chip to chip was Villanova. Beating Georgetown is normal play a perfect game to be Georgetown. George dump heavy favorite in that game. And 85 wood Georgetown beat or a bill over the torch on that was a monumental upset. Monumental. No shot clock then to. So while this was the biggest. College basketball upset of all time. I still felt like something. Was missing I still feel. Villanova over Georgetown was the biggest upset in the tournament history. The stage. Championship game Villanova got their. You know and see. With. Ball vinyl and 83 I thought them when he passed chip chip that was they'll run they made was probably. That was kind of a miraculous run. And he beat Houston. I Lewis could never win a national championship via a great talent couldn't still couldn't get it done allies are wanting Croix Drexler and still lost. I don't know what I'm expecting maybe I thought once a sixteen Bil one they were just like stop the turn and are okay we guess that tournament. At least for a weekend have a parade. We I mean a sixteen Beilein down. Six OK don't but it but if if one was gonna go down would you want to see like cal Perry go down. Now while those guys who's just cheat RS off. Tony Bennett. Especially about Wisconsin's own Tony Bennett chuck have you had cheated alone artery went to Los might want you and number sixteen probably right. But you know what Tony. I thought about what a nice guy you know a beat when there's guys visual what's a bigger surprise. A sixteen. Meeting Virginia or just if Tony Bennett ever got caught cheating. On Tony Bennett's got to stop worry about rob got to be a good sport interviews. Guess they're worried about him I say not fast break transition team from a number sixteen years saying he's become more heel and I'm saying I would rather my guy boats. Not be the first one to lose to a sixteen seed off and have a nice interviewing Tracy Wolfson I green but I'll tell you what. People would take the news the model success he's out of Virginia so far. Is Bennett's success the elder of the banner well yeah well I eerie. Iger I said the slowed to which stories they coach of the year in the country third time this coach of the year so what does Tony Bennett Donna Virginia. He's he's the coach of the year multiple times city as a Gumbel final four. And this was the biggest worst loss of the mall checker wake were served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is. Own. Bartz a bigger breakfast ask and you shall receive. You ask us to bring him back and Perkins agreed. Now it's coming back though as Bart's bigger breakfast. And we're sharing this with all of you guys and shareware that's when you'd. Get the breakfasts send us a picture tweet us a picture wanna see it. I'm very proud. To have this. Achievement in manulife frames Bard's bigger breakfast it's bigger this time and it's good at any greater Milwaukee area Perkins. For just 799 you get all of this food. Three eggs three pieces of bacon three sausages to pancakes to French toast hash browns all 47. 99. Available at any Perkins and southeastern Wisconsin. All day every day but limited time only. Shot can't wait clerk from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios. Hey what downloaded jets doing. But the jets this is the singing group. The hockey team the football team. No yeah I wanna double the Winnipeg jets for a minute okay it says no one ever I held at the New York Jets looked may be. The New York Jets had the sixth pick in the draft. And okay. That's fine I mean they may be needed quarterback they have an account again Bridgewater who I still think is. Could be a very very very good for oh. But they've they want another one so they look at what to do they saw all the colts sit their number thirty. Cult so you quarterback. Astray with them. So the jets to move up three spots. Not even on draft day mind you. A month and a half before. The jets give up. Obviously the sixth they swap. And say oh you can also have our 37. Overall. And the 49 overall pick won't and the colts are like. Yeah yeah well before. Ballard can say yeah out the jets say. It'll give you another one next year or second round. And a cold tonight. OK but they don't wanna say yes because. Maybe to jets' locker smaller but that was the trade to move up three spots and the colts received. The six the 37 though 49. And at 48192. Round pick they must really like somebody. But even so they don't know that their quarterback is going to be there now because if for the jets for this trade to make sense. A football perspective broke this down on Twitter for this trade to make sense for the jets. Three things need to happen. One of their top three quarterbacks whoever they like. Have to be better than all the other so if they like darn old or Roseanne. Or Josh Allen and they take one of those three. They have to be better than the other Rudolph and mayfield and in Jackson okay. None of their top three quarterbacks have to be available at six so. They could still got this guy at six now that's why they had a trip the three and whoever they draft needs to be good for like five to seven years. This is a trade that makes more sense if you make it on draft day once you see what the first two teams do but your making this trade sending all those picks. Not even knowing what the teams and Fred you are going to do yeah they did probably have a pretty good hunched. But if you trade all this to move up the three you're telling me the browns would have taken this at one you don't call them all well. There's a lot of bizarre things and Japanese traits that he did on draft day. It almost seems like sometimes he's teams give up too much just to move a couple spots so I don't know what their millionaire. Big deterrent meant as a team and active in the offseason so far there's news every data by the jets. While it's not good news. Not this on well you know aside Bridgewater. He should be the starter he should be. But that was a good move. They're paying him like ten million pounds of my dad and their payment count fifteen yeah well what talent is to get back. You mean there's deeper water going to be if he makes the attic Bridgewater should start. But I McAllen and they're still college art is so it's like get. They'd look at the bears did. They signed the they signed the quarterback of freed C last year the economy become after one season and about draft a quarterback get true soloists. That is true and what we just that they what do went out and draft a quarterback moved up a couple of spots. After they decide Lennon. It was bizarre. And an academy after one year. I don't know I Soledad trade united I can't believe. If you're a colts fan mom and you gotta be static. The trade again to move up from six to three. The colts got the six. The 32 and no 49. And the second round taken Tony nineteenth and that's going to be a good second round pick has jets aren't going to be any good. So I don't now. We're beyond that line. Isn't blind sided us yet within hearing Jimmy Jimmy Graham we can hope forty did it well people are hoping that maybe. May be good offense would trade up. It took it that's the cost of trading up at the thought forget it. Forget it stay right Oreo arm and a man. I dole ball in Activision this offseason free agency he's trying his ass off man. Is gone Mort beat the Morton dead Everton. Good free agency so far I mean I think so so far they don't have that cornerback. Yes I think that's a big now audio issues. Well it was set forth thing would work dealt. I wished that would of I wished I am a full speed one criticized of doing that I'm not fall for them at all. You know he went out men. Press the bears the medium long term contract. Now portions of science. Route you it took less in Chicago. Boy had him that you get pay now for me to as funny with the what the new deal the just like third tomorrow a box Tuesday Bucs have the cavs tonight. And break gallon now India as a moral bill Michaels up next. Chicken wings are on the.