9am - Five for Freems, Jabari, Olympics

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, February 13th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Bart asked Chuck five burning questions in "Five for Freems". Also, they talked about Jabari Parker's future as well as the Olympics.

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It's. No chocolate we blurred. Bull I have a problem earlier this greatly colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And bakeries. Five for three games. One of our favorite segments will be then about fifteen minutes. Surprise surprise I've got to LeBron question for you in five for frames. The odds came out of where LeBron may play next. And both modest says it's fifteen to one Milwaukee. Fifteen to one. There there's other legit. The fact I don't consider and they're probably very very very high for a couple of different spots. But the question that I have for you pertains to woods the brand rather play Milwaukee. Or play. Nowhere. And I'll I'll have a better context set up free and 500 brains back coming up in about fifteen minutes we did that would Bucs GM John horse this morning. Join us on a boxed he's an agreement West Bank outlined. And we talked a little bit about Jabbar eight Parker an awful interview you'll be able to find about an hour at the fan on demand section 1057 FM the fan. That count and found a man. Presented by John Paul's Buick GMC. Highway 100 Greenfield but we talked a little bit about Jabari Parker and if the bucks are looking into locking him up long term obviously. He's a restricted free agent next summer. There's a market for hand there's less teams that have cap room so it's going to be interesting. John horse on Jabari park Jabari Parker how is that coming along and wins the plants. Locked him up there if that is the plan. And then how do you fight the cap for next year with because there may lead the market just not may not be as big as it would be in a normal year for a guy even as talented as Jabari. It's a great point Barton and trust. Obviously we study you honestly that he's. He's that we have of interest or need. Well it's a posture. That the other things but ultimately what we we know you know as as sweet he's. You know extended dominant and we take current and you've got guys like Eric Bledsoe and Tony now. You know to guard coming in and the players going forward. We know that the ethical position now the core group that we're not correlate the position has cap space so far flexibility Compton in the mall without your dry. Drafting well and had a contractor tradable. Thank concept of tradable and just creating flexibility in those places to build that he transactional you've been achieved it. Also in the region that you get locked in to a team is that you believe and we believe and is currently in court this group. If you are a big part part of that so we had really productive and positive conversations with the fire is opposition. Rocket engine period we were able and I are expensive but that's a look at that happens a lot there's there's got the guys don't get extensions we still have to artistry to read it and that created it. And we have great relations with him in relation to agents will continue to have those conversations when it's appropriate. And try to get to an agreement to acquire part of the. Do you have like is there cut off for him do you plan to match any thing or where you guys with Jabari in that sense. Yeah I'm not gonna comment right now it's not fair to Jabar organization but I am glad to tell you again is that we do we do you have a great relation since then and I'll. The dynamic departed at eight we lectured extension processor a positive way and we got really good about our opportunity to party organization. So the speculation that that we had seen I think it was Zach Lowe ESPN. Said there was on offer for about eighteen million dollars a year. And when you look at where the rest of the box are right now. There's a spot where it it they keep this together they're going to go over the luxury technical text next year that's assuming Jabari makes 181920 million dollars. Yes is making Tony to. I'm next series making Tony for Tony 52 point seven. It Jabari proves that he is healthy the rest of the season. I have no problem matching yacht as is contract and keeping him at 45 1000000 per I am that investigated. And that high. On what Jabari Parker brings in this team had to give the bucks are going to win a title. We this group is going to be with yeah honest. And we at Jabari now moorings and being here I don't know Bledsoe be here I don't know but I think you have the honest and Jabari. I don't think you win a title without bulk of those guys I seek Barbie. CB Jabari turner returned back to being him. Of the potential star and assure and I guess in this scenario that's on Imus what I mean yeah I mean yes he's showing signs of it you know he's showing signs of it. It's just that he's coming off the beam if if you had not gotten hurt. And he was on the pace where he was going. The only and I covered the second time I would say without a doubt without a doubt. But. If he was let's see you know he's dozen. Pervert returned to them let's say the rest of the season and and that's tough to sort of against the because he's got a limited amount of time to prove himself here. It was got like seven weeks somebody weeks of regular season and now the post season however long that lasts a two months probably approve probably not enough time. Probably not enough time to have to prove himself but you have to risk. Are you gonna give him. A Max or close to Max deal for a guy you're just unsure of easier turned it was great value. I mean that's tough you mean. If you missed it via a whole season to come back dead be different discovered actually the season's here. And you know it's it's bad for him and it's bad for the boxes death about a ball that. Both kind of rolling his eyes on this one. So the next time that we talked to John horse I wanna talk more about the luxury situation. As the bucks I don't know if this ownership group would be willing to go over. That tax we we don't ever think box luxury tax and go over it some of these other teams have. The box really happen to me. You see may have seen the report yesterday. The Bucs are now worth over a billion dollars so they bought the franchise about 550 and it's now worth over a billion dollars. The ownership clearly is committing to winning. They're committed to building an icy area around that arena in downtown Milwaukee. But if they need to win they may have to pony up a little more. To do that so I wonder if the bucks a goal over the luxury. Acts well if you give him a Max deal Jabari. Point 59 points a mixed deal for a guy who. Has been hurt twice with the need. At at this if it if you hit the season and now. You couldn't do a Max deal. Because your ears you're so once certain eat up the caution aside that is you know he couldn't do it I thought three years 54 million is very fair. Yeah I mean it's fair obvious I'm willing to throw more you know if it if that's order required a course he doesn't return to their value. Venues it's kind of stuck with a guy who's snow in thirteen fourteen point A game guy guy coming off the debt a vicinity doesn't. Make a point five million Wesley Denton you're gonna beat Rick back to ground zero as far as where you are employ else's race just. 7991250. Sip lords on call log it came in just a minute Sith lord one of the guys over at Hyundai last Dallas highway 100. You can also find them Hyundai west Dallas that Tom lot of great. Incentives going on their for a limited time only he can take advantage of the 15100 dollar bonus cash or the 0% financing. From the sixty months on Sundays hottest models including. The all new Sonata my license and say really like that vehicle he can get America's best warranty ten years 100000. Yeah 100000 miles and it's a world class service over there in their showroom now. Sid you can describe his better than I can. Did giants' championship banner you guys are number one in customer service so from all of us to you guys that are under. Sounds first. Sith lord ladies and gentlemen Sith lord. Yet you know what I call it with better talker ought to Ari. Hey can't we op belated birthday by the way yes thank you are you shared with Cody grant as you know all. And Joseph front he's birthday was yesterday too selfless somebody else is put to the miscues into now the Big Three that's it we say the marquee three forums toady at large and Joseph front. Absolutely and you know that that that much a part of it there you know like I I kind of look at it like. You know there's only so many players and know Lee could be you know that you would consider old you. Makes gears and and company that number's up up at a I don't know what figures each guy who aren't. OK at that they're that second tier players and then you think about how great guy or that second cheer players maybe there's like Swanee. What the second year be like it'll ever at 45 global. Can you do have to help clear some light up Cork Airport where he's at that you know 45 cool Aaron. And it's like it took our area at least at the chain of the lashes you see what the key to dual. Yet the chance to keep in that category and obviously or the ball well we players like so it comes down to quite. Can you can you afford. To pay him like is it more risky trip to Asia authority can. And worried that it. That's going to teach you would not pool of talent because. Guy that has already at the point like the team is that the point there are so good you're not it's not coming out of the draft. Technology you have to go while it you have to eyeing each and come back anyway like it brought back all sorts at the call that more money. Then injured Ari Parker so what you would cap the item at this point you just kept a cluster bankers that become the ear that you always thought he could be. See this is the that this is one of the biggest risks that this ownership does the biggest risk that the solution was going to take up bill Bradley Center are giving us the contract. What do you do with a guy has been bands need broke twice said dessert cap on how much you'd think the buck should pay him. Well but I think it's like she she she doesn't deserve. More money then yeah that's okay brought I would be perfectly fine without paying you the same but his status because one of the factors that's also helped support in. I think consideration here that the money has gone up not since when do we honestly just fuel that structure are all your. It's exactly reap what you grapples make him more bodies that air are not better the air actors but that's what the market pays them that's what he's getting paid right. And and in the court enough to bar is literally heaviest jubilation as you can only five million dollar contract and he does try to be ray player. Then that's gonna hear that's nurture team beat Japan the second. Did the sixers descending within beads contract and they do something or they. There's a qualifier he gets hurt. It's like. It's a partial guarantees Otis yeah I'd I've I've read. I haven't read like in depth that I can. Pretended now on and I've read enough I can pretend to know about it but bank clerk and punish me he didn't didn't have to the Max contract and team event. And he's our space guy the sixers. Under five years a 140 million yet they paid Redick point nine just to get to the floor now I think the sixers there. Yeah boy. I mean MB. Thing about a MB five years a 148 billion dollars in play every day. Because they've I think he finally did play back to back the edit it today I only did last week didn't hear no eating here now. Are there is a feeling and it the big story with that right now as mark health faults still can't shoot out which is an area. And he's making 79 on a rookie deal being the first pick of the though the one thing that we did also talk about with Forrest was. Mir Zack and just want to see there's an update because that is a vary interesting situation you never want to root for a guy to not be healthy. If you can't come back. There may be away the box take him off the books. To open up money for Jabbar. Nobody's rooting for that now he's bloody it is eight is in play nice guy gas he wouldn't say too much about it. John worst would not say too much about it. But obviously Mears has careers and is on the line right here. Now I thought I saw you playing more this year even of course and said some I'd he's doing well. Wouldn't say easily could talent too much on either. Which I would think means bad yet when that's why we just so John Norris attacked him last dollar Avian heard I said that sentence five times and linger five minutes but he can't hear that on a 57 FM the fan back on its a good different strains. Inside joke like fan demand presented by John Paul's Buick GMC Aaron 100. In Greenfield. All right five for frames. The government's that I yeah I do I think the LeBron James on his very dangerous thing. All right because not telling cowardice floating on a theory the other day and say what you want about it I'll like them. But he was giving credence to the fact that. He he went through all scenarios where LeBron could deal. Not a local mall or Milwaukee. There was actually scenario than another good basketball that you put ahead analog he. Some are on that by next Pfeiffer friends on the fans. Secondly there from the Brian Stratton college Atlantic studio mr. Freeman I'm borrowing clarion your Twitter Tuesday question. We'll go through some of the responses what Olympic sports. Winter Olympics mind you deal love to watch. And which can you not stand tweet us at 1057 FM the fan to use the hash takes CW launching your Winfrey Perkins it's our Twitter Tuesday that. Coming out are right now. It's time to go inside them. Chuck Freeman did it Carell so it's a scary thought. It's time for five full Freeman five burning questions for chuck Freeman this these shots and we've blurred. On sports Radio One 057 and Sam. Five burning questions forward chuck Freeman won a 57 I've found that. The fan from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios. I'm so excited about the LeBron James question I have for you woman that I'm going to wait and ask him last OK question number one we're continuing to talk about the box. Try to get some news got a job a horse this morning. He said nothing is imminent. But there are potential candidates the Bucs could sign now I saw some speculation yesterday well maybe they bring Brandon Jennings back and a ten day deal. Which former bop would you rather have Brandon Jennings for the rest of the season are Andrew Bogut. I think Bogut would definitely help these guys out a way out. Out MGM to Henson and you know Zeller if there hi I am Zeller is as they say they are. Com the F bully can help me point guard ulyetza injuries at point guard. But I would I think the M a greater need for Bogut. And his smarts on the court. From a need perspective I'll agree with you from an entertainment perspective I want Brandon Jennings back. Nothing is better than when he came out on that draft floor like two picks Leckey when an idea I drafted now. I'd have liked that guy man I ever be a fun way it's part to the team bought into what we're looking for. And you like today there was that time in 2013 two and get caught up Stephen Jackson. Because of problems of the box there was a time where I thought Brandon Jennings would be as big. It's hot it's well how I mean I've body into the Jennings tonight are heard it well back for five years ago. Same with us once Steve Sparky Fleischer how did you not mean that I was I was I was there the night he in yup got the 55 points and but it was like. You know he came amid the problem only begin that in that the first month of the season. I mean it was going off night after night it was 3035 point oh wasn't quite Lin sanity now all but it was it was close what it was the he had his own insanity run. Yeah I am a little bit of Iran but I'll take voted bullets could help the job. You know entertainment value so mobile winds are now. Question number two let's go word of the NFL. Did the colts locked out. By having Josh McDaniels burn them frank Reich author of the greatest comeback of all time in the NFL. I guess besides the Super Bowl last year not a Super Bowl. C a better. Coach for the cold so instead of getting the Patriots offense of course senator who lost the Super Bowl they get Eagles offensive coordinator who wanted to he's been at the colts organization. Before. And it's a little more I think lead people are saying more of a mood tour hire its. It's hard to say. Mcdaniels he coached him briefly in Denver. Frank Reich is they're gonna head coach before. Really tough question on there's been people there are people dreaming that McCarthy would give fire in the Packers go. Hired Josh McDaniels he never heard frank Greg's name no mention from these vote Mel. Now on I don't know we just like Doug Peterson. You know nobody mentioned Doug Peterson has been when the Super Bowl winning coach in Philadelphia all the coaches they've won through there. You be read in a whole slew of those guys who couldn't get it done and here's Doug Peterson in his second year arm. Yeah I can see where they picked it you know right gives them a more steady at coach. Comic Daniel's little off the wall obviously. Little bizarre and away. Time will tell on that one but I think frank writes something pretty higher. Yeah I think the colts should feel all right about that when they put on a tweet yesterday that says we've gad jokes and they had frank Greg standing with Jim Irsay. And bad day's paper I mean frank Reich protested to let you know. That it actually happened they hired a coach now somebody could say to encourage great there's been a part of but for Super Bowls for losers. With buffalo. Al frank Reich not to be confused with frank Lloyd. Reich yes right well frank Third Reich. Think third Greg GC news out there is a references no question number three. Yeah on five for frames. Did Tom Brady display in his last Super Bowl. Don't. No none of them I think I still think to be the favorite going again to next year obviously a lot of time between now and now I think you played one more civil. One more. Well of inaction are Super Bowl. Could be. Could be I think they'll they'll play while we're suitable candidate to win one possible to I think I wanna see a Brady Rodgers Super Bowl. You don't hear they play each other and only the second time they've ever faced here's the deal every year. We including everybody else. Say new England and Green Bay are gonna meet the suitable what they've never met. Except you know the Packers before a bowl there are times when minute 96. But through all these years yeah. You know Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers suitable match of this never happened. All the same ball every year people pick those two teams that beat as a rule we got down Brady nick false. You know we got Tom Brady. Donovan McNabb. Let Tom Brady Eli Manning twice and never Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers question number 454 frames patent Johnny men's cell making news. I'm coming back from a huge downfall to try and make. I don't know what kind of come back we'll be but I know that I wanna get back on the football field and do away from me so much joy in my life and makes me I've been doing this my job. Everyone knows or I'm going with Dan said the Packers look game do Johnny Mann. Now all not at all known known on all I'd take a flyer on Janet Weiss to be your veteran cornerback yeah. Don't all you want him over only don't just walk marte you'll humbly. But I there's got to be a better quarterback for now there's got to be a better way there's got to be a better way. The Jon Heyman so take a flier Johnny like it took a flyer on Vince Young couple years ago didn't work out but those are eaten well and the judge though. Army is trying to give to somebody who you think is gonna fit in and yes great cities can be honest comeback and he's getting help for his. All of the bipolar disorder but not here don't want Amir. Seven of the Minnesota. Elise and take a flyer on jamming man that you are right so bull lot of came out with a odds. For oral brown will play next year when rockets are the front burner right now five to two. I'm the cavs the lakers the warriors are six to one odds. The pistons are ten no one ads as are the sixers. Which was my pick earlier this year. The T wolves are twelve to one odds the spurs. At fourteen the one in the box. The books come and have fifteen to one odds to have LeBron James next year when Colin Cowherd of whatever show he calls it now. Was saying that there's more work. There's more likely chance that instead of playing for the box. He does. This I think there's a possibility albeit a small one. That LeBron for a year steps back it's not like he wouldn't be busy. He wouldn't have to be humiliated by Golden State and I think he knows he has no chance. Executives do this all the time. Let's take a deep breath put the pieces move around and I picked my perfect destination. I think it's a real possibility would LeBron James so. What's more likely. That LeBron James plays for the box next season Hornaday LeBron James takes a year off from basketball like Michael Jordan did toy that's not an option for Vegas the right there's not not the field there I did not see it out and they're now field Jimmy Shapiro and send it my way. What we're talent gets an idea from. There are somebody had to float that idea to him are you must've heard somewhere. I can't see or wholly owned Michael Jordan a couple years off twice would be Chris Paul all. So when that question isn't. Will LeBron James retire for a year I think most of us can confidently saying melt but. Is it more likely he retires. For a year to take selected a siesta. Because about one year CST he's in the finals at seven straight years this could be eight yup he's been playing through via the author of the season he's into July he's played additional seasons throwing some teen USA's stuff in there including the Olympics. Now do barely had any time to rest he takes a year off rehab his body lets the warriors win another one does a couple of movies. The late night talk show circuit boom he's back he picks his team he's ready to go and take it out with fresh legs. Yeah night it is more likely hurt he'd retire for a season. Take a season off to play the marks. Because I what I really think he's gonna do is. New York is not an option because they Houston look out if he goes to Houston player Cardin and all. New York got the knicks were sixteen on its. And that's the furthest away some bucks or fifteen and kind of guy discrete talent that he does look at the ball why would take another year to get him there he's sorry he's beaten gold state. So take about Europe's devoid yeah bill that that was without Katie but an embarrassment to. You know to to to lose Goldstein I don't think this cast lobbying or political drama citizen of embarrassment no but I'll tell you the citizen embarrassment. You know he still wants that I think LeBron the competitor that he is he still wants an opportunity of course cooled seats in favor of that series. I shall you'd get killed if he retired for a year. Kill the what went by the people. You took a year off how to ease or board to pass the forty million dollars I would do that. You know go do a movie here to now guys are gonna go work on some other project I don't know. LeBron it's at this point in his career 34 I don't see if they can hero. But I do have a Russian and employment loss. I would agree adding it's more likely he retires for a year. Then you saw the ball usually Eagles team CR ID LeBron James odds where he'll play getting arguable but I Houston five to to the front runner. Can the cavs are eleven to four and the lakers are five to one. That would assume that Isiah is not there the lakers have some cap room maybe bring in Paul George needed for the warriors it six don't want. The pistons are up to ten to one he had entered team would Blake in drama and the sixers are ten to one at the T wolves are twelve to one the spurs' fourteen to one bucks fifteen to one mixed. Sixteen. Helping ends up obviously in the Western Conference. Minnesota. They're good team yeah I orgies at a Minnesota. And that young team is. I think he's gonna nationally uniform. All the shepherd they've cleared up magic know something IMAP. Think LeBron is doing he's doing he's going to be going after LeBron. I don't know I hate to see him joining Houston. They've got Harding and Paula you're kind of if you're gonna beat the warriors you gotta be the war I agency debt Richardson that evident to. And in the Western Conference finals would essentially be the finals. And the team that wins that wanna be so tired like that then a box or in the Eastern Conference finals next year and may take down a little brown led Houston. Zoo out not happen. That's grammar and our and the possible return at all giving them a conference finals and and winning a series. Now beat the and raptors in five man its second wake of that is five for free this year on a the fan carries razors great deals going out for you guys really you're gonna save more money with them and have a better shape what more could you want. We using raisers for decades one big razor company has increased prices reaping the benefits. At the expense of you guys and by benefits I mean profits you go to these stars you wanna buy a couple of blades. 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You heard that right redeem your trial offer a thirteen dollar value all yours when you sign up plus a special offer for fans of the show. Go to Harry is back on right now enter bark at checked out. The code you entered is barred DA air he had checked out. In a poll shaved bald. Also for. That's Terry's back come. Code bark. It's definitely crazy ending injured seventeen people at the bottom this LeBron and knowing that they're there and Mike you know if you are far and all three of your runs and be a pretty big bummer but I. I mean I kind of know they're always going to be there for me and I exhibited and having some fun yeah. I get a snapshot this morning at like 830 last taking a busts of the there are all shocked inning Beers on the way the now. So I'd say it'd been having a good time yes. We'll read Gerrard did second leg there from the Brian Stratton college athletics studio seventeen year old snowboarder from Ohio. That's become sort of the stars not just for the work he's doing. For his drunk fan employee that has taken over South Korea and our drinking at all hours of the day actually still think he's got another event. That he's participating in they're gonna come back in the states and go back foot. Snowboarding actually when we throw this question are Perkins Twitter Tuesday question which event do you like watching the most in the Winter Olympics. Which event do you like watching the least. I'm not a thing of snowboarding is it. You think a young happening dude like me we're big man. Idealist school or down when they're going to on the I don't know that it is enhanced by the full pipe enough small piper anything like dad but. IIPO and are going over the jumps Dino the hash pipe. And some by Weezer yeah Goodson is sure. Putting Graham ladies and gentlemen Rosie do you like a lawyer grant now Tony seven years old now yes snowboarding is my favorite at bat is at the Olympics are used to snowboard huddle when that idiot your jacket. Kobasew or rename the girl who. She was in first place by three or four seconds. Two years ago and she should to shall voting union and she slipped and fell I remember that was snowboarding yeah. That's snowboarding she was. Lindsey Jacobellis. I think their name was he showed a waitress was at scheme now no number the no name Jacobellis you're celebrating by camera ridiculous normally you either go there. Snowboarding going down the hill and she was come and gone home stretch as she started the celebrate. And I am. Try to do some trick and she slipped and fell on it cost her gold medal in afterward she was like now mom's southern farm who cares there was a gold medal. For the Olympics yeah us. She who knows who cared the Olympics you ass. She did it. Jacobellis. Sixers song. So I think the event that I liked watching the most would be. In this ski jump a little bit carried out west V. There's a ski jumper and violent crime and so when I was working in TV I used to go. Video some of their runs the events they had their their the world there they had like a world championship and there's so beamed back close to the ski jump. And then watching it on TV. I think that that's that's in the event that I liked seeing. On the speed skating is good mom and once you figure out the relay speed skating which at first looks like. It looks like five year olds playing soccer. They're all just running around there's no sense of anything once you figure out sort of the pattern and the strategy. I'm that can be really here's the thing about all this we have no idea on any of this works. I'm with you watch the racing. The ice racing we can watch this the skiing but we physically could never do any of that stuff. All talk about that next week of a lot of people living in his duels thought god know all of people attending into curling but yet I don't know what we enjoy yes but. I mean I can rush the ice that art of com. I still honestly in a strategy of and why somebody should abort its shuffle or how what makes somebody good death I mean how how is this. This some this team for Madison's brother sister team. What makes him better than everybody else could go to the Olympics I don't I get started and currently I mean. Does Wear a big there's curling club in Madison there's only Greek bank right by Lambeau Field and that's where they started medicine you know. Bobby tweets and says figure skating is an event I can't get into. I think a lot of people as anybody. I don't know that. Chip Billick triple Axel the other night. The way these people lands and the strength of these men know hold up these lady you know well it's an impressive stuff I don't like edited judged sport. But it's impressive. Of course when the hold Tonya Harding Davis Tonya Harding that the Tonya Harding Kerrigan thing when that took place. That was like the most watched of all the Olympics because of the drama. Yeah that happened with your regular meat taken out the world championships tell people watched deaths yet at the Olympics. I Cody what do you like watching the most annoying like watching at least snowboarding the most because I used to snowboard and has only spore I think I can relate to in the Olympics and at least would have to be figure stating he would Mickelson they're not impressive to watch him in opposite they're talented they get that point for a reason I play it's not it's just doesn't do data from an eagle over the snowboarding when they go over the jumps are going I. Are you practice soft like them because the first time we. Few times do you brought to yourself. The ski jumping. Do you not practice for something like that. Yeah how do you practice for the triple Axel in figure skating and not fall exactly and have the blade of fate exactly. Did you practice on cushions or what. Now you're on rice harshly cigarette nice kind of hit the snowboarding beat these guys go flights from high flying a mere. You know the practice of like that. Your first couple of times do it all wanna ski jump started out small. And jump but keep going higher and higher and higher and how do you know you gotta tell Freddie and the stuff. It's just do it right. I can see Agassi giving in that Figurs getting Agassi getting in the snowboarding and skiing if you're in the right area of curling edges never understood how people got in there. Yeah they got a good about what I mean people girl suddenly Obama's re guys could have a hit until we can be like world class girl on the winners of us three got a Bob sled dog at ruby you don't know we need a fourth so used to signal. A world order of about six years yeah I was only good jobs and jump story based. Don job site I had it's all our boarding park right by my house it was about five minute drive away I got a birthday present when I was twelve. I'll buy it from my dad to go snowboarding for the first time to a level that coming on board he went over jumps and tell Alan about maybe twenty times so I have the front or one over Asia fell a lot yeah yeah I pictured Cody asserted super long hair you know bowler would rose I am really sorry there. Yeah Ellie got all his baby ouch but nominees like long and ladylike got one of those high school drama really get to today. Now that there's anything wrong Zito can he says you know what does that gets a good way yankees I was at the mark early perfect game in 2009. With a long hair yet. Yet soon you had long you're going on you notice FaceBook page other side there a sort of peaceful pitching him with Brian locker right I go to Staten yeah that was great. Yeah batters. Fans so we just can't qualify seven FM the fan you zesty CW launched what Olympic event you like watching the most come the Winter Olympics. And what you like watching the least. You doing Tony dollars to perkins' home of the new savory supper scale it's. The one hand meals that are packed with flavor including mistaken Pampers the chicken chicken. The everything the big country and more only add Perkins today is Tuesday which means can he freeze on Tuesdays and Saturdays kids eat free. After 4 o'clock did an adult meal and then get a free kids and start going gore though Michael that next tend to know. We got to ramp things up on the fast. This is your last chance Bucs GM John horse if there is any news you wanna get off your chest. If there's an up or if anyways every bringing their old Brandon Jennings out to Jersey to the area this week are. Or anything like that any news job news. You know what I have nothing you can also well they're gonna sign someone new is a fairly. Again it was John horrors. On the show earlier today Bucs GM. Now according to a two ways ten days. It is. A website that focuses on the G lead. Brandon Jennings decided she league contract according to league sources. Not a nowhere G league contract buddy of John Morris lied to us. And if that's of the Wisconsin heard. But you we have weeks of the Milwaukee Bucks now. As we do and her enthusiastic. OK okay. A lot of players again fox this is your last chance Bucs GM John horse if there is any news you wanna get off your chest. If there is there. If you want to be bringing their old Brandon Jennings outfitted jerseys to the area this week are or anything like that any news job news. No boxing news. Soft he had no blocks he would say no bombs or lose her news and the rumor was he was in town yesterday. Now would you see that as some guy to waited a salsa and therefore I did a nice I don't know I asked are now John Lennon was there to care. And back at that it could have been Ken Jennings from jeopardy. And having Greg Jennings. Mac and now. But apparently there was doing Jennings geely countered in his Greg Jennings. If he skirted around around him sell. On the happy end man at the same time and he meant that we get the news and I'm going to be. I'm happy that he was able to circumvent that the way he was an abuse that idea from. From one mission this man to another though Libya hassles of Brandon Jennings would go up on construction play a bit of speculation. Well he's not elite league catcher wish she would say that because you know what's gonna happen. Words gun duels all boxed re signed Greg Jennings to would you now hasn't happened religious losing. No Brandon Jennings assigning eight G league contract by the to our knowledge we don't know where. Right to be Grand Rapids could be in Santa Clara. Could be. In the name your other geely town. Of Fort Wayne answer is that baseball is that basketball is as well the red dance I don't know. If it AA Brandon Jennings is signing with her if if if the mixed reaction that half of America's we will just lied to her face but not really. All the she's gonna tell submitting anyway well then why don't we haven't odd. Good point there. I'll be gone to war but it goes back to my original point about every and all these guys. These coaches and GMs and all that we talked McCarthy three times a week so it's great they had Jack powers not to tell your friends attended our guys do you follow god. Good to go to Mike McCarthy who would you would you talked to Mike regarding the rest governance. Is it giving values that can give you that he's the take them. Knowledge Georgia. I don't I moved to move Graham offering gets the job yourself did you and a forested doors Fidel Leo what do you have to say I'm not too much we have a month that we got a Obama this journalist by our name goals by impersonating at a rate we joked around piece of paper in front of them back before. I did dodge. I mean ousted elevated this the players. They usually don't say anything coaches Bjorn and when having a say well we play good game tonight you know this guy's really unison lift tonight and what was your last chance Bucs GM John horse if there is any news you wanna get off your chest. If there is a if you are serving bring their old Brandon Jennings out of Jersey to the area this week are or anything like that any news job news. There's no Fox News about have to update yet. OK so it's like there and assigned to noon it's a fairly slick but as the UW Green Bay. I I beat you when your door broadcaster the team your part of team so you traveled the team gets CBO the size of the coach and Kamal. And talk to the media after games so what he told the media. And what he would tell us. We do different things. Brandon Jennings signed with the herd. We are doing for hours on Brandon Jennings tomorrow I'll know more now we were lied to know or not lied to. We'll make you through February but. I. Go home and watch we'll talk Edwards agrees skiing tomorrow or some was more Jake Syriana. An hour until we need we new numbers today chugging away to a 1057 FM the fan bill Michael that next.