9am - Should Ted Thompson have addressed the Martellus Bennett situation?

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, November 14th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed Ted Thompson and why he hasn't made a statement on the Martellus Bennett situation.

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The no shopping and we blurred. Lie is a from the brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 and ask them they'll. Think we'll revelers are always. About half of the the ability those specifics and rolled the ball going in different type of thing goes we're we control what you want we ran for disapproval. And from those folks for the school. Chuck it way worse saw a few different things on the Packers on Sunday including a lot more Randall Cobb and that wildcats. Even riding. The option at one points. I'm borrowing let's check Freeman Packers now improved to five and four that's the important thing. Is that we saw win area Midler joins us from Packers NASDAQ down on the grave in West Bank hotline eight. Good morning Aaron how are you iron. And we are more determined how are all right air at least eight proven that they can win now with Bret Holley that's a step I mean Steve Moore who announced do that all are that the bears but it's only wanna game. Yeah I. You know it's of matted on an adult Sunday in view Kamal victorious out of all that matters hurdles style points. It sowed the ultimate week to week leading where it's not who you play when you played him. All that matters is coming out with a victory Packers desperately needed it and I got a but as the recollection of that. What did you see from Hundley when we talked to your colleague Michael Cohen yesterday. He is sort of take was it was more of the same except for those final seven minutes he finally. At least for calling he saw. Hunley maybe go up a level did you Tennessee the same thing or what what impressed you with and Sunday. Yeah it was interesting because I didn't think he'd play particularly well all burst records but then that fourth quarter play like he had a perfect passer rating. You made a ton of great reach great pros we obviously also ought touchdown. Third down wrote an update but he also had a couple where you know he's found. Delonte Adams earlier actress Erin my own yeah nicely Jodie Nelson you know that are probably gonna get I like that but they were good pretty good throws. It grows. Innocent of what I do wonder you used your hamstring injury throughout the second half. Are you wouldn't tell us exactly when it happened but I do wonder respect kind of forced him a little bit. The trying to play. Maybe a more in the pocket game knowing that he couldn't really run. Other not one player were they were playing man and but what subtle line collapsed in front the first down automatic pass forced him to not you know he didn't have that usual capability as. I do wonder if maybe that forced him to kind of stick around and make the reads downfield rabbit and you are looking to run of the moment his first I was covered. But I yet but I thought you know what you saw what quarter. They need to figure out a way to find that let homely. And how to negate that he can play like that. On the opening kick off they've got a real shot. When some dangerous you know what's next are reported stretch but you know it continues to where it is the first recorders. Are good there's gonna continue to struggle to litigate. He's zeroing in it seems like a Dovonte Adams silly some looks the media has that it is Dovonte becoming the number one. Wide receiver and his team regardless. Yeah yeah I think you know I don't communicate. Whether Roger Lemerre on me America. Let it all receive all summer camp I thought it's pretty clear that you're the number one Roger Newton admitted last year. And to agree to the reds and Dana may have been following an eagle but you said I'm one of their team productions. As part of their McCarron it yet more more Dovonte is becoming the number one reader are progression or trying to figure out ways. You know to get him loose because I think he is quite easily the most talented receiver in their court. And you know he can. He's actually the noble one playmaker you have on perimeter majority Nelson is store assets offense but you're not going to or I. Outside anytime soon so. And even out of but he's a good route runner and I think without question he's kind of a coach who died down off. You see all the work that divide these getting an even Randall Cobb has been good some of the yard after cash rods and at the wildcat that we alluded to. Majorities kind of become the odd man out a little bit I know they've tried to go deep with M either incomplete or off later earned all flag. Is Jordan Joseph article and all this sir what what do you think the mood is like with those guys. I say you know it the same event receiver but I do think it is very much week to week you know we see in those throughout the years where I will get a Condo. All around him. One week score some touchdowns and directly to completely disappears. And a lot of it Matt dependent and it didn't work you'd Jordy earlier in the game. You don't remember Brett in in the first quarter started a nice job of sitting down his own. Opera fifteen yarder I think bill opportunities will be there. But I also think you have the author is ascending you know majority is much more Loc I now. And I think you know we're like a set up and you really depend on match I think there's a real chance. He's more all this week against the ravens who have really struggled to rust absurd it's had a much like the Packers they've had to resort to a lot of split. Which could mean opportunities. You know from the slot in the quick passing game I think you'll like it I think it's very matchup dependent adorable yet. It's season like that they had to see some progress and we're short the passing game this week that the bid to win but you had to see some progression. And some things make you feel good about. With him after a month of working with him Emmett they finally saw some with the passing it. Yeah I don't think there's any doubt there and that's the thing that's frustrating at that is you know they should've worn the same. Cart you will target that is on him they were in a position to win it and you'd pretty much blew it coaching lies and then you know the Detroit game couldn't stop them. But then they get the win down in in in Chicago. That they should be to a one so far on it starter. But it is you know you wanted to see the progression. Actually to delegate and I think he saw the look what order the question is can he get that from the opening kick off because they can get that type of play. They've they have a status canceling a lot of games but. It's precarious is a young guy. Decent according to continue to continue to hate on him which has been you know give them work west's. So you know Ali. Like at that if you can stand in their nick the stick throws that he made the order they're better. The time is now for these guys air enabler Packers NASDAQ pounded the playoff race is getting a little. A little less manageable from the Packers perspective you get the vikings two games ahead of which. I mean they won't they are winning their games good for them but they kind of and other schedule hasn't been that good will in all. And the Packers now get the fruits of that scheduling because they've got Baltimore. And Tampa. And the browns coming up. With the Steelers in there these four games you'd think they'd have to go at. The 31 right the in state or not. They aptly app out who I think the Stuart game I don't read any but it America. If they were at Lambeau maybe an average on the road without her daughter's not a but those other games are absolutely wonderful and I I'm with you I think they got to look pretty wanna I wanna keep up Minnesota. And you know the block are races that note that we heating up. They got to get victories each and every week. You know this thing is like earlier in his last week to week week you know guys you look at it and you look at that match earlier in the year. Well in all the errors. The Steelers and the Panthers. You'd think that bears in the we aren't Sunday could either of those in right now. It's not who you play it when you play it you know at the Packers as as tempting as it is now a look down the line. It got to look we gotta look starting with Sunday. The Packers won the skin of the bears played much better I thought against Carolina. And I guess this targets of organs that ever image a mayor and bigger. I know I totally agree perhaps why say it like it when you play people I think it's funny Biddle a lot of pop. Chicago coming into the game. Look I I got. Was very much like you know outcome and are able. Really competitive you have given the saints game out of all of these you have beaten the Steelers and Panthers and you're on the Packers louder Rogers. You know it now it would aren't dead after their loss that seems so yeah I think. Like at that is it's all about how that in ways that we the Packers got to bring their a game must about a possible. There's no doubt the bears coming coaching switch at the end of the season Jon files on the go dark after dragged in yeah yeah. Well especially over what you know sort of is the Packers and make your coaching change if they would let the current eagle for the recent. It would it would take care but. The thought adult literature Christie. President of Chicago. Wrote only heard like a lot. All yeah on all you know he would. You tell me you wouldn't go to Chicago of course he would. Cars are sick I go rattle off ten wins all they would give him all the would be in these highly touted defense that's Cody and it is great. You expand you know America operate. Earlier on you they run the floor all you lines dude. Now I don't just went. Just thought I mean if if they did it change at offensive coordinator and fans you'll slip dole with the rest this there in Chicago. But the Packers bring as the offensive coordinator. Eddie I tell you what it lines up pretty well right now meaningful market talk McCarthy's talk about it you know time and time again his admiration for anngelle. It's going to be really hard for him to justify bring him back out of the dispute. Thought you make the switch and you know that's that's been let go that that is very much. I would Tug loft fenced on defense the one left the special teams. That was a train wreck on Sunday that's all. Yeah it you know and McCarthy thought about it. After the game and again yesterday you know obviously every year in year out they are one of the younger goalies. A lot of young guys. Played out as seen. Lot of young guys committing penalties on special cream. I don't want what on earth was ever able. Take that point me and I whoever we turn to each other in the rust spot on us back have you ever seen that in no one can remember ever seeing you're guys. You'll upon. In the end though the Packers mic in history a special teams rod hook. Especially critical about it yet but while battle that would I couldn't believe it. We don't want to let go unfolding in slow motion like you can attract what are what are. He's trying to break the punt return record that's what he's trying to do act. I'd get you out early on her one yard journalists would have been district would seek a just education is for that just to fuel the awareness. I would be able and Saudi McCarthy tried to make a joke out of it yesterday come you know he's said David rye. On Saturday night it was. So fiery that ever David were all fired up to primary and out of it and don't. Of course no one and don't aren't last and hand McCartney's. I don't know. But absolutely look at many joke literally but a disk Annapolis in the end it's like this was a guy who's been fielding that spot. Consistently. And I you guys remember I asked McCartney about earlier this year civil threshold but not the I'll click OK fine in the press sold out the goal line like I don't understand what is going on a clock at all. Like he got away with all this to Davis and a win is if they're not gonna converting him to corner are tight end. Where is a lot of all I Jeb Janis Kelly Zito his role going to be marker. Not on out no one of the Parker got no no I mean you can barely and it looked like what are pretty hectic and optical. You know you do that await aperture. And you know who'd been great. Put great haven't returned a punt. Mike side. I'm that they had that's a damn dead Everett I'll never understand whatever I. Either you so much they brought so much is he including shorthanded Smart decision making a block returns. And now they're doing with guys. You've been on in the yet. How can against Dallas where he read the play all year though whether I could not do any. The team that that's that then is that Smart on defense or more of Mark Burnett and don't. Maybe Burnett or when he went out there you know when you're out there are hurt either read a play I know the situation. Make that jump I don't think they've got they don't they can do that now. Not now about Matt Light at you know strip that was the perfect distillation of old guys who you are in the draft and develop. Look at the couple who came in really improved each year was playing well alt the end of his you know tenure in Green Bay and you don't even make him or not. They're gonna talk. Com one more. Warmer senior or go to the Packers I'm all heated in mad about Mike now while there's a majority all even again. Bum ho hum Ted Thompson. More explain the Martellus Bennett from his side and he makes Mike McCarthy go out there and have to do talk it Gwyneth son mutt and that's on Ted Thompson making the cut. And entirely on that and not only is the entire Marty Bennett well up on upn and the fact that. Got worse. That's our imposition interagency it contacts out and letting go of Jericho. Another round at a couple million dollars I mean I took a bad I don't get in the idea that. Gnome as makes might blow it all at all it drive me nuts who Wear the accountability. Viewed it as an organization. That continually. Year after year planes up there oh we're owned by the and older were publicly owned were so close to our stand. Yet all I had zero accountability. From August until March at constant disappears. My carpet to do all the talking to me that's partly answered and I know there's lots of sand I at all at parliament would be oh we don't carry no that was very. I don't care what that appear to compile a little pixie. You should be accountable. He should be in front in public saying I met up I did this because. The fact that Mike McCarthy yes to answer questions about positions at yet year old input and you know it's like a critical. Martellus is throwing the lead the team doctor under the bus the team doctor can't defend himself because of all the the laws are they're not sold ten hotels are gonna go up there is the general manager the organization in vice president. And done. Here is and I and I defend doctor pat McKenzie yeah Mark Murphy then I got then there's nothing. A little holes later in our organization our doctor us. What I love so that they've left that where. On social media players of all kind of jump up in the R&B but yet and you know a release from the Packers get a curtain of course. I hadn't thought about it I get my that is not us that's what it's like. Why did it up to the players on local media defend the conduct. Michael Coe and who's had surgery done by doctor McKenzie has defended him more than anybody in the Packers. He's only a writer. I mean they're all writers write off apps out Packers don't. Eight thanks for your time appreciate desire is at the blood boiling a little bit. There will learn beaten up outside the and actually there is some errant are Andre backlog at Erin Adolor joining us again find him on Twitter and Aron Adolor. There's NASDAQ Connie joins us on the great mid West Bank hotline even committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance. 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Go to a nearby a match is for and take event is a 0% APR over five years they have the money back guarantee you get the cheapest price in town. The guarantee that as well that matches firm. Do Ted Thompson Mark Murphy the Packers need to be more outspoken when it comes to this Martellus Bennett thing or should Ted Thompson's stop hiding it. In the first place 414799. Drove it. There's been the complete opposite of anything. It's you know are going there were my ankle. I was here by notebook angle going into the your reward game was last year when of course though the playoff period when he did you grow one immediately and in the NFC championship game would've with a bum ankle so you know our can't really see that happening in that way but it. You know different people are out of wanna call people liars right. You know this is is that near as sticky situation with that I don't think anyone on the team can relate to us so that we he says but our. You know it. Maybe he was made folk booted from way becomes confused maybe but yeah I'm I'm I'm on the too sure whether or not. I don't call people liars blood. Kind of a liar check I don't wanna tell you a sexist but I don't like your take some women in. Canada. The approach divide they took their Dovonte Adams on the horse and follow auto last night. Talking doctor pat McKenzie among other things. As Martellus Bennett we although the situation there is now in New England. And we haven't really heard anybody from the Packers organization. Talk about this besides the players. Who have all gone through most of them a lot of them on the social media including Rogers. To defend their doctor their friend. I should Ted be doing should. Or at least explaining what happened should Mark Murphy be defending. Actor MacKenzie shared Mike McCarthy not be left out in the cold likeness. I think that we know for years now they'd take you get that a few times in August. And he does his last little press conferences the week before. Many disappears Telecom buying time mom and Walt this kind of accept the bad because. Mark Murphy's not gonna make him any different nobody there's nobody to tell him to do more some of these other GMs. Jerry Jones does Jerry Jones for how everything swirl around Jerry Jones. That's got a radio show every week out all right Doug Reggie McKenzie raiders GM the other day was just like a is not talking broad and all the writers it is BS for our. Rob bullpen Ayotte and took tosses one to talk to the media Irish Jim Irsay won't shut up public Ron Wolf he all he was always available in the locker room. In some coaches don't I mean I I think Mike McCarthy likes the fact that his GM does come off their and talk about him and all that but in the certain cases where. He's got to come off there and talk a ball personnel moves he'd he'd almost at the franchise that's his job. And so where you don't let the coach alternate. The twist in the wind like he did with Mike McCarthy and talk about Martellus Bennett he's coaching a football team he's got to make him a player personnel moves how did it. Flail last year with Satan where they. Released him and then it was a few hours after Ted was done talking. To the day after Ted made his last press conference. And then they do this move which is a big and a shocking move a jarring move. For fans for the team in and we don't hear from anybody McCarthy's got to say. I don't talk about guys on other people walking and McCarthy now he says that but also to tussle said the same thing. And you might say the city now all you he's a knowing when to talk to other guys but owners of teams it's like today and it's like the chicken crap way out of do we need do we need to hear from Ted we don't really need to my eight concern would be are my question would be. There's Mike McCarthy get fed up having to answer yeah and clean up all of Ted's mess and what Teva and instead Ted what exactly yet there. How does go wrong so quickly and you know who's right. He's not singing and so we don't know I'm right at least they came to the podium and said nothing now that would take while heat off Mike McCarthy whose. This trying to coach's fault yeah he's just trying to coach you know the city young players coming on Twitter talk him defending doctor McKenzie. When it should be the guy who. Who cocked the senate who comes up there and say well this is what happened. This is what it in a Mark Murphy. Should be telling him all theory and you news talk baucus. Southern amateur radio station. Our general manager B author talking about it so the data yet they wouldn't send it was our hot about it at all. It's on the head guy or 147991250. Roger and cat hey what's up friends our boss. And. Very good morning fellas if it actually misses. An interest in pop pop. The object from the perspective that in any organization. I mean there's a division of labor there's only in Asia and abilities then. I hate you know I'm going to put best because they think all your points are valid. That the majority of fans are asking. For the most part the same questions all that. But I really think it's up to your organization. Might hurt yet that dropped the goal head and say yes. Opera ball as a reason is going to be under your daily wecht. And not might. And I'd and so I've put a lot of bit on the organization because I think that the principal decision nation making in terms of who's blowing a lot. I agree now. 800 added Owen Mark Murphy we'll talk next sometimes. Murphy talks that's not him now. But I mean the next that's gonna be the next time you get a chance to ask one of these guys this question now. Well they'll be like when he's visiting oak where and then the au Clair a guy over ought to music. What do you think Bode Miller Joseph has been an arsenal guys don't turn over your. Our second night mainly the guys that were there in the eighties their preacher. All revolving guys and he's married and the guys you're kidding I hear there is getting the guys there the eighties are still there tonight. Our office of all there's a guy name Mike Sullivan goes oh Claire sports phenomenal he's Kelly I am not a guy crowds are also there. Doll I'm relaxed but where is he couldn't hold he's Callahan or Mike Sullivan's jock straps. Don't that. Do we do. We get all Claire radioed we have Todd vikings again that the cover the vikings with the bulls him of the ball but I animals the Packers. And read you the vikings scored. It was mostly. The world Wisconsin like you know Clair Sports Radio you don't have to. Would we say or take a break in the on back and talked. And talked guy case Tina Teddy Bridgewater all right here's a thing as I was an all clear so law a little bit and have Sports Radio back then. Aussie got you'd it was just mostly you know doing updates. And I'm updates he'd give the vikings are but I always lead with apparent score a couple of tweets that I like David says dad Ted should have to address. That Bennett fiasco not a hanging McCarthy out to dry. Sick of that cloud that now being held accountable for not doing his job. It's about time he retires and improve the GM position you're the one benefit the visa of the Packers playing. This football these days. One noon starts in all I am I think in New Orleans to hurts more this 325. 730 games games flexed out when New York on a new game mark. And also lose some nice humans like geez. Millen starts back to those days again well the Packers and make it flexed out of a game we haven't heard on the yet I I doubt it they might give back to a new start their so you don't Pittsburgh yet I doubt they'll get flex code now. There's just a good matchup between. On rams saints that we can at every elsewhere rather watch. Joins me get a big deal ball. He was angry both the badgers playing 11 AM start yesterday I disagree them. Outlook Soledad I I sat some measures coming on Saturday bid be an eleven million starting thought it was disrespectful Wisconsin. Now 11 AM start I didn't see it that way wanna hear what you have to say we Tug that about that coming up plus the bark collar standings return all before 10 o'clock. Best call of the football season here coming up on the fact. I think I was sicker than better and in the beginning and then we made some plays there at the end and guys tell me out. But through your proof. Alex Florida Barack. 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Is it time to be your own boss. And take control your own situation check them out what they have to offer. Young expressed act on JUNG. Express dot com young express XX six ads drives them. Freudian slip there. Are the best a plane at 11 AM on. Saturday I don't look at that is any disrespect for the badgers Michigan. Now if Michigan was better there were top ten team does of course be a prime time game. UCLA and southern cal over I believe their prime time game and that's when the best match ups a Miami Virginia that's not a bad matchup. But there's nothing there really stands out on the college football card but I will I just the Fox's broadcast in the scheme they got the rights of this game and they decide what Lou 11 o'clock. I don't look at any thing that while she's this give you more tension is gonna draw a lot of attention. I think in November is when they make the switch Big Ten stays out of prime time they don't have primetime games. No Big Ten network. Null aid they play they're game is that the schedule this weekend Kerry and others three at noon. This is eastern time so three to eleven of them a couple at 230 a couple of three. And then next week looks like the same thing so. I mean think of Ohio State Michigan that's a huge game that's always a Lebanon was at eleven now the they would have been at seven. Clock fuels game one of these years but the Big Ten because of the location and all these teams. Unless I'm missing on they'll play outdoors. And a Minnesota for awhile played indoors. But all I see I mean it's it's crappy weather you saw if you had a high school football game on Friday. It's Sox know why I want Wisconsin play. Eleven aura to thirty start in north console bullet afternoon thing remain. Now watch of games that night but I wanna see my team played in the afternoon on Saturday 11 o'clock. Obsolete them a lot of time to 11 o'clock games are garbage. So it's kind of more of a spotlight for the badgers the play at this time. Now this week and he got the undefeated teams I Alabama doesn't count because they play its SEC. Right week you know all the little crappy teams at the citadel yet terrible Mercer college so my god I had a Clemson went incidental but. Miami plays at eleven Ganassi about you gently placed Citadel's. I'm gonna find that SEC schedule for because this is laughable. I'm not I'm not already do that. They ate well it's just like because they start the SEC schedule early. That's the badgers are gonna stirred with a Big Ten. Like through three years from now. They open up their season with Big Ten opponents like 29 clumsily GCC is playing some well. By doing too so Clemson got a cupcake on June. How it plays Kentucky they just they do this. Instead of doing it earlier in the season. I don't know if it's a way to get these guys primed up for that last game just say we. Or what there's a couple SEC match as Texas saying them. Ole miss Missouri Vanderbilt and LSU Tennessee but also to conduct Florida's got you may be off Florida's I think. South Carolina's got Wofford. Non. You and LU well Monroe. Is that Auburn now Mercer zed spam law. And then Mississippi State goes Arkansas which deal was basically made that. Want I had CS team you know I think that we told Schiavo next year be loses job and Arkansas. They kill get not maybe at a high division one but he'll get another division one chance at this you'll know coach somewhere. A lot about at the very least the mid vigil. I got a place where he can go coach but the. A Nebraska. Bought only to hire him brisk and I don't think he'll hire him and this is Nebraska's next move they got to get it right. Knowing they hired Bill Maher after having. Portables. Or block in Arkansas know that the event higher bid is I would love to see below back innovate and why would too but I'm saying I don't think the rest will hire him. He just had a bad run and Arkansas. Why would you hire him if and the rest that be so great they got to hire proven guy. And he's not a guy are now 7991250. Jeffs on the south side what are get Jeff. They've all played dog are you I didn't want to chime in and out I don't think it up I'm not better but I don't think it's so much of merit disrespect. But I will say this. Couple of things on the mind with that one. I think. Later in June or early evening or even. Looked call at 1 o'clock I guess that would be your league. Get your little more exporter nationally. I think that you're gonna get more viewers from all over the country watching. And indicate to the bad actors I think that would be really good considering that they need to be in a position Whitaker went out and have that. He considered worry are not final or so in that respect I think. It's important that more ice CO the other problem I have it. If you start at eleven elevate that could get together in UK is all you go to our game. Yellow tailgate presented puppet figure I'll give you beer or yellow big meal or darn good that day. I take a nap and wake up to do it again how rare that someone here but you know. And our football you but since two Saturdays and lined up Saturday night TV though it's like he's watched nights for television. I went and hundreds and dad there. I don't think 11 AM on Saturday a big idiot or did chronic taking a nap wake up to draw on your prayer. Thick. You did try to iron or have you not but I senator instantly go to a bar burtless out of are doing meant. Yeah I remember a regular at home. Well at all would it. And then your report that lord your yard or apple does Leland at a time those are the idea. I know but I won't house. I don't know I I just personally would rather watch a game. In the later afternoon or early evening I just that's like the only and you might be right of operating saying it's just that rightly. I just worried that the actors. Maybe they'd all get the respect that they deserve. Ed you know what the fact that they could win now than you know regular schedule wasn't that great but stumbled back that it include when alcorn disputed and actually be. Playing early like reading not stupid are you awkward you pulpit. Since Wisconsin gets plenty of I think the guys to get plenty of respect and l.s prime time things got Delanie there that that's a Big Ten Seattle the run national TV here's Jeff by the way Havoc on cheers football and basketball. Always on national TV and a always on ES PM. They get a lot of hours ABC you don't try to do a lot of respect on the Big Ten championship game assays Ohio State. They'll be Wisconsin Ohio State doubleheader on fox. In fox. Basketball and football. All was just was Ohio State earlier today on fox you know so it'll be a Wisconsin Iowa State you know I want I don't know basketball right into the the football so that should be fun I heard it was that the Big Ten championship is at nighttime. Yeah at that night at denies that some part yes yes yes that's that night which was earlier in adult that I had to go home I wish it was earlier is up against the blues or brawl. Almighty that's a good concern I like that through thirty games. Because I like when the like when I start watching a game it's light out I'm by the end of the game is dark although like today a slight by halftime. So you start at 4 o'clock yet that's cool yeah our our but the one good thing about daylight saving particular map. Now and it's like sunny outside and you might take a one hour now. You go to bed and it's our young accountants now sunny outside of grade. You never for an hour it's it's darker side it's like how that happened good call there from Jeff Bo what were the best calls the last few weeks the return. Out of our collar standings now. Generally learns the hard collar standings it's been a couple of weeks. At some Tuesday's off and it's given the committee more time. To decide this is getting to be crunch time here the other three UN college football playoff standings has so it's a big double dip but do you argue these are bigger. What's kind of an appetizer to. We're on the night for the group of 25 look out that's fine last week our week seven of the bark collar standings John in Franklin was fourth for the seventh week in a row. Santa on the west side Billy Brown Deer Tim NTELOS. Clearly isolates only one of those people has made it to the bark collar standings. In week ten number four again. For the eighth time John and Franklin. I think we thought so apparent that the coaching staff that you know and obviously I mean back I have on the sideline. On that last drive I mean that was I applaud your death. We heard from job today usually the first guy after packer game John just cannot get out of that force but I misspoke actually timid Sosa who is number one if the last update of these he's and then number three timid does the guy is Smart is a Smart guy and I enjoy his calls not. That we don't we look at tax arrow like art you know a lot here Green Bay. Defense given up seventeen points heirs of the giving up quite quite what are routers and 3037. You know or export import. We try to just kind of go Alberto. We can afford to allow the defense to give up you know I'm not all about quite a bit. This case in point are you take though that offensive side of the delay in the defense is really old job I'll bet they are on first and. And also John Franklin for timid Joseph three number two goes to our friends ID in Santa more and this X they have been. While I was off one day it was you and baby out is boasting the show. And that he forgot he forgot she made a name. And the sap. Page where what. And enough got loans at got you there. Yup DV DTS worm radio menu Michael better than mass cart ID didn't occur is because you forgot my name DC dear dear that's usually at all name. That's very door about a European and her. I murderer or don't either have to disagree with you about something which. Relationship between you redeem phantom. My fear parts of this probably how would you describe it Kate hates it brew. Do you thumb war I he likes he respects you he just disagrees with the you know what that's Oreo Leon. That's what sports refusal ball mental block opinions number one caller for the bark collar to standings. Big guys like each other this and this guy doesn't even live in Wisconsin. Douglas in Dallas before the bears game. And my British or were we gave green Bay's seventeen. Chicago thirteen when I hardly beat the Packers this. I think the debuted god he'd better put up some points but I don't think could be spending much better than yours. And I think you got a little more perfect QB of them but I am financially troubled that I held EL I got my story about what's. Really the bears you think the bears defense. Is a much better than the tigers know what are. There you go Douglas in Dallas mineral odd number one this weeks or John and Franklin stuck at that for all Tim and Joseph. Douglas in Dallas every ball gets. Through the car wash from the committee at the end of the season not only will we proclaim summoned to be the winner of the bark collar standings at the end of the football season. I will also personally deliver a trophy if it happens to be Douglas and Dallas I guess and all back the balance is John the Franklin and as John the a Wisconsin. Of your pool there are hints he just can't get any enemy tough for just can't get Nelson on the outside look at our top three easily also look at them out or find out where Wisconsin is tonight we'll talk about it tomorrow bell Michael's. Up next ten that's true. On the fan.