9am - US Open, Fifa World Cup, WSSP impersonations, What we missed

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, June 13th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart touched on the US Open, Fifa World Cup, and even took a call from a fan who shared his impersonation of both Chuck and Bart.

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Hey you know literal only you Wisconsin. Broadcasters awards for excellence when your friends know why do you live from the Brian Stratton college athletics. This these shockingly clear. On sports Radio One 057 have been. Served on my part in restaurants bakeries. Let's break apart with a guaranteed that if I'm borrowing. Medicare did the bird doing today and I don't. We'll ever be nice to check Freeman neck okay. Check guaranteed yesterday and he said that if they lost we have to be nice to Bart de. That didn't happen sell all you know copy you and may your guarantee shocking okay. I don't know why you're so offended is these little flippant use that but this is a radio show for entertainment it's all in fun that's fine. Gary D'Amato joins us from the Milwaukee journal sentinel on the agreement West Bank hotline is covering the US open. It was all hands on deck for our station this time last year. But now Gary where we are depending solely on you when it comes to our golf coverage I don't. Whether that a lot of pressure and do well thank. They care of our mission Cilic tucked. Has it this year but before we get into that I mean. And I'm sure you've been asked this before his spirit hills ever going to get another major. On that might get hurt be a question wizard ever another German ever to become an. Our I would sure yet and I don't I haven't heard anything odd that. That are backed by. I think the question is gonna come back at some point com I don't know what that would mean I think it was a success on every level except. Some people complain that it was scoring was low. But I think yet understand that the conditions were short story that we you know green course up well we wind didn't blow. So I have no problem with the orange and down. Yeah I think I think welcome back it's a. And our Gary with Whistling Straits Kohler we've been accustomed for the PGA to come there every five years they the last Rivera 2015 that contract has run out and of course Ryder Cup and 20/20. And with the PGA championship now moving to may does that mean no more majors at the there was the straits. No I don't although all four majors but I think in the case the PGA. I think it would be difficult for them come back at me. What the players could have a little Mayweather. You know. Coleman may be rainy in currencies all utterly quarter we made by the problem is that. They would vote on a few weeks the course ready championship condition that's bad enough I'm going to be so appreciate gonna get up or. But you know the PGA of America you know I would be a bit surprised that they the kind of how the Ryder Cup goes on there may be. Gary D'Amato joining us on agreement West Bank hotline. Would Erin hills the scores were a little better as you mentioned the weather conditions. Not what maybe we thought they'd be and you know that kind of course benefiting those guys that can hit it far along long driver stuff like that. I think give a similar case yours and a cac kills Howell how similar. Gary how different. Are the two courses because we got to know Erin hills very good very well with the US open or what's this course like this time around. Yet that's pretty quick I think other of Larry we've got a Parker is that we of course a look feel. But the big differences Shattuck are chosen a course that was built in the 1891. It's well over auditors so. When the greens were built back then they were designed for ease of law order fights the six feet. Calgary beat our eleventh at eleven the so. There's so much content or in these greens and are so perhaps and we saw that in fourteen years but it it's gotta we feel it here. So on the green the green complexes are much different much operator event or else. And then the wind you know which should apply at air a bit but the went all out there are so I would it'll be at the big differences. Okay obviously you know those suggest is that a born player of the world but you know for me. Of the tiger question is always there woods has been playing some better golf as of late that he may have run a couple of weeks ago. At the memorial on Saturday email and a nice little run how do you feel about his game in what he can do it should the Iraq. Yeah icon in what was that was about tiger you don't see that a little bit this year. Our first about it come back from a fourth record Q I think is just it's just the many exclamation stirred it yet even so a driver. Again let alone at a 125 miles per hour yep interpret the patient a little but I mean he's only played him. 33 events in the last fighter but a lot of tournament well. Having said that you are they well at times just as of late. Not good enough to win or. It stretches what she's got some stress is a great great save but it is a bit long so. For tiger supported altogether. Guys and especially with the putter when he hit the ball well as voters on both so. Well at least it like in the world together I think what. Days this open Dustin Johnson's to lose. You know it's hard to say that this has so many of the great player but certainly if you go on to things. Current form and how I hit the US opens recently certainly yes you were about a week. And you know having won the US open a couple of years ago and almost won a couple more. Yeah it can't buy. You know but that's derby in great to win because there's going to be guys who work or playing or are we. Lisa AM. Rory McIlroy even though Mickelson I think that the chances. Okay you elect fills shots Phil turn forty JE like Phil shot. I do I do I know first about the New York crowds well they're yours rate road York. Equally well or six runner in the US open on the New York including what year. So I don't like it he loves it don't you love the challenge he still has. The long enough. Does a great short games so I don't see why he couldn't. Kerry who else should I fill my draft kings roster and I mean who are some of the sleepers. For this weekend that's what I meant to ask. Yeah you know you know I don't think we were gonna win it I think it's going to be. It is going to be some on the ball a long way but yeah. The driving distance they are and you look at a virtual World Cup. You guys who have won this year are playing well it's gonna complement group so I think realistically either maybe twenty guys a chance or under I. In my opinion it's all the use or acting or. He. Rickie Fowler I like dat who have been out there are majors guys who won majors. That along we are playing well. Topic topic we're gonna see the Chrysler. Okay because we're doing this to the day we rattle off some of the favorites and then. The field he'll think may US some anonymous guy's gonna win it. I don't sign it anonymous got so to speak on the leaderboard but a couple days. Are all back on the and you know the local sure did agree right now are I think that it is that gonna I think the net and everyone else. And ever went. So who's your pick. Our I unhappily. Just you can't get two guys come off the you know regain number one world ranking ever lead usual well thought out the credit for one guy to go. All right Mansoor dust and Mickell sand and just filling out my line of here. For males and real long show that I he's 33 go on I got the that your DJ eight to one cell still though Mickelson and that top Tony like Gary was saying. Gary filed there appreciate it and thank you for doing all dirty work for us thanks care. That your. Gary D'Amato joining us again on the great mid West Bank hotline so are you renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval. From great midwest bank dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans to those right here in our communities since 1935 no Freeman golf tour school when I'm here at 28 team has seen the pictures jazz it now after obsolete now what I wanna askew was would you. Lot of play eight tough course. Knowing that you not to score very well which are playing a tough course closely with city streets are Erin hills. If so let's say party walked out of play here. You know I tell you want. Calm knowing the old pitcher going do you have Roscoe. Or drew the play. You know just the normal. Corso follow. Well my scores are great to begin with but I can tell you is I like mini golf a lot to him. And one of the reasons I like many golf as I like the obstacles. So if you're gonna give me a course that's wide all pain in okayed a fast skis the toughest thing. I like I like the woods he courses I like him. When there you can't see the pain usually when weird. When you're teeing off so you like the the hairpin turns out like more of a dog likes like more the obstacles the closer you can get real golf needs a mini golf. Of the more fun I am he thought legs man many here see the hole because you don't do it especially you play for first time. We play your first time did you like okay. What can I cut the corner and how how what why have asked how far is it to there's a dog leg again. If you'll overshoot it are you going to be in some trouble. But Jirga that. I would love the course that's all par fours also has par fours I can drive about two root Swanee. And then I can you know get to MIA. Sevens eight nines and then I can putt and those are the clubs that I'm gonna whip now come out of our five. I drive and then I've got to I have no club that I can use well after 65 hybrids. Suck quit the threes and fours and then it's a par three. I don't know like except what this fives and sixes memos so. I like a par four a par 40 what's he par four. Well up with a par five. Immune the the pros and it really good golfers will seek out the love our five because they feel to get there and birdie on that hole over now Bart. I'm just beats on par fives I'm just look at the breakeven Gloria if I get a five on a par five because I'm I'm I'm hitting in maybe to sixty. And then it is a 500 yard hole. I'm I'm here today hundred yard marker and a from our our hundred out look at economic green and then two putt nag at five. Chuck I really when I golf I don't need I can fill up my scorecard before I golf because I know what I'll get on every hole you do if it's a par three mine I'm gonna get a five or six are par three of its a par four you know I'm gonna get a four or five. If it's a par five I'm gonna get an eight or nine okay. What every I don't you struggle a par threes. I don't know I can't get a good first shot I always like Yahoo! can never did and I'm going to be easy but you leash she should be shipping time. On a par three shouldn't. Yeah I really struggled par threes you know I really do. I got to get I've only really been out once I don't like long par threes like 192 wanna run now you Agnew is all just in my is going on a par four hit from the it. If from the closest he's I don't come ladies' tees here and Tony talk lots of error the red tees the front tees it from rents. They're instructor Mike over served of bad Perkins restaurant bakeries. Also coming up is the World Cup this weekend. Now we've not talked about that a lot probably to the benefit of a lot of you what I know the World Cup is a big time we like to get together with people in light to get together with friends. And at the Serb hall now. They are showing you select games for the World Cup you know the serve all been there for ever located fifty for some Oklahoma. I've been a couple events there my dad was awarded in to a soccer hall of fame at this place. A couple years ago. They've been serving the community for more than fifty years. And they've got their governors launch which is gonna be open for some of the Green Bay games later in the fall but they're also open for the World Cup check him out. Serve all dot com the games will be anytime Serbia's playing. And anytime Mexico is flying. They're going to have the games and they're gonna be open they've got TVs they've got the ball bark in gonna have food available for you. There and win appetizers. They're going to be opened thirty minutes prior to the games so they're open this Father's Day this Sunday. Serbia plays in the Mexico plays. Any time Serbia plays anytime Mexico played Serbia Mexico Serbia. Mexico. USA is not and it this year so I know some of you have jumped on board our neighbors to the south in Mexico some of you guys looks for your lineage. And Serbia could be that team for you just a great place to go watch some soccer with other people on that is that. Serve all they got their Friday fish Fries from 1130 until nine they've got live music for the next few Fridays from five until eight. And again the free munchies during the us like soccer games are showing so check it out. If you want a one west Oklahoma avenue they are showing World Cup games check on more serve all dot com. General Brian Stratton college Atlantic studios that check Freeman I'm borrowing color. We are served up by Perkins are mentioned the World Cup before the break. Hey good for you I having an eight year announcements or that's not what they're called updates. That the World Cup will be partially in the United States and Tony Tony's old news libel does keep this morning. We know that I'm. I found out through you we'll see if this happened like five as a free walk him yeah I handle my awful went close bizarre that I thought. I I did not is usually don't get. News breaking this early morning. Yeah subtly TBS ESPN all they'll hit the dismal world cup of 20/20 six World Cup actually starts tomorrow on Russia USA is not in its so that's why a lot of people are trying to pick another team scrambling quake and I'll thrown a podcast today. Right do just that and then in Tony Tony too it's in Qatar Connor. I don't know what they've agreed on is the pronunciation of that that could theoretically still get moved. They have the played in the winter in four years because how hot it is there's like a 120 right now. In that area so they're not doing in the summer and there. That seems to be a little backdoor money sort of dealing son Tony Tony six it was between Morocco. Or USA Mexico and Canada joint bid. And they picked right before we came on this morning to do the joint bid. People are excited about deck as the World Cup will be here I'm on the fence. I just the whole thing when American soccer and I'm not getting into here. That's what the podcast is for the wrong doing what you know when I pick a candidate though I don't think soccer and hockey. Yeah but I think otherwise the USA tried to bid on the Tony Torre to one in the inning give it to on fortunate as USA side if we. Bond together with these two other countries all the better shouting I'm Agassi Mexico. It in the united states of course but it would tradition does Canada have a soccer. Day of my soccer at all you know I don't think they've been in the World Cup for now I think they have been in a world company has been a long time. Typically they don't even make the final group to qualify into the World Cup but again it starts tomorrow it's in Russia. Games are you know throughout the morning throughout the day and in the USA is not there are so. Yeah had to be cool and eight years but. I don't want it and senses I think that the US soccer I think it's a lot of people just trying to make money at the top not caring about the actual game again. The links thanks podcast. Online 7991250. I believe this is a guy who was sentenced spoofs of us before him on the program Larry's in the falls. Larry what's up dude. I Bard they'd say is that wired. And I have a question for you. I. It's is not time to me right now I'm done in IE. Yes it has worked I think they turned art that our fortieth pick that want to held or are there all the Bartlett organized crime here well. Well to have. Bard and now I view it Shaq it is go to a little. And bill alive project. Waited on another blow up art or in the old record will do little. Larry are you okay. A very blunt. 0008. At. The that is. Just do it. The Pentagon their districts. All the pretty school district. Half. Oh what is the key Larry do a check Freeman impression. Opt. Well got a hell every other word. I didn't vote and ethnic out of all the got one hand up Mike the other satellite. Eric. All in that wavy beautiful parents in. Like out ago. Vice round when you show and mortgages but okay now. That you interpret. Our that. Know all the same room same girl I'm we're in the same room we have a glass I I will. They are facing each other kind of right now he's got to kind of my advisor I've kind of like it's a blitz kind of like a newsroom. Yeah wearing out right used to do the updates and again all the news from a Meehan although slight. And so it's number in front of Wally has last little authorities anyway that she sees anyone room by chuck doesn't shower this morning cyber dollars and hundreds no no I don't know. You guys protect others figured out or art you know all sides happening other light or dark about all the big. Slapped an art. Although I respect all arts. All and part of what is the it guy it's a lot of our. Other a lot but affect delivering flowers. Hey we that that's what I get over it guys both are. I think your president chuck is better than yours of me is that because he's easier to impersonate or or not. Beg your ID gave up Cahill and me at the martyrdom privilege bitty kind of some the saint yeah now. Well. I was in my art is more like norm McDonald I think what you guys that said so far. I don't like. Quite a lot like I had a lot of airplay. I mean that's it's it's more like Arnold shot. Ought. Left Dallas structure that would like I. Well Credo. Non adult coupons mailed parents staff big difference we agreed on what I like what sells what men it's a big difference degree deal with what I want a lot. Else. It was a time. West down assemble a few Madison. You have the world. In Milwaukee ethic everything is green over there it's like Greenfield green belt we can't well. And it whatsoever I don't regret that buys that. Because you cultured person and I dig I get it by now you know I'd I don't I don't just mean field in green dale just such as well. I'd a federal. Oh really like thirty minutes and Michelle let me just open up the day's channel or do you travel actually were agreed ills and Jerry Greenfield possible easily. I gotta watch out. It is at Glenwood elementary Shaq or that it will eventually Greenfield. Yeah now doesn't know aid to aid our I think that's pretty that you'll. You know that would be greedy on two zoos like re elementary schools green DO. Our. Well. Larry you'll sake of the good work well toxin that he thought. Yeah. And of that Larry do you think would be kind. Got the US's. Would be the toughest person to impersonate. I think. I don't well I don't know if you're looking at my voice down I do have like tells as the rest of us. Hubble. Me tackle off. Mack the knife with the below you pull that off. That some some of us are like caricatures of real people you know I mean you've got booted. I think you're either in person thinks. Now all Billy does a great job. Let Kerry didn't really get on interviews held and you've got more of a distinct sound and think Michael's. You can get a Michael Michaels Jill I think he's you know resonate. Sparky vice Gary LeRoy. Runs cannon got they're like kids yet we all solved it for well kind of a different cadence. My I don't know I would love to hear an impersonation of me I don't. Know what you can do sometimes I can tie at pause a lot Britain in the middle my sentences that. You say interest in a as saying yeah insane Ella. Ye I don't know where that has been wearing yeah Leary I DI don't know an impersonation you gotta gotta grab on a Sunday when was Sean McDonough it's. Is Dolly is not a ton and addicts. Time they can grab out of that you need to impersonation of anybody. And mercenaries of topics we don't do it right it does come off for a this always and we to a person if you viewer to impersonate me what would you do because if I was doing you I do a lot of bar. I thought about it. Well what I do guarantees Hamas very I don't know I I'm tired on back. I would do is one minute I'd be Slavic things Donna just caught it's weren and as the next and Ohio I don't. So your person Asian me is this all just a hold of him bipolar disorder now since. Yes. Yeah that's and that's at Denny's the UC Sibley in a hallway and you are your on this you know mr. nice guy that he governor are. All right. I think that's I think that the positive personality traits but that I can go from the the highest of emotions to the lowest of the metal with a flip of a switch. So something bothers me now have an all you have are quite doesn't bother me for a long financially buyers but it bothers us all the guys though so it bothers you guys more because I solved now right away beat you guys. How I'll watch it you know we're not you know. I know I hate Google gulp down evident I get over right away all sup told what I realized is that it takes longer for other people. To calm down to me because my emotions are all over the place. Where you guys are more on a steady key on like get. You guys are like EKG machine when somebody's flat line it's pretty flat it's pretty but I'm like we are there any myrtle creek Merck. But I can settle back into the flat line very easy but I. Or your money over here when I'm you know it's me that I got to deal with a saying okay how. Like the other night when you explode off the air ready when I was four you know. A lot of your slab of things that analysts but I'm passionate eye care. We have a better look at all this is positive personality traits now all of this well all of my negatives that I like it is positive there is that a problem. Boom when it affects us guys it's tough one we get a deal one thing I won't put on my Linkedin page Jack is my. Violent mood swings and that will not beyond there and you wanna make sure when you are looking. On someone's Linkedin page four. A new employee that you find the right pit. Fit and that's why Linkedin is a great resource for that you go to job boards. You know what are you really find there when you post your job to job board your basically. Just throwing it out and it's a needle in the haystack kind of thing to try to find someone. To help and come benefit your business there's people looking for jobs due to find their best fit. But you're also trying to find the best fit for your company sold gold to a place where 70% of the US workforce is where people are going. With the intent to grow as professionals every day and look for new job opportunities and that is that linked. Nine of ten elected members are open into opportunities and yet most are not visiting job foresee can only reach them. I'm Mike did Linkedin jobs intelligently targets potential candidates based on. Insights of their behavior only did and the rich profile data which can't find on a resident at the skills. Recommendations or interest and even how open they aren't new opportunities like yours so your job gifts and fraud of the right people that's why. A new hire is made every ten seconds using ranked and Linkedin is the best way to find the person to help you rule. Grow your business. Ed to Linkedin dot com slash shock and Bart that is one word get a fifty dollar credit when you do sell towards your first job posting on Linkedin. That's Linkedin dot com slash chuck and barred for a fifty dollar credit Linkedin dot com slash chuck and Bart. Linkedin dot com slash chuck and bark. Now it's shocking way colors brew crew review brought to you by both turning beer Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer triads your nearest total wind location. And bipolar most king cheese pizza the ruler of great taste this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Came back up. Here's the body has about yell at us. And that base running play by Cain is flat out brilliant it really was and I'm nurses and you might that's. You knew exactly what he was doing I had no idea what he was planning on doing but it was amazing it really was. You talk about. See in the court and see in the floor as a basketball analogy but that's that's seeing the field and understand what's happened and is not to my captain that was incredible. This is a great heads up baseball player now saw of those freak plays you really don't see that very often. Now comes up just a few times a season probably for him to think about that and I got it done sum those up when Hasan stand like a step off the bag. What do you do when. And then you start obviously on the point so. Great plan as part and I think helped us get that when this special won't prevent put to rest recruits we've actually. You surprised simply moving Casey never actually happened Ford you have tonight was no news though it means Burris must work. Just a regular from the Brian Stratton college Atlantic studios Craig Counsell Cristian yeah Alex Lorenzo Cain who. That'd after yell it's in the lineup last night with Spain's leading off which allowed that to happen and we talked a little bit today frames above it. The most disappointing brewer Domingo Santana. Many Pena Orlando Garcia specifically offensively. Where is this team without yellowish and changed. Oh yeah well I mean if they can just get some help to. Smart base running there bites especially McCain. He saw that men over the window of opportunity get back to first base because a result. Ran home to cover hole which is the right thing to do by now he that he is it means it's. It was a terrific move that was botched up it was kind of a free play but the brewer Israel think of Angela Smart play by doubles two guys. At the top of the order contains an off last nicely drop came down to three polishing apples to root in in the duels to the top two or three you order your good to go out. Maybe you didn't miss salaried and hear the interview with Craig dishonor earlier today and maybe you're just tuning us and thinking well local sports I like this. We do a show for four hours a day and if you miss us live. You can listen to us on demand with our free podcast. At radio dot Tommy just search for chuck away Klerk you can subscribe to us. On iTunes. In their 1057 FM the fan back down so if you missed any of this. You can listen to it anytime you want the Craig cash on interview being one of them and I liked what he said earlier Craig with fox sports Wisconsin he said. You didn't just get Lorenzo Cain because how good he is a player. Yeltsin got him for the bring the experience he's a World Series winner he's a Smart baseball player and agent think he still 32. And you saw yesterday. Those little things this Smart as he has defensively. I'm the smartest CA as on the base path. That's what you got with Lorenzo Cain and that will just trickled down I think through the rest of the team. I mean you southern reaction in the dugout if you saw the TV broadcast. I can specifically remember Brent suitor in the shot and some of those other guys. Dale or bewildered and amazed that one of their own teammates figured out this plate Craig Counsell was amazed Christian yell it had to adapt on the fly. Such a big acquisition both of those two guys in the offseason and improved to be huge. Sonic team that he said because the space that this is on the fundamentally. They're terrible. For the most part they make some bad mistakes out there I mean wasn't what the last time. It actually had a sacrifice why I'd like to see where they aren't baseball source sacrifice flies. Getting their rhetoric I mean he could get the runner from third date they do a lot of things orally the or column. Somehow are not all the time but they do. They the most fun and only give the team but those two right there I think our our exception to that rule. So that's positive ID the negative side of that is there's been some guys that have been. Under performing we're asking you guys 7991250. Also that 1057 FM the fan. On Twitter who's been the most disappointing member of the brewers. Awesome sauce is his name on Twitter he tweets and free season Santana. Was the brewers' top favorite to win the NL MVP at fifty to one. OK where's that length and help pre season was and it's. And he barely a starting position. So this might have been pretty king LA it's. If you got any documentation and then I'd love to see you. All although he was I mean he hit thirty home runs last year he was expected to have a big year this year you know because remember they were gonna go into the outfield LeBron and that's the end. And Santana. And if there are so high and him warily trying to trade of all winner. Right ask yourself that which apparently. Other teams weren't I'm no on either they want in your to starting pitching and come they couldn't get it done. So in November keep him. Patty tweets and she says we forget how young RCA is. In a starting job on a team that was supposed to be rebuilding. He exceeded expectations and now we're expecting more from him that's not as disappointing as Santana. Who's up there every at bat he gets swinging it literally every while that's Arcelia. I mean what's she talking about that's arcing swing and everything. Defensively no problem but this late. Is approaches a play Hamburg go look at shot brother said to we're not expecting our soon to be a 270 guy brown expect him to be at 330 act. Even if he was sitting 240 right now it would go a lot further than all of you know around the 20199. Going into today's game. And that you don't know he's going to be the regular shorts blue color accuracy the whites who look like that it's even you are is back in there. Our themes is going to be back out there. On didn't play. I yesterday where he fits him. So this is the you know the massage go whoa who plays where now brawny and as you are two guys have been and part of your guys for the brewers. Audible on up last night just you know getting rests. I was hoping we would see a line up here before the end of the show also tuba see the last couple times you done this is started at 12 o'clock. Why does come earlier so they'll start to once and won ten games yeah. And Miller but still we've steel line and we probably don't become out right afterward off the year. Just like most now news does. Any prediction though we might see that in. On the I think we'll see the guys we NC yesterday so I think we'll see all who's pitching in a lefty. Montgomery. I don't know I I don't think we'll see hours since older. Yeah kind of funny feels he soaker today and Democrats behind the plate DM after nineteen. Probably crane inspector. Will seek hopefully we held for the end of the show because. I did and lineups and box scores until I was of our baseball porn to me I have the my notification says sleep with the starting line of any talent that Susan's released in me than usual 2 or 3 o'clock. Jagr Michael Orr served up by Perkins covered a lot of ground today not everything. We'll make up for that coming up Cody Grimm will be here. To go through that in just a moment. 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For new customers and for you guys this is exclusive deal to you guys listeners of the show new customers get five dollars off a Shea set. From a Harry's with the code Bart. BA RT Ares that count. Harry's dot com the code is Bart that means you get the starter set becomes the five blade razor. Weighted handle foaming shave gel and travel cover all for just three dollars. Plus free shipping when he used the code Bardot here exact there's no subscription. There's a 100% quality guarantee they stand behind their products. The guys that created hearings. So check it out here is that Tom the code is Bart join the millions and millions. All the guys who Marty switched gonna hairy sack count today he's code part of check out. To claim your office. Shall receive. He brewers tweeting out there lineup. For today's game. I'm not a lot of surprises really the guys that we're not in there. Are in their what they got it right though because our season a lot of check because the rent them came back the leadoff spot. In Satterfield yell legend rights. Which means brawn is in and he's in last. He's he's a yard first. Travis show off playing third and batting fifth. So that's a little bit different. In infrared is at second today about six aircraft is behind the play Garcia. As short sub batting. Eighth and then she seen. Will be during the pitching so no BR. No BR I mean Miller is still at eight spot I don't know deem them opt you movement's seven game a little protection. Is that too. Always been an eight now. Just got the pitcher behind and so they're really gonna give him nothing you know bottom up at least a spot you know while may be changes the approach of the guy on the mound though things the left the altar today. No and then you got Ron batting third. He's been an F five spot for awhile and doing well there are but they've gone brawn a gill our show off for the 345. But it is the lineup they're looking to win so it's not like a Sunday or getaway day lineup generally deal and congress. Chance to win a series against those kitchen. Cracked your mother crafts came Ellis brought a healer Shaw Perez crabs Garcia and she seen. That's what we missed we erodes. We talk of it was a little bit but big news here with the out deeper World Cup 2026. United States Mexico and Canada bid wins the vote. And believe the files going to be in New York City OK I have you ever at Soldier Field I would expect at least a couple. They can also play in Minnesota. There's an order play here. But maybe Chicago they did last time in 94. I think one of the openers might have been in Chicago's Soldier Field the no enhanced by the sword yet added that to. Odd they definitely did in 94 I just I'm not sure as the opener and I think it was. There's 36 teams in the World Cup that's hurts tomorrow. Or is a 3230. Something 32. And it's gonna go to 48. And I don't like that. Woke up search tomorrow. We brought it up for like thirty seconds earlier. And we got a lot of you guys tweeting us to stop talking about you got to get over all right we're just we don't go to look up shell hours talking about we can mention little miss the big deal of that is coming in itself is that is the big deals from the United States North America. You're getting get over if if if if if you hear soccer on the radio and yet you have to go tweaked the radio station right away. Look congrats on playing third string football in high school get over yourself. Wow you know I'm okay. Volleyball soccer rules second string back side good guy barked where's that guy. We can mention everything we can mention things that you didn't think you'd expect to be here you can turn on and second I can be breaking down IndyCar Racing now you still gonna sit there and enjoy it. But as you see if you hear the words soccer you got our knowledge of real sizzle Gary's all the station and tells the shadow copy sill Russell get over your staff when he more people do wrestling wrestling now. Yeah well we've tried tolerance and LC officer. Maybe and bodily guys this is there any rumblings ball pumpkin I guess. Pumpkin head is less a might have been his last you'll see fighting hurting got kicked. Yet destroyed by the worst kind you have to see on Saturday. Tallied again I was toying with them in Chicago. Yes in Chicago his whole puzzle Tom does that mean. Well there's an indie shows that this weekend Ali and Cody Rhodes show the real all they're not the September 1 on gull. Okay yeah this couple wrestling no well that's the rumor Cody Rhodes is not the wrestle this Cody Rhodes Dustin Rhodes kid now. Is putting on an independent event in Chicago that sold already. I think more than 101000 tickets which is. Really remarkable for an independent. Are wrestling operation nine WWB. The assumption is you may see punk return to wrestling. On the independent circuit in bad of okay. He's been talking a lot of crap about pro wrestling lately but we all know. That would be the best. Surprise if he came back to Chicago outside got a soccer wrestling and all your brains X and I don't think that he's not gonna commit the navy football. Does he do he did this that'd be the only ones muscles I'd make a comeback to debated now Vince McMahon always says never say never. That's for a something's every Irving says he won't sign a contract extension this summer financially it makes no sense that doesn't mean he won't resigning with the Celtics in just nineteen just both want map view channel samples of some other big boy team eventually. Now one of the other powers that be funny to see how lies all works out their boss and next year with him coming back here are coming back. Rosie here I mean at five. Use a flash in the pan but he's not a slouch by an announcement. Senator known more spurred her on come back again good team that it video will be favored to be one of the favorites in these two. Now Cody another Celtics thing here are very oriented agent Rosen nor skew the Boston Celtics made an offer to the spurs require letter prior to the deadline. Or they gonna get no we noted that the offer was not released by worlds but the spurs Odyssey turned it down and they do not. Offer any return before were of these of the February deadline yes okay. You just say the lakers and sixers have emerged as interested parties and Whitewater. Box and any interest. In the box is different and these guys that's sort of fleeting every team should have interest not the locks now. Maybe don't damages and why what you know. He's got to have donated source of these owners you know there flesh last year there while you know they wanna go there and think they wanna be on some like I'm sure they'd love to what you know that it takes two to tango and a coding was the last time we brought up Reggie Bush on a show. All he had you hear about the energy slush Reggie. She suffered a season ending knee injury back in 2015 UCL a concrete ring just front of the field at that it certainly does that Sylvia. To pay bush four point 95 million. Happens is Terry damages and seven point five million in punitive damages so to twelve point five million accord to Saint Louis post dispatch. A lawyer for the rams said they way you plan to file a motion for a new trial. I've always thought that. When these players are running out of bounds. You'll see that slippery ring right by the the syrup by the the stance clear is always slipping and stuff. Probably a lot from them. While that it cost of rants tall point I don't dollar bus that was only a matter time was that. Now there's curriculum so way to part of the city I believe the week prior someone else sort of fell on that too. The rams and doing about it bush I mean that really ruined his career. Besides him just not being very good. Now I can add a good career and they're college players though again as a measure that hurts so. Told point five million hey I'm out so man I'm putting out another podcast today. Yeah I did not stick to sports. A tactic getting curt Smith. Recent new conservative radio in this town hurdles though the author yes OK he wrote a book on politics and baseball. Yeah the combination of the two in of people markers and if he gets very political I don't OK you guys smokers just here's Roger Goodell is down apart some. All right you're used to write speeches for George H. W. Bush at the midday show its own apps and be out at noon today. My attack with curt Smith. Hash takes stick to sports frames coating were back tomorrow at six.