9am - What adjustments do the Bucks need to make in Game 2?

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, April 16th
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed the adjustments that need to be made heading into game two.

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Oh yeah. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. James Crichton College athletics. JC's chuck it way cooler. On sports Radio One 057. It's just you wait let's check Freeman. I'm borrowing blurred. January. 93. Tony eighteen as the snow continues to fall throughout. Wisconsin you know it's bad here in the Milwaukee area but I I could imagine. 28 inches of snow. Well Hillary cannot nor. It Green Bay that area and Schwab and I'm. Sean are the most at thirty inches at its cruel. It's cruel now and the fact that it continues to snow all in on top. Of them. Like to tennis is they get overnight Friday night green bank they do expect that they thought was most be green and then. Saturday that they get anyone really expects to oranges now. But yet that is the snow on Saturday morning you up and it's like they're figuring. And also and so. Snow came and although may have more snow and more stoic just wouldn't stop rove caved in our hotel there yeah. That tackle battle side and fellow over. I don't I don't I think in Oneida somewhere in Green Bay driving around you know agreement tackle bells that an idea of the humans as well Oneida. There's some but I drive around Austin father Michael to replace the heat. Everything's closed out not I mean nothing. Yeah off the barker is there and argue appeared do you ever remember that happening I don't never ever seen. And without the entire town was shut down. Nobody could get to work. Nor did you know anyone especially. It is shouted down yet and as fox valley really bad the further north you went specially in two Appleton and Green Bay so kind of pouring salt into the wounds of this weekend that was the weekend sports burst out to a three to the Mets the red hot mats lost a couple of one run games now. Well more on that the sour and then the bucks game you know the Bucs have an opportunity. To. Knock off number two seed and team in Boston and injured two seat and you do I think they were they brought this up on the TNT broadcast that BA was out. It could there in fact be more pressure. On the books this series is Boston loses they have an excuse and and if they win. That's another great coaching job and Brad Stevens but the Bucs lose it's like. It's is running in place longer years yeah yeah. Walt this'll be what 81 round twelve losses of around eight or 91. Round playoff losses and a role for these guys have a lot of playoff series since 2001. That's terrible. That's terrible under any kind of warship that's terrible. This is what excites me though about the NBA format I and I why I like the seven game. Series because this does have the potential to go seven and you've already seen it did chippy. In game one would Marcus Morris and Tatum actually stepped down yon is at the end of the game there when you got us. It was called for six follow on that on. And yet you judge Janice is not happy William. Does the free throw. And he you know he and got a little over aggressive there he thinks it wasn't a foul I don't know that's debatable. The Ottawa first jump ball. Should have been probably a fault. And that one may be shouldn't have been but either way he got a six. The teams are gonna have bad blood and that's that you get after seven games and each. Each chapter builds more and more and I am excited to see if there are adjustments you remember last year against Toronto. There was a big adjustment that doing Casey made they've surveillance units out. Didn't play as many minutes and Norman Powell who didn't play much up to that series and really has not played much this season at all. He was the star of that series they found what they needed to be that team they were playing. And where you were wondering what is that for the blocks what do they need to do differently. To beat the team that they are playing in the celtics'. They need yeah honest play at a high level which he did yesterday. What he's he's got to put the team you know great players can put team has been actually try to yesterday but he's gonna need some help to. Well guys that are great game Chris Middleton I can't say enough depth things about his play yesterday but the only because of the honest. Evils free throws ostriches get it every preacher you just get a hit every free throw and and it's a that might be asking a lot but still can't. Miceli he had to cut the line ball. It was going to be automatic 3513. And seven I'm not even a great game but I synagogue got a guy on this whole show without bringing up okay late freaked slowest of which one the I think he missed on purpose to get the ball bag that he not. No he missed two free throws so but still lingering game. Elvis Knowles got what are still can play better. Because notes is that this is a microcosm of the entire season it's been four for Tony. I'll Bledsoe I thought was rotten. And you know Jabari. Won a five for fifteen points and pour all around for two more. Number 991254. On 47991250. Let's make some adjustments guys we got to win game two let's go to Michael on the sell side with some might. And I you're very down on him. Now I'm gone you know what might be sent Larry King. All blocked translation yet be the way to play yet they. Bomb people I watched bought them every game you guys should be used you know they're not re in upper 3000 colonel Burt. Let don't let go knock a player like he played the record it they eat it last night. There's no way you when you are now he went their bench eager to see the looking at I click on the comment you guys next game. You know applaud our. They yon if he does not that's what he does every night arm it up and had a huge game that the huge rock like he did and yet they don't. And you are welcome joy Al Horford about the barker immediate and turnovers and not current rebound I mean we've been seeing had all year you know and didn't. You don't either better than anybody not a good with kids that are you know it's yet it is what it is. If these rebels 5050 balls. Bulls are battling around us like cod to self rescue of every one of those. And when you see more do a little slaughtered yet read blogs or players or if they're looking at it. And it covered up agreement need to ponder right back but no one boxer out on it dean made but by now by. He's not doing anything or that you need and you bring your green baker or the coaching staff. You would think campaign in we'll begin Barack pot the mount an offensive rebounds made them down. Down low more I just don't be I just don't see what they're doing what they're big mean in practice it. Well thought out as the implant anymore you know we won't see on this here and honoring the nets don't that's a whole different issue and he was a big part of the series and throw last year disappointing that a lot of miss the point season to step backwards this year for you know with the Morris thing for anybody that. Like economy because I enjoy the sport of soccer. A gay flop too much. Hell hole. Marcus Morris. Marcus Morris flop more than I've seen anybody flop and sacker in years now of the mets' number and that's the thing in the MBA too. Not only once and he just like dole now. He's a very easy guy to now this light quickly without a doubt. Without them I agree we got tied up with Parker one time it stripped the ball away any. Gets that angry face and tossup his chest bump my nine here right here discriminate the TV on me now you know I did not. Ricky bubble has I think it ticked off and I drove your house to break your bubble feels you have only time we got pissed off really. Was when. Let's salute recover on the three shot by rosier. But. Mean they turned the ball left to right the star safety and I thought they came all the good attitude started games strong. You know finish the first quarter horribly rebounded the second quarter at least playoff games you're gonna have ups and Dow specially for this team. You know they'd they day they ride the highs the lol. This is this just you just never know what to expect from the small keyboards Steve. Herbs on the south side. What suburb 7991250. What a potent in. It's votes in I think. They have the upper hand on the coaching. Is on you seem overwhelmed. We sell it a budget in Q looking at mile of them are on Pluto like he was this order like he was sick like he is their ecology. And had to think that adjustment that he made he distance making adjustments the rev one point in the fourth quarter wherein all of it say he and that. And nobody reported that the passes and I just think it's player selection are so let Satan and that's what. Bad habits of departure in the game. Because he recorder he you know greater don't start go to fast it is Chrysler has. The guy that picked up from Minnesota. I mean he doesn't play any defense that incorporated home. Chart and go to the back in that respect we have outscored those guys a couple of other. Check on defense so space that we ethical its effect on the offensive end and were and the Internet on Iraq flail but. While he was an active yesterday and I don't they probably won't use him. Yeah a commitment on that few peoples credentials they sit there at lucky gets on the run if it can't keep what went so. Form or that I would like he'll line up or locked in or less so young and has. Middleton. And Ari and I wouldn't. Not strong enough let's eat more athletic and it says remember cup without incident got on in the east and he went out and lost the quality and I've played like somebody knocked out of the band's old sitcom the indicate. And don't. And that's what might not allowed. We have a thought as were stuck Thon plays NL's best ball he's got boxing gloves on. At a time can't handle basketball and I don't know what the deal and that is by a really up ball. It's like he's judo boxing all Boson or the ball gets to him and suddenly it's got vastly about it as he hit it give Everett can't make it clean catch. He cannot he cannot catch a basketball I don't know what it is marathon is to advance. 7991254. On 47991250. The boxes and nearly had game one. They're going to have to make some adjustments moving forward if they're going to win the series he can win game two bark they should win game two while a ball. You know they're a better team than what this loss than to Boston's good treatment bosses still. Mean did you take that back. They have better talent can't block out and plays better as a team very young that's on same yeah yet city should win because. You know Boston's we fear the wrong night but if you get those type of efforts. The box come off the same mall way I mean boss is going again. All twenty times swap the coaches who what's the scored a save bucks when by ten. And I don't think this game came multiples to sell I mean there's there's a mentality. We deal from Boston that you play defense first yup. And I think of Brad Stevens had this team for a full season Joseph printed the Celtics. But it uses what is ideologues and that the bucks on the injured LeBron when he points Croshere 23 or for 24. Team of nineteen worst one are you get depth of production of the game two levels guise of so there at the new went 7991250. Checker like on offense. Brian strait college athletics videos right to ban him deputy if you're looking to buy a home whether your first. Or last. Punt again and deputy online ad deputy got down GSM mortgage equal housing. Lender all right guys you're the coach your. Joseph old friend the pretty boy Joseph front teeth if that's you what adjustments are you making going into game 27991250. Check wink or. On the fan. They'll spit at the turnovers and start Rick there we twice turnovers that's tough to overcome specially Amro to. You know army honest moat and a strong game hopefully get them out of Middleton. And better performances from your supporting staff. I mean if you that was like the best Middleton can play he played so well just to match that level. Is a big ass and you just didn't won't been so that when a game. And not suck well why does say. His shot is like an all time NBA great shot and it will be forgotten. In the history of the NBA off because we lost that game differently announcing Wednesday with Becky Emmett goes Don box war. I know. Goes on NBA low in the box were better team but they lost 7991250. Schuyler is on the are side Skyler how we're going game to. Okay now. They were known as well Obama coax this one of them. What the law I'm I'm honest with. Presenters and around our economic and I'm not activate on his that he knew would go to court. Mr. Palin's level you know in this blog don't get that money. Yeah now I argument over who recently it's realistic options that I got angrier go down. David I may I did an equitable split among four. And I would dilute it with Tyler Zeller and what what we let them play in the middle because of the. These are long gone. On yeah. Yeah aren't do we still have the bullies on the team all others that Indian and he. Let it slip what you did and at what went well over. Oh and then go up and I went so well did weird man no he didn't yet know here and he played well no they're gonna say the body. And that guy summer right. All right so in activate and then. Do you not find formally whatever diner he's been saying you know I don't like comedy as the book's got to apply only other got a wobbly and Zeller yet the bad ones some of the they got the run to each later. All right so which you you know I mean this it was a stellar starlet is not one has an active for enhance the death that's unrealistic keys. He's here. He's here for the long term. Yet that at that now that's my dad on Plummer had thought he was gone for some reason. A singer the other one point 7991251. Charlotte won Madrid at the Charlotte the other one that John Hammond signed for some reason. What a dumb move Ellis yet John Hammond. I said wait too many nice things about him laws right now yup back then I was trying to tell your terminal statue might though c'mon. He's put the Steve little little hole. Yeah I forgot that he hands out for years forty million dollar contract that their candy at a parade. 799 trophy of the deep bot is in bay view seventy dot. Thought on guys quite quite a gamer. Yesterday afternoon. It sucked. Yeah I agree but and other windows based book and I knew the conversation. Benching Jabari for the rest of the series. A player right now that's that's not the answer to winning the series. Just because he had one bad game and fifteen minutes and as you know pretty much first playoff appearance. And I mean I look at that and you got you is that you're given the chance to really didn't do a group redneck and proud of that stuff about hot yesterday that he. Look what happened that haven't that happy really heated up and what do you value to the team meanwhile are on the bench talking now about that are running around a particular that I cut off. You know. I'd adult I don't in the value in Tony Snow anymore he has a good Robbie Bach 44 million dollar. That was a big mistake in the box at title for your support and our Jason Kidd had a big hand man to. Does it love Tony Snow. And the argument for him at what that is indeed he noted three point red green good good. It beat yes. All of them wartime. Although Cassidy deflect the ball eighties but never actually get this deal and then you know the sub exodus out of the end of the other. Three rebounds go right past them we're Jabari to market those results right. A good apart argue. That pony now or even John tenth in the ever give you more value than what you by the Virginia court. Well. And not give him any benefit of the doubt or any chance. And then if your somebody like me. Or chock that say anything even remotely defense of a Jabari. Like he's got a superstar potential or. I don't think he was as bad as people are saying when they want to mention for the series. Then because they hate him so much they project on to people that defend them. That were fan boys and that were taking money too yeah enhanced Jabar he's dad. Alex yeah he's got. He's got talent he's got ability. And he could be a great player obviously an all star in the ST league we know that. I mean for people with just give up on him. After last night and to sit the bench and that's that's going a little extreme you know he could also be though. He can also be. I was thing in this yesterday. He can also be the next Michael Beasley. All hell number two overall pick no floats around the league now. Eases pain and asks. Yeah I've seen Beasley. And there's a reason why abuses photographed TV and Jabari. What a better person and Beasley will ever be. Images Loper but I mean person like an NBA career standpoint. Now well I mean he's this floating around because people return exact. Jabari doesn't have that diversity guy. Jabar is a pretty good person from Alltel also from people who've told me. A good teammate he wants to be here. If it is same thing about. Beasley. I'm saying and number two pick. Spent three years on his first team floater Ronald that now now I don't know what the future holds for Jabari. I see Jabari getting signed with another team and having a very good career. Maybe she's not gonna work in Milwaukee I don't know. Yeah yeah be disappointed if gimmick working I understand and I agree in yesterday you know it's tough to see your mother for fifteen minutes and really not have an impact on the game. It's tough to see that I don't know why that's starting. I would have started him in the rotation. In March or even sooner. After he got his legs back under for two weeks but they never even tried that so we don't know what it looks like. We also we know what Jabari Parker starting in this lineup would be we don't know Zain do it. So why not. The Bucs had like four weeks of the regular season where you knew there are gonna get in the playoffs. And there has kind of coasting. So experiment a little bit. There was no threat to the bucks are gonna miss the collapse at any time the matter how much you talk yourself into thinking the pistons were good. The boxer and a bag conference where. You know they're not better than the Denver Nuggets but the Denver Nuggets are a better conference. The Bucs got in the east they were always going to get in the east. Should have experimented a little bit now here we are trying to throw stuff at the. Walter and beat the Celtics. The most injured team all time while I don't know that's brought against the wall it's if you have tail on this team. Figure out a way to make it work. I think they try it and they've. Tried different combinations. But. No they can't sustain any success. We've played that's one thing they could come out. Tuesday night in just light it up until way they could I would be spread became wait fifteen point win but then again on the other hand. They could just come out and turn the ball over like you that Sunday in. Down 02 coming back deliberately set yet. I don't think there's one outcome of that game on Tuesday that would surprise me know if that's a abut deaths if they won by forty if they lost by forty minutes one be surprised are literally both sit there while got blown out is disliked Hamas. You better than 7991254. On 47991250. How do you win game two what adjustments do you need to make. Generally clear on the fact. Those part of our plan to cut the wall and into the false sense of security. Never attack the paint just throw it to the other team and let him score whenever they want we thought maybe I would Wear him out. Turns out it didn't look like a good plan so we had to readjust make those hard halftime adjustments. Brad Stevens a little Greg Popovich and there. Chuck and went for served up by Perkins. I've got that controversial to say now. I'm tired of great confidence. Tired of losing his all acts well. Yeah I think it's clear we are all ten years ago I was. Him commenting on political races him out. But you know that's our fault I don't know I don't know I don't mind went out coaches are outspoken like that I do welcome that what I don't like is. Just him being sarcastic the reporters all the time always acting like he's the smartest person on earth. All shoving off the halftime interviews now. He is a jerk and he's made a career of being a jerk but he's a lovable jerk. Not enough he's a jerk really but I life but that's his that's his persona that he's crafted and we're all like if anyone else doesn't Gregg Popovich does remanded them but it has pop or like that. It's as well I. You know what demy you know. I never agree with you more on anything yeah the map right there are great so bright I even I get tired of doing the same thing. What is steepest that while he was kind of. Those part of our plan to kind of all men to a false sense of security never attack the paint just throw it to the other team and let him score whenever they want we thought maybe I would Wear him out. Turns out it didn't look like a good plan so we had to readjust make those hard halftime adjustments that the death but the but he's not always. I guess you hear a question as to. But on the but he's not he's Stevens is always mean the times he's come here. And his in his days with while he's always been great deal 791250. Uses teams one that was just a quick aside here a lot fan I don't like popular up top I'm tired deal popping net. You know it comes audience wondered because he knows in the media. Yes were questioned and he has one or two word answers it's like he knows better than emails he just likes. Jerker problems. Any other coach does that they get. Alia tortoise like you laugh well you guys pop is about Damian on the north side what adjustments are we make it in the game to Damian. We definitely greens are call. On the outlook toward them saying about it I want to book all season on the season ticket holder are located. I don't look the way they're playing its two reasons why Dave been plagued the way. So random losses the blowout. Those two day are two different being consultants. Of the install. It's. The two adjustment that they could make. Also would you go after the note our planet could Mohammed and playing experiment ground ball to go guys bring their intensity. Every minute that they play. And they played defense DOD golfer Luke ball. You know figure rebounds so even the time when. India and let's be completely honest some guys don't plea deal I'd but those guys always bring intensity. And in a playoff situation. You're not gonna win a game without intensity you know so a lot of those hit the ball we would normally do it. We're not eating and honestly I I can't understand why don't mail. They're not only Spartan but planet markers here. His smile is I don't because the sixers center there. Hello guys like that. Is supposed to do sub levels things are talking about their bodies not that I mean if he's not play any defense. Held good dizzy. You need your whole team to basically take on the persona of yeah honest with five fouls still diving over people. For a possession you need to have intensity in the playoffs and the Bucs do lack that and that is something against jamario I get it. That's something against a lot of these guys you know they need to. Have the intensity. The Celtics did if we get a guy like Marcus Morris. Could you even imagine they hope now. While I mean the three years with the same net all the way back to when Kmart was in the league. You know at Kmart replace Kmart playoff series is like boy the parks only had a key mark or guy like yet they never half. They try to get a guy like debt has never worked 7991250. Let's get two Lonnie who do enforcer in walker shall it's outlining. Good guys doing. All right. Yeah. Armed and during that. And that. The bucks. Need they need that type player different engines was when you've got four. Of that kind of person that. Have a confident that we can win again when that when when. When you get very worked in the end that's arguable the two groups Grand Mosque or in overtime but it did they came back out in May play. Like OK we moved to shame. It you know attitude that no there's no why are well I don't know quite Arnott not it can't do that I'm not the type where young gun ourself well. And they should still have to Alamo. I don't know you know I'm Doug and simply he came back what you're not what did he can play a little. If you demand he answer. All work but let me let me get attitude and it wasn't content oracle will. You'd victory let's go to assumed the two. The hoax. What is with these guys it would Bledsoe Middleton yeah honest rocked him and Parker as a core five right there. You shouldn't we shouldn't have to be worried appropriate bag ready genetics the best down the Bucs have had in a long time. But. Not producing wind so there's a producing winds because they're not playing always together and it's just maybe it's a bad chemistry mix or whatever but assist. You know has been too many times we're sitting here mark on the next morning saying. Gosh they get of 183 pointers to Brooklyn or LE blew an eighteen point lead to New Orleans where. Two times. Now all I I must say too many times I've been saying the Bucs are gonna win of first round playoff series since January. And I banged out a few things and by adding that brought in coming back. So that would. I've been dining out this elevating his game and willingness team towards a series victory he did did as much as he could. And then I banked and a few other things that that haven't been happening yet Jabari at thought he'd be a little better than he was yesterday. Anti EC more Dell of adult though he didn't play. Milton I'm very super I mean he is a lot of credit Prius a two and then I thought we'd see. A less unselfish Bledsoe. And we haven't. And if they don't win the series right now I point to Eric Bledsoe on the turnovers. And will soon Evans Tuesday that one game at a. Books with sewer we stand. At the other week editing and have to bring some of these things don't get corrected. Well then again at the is the spam some of these guys and you know move forward and get the right pieces are around young Yana stops to to win now. What a playoff series is he's a little failure. What loin first Bard's big breakfast or the buck season. Parts big breakfast now extended through. April 30 well. Are now aren't so in the series did you produces. Steady and good shot the went Bard's bigger breakfast 799. At any greater Milwaukee area Perkins. Three eggs three bacon three sausage 32 pancakes to French toast and hash browns again for just seven dollars and 99 cents. You get three eggs dyed your way three pieces of bacon three sausages to pancakes two pieces of French toast and hash browns. This has been big success a lot of you guys have gone and get this I I think it's great. Then there's this much food for aid box that you can have for breakfast and really as we learned last week early suited frames. Not really be hungry there today knowing that we're not mean we're not trying to hide the fact this is a lot of food and you may be driving away. With that you know that that top belts out the knot she bit the loosen a little bit her on buckle that top nine year. Your your pants. I'm working with Perkins I think wrenching to sell pants now at the start zone like elastic band doubles we elect pregnancy pants. And they'll give instead of high society Monday at a B maturities could include maternity closed Monday it is by society money free slice of pie. After eleven chuck irregular on the fan. Now it's chuck winters brew crew review brought you by by offering beer. Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer riot at your nearest total wine. Michael echoes can cheese pizza. The roar of great tastes that this is the only station brewers fans needed sports Radio One 057. Keep you updated out now the brewers' weekend win as well the brewers. Lose Friday night a one run loss to the Mets they do get the win. On Saturday 51 just haters first career save it too loud save. The brewers first since Carlos Torres did a couple years ago. But in the fall yesterday. To the Mets in the another one run games are still. Tight games for the most part for the brewers they've now got the reds for three game set today. And the reds coming here at two and thirteen. Which. You go into New York against good Mets team that's only lost once up and they've played them in your life. Now you ought to claim because how hot they are within. On the other side that you don't wanna play the reds because how bad they van and you think they've got a turnaround just please not this week. Well they've lost date the role theater dining room here Euro 22 at thirteen. And got Miami later this week in my hand is a much better these days now and Jeter's bat he's has these guys got to try harder and yes sold off everybody saudis and us. Sold off Ozuna sold off yell it's what do you expect. But you get Stanton. Yet to bed to argue that hopefully I will do their. A seven game home that I'm hoping for fight to unexpected sweep the homestand. Brewers aren't there yet to do that or just toughen baseball who have been eagle. Five and two on this homestand. As degree. All right too bad. Take a five and two of pressure to define and it does win series split series. But this week against two bad teams that maybe scratch another winner take two or three from the reds and take three or four from Miami. The union Thursday. Tonight we are back at it with the on deck show that's coming your way at 6 o'clock he blames farm and fleet. A post game to follow. Are on deck standings continue we send people to the park every day for an interview my currently we have interviewed as a station. Matt Albers twice. Randy Woodruff once and Jacob Barnes wants so we've cornered the market on pitchers yes. White pitchers. Now we need to bomb. Spans the position players here you know we need to meet more diverse senator idexx show. Player's position players in general. You know. Will see you who's down there to ninety you know those bill Schmitz. RIA what protects the norm I've heard back from him he's obviously. Yeah he makes a point to sleep through our show until or does the easily sold he's not a I would doubt it. Started right clearly are sir if he's ever odd that this time he still up from the night before. Because he has text me at like 6:30 ones in the morning he had assaults comment that something here I'm okay very he had not gone to bed. Jagr Michael Orr served up by Perkin Isabel Michael that next tended to wrap things up coming up. Restaurants and bakeries a couple of contest. You can still enjoy here this morning brewers take its use the hash takes CW tickets are going to get to. Saturday night's game. We complain about the snow a little bit on the show today so. You get the opportunity to do that as well your least favorite thing in the last 48 hours no wise. That 1057 a from the venues that hash takes CW tickets. And now all bus tickets game three at the Bradley Center we're giving away a pair of tickets. Sign up at 1057. FM the fan back down here. Huge huge huge catch though. They don't of the game with me. So sigh haven't won a finals. Evan FM the fan if you look at him as a negative for people are positive well it depends season catch well at the patents I think there's a lot of people that. Would like to you know pick my brain a little bit and I'd love to meet them and you know you get the have a nice time a free game and directory not immune formal time no now but there's a lot of people that. Truly despise me in ways beyond my wildest of imagination so is a free playoff game enough to entice them to. Go with someone they truly truly hate I guess we'll find out based on how many people sign up. You know why I have problem my TV set might I think my wanna Lance is burned out. And I could watch a game and I saw you post a picture I don't even know how you can see that IKEA socks and of course somehow somebody. I put that on Twitter and somebody told me like what a whole person I am. That that's why can't trigger my TV set. Let's but that's the it's idiots who is a correlation between I don't don't unity of exactly. I mean it's true I just thought not a god but I just like men not to submit a personal worst sportscaster in the state no I mean we've all heard some say your TV is a myth clearly Linear and that's the reason why TVs hours. And I like good luck without that Cody grant the other voice here. Our producer Cody what do remiss on the show today James Harden last night 44 points in the rockets 104101. Win over the T wolves the one verse eight match. Just dominant yet guys were fused let this team lose last night. Pace of a couple of challenges and now he got it done. Well yes was also that way but. The thing with the goddess is the league actually calls files on him. Where is James Harding can do whatever that only wanted anytime Jim never gets that charging call against them no he never does how many files via last night to. Tommy 41 minutes James started only had two files but how much he controls the ball now okay. Tony. Placer other pacers looked a cast and LeBron is 21 game first round win streak into the first time in his career. He loses a game one in round one. Now while. Still think we'll have a comeback to win their series I'd be surprised shocked if the other boy's feet. He doesn't win this first round playoff civilian the major heads rolling in Cleveland he doesn't get it done. Jeff Green Tony seven minutes all for 70 for three from 30 point out this see this this cast around LeBron. Sprite or worse its debt and they don't play Tristan Thompson neither will they bought and their attitude. This tritium tosses doing some things off the court probably is as a union going to his games what do you tell me that tie lose like that can that carry dashing fan or some. Could be daily cheat on Chloe yeah. But in the most heavily baby yeah. Dresses up there. You may after with the color for women. Well amen I mean so I think that tyra tie Lou is probably a little bit of a cover occurred in machine for them he must me. And it is like as of now blues players do want to them. Cody. Simon nine baseball last night astros' first Rangers park told Cologne and Justin Verlander both of them works as phenomenal colonial a perfect game through seven innings. And is the first time the opposing pitchers and let live ball era combined for eighteen plus strikeouts and two or fear hits allowed. You know what a was pulled for Bartolo last night that worked and on my phone and howls at 444 stories every 44 but. You know that's debatable people they keep my field and didn't really think that the Bartel could be older than sixty. Almanac that'll. But you know big push in port fifty. I'd like to be called Bartolo. Keep Dolan and keep producing we change that. Bartolo when he Claire Bart Bartolo. Weekday morning six that and we do you have. And each in with a switch and the sleep on it but I think like that well that's you know you can control that you can do that chuck and Bartolo. I can do them. I like that speak a couple of different languages. And all almost pass. Love diddley a Taka. Cody this happened Friday but we did not talk about today Dez Bryant released by the cowboys of course that was released right after that news DR right after we get off the year as does every. Part of a news solemn over the slow entree so yeah Dez. It did you know this is Jerry Jones called supposedly they wanna pay him they wanted was some salary cap relief. And we'll see where he ends up okay natural question do you want me Green Bay and we you know you Ira little talked about this couple weeks ago to. Mom when the rumblings first came on a ball that. You know I've said. It's you haven't seen many teams win with a diva receiver they just. A coach killers. And with that said. Its production has come down but it will we be intrigued about a particular do how much did you pay him. Mary and seventeen mil had priced out about five. I gimbal theatre nine. I would I don't know hours ago now he followed alleged Houston Texans on answer well he says he wants to stay in the division because it's personal with him. Well you know what he controls if he would they be who you know he behaved himself well to that. Subtle sign with the Redskins Sutter teammate tried twice and then the other fourteen games of this you're looking at the calendar via. Yeah it's not repaid Cody Josh Gordon recital of the browns. There right right Cody. They knew his son of wrestling world as everyone loves we talk about this John seat and Nikki bella split up Alice that now why. He proposed to her at last wrestle mania OK and they buried them is to get to that moment in the ring out okay and now. They're not getting married. Was blockers that big of a hit this weekend I don't think so. The spews like is coming up movie Curtis Jerry's gonna take the next step in his career built like that Macs are wreck tomorrow at six on the fans.