9am - Worst and Five, Bets, BCS

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, November 21st
Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck, Bart, and Cody gave their picks for 'Worst and Five', made some bets, and Bart shared his Bart Caller Standings.

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I. No show can we blurred. Lie is a from the brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them those fans are going. Served up by her. And faith series that's every minute I'm borrowing and our officers thought every. Packers Steelers this weekend. What did the Packers have in store for us is fourteen point dogs. After getting blamed by the ravens. On Sunday we're joined on the great mineralized think hotline by a hacker news dot com's Erin Adolor Aaron is somebody who Twitter has kicked off. Before but they've let the big gun. They let him back on but I thought last night I was thinking what's it to lead that could get me kicked off a Twitter so I don't are. I issued one out there and I play. Hackers Tony six Steelers Tony I draw. I'm still I'm sure there is I'm on I'll. Sign off on the order on it almost responded that it came out. Existence they in today. He he's he's going I'm not I'm alleged on this one out gotta wonder. It got a I there's no there's no state when he's rolling downhill snowball headed for hell the thing you do wanted to raise the that I can do. He's he's on the road and outside I learned a long time ago so. He's gonna die but we always like to say Diane fall almost warden. Where Diane that I don't know what do you say Bart Diana. I'm not and then got an. Yeah trying to help is Mike currently doing the same thing with only these days it finished in continuing need to get behind his guy. Yeah I think it a little bit of that I thought my colleague at air project and Pete Doherty. Put a pretty well this morning. It would keep up a packed news.com. Explaining why are the essentially they currently on hour. You know he he's put he's clearly made it but you know very obvious. It's been an acquittal looked over and over again yet three years invested in the young man. And I don't think restart is announced that you can just throw away that investment. I know what's frustrating goodness knows it's hard to watch. Nobody could have his ups and downs a lot more down the moment. But McCartney and its crew and I think you know organizationally. This is their philosophy of the draft and develop archer at our time and time again well they're rapidly they've developed in the they're continuing to develop them. Eighty to the detriment of the rest of the team but you know aren't that is their plot in a there does that Wear and he would've been interesting to see what would have happened had they brought in some kind of veteran when Roger who's initially hurt or not at all season that they've gone that route. But its weight or weight at that time now they are there in with our lead in opinion. You know I'm not surprised Mike stuck with him through the entire game I would have thought. Our media would have made a switch and ravens but the fact it wants is you know and Huntley. There's no coming back and that stuck with Callahan and you know you're bound your third quarterback you're essentially. Almost punting and he's in the so. I I know you're kind of a hard spot and he can only work will be given by about you know there was pretty ugly it is split off and all Sunday at Lambeau Field. -- meg there Packers news.com joins us Tuesdays at nine here on a fan the right so for my eighth. Back to make tweet Gonzales talk while myself. On both Pakistani sixty or Sony threes I treated there it these last couple games. There's ban turning points early. There was the gamer Mike Daniels had that stupid penalty. And then they can it costs them and in the whole course of the game change a thing that happened again against Baltimore I wonder how this game turns out Sunday. If hunley doesn't throw that first interception in the red zone this should have been a winnable game because as bad as the Packers offenses. Airing the ravens are terrible. I don't know how they have an eye when they're they're bad on offense. They're offense is hard to watch as well that. That's what's so hard to stomach when you look at how that he senses you know play winning football. Against yet admittedly a bad offense but the fact they couldn't generate any offense and I agree. Somewhat. That you know that pastor and possibly be a little further out there any debt that got seven knock them. Maybe it's a little different but I don't think all of these same issues would be there with Brett on and they often. I'm I don't think you know Beck completed absolute magically wiped away all the bad decision making the war arms strength. And it'll look at the roster ale on pocket for no reuse and all those things are still out whether he scores they're not so. You know it yacht it may have changed the tenor of the game allow it. I don't think you're still based in the same issues and to meet the real curious part of it. Was McCarty game plan coming in that game was clearly to try and work the ball downfield against one of the best secondary in the leak that made no sense to. There seems to be something there with Conley this is what I was trying to. It's a target explain an idea why McCarthy. Wants to go download this thing because there at times. Especially connects a Dovonte there's there's some talent there but there's also there's so many mistakes means is. Whether he's staring guys down or just quickly retreating. Or. It did I did demeanor I think there's a demeanor problem. I don't understand. That's my question. That I'm I get there but I don't understand is my quite. Important barrel and it went. I can't I can't even but I I'm I'm getting I'm throwing the ball away on third down in this question like Brett Conley does on third and. And I love it now I understand what you're saying it I you know the community your anatomy are always gonna railed against are we and my Twitter feed on Sunday. Till the people who are that about. I'm Lee's demeanor but like yourself though I I think that. I don't buy Airbus dumb thing. Now I'm head of the way I don't like let's just isn't. Incidents at times they have no confidence no passion that doesn't feel a lot and heck would you have any competent or action playing up willing I sure wouldn't. I mean. I can't what you're saying oh as far as. You there are occasional there are it is they're you can you can make him throw a new perk up and think OK all right there's something northwest. But there are so many negatives there additional many bad plays there's so many times where the structure of the often it's fine. He does something to kind of you know. You what whether he's running out of the pocket whether he's looking at the rush you know what you're making a a bone headed throw your position there's always seem to be dumping on nearly every play crisis in the and we in the passing game. Where you know if your quarterback you can at least plain wooden structure. You're gonna fall you've gone up all art and that's what happened repeatedly on Sunday and so that's. And I Mike McCarthy got his work cut out 100 characters in note. I find it hard to believe that everybody in the parent organization are on page with this decision. To go with calmly as a backup quarterback to begin with. Yeah I've looked up what are we are raining you're at Lambeau we are now you know it's funny. I didn't think is you know treat them all back what you're talking about or are better organizational flock to see well who set a flop it up at our. You know Mark Murphy isn't as anything used that football and Ted at C should. We don't get to talk to you know what I can hear from Ted until. February combined Mike McCarthy left now we'll watch twisted out of that in the back. You know I'm sure McCarthy would like to have had to return brought in a back problem with a flat poppy I'm sure he'd like look at the veteran can't have a huge stat. And he has the game we'll all. And I am in a level especially let. Do you spoke with what he's been given by general manager and now he have to answer for all the problems ball issue short on the but aren't we probably aren't I his design. I cannot heal from hurt in LA because. You know that in most likely could have gone out this offseason and gotten some kind of veteran back people and we're. Build up every off season what are they signing guys aren't they signing of veteran back up the metrics such a well you know now that they've played their states and Brett Conley and they're gonna download that ship. -- regular Packers news.com on Twitter at Erin angler. Defensively. I mean they were much better and now they held the ravens to. 43 points when the ravens had great field position throughout the game so her rave but Joseph Flacco is not good so who cares. Did defense. It's just it's it's still a problem with this pastor at rush from this team and I don't know how you fix that night if Kenny Clarke who's gone now at high ankle sprain and he'll miss some time. I don't know how you stop I mean I'm putting out on Twitter shirt that they'll beat the Steelers but I also am an idiot. How do you sat LA the end bell Antonio Brown Jews Jews ms. Cho. Are dominant my TV is SI unit and Roethlisberger. It's not going to be pretty and I think you're being. Bit horse on the topic it did play well regardless of I'm facility downtown Baltimore that exists Qualls I know your primary and they MA you know they got could be got up back to our allotment eagle so nice up. A product app reported back in a row not about art let you know they've been the person's actions that are now it would Clay Matthews. Finally get to the quarterback and promptly if rendered. On and the Kenny Clarke injury mentioned that that obviously they want me. If you look what happened no one been talking about. To get the quarterback overshadow everything. But it basically been tapped to run decent and now you the last game they've actually shut down I use Kenny Clarke gets what back pocket. And they'll all end all here you go your way beyond Belfort first had a if this is not great army and I didn't know I. Others about Pittsburgh with the people they got out there I mean especially seventeen been able to go look much older. You got just talking about there. And I have to be covering. It used to work or Antonio Brown. That act immediately real early bird. What fourteen point underdogs irritated the warmer the last time they've been this. You've dogs. Are Mir admired since the eighties. Now it was 2010 actually it was the week after. Rutgers went down but ultimately left and they were going into New England yeah and our team like. And that is traditionally when McCartney doesn't best work when people completely count them out. And no matter and to be competitive. And he's circled the wagons and they showed up in that game they showed up in net new Englander now obviously we ought and but no one expects that to be competitive game and it though. I do think McCartney hasn't hit it into the rally his guys in the company to gather at least make it competitive contest but. Accurate at in an awful lot just on paper compared to Eugene Byrd green basically going to tick erred when this game it will do you want. To be one of McCartney's ocean's. There anyway gets fired at the end of the year. I had a hard time being that I doubted. The opinions though he isn't he will be entering the last year and you'll got an eighteen. Why do you think it will be interesting to see what we do who made an original one year extension or something that Sharon back they'll all. Out. But you know if you are they gonna go let him go to 2018 at the lame duck. I thought I can't imagine that ul. How do you turn around that they would let say they finished article governor whatever you turn around and oh by the way were giving her coach that the I can bet you'll weird right. Yeah you have a tyrant who would be out there that you would Ted Thompson eve Mike Sherman. The contract extension when he knew full well that he's gonna fire after a year. Exactly recite they're not anemic maybe they get one or you'll pack Don is that he's not. Technical induct bud. I don't know man but but I needed. This next product and vendors Thompson's contract you know that coming up at the after the 2008 in usenet back trap. The next eighteen months here it's a huge to the point for the Packers organization and Mark Murphy someone we never hear from relate. You're gonna have his first real decision I mean he has done a lot expert is on the business side. There's going to be his first really BA. Football decision that you're gonna have to make when it comes to what to do with it out. You know and what are what direction to go after the contractor. I don't have huge ramifications. Organization and it's the first real well although we were in and make. Have a good Thanksgiving weekend outside of Sunday night yes what do you and there are you gone back. Go to Vietnam on and that's New York tonight and then the Obama family is going to Philadelphia the week. He with a bunch of friends and and on and tracking and deleted the Berkeley. All. Not to go buy it and but it happened exactly. But I was thinking Richard Pryor and silver streaks. Even one they either want more good apology accommodation. 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Lot of watch football there. At that I should maybe allows a bad work yeah you guys watch football yeah okay Gallo watchful all right thoughtful offer this is part of it says that the American tradition middle like Eliot especially with the vikings and lions playing in the early game. Well that gay what do mattered more had the Packers won and the vikings lost you that you get the Packers win this week's that's gonna me. That's true I do I have a hackers are winning by three or Detroit's the wildcard next. You know I was then at eight cherry packer game I remember that it was a sum that Nike Sunday night for all Jim like this situation you know don't count out the Packers. On who intensity ID you shut don't count him out. Hey as most of you guys out there thing we get paid by the teams to hide them op. How can I got my big fat check from the Green Bay Packers that says bar. 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You know to Roberts Roberts specially beads of Waukesha sunset drive and want to show your home don't butcher. And I that much of a hater that when we do our power rankings. I keep the vikings out of the top five we need a bat man I'm giving your Rosen hearing either. HL's list we got a web went 21 against the us all odds to get to coming up next elephants. Outside perkins' restaurants and bakeries. I another edition of the bark collar standings coming out Tuesday's our big counsel Bob laughed at for the defense who cares. The Bard College standings is where it's at that coming up. At 950 here. This morning check you're gonna be gone tomorrow Kevin hold and will be in so holding we will do move. Our power rankings right now. Going through the top five teams in the NFL as well as the one that he is the most terrible we call it the worst. And by IA. Maybe the most clever name of any segment on the stage. So I checked you wanna start go ahead with who the worst team in football is well you know it's the worst team every week. It's tools so formal Cleveland Browns some kind of hung in there would Jacksonville. And then that a full pardon me how about me being a year early again on my Jacksonville Jaguars. For years I've been touting they're gonna win ten games down right now there's seven and three. You have a beer they're looking pretty a pretty good start now I don't remember if I did that anyone on and I do not think that unit that I'm that. That they'd win ten games all we do they carry over that that. You deathly haven't mentioned in the last two months so it cancels out any that's true if you don't mention of that in within two months it goes away. Sneak it out goddess MVP back yet thank you Cody forgetting that in there. Cody is the worst team in the league. You can't I Montgomery do not know the browns I'm paid routes every time Montgomery police say Brett 1000 yards you bet that that ice you saw tonight is gonna. A thousand yards that's true fringe is right yes it's. But you know I quit batting and losing assay Bart I just tell the truth I don't take sides either list. It's clear baloney you don't take sides he's not a Muslim he's this white and middle. Baloney I just need to be done just that. Thanks. Yes that's always play because I your fiance when the MVP Lisa Fox's ago. Now while it looked like for three games the night you know what Jonas is not gonna win the MVP if they're crappy. If data they're 500 ease that you have to be carries the sexy pick right now friendly Fina. Al Horford I mean I seem to if you've got to figure this seventh or eighth seed he's not getting him beat no but pokey with you I think Cleveland would just erodes it. Brown's routine that they are the worst team in the league NBA you have to be a little. A little scared that the Packers play the browns and a couple of weeks now the Packers struck the browns. Will it make a worse in five. Appearance. In the Packers are playing the rounds this weekend do you think they'd be favored a Cleveland. That might be picked up. That might be picked the Packers are one of the worst teams itself there a fourteen point dogs this week in the Pittsburgh. There were the worst five of five teams in NFL history and parishioners they suck and it took what they are complete garbage and yet. Last night you can either be one of the best teams in the NFL Pakistani six dealers Tony three as all right and we yeah. All right your worst team my worst thing is the Cleveland brown. Check if you could give us the top five teams in. Old homeland. End. I don't wanna put this team in there and then just don't. You know what I'm not going to. I'm gonna say Carolina. At five at five. I will say New Orleans before. Pittsburgh three. New England June. Handles Philadelphia Eagles number one. With their 91 record saying go Eagles patriots Steelers saints and then Carolina. When you and what you've vikings guy typical right where Seattle. Loss last night I know all but they're they're tough fight ever we have no idea for the minutes they are just short just like Blair Walsh was. Last night as cost data streams last night. Daniel had been a McCain voter yeah Walsh yes. We we went I went to one and one against. So I thought you guys drug benefit the vikings in your tab five IKEA I just Kia. Because Satan to they've got a great defense at a pace gave them. Dem talk to be in January this and love it greens have never liked him more. Coating your top five teams in the league are blue jacket deathly but the vikings in my top five or five. Yes I ST there's no more that's that the immense shame. Patriots three ahead of rams in my top five lastly the vikings beat the rams I have to put them in there. Two saints. And one Eagles. But he don't have to do anything you don't want to I want to put the vikings in there and they deserve it okay. You have to do anything you don't want to I just this remember that I'm gonna put the you know we're gonna put a number one homer put the same to number one. And into the best team in the league they've won eight overall came from behind they came from behind touchdowns that running back combo gets better every week. With Camara and Ingram. They are playing good defense. I light New Orleans. To possibly. Get to the Super Bowl. Now I am getting worried that there's a little bit of destiny with Minnesota having the Super Bowl in their stadium. But as far as a skill standpoint I think the saints right now are playing the best pulled off. You've got to give credit to what the Eagles. Did they haven't played a lot of great teams. The cowboys though they completely Waxman at home. That's an eight game winning streak for them as well. They are right there on both saints and now go Eagles because they think of the two teams did play in the NFC championship. No matter where wise I would take the saints right now that are saw the saints and then I'll go Il's. New England out bill at number three when they probable one. Very impressed by that I've auto loan growth in numbers and that altitude. In Mexico City. But New England just destroyed them. Pittsburgh looks so good. As well on Thursday night that I'll put them at four and in the Minnesota Vikings. For my top five. Are not in there right now and nor will they ever be they're not a good. Well they are gonna I just can't put in my top five they are America the rams lost a game more than the vikings want this what are you 47 to laugh at. So as much as I wanna still with the rams and I would avoid Jacksonville and number five. In the Jacksonville can't liars. Jaguars. You know. I say. Who doesn't say. AJ wire Simmons like Jed wires but I never heard anyone say not. Is it jaguar like old are hot woman over fifty. You know of this cougars in the news jaguars. Maybe you know because it is still like luxury. You like the finer things in life. Would you like to get to my day go lie a woman who's able altogether after fifty and that's what the jaguars. Oh OK I did I don't know. And I all say sure. So again our top five. You Iraq the low road rise jeans after fifty your jaguar. Go to go to the Eagles saints patriots Steelers so vikings Booth check goes Eagles. Patriots Steelers saints Panthers. And then I go saints. Eagles. Patriots Steelers and then Jackson. It's checked like the we are served up by Perkins gets your wallets cowboy days. We got to make some bats you know people have been. Collaborate via Twitter saying it's clear that Bard's wife is no longer letting them bats. Well I got through these guys Barack all. I'm coming out maybe. And after a week retired used to only have forgo you're betting what I don't like being made file hi. I'm OK let's check in went out on the fans. Up five perkins' restaurants and bakeries. Sports hernia 1057 FM the fan I thought we will at the holiday week. Be missing what our favorite segments where we go through the games and throw money at each other AKA Bartz Hayes shot. And winds about it. AKA Cody and shot bad back and forth and nobody games any money. But we like to bet we like to bet on the shelf and let the bad I mean we're we're guys what can we say guys like to move that money and guys like him take. Their wives or girlfriends harder Ronnie. And then steal it Saddam out of their purse on and then bet they're co workers just lastly I'm sporting event they can't control do their best to keep it away from their wives and girlfriends right. But some home. They find out somehow we knew broadcasted over you know the 40000 watt signal. They find out. And worldwide. Britain's eventually back to them yeah friends of friends. My husband was listening to your husband show he told me to tell you that. An amateur for gamble here they I heard the Bork lost 200 dollars to chuck. What. I don't know about this. The worst that guy. Telling his wife on you yeah. A guy he should do yeah definitely spread the word that we exist. Now we talk sports don't tell all stations locally twelve hours a day and then some. Let's not be Drake and us. To our wives and spouse loses all its significance they don't beat on the pricey so the data on the radio to some very force mocked him. I'm gonna say stuff that you know maybe I don't quite mean lady say selling about Adele. I say something about Kelly clerks sure whatever. Right there had not that I severely bad evoke that lets just keep between us guys yes locker room talked to our you know priciest of them whenever. Word ladies listen to. Let's just keep it between us girls sure. And are well let's we get the money to Batman here because some. Are you with us now. I will participate okay now here's where do I Rosie waited has been playing some games on me and he with the gives you really likes I just take the opposite and athletes. OK so Cody Rhodes what games do you like. I like the two of the three Thanksgiving games this week cowboys chargers like the cowboys and take him straight up. It's a similar camera adds yeah. They were bat OK and the charters sort of a fifty spot on the bills yet. So I'm taken on these hills easy read for you frames easy win for you like Dallas a Dallas hall. The chargers are. You data chartered. Yeah. On the road. Yeah I'll pick him as a as a Beckham is not respect the top was a moment Thanksgiving. I've got the cowboys favored by a point. I have all odds. The not so every hour. I don't panic dreams tells me I don't care areas on the back like yep yep item I'd restaurants. DA to who's writing this down I got a role tonight. I drove the packer game together and so yeah I heard he visited your home did leak in my bathroom what's the Freeman a state like in real life. It's very nice as a clean very clean really. As they cut out of Dwayne the rock Johnson. Who noticed that where's the first thing I noticed in my right kitchen. Offices now. Real stable or semi drag either up to find the I hope you Koreans will be home that day. I won't be home that it's conveniently will be gone I won't be almost. Rosa whether you enjoy going at the vikings covering its alliance minus three and it looked in my group was. My house is clean as because of my girl for Janet she's. Means that she's a neat she's eight eighths masses. And nothing better off your wife's our mess are. Clean freaks or whatever. Guys Jackson tidy home I need of a clinical Slava. She asked me the other day if we were married. What would your house look like off my view of mass as that. Why you probably have a studio apartment yeah me too and it would probably have a mountain of Taco Bell he's the rappers by tarnished it tends to remember. And they're probably be pews all over the place. Tell you to. They don't clean up bad third army he had one drop. Why it's like ending the show right now and I don't do you go to a bachelor guys' policy look at his toilet there's just a hair everywhere. Him end is up images taken to a new level I said do this tomorrow. I said cute that would hold insert she'll do that when I sultan Q Russell a silly game we're gonna bet here vikings lions I have vikings minus three delight that. What do you like more or I like the vikings this oh with vikings always. Detroit plus three at home life is a Thanksgiving getting real home. I meant. Your suckered into that gross I'd go higher now wanna go higher welds you. Was taking to trade in that I am plus the three and all underdog in the divisional match up. That's your rule of its rule waiver. Interest that you know now just 25. I would love the vet but of course I can no longer bet on the NFC north for iron to. To get to personable to cowboys and chargers thanks. Obama. Knoll I was looking at a college game I would be willing to bet with huge. Alabama Auburn. Will be able. You like connected Alabama's a for a half point favorite on the road on cheese in the Iron Bowl. And I like Alabama all 'cause I love offer. Educate when he does that. Affect us all learn a lot. Auburn roll tide. Roll tide so I would I would bet with you out of it might tell back in the water. For an off yeah. Ordeal I don't know if the amendment and noticed that Tony I'm. These fifty dollar bets crushing yeah do. Aren't they tell you I read it right I paid you may counterparts. If some gorgeous and you don't you know one more like. What's the spread there four and a half where's that. Where is it that then you look it up Stewart's well yeah I noticed that are ongoing and what you're saying here. It's it's it's in New York okay so you like of the jets yes home they've underdog for a half eaten mentally Carolina. You have a Asia a top five this is a you know easy win for you this I'll take them Carolina my support for Puerto half. I mean it Carolina Panthers are there any that you like area just all I did and I just want to like. I chargers a alliance and I like. Carolina on Carolina has slowly out of Burleigh. And I well and I love Auburn in the Iron Bowl I'll do an over under with you. Warehousing. That for Thanksgiving. You have over two and a half plate to speak at all well Lauren Brescia Turkish I had yeah yeah. Now that's everything's getting checked ants the Jones bomb experts those of us two years ago did Saturday and we have an office in its phenomenal. But if you want the option that I'd be rises solved the Turkey was out yesterday it's like. Huge it's. Is because the couch Turkey while that's. And normal so that's Fermi out of what they're us the freedom is it me but that's real lay on the Turkey. Us now. All right he's the guy that made your brother I'm not a big stuffing them we've got one game sewed it rivers into one game our hope she makes a chip I algo fifty. If the Euro fifty in the army out of fifty for Alabama that's that's right up against the adjective to set yeah. Okay I'm a fifty that's it no NFL games you want demand. No Ali Agha to bark collar standing a zone dogged I don't know is also acknowledgment and good luck that's calls a New England coming out by. They bark collar standings if I need more money at some point I may need to look. The way of young express and that's a lot of you guys are doing because you can be your own boss young express gives you the opportunity. To become a successful transporter. On expedited freight you're an independent contractor you're setting your own hours. 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As much or as little as you choose in the Casey coming up eight the month off if you need to your setting your own paycheck. You're setting your own hours with young express they're gonna watch and work harder that's how you make as much money as possible but you'll be rewarded it. For working hard unlike his summit you told me the current situations. Or in right now young expressed JUNG. Express that count young express your success. Drives that. Football classic coming out tonight who cares. These are the top forward dissidents the bark collar standings. Last week so far this season Jon and Franklin was number four again Tim in Towson number three. Deemed an immoral is true and Douglas in Dallas was number one the committee. Scouring this morning at Perkins on kids eat free Tuesday night away. After 4 o'clock and they've come up. With this top four. For the eleventh straight week John and Franklin. Still at that number four spot this is Monday's first call of the day. Matt Hughes will. Look like he was back. And he disappeared with injury. And take articles out. Well and it goes off and they get the same old body adapts so we can sit here we cry about it and shops you walk out of the spotlight on Matt and I was 100% wrong. And what did it leave it back. NBA board has no clothes. We found that out against the ravens. On Sunday you know what pump anytime someone's gonna see a 100% right IE if the general committee does have somewhat of the more of a of a chuck bias than they have in years past direct we've noticed that. Roger and cutting kcal then I was pontificating about dying yesterday. And he was there for me so the committee recognizes him at number three Rogers and kind of hey Roger helped me throughout the years. He's gonna go to some days so don't worry about it though. Let it. Yeah have I wanna I wanna enjoy his many packer. Shut outs as I can before I die. Are you probably what how old idea how many generations BA out I would set a target market maybe. Why they fired that thirty years so if you've got that this statistically. If he got that much time left in my may get another Super Bowl. Thank you Roger Jeff in New Berlin from this morning at number two Jeff I don't know I predicted the Packers I'm predicting them they'll win on Sunday. Are you with me that sub yeah but yeah I doubt. I think the dog the parakeet or a bad job I mean I'm the underdog people are bent honored at the we celebrate the Derek and what kind doesn't matter where nobody under a lot of that's why he needs to make his speech is we knew he ain't nobody underneath nobody's fourteen point underdog. That bodes well out obligate the tackle out of jail are all right how I would let me yeah yeah good right an extremely I don't care. Aren't you. Because it's. Just they were terrible if Harry. I love Baghdad you know Roger's call might be the bulls Norbert call. We've ever had we you guys are talking about dying. LI think about it a lot and lonely and scared out of sight air marshals and people hippy in the morning knowledgeable though when you figure died. Well we make people happy when this guy calls that in four. I think for the multiple tied the CIA was number one actually weak one is. Number one again. 10% right about anything you won't let ago. Milk cocoa Telecom Alcatel do you account. I that would lead. Out man. Broaden the more we desist yeah do ID. Not bad yeah see what I hope it's more. The people can understand argued do a lot of freelance and that's what we got beat Colorado next week I mean I was somewhere. Like their ability crowded felt so polish itself without without air national registry across is that the way. I mean honestly. I like to get the speedway this hotel and luggage and. That's. Number one this is that the news says he likes living furthermore because he. Feels he won't get shot at them more pay. He also said that anytime you're 10% right you never let it go well this more than 10% right. We get doubles counts a Kentucky matchup always raw egg realm I don't doubt whenever all the January everything's going Greivis. Have a great Thanksgiving you everybody else and we'll see you at the toy drive Monday. We're back tomorrow at six Kevin all the.