Aaron Nagler: Adams would be No. 1 WR regardless of QB

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, November 14th
Aaron Nagler joined Chuck and Bart to talk about the Packers chances at making a run towards the playoffs.

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Area Midler joins us from Packers NASDAQ com on the grave in West Bank hotline eight. Good morning Aaron how are you iron. Are good good morning gentlemen how aria. All right air at least eight Bruin that they can win now Whitbread holly that's a step I mean Pete morrow an obscure that all are that the bears but it's only one game. Yeah I you know it's a matter is on NFL Sunday in view Kamal Victoria that it all that matters that are no style points. It so the ultimate week to week leading where it's not who you play when you played him. All that matters is coming up with a victory at the Packers desperately needed it and I got to. But at the recollection that. What did you see from hunley when we talked to your colleague Michael Cohen yesterday. He is sort of take was it was more of the same except for those final seven minutes he finally. At least for calling he saw. Hunley maybe go up a level did you Tennessee the same thing or what what impressed you with and Sunday. It was interesting because I didn't think he played particularly well all burst recorders but then that fourth quarter tell you what get a perfect passer rating. You made a public great read great grows them we obviously also on the touchdown. Third down vote on tape but he also had a couple where you know he's found. Dante Adams earlier actress the government own yeah nicely Jodie Nelson that you know are probably gonna get I like that but they were. Good read scripts grows it grows. In that sense of what I do wonder you know he was due to hamstring injury struck the second half. Are you wouldn't tell us exactly when it happened but I do wonder respect kind of forced him a little bit. They're trying to play. Maybe a more in the pocket game knowing that he couldn't really run. Other than that one play were they were playing man and the plus side line collapsed in front the first down. Automatic pass forced him to not you know he didn't have that. Usual capability as I do wonder if maybe that forced him to kind of stick around and make the reads down field rather and you looking to run of the moment this first I was covered. But I yet but I thought you know what you saw what quarter. They need to figure out a way to find that Brett homely. And out of the gate. That he can play like that. On the opening kick off they've got a real shot. Win some games here just you know what's next are reported stretch but you know if you continue to play that it is the first recorders. Are good there's gonna continue to struggle to litigate. He's zeroing in it seems like a Dovonte Adams the Lisa looks the media has that it is Dovonte becoming the number one. Wide receiver and his team regardless. Yeah yeah I think you know I don't communicate. Whether rotten and they're hardly America. Let it all receive all summer camp I thought it's pretty clear that you have the number one. Rogers and admitted last year and to agree to the reds and into may have been following an eagle but. Said I'm one of there are scheme productions. Despite earlier McCarron said yet more more Dovonte is becoming the number one read in our progression or trying to figure out ways. You know to get him loose because I think is quite easily the most talented receiver in their court. And you know he can. He's actually the noble one playmaker out on the perimeter majority Nelson is store assets offense but you're not going to all I. Outsider anytime soon so. And even out of but he's a good route runner and I think without question he's kind of approach to guide sound off. You see all the work that divide these getting an even Randall Cobb has been good at some of the yard after cash routes and at the wildcat that we alluded to. Majorities kind of become the odd man out a little bit I know they've tried to go deep with M either incomplete or off later earned all flag. Is Jordan Joseph article and all this sir what what do you think the mood is like with those guys. I think you know it the same event receiver but I do think it is very much week to week in their ought we see in those throughout the years where I thought it upon of all surrounded them. All week score some touchdowns and next week to completely disappears I think a lot of it at bat and then maybe it did work huge majority earlier in the game. You know remember Brett in in the first quarter pretty and nice job sitting down his own. Opera fifteen yarder I think bill opportunities will be there but I also think the arc is ascending you know majority is much more Loc I now. And I think it'll like I said I think you'll really depend a match I think there's a real chance. He's more all this week against the ravens who have really struggled to rust absurd they had a much like the Packers they've had to resort to a lot of split. Which should mean opportunities. You know from the slot in the quick passing game I think you'll put it I think it's very matchup dependent adorable. It's Susan like that they had to see some progress and we're short the passing game this week that the bid to win but you never see some progression. And some things make you feel good about. With him after a month of working with him Emmett they finally saw some with the passing it. Yeah I don't regret it out there and that's the thing that's frustrating at it is you know they should've won this thing. Cart dual sided that is on him they were in a position to win it and you've pretty much blew it coaching wise. And then you know the Detroit game couldn't stop them. But then they get the wind down and in in Chicago. That they should be who won so far honorary starter. But it is you know you want to see the progression. Actually to delegate and I think you ought to look what order. The question is can he get that from the opening kick off because they can get that cycle play. They they have a stay at a chance to win a lot of games but. The extra carry a young guy. People deported to continue to continue to keep on him which has been you know give them work west's. So you'd probably like that that you you can stand in their nick the stick wrote that he made a what order they're better. The time is now for these guys air enabler Packers NASDAQ pounded the playoff race is getting a little. A little less manageable from the Packers perspective you get the vikings two games ahead of which. I mean they won't they are winning their games good for them but they kind of or other schedule hasn't been that good will in all. And the Packers now get the fruits of that scheduling because they've got Baltimore. And Tampa. And the browns coming up. With the Steelers in there these four games you'd think they'd have to go and get the 31 right the in state or not. Bet we have absolutely I think. Stuart game I don't read any but it impacted. If they were at Lambeau made it an average but on the road without her routers that. By all the other games are absolutely wonderful and act on what you Latin they got to look pretty wanna I wanna keep up Minnesota. And you know the block are races that note that we you know. They got to get victories each and every week you know this thing is like I said earlier it has blocked a week to week week you know guys. You look at it and you look at that match earlier in the year. Well you know the errors. The Steelers and the Panthers. You'd think that bears in the we are Sunday could be euros in right now. It's not who you play it when you play it you know at the Packers as as tempting as it is now look down the line it got to look we. You gotta look starting with Sunday. Yeah the tigers won the skim the bears played much better I thought against Carolina. And guess this targets of organs that ever in the America and bigger. I don't I totally agree perhaps why they'd like it when you play people I think it's funny there was a lot of pop. Chicago coming into the game. Oh I'd I'd I'd. Was very much like you coming up are able. Really competitive at a given the saints game out of or at least you have beaten the Steelers and Panthers and they're on the Packers louder Rogers. And you know it now aren't dead after it lost that game so yeah I think. Like that that is it all about how that in ways that we the Packers got to bring their a game not so that's possible. There's no doubt the bears coming coaching switch at the end of the season Jon files on the go dark after that game yeah yeah. Well especially over what Judas is the Packers and make your coaching change if they would let the current Eagles for the reason. It would it would trigger the thought adult literature Christie or president of the Chicago. Wrote out only heard it watch. The football yeah you know all you know he is not a you tell me you wouldn't go to Chicago of course he would. Aren't sick I go rattle off ten wins all they would give him all the he would be in these highly touted defense that's Cody and it'd. You pick and no Americans operate. Earlier on you they run the football you lines do now I don't just went. Just thought I mean if if they did it change at offensive coordinator and fans you'll slipped dole was thrust this there in Chicago. But the Packers bring as the offensive coordinator. Eight I tell you what it lines up pretty well right I mean all our peace talk McCarthy talked about it you know time and again his admiration for anngelle. It's gonna be really hard for him to justify bring him back out of the dispute. Does he make the switch and you know that's that it looked so that that is very much. I would tackle offense to our defense is the one left the special teams. Those who train wreck on Sunday that's a. If you know and McCarthy talked about it. After the game and again yesterday you know obviously every year in year out they are one of the younger goalies. A lot of young guys. Playing out thus seem. Lot of young guys many penalties on special cream. I do what what on earth was severed they've been taken upon me and I think whoever we turn to each other in the Spock bunch of us back have you ever seen that and no one can remember ever seeing a guy. You'll upon. In the end though the Packers mic in history a special teams rod hook. Especially at the thought about it yet but while battle that would I couldn't believe it. We don't want to let go unfolding in slow motion what could he could detect earth what are. He's trying to break the punt return record that's what he's trying to do. I guess you're out there are 101 yards journalists would have been district would you speak and just education is that just to feel the awareness. And we're. It was Saudi McCarthy tried to make a joke out of it yesterday. You know he's said David rye. On Saturday night it was. So fiery that Robert Davis was also fired up to primary and out of it and don't. Of course no one in the auditorium last and send McCartney at all ironic joke. But apparently a look at many joke literally but against Annapolis in the end it's like this was a guy who sincerely that the spot. Consistently. And I you guys remember I asked McCartney about earlier this year and they always have a special but not that. I'll click OK fine in the personal now the goal line like I don't understand what is going on unplug apple. Like it he got away with all this to Davis and a win is if they're not gonna converting him to corner are tight end. Where is a lot of all I Jeb Janis Kelly Zito his role going to be marker. Not found out you don't wanted to Parker got no no I mean you can barely had looked like offered her yet taken off kick off. You know even at that point I happen hurt her you know who'd been great. You look great haven't attorneys on. Mike side. That they get it's not there I'm dead Everett I'll never understand whatever I. Either you so much they brought so much is he including shorthanded Smart decision making apply returns. And now they're doing with guys. You can punts in the air. How can against Dallas where he read the play oh yeah for girls can not do any well the team that that's that then is that Smart on defense or more of Mark Burnett you know. Maybe Burnett or when it went out there you know what you're out there hurt either read a play no this situation to make that jump I don't think they've got they don't they can do it now. No not now about Matt like that I mean those strip that was a perfect distillation of old guys you your top Democrat and develop. Applaud apple guy who came in really improved each year was playing well all be handed a note and your hundred bag and you don't even make him or not. There ever thought. Com what marker. Are warmer senior go to the Packers Amman heated in mad about Mike. One here's a majority the only new game. Bum ho hum Ted Thompson. War explain the Martellus Bennett from his side and he makes Mike McCarthy go out there and have to do talk it when Smith's son mutt that's on Ted Thompson making the cut. And entirely on that and not only is the entire party and what aren't that open the fact that. Got worse. That's our imposition interagency its contents out and letting go out Eric cook. It'll air around it a couple million dollars I mean I took a bad I don't get in the idea that. Noam Ed makes my blood or kick the ball at all you know is I mean not where the accountability. Even a bit of an organization. That continually. Year after year planes up there oh we're owned by the and older outlook publicly owned were so close to our stand. Yet the football I had zero accountability. From August until mark. But constant disappears. Mike McCarthy had to do all the talking to me that's patently absurd and I know there's lots of sand I at all at parliament where the old wheelchair no that was very. I don't care what that appear to compile a little pixie. You should be accountable. He should be in front in public saying I messed up I did this because. The fact that might not are yet to answer questions about decisions that you'd year old important you know it's like that it looks. Martellus is throwing the lead the team doctor under the bus the team doctor can't defend himself because of all the the laws are there sold ten hotels are gonna go up there is the general manager the organization in vice president. And done. Here is and I and I defend doctor pat McKenzie yeah Mark Murphy then I defend this nothing. A little late in our organization our doctor us. What I love so that they've left that player on social media. The players of all kind of jump up in the front and and people dead and you know a release from the Packers get hurt of course. I hadn't thought about it I get my that is not us that's what it's like. Why is it up to the players on local media defend the conduct. Michael Coe and who's had surgery done by doctor McKenzie has defended him more than anybody in the Packers. He's only a writer. I mean look here at all writers write up and out packets don't. Eight thanks for your time appreciate is always at the blood boiling a little bit. Well the button it up outside the and actually there is some errant aren't aren't great product.