Adam McCalvy: Brewers pitching

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, April 16th
Our Milwaukee Baseball Insider Adam McCalvy joined Chuck and Bart to discuss what's going on with the Brewers pitching.

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Let's get the latest on the brought you by the law offices of only a lot dot net or call 414327. This is the only station brewers fans made its sports Radio One 057 FM. Check your way that we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is. I'm borrowing there that's Jeff Freeman. Oh what a beautiful day to live in Wisconsin thing god I don't mind I don't mind saying this into the ground. And think god there's a rough at Miller Park all hit. Oh yeah I mean I know it's been fifteen years and I know it's said every time there's bad weather but it should be said every time there's bad weather thank god there's a Robin Miller Park. So at least dish recalling Milwaukee to see to to make some of these games here a Minnesota Twins. Yeah no they care dialysis series this weekend I should JWR played the hell the white side I was of the White Sox up there. Was the White Sox and when that is quite so yeah it was well there were canceled says okay Donna not point. You know whether to three or four in this series and now we're joined by Adam McKelvey our Milwaukee baseball insider bruise that come It was nice New York to start and then. Now whether that kind of rough there to Adam. Yeah about 718 that lives. Bridget but got gaming answering all my aunt so there on the air or. And it is like yeah. Pouring rain here so well scoring snow here it's good luck yeah now I now yeah. They looked. When you're thinking that the twins or look like ten games. The twins have a record. Seven and 411. And how many have come over the place sixteenth it's the yeah so I mean that news that's gonna come back around and that in the challenged them to quote. That. Best games early that I am. And it's gonna double headers are gonna alt is in the middle users out there is out X update ache and that's why it that we are there they start. But it's going to be a challenge those. I guess all. You know you chalk it up in the burger fortunate so far right brought them on ever fortunate. The record that they yeah I think they're also fortunate got a great. And I have to feel that. Partly because there. Okay what can be done to baseball if anything. May be the next collective bargaining agreement I don't know because of these players you don't wanna play. In 35 degree temperatures I don't think it's good for baseball beat playing man to see their darkest secret ball at all. In the fans certainly don't wanna sit through them what to be done. Well argument is always. You want it to be there and Eackles it's all about the and Angel Parker and Dodgers and App Store. And bringing. Playing a higher though. Home games early and then theoretically it's on the road team late create. Some competitive imbalance that's a theoretical argument I don't know that many players involved with really culture of that era wrote I. You know and I'm not sure. It's in their current homes so its not violent non factor all but I think most. Most players that people that would. There are a lot of it is maybe games in domes and warm weather and am. Early. Receive your first two weeks to this you don't do the best we can't use our. Adamant Kelly or Milwaukee baseball insider birds that come. Brewers do get all their games and over the weekend they dropped two of three to the Mets. I saw that there was a lot of discussions Saturday night. Over pulling chasing Anderson after 87 pitches. Now it was the seventh inning. And the brewers you know one of the game Jeffers got and give the head but then the double play hater a great two innings of work from him. I don't know if I am as. I don't really understand I mean I don't understand why there's so much like anger chase the rays seven pitches he was going finally got to the seventh inning. Take among let your bullpen do the work but there seem to be a lot of people have said that she should have been able to finish that inning against. Well it certainly talking about and not to. Stereotype your life partner with chuck what do you think about. No ice is think that he needs do. To have his innings limited early in the season to not your text all them it was like to say don't ruin a good thing with the relievers promise. I was OK with him coming out of the game and turning over the ball and you look like yet comfortable lead at that point and you know the mess we're doing offensively anyway. Because of the seven thing I like. If he would've thrown one or two more you know balls they got fouled off or one or two more balls. He's at the 9192. Pitches I just think that for whatever reason 87 looks so much less than 92. Ought yacht and I and I should consider such talk about what you you know mold. I'll let starter goes on we can't. It. Barrier years. The barrier between thinking. Starter needs to give you as much as you know is as much chance and trust your start there. That's like the way we've always thought about starting it's. That is not the ladies that are bi analytics think about starting pitching is ultra then your counsel you hurt in the since. They work backwards from the game. And they say. What is the point at which I can line up released out. To get mean to the third out in the ninth. And that's how they make the decision when. They removed their starter and it's gonna happen earlier. It irritates you are going to be particular by the geniuses because they are. One of the club and happened last year in a lot of instances. Anderson and these particular. They are going to go to and as early as they can. Because. Gas. That is a better way to get out and win based on speculative better chance of holding the lead you got. Then this old mentality of trust your starter now what's the affect them starting you know what would have to go to a mine starter. On the alternate the standard that you no longer given the opportunity that I thought in his position as he given I don't know. I am I I don't know that were ever going to reverse this unless some clout does goes all the old school. It you know unless you're Justin Verlander cleaned her show up you know Chris Sale David Price. That is not only your Campbell has started. I've been talking about a conversation that council had with you. It was in the dugout a couple weeks ago you can we get talking more about the bullpen in the initial of gators and and stuff like that now. Me being who I am I've been saying that I had a conversation with Craig before I finally admitted that resist. Eavesdropping on you and and council but he he seemed to. EC AA I got the impression. That if the brewers were in the American League and they have to worry about the pitching spot coming out. There'd be these guys getting 23 innings consistently. Like a team like that ash as it especially in the playoffs and one thing that. Counsel said was just because it's always been done a certain way doesn't mean you have to keep doing it a certain way. And saw I was not surprised may be because I'd heard that conversation with the U Craig and I know Ole Howell. Important things the bullpen is so I wasn't surprised to see chase out after 87. Yet it and look and so yeah. It's a different way of doing it it's a different way of thinking about. What's. Starting pitching is and what the alternative. And this is the way they're on a tour site. None in the world you can do this easily because you play two games travel to games travel. Q3 teams. You know are. A couple of games in the numbers they are a lot easier. To certain forward and piece together opened from there great. You'd ever see you bet it is sneaking. And immature options and a stolen its solemn. From your initial doctor. But it's like which team can. Can pay rural and walked I wrote the closer it is going to be the gene that may have the most success in other words. The team that can put together cripple them number one let's let's not forget that the key to this is having the option. And who can get to him earlier. Keep them healthy and effective. And not burn them up. That's a team that's gonna probably have a it's it cluster seen that have just want to rule it certain that certain you don't think this. The first just I mean James Anderson is. An uptick over the last. What are going to use in bulk are beyond that they they're they're they're probably together starting rotation where. Yeah the the problem with the okay chase. Later in the season. If that's a two to one game I want chase continuing to go up there are. Yeah I think yeah I think I thought. Yeah maybe you know in the way I was I don't know but I mean hitter Jimmy as a result of the don't give only pitches obviously cover either two innings. Which OK I'm fine with but do is do not gonna have the next day that. Yes which is another until April after all. How much. How often in the use hater because if you guys probably saw the numbers lecture yesterday. And our friend Mike are so put two and it just hitter out if that actually can strike out. Schwarzenegger took the longest. In in less than ten. It's sort of in things on the numbers at this point it's curry not sustainable at this rate. Why. I mean look here they're not gonna change some academic restarted an academic and close. To. Hanging from one of those things again you're going to be just point. They want him in this flexible multi inning role they can use chemical weapon at the rate spotlight from multi innings. Arm it and I think that's exactly but it is. Are a couple of injury notes here. About limping a starter like civic aren't happy to see him go cells watching his pitch count the whole game. And you know he was pitching so good buddy Randal high pitch count they were gonna pitch impasse a hotter pitches yesterday. So we're pretty quick to give that they regularity got a lot of their but you know the old school way of thinking. Know many years ago have been like well he's gonna pitched the sixth and he's the organ market important just yet soul but anyways as far as injuries injuries that's a that's what's going abroad. What about things and yeah Alex Yeltsin. It is days like two or. Three words that day all the guys sort of imminently ready to return. And a question of ultimately can keep going with so many guys in the dignity of genius is really close. And obviously pinch hit yesterday but he was available. Armed knowledge you don't let it come off the DL on the road again after later in the heat and are easily close and and I don't know exactly but air planes and Lee corporation today. So not not let these things Syria. All happening in China to let her out on a bad position yesterday where. Yet at bat at pitcher and a run scoring opportunity in the fifth inning every game yet also regarded look. We year. You know that there kind of lady that I so armed. They said they need to just make may need some more permanent decision at least one of these guys that I'll be out. We'll see if they either that or whether say you know she yeah and I brought out like today there their they're gonna have to make all on the going with or I. Needed these data not you. Is the boss will Broxton did you call the your. Possible yeah I mean he's been great com. It's that DL they also bring back collapsed because these are basing your bag vendor we would not all of them. There real real estate in the minor should. So we'll see other or or might just be eight they're confident that these guys are ready to come back and you don't need to make a movie game here your main guys back on an apology should be. You know I feel council has no confidence issue seeing these days. He was lucky to get through four innings and that was it. Yeah I don't know that I would say that I mean he's definitely got that make you all and not gonna pushed out. At this point they're not a question our question of the order the slider is that a lot better option C agency company. It is an edge and at that if you option and that and can throw that. He's going to be better I think you're going to be better future these slow starter the numbers aren't as bad as a police that they pose for him. And look at your deal is in the opportune. Safe travels back button. Hopefully her by first pitch and it's an idea. Or not. Right or out or are up. Kosher all you do just resolve it I was almost late this zone that ever happens you can come in and will hold ghettos we'll call him something yeah. Most of comeback in the MLB network at light you know that shall start the one hand the unit before. Order of our Atlanta. Here and I have been able to fill out that that with a par and that'll that we are gruesome article little article to the TV stuff like that right. You can knucklehead and a camera rate ball with rose when doubled that guy you're gonna are you damn well thought out later in the rundown on look behind dogs or. Oh in the right now with their life from the FaceBook game. Who brought Scott Brown. And just got prod okay named Jeff the fans during the yeah this broadcast we're tight now. Our other right there yeah I like to and a big diluted. Yeah well. Our old. That's always be at the park it won him. Now out of the show's first in the and we'll see you good luck and pickles you Clark.