Allen: Bullpen management needs to better

Brewers Coverage
Friday, August 17th
Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show, previews the weekend series between the Brewers and Cardinals. Was it wrong for Counsell to bench Jesus Aguilar Wednesday? Is there concern for Eric Thames?

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Analysis baseball post it showed out joining us on the Schneider mortgage hotline hello get married nobody. It really is more important how you're doing build reefs. How is it easy yeah get it taxes so we work together work colleagues and all that yeah I get a tax yesterday I was just. There always was struck by lightning and you know why would someone do that life. Just just saying how he is. Start with the what's the status here on the right well I know you could have been dead and and had to you know struck by light and I'm like whole leash. You know and it had. And so that that that economy our not for air as every everything the only had to work everything out but the scope yeah she's. It's good to hear your hope right though it's a lifetime thing. Yeah you know it's funny because the nurses the doctors were coming in yesterday they were saying okay it's it's 81618. And what's your birthday and I'm I'm tellem and I'm like what you need the numbers according to the world couldn't boil water. So I hope it's they had them but when it you know it was an inadvertent thing. And I'm fine. And effectively new pair of shoes. I'm good so I was from a federal go away and I'm I'm you know normal parents aren't in just a weird thing I don't know how to put it and I wasn't. Wild and ran them and yeah it just goes to show man random things and can happen at any time. No doubt. So brewers baseball they they lost ground that they had him play. And we knew that this is that you and I talked about last week we set it looked. The brewers are gonna have four off days additionally as opposed with the cubs have coming down the stretch now. We look at that as saying well the brewers are gonna get more rest in the country gonna retire that it's are losing games on the other hand the cubs to win those games. And actually gained two full games on Milwaukee Brewers one of those gains last night they gained a half game on the brewers. And the burgeoning place though. They extended that lead in the National League central are the brewers right now our UN. Start to us start to panic mode you better do you think the restore evident on to put this whole thing together. Yeah no there there are gonna battle on on the way out the the thing is about this series. Right here against the cardinals do you look at this this standings I was just looking out on this morning and the cardinals. That really believes there in an and they should believe there in five games back in the central I mean that's share that with. They'll 3938. Yard gain supply yet. And that's that's a big series that's a big game tonight here's here's what the problem is yeah. You can't pick now be in three and out back and against the cardinals you can't pick now to go on a little bit of a downfall where you lose 56. Because if if that if that's the case. Then you're talking while what it becomes too and if they win five or six now you're in dire straits here at six or seven games back that's the problem here. He used to you're teetering on the edge in this three and a half four game market. To say what the cardinals they gonna down on here too and they and their they're pretty much don't going to be out of it soul that's the problem is that. Yeah I don't post war happen but the timing could be horrible if they choose right now this this a big big game tonight a big series. What is the biggest concern right now on you know when you look at this team is it is the starting pitching and being able to get a little bit deeper ball game isn't answering some of that bull pen. Or at the bullpen that is shown fallibility here as a way. Well I think it's bullpen it's open management. It's definitely the starting pitching and it's the offense so put it altogether I don't think there's one main thing I don't I feel. That the offenses should just start to come around just a little bit you can kind of feel a common on and I think they can do. In regards to the starting pitching I'm still pretty confident in that I am and I think the rookie mini games and the ball down. The bullpen not only apps to be a healthy and that they do need some some help and there. But it also has to be managed properly and then Craig Counsell really picked a hell of a time to have one of his worst managerial games in my opinion. I not the game on Wednesday. Against Chicago he he had some options there to make some moves and it and it just didn't work out and we talked about it on the post game show that's. And bill and you know this that they Craig Counsell is not a great manager. Dot dot dot yeah yeah and and that's the keyword keys still developing to. So we have to keep that in mind I I think you're gonna see. Probably a little more pressure. On Craig Counsell to make the right moves down the stretch here than than he's ever seen before because they've got talent there's no question about it there's talent in there. There's got to be utilized properly and and I think he I think he wants to get back into that. Gimme gimme seventeen out gimme five and a third five and two thirds out of my starter and commoner turned over to the bullpen and that's that's the whole crux of the issue right now music and able is that Taylor Williams we know jumpers and and hater who's the next guys courtroom burns fond admitted it himself in the game the other day that. It was still a game at Wrigley so that was still a game and Ruth wind blowing and sun shine in and runs score and that was still again Damon and burns I thought I was. That was a horrible move so bullpen management is going to be pretty key here to. Talk to valid host the baseball post game show offensively speaking. Scope who's had his moments where he has been good and that has struggled. It's still struggles we know he seussical are. It's not in the same since the all star break instances the home run hitting contest. It's been too weird trying to find spaces in matchups and all that kind of stuff to bring it sit right broad got hot and obviously with just he gets high. At a media game with an injury with a rib burger mid body stiffness whatever you wanna call it. It's just right now they can't seem to find the offensive rhythm that the head maybe a month and a half. Knowing a lot is talked about about lineups and in there's one side and want perspective that's say he's still got to have a good quality about counseling approaches you good pitches. He's got to be Smart about it. Sold bidders that and then there's three others that say hey wanna do this hot forget the match ups throw those matchups out the window and just go that I thought after the seven zip game one. Victory in in Chicago auto run. I didn't care about splits I didn't care what the numbers that run that same line up right out there with the exception of Manny Pena behind the dish instead of Eric crouch and maybe the outcome might have been a little bit different but I think they get a little too cute with that I do and if for those that say. Lineups don't matter then why do managers switched the line. I mean it's pretty simple theory here they do matter and it doesn't matter and when Asus is coming out of bed and goes three for Fort Knox and through four runs and then he sets the next day I. I have to question that I judges do and work because we're crunch time here. Now there's a right brawn I get I get if you wanna if you want a baby cake on him because of the injury issues. I don't completely understand because it is an issue that's back to that she's been up. Break down a time or two but the other guys that have no health issues. That are younger. You'd you'd just have a good game because a different pitcher has played. Sample size of eight at bats against you and you go one for eight against him that's the reason the set a hot hitter. I don't agree that. Let me ask you this real quick too if you had to put that your starting in field that you were playing one game that you're gonna say this is going to be for all the marbles getting you to the post season what would your infield. It's moose that third scopus one inch short shots second and that's it and set first. They. That's what I wanted to find out because. I know there's people there saying look you know Garcia this RC that like RC is immediately the ball game as a defensive replacement has. I just had it put him out. Right and that's I just can't put him out there outfield wise with your brought in the outfield right now are would you put. Because at the same experiment looked to Eric things is a guy that is that protector in the lineup he can be a power hitter. But he eased in I like your things you nice guy he's dancing bear playing outfield. Heck yeah. Yeah no doubt he has been. A disaster with the gloves lately and and is it better that he's showing probably. Slightly better but there he is open. It has been policy and to see in him defensively and what about to have off the bench now may get either can get to back in a ball game with a three run shot there's a guy. Let them heat up off that bench. And and there's your double switch and there are some lose some additional options because you're going to be making a ton of pitching change has them and nationally based losses awesome outweigh that that you have to look into that stuff. But yeah Eric things has been. He's been maybe trials warmer like minus a collect. It's it's been talked a lot surely. Always good jab my friend I know you're enthralled with the race I mean you're bad I know it's gonna be helped raise an exciting down the stretch is let's hope that the brewers and tighten. Don't fall too far the review Mir and then the cardinals have been coming off like crazy you mentioned earlier that. Now we're counting them out pretty much for dead in a debate comes storming back almost a similar Pittsburgh came storming back just before the all star break and obviously experts fallen on harder times with tickets up male doctors and you got a bill. Art and popular they go to Ellis and baseball post game show joining us on the Schneider orange hot lines shatter our drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair. Eighty plus years they'd be getting it done call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com that's 844. Ryder go to Schneider jobs got out.