Allen: Don’t expect the Brewers to falter

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Friday, July 20th
Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee, is very confident that the Brewers will be just fine as they head into the pennant race. Does he expect the Crew to keep pace with the Cubs? Plus, how does he feel about Josh Hader?

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Tim Allen who is the host of the baseball post game show on the flagship station of the network 1057. FM the fan. Tim is never ever ever in the gun club and he's the perfect guy to talk to right now Tim welcome. But permanent current I'd second half finally is what's happened for me Ed it just those four days you go in it was saying this early you go in on a long win streak or a long losing streak. It hurts I hate to break when they're there's some kind of momentum at stake just nice to be playing a game. Yeah I mean if it's if you're to say about bail out the all star break two brewers fans back in you know march. That. You know you're you're two and a half back at the break now three obviously good to have back at the break. And you don't play well and then some of the better numbers in terms of wins and losses throughout that I think we all take it it's just that way that last. You know later ten days land and that that is so little bit of a crusher man and but. As Jason Anderson's side you know better to go through this in July then you know August and haven't forbids September. Much of truth and and did the break it does help in a sense that deal you can just put it put it away for four days and you don't have to come back to the ballpark after losing and a stretch of games in a row so maybe that part will help but my question at this point is. You start the second half Tim. With the team to just got mania match out of the team that is probably riding the highest wave of momentum you could ride having not played in four days. If you're the brewers how important is this weekend series. Yeah I'd say it's you know it's a style of play now you got to get back to playing some good baseball and and that's the fact you know you can still play good baseball lose a ball game. And we we all we all are aware of that part of bed but. And all its not the end all be all just get back to playing some good baseball they're gonna improve improve this team. Within the next couple weeks and so you do have some artillery on the way. But you just get back to playing good baseball when it rains the forest now that's just that's the cycle of Bob Locke and and sometimes logic if you will that you know you're gonna have these down parts of the of the season you will every team does. They just happen to have it just before the break. And they were on again and they were out of big Ron Mets won 821 games in twenty days and that had to take its hole and so was just in on them than the stars line up to where. He's not only don't get much out nobody lands and in in Milwaukee in another uniform. Today coming out of breaks self when it rains it pours and something's gonna. Give this team cabinet a spike of energy and they're gonna get out to with that I'm convinced of that they're too good of a baseball team to just. Don't lose seven of every every couple out there won't happen so whether or not and whether that takes strong performance out of a starter go until eight. Maybe no hitter one hit shutout innings or whether to walk off for a big comebacks. Something's gonna despite this tremendous and so managing here. And may be that thing that you're talking about is. A bat and airy themes of media Ryan bronze someone like that because there are enough options. With this team enough quality bats on this team that one of them could get really really hot over the next two or three weeks. Is that sort of thing in started to start carrying this team to something better. I I think so when you've got that you've got a few opportunities for that you've got some guys that have been down either by production standards or by health standards so. The odds of of Ryan brought Eric same sin and Travis shock you know not having an impact offensively on this game because that's. A longshot for one of a well at least one of a while and so that's that may be what what I was just talking about that. Guy goes on an absolute binge in and boy what a different outlook the offense has sift. You know to it let's just say to a lot of those very. I mean then look out because we all know Cain and and the eligible I've been doing that heavy left in in terms of stat sheets and across the board now and then you did have. Pleasant surprise so aces jaguar who doesn't appear to be going anywhere with his numbers show he's gonna continue to pump. Get two out of those next three don't and they got something offensively. The brewers would be leaving the NL west and the NL east but they don't lead the NL central to get the cubs are in the central on the cubs got hot. Right before the break. If you're a brewers fan is he gonna drive you nuts to be constantly looking at the cubs in the box score or is that a case is that RA to have that in your division. That is if you do realize this is it's. And as I said it's a little bit of a I mean I can't stand that he would you know in a funky way in a weird way that's that's the fun part of that is that. You do go through some emotions in the and the roller coaster ride of that and yeah it's going to be fun and you know those that listened listened to my shell over the past several months. These guys are well aware. That we talked about the brewers and cubs go home back and forth and back and forth I don't think that's gonna change the cubs got. They got a little fart in a YouTube. They've they will have a doubt spurt here there's no doubt in my mind they're not gonna play this type of baseball the rest of the way out there are good baseball team they are. Sort of blew herself and that will continue. You know if if they stay within shouting distance of each other which I I think they well. Then wait until the Nextel brewers series has can be a mad house. I expect it's going to be fun isn't it. I'd man I'd bet that. And again cubs series these days because you know the brewers are relevant now and the assistant to assistant the 26 year playoff drought brewers here. This this is the relevant baseball team and they still don't get the love and respect Kevin they dealt with and nationally. They don't yet they were the first team to thirty Lance first in the forty one's first in the fifty land hanging tough hanging tough despite all the injuries despite all of that. Indeed give almost few breaks once in awhile and see what happens and and that the world is gonna turn it will. Yeah I believe it is enough talent that can make that happen now let me let me get your thoughts on on a scenario let me let me paint a scenario here for you. To wind brewers' eighth inning tonight. And council walks out points the left arm and outcomes Josh hater out of the bullpen. Timmy what happens next what reaction does he get and how does he do in your mind. Yeah actually it's interesting idea I'm I don't know I really don't know. As it's going to be tough and I feel bad for the entire situation but I think everyone's got to move through it and we we all do and and that's that he's he's got to go to him when when they situation once and that and that's facts. We wonder oh there's so many different layers on this week it talks. You're an all week for bill and actually we talk every show every minute of every hour about all the layers that are involved in this and an ominous. Look at guys like Jeremy Jeffords. With his arm around them saying is great friend. And and Lorenzo Cain saying we're gonna move forward and Craig Counsell. That's not the job side new. I don't know. How fans react because often times like a jury. You're surprised by. Lawyers can say well we're in good shape then and it's been an honor in the eighties and the other way so. I just don't know. That I wish I had a little some better for you down but I don't know. Not sure the court of public opinion is a is a fickle thing and die and I'm I'm curious to know I'd. Honestly I almost want a 21 brewers' lead in the seventh three innings tonight. 'cause I wanna see I wanna see it play out and and honestly the faster it plays out the faster you get back to baseball that that to me and the other half of. And that's what council's salary that he did he didn't mean to be callous and he admitted that. But you do have to get back to baseball and that that's to me saying get past it and then that's that big in the commenting here just get through it get past that. And and everybody is just gonna move on. Tim appreciate the insights as always man let's keep doing this let's hope we have a conversation dislike this and October about the NLCS and that be great. Big time big time cover. Tim Allen appreciated thank you very much a city baseball post game show on 1057 FM the fan that is the flagship station. 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