Andretti: This sport is rewarding and can also be cruel

Bill Michaels
Friday, June 22nd
The great Mario Andretti made a special guest appearance on the Bill Michaels Show from Road America. The racing legend discusses how special Road America is…Plus, was there ever a point in his career where he thought he’d leave the sport early?

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Mario Andretti said he knows how you don't. Let's go let's throw this on him how you bid. Back to turn the presidency here and there we are. I see is it's that we hit the the party were backs with the volume change event and no I don't. I could still. The wind was fantastic Ottawa thank you very much and you don't go yeah me take you you are you looking forward to driving a few people around a track in still active obviously. I'll zones I love it. And you know obviously this places that got something special for me. Now isn't it and then even love driving it two seater here what is rulers who have places that says. Yeah it's it to the character of this track is something that. Every driver loves. Just. It's got all the ingredients go that fast gonna slow corners. Elevation. Changes in. And and actually. For each lap you probably at. Least four places we didn't. Actually December earnest overtaking so they're they that. So. Because they couldn't wait to stretch your legs here what do what makes this. I mean because we talk a lot about it what drivers that say I love road courses but this is the ones. Why is this the one just because of that the reason you gave resume because of the dual sides in the installation and so loving that you've got to look at that you don't have I don't think there's another track. In these United States as it is thing got a lap before miles. Growth course and except maybe just all Austin can the you know at coda hero and her Formula One is his surrogate for and to but there. So. Characteristically. This stood out you know because of the length and because a life of a lap you know you have all of these different type of corners and and again elevations some reason you like called that now. Elective variety him well enough if there is certainly never get bored kid Gramm re always just in your uses that like it because it doesn't you're going somewhere. Yeah that's. Yeah yeah actually snuck into go to a drive through the direct your legs yeah you that's too bad Colin I mean that. He got three basic straighter lazy in that day you're reading in on them down. And that's these in the areas where obviously it is nice overtaken by the even in between there in between that. You know actually seven and eight and all of that so it's has said it's and so we look forward to and and again. This is satisfaction of the laps run most places you can read too well he get them they hit that just a little nudge better care. Civic drive you Soviet you know Vincent brown a track you still get the test every now and then it's still it never tell your blood. And slow it down to when you gonna go you know that's I think that's the never doubt it's as they never say it was funny his Tony can sign that was on our program yesterday Tonys to visit is his last contract AG four. He told AJ he's done after the next to handle and and he said he just it's the somewhere along what ways you know which time he needs to be talking AG said. AG will go when dances today's it I'm done that's it and never never raised like that again what was it for you. But the saint Indonesia's. You know perished as guys that tried to push the envelope as far as not to the extent to Korea's closest possible. I never wanted to end you know I love so much and that but at the same time. It was a fine line where I didn't want to over stay. To that point then I would have not very positive memories of my hat you know less participation so. I think cap can. At the end and that's really wanna want it to walk away from them that because that way. I still did three Lemond races and you know there's some activity here there and itself. But again you know I am so so grateful that I was able to. Two to go to fire even knew IndyCar at this level you're at page 54. Right now so and you know does so many bullets and I'm not canoe wouldn't swear that I notice that. You know I'm blessed to have been so. Again. You know it and Tony you can look back with a lot of pride in himself and and uncharted you just try to just delegate from. Possibly London next couple of Beers you know to just mix it was a say the end zone deposit memories and and then Honeywell. You have had so many experiences and heats and I asked him a sense it was server point that you thought about walking going so after him well. It was her point prior you deciding how was it that you thought. This may be the end for me it's maybe something about it but I wanted to anymore. Well unfortunately. You know throughout my true we'd lost too many you know I was like. Going to war sometimes do some of the seasons that. And you do have some second thoughts but it's the same time. If you gonna continue if you're going to be in this been she cannot dwell on that you know you just not going to exists in this business and and yeah it's it's the toughest thing in the world I mean even. When I won the world championship bout saying they were necklace at the known my best friend can hardly make great teammate Randy Peterson my medicine is dead that. Decide the race and and it these are tough moments because you know their family can even. Celebrate some of them particularly the smallest of the career but Carol Wilson and done enough we again every time you lose once things are never the same there. And it's tough the sports is they're rewarding as it is sad. In most ways they can be cruel and we know that we know that that out. Again to answer your question. Cadaver. Quite honestly you know the you know I just. I was committed from the beginning and and I was there for me enough room whatever hell was thrown at half. And and that's that again that fortunately I was able to still retire loan terms with his two agenda. And with a safety net we're enjoying today also I mean these guys had the best chance ever you know to return her own terms in which is wonderful it's wonderful for a sport and I saw some of the cars you see after iron and now if you thought wow you know. It took him back but. This regard to what wheels can instantly knew at the moment and you know. But today against Florida's involvement the right way and it's three he'd do well especially. IndyCar Series is really got the product I mean now. The drivers that teams and quality of teams from the so deep light can unprecedented. Fear and and again I think. The decision's going to be made even on the technical side have been really really good you know in the last couple of the years he's IndyCar completely recovered now from the split from years ago. Well I. I cannot say it is completely recovered now because you know those were told that glory days and we want them back ground you know but it's definitely go on the right direction now in we've seen the disciplines of pretty much correct it leveled off. In on I think and we're back you know just it's rising and because that. As the fans they you know of getting to re acquainted with would the product that IndyCar is offering. Ascendancy you know what we've been missing something and have seen that I've seen. I've seen that that from the get tendency on the increase in all of our venues there you know so it's we just got to have TV audience that. It just tune into an end and be curious as to CO OK where I didn't mean that. How much better off you know caller. Marty at this point early on that one you'd have to offer me. You can never artificially create. A lot of action and races on so forth but we'll we have seen and what dad this product is producing. His brother's really really interesting. Races and you know some are better than others but again you can always look forward to the bunker into that. And we have again. For for provided by this depth and talent we have been drivers and and that veteran even the veterans and young enough to be around the you know a long time in the foreseeable future so. The series is really a good place right now and I'm loving it because I love this series so much so. I know this we can you do to see you you take people on this on the lab so yesterday pat from any court and Tony and studio this. They sit Everett on the bridle and never on the road course right. So I'm I'm gonna get a chance to do that but I said I'm getting married in July and four weeks from tomorrow. And I said there's nothing better than I can give a right to be as of what India. Than a 180 miles an hour with Mario enter here so you take care more. Share FF FF. That really good to see you Mario it's always put my thanks so much frank and out I was witty like trumpets and rose petals and stuff and royal. Or when it came at the CBS the great Demorrio entering your joining us here inside the point creek RD rentals. Mobile studios that you can find them going point creek RV rentals dot com great talking Mario Andretti.