Are Braun and Becky actually heels?

Cody Grant
Friday, August 31st
Bumps and Banana Hammocks: A Wrestling Podcast - Cody Grant and Bart Winkler took a look at the recent changes to Braun Strowman and Becky Lynch and discussed whether they are actually heels or not. Plus, they talked about Kevin Owens "quitting" WWE. Also, they gave their predictions on who Paul Heyman will align with now that Brock Lesnar is gone.

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They wrestling fans are back again for another podcasts here on our boat some banana can express self Cody grant along with partly clerk. I'd busy week in wrestling WB raw and smackdown last stuff going on we saw he'll turn from bronze straw men. We saw Derek Corbin has general manager well we saw Larry you lynch. Wool wool watch he'll turn heel turn. Ronnie realtor that's what they're saying. Hussein then that's what Twitter sang that's what WB is expecting that's what we saw. I would get into it. To setting up the podcast. Is my job's seasonal ID SK three on one mountain. And so he enlisted somehow or even the odds that that. I think he'll turn these days dictionary. Restart that and say straw Mendes. Mean I don't know what I don't call that. You don't call any thing he align with drew MacIntyre. And don't ziglar the week before. He was ought to faced Roman rains and the shield came out to kick his ass. That's a realtor day bark first of all I'm not calling him he'll turn. That's what the whole world was calm down I got out at you and yelling two years because what I think it was. I don't think it was he'll turn at all because of it was a he'll turn while he just action right there. Yeah he's not he'll he brought his briefcase to bear in Corbett a senate cashing in town itself. Not he'll turn and you don't like. They gotta stop we do he'll turn face turn. There are no heels are faces and you're not exactly there is not there's just character's psyche lynching you know he exactly. Becky alleged technical healing and Eaton is really the face in this rivalry. She's the face of the women's roster right now and it's supposed to work because she wants. What was clearly hers. Exactly and you know I saw a lot of backlash on the Ron stroman and the Becky Lindh staying that they're turning them steal this is wrong. Does not care as they are just cheater who you wanna each year. And who you wanna do an I don't think that Becky lynch or bronze shamans have any tactics that shoulder he'll now Brosseau of course. Did go with dobbs and learn to McEntire but he really wasn't keel he would have cashed in his money in the bank act callous self. Let Enron Marines know what's gonna Conning two weeks from. It's part of the problem is we root for. We root for kids products. This is a kids this is a kids' products BG TTV yeah grown men. And there's a millions of eyes that think. This kids' products should be in Abdullah over basically. It's like Eddie lacy liking Pokemon or Dragonball Z. Or Mike Daniels liking office. Animate on anybody that like sponge Bob as a star adult. We like kids probably isn't it kids' product. I just having this revelation 18 wrestling so much. Because I'm not the intended target audience in fact I'm thirty years older than the intended argued. I don't like plush dolls a bright eyed right colored shirts. I don't like things. You know you know kids love kids love repetition. And I would rise to grow up I'd watch the same movie every day after school. Why don't watch the same office reruns every day has apparently Tommy Kidd has learned I watch rapids area on Beloit. Kids love reputation. Same movie I want slam before time. From like third grade to sixth grade yes. I watched Barney and six great too so why do you watch still need to be than knowing it's a kids product and knowing all this stuff pisses you off tonight because I believe in something better I wanted to change because. It's the old 955 yeah no I agree with that and we see that at present and it sucks but there's 5% of that that's just amazing it's not worth that. Not worth it. It's a kid product. We're all this guy and look they heels are always right and always justified that's the problem the faces of faith can he smiles. Ten gallons of faced as he smiles. Null. Roman reigns as the face because why. Rostrum of the heel because he tried to. Even up the score against. Huge affection this year they deal fashion and then people like them and they turn and face Byron from the shield is all look outnumbering EU. Yeah peel back today. And I just cheer for him because. I like them admits a stupid. Or doing he'll face turns I mean now some of the greatest moments have been he'll face Terrence. I mean he did had they need to be in character. Just. Becky just it's not she's not heal and angled their trainer has won. Shall fight with the other he like all of a sudden now her best friends are all the big deal wrestlers. When Aussie won it was entirely her best arbitrator by getting in the match. So now she's most of team would get a bad guys. I don't get that sushi just is go by herself like never read your and we and you don't know I understand that shouldn't have de Jesus MacIntyre in ziglar. Because he's the he'll now I know he's not just he's trying to even the school are. I I got I think what's happening is W did he still values bases in heels which is no secret we are you all that bottling its late. And a sense too though it's it's really not because there isn't I see your face is red cheer for some deals. People or cheer for tavern owns no matter what he does he blurted cheer far. The brownstone in a matter what he does people aren't cheer for. Aaron Roman Raines number one what he does you know it's gonna happen. We you have fans are both sides. And these whole things were like all that's he'll tactic that's eagle tactical sublease tactics are face tactics are still losing an excess of me. It started with BMW owned a BCW word they were bad guys but the redeem cheered and the bad guys became cool I think that's a resonates with us today. Look at him is damn Bryant feud. Problem for the mets' Daniel Bryan is obviously the face absolutely he was injured. This is his life's dream he's done everything to get to this point he's worked so hard visit obviously he'll. He's a Dick. He cheats. He runs Brian down. He'd. Exam the fans. Doing these are defined characters. Who have their motivations. But yet you get any guy would come incensed and say. Ryan is the good in this and muses the bad. And if you wanna root for the ms. because he's so good being bad. Like I like to do you like to do that's fine bear perfectly positioned his heels and faces that is that is perfect. When you have someone like Becky lynch whom. Why is she getting booed. Because she's worked her whole life to get a title match finally gets on and in her best friend worm her way into it and now she's mad at her best friend. Because she's won this title so bad and it was taken former when Charlotte that all the easy opportunities over life and because dikes have sent about that she's the heel. Well absolutely not. Because she has a meter faith smiled then issue a bad guy. No just there they heal and faced dynamic is essential to wrestling matches need stories and they need to be. They need the Jeanne Yang to be compelling I do think that. Two faces fight in and shake after it gives. Faulk blot out saintly they wanted they can just like each other Becky is sort of dislike each other but they can bulk beef faces in the situation true Terje begging can be a face. Ambien be mad at Charlotte in it. I just don't want to cedar teaming up with the Iconix who based soc is a waste of (%expletive) time. What does that. First of all the names are wrong and second if you look at a stupid comedy bit for five minutes. Dec silence. All the their hot K great. What the I don't care. They're boring you fast forward. Are hot who watches it due to Mike those who doesn't have time shutout. Yes 2000 Nazis never gonna matter where she came in she still. She's awesome I like that unless one of my favorite women's wrestlers in one of the best masters on a cart I know you are. She said I matter to. I I didn't meet Charles. You didn't know I was here for Charlotte. And those three you that was three mean I was at a different radio station at the time all. That sucks yeah and does unity show it. Days you know what it's funny because I work may be seventy days in a row like I have worked out worked Seve days out of a 71 day stretch the only day I had off. Was a day Shara attainment. You were seventy days and rule gaffe. I now founded anymore. Does what I'm saying makes sense and makes total sense and I'm in complete agreement with you. I'm a heel of this podcast now because I raise my voice. It to heal tendency hoping this is my biggest life struggle. Is that I am right when I'm right. The way I act is wrong. When I'm writes. I get loud. I give boisterous. And in the other person goes not yeah okay. And then they elected as the good gave another flat out wrong I'm the one get all crazy movie. So that I'm the bad guy. Biggest struggle in my life. Size of their nation of kids. Yes struggle to anyway. Decided to differ podcast known as the yeah and that's a week's thinks podcast now (%expletive) now now only soccer. I notice again that the cheese and people can Muster. So anyways stormed back to this spot though with bronze straw men who we touched on backe of course nobody can improve that. No they gamble back to you see on Twitter here in a loud cheer they they can't do they do chair Becky I think WB tries to. Go against the grain too much I don't take what's given to them. You know it's it's like you have they have a strategies for these wrestlers. And they have that. I think sometimes we do have and point they do see your future where they want to get to. But then the crowd is different reaction and they want to see more than they expected to see. And they're so stubborn. With their ideas. Of where they wanna take the story that they don't. Listens the universe like they preached that they do. They don't go with what's work rule wanting LeBron stronger right now you have a terror term bronze. That is soul over. Everybody loves bronze stroman. Why change it. Why try to take and a different direction 'cause it's novel Roman rains and protecting Roman rains and this you pour that. I've brought up see before we did as part pass before we came on. Recordings podcast Sports Illustrated saying net. What I mentioned the other thing that have been the first time cast EL a set. I Cody locked in to grab I mean I'll come on romance and that's a bad joke. And I'm wearing a hat and he's learning that instead are you ready can't brother. Have you ever said that a foreign airliners first however so that. Ever have those days. Will you say something you've never set before her life into such a weird situation and you think yourself why the held I to say that the ground like the high school. And I want to turn Hussein preteens. She said reading it's on my friends Kernen. Subdue grossing greens to me like. I don't know why nothing promising greetings. But it is like weird and it is weird so that was like you have her on saying it's now. And you try to use somebody else is saying it is doesn't sound natural and violent in the studio tomorrow and sent. All I'm a gentle. You say you went. I mean. Yeah I think you can compare them better though like if you came and it's sad you know Rosie John ambler. I really what are you doing what's really serious about it. Rosie is a player like I wouldn't owners like no stop don't do that that's chuck thing that's chuck things on a bar thing Newton. So yeah I guess they do okay. Overtime and Sports Illustrated came up volume or not this is sad. They're expecting a lengthy title reign for Roman rains so this of course means that brought instruments not gonna win at home cell. He's not gonna cash in successfully. And there expecting to move on to drew McEntire is a challenger for Roman writes. Well bronze from Ronstadt den bronze star bronze debt. It age he doesn't win on the cell or at least prolongs the next paper view two areas and our title shot he's he's gone. This is my some and it's summer slam I think dead brawn. Should have cash in on Brock. So I think you still have Marines in chase mode which. I don't mind if you give rains the title at some point. I guess did you have to have Brohm women you've got it's like give. You have the deaf ears you're exactly right Cody of the WB plan. And yet this other plan and the Debbie Davies trying to run both plans at the same time but there's only one title. You have to give Brohm the title at some point otherwise keep them away from it at all don't have them lose to Brock Lesnar six months ago for no reason. Don't have to win the money in the brain. I don't know there was then you had an easy out from the lose that give it to Kevin Rollins 'cause it was anything can happen and anything can happen. Any thing. Unit indeed cute you get anybody how beacon ad Nicholas come back and. Punched Kevin in the nuts whenever any they gonna happen. And you didn't take that advantage so. Now I as. Is almost like on every time bronze it's cheered as the worst for the WW but. I don't understand as a business you have a guy that will make you money. You're the other guy that you think should be something else Roman rains can still be one B. All while the crowd is telling you brawn is one K let him be 18. Don't let Raines V one and then Brian B. It's like one and as a bunch of fives. Or bronze smackdown. Is not gonna hold title on raw movie smackdown that don't care what AJ styles. It's life. Separate Jay and his three kids fortunes now I think. And whatever but it's it's just it's so annoying because. They they had they struck coal abroad and he came up the white family. I hate it and it first came up and NE EDJ decides it is hats and had he got just coldly reps athletic big guy. If these hands. I interviewed him while you were in Mexico. That was awesome now because I don't think hoarding and how much air time if you were here so thank sparked a championship and your wife. For that on now I we both does that 5050 yes OK gotcha. Yet I I just I it's it's annoying because. Bronze should be the champ not room I agree. Angry. And that's our or some man. Because we think or what we think is better. Given and is. That exited same crap every week so why do we talk about it why are you. Nine people listening while I still invested in WBA belt like I I was gonna quit after summer slam gets residents of declines sucks ass hole tweeted back gag you. Well I saw Dan rather he did and I'm still watching at 7 o'clock hang out and home. Yeah I got to know I'd love it I still love it I still love it does plays a soap opera and it's the same reason that it's just pisses me off as the same reason people watch breaking bad is the same reason why people watch the Walking Dead or Daniel rocks compared to like gays and our allies around my children because. Not a real soap out. Brad so many things happen over thirty years which you've got the same people watching the same thing they did thirty years ago it's just that. You don't have as much influence I think to belida V view especially you. All not even social media but you have to live performances where you can voice your concern for the product or your pleasure for the product. And do we just we will we just we want I don't know maybe this is part of it maybe as part of a strategy keep us. Frustrated and annoyed. If we're pleased with the product we spent in thirty minutes on an amount that I'm not yeah younger you're probably right about that. My tweeting about in my watching it hate watching love watching whenever they keep as annoyed as Jesus coming back. So you say and they stayed they want us to hate it so we don't goal user I thank. You Debbie Debbie. Led by Vince McMahon. Runs things the wrong way. And in the crowd. Tries his talent to run things the right way. And so the right thing for them to do is to continue running things the wrong way. To annoy the fans. That want it done the right way. But the Debbie Debbie continues doing things the wrong way. Auto accident not as part of a strategy. Because a stubborn ass so of the Demi Debbie gets no credit. For their success. They all it's all I'm accident. It and to c'mon. It's a funny way to look at it. Why is the cameras look like triple H because I think doesn't get overworked triple H you look like. Evening dean Ambrose shaved his head. Who looked like triple H and needing a triple H. Made him. Nadine Ambrose savers hat and you want to look more like me. Could be it. Could be yet they did I ask a guy. Yeah we're Sheba. Where's should it be just. Period her where is asking the murder Carmela. So here you go. What are revenue bends and this can we don't know we don't know what happen and and and big tabs. Alia that has not any else Garrard DeVon Owens quit. Quote unquote. Soul that Kevin only saying I I don't know I feel but that he's one of their best housing half. First of ought to match against sept Rouse is great his promo was terrific before the match. Yousuf Raza gonna win in new loans was gonna win that match and any. It's an ML rang. I don't share. I just says two words I quit and walks out. So. Obviously I don't think he really quit because they wouldn't televise what day did you know he's an economy back. Didn't Batiste equipment that's due in a wheelchair made me so Evan Ellis is gonna come back it just. No matter how we collagen comeback same vise ready to come back is Paul aiming their alignment and Kevin's going to smackdown. As it is the use time about his struggles I'm wrong. So all we see in San quit because I don't you can only cry wolf so many times admitted that resolves ziglar. And and there was no payoff to that at all non Jesus let go of the title and locked out and came back and challenge for again I mean there was no payoff I wished Evian we reduce like I wish. Wish she would show up at all him. They won't do that now. There's no way so why are they and why are they in love with the USC. They won't. Let me wrestling great. Nazi era. YouTube companies. After her height compete and so it forced. The other company. To continue to trying to one up. And in today's wrestling. Would there be divvied out how you Japan's not competing identity ring a broader stock competing Adobe to be there's no other. Mega giant no other mega stars like it's like the NB AW is the warriors. And there's nobody else. Iran. And adding that's a problem because. They don't have a degree do you really want they still. Try to get better. 'cause they're motivated. Yeah. I'm not just a that was not shot the warriors trying to dominate Iraqi. Saying that Demi don't be. There's no motivation because they can still go status quo. But the warriors. Sometime it's gonna run out there are historically grade. When as much as you can. WB. No reason challenge them always coming. We'll put them in the warriors to nickel plot lines forever the warriors go on the Dick Kevin Durant. To be their main guy right. WD goes out. All these independent wrestlers. Emery is a man not to meet their main guy. But since her that other conference noon so obviously direct come into the warriors her Oki C. But also made the worst rye where is done to me or bring in a Bobby rude. Olympic card initiatives came not Amare or limit torque Fox News on the hiring Jim and a new wanna hire her. From MSNBC. And inactive Russia. Just to get her off at an SN BC yet that's exactly WB dot sound they bring all these guys and that's why I don't think your receipt Kenny on May yet come over. You never see Cody Rhodes back pass rusher night there's a lot of great wrestlers that you'll never seen WB because they. I think in all that. When stars that are going to be animate. He's a lower than that so you're going dollar and I Abby there tomorrow. I'm. C buy out Alter ego Cody Rhodes. On some treat for you and it's some big coherence fans we don't nobody don't talk Obama bodies like six of us don't move. And yes. Estimate cool man he should do videos and stuff I might or he's a video. And now. Content. On the web site does the underdog team out of Paul Heyman so she's still around our guests but no Brock Lesnar. The seal why would somebody new and I don't care honestly don't care at all. I mean Paul he was a got to tell they careers and I penalized I just don't care I mean all payments to me is that there are managers hog I guess. Match him up with someone I don't know would you leave me Europe's population now to would you national. K what's our oceans day. Nothing nothing Protestants did. Le'Ron arouse. She doesn't need it the one about it in a rundown on the women's division maker heel yeah man come and tell you what to do. All you can't do we know he'll keep no no women no women no odd to see Paul and a lot of tell adults. Ian Nina. It kind of does need some open. Images from talking standpoint from abroad and now. Our museum mouthpiece. He connected talking nonviolence and I'm not talking capital was one of the best Mike as a doppler on him alone at CM punk to in the past. And that was one punks that he'll rams are important so all Hayman could could mean Brock Lesnar need to pull him and talk obviously. Rocket talk about talking known is also about the the aura haven't Paul came in with. Been down here now since aux. Nothing good about then and legacy to be healing and speaking of fan when they don't want to say. GM Corbin I laugh so far on the one raw I saw him. Apparently angles and come back soon and find him there RS looks sunny and a wants them back be a full time Russert from court and as a sealed GM. I love the match yet against the dollar. And ten dollar. One are able Corbin give a low blow I think it was Tennessee full time. Pulled his Kurt angle O'Donnell 404243. Late forties. Have no idea. You want to come back and wrestle. I I mean I know he's training for it. Don't wanna see that number has lasts. Our match with browsing. I don't see Kurt angle and link to a on one matches in the ascension. Ali actually yet I don't think I'm Steve Wynn did what the (%expletive) disciplined and didn't. Payment would lash officially Sox did that actually blows my name I don't know I'm I don't lawsuit lashed actually do on name that would Lashley is always space. And went last thing that's my answer. Yeah so that dvd you're listening put Paul came in with Bobby Lashley yeah. Credit me and give broad African title. And give alliance and the title. Licensed under by Trish stratus media. Had enough allies anymore. Well it was a thing with him in the paper view when he break his guitar. On it now and I was advantage and and that. Nominates eminent death well. Itself yeah I mean the submission holds. Sharpshooter. Sending these before the show on Friday. Held them. This is guy I enjoyed the conversation I just have literally run IAM I've run out of steam here Brownstein of the not like a sorority do. The 9 o'clock hour yeah. Kind of history shows sooners. It's a little bit of fog mist and show is good today. Cassette tapes Spin Doctors. Daddy can listen on demand and whenever you're listening to now same spot certainly Claire my doors six to ten. On the chance. Parent Willis wrap this up before we. Not too much steam will have another podcasts up. As counsel gets closer finally announced Bart wing clear on Cody to rant about twenty minutes Daryn it's not anybody catch on here the last call we don't need to go for I was listening to this for an hour are they still there. We'd be right now hi Cory grant Tony fifteen if you're still listening right now him apprised. We got plenty of price sheets back in there and I do that. Mill but let's do it anyway Erica check while prize. Tom. A free Chile's jerk yeah community action MVP probably not only calls usually. Public. Dear GM's open yes. And on Twitter DM Cody grant Tony's fifteen. How me MTV's Daria. We have more titles that's for sure oh yeah and who wants Tony bed bugs are or Toyota Tonto. GM colony. Tony grants aren't fifteen. And the first three people dead. Tony from bucks okay upon us understand it. We can't do this good. That's just an idea -- public that okay is an idea. So we wanted to gauge reaction. Yes yelling DO as I get yet when a particular the sales I had an official contest were just spit balling ideas and is recording. That's all we're doing yet for you here. And I I don't know act on it I would just we're just spit balling. The visas is not a contest is not official. It's not even a thing and we won't file through. We won't follow through it's not real we can't do it we can talk to legally intact promotion so we can't. Do it for you we can't it's. In knots. Will we will. Not do it. Did you when I'm picking up there yet I hear you loud and clear him. All right we can add do it can't do it don't DM Cody grant Tony's fifteen. For free money of Kano. Onto the system and DI am open to non answer. Confused now. Don't do it don't do it at all I don't do any thing this don't do anything last eight Mets never have to waste the time don't do it. But the closing time in his podcast we stones song. I'm just kidding I was doing. ICG ASEAN next week. I hope so too is that. Yeah we're we're off. The record about it's it's it's done rivers got. I'll keep everything. Syria. Asked our rank there go to grad that's our WW podcaster does next time.