Are the Packers good enough?

The Producers
Saturday, March 17th
NSFW: The onset of NFL Free Agency included the Packers for once, but did the roster actually improve? Anthony Mandella and Jeff Orloski pick apart the Packers moves and discuss whether or not they have enough talent to keep up with the Vikings, the NFC and the NFL.

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Been a while. Stick to take us through the professor and pipe bomb podcast. And I think maybe. Will this be a little more optimistic than our last one where we basically just shadow on Mike McCarthy for a half hour. Or so I hope so too. Do I go inside some Packers free agency moves they've made the moves they didn't make. Really just on the state of the roster as it is on there any thing. As of now that you think has been just blown you away or just pissed you off. As far as what the Packers had done. I like the Mohammed locusts and I think that's a very good one year five million prove it deal. I don't really see a downside if he comes out and any socks. It's five milled and he's gone after a year it's no big deal. If he comes and in the dominates. Which obviously is what were hoping. Then hopefully maybe he'll get a hometown discount if he signs a big contract after this season. So I don't see a downside with that Jimmy Graham. Three years for thirty mill. You know basically caddie Steve yeah it's still already tight end you've basically traded him for Georgie yeah. And which you know I have no problem with them cutting Nelson knew. You know I everybody all you know. Jordy Jordy blob level you know who kickers and they're the wide receiver position one of the things. With having the best quarterback in the NFL. Is that you should not have to spend. 33 million dollars of your cap money. On wide receiver often one of the benefits of having the greatest quarterback in the league. Is that you should be able. To roll out sea wide receivers. And have Aaron Rodgers turned them into beep plus. Wide receivers and get the job done and you should be able to use that savings to boost your defense. To make sure you have depth along your offensive line. Applaud all the other holes on your team so I don't have a problem would Nelson. But when you dump Nelson and you sign Graham for basically the same money. It's like kissing your sister it's kind of a wash yeah when it's all said and done it's it's a complete walks now. I do think and I am excited about Jimmy Graham you know when. Call me optimistic which. I don't you call them often but. I think if things get called often we probably shouldn't say indicated that it is very true. I think that aren't with Joseph Philbin is offense the tight end is going to again play a very large role. Where once filled and left and we were stuck with the boring. Predictable garbage offense that the genius Mike McCarthy they're does you know came up lift. I think it's going to be of a net positive. For the peck. So overall between. Lasts less show that we did a few weeks ago and now. I am a little more optimistic. Wow that's that's good to hear CIA. Don't think I'm nearly as optimistic okay Mueller. IC is there any other foot I love it I'd do it I don't usually on the one it's all sunshine and smiles and stuff. I also liked the Welker since signing a buddies really under appreciated player with the jets. On I think he adds. On the opposite side of the line a kind of nastiness the defense that. I don't think Mike Daniels can even match Welker sin is. I he's like if Ndamukong Suh. Is your a list dirty. Nasty. Scared to go up against some defensive linemen in this league and then. Mohamed will consider Mike Daniels are probably like B list together on and I think. On any defense particularly on the defensive line there is. A value. In that sort of attitude that doesn't show up on the stat sheet and you can't pay. So I was really big fan of that deal Mike you mentioned. Really team friendly deal yet I didn't think that they really even needed. An improvement on the defensive line dean Lowrie played pretty well in that spot last year there was gonna blow you away but he was never the reason you lost the football game right. Which is when I'm thinking of the star current state of the Packers. Trying to think about OK what lost you football games last year or two years ago or whatever. I don't think they did anything to fill vols holes. I think it's another offseason. Yet they made a bunch of moves which hill Brian good tunes for not being. Ted Thompson 2.0. Judgment day or never it is. But if it's also trying to box the Eric Bledsoe Greg Monroe trade. They made a trade where they'd swapped one set of deficiencies for another seven deficiencies the roster didn't get better. And I think that's kind of went what went down with the Jimmy Graham Jordy Nelson deal. On like you were saying so I don't think you got better there I think he got better. With the Mohammed Wilkinson deal but at a position that was honestly probably your lowest priority. Yeah. Of all of the position groups on this team the defensive backs were horrible. Linebackers in the pass rush were horrible. The quarterback play backup quarterback play was horrible. Running backs were were pretty good actually. I thought forgot about the running backs president's had a nice year one man went down another man stepped up yet it's like they're borrowing door they were okay. They were far better though than I can think a few years back when we were. Counting our blessings hoping that Sam con got so sick or Vernand Morency. Was gonna blow this team away and carried the offense behind Farber Rogers whoever was there at the time that that was Brett Favre era via those two guys. Gado remember him and he's a doctor now. Like a medical doctor more power to all active for him absolutely. But looking at this roster I thought they had a huge need at huge biggest need on the whole roster was a pass rusher. And granted I don't think this free agent market or this draft class is gonna give you what you need overnight. Didn't even sniff. Anybody that's gonna help the pass rush. Mohamed will percent is a dog may not pass rusher. He might free up nick Perry or somebody on on the next level to do something but nick Perry Sox. I think walker since gonna get at least. 76. This is C at least seven at least seven we should call in the morning show guys and put a ban on that. I've lost so much money and as tournaments go through. Thought I had Virginia go on the whole way. Yeah a year's all the whole way. I haven't been on Israel games and losing my ass and every one. Seats remain the biggest efficiency for me is the defense of backfield even now you'd trade Randall. And you get their dish I'm freaking Kaiser my key helps your team who you know he's dog crap. So except a younger version a dog crap then Huntley news so there's no net gain they are you lose the top corner that you had. Whether your opinion that he was good which is my opinion because after he had benched against the bears he played pretty fantastic was pretty good. Or you don't like him which there's a huge. Many people in packer nation that do not like him. Now I liked the fact that they do to cheese offer. You know the bears for the transition tag and Kyle Fuller booted cheese offered him four years at 56 million. And I love that most now if I was the bears what I don't understand is why the bears. Book that offer and said okay who you know will will give you the same saying and Fuller signed it. Right away because they had five days. Now if I was mayor I will waited until the fourth day in 23 hours 59 minutes before I said. Simon sang here you mean but anyway. So they offered four for 56 for Kyle Fuller. But couldn't come up with one year seven million for Tyrod Nancy. Yeah now you know Matthews is safety he's not a cover corner I understand Glen and hello. Absolutely he can play net which is just as valuable as your starting corner on the outside in today's NFL all Leah. Oh yeah. Or uses haven't played deep end does have a ms. like the head on her now that his role in the field just lay in wait in the lay the wood down on it oh yeah. One year seven million you couldn't come up with differing him. Dead bugs me. And Mike pens defense laws. Loves safeties where they love safety. In that defense so the more you haven't more talented ones you have the better that whole defense is gonna click. I'm right now your kind of hedging your bets on. How hot Clinton decks. And Josh Jones. Yeah and I could be more confident. To say the least you know it Dix was just god awful this year end. You know hopefully he he bounces back in the led bulb goes back on. Jones I have faith in I think he's gonna get it together an NB good. My problems the cornerback position then now you got Kevin King. Who you know he was hurt last season. But it was OK enough. Anything really really good. Are you put your eggs in the Lindsay Pitt kids basket. Or the Donald tell little brown basket you know and a third waters basket I'm sure those are all three fairy fantastic nice guys yes and quality human beings if you wanna come you know have a beer hit me up on Twitter and let's go. Party guy there. But you know do I have a whole lot of confidence entering this season with those three. As my number 23 and four or even Kevin King is my number one and no I know well. Not a chance and credit where credit's due Kevin King came in and played. Legit not great but widgets starting caliber corner playing his rookie year coming into what may have been. The most complex defense. That Dom Capers has run in this timing Green Bay and what last season may have been. The most complex defense relative to the lack of success and a half yep out of anybody yeah but for me you were saying how. With the wide receivers as a position group. You have Aaron Rodgers they look better right yes well the receivers and tight ends are I think it works the same way on the defense with a passer option because. Casey Hayward has gone on to great things. With the chargers who have led what is a second or third straight Pro Bowl this this past season since he left the Packers you know and nobody was clamoring when he laughed because. He's banged up here and there he played good. But it was nothing special wreck. Hey I mean when he was on this team Davone house was the better quarter when they were on this roster to get straight up the bond house is the better player. That's position when they were on the field together in Green Bay but he went to San Diego. He gets to defend receivers with Joseph we both cell and Melvin Ingram. Terrorizing. Offense is in front of him and boom all of a sudden he's this superstar how can we let this guy go now. He had a great pass rushing front in the same thing with Micah Hyde in buffalo. When you have a quality pass rush in front of those guys they kick it into another gear simply because. I don't know you could be it. The second coming of Deion Sanders and night train lane all rolled into one. But if you got to defend a receiver in today's NFL we can't touch anybody do anything to him for 89 seconds. Your burned yet absolutely just burned and so. It just sucks because because the whole packers' defense needs an overhaul. And the one position that they could you get the biggest bang for their buck out of pass rushing help to hold defense and there's nobody for them to go get an hour. I know they said in her hands and waited too long now you know obviously the Nelson cut and cotton him basically just freed up money for Graham. Why not cut clay. And then you would had money. To go after pass rusher and you could use some of that money. Because he's making he's steel eighteen million dollars is dealing in money were fourteen and a half million down fourteen and a half the other point five you know. Who that's that's body on the house and dollars can't do anything with that any or team and a half and he's also early sillier tanked it. And you know I know that when with the whole odd tyra man you all he gets banged up a lot. It is yeah you know you're looking at you go into the season hoping you're gonna get ten games ethically. And so. Yeah I wouldn't cut him and use that money early. On on a corner. And on a pass button and if you need more money then there's a lot you need more money then there's cow you could dump all. None and then we can just sat there and had some real veteran play makers. To start. And then you could a drafted for depth and have these veterans teach these guys. You know it's. It's so simple eaten but they make it's so freaking complex. Yup you know let you talked about with Darren capers offense and how. You know quote unquote complex that was. Complex or simple it's socked yeah it can't work it is it did not work whether it was because it was a bad scheme to begin with or because it was so complex that the guys can't learn it fast enough to actually play. Either way it doesn't work out. You know and he was here five years too long. It should have been you know if Mike McCarthy was any kind of a leader he would walk did Meredith few was so well Ben I'm keeping capers that long. Give me your playbook. And he should of grabbed three quarters of the pages ripped a mountain to rule and garbage Ned said that's your playbook now deal with him you know. It's just. I don't get it obviously. I got a lot of faith in Patten I think he's gonna be really nasty I think I think her defense is going to make huge strides this year. What they need players to do it and we just we still don't. Have them I don't think you have right now. The only. Special guys on the defense guys that you can for sure look at and say he's a legit. Sixteen games. Start to finish four quarters legit NFL player on this defense one of them I think is Blake Martina it's. Yeah for what it's worth I mean he's an inside linebacker and a 34 scheme is a stumper he led the NFL and tackle that's all we asked to do a love. And then. Mike Daniels. Is legit he's legit but he takes seeing eye dog suit up shall know he's not he's not he's not bound for can't be by any means no I don't think you know. But he's a really good player. There was an NFL player he's Kenny Clarke could get there. But I still little green and Gilles yeah. That's all I can think I don't nick Perry can't play. Never three force you know. That and that's part of that's another reason why Don capers defense never worked whether it was his fault. Or Ted Thompson's fault he kept getting guys for positions that they don't play. And trying to make. Lemonade out apples and does that make any sense mount. Marius Randall's a safety. His whole life he was a safety while he's gonna play corner for us and guess what he struggled struggled struggled as soon as you put him in positions. That he was playing something that more closely resembled the safety position. I'll the nickel corner. On the Sony can play better. Now is gone to Cleveland. They're gonna claimants safety immediately they have to think twice about the way he's gonna play safety for us you know like he's a safety net hello nick Perry was a 43 defense event. He's not a stand up 34 outside linebacker. Clay Matthews is a stand of 34 outside linebacker he's fast he's slender. Von Miller a stand up outside linebacker you can't have as much beef is nick carries walking around with and come off the edge and not have their hand on the ground. Yeah it just it goes against what his whole system as same thing with Mike Neal and Daytona Jones. Mike Neal is probably a 43 defensive tackle. And we had him play outside linebacker in a 34 scheme and made. No sense at I don't know where the blame falls but both guys are gone now means I have a 100% faith that something's gonna get figured. I hope so but I will tell you this man if on draft night muted she's drafts the nation's number one lacrosse player and tells us that he's gonna be a fantastic linebacker. There's gonna be riots. Oh yeah because that's the same old ten Ted Thompson MO. This same old BS this morning returns rather yeah all these extremely athletic you know. The bill overall sharpening their pitchforks when they cut Jordy Nelson if they do some like that game on. I hope so you know because that that kind of crap can not happen. You need a linebacker gold draft a linebacker you want a corner get a free can corner. Don't try to convert the next basketball guy I don't care if we get the next. You know Tony Gonzales the next Jimmy Graham Antonio Gates yeah I whoever I don't care about that. Give me I would rather have ten beep plus players on defense then 28 plus players. And eight C players in so draft for the position of need. I think we're moving in the right direction but like you you know. There is teams and then you got the bears have picked up Sammy Watkins and and a couple other receivers there's Alan Robinson yeah you know there's team's energy is going to. Throw the ball. All. Over the Green Bay Packers Aaliyah and it's not gonna be close no and I think they were talking about it it was yesterday the day before. On the big show. They ran the topic if is Minnesota. The king and king of the north. Absolutely yeah it's not even a conversation is that if you honestly think even with Aaron Rodgers that this Packers team is the best team in the division. You've been drinking the Kool Aid for too long because. Kirk cousins. On a horrible Washington team that I could name the aside from Terrelle Pryor. And jordin read I can tell you a single weapon that's. Been part of that offense first sixteen games or even multiple seasons because it's a revolving door running back Jordan reads always hurt there's nobody opposite Terrelle Pryor. Guys as always coming and going. The offensive line is. Whenever there is not a great offensive line it's not bad read a couple of really good guys and a bunch a guys like. Just Democrat. Rude who is reassigned luckily. Armed. Because you can't count on Brian blog but there's nothing special on the hook that Washington team on either side of the ball except Kirk cousins know. Dating to the air I'm sorry to interrupt. Keating to the vikings yeah. This is a clear cut they are going one balls to the wall for their title. I give them two years yeah. Because after two years they're gonna be Catan and losing guys left and right because they're not going to be able to keep debt roster together just like what's gone on the Seattle right now yep. They're gonna be in cap hell and it's going to be a free can fire sale didn't so I they've got they've got one possibly two seasons. So you better hope they're cousins picks up that offense you better hope they're delving cook comes backing can stay healthy. Because your window is not rapidly closing. It's close and you started the clock hit a gap declined one and started you just started the clock yep signing Kirk cousins in Minnesota when you could Ed case here unfurl a hell of lot cheaper in the same guy. Lot and also the. Same guy like this Kirk cousins has been doing that it's about wins and losses but it's a team sport Drew Brees is I'm losing stinks seems forever no one thought Drew Brees complaining more. Kirk cousins been thrown up 4300 yards 27 touchdowns a year that's way better than you got from case Tina how many can only playoff wins is Kirk cousins 00. Kay's team has won 'cause the saints can't tackle. Good for him. And the team sports the ultimate team sport I don't put any stock in a team accomplishments. When you're evaluating whether or not one player is more talented than the other. I hear you I I would've taken the savings in and rolled the dice with Keenan. Then sign in huge money and Kirk cousins I may be would've too I think. Given the current state of the franchise. It was a go for the jugular move they saw how bad the Packers are when Aaron Rodgers is out of the equation. They took care providers out of the equation. Anthony Barr take care and rod is out of the equation. And I think they saw it's basically now or never is they have all these chief rookie contracts. And they know all the Packers are as long as Aaron Rodgers is playing the Packers are going to be in salary cap how. More or less because you're spending so much money keeping your superstar it's so hard to build the complete roster and they have a chance right now to do something the Packers haven't done. Since Obama's favorable. A complete roster with legitimate talent at every position group yet they don't have a weakness right now on Minnesota. Not relent they're biggest weakness right now is time. Yeah if the if guys get hurt and don't bounce back soon enough. Or if guys did too good too fast and can afford Pam that's their only weakness right now. You know if then FC north get a whole lot better through free agency. And the Packers kind edges. Ran and as well as her you know the lions got worse. Yeah alliance together who I don't care you know. The bears got better the vikings got better than the Packers are about the same maybe just a little. Oh wee bit better but. Not really I think they're the same and move the lions got or so. You know it's. It's going to be interest seeing I think. You know. Although a hold of packer nation is in my penzance oh yeah. And I'll tell you that Mike McCarthy. Better be all right Ian. That patent can get this done. Because it's not that he does not gonna fall in the first year. And they have their work cut out for them. Not even just in the division around a conference. The 49ers got a lot better yes and they're already pretty good once they got Jimmy G. Give that old Jimmy G thing in inning and LA is a little bit of magic but five and no with a team that didn't win a game all year yeah that's pretty impressive turnaround it's very there it just like that for guys that learn the offense and a couple of weeks. During the regular season. The rams got a lot better. Yeah oh yeah I just saw I think it was Adam chapter tweet it. The rams are right now paying Aqib Talib markets Peters Sam Shields and what's his name LaMarcus Joyner I think the safety yeah combined. Less than watch remain Johnson's gonna make this year with the jets nano. And that is that is how you do the off season right there absolutely. And move. So we got a Packers made a trade. But there was clearly for way way more value on the market and they got off corporate Marius Randall of course mom. You could've gone out you have like 54 round picks are between the fourth in the fifth round LX five picks. And you could got to keep to leave for a fifth round pick this year I know. I know. And so now okay cool may be your fifth round pick sometimes it's Blake Martinez. Usually it's Richard Rodgers yeah who I liked Richard Rodgers by the way I hope they re sign him. I don't. He's he's. Richard Rodgers is nothing flashy but he's also never ever been the reason you lost the football. Right he's ever gonna be a little lost one is very rarely the reason that puts you in position to win you mean like when he won it in Detroit. Music from the dude doesn't drop anything. He's got great hands he's got great hands these Decker is nothing special but if you look at the roster. I could could you had a rolled out plans Kendrick Richard Rodgers again the senate make the deal for Jimmy Graham and gonna spent that money. On a great pass rusher a great cornerback and your roster would have gotten better instead of staying the same list Hendricks is awful. I'd be fine rolling those two guys out again when you have Aaron Rodgers back under center. If you mean spending that money on a position other than the tide. See my problem Richard Rodgers is that when I look in Amir in the morning who have. The first thing that comes in my mind isn't she your speed. Now but I know that I could be Richard rod and the guy. And that scares me happy because I'm past tests no you're not what I can beat him in a race he's got better hands than me. But I I can run faster than that orbit as. And he has been put in so many awful positions by this coaching staff his rookie year. We needed to stretch the fields are going to slim down and if necessary got faster than they called an audible in the system may read through the year. Are we really just need tight ends to block this isn't working you're too small to block we can't play you. So you box up in the offseason and then midway through the next season. We need to be able to stretch the field we what are you trying to block further we don't need a blocking tight end when it's American threats that deal and he's putting his body. Through limbo. Trying to accommodate weight wise what he needs to be playing at and they coaching staff keeps changing and on and every year and but the dude kid catches everything he runs good routes. Is good blocker seemingly great guy and a locker room Alec Martellus Bennett. And he's been your best tight end since he's been on the roster. He is a perfect. Third down player yes he can block if it's a run on third and short. If it's third and three you'll get your four if it's third and six to get to seven. If it's third and twelve don't go anywhere near him because he can't run. More than ten yards down field at a time and so he's completely out of the play. No but he's a perfect third and short third in mid player. You know I I I'm not and yes I. I don't hate Dick rod. You know I've got a little soft spot in my heart for it be and because they can be on a hard sought. Yeah router talking about. And I think that's ultimately what it boils down to though is. He got you not to gala the Pro Bowl caliber player at every position on the roster. And I think you can do better as a team. With a guy like Richard Rodgers a tight end. And a pro ballplayer. On the defensive side of the ball than you can with a Pro Bowl tight end and nick Perry and Vince Beagle. Right getting after it that's all boils down to Jimmy Graham is a far superior player it's not close. As don't want to come off like that Jimmy Graham is way way better player at this and Richard Rodgers but. I just think that that money could have been spent a lot more efficiently in a way that helps short team did better. Now today let me ask you this professor. Yes. Packers nation tricks media. Because every ceremony and reagents that that's out there all Packers need to go get this guy all the iron to go get dec. Dickey Sherman. Gets cut from Seattle. Okay and why is it remained to. Sherman okay cut from Seattle everybody. All all I want Dick on my team I would love to have Sherman on my team well know not like his attitude. If you could do you know go in the way back machine give me Dick from three years ago might take that chairman but I don't want to Sherman from now ya. Win Malcolm Butler and a contract that he yet. All we have Packers need to pick up Malcolm Butler for their money are you on your mind. Absolutely out of your mind you know the thing free agency inherently. It exists so that players can get paid it doesn't exist to help the teams the teams are way better off you saw. In the sixties before free agency was ever a thing the Packers just ran rough shot through this leak yet. It doesn't help the teens at all it's all about the players making way more money than they deserve dip on the open market and I didn't want Malcolm Butler to have anything to do with this team. And so the only way free agency works out for you as a team as if you're resigning your own guys hope to get a hometown discount. Or if you're the New England Patriots and you can offer the all but guaranteed shot at the Super Bowl discount. Geisel signed for nothing especially good veteran players ala Darrelle Revis a couple years go sign for peanuts compared to what they're worth. If it means a shot at the ring and you don't have that right now in Green Bay because you have a team in your division that's better than you. They're better than the volumes are better is there so you can offer that and so unless you're gonna be able to find that perfect. Each guy. Who's knocking a command a lot of money on the open market for whatever reason he's in that in between of kind of whatever fill up the depth chart guys and legit starting talent just in between her like shot real and who's now back on the market after failing as physical a guy who's. By no means a star. Like Richard Sherman or Terry and Matthew. Or if I guess you can make the argument for Malcolm Butler but you can start him. Yeah well especially and his team especially on the steam so. There's just there's so there are still so many holes life I don't on this Ross there. I don't it's it's it's very frustrating because you know. It seems like they took a couple little baby steps forward button. BI also takes a baby steps back so it I don't think they've gotten. Noticeably better yeah I'd I think you're treading water I think so too and part of me also thinks that this may have been a get the Ted Thompson taste out of Iran's mouth. Kind of week. For Brian good condensed where he kinda had to do is feed into any thing. They become an for his job before they even started it which is absurd but that's that's just the state of packer nation rent. So. I just don't. Like you said they're treading water. They made moves I don't think they got tremendously better I like the moves that they made I just don't think they made you a better football team I don't think they address the weaknesses. Of this football team at all. And I think that the delay act especially in the defensive secondary. Like you said with a row pass rush. You can not have a draft. Where you miss on the majority of your players you can't draft you've got a ten guys. And have one and a half for work out yet you need. Four to five guys to become legit. Above average. Kick gas. NFL players. Or you are going to be in the exact same position that we've been in the last four years five years now. Where we continue to tread water and I'll tell you one more thing is that Aaron Rodgers. And with all the stupid money that he's mediocre S quarterbacks have gotten in has signed for in the free agency period here. Then and I understand that Aaron Rodgers is probably word. Eight billion dollars a year. So any teen that he is out. If he signs a contract and wants to be the highest paid player in Italy which he deserves. And he better shut his face about ever complaining. About not having help. To go and win a Super Bowl yet if he was the man and you know if he wants to be the main. You need to take a less. To help your team. And the players around you or you better shut up yeah while your cash in those fat checks. Any you know the other number twelve in Foxborough has been doing that his whole career yes sir McConnell works. He's got a handful rings to to show you that work and so I get a it's a business you wanna make as much money why can especially with a guy like Rogers who gets. Seemingly banged up. Often enough. But you know when you've already got hundreds of millions. May be it is one that's in jewelry to your wealth if it you know if it. But he did a couple dinner in honor million dollar catcher slugger friends over as jewelry senate. But you're sick you're talking about the Packers need to hit. So going back the 2015 draft which which may have been the worst draft the Packers and others at the world. The Marius Randall gone Clinton Rollins will see if he can turn it back on what he had his rookie year. Time Montgomery's an okay player Jake Ryan an okay player. Brett Hundley gave you nothing that you needed from him many traded up form no air Murkowski. Why life Christian Ringo and canard Batman. Did you really hit on any of those guys got time Montgomery in the third round beat these about a third round player that stays about a fifth round if it gets from Santo. You didn't hit on anybody in that draft now. Ian you you could have not made any of those picks you probably just as fine as you are right now there you'd be India same motor better. That's brutal none of those as there are difference makers yeah and speak as long as drama draft a closing note for today. The mantra of the Ted Thompson draft era was to go get the best player available. However the Packers also have huge needs at specific positions in a way that they really haven't had in years past. We've they were spoiled where they could drop the best available player because. They always had someone starting caliber ready to go. If that guy wasn't there the thing that sucks. Is looking at this draft class it's articulately the first round trying to get impact players. You desperately to pass rusher you desperately need a corner. And at fourteen. The odds of either one being day one game changer type player. Being there still. Is pretty slim. Seed thereto or disagree now this draft is. Set up so good for the Packers then you've got big pick at fourteen. Four quarterbacks. And at least say Kwan Barkley. Are all gonna go before the Packers pick. News so there's five guys during their top ten talent so now you got nine players you know maybe year draft didn't if that's all that that happens there's going to be an offensive linemen are too. You know the kid out Rotterdam playing arsenal probably go Korea. So you're probably lead Avaya at. Eight. Offensive guys that are gonna go before you pick. Me so you have the chance to get no worse than the six Calvin Ridley might go before then to exactly. That's I said no worse than the sixth. Best defensive player on the airport so this draft. Should and then with the trade where you're taken first in the fourth round and the fifth round first round picks in each of those rounds. With Cleveland knew that trade there. This draft. Is set up perfect for Green Bay yeah and I hope booted she's. Changes this shipped there we have been picked him for the last five years and can get it together and get some difference makers. Yeah I think there's one guy at each position that I think could reasonably be there at 141. Is markets Davenport. The pass rusher and one is on. I doubt he'll be there at the corner from Ohio State yeah Denzel ward yeah if neither of those guys are there cut bait. Trade out collect picks trade for a first round pick next year you know there'll be a quarterback hungry team baker mayfield still sitting their fourteen. After these after Allen and Roseanne and darn old and whoever the hell also gone now. There'll be some quarterback needy team that hey we'll get our first round pick next year if you let us you know move up here. Now we'll see going to be there can I tell you the news this morning with war jets moving up two to number three. What ace duke big franchise I know you move up three spots. Okay. It cause if you you're number six pick. And flurries second round picks to move up three spots well guess what he's still don't control their own destiny idiots. You know because he's still got Cleveland and yet he did giants. That could take your guy hey yeah it makes no sir it sets. Package similar to. For example the rams dealing out with the Redskins went RG three was picked yet for the titans. The titans trade with the browns to move up to get married go to. I mean or or the Eagles for once or the bears moving up once I choose this reaffirmed what a clown bit which. And I'll tell you this much for as long as Mittal Truby is key is the quarterback in Chicago. The Packers will not finish last in this division. Now it I'd do well and about on that levels seem and they talent around him on now finished first but they won't finish last Panthers you know blues. Bears are gonna go as far as Robiskie takes its it. So Willis at CI guess. What shakes out the draft. Earlier this morning too I believe I believe is this morning Orlando Scandrick the cowboys veteran corner. Released an act could be a guy they might get some circulating around and that's big exact kind of guy I was thinking about the four. This guy's not a superstar but he's been getting his work done grinding it out. Four seasons under different coordinators. Just still keeps plan he's not a superstar but he is a starting. NFL corner. Yep sign of Packers haven't had one of those in a long time and sign up for a Warner two year. Deal if you can get Mo will percent for five million you should be able to get Orlando Scandrick referred. Five to 70 absolutely. Because with the I take their broker in the way better player his position than standard is it is yet so if if that's how it works out how it should work out. They should be all set. So. I guess final prediction and are they gonna make any more free agent signings and if so who's it going to be. I say yes and I think it's Scandrick using its Andrea I think that's it. You know I've day has deserves no choice for Green Bay except to pick up a corner in free agency veteran corner. I think it's gonna be Scandrick okay. I think they stand pat until training camp. I don't think there I don't think they have. Right combination of talent on the open market and money available to pull the trigger now before the draft. That's just me now well then as far as a draft goes. Arc is Davenport. Is that I take him right I'd take guide I'd rather have ward but I'd take I'd only I'd much rather have Denzel war via. I just think even though I think the pass rush helps the defensive backs. You're so thin at defensive back and Denzel ward is a plug and play day one starting NFL corner. That you you have to get that done if you had the chance to move up. 289. Would ever get the deal done. Give them pick fourteen give your second round pick goaded Denzel worked absolutely because you know the day one difference maker and huge. You did difference makers but you don't did day one difference makers a lot. Picking fourteenth. Like you said there so thin that third they would be if they don't pick up a deep Beck in free agency still and even if we draft two or three. If one of those guys gets hurt. The path back to anywhere on the good recall on Sparky. Play corner. All things Sparky he can run with some of those guys know he's trained for a marathon while I saw the video him beating Rami and erase let's it's. But I don't think Smart he can run with scandal somebody buys seven the fan to cap a line. Just a really put this chuck Freeman thinks he's the most athletic guy on the face of the year. A chuck he can throw down can I I don't know I think I'll film I'll Fella. Does you know I can run a forty yard dash but I got to stop after warning and smoke in any ownership and that's okay because it would be unfair. You would just be blowing everyone out of the water it's better if we use your skills as a cameraman. You know just keep a healthy level of competition and be like NFL guys playing against the Peewee squat it just it wouldn't be fair so I appreciate you taken Allen for the team Jeff I'll drink to them different excellent. I Anthony Mandela here. Jeff for a loss did. Professor and pipe bomb podcast take to do this again sometime deduce. And I get a good up to the trade soon and a couple weeks they'll do it again NFL draft recap maybe coming out of all we've got to do for the draft. Preview should we do a full first round mock draft. I'm not Smart enough to be 32. Once again professor and pipe bomb were gonna fall yards put Jeff underscore or last week on at Anthony Mandela. About another 4000. I think so man in school good to want. Go take it easy.