The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, February 12th

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It's. Over the weekend it and I had to tell someone so I decided I I wanted to tell you. So I was out. Out a a sporting event over the weekend it was a high school females sporting event eighteen. Of matches games whatever you wanna say. Type deal. And I was watching the coaches for the different female teams competing against each other and I noticed. That was very emotional very passionate. A lot of yelling in chirping and so forth. In between games matches out where the case may be even in the middle of the match or game and you could see the look on his team's face of increase nervousness. I know I was a fear. But you can just tell the pressure was starting to deal with in this team every time has coached. Decided to raise his voice in yet all raw rock while this is a very emotional coach I understand that it gets fired up. I I couldn't believe that the coach couldn't see the reaction that he was giving. Up from his team and then once that lead the next couple matches after this coach Ed doesn't do things they started off very slow on the next match after that. Alliger shaking my had again kinda watching this going how does that coach not seeing the reaction he's giving. Up from this team and that I found out that it's a coach that. Also coaches boys and was kind of doing the same thing he did with the boys. And clearly not getting the same reaction. Guys I'm Tanya. If you are coaching. Body language is everything. Right is body language everything whether you're managing or coaching. If you can see and looked at the people you're talking to any do you see. Blank stares or fear or nervousness would ever. And it's not working he hits now worded it you betcha the result of the next Matt or game of them starting slow. Clearly it's not working you're making them more nervous importing amenable no different situation. Out maybe on Curry's. Maybe you can coach. Boys and girls the same white men and women the same why. Then do you coach what are boys team the same way you coach not a boy's team depending on the mentality of the pan nest of the guys on each team I think ever such a way. And is different and you have to adjust. I just I have to oldest you just leave and I comments below here on the block. If you coach boys and youth coach girls. You find yourself coaching differently. All I wanna know this to me. This guy almost cost is seen night it and a third out a way to win at the end because before that the crucial match the last match. The difference maker he talked to many very cold why he wasn't screaming yelling anymore. And they responded big time in the last match so maybe he learned his lesson between what happened earlier and now and whatever it was was that changed it war. I just don't think you can coach. Everybody the same way I think each team is different. W which effect right below right here right below this others audioblog posted on a common sexual talked to next time here on out by seven FM the fan knockout.