Augustine: Can this rotation carry the Crew into the postseason?

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Wednesday, July 11th
Jerry Augustine, former Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher and current Analyst for Fox Sports Wisconsin, stops by. How does he assess this ball club? Plus, how special has it been for Augie to grow up in WI, play for the Crew, and now talk about the team as a profession?

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Sox and brewers baseball and broadcasting. From fox sports Wisconsin former brewers. Lefthander Jerry Augustine joins us on the Schneider orange hotline Gerri always a pleasure my friends. It's more money out or franchises more minor. Okay now this this come from a guy. That I used to get an autograph from when I was a little kid now I'd obviously a beat UT doesn't remember that when I could say it's funky that. That in years just they fly by we all know this that yet a pinch yourself to years to fly by but. You know you still probably are on the autograph seen our chief Jerry. Well hi it's nice to hear come by my high school when I was playing to your autograph but. But you know it is an in this one think that's a special bulk Milwaukee Wisconsin sports is that. You know the people here really treasure the people that. I've gone and played professional sporting garden play each and every year and it's it's really need it I was born and raised here I'm very fortunate. To have played my whole career at all. If part of the broadcast and it's very special and I could never. I just love in the baseball on this page is lot of what each. Yeah and that's that's true Jerry I mean you know as a kid I use of flip your baseball card over unseat key will money Wisconsin and I'm like how he's from Wisconsin. And he plays for the brewers now on you not only you know were born and raised here or whatever but you played for the brewers now you broadcast for at. For that entity and that's that your Milwaukee Brewers sets that's got to be a dream come true. It really is you know like I can remember days that was actually boarding you base that. My parents what do you want to be great they're not a small city and having the opportunity go to school learn and in sports was. Although it was so much fun that you could play all three sports small high school and I was very fortunate I came up and and they aero car. In three consecutive years we've put. Three players in three major sports we had Jack of our. Who would be a football player they were Tampa Bay and I think it was Cincinnati deal killer played that was Johnson. Basketball played it. Played in the NBA and then I had the opportunity to play this also. Coming from a small city like he wanted to have three guys there played meters or is quite a feat in itself but we have we have a good athletic send. It was a great place to draw. Yeah and then you go on to coaching UW and that's what wholesome. I mean you do you've done it all in the state of Wisconsin actually after you're done we're gonna talk about how popular the brewers are throughout the state. You guys and fox sports Wisconsin and often against Greg is John amount will pay but Brian Anderson in that Booth. Just absolutely amazing you guys as a whole. Was Brian Anderson bill Schroeder and Sophia and yourself among others Cragg and all all the gang. As do a pretty pretty damn good job for the market size that is. Well you know what he's obviously got franchise were up. Up Shanley everybody. Like each other we enjoy each other and you know each and every did that we have a look callers in the morning or that they. We want a really great and good product and and really be joked that fans and the more we can bring an offensive or understand it ought to bring to our present which we have there was constant. It may have fun and pay what we're the brewers are playing right now yeah yeah. You just can't have anymore on their place has great based all by itself or enthusiasm. That's going on here and it does not only based on every sport and we feel very fortunate that a group go vote each and every day and bring the Bruck astute our fans. OK now I got you all buttered up and ready to go now to hold talks of mob some brewers baseball on that field. Little concern for me Jerry and and nothing against these guys salad you know when Miller and crafts in Nottingham and NATO or so the world and things like that. I'm a little concerned down the stretch when you put that line up side by side against team like the Chicago Cubs at the LA Dodgers. And maybe even to some degree the lower portion of the orders of there is only Diamondbacks are Washington Nationals. Do you think David Sterns is gonna step up in improve. That part of the team that lower portion of the order and someone. Well I think David Stern's gonna try to make this team better anyway can't if you use it you can upload it it has done a lot with. And our own that the manager Craig also in. Of course headed by a mark on you know each and every day it together and Cilic and diligence to make just give a better game and you know they're very fortunate in. It brought it in culture the culture was there are no expectations you'd go all if you create your own expectations. And I think that's helped this organization. And these young players come up and do the job that they're doing it. You know we talk about baseball baseball's not audit 25 man roster anymore this year the Bhutto yet 46 I believe. Not far behind that they've been here you know they're there are a lot higher than a couple of teams that have not had even had more players on their roster. This is a new wave of baseball and it's not just about Iraq or about guys you have in your organization being able there. Come up but there is some good things for you at your organization has done that and instead it because. We have change a culture. It'll allow players young players to come out and do the job at eastern state exactly what you said he has to do is gonna gain. Develop and maintain good young players. And he's lived up to that and I think. That's the reason why should this ballclub is organization. Union as well as it is. Former brewers left the Jerry Augustine currently on fox sports Wisconsin. Jerry Korman burns makes his debut last night Freddie Peralta they've won five of his first six starts sees got a record for one and I CRA's of two and a half and is it. Do they get the love they deserve. They're starting rotation because you look forward here Gerri that it could be chased shot scene. Junior guerra Freddie for altering Korman burns. You know maybe moving forward I don't know that they may be dedicated to burns out of the bullpen but is that good enough for a deep Raun. Well I think you have to look at baseball always played and you know you know unit if you go in our credit couple I'd commit and stuff. For you're one franchise in them. If you keep this starting rotations and all of based on it it's good starting rotation. I have the best ER he's been in baseball you're gonna see that these starting pitchers go somewhere between five and two thirds. Well suited to certain inning. The brewers right now are right between that by the two insurgents sick. So you're getting at eight starting rotation escape and you just about that sixth inning. You do have to prove which elect debacle that our earth perhaps deeper game yes. Anti. Good to see that I think you're going to see that. As you go along and it helped here but the big thing about this club is that bullpen. Apple credible besides what this ball club does yet you get is important may have to approve it they've done that. Alternatively there's swing the bat we know that I've. If the market system. But when it comes down to the end it's all all that bullpen in what you look at what they're open is starting to do. You know you've got the three big guys got either you got JJ got Corey enable and all of a sudden you're seeing that Kayla Williams. Seeing big corporate burned up doing it best I can't get me it's all well. It's all of all this total OPEC what they can community date basis. Going forward that can make a big difference and I think what I think we lose our will cure for that I think they've got to a good routine which are going to let it open it. Pitching at a comfort level and I think they're putting very well. And Craig Counsell has managed that bullpen and in and I agree with you that Dan Jennings and Ann Taylor Williams are starting to step up here. And that's cool. The Al liar here might be a Jacob Lawrence and it just might be a core burns out of that town. Heidi youth do you think that Kregg councils do and by the management of the bullpen I'm not gonna agree with every movie makes but how do you feel he's been doing. Our. Anything I'll and you can probably won't be easy I think that's what took our for a says or does not certainly all the Bible in the play the game play it enjoy. Are they political play but I think he didn't a lot of exotic hypocrites I've got a ticket are Jacob Lawrence park great stop. The one thing he doesn't do very well everybody talks about his slider. Cutter how good it is and how relieved that he doesn't quit his fastball. What he keep it coming on their fastball for strike. What would you want to bet apple cider had a lot expect the strike so I think he's going to be much better but they're counting on these players at all. All each and every day to perform. It is going to be people on the street. Couldn't hold a bird in a highly leveraged situation in post albeit I'm going to be big it was amazing actual. It will be it's pretty special account bought back the confidence level at the actual point is players. Called to be chosen. Are you he would fight the outcome of and doing such a good job and it felt you know look what he's. You see what a little while this step if you are sort of quite. So it forever if you ever get it back to swing the bat well this is the dairy industry. That being said the final thing for you Jerry. Dick does your gut say that Stearns will make a big splash I know he's gonna make some moves there's no doubt in my mind. That you're this close best record the NL. Through ninety plus games you're in that. To win next year and he will improve this team in some way shape or form but will it be a big splash according to Gerri Augustine. I mean I don't think that's something called because I think they do their. I think they organization that is due diligence and applaud everything I think they're gonna be absurd idea what they want to do what they want to accomplish where they want adults. I think it is anything he came. And make this team better get to give the best opportunity for success talk about great also pretty players in the successful. Up putting it in order in we that he is well I think it is still our hope that it organization. We'll check the same what do I need to be successful and I think pick out a whole list that they that they can't do out there and thought it would be interesting. The next two weeks what's gonna happen. Really is going to be interesting because there in a position that I. Love love love Jerry. I just never agreed with the rebuild in the tank job but he's doing what I said could and should and would be done well maybe now would that. He's rebuilding and competing at the same time and not just competing he's competing at a high level it really is remarkable. Didn't get any young cultural. Organization. Who would've thought that occasions and I would be courteous to. But how big break up the bottom up but it hurt your particular ethnic got the really good picture of that column based. You heard some. It will take the little all. Back this year. Is sure he should be all are you look at I think. They got it like a king of the Williams policy isn't Oprah it's the way that changed. To get to where he wants to see any suggestion that you believe that they outlook these academic about our guys he challenges guys these six. That's did you like it at that level it's a ball performing. It's all going out each of his day job and I think he's got that that place right now they're like the things. Big time big time Jerry I won't see until the next homestand and so that's that's sort of a sad deal will CF at the ballpark. After the all star break or I'd. Others not to like going to the ballpark destruction but it. She's a franchise they're ready to get or. With an ego Jerry thanks a lot enjoy your time off for the bright. All right Jim Abbott guides areas Jerry Augustine former brewers lefthander and currently with fox sports Wisconsin on the telecast seed joined us on the shatter when shot. On Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work are the treaty fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done call the many 144 pride. 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