Baranczyk: Hoping Packers took OL help early in draft

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Tuesday, May 15th
Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette has concerns about the Packers right side of the offensive line. Does he want Dez Bryant? Is he feeling good about the rebuilt secondary?

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Or reject joining us in the shatter orange hotline you know when Eric. Properly marked it has been a long long time I'll tell you that could take give me your idea here. I guess synopsis of the draft in how you think this team now. Well you know I actually cooling unit this thing. I know what everybody wanted you back to everyone at structure. I guess my biggest and I had and I wanted to negate. And also to London. Either early second round. And round one trait wage rate down. Initially at okay. Offense line that got their guy situated back up and it'll get a that he back. I think I. You can't complain or you can't. Sitting at a book that they shouldn't syllable he needed still with. Speedy quick guys. And and a guy who'd been bought who knows how to play in this invited to play an Iowa played in managed isn't really that differ so. You've got to really like Q. You know taken a guy from that and Byron L complain and it. You know we've had. You're back from Iowa that he'd do pretty good here so I think it makes sense. What he'd need to eat a big guy go after the ball. I think that that's very important you know direction. USC big topic Suleiman higher may have been. Yeah I don't get paid. Big bucks to. Instructor there rushed. So looking Edmund what's the biggest concern right now is still the offensive line as a pass pressure what is it. A big offensive line at this point you gotta be a big red but now they got to figure out in a hurry. You know I take. The spirit Edward G string or maybe over where I don't know you know I'd be bigger to give him one more crack Q what happened there right tackle. Or you Albert he can he do it. On every side anybody got a rookie Eric guard unity maybe mercy who don't report that strategic. Big may have some sort of combination Eric if he can make or but I I think that's the source are those. You gotta have that they're at right tackle he I mean it. It's imperative we you know especially with what they're gonna about to invest in that guy back there that. They got to find a way to protect them and I think that's got to be going into the training camp he go into the summer here. That's got to be number one player are you figure out. That right side of the offensive line. See that's where we were talking earlier because city you know Jason Witten says that he would love to see our agents say love but he feels it'll be a good created Dez Bryant ends up in Green Bay. As much as I thought you know wide Debbie fantastic that veteran depth at wide receiver and that we are not relying solely on the Vontae Arabs and Jimmy Graham and such. On the other have taken you may wanna spend that money on the offensive line if indeed blog and springs are not ready to come back by being in the season. You wanna put a patchwork right Saudi Robbins a line out there and throw Aaron Rodgers behind it. You know it the crap and watch them which saw it I think date. They've really got to focus on it and then I have a plant Jahri Evans are still. Still out there might go get him an error in Europe the you know there's there's opportunity. I'm. But I you know it. The other saying that the other top units that that the good cop bad. Blooded ahead of schedule. With your audience appeared. Probably delete it I mean it's pretty tough to come back from a ratio left in the years. Just you know it's scary that. They went into the situation where did all right. Like targeted plug McCray and marry it to keep it away and since they're the right tackle I think you really can be source. Would you do if the price was right would you bring in a Dez Bryant. I don't think so I think they got an out guy addicted to get the ball big yards just delighted to jagr. They never let up a draft betray your mum. That look particularly Ron. And I don't want guys a little suspect but we don't do what we're digging. You do is create separation in the second period and yeah right that it runs good routes that he is not. We got a later they need to get that later on so you know they got the body I don't think he just bought between the numbers in the side of the sidelines. You know eat you do it in the top. You know don't get a body M east particularly given some space but give us some space so I think that's. Looked at tight end can help all create some space and so mr. opportunity here. But I don't look at one of the young guys to come are the champions and be able to run until a little. Palm then looking at the end of the defense of south of always going to be were all the questions come from a by the way retired when there are branching agreement press gazette Packers used outcome. How much of a difference just in the coaching change do you think of that we're going to see any ability for maybe patent to put these guys in different situations. To be successful. Well if you listen to. Tomorrow Williams to sell what you can make a big difference. I I repeat this at this point last year they needed to have the abortion. And that side of the ball in their meeting room and they. And really who looked at Julie is that they're gonna ask you maybe to get a little bit out. Let me catch a little lightning in the bottle let it get. Put him out usual a little bit hectic eagle at which all. They try to get some more pressure from the from the interior line and I could hear it okay situation. Got to come down to whether or not they they can play press covers. That's probably where people are gonna see if they expect their bucket they'll play press man oceans don't look so. The good the press man we talked real we've interviewed a lot of the different. You know that through the coaches got to play there that there coach a lot of these guys and it seems like everybody bring something to the table. If that's the best way to put everybody's got something going on. Whether it's the ability say to tab speed to burn to get downfield heard somebody its biggest strongly Josh Jackson that you groping get a ball has a nose for the football. You you feel good about Kevin King coming back but the veteran knowledge isn't there that's white term on wanes in the bond house that. Do you think they've got enough and that secondary. Without having a big time pass rush to be able to sustain and throw at teams to where they're gonna be able to cover and allow pass rush to get to a quarterback. Well early on. Earlier argued I think that you're gonna seed you're going to be here that it happened but didn't keep their get a lot like Stewart and if they can't get any rush. They're looking to get wise to it they'll be able to run a lot of luck rob routs. And you know meant killer and neglect of that's gonna put them in and somewhat precarious situation. It's half dozen of water six or the other you can slow that receiver off a fraction of a second best tribute dinner between Shaq or completion. Hey before I let go got to ask you real quick though about Aaron Rodgers when you you know I wanna go from defense to the offense back Darren. You like you said he's about to sign this deal does it make you nervous city Sani deal this big for this higher percentage of the team's total salary cap. So. The couple I don't know. I don't yet you gotta worry about that. I'm excited to Rajai. You have if they don't sign him to that. They're gonna go to a two out cheaper another ten years or better however a lot of give and take them finder back quarterback again. If you're talking a total rebuild it and. I think he got Pam and attitudes butts in the seats. And keeps and keeps them a position to at least make the playoffs every year that's a big that you didn't shoot for and it's the Super Bowl at all. So let you know they got out actually yeah it makes you makes total sense it gives him in TP take that conversation ought to be able. It's always good stuff man we'll chat again down the road I'm sure once mini camp for the training camp and everything opens up its gonna get into staying by terrible way and see if they do indeed get the Dez Bryant or another Lyman and kind of go from Merrill kind. Perversion of and they are branch agreement press gazette and Packers new judge John joining us for governments in the genre challenge not allowing drivers right now you work arbitrage there. Eighty plus years of getting into and call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs died cap.