Baranczyk: Only saw two true looks from Pettine’s defense

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Friday, August 17th
Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette/ says that last night’s defense was pretty vanilla, but he loves the new group of players involved. Has he changed his opinion of Tramon Williams? Schematically, what does he think of the offense?

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Eric Richard Green Bay press gazette Packers used outcome now joining us on the Schneider orange ally and Eric so last night you and I texting back and forth. I I guess the question I'll ask you always. Is is tackling at the. Pro level a loss start. Well spark I would there trip near. A. I would. I think the you know. We're similar age we draw ever regret the videos. Of the NFL. Actual at all. Latin people Tom. Don't paper and I mean that it really did that I don't. You know it they're starting is that a valid it's starting now at Utah ice level that that they don't want guys yes these rollers. I'll yet you still gotta have guys that apple and the reality is that exactly is in my opinion it's unreal that apple. You either got your heart that you want all of our core results at Obama. So I think you've got a. This defense. That'll last and same question we're asking us on the air who's who's the tenacity guy who's a nasty guy who's for lack of better term who's the bad ass on the defense. Well and it is an outlet that question because it's illegal to work a lot call. Not here tomorrow evening when it. You sense that it is scary. You guys got to eat at tackle they're really good laterally. But they don't industrial sector quarterback got outside linebacker. Luke. You're seeing it average in that aspect it's spectacular but it's there anybody may let up. Q you really good run away from that at the U wanna run or what brought them. OK pretty good. Not drink after that great sector seven aspect of that life. Don't have a guy out there. A scary guy and the defense and I think you may want to see. And it says it looked like there somewhat on these are. And step up and explain. It beat that guy. All. It to go back we're back who is there you're right. You got chuck chuck what's. Right we're all done that each public. Earned an 800 and then I hate to break everybody. You know. Joseph operated just in it becomes much also. Let's play part time and you know we don't have tried it there's nobody I met all that's that doesn't mean. Base you know a year if I go to you ordered to repeat circuit tackles and it really that but the little guys. Not up you guys that are at play back you. You know crush a quarterback. Dirty it's just you know outback. Offensively speaking we saw the connection from Aaron Rodgers Jimmy Graham last night IE. I saw him at practice and I called him on dependable it looks like he's got a rejuvenation. It looks like he's got a chip on his shoulder. It looks like he's happy to be playing with a quarterback it's going to be able to throw the ball high nothing against Russell Wilson but I don't think they used it right when he was out in Seattle I think he still has more than a little left in the tank and I'll I'll tell you what that combination excites me and scares me because you won a mixture of both of those guys remain upright all season long. All hotel and now I have been great the first patent act that I went through the summer I'll watch that I. I would not only to cheat doesn't do it justice. I could not believe all all agents that. You mean he's very big well together I. To see some that think that actually were gonna see. What are we got a glimpse of the rest a little bit last I think it's that you really special. They've got a ticket receivers in the right spot. And with him at that streak in the ball wants all. And outlaw all we got it really got to be special. What do you think about the run game I mean you eat it complementary to what Aaron Rodgers brings to the table what without Mary Jones the first couple games. I'm recovery has not been very impressive as a matter of fact last night on the return Jamie as a with a fumble and I know he's slimmed down I know we wanted to be more running back in such last year he wanted to thicken up a little bit to take the pounding. This year looks a little bit than her little little more in shape Whitney is there anything special being brought to the table by Tom Montgomery. Well they're not sure on a whole lot. That's where you're you. That they were and what it won't personnel or are we to extradite him that are running back and may ran one back in red. But it split or upset I merit and eat without changing personnel. Won Iowa. If you're do you as a coordinator you saw that once you battle all Ottawa ought to get how you match up that. It doesn't matter. Montgomery order here's how are Jamal Williams in the back in the back to it doesn't matter people very similar skill set. That do that caused nightmares and I think that's what what went back there. Two years but not luck to your goal that was kind of let that nightmarish. And being back there cause or. You can see. How do we get it and that if he just. You can just run out at receiver in my life back to back or Jamal Williams record that respects. So all I think they're not sure all of a whole lot not at all I think what you're gonna I think sold it to also to understand. The running game out of nickel ultimate compliment the office. I EIA. There's a lot of that they thought I bet they're just not sure you it was the most. Yes a lot that would be also note like because he since you first rightful there was that bad. Lot of neat thing that you could he come. I'll tell their ratchet agreement press gazette Packers Now we have not seen the full complement what Mike Patton can bring to the table. So the question then becomes do you think Mike Patton has enough right now with the way it stands. And systematically to take this team to a top fifteen defense. Yes I think that's a teacher I think it can. Accomplish that ourselves two looks. There are. Well. I greet you caught it. They had their base they have a vehicle and edit it over that line backer inside each separately but alternate set at five retreat there. That's all you saw first on the target so little sobered and you all want to practice there's more besides I'm rush but there isn't there and ensure that all been altered. I think yeah directly with the addition that they have in the secondary Iowa Beatrice what it's got probably got all wet. I said it trot is back I'm not sure what he has left in the there's plenty left it in what we're waiting you look at Dickey in the last night a lot of bags of salt flight time last year in the secondary. Got a new game it in the third quarter that's how I at all what you group that second period. There. And the addition. My lawyer. Why are their back on all certificate and elevate them higher level. And I think the intensity level some of those risky tactic picking up fifteen. But without it. Or you know one guy that we talk while it's all right they're not cute Everett. The he's got good unless they thought. Your. Well let's let's get to that and the question I had last night and I'll ask you the same thing is we don't know what this counter is going to be for Aaron Rodgers I think more should not necessarily the money. But I think more civil language or guaranteed money or something of that effect is what were gonna end up seeing it's gonna go okay. That's different that's something we haven't seen before and there were all gonna kind of hem and haw about it never gonna move on however. Is there going to be enough money to go around he and they did in Europe and you do you think that you go out and bring in the like typical Leo Matt and I'll take a step further. I mentioned Ron Wolf that Reggie White and let Brett Favre Ted Thompson have Brett Favre ability Aaron Rodgers with Charles Woodson. This is good kids opportunity to put a stamp on this organization does he then go out and get the collegial Mac to put his thumbprint on this thing to say this is what I'm doing different than my predecessor. The end in addition to that do they have enough room to make it work to bring in a guy like Toledo Mac and make him happy. You have enough room I think what what the contracts are little like extra year. Elevated. TP charts. Dollar cap increase I think they have not the Orwell. I think some of us there's a multiple names. Our defense. May. Back like a couple of names but I think they have enough of these young group of guys figured it altogether for a lot. To bring in a directly and I you all. I idol Britney did it and my jets that is not what it is. Record as it is a Kennedy is that mean it because it should be done the other what. Well Mac is. After being law error now. So I I think it's more. Resistance more coming out all that is about it. Why do you think Oprah will be resisting this because they don't want to lose the talent or I mean they automatically hurts John gruden scheme look you're gonna pay your head coach a hundred million dollars guarantee all that money to basically give him free rein you have snipped publicly. Reggie McKenzie in doing so. Why would you then turn around and take your best player basically say it's my team now George you go away. I don't know. I I I think earned it duplicated the air. If they get critically on Mac. And they have a couple that she did it go Orly. Not just market or is it he had wanted to that we ought to read. Oh. And look what what I would I don't know why and what they're certainly he stories and a great job and are now saying well. I I'd I don't know why there's such an impact air what and that three. Yeah you got your Q I am. Oh all right it can work some magic and get them Geithner is. Take two epic. I don't it's a unique situation and I sure hope there's a way that. The practice apple. Always gonna talk to my friend I certainly appreciate it and noble jedi and down the road I'm sure okay. It anywhere Robert McDonnell. Get out the next time I come though Claire I'm just gonna go all in man I'm gonna wrap myself in tin foil put intent on my head no for the best. You know if anything else that people wanna go to court cable and I'm gonna be the guy that brings in the signals signals a little bit better connect. Are you don't like. This morning that he got struck by let me I'm that insured that never quite patrol RT. Now you know. Which right it is what it is our body it's. David Taylor Branch agreement president joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider or child like shot our drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years. The beginning you don't call 844 pride go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 bright or go to Schneider jobs dot com.