Barnac the Magnificient!

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, May 25th
Bart debuted Barnac the Magnificient!

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Ladies and gentlemen what a night. It is time once again for a visit. From the stranger from the east. Yes the all knowing all seeing all telling financier sage soothsayer. Carnac the magnificent. Welcome. May a thousand black things. Follow or your body thank you thank you I hold in my hand the envelopes. As a child of four can plainly see these envelopes have been hermetically sealed. They've been kept a mayonnaise jar on a farm and wagged all this porch since noon today no one knows the contents of these envelopes what you. In your mystical and borderline divine way will ascertain the answers. Having never before heard the questions. May all your podcast be full of Mickey and Minnie Mouse design. Has not yes. Parents. Can I have the envelope please the yes here is the first Doug below Barnett the magnificent. I shall put the year. I'm allowed to my head. Juliette towel idea floor truly had no idea floor. Mike should set ski. Jeff she Marge yeah. He named three people. Whose names are easier to pronounce for our honor stepped in Brian good weekend ever. And I have another envelope please yes yes great sage sheet here is second envelope. Do we need the music that is certainly out of the matter with the music yeah I think. Yeah we were trying to debate that. I'm already having a lot of fun at those it is a visual did that are caring. Tired I find this but what I tell you before we have but it's a good job another having fun. There you go get this album that's how dad it's not racist and off is not here yeah yeah they. They got here whatever you are the. All right another round only jazz greats age here is the second envelope. It sooner. Bred to sugar. What did mr. must murdered due to the woman that ran into his vehicle. Who. Ranked. The shooter. Instead opted wrote you joked. I did and two weeks and it's. Yeah. Well yeah okay another problem yes yes great sage here in the third envelope. Carnac the magnificent. Dennis the Menace. Dennis. The Menace and Jason. And Jason. What pray tell does the envelope saying great stage. Name too awful kids. Are your house. Yeah its did I think yeah. I hear. Instead of we'll let you your nerves about the yeah great stage there's the next envelope. Manuel roll out windows. Manual. Rollout when notes. A cassette player a cassette player. Bottom Bryant Bob and Bryant. Name three things that were in cars in the ninety's that shouldn't be income or the. We could be peaking right. Apple could put together anything that's quite all right let's be and could not be good school. Budweiser. Bud wiser to remove up to the likes them below or yeah yeah that's good for the envelope. Good habit then yes I'd just strangle our neck but the lives of Budweiser. Why the bucks are already better off now than they were with Jason kid matter. Budweiser. Bud wiser. Yes great stage and other apple would you like the next envelope Barnett please hear your browser again not race and not racist at all. What are you I am in error above a Palestinian man to be exact. Yes OK yes there may all your. Huge be solved with friendly conversation there. Old. Is he in the envelope I did you really envelope and upgrade our neck. Pizza Hut pizza and Miller Park. And Miller Park. Name two things that are worse when Chicago gets its hands and I. You're wrong with Ed's body. I've read your dog but that's funny great sage I feel like the jokes like in nine out of ten but the executions like at six. But the jokes just have to be that much stronger. On another envelope please do it here you go great part and that the magnificent Diaz raked stage. Kate Middleton Kate Middleton may give mark all meg and Markel. And fan national baseball insider set beverage and Brandon national baseball insider. It's not fabrics. Name three people who can't stop talking about friends and this this this now has very well said. Very well said. Might pull one. Flea market flea markets that I had to an envelope I don't think I handed you an envelope. The budgets alone the okay yeah the yet been down this pit bull yes sir flea market really markets. What do you upperclassmen like Kenny cheat and keep doing under coach will go to jail. The belief that. Believe Marky Mark did yes yes great sage. I think I have. Oh enlightened one you give us what motivated about they get out here you go great one. Lambeau Field Lambeau Field. And church and church. Lambeau Field. And church name to play through you should be able the meal for what you believe and yes. Yes you are correct sir I hold in my hand. Grade Barnett the election one. The great sage. The final envelope that final. We'll why no envelope that you do this is coming to an end your army and the magnificent yes. Yes. Clay match this Clay Matthews. Right Enron right and brawn. And the Wendy's big show and the Wendy's big show. Just name three things that are past their prime and over okay. I disagree with crowds did well. And my son but very bloody you have to have a great day it's.