Bart on the Street - Robot Football

Chuck & Winkler
Thursday, April 19th
Would you watch football if it was played by robots? With the future advancements in player safety but less kids playing football, it may be a necessity if the NFL wants to survive. At least, that's the theory Bart Winkler proposed to fans at the Packers Tailgate Tour event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Robert. Jean Pascal. Northwestern and a prompt point. The Packers are celebrating their hundredth anniversary. What do you think football will look like a hundred years do you think there will be put 400. I am concerned. Retirees. From the past all the illnesses. Two of them after all they put so much in this game if the NFL. Said all right we on anybody get hurt. Robots are not going to be the players would you still like the Packers the old man and all of a you know I hate to say just when bullets are probably in the near future. I know my time more or that's I had they have them in the factories now. It's not just it. And then had the cars and drive them. On global it and I mean I can't visualize eating well you know look like under years but I and number 87 and I. Our relative majority definitely had majority support all the way wolf whistles. Do you think we obviously here it's not now. Football. Even be yours. Acts. Under rules over around the oval just on those. As we know more about what causes. Cancer. Incidence. Are. What if like and don't need 3050. Years. In south. Where there again theater but we still want football. So we have introduced a line robotics football players the waiting game if the Packers are robots would you root for. Mobile hard slope. And they look real. Well. I was playing abreast with the technology during. It's not the same someone like Jerry Jones column. In the tell us we'll figure out a way to beat the system or or. Folks in Boston. Knowledge. Oh yeah and then what they would do is they would like hack the other teams robots. To make him play bad. That's the problem. I was I think I think a narrow idea could work but that's the problem dressed him down ideas and from Waterford. I had this crazy idea that. Instead of people getting her relatives and the NFL would then take out human beings and have robots. Which you live we know. Now you can swear on this and probably been out after almost. Giving aerials where it. Then there's the power that they've got a Korea I'm Josh Jake told the yen eighteen and you made news well. Yeah I'll contact you guys you looked a little younger and it's not gonna some older people. I think that eventually. It's not likely book. Like you still want football. So my solution in your fondness. Robots. Which you watch football play by a robot snubbed its name. I mean because. Just meeting these that the players like humans. Like this knowing men being like these are. Re dies I'll let the robots are reprogrammed to be great guys I'm with the heat program. I the program. So with a hole BB rate like it would not be like when news like like he starts. Like apathy that attack. Their roll by you know people would have seen it one day it pretty good night in Atlanta have a fumble. I just had an idea guys here ever announcement on where you guys packet addressed to him that I do.