Best of Tim & Tausch in the Morning!

Tim Allen
Monday, September 3rd
*EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid celebrate the Labor Day holiday with a best of edition! Enjoy Tim, Billy, Ramie and Gary on their work trip to Phoenix!

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OK we're here in Phoenix it's podcast number. Her now I have. These are not. Thanks. Ten it's a sure I do pitchers go in nineteen. Euros it didn't. So we're here in Phoenix and house it's a work trip there is 12345. Months here. Are wrongly scary bill you and I eat and it's get to know Romney. Yeah. There's never misses out and about Afghanistan here to you know grab a share. In. Always. How you live as it is likely to Q2. She's not done enough bad radio today yeah. But hey we're. No seriously I had a rough day ever ever rough there oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah. Pinned. Arts and gets an overall Rami you. View we we all know the story of how you got in an honor and work with us on the post game and she. And got to the big show and we've hosted I will say this. To you. Lead host. I think there's more pressure on lead host in radio and anyone else remember. I would agree. And so you've come a long window and a nice job while he's there yet and lost all the weight on patent nonsense. Let's go back to him in high school for doing what do you think he was. Wait why this didn't all all like I. Oh who me what you would like. What type of kid. All Robby is definitely leave it Jews Blake. Hung out with the Gator crowd wasn't a skater can legislate. Do you did his own thing he was although all of these school and I. Saw. Pub rock and the coolest dudes place and it was always. Or slurs he was definitely like the U clock morale amongst the class by itself that but I mean he'll tell you that his arms and of them grew. I'll love that is to review these because you're you or not he's getting ready yet since you have been talking boom box that you just like walk down the hallways when. Like eighties made it might slip into early ninety's but we must work really thing when another high school so much. We can win easy mama I'm gonna say that yeah he was the -- had the honor students at all so whatever. A little more creative than that but I'll definitely yet as the class clown for the Q hung out all athletes vote wasn't the athlete well. I was I was I played the. Ball until up until my career high school. And then we see the movie Dave can confuse for like half a football team quits because they'd rather party essentially. Knows that was what played out at my high school. So what kind of party and was going on is that typical design school high school yeah parties in our parents around town are based on his way. Comes yeah that was a does a selection. A select pocket. And or group of kids behind. I had my I had in my clinic there is five or six of us in the clear but. I mean we were we were so refreshing. As an enemy gets another rap sensibly Johnson yeah right I'm learning about rap here. Three east of that might be why had a rough day here it's a horse can totally agree. Colette I've I've been fleeing us police union minutes ago. There is TJ cal led their Khaled and then there is believed. Okay this is kind enough to convince you yes Cooley here. A little little way you will bow on homeowner is too little way your bow wow. Yeah no. Okay not so the rules so you graduated you talk on the airline about an hour. Not being that academically. Par you're well you know my freshman year in high school and a paragraph I've finished the here with a point 08 GPA. That port 88. Point 08. Primeau and average yes food lot of high school I mean a lot of summer school hi how did you graduate forty I didn't I didn't I get my (%expletive) together all of us. Lisle and Hahn. Let's let's backtrack here. Obviously you're frustrated high school yes how on earth do you make its digital won a point away you don't call RC yeah. We know your gas pocket yeah. It's what. I had older brother who did have a car bed and I like my freshman year high school. I read my older brother and his friends and they were doing things that include. Yeah essentially yes. And yeah he's Bob Moses wasn't really. Given that magician about school version intensity. With two point. Because. When you re taking class. Your grave replaces whatever that's what you're failing grade. In the class when they calculate your GPA that's ridiculous. Sucked right. Did you would know when no effect on energy yet. Yeah essentially act graduate if you don't matter when it's cool she's. Yeah. I. Aren't so and so baton. We have like a ladies man no no no I was never good with the ladies never never use your domestic help. Oh yeah pencil and jam on there how this. You picked that up. She slid into the she slid into the the end. My problem not just women but my problem just in socializing in general is is is getting in is just breaking the ice until. Pretty good conversation was once the conversation starts right don't know how to start a conversation. With a total funds. Ranger I've never known how to do that my entire life ever. Well now well apparently now you've gotten who have veterans. In the together it's. You have devastating our. Yes now is different ball absolutely. Keeping it fresh keep an exciting keep an. Spicy all right so just just very briefly. I know you got to my own thing whether it's what are. Quick go back to high school we give them back. I hope they could not be being homecoming king runner up and this. This stuff that I didn't you do it oh yeah. Okay let me continue this talk to her court. Blu-ray and radio about it. Running your campaign to become a homecoming Kate yeah that sounds like they'll lose honor it. I can see why you would say that way here's what happened. Like I said it was like dazed and confused the budget must quit the team model and Giambi and plenty of people that can. So much of what could a football team has been rather part in every year the homecoming king was a kid from the football team so much it was decided. That we know that one of us he's going to be homecoming king instead of somebody on the football team and I am I was Adam. I'm. Bull you bought. Partners and our PGA. He wasn't happening. Here. And that beautiful balls I'd rather just dedicate my time partying. Yeah. You're good at and also win a lot has quit the football team and we designed that way and not I was I was well. Across the board throughout clicks out what lights that pick me I was picked. And it was and it was all of Joseph Q yeah I was pick to click yes an all a joke but the whole thing. We've got a got a Burger King crowd that put that on it had a blanket. Around my neck can we walk around the stadium during the boom bomb in the megaphone. Heads I didn't they blow Robby broke W Kagan total joke. Yeah. Home is the reason yeah. What that was not yeah I. Cats are not limited instances. It's regularly and so again and again this podcast is here and Kleenex that I and a runner up. Phoenix in the home. Thought he had a runner up gets brought the running back of the football team with the coaches. Yeah amends and and last Saturday he was literally. Living in entry. Thank you turn into a hit the FDUS. Yeah street houses. Yeah yeah yeah you're proud go back to grade school. I don't either of them but most people. Sit on the couch and be fine it's a moment the phone here and there were some of the ball movement and how. We travel and Billy yeah here without this football that is fire yeah it's a great. Yeah is it yeah at all yeah. A little bit. Okay lady Jane come here you can see it's. Come here group could be. Jane real quick keep it sort of clinging to zero right. So we're getting to know running and in terms of the you tell people that thing that into matters yet this is brown his girlfriend Casey may have. Come in terms of down there yet yeah. You say he's above average the average. Or slightly below but knows how to use it. For public consumption. Above average given his weird body proportions. You know yeah. Yeah no it's good isn't sure in me. You see it heat it's it's about just put it. Okay RY yeah. Easy way or another show. He knows that he's here with some of them are growing up and show work. Guys this moment it's. OK let's get a little bit well the one question Brohm what are you Peruvian error no. Palestinian okay. We're so. Pleased Palestinian now what I was wondering and intent are they. Yeah are are they where to cut offer they got. Blake the full but he the. It is it's it's clean. Yeah it and circumcised but this is yeah god damn right you did to Iraq I'll. That's why he TT. GE did is he might did you. Okay combo just did one of the sound card problems. One to ten in bad round not. A and it hits it to me I don't mind yeah. I don't know it means it's about us acts yeah BS because the sigma always awesome to hear that. They play the V8 days. And I am getting spite of the night and then you know it doesn't know all our round and he had a long. Whole lot of rally and they're for Romney and yes yeah. We'll do yeah. You know that what you're my boy. He just say man I know you're not only kids out on. I mean I don't need to prove it to you. Okay driver well and that. Yeah I heard. Hey. How. May I didn't see. New years means. It's. Cool and it's. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Because there isn't just getting worse. Bradley yeah. This I've done Obama allies goes beyond. Do think men and injured twelve and 43. More of bad radio it's. So. Rami and now we move on to comedy yeah it's really cool ask somebody for that thank you run for the girlfriend. Appreciate it I'm not proud of you for being in radio that long who. Proud of you for lead posting this. Which is a tough. Tough nut to crack some very product they not know what's next for Romney maximum. What we mean what's next in terms of what. Career. In I don't know who is he would present itself. I won't work and the big show. Need to raise yes of course that we all idea of that that you don't get raises the to a degree are we thought. Yeah yeah I get raises well. Yeah. An annual rates but I don't think it's an what we get an annual race. We do yeah ma. And raise you could. And so. Apt word there is relationship issues. What do you mean. What religion what it is you would those colleagues. You don't have a relationship issues with any colleagues. I think you do we're. On CNN you're. You wouldn't bar talking about two weeks ago I just see you. You have to light or it's like everybody in the building to a Mercury lead into the group she is that you have this program. And this is up for the most part. That Billy has people aren't station I like that just don't give wishes I'm totally in different I don't have to head strong feelings for anybody when Barr. Are just. Oh. This idiot then needy and emotional moment why everybody in the building. And look what you are I think everybody and they shouldn't need to be best friends we all got to go on a trip together. It's marquis. The little boy got a lot of whoever is producing the show that. It's all. Vikings shouldn't matter what does it matter if I'm friends with shocker bar a bit cooler Joseph. Or anybody else I'm friends with you I'm friends with Emma Brennan who bill because I've worked with the have traveled with the guys. Great great we all have to be buddy buddy in a big happy (%expletive) family to be successful radio station but even if like somebody else. Right things there's this thing between me jobs. Really no feelings. About chuck all the barely have received the news he's not the building by the time I get there but even. It had some sort of beef with chuck Freedman do you mean I can't appreciate. If he did some good rating on the morning and recognize that a replay in the afternoon how many times have we done all them. Alternately good individual playback on the big show. You would you Jim you don't story about walking down the hall and some key end. If you needed help bird or something you're back. He didn't know me more know if he knows your car and bosh what did. Now when did you. Work with you and what is and isn't there are individuals you don't like. You know what I I would ask you this now. Before you can I would ask you this. You do root for all of us Russia. She will be successful more successful the station to a successful and Brian in yeah would you like to see some free agents brought him I don't. And that's above my head man I don't know I never wanted to be in Manhattan. I was good and I don't want to be in management because I never want to have to make those decisions or even think about making those decisions don't show up every day talk about sports for four hours and leave I don't want out of Tzipi it's. Wow. Well yeah this dole the secret out around it snowed it. And goes into it than that but that's that's how that was. What I got the sports talk radio was huge it was to talk about sports not there every day not have to worry about hiring and fire being in. And and directing role models when I was scheduled that is when I was scheduled that. Fun I would have thought I want to get. Pay to have fun I'll be talking about it fun. No I've I've done before I know what can we nerdy fun if you like really you know I'm. Some good guys want to watch sports talk about sports and get paid to do. I don't know I don't consider my career goals like I don't concern myself with any free agents are firing or higher you move in this. I know that time slot in Baghdad at that time slot players play coaches coach flip top part to do his job on him. It's hawkins' job here and fear. I don't work should be alright Garrett. Or. All those major oil. He's. Yeah yeah yeah. Sixty blues. It fits our. You take this morning yeah. And of course is there mama I want. And now they did a good win an award man you like my boy is it. So what it is we didn't get to what's next the mean bigger marketed. Comedy. Mary and kids. Why. What what's backs. As far as radio like this and I'm happy on the big show we'll see if bigger and better things present themselves that would be something. I have to consider a new line president periods it wasn't as far as copy of them like to take that. As far as like take back the goal is eventually. To make enough money doing one of those that I don't necessarily have to do the other not I don't know what it because I love doing both. But the goal is due to have that choice to have that freedom. To do to do one or the other make enough money doing it. Because it's a grind and it's burning candles at both clintons doing standup comedy. A few nights a week depending on on on how busy I am with it and then get and know people think Clinton dissent than we just show up on top for sports for hours every day. A little bit more prep goes into the back through. So it's it's sic it I mean can be hectic schedule at times so I'd like to do what about the other. As I get older and get more tired and I. But yeah. I'm doing all of good comedians use the drugs can. Yeah yeah Larry yeah you're not I don't know I didn't think I got good a good job. Is that fifteen I sat around small and we did want to. Well I've got absolutely kidding. And you know why I am I think. A big part of reason I think that it is an apartment because of friends and high school in the reference to this because. We sit my butt basement and certain club in circles and just. Just support each other does it's job. There. I. Really an hour in two or three us and now. I'm pretty good at doing comedy roast beef because they had. Blown up my quickness my which I think comes from. Having those friends and and that essentially being our top think your para. When you say that but as far as what's next I don't know. I don't believe in setting limits them I don't think that getting eventually get in Netflix functional. Is something that's out of the realm of possibility. I think I don't think small who cleans your house. We split the duties. I'm the dishwasher but a lot about that but as far as like cleaning like mom being dusting that image. Blah blah line came back to of the toilet we'd heard it's about 5050 split. You by the she doesn't follow at all today no not. And he's executed. At all yeah her school yet. Sort of appear slim case. Interest thing here little. What this car. You know where where they we got a job for you June updates on the post yeah. They had got EE NA that are currently trends yeah no I know entered room two minutes really through student yeah crawl space he no longer going to be hurt him come home from the dirt and or the dog you know before you devices for us it's okay yeah. Yeah yeah we've got a good time to start all fired a weapon. Oddly enough the. PT. Yeah say he's got a lot of squirrel there but it's. The problem malaria plans to issue it's. Rollins squirrels and me I'd play nab business. Yeah coming girl that is all these world court this morning. For me just let it yeah. It's my duty and I like the Hillary. He looked on. Clark with a broom if he was a little red zone because Hewitt yeah I'm not yeah. And how many get pest control and sponsorship and. A yeah at the end of this podcast though beyond a little bit yeah he's I think there did you console. On this I asked the same thing. Of the fans staff members. Who is odds on favorite for the next guy to be arrested. It's a good question. Yes. Is don't do on. I know this this guy over here baby dolls known ma you know the other one over the it's not fair. You know I don't know I'm just saying in Gary would be a long shot here is definitely has that he's responsible enough and obviously. It's to me it comes to the got sincere love to do you nuts yeah yeah boards at four loves you entered the. Do you go rooms the boom. He's about a three to one odds to be yeah. We know. Oh. Yeah. All right and he does is control substance we're. It won't let me ask you this this Steve you don't like her podcast of the. You don't listen to Al regulates the key. And feel real world since it's a different side of the things that are and doesn't recognize the the. The. Popularity podcasts and 2018. Her party's Esther yeah. Forum whenever the please come again behind the scenes was far the room. Click on most beautiful as it happens. There's no reason for. Yeah the pot doesn't talk about musicals there. He won the move move beaters. Oh. And I never isn't it okay yeah no that's cool that's fine this is the angles there's there's a market for them I have no problem that he's the room. Recently your windows yeah. Oh good yeah if it. That's it. Boy. They intend that's how that's what other I don't talk you doesn't let that stuff is a media needing everybody you know I'm Tim Allen is on every known. Yeah burns yeah. You know the law yeah. Bowl Li invest. Bruce post game show our body knows the franchise history go here's Bart being reviewing the bad thing you look at what do you play how much they love us enough the they hit all the way to know the bucket Mallon is. Is is Blaine hope yeah. Don't think you know he should know you. Dead he's. Explain to block an important hole remarkable and a lot yeah. One in the beautiful girlfriend and give Munich and here you love her son is doing great big thing he had a good friend had a good thing. Yeah given all the way to know what you are and you are who barely hear you are. Maybe you it's. Maybe I do and I I have a counseling session and no we don't need to call friends he's autistic gonna trip no I just want us. Each don't know human UN barbs that that is Asian trip. Would benefit us. And yeah. Know you said the whole stage India that I guess I guess that soft because I sent an average round woods yeah. I did it's are going to be fair I don't know he does spend we've done with the weekend with all morons than just these morons are enough for me this is good. Turn McGregor and yeah so. So what happened here it is a gear he witnessed this whole thing yet. And I think he found out that it wasn't that harmful C what are his chances of being on another occasion to get to know mirrored yeah. Now he's edition is no right now no now this happened here why. And what are yeah. Career. Let me just end with this scary taught us that term tonight. And term. Phrase. OK so it was about broken food home and so are redeeming comments when. His I don't know you need some good some south. And these day. Boy it's. Let's say your mom didn't do so yeah. Obama's old yeah. And more Obama clutter bucking foot off the map. It is the that's good. Me yeah yeah. You know it's there there is involved. Yeah you must go. Your mom put her foot often. It is yeah yeah. So I. Yeah. Talking law. Problem. The war. You know not talking about. Yeah exactly yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mean look for me yeah unity. Your mother put her foot off in that. And there. Yes yes but yet and I use my views. Certainly the most remote room. It's. Yeah. That's new Rami thanks milieu better yeah thank you guys appreciate it better about it well good morning. Two world.