Big Brother 19: Big Paul

Bart Winkler
Friday, September 1st
What more can Bart Winkler and Jeff Orloski say? Big Brother 19 has been terrible. The guys talk about the eviction of Matt, the future of the season, and Bart takes a stab at a Kevin impersonation.

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Wednesday's podcasts. Big Brother addition big red and nineteen CVS Jeff Orr Los he in with us the polish a pipe bomb and by us I mean me. Borrowing caller Jeff I thought I'd do something different today. We talked about this now a few times and I wanted to come in positive and just say all the things if I can just grab the list here. Sound effect department in great job yes they are all the things that I like about Big Brother ninety. And that is the end of the ways things pod can't. Asked. That the season sucks yeah it does enjoy getting worse yeah yeah yeah. The only thing you have the saving grace is that this week. This last week the fit it to Shan a little bit where's everybody ganging up on Kevin no. I got through it. I'm glad you went there first it was rude would solve a lot of the comments that were said but. There are rape comments jokes and a rape and watch raped the stuff that they're not showing on CBS. Now all you here's what I will say there's been some things that I said. In my life to people that. If I ever said on the radio not only would I be fired. But I would probably be lynched and killed because if if the people of joked around and you say certain things. Not to the extent of what Jason is talking about Brett now with Kevin's family but you know. And I don't wanna painted that I'm saying like some really awful things and I'm faking you know persona in my real life. But you know what I mean we've all said stuff that we wish we could take back we also stuff that was. A thousand times beyond the limit of what's wrong you know what should thank the lucky guy ads that were not on TV all the things that time right. These guys aren't TV they know there on TV ha you might for a second forget that your on TV but she got a microphone strapped in this cameras everywhere. And you do one on one soliloquy is that the camera all the time. You can't be seen stuff like this I know you can't be saying stuff like this they're saying it about Kevin there's this weird it. And they showed it on on Thursday night's episode. Where the Mel Hollis his camp. Gravitate picks at target they all attack come. Like wild animals and they're doing it to Kevin Ryan nicest guy from Boston you know in their due I did better last night if I did better last night. In us Boston guys stick a stick together you know and spatter. Is that the cycles there isn't certain amount of personal ones is a total bully mentality than I was trying to send us an animal and I'll mock. That was good now closer to those good architect meanwhile. I got to rev up the Canon engines can pick it. Yeah no it's it's a bully mentality that runs through the house and and it's disgusting and her girls discussing. Christmas. What's wrong in my BP. May I can't swim. Well yeah that was you know those are looking for a fight. She's a little sensitive source terrible she's got one leg. So okay so a lot of things that we're said about Kevin were were violent disgusting another thing that is violent disgusting. CBS. And Big Brother okay how. Win man it was I have not. How do you let him eat regular food for days and days and days and days on end. And he's not sleeping in the I have not room he's sleep and in a bed with raven. How do you let that go by for days and days and days and days and days and days and days and all he gets his one stupid penalty vote. He should have been thrown out of the house and banished from Big Brother. Not allowed in jury had not paid apparently yeah you know it it was it's a ridiculous it sets a bad precedent for years to come on the edge. One boat okay ray yeah for somebody was sitting there and the Dave did the veto was in news. Oh you know all he was doing was trying to get evicted so he could save. What's your face. Did you who obviously you saw but when Matt talk to Juli. You mean get their applause and I don't think have ever seen the audience so cold to somebody. Yeah I know they weren't laughing NN. They weren't doing any thing. Matt would laugh he'd be Julia I think. I think Julie. Wind of that interview like look I hate this guy voted out cartoon and she hated him more than ever looking. Ravens a great person ravens a Smart person ravens did not. Raymond she's mad at you gain as player in the game her and all of the best players in the game. Do you honestly. Cereal that they serve in the Big Brother house should be drug tested because he had to be high. How Raymond hasn't done Jack does that guy's name personality trait in Benny sheets cereal. And made the there's no personality no. The guy like the beginning of the year who would have you'll say they like oh I might like Matt like he's got gray hair like Jaffa is an ally. That's why that's why that's why did you look like someone else they liked that he was white and he had he had gray hair or mosier Jeff Schroeder an attempt. Intruder buttons you do. Don't have opportunity. Zones and lets up. I don't like them out and either and he should be gone and now we'll see an injury next week which Ellington we got to. A little bit of a glimpse into that and you go on some of these web sites that range houseguest and Cody is the favorite of the season Cody. What is the enemy but he's become the favorite because at least he tried. At least he tried. To go after Paul. And mark and Elaine and out of there and jury Elena called the big Paul I mean they can see it now. Why can't you see when you're inside the house on now I know. And I don't know if you wanna giveaways spoilers today or not but when you see the winner the next stage show wage and you see what happens in that house. These guys are all idiots. Every single one yet we won't spoil for the Sunday night show on but you're right. Visit I didn't see how went down. But I OK so you'll be. I don't you wanna promote it or teased the episode could we shouldn't be watching and now this season is bad it's awful. It's awful thank god we got a double eviction coming obsolete and get a call moron house. They should just sit there and have finale night on Sunday kick everybody out there whenever Tony is Sino. I know. But outside of that no matter how bad the season ends on finale night I will be said that it's over. Well normal kidding me and I mean it doesn't are saying I love the show it and out insists that I don't know if we talk about this and even if there was an old Paul because we've talked about how the season's Sox the Paul Brett you don't want to vet issue and got a mount. America didn't want him how we get the three you know because. The three weeks a safety. So because of that he's never even then on the block and he he was laughing about it and a DR. Because he should me when I mean he should be the target and he's made everybody turn on the them into each other. And if if the result of the HO ages. The result of him orchestrating something I mean the guy. Yes sure the guys playing great game but we year already at the finish line I had news fall all over can you really be rewarded. That much. I don't know if Paul would have never been in this game what the season wanna look like. Would these people still love fall in line or was it the allure of a veteran. See I think of Paul was never in the house I think that the Cody Jessica. Mark Alain now. You know combo. I think day would've sat there and running game I think there's no chance that Josh is still in the house if if Paul's not there. So I think the the entire season is completely different. But that's easy to say you know easy to project but Cameroon then still be in there because he got out Knight won because of Paul. I don't know would have happened with Meghann. Who left the house. She felt bullied by Josh Josh now and Josh had that safety week one. I don't know how would have played out I know it would have been a hell of a lot different game I think it would have been a lot more exciting of a game. I don't know that Big Brother can ever. What it would have to take to have. Animal I'll less entertaining season. You. You know and they tried to hold treated temptation. I don't pick up that not last league now. Mark picked off that you know are two weeks ago no one picks at last week nobody needs to know. Nobody's going after anyone know everybody's his children. All right so how does this play out from now. No arms are who's the final three. Final three give me Paul unfortunately. Give me the Christmas. And I'll say eight Josh so you're being dubbed a little factions. Yeah I think Joseph Josh miss I think is gonna be a the last you know power quote unquote power couple. Are still around and and I think they they close it out. Who. Is. The next one out. I mean did they do not yet I didn't see him though now does seem to not nominations have not there aren't so we know the age of wages. Are not spoiling. Who is out they got to go after. Well. Big Dig out of a cannon. I think Jason will be the next Olympic aka. And I managed he has handled very last week to save can't generally yeah yeah he's a year okay. Realize. Why if they wanted. To. It's to protect Matt brave and this is what my wife Nicole saying and solved. Chelsea are point. Why could they please someone else up besides Kevin they're all tennis that it wasn't Kevin that went out there right and they have put up. Alex why don't you go out there. And wanna say all the drama. Because. Paul was behind the scenes trying to flip the house because the plan was for the veto holder to take raven down and Kevin ago lot. And and cabin to go home Paul was behind the scenes and had the votes. To sit there and and get Matt out instead of captain Dali Yang Yang Yang and so you know. That's why that's why did habit that's why I give Jason credit. Because he had the balls to sit there and say no Paul. No Alex no Christmas I'm leaving the nominations assay and I was really that's the biggest move in the game so far he added it's pretty sad isn't. Is not putting up. Obvious target Cameron not putting up yoga. Surely hasn't won Jack should get tired and Allan any competitions. The Boston I guess having kids at home. The good and our rat myself sensor and heads I had no idea turn usually not the I'd like I don't know. I leg of I guess I'd be rooting for him to win but they're in the danger is never gonna you're on the money is no Jessica we just give it the ball might as well. I act I feel like it. I feel like I'm all over the place gonna some mad. And so annoyed they should do is give it to Paul and then they're gonna have like what three weeks of no programming. Put on the wing wings things podcast maybe not get a real idea wasn't that we like Jeff Schroeder so much well why don't you just give it upon Sunday and then it. Just show Jeff in the jarring. Coddling her son then. I would tell. That that I love me some Jordan Big Brother Sox aren't as soon.