Bill Reiter: NBA Playoffs, Milwaukee sports and national media

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, May 16th
Bill Reiter joined Chuck and Bart to discuss the NBA Playoffs, Bucks coaching search, and why Milwaukee sports doesn't get that much national media attention.

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L writer joining us the tax and NBA. Thoughts on LeBron James types of Kevin Durant thoughts on the pay why does nobody careful Milwaukee with bill writer national. Radio guy here on week nights on the fan. The Milwaukee Bucks in your viewing it looks like two candidates that we know got second interviews Mike booting holes that are at Torrey Messina. The streams they're doing interviews in New York which some people were mad about you I mean I put it on there and at some. I Twitter and a some people were like we know here's where you if you want this walked. Should the ownership of all that be here don't you want ownership at all levels guys to be here why should be business the conduct throughout New York. So Martinez right here Milwaukee. And maybe I'm reading too much into it that's of those might increment my feeling on that and I looked at tuna as like. OK if it's all this is being done in New York. Is or should having big state in the coaching hire as his jump horse higher. All these guys who work New York guy is of the owners here. Are very have a big Sagan two. David Soares is going to be higher. Okay. He's gonna get the nod from other Nazi but Davis surge is the guy really to hire their jobs. You know they're gonna make a coaching change in. Green Bay it was you Ted Thompson or is going to be you know but good can start out making a decision. Not north not Mark Murphy. So I just was a I don't know. Was making the decision on us. I mean personally I don't care if they interview on Mars early ideas you don't say. I want the right guy but but what I mean in New York that the visit this tell me Tony Knowles business has been. Done a New York should be done here Milwaukee well I don't care where it's done but I think there if you wanna read into it read into the fact that. The owners are going to have a big say in this and Sherri could say was their team. You know they should be able to do what they wanna do but I'd I would like this decision to come from a basketball standpoint. And they don't have really a guy that. They trust to make that decision I guess I mean Malia are your knowledge on a horse make that decision he's your GM you should but he the owners they don't seem to want it as a large part of it too because of in of the ship your. I don't think horse fired kid. No but I mean the ownership here so what does he do what experiences they have and hiring a basketball coach I mean what. You know who was to be the right coach who directed my team goals in this one experience and it was a bad but those guys are businessmen. Those fish particularly in the business area fantastic OK but the coaching the basketball. If John Morse is going to be your GM. And he's gonna be your basketball guy he's got to be the CIA we're gonna ride to make that decision. Kenneth organized make this is in one guy no I agree I agree with that point others for sure. Well and if they hire a coach like Buddha and older tell me I mean more horses going up to New York. It'll be the sky where would you be doing it here so that means you know all sort of an honor for censure horses in these meetings. Exactly should be that the problem so I think that's the problem more than. The location of where it's happening I mean if we of course in on Milwaukee mile you know when you think boring to be in a while what you think dole okayed. With the Milwaukee blocks. Ownership would be here. Can't you know in the city. You think they do the interview at it needs you know a senator Michelle and everything sure you get adequate silly these guys are just flying in on game days and ARO. That's all they are I know that. When you see the bucks owners but if they're gonna be hands on. And I zeal lives in LA yet but they're gonna be hands on might they are should they be here all the time I mean obviously hands on owners. Shouldn't they be your all the time if their hands on. They don't have to be they don't want to be there. I would like them to be here to I'd you know but. That they and it's not these guys well they have there you know Alex lives here and then who's gonna be whose final call is it. I'm which one of these guys are gonna hire I don't know that's the problem that's not a problem that's at bats the problem to me they can do this interview in Lexington Kentucky. They could do it in. You know. I think both the senate and AL I don't care I think the two guys they hired yesterday or at least they talked yesterday I could see even if they heard either one of those guys I'd agree. I'd be filing either one to Messina. Accomplished horses seems like now we're starting over to Europe and if some of these guys were successful coaches bring animal over here at the my staffs and seen if they could be potentially head coach is on the line. Chuckle at the we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is much more on the boxer at the shell I mean. They could name their head coach this week we are waiting on bated breath. For this decision to finally be. Final in the meantime the NBA playoffs are going Donald talked to bill writer host of writer of the new. He joins us next we're gonna talk about Kevin Durant and LeBron James and you know to that point why does the national media ignore Milwaukee constantly in the NBA at least that's what it feels like. Talk to him that. Chuckling blur that's check for him and I'm borrowing caller from the Brian Stratton college. Atlantic studios. And it's not some NBA here with someone who's very qualified to do so. Has covered the heat especially when LeBron was there you here on week nights here on the sand the show's writers who knew the name of bill Ryder built things for a couple of minutes I know that we've got the two series going on in the NBA. And it's they're doing this yesterday it's all due to you I just wanted to say that. Good work with the NBA all season the season is over the Golden State Warriors have won the championship and now we move on. Or I doubt if I have to go to the papers are all the technicalities and all that but yet. You're absolutely right it you think it over it all over but the shouting and the coronation. They I've I've watched the networks and all that and I hear radio national caught took I hear the same topics seem teams being talked about all the time. Respect would you agree or disagree and that I think you're right I think Adam's killer very much want to change that he understands. That he cannot sell the dominant sports in the country and a whole lot more money in the other league combined because. It doesn't matter what two teams are playing or where you live in the country you're gonna watch those games out of you baseball fan but where's. The baseball and Don has not air market. Let's hear what I pay off and you're not watch and I think believe very much are the last EPA was on the way it was done to try to keep guys. And it didn't work right around awards where their efforts and I think that. I mean Milwaukee's a perfect example. If you guys hire the right approach this. You gotta do it reminds me of went down toward Brian speaker I think there's that level panel because of god summit team it's up to this innate. I think Milwaukee because of one of those teams people we're talking about I think Adam silver dream that they are at an account Dayton Minnesota they did stayed in the war on. Gotta stay in Milwaukee. And V and an instate in Italy Portland able to keep in willow but it will. And the longer on a lot of really good young players in the league you've got instead of once in the in the NBA championship once in the LeBron James will play against them. You've got 7 or 10 o'clock in that shot. But I want her going until they get that second superstar you're walking or third one even. If follow if that's your boss finally we would like to talk about possible winning an MBA chief chip but realistically. I'm also sure it's ever happened. Get Brad even write a -- I had that the most brilliant ultimately the I mean I admit although I may. Yet I don't know that who wilders a guy and I probably have up. Not to have a negative perspective on that he was such it does tend to like stand in Detroit is such a disaster tool on front office head coach guy. With the hawks. But that people brutal and it comes off the top three. If you can hire the right vote which is just as artists rap and right I'd give it up but at second does that fit. I think Milwaukee can be realistic Lisa may bosses into the future mean all all about Billy I just that are radio in Boston. Earlier today I've said that I think Milwaukee. Indeed at thirteen. And I think Donna's is. Is capable of being in a league with eight to ten guy when it ever younger and can be the best in the game. Got to meet the favorite to be the best player on the face of the earth whenever LeBron finally actually becomes human beings are aging. Bill writer writer of the new year here right here on the fans of weeknight on the fans starting at six. I wanna ask you about two different guys need your thoughts on an and they seem to be very polarizing. And I know I didn't Twitter fights about and so I wanted to bring it to you one obviously LeBron James and I where do you think his future is because I think that. Last year at this time I thought it was fairly he's going to Philly I can connect those dots and I think they'll end up in Philadelphia. And run the east for a long time. The more that this season in these playoffs gul. I still think there's a very good chance he stays in Cleveland if they can convince San Antonio to bring coli have there or find another piece. I don't know if you least twice bill. I like last time around. I was pretty sure you would go in the Cleveland and I set it on when or to fox sports on TV a lot and got mocked but that was because they had reported I was talking to people. Either I'm not connected that I should be or on auto lock down I don't know the eye and everybody else just talking. Even the rumor earlier however it wasn't before years ago when he when he left Miami. People on the appropriate appropriate for Maria Robert hawking in there were rumors or information misinformation but that was out there. It almost like try to penetrate the CIA right now in terms of what's going on our bit. I thought Ilia backing was moved the start of the season and I think Cleveland has increased the odds that you'll stay. However I opposite I don't think LeBron actually I think LeBron understands modern media and modern stand. In a really intuitive way and I think he understands the lesson from Miami on out there that burst your people into the brought in mocked him when he lost I want. Ever been hired there it got changed. I don't think he'll be is bound by the old rules of loyalty and the optics of leaving Cleveland as as previous stars. I think you go where he want to go wake up one day you want living New York City just want to spirit like in New York City. You don't there in wake up one day you'll want to play great pop it. I think that pleaded you don't if you wake up one day you want to run an organization that all the friends. We're very Smart entrepreneurs around and have the heat of the kingdom cease being in Cleveland. And it is a cop out and I think it's going to be a very different paradigm the opera I operate by it figured out what does. Because this is like where Kevin Durant gets killed he went over to Golden State I think when they lost they were up 31 and they lost he realized. With Russell there he wasn't going to be Dolan stayed in Oklahoma City and they realize even if they did get past they were gonna get past LeBron in Cleveland. And then people judge Kevin Durant saying while he took the easy way help it. In a sport or we judge people now buy ratings. I just think it was a guy that wanted to win any foul on the avenue to win so I don't get is not be on Kevin Durant has a lot of other people. That adds I think probably even now rom when he went to Miami croc and I was met by about the week that he did it. And a system way that he went about it during don't wanna finals MVP. I think you're at become. You are a lot less likable mean frankly and I knew him when he was young and sort of improvement. Not a deal I need to be around to different diet. You know eat cocky arrogant company. I think the modern breed of player in LeBron really that it might this broad police are respected. Is that players should they control their destiny in the week it's like interest Paula high level guys. And the players association never seen start involved in the union at that level or its officers and leaders LeBron believes that player powers the future of the league. And I think that it made its way down a guy like Iran and outlook. That he'd like whatever but either I'm gonna go wherever I want and it's a great point I don't think that it should've gotten killed. I think he cares property considering. I don't think he did but I really don't I think she did it go where ever in the world wants and not care one bit about. Now why should anybody care I mean LeBron wants play for winner. Well cared a direct command these people to be winners if they're yeah we wanna be winners we wanna work for good organizations widow. I don't want to work for a great organization he does you what I bar we lower her rate organization we do what's wrong market for top organizations who have four you know white. I've heard what I mean look I got it. I am from Dubuque Iowa I grew up in the oil that is certainly need to work there I worked I got married the more I love to point. But I had a true but I want to pursue a lead in the city I mean I'm vital not oh I'm on the left got. Only to Allah what comedy Atlantic Iowa stop and put in your wife about it what we are we love you. I'm not I don't think the trade mice ate a lot of trial might be at the top most the Iowa Nebraska right to go back. But that shock let me try and it about a like these kids try to hit me your career. I'm not gonna judge any any of those guys if they wanted to including LeBron I. Do your thing dude on the American man go make your dream wherever it.