Bledsoe: "We got a great defensive team"

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, December 5th
12/05/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Milwaukee Bucks G Eric Bledsoe joins the BIG SHOW on a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday.  Eric has an update on how the team has welcomed him in since his trade from Phoenix, as well as a glowing endorsement for Jabari Parker's rehab.

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It is in Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday here on the Wendy's big show I'm running Mac lawful along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former packer in badger running back Gary Eller sentence and joining us right now on the great midwest bank outline on a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday. Is bucks point guard Eric Bledsoe Eric I do this afternoon meant. But America. Purdue well other than that on the court stuff because that seems to be working out pretty well for you guessed it he got to Milwaukee. Have you settled into the city yet have you found a few spots that July someplace for electing get some nick eat etc. etc. Years to move. Click this like chicken wing that kind of go to a movie ticket. Let's get OK let let let's get to this block short history. For some foremost and when you got here though the one thing that we talked about. Nonstop for a lot of now this is probably the third year now. As the defensive steam on this team and how aggressive it is worth. Doubling trapping and so forth and it and it leaves you. Susceptible to say guys shooting wide open threes and so forth and I think this team as last in allowing three pointers and in the league right now in US made some adjustments here as of late. What did you think about the defense of scheme having played against it when you were in Phoenix. I mean we played here in Phoenix well what operating it was it was result man. Pretty much pretty soon big man that'd be two magnitude. And we played a great big men has not Merrill who made. Those great place. You know are that could grow well. They would be doing a very dark and votes you can log out reprimand and won't you keep giving no. A lot of effort you know you should be. Are the big that I worry about and I always call a hair on fire defense. I'm is that it just seems to meet this defense really demands. More effort now when it's played right and we side played right several times this year we side really against the raptors in the one game last year where they smother the raptors. It looks outstanding. All but. We're playing it that way it for me at least it I think it kind of takes away energy guys on the floor and may be affects the offensive side of the floor. We've got a very impressive. A very defense attorney. I agree because players. Quickly and in being there on defense is not a physical effort and no matter what it is. And at all often and we just got a normal ball. So please make it very noble we got a government it's incredible probably. And our program. So the mission abruptly Wii units and are you. Obviously earlier outside looking in now you're here. We're sure is she better than you thought he was. Improve weather marathon influence. Here he the I don't know he set the bar is limited to thirty. You know he deftly playing partner tomorrow play it was so. And playable. He never give up on plays he placed currently. You know is currently is a lot of unity so. I is pretty much they're paying. Are thought to be. Can you compare him in a value play with the Kentucky's. Oh room. No I mean he's you know wanted to come clear to me either. I would be in myrtle point below its low point on pardon. It is portable paired. You know he's working on his arms are going to play great defense bolt and army who was one of the cats out. Is this where you want to because of it you look if you go back look at Phoenix things were working now. Were other four year did you moved over here and a lot of people lot of guys in the NBA adjusts dark amber to Milwaukee to comply. If this one a teams that you want to go to. Our long loop current good situation. Couldn't chances are you know players championship. I mean it is a great great place to be. Is a great place to be you know look at and sorry I don't know who wanted to train that I wanted to meet and you know I got a great great talent detain great coach in organization. And when I'm very I was kind of excited. Have you seen Jabbar yet. Oh you mean the experience and into Syria either and I plan. Been planned well. He moves great in the community and in the most players so. And those are. Why has me on the floor man. Yeah. But please know the Procter and your own somewhere into. You know. Avenues into a bit wanted to sort of talking there he gently want to make sure none gave. You know aren't attempt you know that you wanted to know com they have. I know is doing that. For you how is it as far as getting into the flow of the offense. In getting your shots in the Newark. Really go and an offensive Terry here it'll last a few games in the west coaster and a last night only a couple shots there in the first half and then. As you really got into it in the second half an hour going out on the offensive side of the floor again. On. Our burden is not a progressive rock and is not a poet but again no matter what could come home put in Nevada. You know make the most those. I know there are biblical doesn't involve either. Not played knowing me. Any the bar on the ball. And our experience that I need to do everything in privilege on do it. We use our dire about this bench and how they've played to this point if it's not a banks which are blind tenor twelve guys a night itself. The shorter rotation but on the bench the guys are playing a lot of young inexperienced guys for the most part. Are at this point how has it been practicing those guys and then picking up on things and learning things. There are marketed terribly man they're enormously it is my needle. And they are just period you know prior to when they play are they play our best. I'm being you know being there Indian laws when you know not plan. He did Forrester not plan and introduce an election and although there aren't the only opportunity crohn's is. You know make the most clearly you know there's Google Chrome at some points. You know. You look around the MBA right now there's gonna. I wants a super team for their a lot of guys teamed up to start and play one another then you've got. The Milwaukee Bucks basically who drips from players not absolute and drama brought herself from Littleton in did you look at feeling. What they're doing. What what can you. Do you think the book's account headed that way although be did you guys are young. We you can do you like Golden State or or be like we're clearly his dorm or Boston kind of puts together. Were you guys that. On the course and not having their community and are you know you can see you know there's a process. And thereby to build Boston grow network view area you know goes they wouldn't always. Know those very very you know through these where. You know there you know market played together knows it and you know clearly you know they would do it zero. Not LeBron there you know he's. No we came to me no governor bush. No credible process does. You know clear the game so it there's a process and you cover their foot melanoma she didn't look right there isn't just say no just very clearly in the right guy than. They'll get better make your partners. In every year those in generalities. You know Syria. Thailand Eric Bledsoe Milwaukee Bucks here on the Wendy's big show on the fan Eric rumblings out they're obviously with the bucks and trade rumors. And so forth with a different teams one of the names they came up again Andre Jordan. The senate for the clippers you obviously and played with him in the past so how's your relationship with the Andrei art it was a pretty good. Aren't we it is it is man being gathered. At a no creed or race you know we don't talk as most bush you know we always ethical auditor you know it's so we talk with each other you know mr. grant him. You know take handlers who are we putting a veto would not put those presumed value. No regrets and. I announced so you've got to shovel coal year grow. You gotta gotta gotta down jackets got a cold you got to ask you hero of the snow. Well listen. Today. Does. Not. Where your where you are originally from mayor. Like this like slap in the face goals on the Alabama to. Help and it's been a lot. Man you actually did to you a news never got like Donald minus five minus six degree temperature and Alabama. Arguably it would you very. Forward but yeah it over full. Forties around here people wearing shorts meant you'll see that. When it's like in the forties people out wearing it no jackets T shirts and probably shorten up what's gonna happen it's gonna feel like it's like 75 when it's forty come February Kamal ball Mark Richt. Are your it was Aaron Crow. I'll tell what you an eight they were huge who eulogy uses. Made you want to greens. And in the moment he life I guess what I see an effort from Georgia from George. When are they older man and we were doing here. No where in the world we rented and I wouldn't. That's a treadmills are foreigners. What do you think about a bit ocean which is what do you think about the knew as soon as they build an overnight. I. That is Eric Bledsoe bucks point guard against for the last few minutes here. Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday on the Wendy's big show Eric really appreciate it meant keep up the good work our program. Thank you for joining us and Eric Bledsoe joins us on the great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank has been committed. To personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate. Or refinance is a great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local banking.