Borland: It was excruciating to leave football

Bill Michaels
Friday, March 23rd
Chris Borland, former Wisconsin Badgers and NFL Linebacker, joins us. Why doesn’t he watch football as much? How can players overcome the effects of brain damage after they leave the game? What is the “After the Impact Fund?”

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Interesting stuff going on in life after football when it comes to helping you know kind of goes after the impact so to speak and let them explain more as to what it is but Chris Portland the former Wisconsin veteran NFL linebacker. Joining us in the Schneider orange child like Chris I don't. Our bra. Ball no problem my pleasure show that first ball what people say you know the the after the impact. My assumption is everybody or everybody's assumption is okay we're talking about head trauma again is that exactly what it is it's not explain. Well certainly a central part of what that impact on does. What you need about an entity air former NFL players military action. It's a really unique approach and they found. Profound benefit to it. It is real immediate are if I've got two Brothers that are active duty military. Shall we. And we can certainly look at the end active. If you look back injury where we put traumatic stress. Also they were with the handling and it's one thing that. Didn't get a lot of coverage. What these things happen. If this happens the individual appeared tired and so to really wonderful organization. Couple years in the league you look at yourself and you say I think imminent and get away from the us. How difficult a decision wasn't. You know it was excruciating. In fact I've loved and still loves football. But had to be realistic about our personal option. With the mounting evidence in my own injury history it's it's a decision that made sense to me. You know I think recognize that information available and then you know be realistic my health there wasn't a part personally that I knew. People wouldn't understand that you have pretentious and you know run with it. Some anger that that conversation can be viewed it so hard thing to deal where it's. Yeah typical. You've been involved. A ton of really great things sense so. Now looking back. Yeah I it's interesting because people will you say well my own injury history people ask all the time why had you not gotten hurt. Would the thought process B Hussein any you can ask yourself not to Hume but others in the game. And I got a couple of injuries would my thought process be different when it comes to say retirement or thought process about injuries down the rotor inspector concussions or were things like that. Injuries are 100% part of the game a part of football. Boy do you find other guys that are saved accuracy injury free but guys have not frequently been B and you've been injured. Are these guys company to insane they can give me a little more information just like you kind of protect myself. Not a lot I think a lot of guys who reach out to me. Because that injury serves as a wake up call. As it is for me so. One thing that keep this difficult to grapple with is that. Yeah repetitive brain injuries an extra couple people all just part of the game whether or not. You have symptoms of concussion sometimes images off going on ascent paying your actions symptoms subtle. That something that I learned in this process that was. Enlightening somewhat frightening but. And I think we seen the past few years got their like their own hands making decisions based on information available. You have got cute look at it and you play. An increasing number got walked over. Of their mutual respect between the parties. I was gonna say when you talk about. The mutual respect between the parties giving back to be original you know the impact fund. It's free agency because football players columns of warriors. But when you get paired with a guy that is the kind of if you wanna culture warrior so to speak. It's it's it's eye opening isn't it. Oh yeah hey I've never happens who Brothers that are in the army accurately. Like that saying I don't think it's true. That football players are warriors to. Whatever impact on scene that pairing these groups their mutual respect between themselves. About when you're working only with their friends are. I did a study last year over on the football players there's this propensity unity downplay whatever you have one call. Eight. Not that big deal. If your back amongst you appear to back amongst the guys that. In case the military you went to war wit and Asian football and what you. Basically brawl lists so. When you get groups together. A couple of that mutual respect and because of I exactly that and she's been very similar. I think we're finding guys share war and it's a chance to be at that it is now. Do you little vulnerable. And that's kind of person. If not what is going on it and getting help so. Yeah I think error approaching them pretended to be tremendously effective and I'm thrilled to be apart. Pat we were you when your brother Joseph discussing around one night you come up with this idea to put all this together was is something that you were approached on. Regarding this regarding the after the impact fund. Well. Yet impact on is closely related to gridiron greats which he an organization Jerry Kramer buy tickets start at years ago it's. A items that could keep on raising them for a couple of years. Well after the impact on was created last year I while. I it doesn't work and mental well the Carter Center were the veterans and obviously with my Brothers that she is perfect it's something we all leader. Sort of reshape the deputy director Gregory says. Packed front coming and probably you are prepped I'm better energy then you Pat Tillman pat Ryan after the impact. And then in the very small way my Brothers and myself. Don't fit together so nicely and we got an opportunity to raise a lot of money for guys yeah. If come together quickly and overall overly excited. The the after the impact on by the way were singer talked with Chris Borland a former Wisconsin badger NFL linebacker the after the impact far and as you would mention helps in pairs up with. At dollars and also former military members it's kind of a healing project and they both get a lot out of it in that's winter he's here to promote. Do you I wanted to ask you to Sony just tweeted Johnson do you still watch football the same way and you have his youthful exuberance is a kid you love the game. You just mentioned you still love the game but you watch it differently now. Well I haven't I haven't watched. Yeah knee didn't not a law. Not patent protests it is more kind of our Internet. The nature my decision allowed subsequent where we're and we players just kinda. Couldn't use the same way but I I do think. You know a lot of players out of pro level again why he's differently. Not so much fan but. Yeah I'd look at the history and see them setting a future match so. I want to differently in that regard and I know a lot of guys. He and former players that. That still watch but you really trendy at this sound that much the scene but obviously what happens. Your power crunch. That he's probably more difficult and minute then became visually. You know one thing that I uninteresting Chris was when we were we go to Super Bowl every year more there we talked to a lot of players have had CT year have CT patients ahead but. Guys are battling that they come on the program with different doctors and talk about the neurology side of things I did guys that can barely walk you guys would knee injuries and back injuries. And every time I asked him would you do it all over again they smile and say absolutely would you do it all over again. Not because it is in the day absolutely. I'm 27 years old so I don't got a look that a treaty. Have lifelong friends all all those wonderful things. Frankly though if I if I get you dimension when I'm fifty or sixty. I would not think differently put. I don't know and I like wearing cute too much about what. Down the road and compare lately it's an increased amount of the in the long healthy life so as of right now yes absolutely and shrill that actually looked off to college and pro level. I'm gonna ask you say if you wanna give it more information on all of this and everything you're talking about and get more information on how maybe they can either volunteer or donate to what have you where they got. Very simple after the impact on got word that they've got all the information there. He can't donate. At least spread the word because it's a wonderful organization. And sickness and death gain momentum and help somebody then a beat so I can't act on dot work. Anyway and it shouldn't be greatly appreciated. I double more question is different putters is legitimate do you get contacted by the parents or kids that are coming safe from Doug those smaller levels say even from high school. That ask you about this my assumption is you're pretty prolific when you decide to walk away from the game and people probably were wanting to reach out to you either. I offer an opinion or for a synopsis. Would you get a lot of people that are younger that wanna talk to you about the game. I did almost daily and I think it's because one. Yours so engrossed in the game any update that can relate what's. The football powerhouse high school teams play. At the age sixteen or seventeen minutes the entire world a lot of these kids maybe. Can be reckless with their brain how alternative pairings. We show. To me because I walked away from I have couple just sit in my attic instant ticket to bigger picture. Is sitting out gamers do. More here your junior senior isolation but Vickiel. That the separate address your life so yeah I get involved and. Chris always a pleasure to talk GA and they tell me c'mon he's still gives about we'll give you shot okay. Thank my guys felt budget scenario Chris Borland the former NFL linebacker badger linebacker. And part of the after the impact fund go to after the impact fund and dot org. For all the information joining us in the Schneider worn challenge better harried drivers right now you work hard each region their eighty plus years at beginning at done call 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com it's 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com.