Brandt: Complicated situation between Rodgers and Packers

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Thursday, July 19th
Andrew Brandt, former Packers VP, now columnist for MMQB and The Athletic, discusses Aaron Rodgers contract situation. Should Rodgers find a way to gain more leverage? Is it possible to put an opt-out clause in his next deal?

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We bring in Andrew Brandt the former Packers well before Packers kind of salary cap guru guide Packers vice president also columnist for MM QB in the athletic hitter you Democrat. I've been well bill good to talk to growers. You know so why we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop it and everybody says so okay Aaron Rodgers is back at all we don't worry about and it's got kind of effort towards a championship with. Do you think these two sides are any closer than they were say a month ago. Yeah this is kind of the big mystery. It's hard to know you know I sent that chair for ten years. And I'm also good friend of errands and no more his side that was agent very well. You know I guess they're talking in. So hard deal to do you know you. You look at what Ryan did to look at what cousins did you know Arens a better player than Bo if you know he's going to be the highest paid player in the NFL what does that mean. You know people like me got to drill down about guaranteed money drove down about. What's the links have the security you to rumors about adjustments that things. Change in the marketplace. So you start think about all these things and you say well it's really hard deal to do and then I think the thing is built. I think the Packers wanna get something done. But really. From a leverage standpoint does Darren. Because again I'm putting on my agent had to if you get two years left. You know you're not gonna get the real because you want it's just too much time. And the Packers are kind of in the catbird seat negotiating with two years left. They get to one year left well there's some real leverage. And then you get towards zero years left you know even though franchise tag out there. That's a tough one so. We'll see where this goes who knows what's really going on. Well I guess the question would be what's the hold up between the area had said it publicly it's not about being the highest paid players so that's the case you take him at his word. Is this more about the option. To be than you know to redo this deal later down the road is it about guaranteed money I mean. I know the specifics are out there but it seems to be like there's something in the works. That is our traditional what football is normal normally see. I think some of the key now with. Peter king's column this week no that's a hard one because. He knows this option now audio caller where. Eric could be adjusted I don't know if that's in any contract. You know it's funny because when I did their first contract as a rookie thirteen years ago. I tried to get that clauses in there that would really adjust his contract based on when Brett retired. Whether that would be one year wait two years or wait three years of wait four years away five years away. And the management council said no you can't do that he can't tie. Compensation. From one player to retirement of another player you can't do that. So I don't even though they've allowed tying compensation of Aaron Rodgers to compensation of and some new quarterback contract. Mean that's not gonna get approved so. Maybe they're trying to come up with some curious and some strategic way that this can happen. You know the easy thing to say as well Matt Ryan got thirty years and can get 31 or 32 year. Yeah they can do that that's fine but what does it mean in terms guarantees what does that mean in total blank. What is there is there and Serb by doing a five year extension tying him up for seven years maybe not. As a guy that's negotiated those deals when you located at last have anybody made over 13% of a salary cap was Ron Amadon. What a Super Bowl. Knowing that you could only have so much money to go around. Do you then they get into the quandary of how much is too much before it can actually fortify what goes on around him. You know you talk to the wrong guy about that she can this. You know I spent ten years with one of the highest paid players in the game and Brett Favre and I never wanted that excuse. I think that's a cop out. Where teams say we can't surround it where there is a quality team because Japan quarterback so much now. It's just wrong and maybe you're not managing the cap for all. They have a quarterback Macon even thirty million dollars. On a 177. Million dollar cap. You can manage. Now you get under you get all that pro ration all that other crap on these contracts that people do elect. Tony Romo counting 29 dollars after he retires. You know then you get in trouble but. It's all about management it's really. It's really not. A real reason why that should happen in my mind. For those that say that they should give him like a portion of the packers' no first of all the Packers are owned by an older. And it's actually viewing it that it in the national football I don't think you can do that can't you. No less who believe that when member of Cape May with a free agent in 2012. Beliefs. And there are rumors about. About the Tennessee Titans. Maybe more than rumors. Giving him a piece and I can't believe basic yet you know there's no rule against attack. But think about valuation. So if Peyton Manning got you know 1% of the titans at that point they are worth a billion dollars. Which had a hundred million now have to put that is ten million. That would count. So he stayed make intends you know twenty million and then ten million valuation that would count on the cap. So if there Roger's got a piece of attackers. And their valued at two billion. You know and they got 1% twenty million and that account you know so those are the kind of things that DO. Of looking at getting Aaron Rodgers in the sport like you said he is just to go -- him to get a deal done. Is it hard feelings if they don't get a deal done do you think. I don't think so I'm united and you know that sort Simon adults and professionals and errands about it. And school a character as there is I mean. I don't think it you know on nine different team angle we always I mean with Brett we always tried it. Not let him get even two years within free agency because you never want them to. Kind of see the finish line. But. You know I and that's why I think in some ways to hackers are trying to get this deal done more than area just my hunch. Because there and leverage or gross. After this this year. Though they enter Brandt from vehement QB in the athletic former Packers vice president. Are there you right now in technology you can shake your head at that you think how how we got to this point I mean I granite. The Kirk cousins deal it was a necessity at the time they thought he was the best guy available. What you look at the amount of money is that a good deal of Minnesota Vikings I mean obviously they're pushing their kids in the middle of the table but guy that has now won over ten games a guy that is not want the post season. Is that just super high risk going for high reward. Well I think we have to look at what the clintons steal as what can happen. With free agency. You know look at Sammy Watkins. Look at Alan Robinson. The other two receivers nobody's gonna put up there which player FitzGerald or Antonio Brown owner Julio Jones but they're making more than that. And why because the free agency. Because Sammy Watkins got to market. Alan Robinson got to market even after ACL. And got to 1516 year. Kirk cousins got to market. I don't know if they'll ever be a productive young quarterback. Gets to market wide because he's too Smart to not gonna let a guy. Go to market you don't think that. Eagle and a lot of wind its way in advance in the rams with coffins. Of titans with merry go to I mean. That's never gonna happen in the cousin thing was so weird because the Redskins really never wanted to. To make that commitment. And on the one hand waking state whatever 28 year guaranteed to the other and it's only three years so. That three guarantees have already been done in Italy so this is not truly groundbreaking now the other three guarantees like Matt Ryan and others. Have extra years on them. But still. I've heard it cousins is pushing for that force here. And vikings would only do it non guaranteed. So there's side against. A broker before I let you go like I just ask you mean obviously looking over the fence the Packers to make quite a few changes. Specifically more sort of a coaching staff that actually on the field he'll like what's going on agreement. Yeah I do mean listen I know we talked about Brian and Brian was in our staff. Fifteen years ago and always impressed me good good concept. The bright mind. Did you get along with no ego guy. And I think he'll he'll do well I think you know for people who think it's going to be completely different that's not gonna happen is that disciple. A Ted Thompson. And I think the hacker way is always have people in that position that. Just there in their life their life's mission is to scout players. And I I think that'll work well in and this in this team with Aron and dollar are ways to Super Bowl threat obviously last year without there but what about. Getting him back is like getting like you know three number one draft picks plus plus. Editor it's always a pleasure talking I appreciated so what reed yourself always integrated site and double talk again soon and hopefully when they get this deal done we can break it all down. You got a picture diabetic doctor says they yell at her branch from the event QB and also the athletic EO worked for the Packers over the years like he said he was the guy that it did near its first rookie contract he's been around long time. Former Packers vice president George is the Schneider or its spotlight Schneider hiring drivers right now you work or that particular eighty plus years that the idiot. Call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com that's 800. Forty or pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com.