Braun is back, but can the Brewers win

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Saturday, July 21st
07/21/18: The Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin On Deck Show built by Ozinga...together building better. Mitch Ross previews Game 2 between the Brewers and Dodgers as the Crew tries to snap a seven-game losing streak. Robert Murray from The Athletic - Wisconsin and The FAN's Bill Schmid join the show. 

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It's game day brew crew fans. And we'll get you ready before first pitch coming up. Today's starting lineups we'll debate the hot topics in Milwaukee you'll hear the scope the skipper now live from the national Hyundai Greenfield and on. Hyundai west Alice studios. This is the Pella windows and doors baseball on deck show built by nosing got together building better 1057 F. Welcome in bears fans as the Pella windows and doors of the Wisconsin on deck show built by housing got together. Building better here at sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I mean oust the mayor. Mitch Rossi are getting set for game two of three between the brewers in the Dodgers down at Miller Park here this evening first pitch coming up at 610 chase Anderson goes for the crew. Against Clayton Kershaw for the Los Angeles Dodgers the brewers have not won a game I think it was last Tuesday last time they wanna game nearly two weeks ago they lost seven straight. All star break in their somewhat tumultuous. All star break and we'll get into here and just a little bit earlier from brewers manager Craig Counsell coming up here in just about five minutes or so. On the on the on deck shall be joined by bill Schmid baby Tauscher Collison play its farm and fleet post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. As well as Robert Murray the new brewers beat writer for the newly launched athletic Wisconsin. We'll go inside the clubhouse and hear from her third baseman. Travis shop baby tossed down there he caught up with him I just moments ago again down at Miller Park first lead you caught up on last night's action the brewers fall. 64 in the opener as we mentioned now seven straight losses. For your Milwaukee Brewers. And obviously. Times are tougher now for your Milwaukee Brewers has been a long stretch here and we hope to get back on the winning ways and here tonight first Chris Taylor scored. On a wild pitch in the third inning I see disaster of a third inning for wade Miley did. Kana pitched solidly last night so that was good to see for sure coming out the all star break but again it was not enough. To get the win on that rough third inning just one run would cross the plate for the Dodgers won nothing. I would stay that way into the bottom of the fifth and Christian yell which. Was that the plate and do some damage. And I courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin at cedars sends the starting pitcher wade Miley. On May a ball in the right senator earned sees the right field corner. And I Hayes his ankle are coming up next so that's an interesting decision there to send the starting pitcher he was I'll buy a mile so 11 at that point after five innings. How we move to the top of the seventh Chris Taylor single left to score Chase Utley and Max Muncie would double the right senator score. I him so they would tack on a couple of runs their 321. After the top of the seventh in the bottom of the eighth would hit and hazing is angle are. Would do his best to get the brewers back in the picture. Oh the. 25 home runs on the year phrases Agilent I want 401 feet. Off of Daniel Hudson in the bottom of the 832 at that point and we go to the top of the ninth. And the big blow would come off the bat of Ke Ken Hernandez. Hernandez. 62 at that point and again Lorenzo Cain unable to make. The catch there's the ball to scraped over the center field fence three runs crossed the plate. On that play six and two at that point. The Dodgers or go to the bottom of the ninth have to go to Ken Lee Janzen who by the way I had I think I'd rather be stranded in the Sahara Desert and have to face that guy. He is a big big man with a lot of movement on that baseball the Christian theology it scared. The obviously anchors C fox sports Wisconsin members did their best to keep a close six to four at that point but that Dodgers would ultimately hang on to get the win. Six to four last night Rich Hill he gets the Wendy's three and four on the season he went six innings. Burres and five hits against him one run it was earned a four walks original struck out nine batters over six innings for him can the dancing it's a save it's his 28. Of the year wait Miley went six innings also last night four hits one run it was not earn. And I earned and two walks for wade Miley two strikeouts 83 pitches thrown his ERA is actually. At 156. Loss goes the Taylor Williams he won an inning five hits two runs they were both earned. One walk when he four pitches thrown. And that one inning for Taylor Williams Ebbers fall 64 they know they're now 55 and 44 on the year thirty in nineteen. At home and speaking of home let's get to the starting lineups for the swing gets going here at Miller Park. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors on deck show bill bio Zynga on the is leading off goes batting cleanup here's today's look around the diamond. What to Waukesha sports car starting lineup do you have an upcoming charity event to fund raiser. Waukesha sports cards has a great selection of authentic autographed sports memorabilia and call them. And 2625440959. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Dallas studios mayor Mitch your getting set for game two of three. Between the brewers and the Dodgers. Out of Miller Park let's get to the starting lineups here LeBron returns to lineup. First we'll start with the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers with a record of 54 and 43 on the year. Leading off and on the left field jock Peterson batting second newly acquired shortstop Manny Machado batting third in right field again tonight Matt Kemp. Batting fourth and at third base Max Muncie. Batting fifth the behind home plate for the Dodgers got money ground doll batting sixth and on Satterfield Chris Taylor thanks seventh and playing first tonight for the Dodgers Cody Ballinger. Batting eighth and out at second base and wreak a key K Hernandez he hits eighth in batting ninth and doing the pitching. For the Dodgers it is Clayton Kershaw the brewers leading off in center field the rounds of Cain batting second in in left field Christian you Alec batting third. In at third base today Paes who's angle are batting fourth and at first base. Ryan brawn batting fifth. The shortstop Tyler sodium god bless them batting sixth it's the second baseman Aaron on Torres batting seventh and I'm right field tonight Keon Broxton. Batting eighth and behind home plate for the crew tonight aircrafts. Batting ninth and doing the pitching. For the brewers is Jay Sanders in those Linus or you again here one more time Peter for the Dodgers it's Peterson Machado camp Muncie grind doll Taylor. Ballinger Hernandez. And Kershaw for the brewers it's Cain EO it's angle are. Brawn Cella Dino Torres. Broxton crafts and chase Anderson and little bit more on the pitching matchup now Anderson six and seven with a 378 ERA. Looks to take the momentum built in his last five starts before the all star break he posted a 165 ERA over his last five starts recorded only one win. And that's nanny took the losses last time out pitched well though holding the pirates just two runs on six hits and a pair of walks over five and a third innings he's one in four. With a five point 44 ERA in nine starts against the Dodgers in his career so definitely struggling. A little bit against the Dodgers for Clayton Kershaw he's three and four with a 274 ERA in just thirteen starts this season. It's five and oh with a 295 ERA against the brewers in his career let's hear from the skipper. What's Craig Counsell have planned for today's game let's find out with today's scoop from the skipper says is up hello when. Windows and doors on deck show. Built by Jose got. 11057 FM the fan. Brewers have lost seven straight. Manager Craig Counsell a little bit grouchy according to sources. Here before the game with security had to say. How big how big is it to get Brian punitive. Fail school rooms that experience. We have I think. Well we talked about his son. Neal has become a ghost in this homestand we expect to get healthier. Then we get Manny back yesterday and then now we get Ryan Bakken. Eric's making very good progress as well so. You know our our health is important you know we've talked about that it's important going Florida and then we're. You know aussies day goes by Selig in making progress towards. You know Perry. Yeah like your conversation and or. Lung. I don't admit I think you know I think. Ryan certainly if it was it he didn't have a great first half and I think he'd tell you that. Think that there was there's a little bit of you know I think his six weeks is expected based on how we hit the ball was was was. Better than and then is gonna surface line shows. And inside I do expect him to to be better this just it's a good thing. That's the luckily even a little bit first and I think he'll I think you'll play better but he's obviously. An important. You know it's important for us certainly an important option for us. And you know electability get him in there and non you know kind of similar regular basis here. I. He's he's taken BP last three days. And he's on the field today Iran and sold. You know we're we're doing good you know it's got some hurdles to cross but it were. Taking kind of steps that are like SO lawyers say when you're on the field running where we're really good place. Oh. And John is a little he'd be a little behind net. You know we haven't we haven't started anything but the bad and it's no we're still gonna get receiving treatment that area. Sold. You know it. My home and home at any kind of timetable on him at this point. That Mel is good I mean he was supposed to go to Wisconsin in. You know we've we've mic calls the weather will probably get. I don't know could be right on the weather but the decision looked a little ominous and in Wisconsin tonight. And Appleton tonight so we a change of plans. Just to make sure you got you know. Wanna make sure Pittston and soon we can control a number of pitches here so it instead serving good purpose and everything well it. And have go to Illinois is next outing will be Colorado Springs. I. Yeah. Yeah I it's it's it's. It's not about that situation to me it's just about who who they hours team and and so it's. It's it's you know to me is a sign of connection assign a family in. That was some innate. Did completely on their own and and I. You know you you kind of expect it because that's that's how they treat each other. I was I was I wasn't gonna use Josh yesterday and JJ was available. Those things don't happen. I'm talking. Yeah I mean I think. Look it's. You know if if big if you haven't scored the sandy your either behind her here on a kind of at best tied so it's you know there's there's a look. And sexy yet we are facing on the other team as as the bullpen kind of wears on. And assist mutilated for us at you it means different things I think every team. I think playing with the leads. Yeah its not gonna happen everyday but it's but it's important and you know we're we're just in a stretch where you know the runs kind of early in the game against starters have just been a little limited and you know it's but it's you know it's it's. That's not a different it's just some that we need in the is definitely need to you need to get some aides and need to get some runs going against starters. Will today's weather affect the game. Let's get today's feeling game conditions this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show build bio Zynga. On 1057. Yes that is mayor Mitch you're getting set for first pitch is with the brewers in the dodgers' 610. Is that first pitch out at Miller Park Jason Anderson looks to be the stopper today for the crews and that the for the crew and be tough though as he will face Clayton Kershaw. For the Los Angeles Dodgers let's take a look at the weather now my kinda day out there seventy degrees overcast. Stray shower or two around out of Miller Park so throughout their tailgating be safe in. Obviously you should be all right there might be a couple of stray showers here and there are so bring a punch or two. Now for the kids or something in take care results out there on the parking lots at Miller Park we're gonna hit a quick break coming up next it's around till they knock you wanna miss this one. Robert Murray of the athletic Wisconsin the newly launched the newly launched athletic Wisconsin they'll join us on the great midwest Bangkok line as well as Bill Daly tell Schmidt. You hear me after the game tonight and after most every game here. On the fan on the planes farm fleet baseball post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey more. But the Pella windows and doors up Wisconsin on Dutch shell built by housing got together building better. Here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. It's time to debate the big issues surrounding the crew get ready for. Roundtable sponsored by McCormick law office the back injury attorneys. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show bill bio Zynga on 1057 FM the fan. Yes it is and it's live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and honey west Dallas studios. Broadcasting live as well on the new radio dot com that check that thing out. Force your new way to hear us. On line going forward here on the fan is the radio dot com am hoping guys are enjoying that as well time now for the roundtable go. And hit the great midwest bank hot unwelcome and a couple of guys here that are down. At Miller Park this afternoon first bill baby tell Schmidt co host of the blades farm and fleet post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. He can hear him after each and every game here on the fans follow him on Twitter at bill Schmidt radio Billy thanks for a couple of minutes this afternoon. Here's Specter haven't always enjoyed up arms are there baseball. Especially when a lot of a girl. Appointed country. It's a lot of life has to love maverick I mean it's a lot of fun you know especially council he was having fun just a few little while ago with the media as well. Also on the great midwest bank hotline it's Robert Murray of the newly launched athletic Wisconsin. Follow him on Twitter at by Robert Murray. Robert thanks for a couple of minutes this afternoon how are you. Yeah you bet. So first Roberts are you mean the first half of the season for the brewers could have ended in a worst note now haters situation comes along over the also break. Couldn't ask for better time to join the be right. And it has backed him. The out of the ballot morally or in Matt and your. Situation. That all. As bad oral I'm I'm open to close down all but nobody don't. Crop the. Yeah no I I mean as do I you know I've I would like to see the birds get back to. Played baseball here a little bit but down for sly I guess to tell us a little bit about the athletic Wisconsin announces new largest launch this week obviously as you said so what can we get with the athletic. Yeah I get a lot of doubt I'll. Get a lot of it is her. Eyes opened earned. You can recover your wallet. Out and really talented writers you'll let Packard. Or you're. And you all out Scott recovered jet apple wanted to but. You're gonna get you need copper and you're not be covered like they were. They are having a lot. Interleague era. No question about it and in Billy October you know and I ask you this a lot because you're down there are a lot of Saturdays for home games. And I genuinely and sincerely mean at this time let's clubhouse like today seven straight hater stuff I mean it that it's gotta be different. You know would interest signature that you ordinary look around a faces are obviously. All the same but the emotion Burnett we will advocate for you come back all or did. And Andy in the middle joke out of the PR guys today. I it was it was like a day it was an. Either there's obviously a lot a lot being thrown around. But ultimately I talked Trevor are eager about ten minutes. Ubiquitous says its armed backed. And who do whatever you wanna talk about this web. In the end that's what they're they're gonna say that we still have. He three games ago and start the night. Orbiter one of the best pitchers of all our clay or one of the best I've ever seen curtly my generation and a lot of people a lot of pitcher grow. And that guy is as. You know the other wants your seat back up in May actually Europe and there are no argument no Brett. Your soul. Let's get right back and here are what it took it off and dirt or Rock Creek Park but last night on May be court. And here at the pitching that all the apparent bargain. In the often can start getting up side a little bit here on lap three game or an arm which I was gonna say there wasn't. All a lot of fear there wasn't you know some and in the club out the big collegiate. Business at usual these guys are very very good and we liked a lot. It gradually and whenever we have a chance because it comes back like they are coming here being out after all are a lot last night. GAAP one slip away in Pittsburgh last Sunday and he got to come right back to work. Yet a question baseball players obviously they're known for their for their short memories but a but I wondered how a buddy Robert I guess my thoughts and on the hater situation is. Do I look at him differently a little bit. Well like cheer for him. Probably not stand and cheer in India standing ovation every time he comes in light refer ME SC's and member of the Milwaukee Burres is one of the better pitchers we've had in quite some time. But I guess I guess I'll ask you Robert I mean how does this gonna affect hater long term do you thinkers is something that he can just kind of I guess from the rear view mirror and he's got to get back up on the mound at some point in last night Matta had an opportunity but. A council chills chose not go that way below CP gets out they're tonight due to get it it'll affect him in any way has going for the season and maybe beyond. Yeah out of a possible and at the but it welcome to call girl watching our. Others are you now all of a deal are committed while on a personal. It's early I don't mean there's a lot of players that opportunity to get all our country. We got our our collection. Percy is up and that continued. Although. I think will be Berkeley I'm going to take a little bit. I'm out in order it and I think talking to you may not mean people are really know in past. The eagle on. Yeah. You know Billy for me it's like I I ever really hard time despite what I just said you know about not to giving the standing ovation when he when he comes in the game. I have you ever really hard time crucify a seventeen year old kid for some dumb things he set on the Internet. Yeah are you guys were all bad you are concerned at all are at the battery and they're. All world navigate through. You. Go about and you're so well and when you're when you're looking at that. Ramifications of what he can beat what outlined. How quickly to me. Guys because they. Backed up. Wait to get out. There. There if they want to come and it was quite. I mean they're it's clear that there was. Somebody at the bit waiting to go bright eyed and their walk to I'll bet you are out. You look at the situation I. Like. You don't want. We're going to be able to better yet are pretty much you. Like but like Robert. I talked a lot last year who regret here remember bill at Colorado Springs out and it is really gotten to like like yeah but. Like you that you are. Or hurt and there Internet I. Get a cup that. Our I. Look it up and things like you're. That are crude supplies. Out a better or are likely back at Robert. And how does that affect him long term. You'd stepping into the Gloria is here. Right after the pizza guy who lives cart career. Out eager to hear I'm open arts. Why we don't hear back. The real art like the girl but it. All glee that we all want to watch the oh yeah they're they're going to be the year of our. Quality time. Or under. There aren't a lot. Of bite the bullet in the period. Although the bill bill Schmid AB Josh as well as Robert Murray of the athletic Wisconsin in the great midwest bank hotline as you can probably hear both them. Our Donna Miller Park. Standing right next to each other victim according to my sources. That as we do this little roundtable here at Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show bill bio Zynga. And I'll go to you back to you Robert does this haters situation has maybe put more pressure on David Stern to make a trade I mean has been. It's been quiet and maybe it's just something that. If you make a move and get get kind of the attention off of what was it do you think that maybe puts more pressure on David Stern. Yeah I would put it a little pressure all the opera does. More pressure and anything to add and you can imagine magical or. Odd. Adult at a lot of not because but that didn't know brought but I do. After. I know the couple guys are just an obligation or Natalie. I can tell you how he also match and told her. About her. Although worded. Not you struggle mortgages were at the time. I mean maybe you might not. Oh well another guarded her stalker. Patrol. How do you ride it and being a more like our. I. Am well you let a more audit and at a. I will be will be sure it to check that out on the athletic Wisconsin for sure later on in our body use that Billy. What what do you think is the brewers' biggest need at the deadline as we go forward seems like all the sudden. Polls are popping up everywhere a seven game losing streak and and what what do you see as the biggest need. Today. I you know it if you're not even. What it is it's gonna have to be op remote from. It after the in matter I mean you you have a break down break out aspects. Rabbit on your back. Over there my partner. And is he definitely feel like that like. And all that quiet thirty. Or Ella and are now holding this offense up. My idol angle like see like a normal law. Where you have guys that are at the bottom of the order. Edit it out. At our ports and no intellectual -- going to be possible Aqua. I cannot be at the moment but we're going to be guys. Are all guys. I'll I'll try to be another good you're gonna packet that all I don't know right now if that. Difference maker guy to be out of market. Hit ball. Yeah and and the Billy I just I don't know how many more times I come to the station or go to the ball marker turn on my TV and see Tyler Zeller Dino is your five hitter I just. I don't know how much longer I can do this. Totally carpet and I I I agree with Carla bill dispute that was nice Lyle but he is back down to earth and just man I better. What are Rick Rick I repeat. That that. Sure when you're when you're locked in a Bible after. Our concern 401 knee injury and how. And true. That gap here and kept it in and there are quite got at Miller I would Bellic ego. Or they'll order backlog out. You guys are all trying to picture. And Doolittle and pat worked at the air and ultimately. Are heavy hitters he counted on in the product. And it down. It's probably get another run up to and are here already been. Proven. Dirt track improper. I'd have been well. Yeah and you know obviously salad you know as defense to compare Garcia who has. Lead pipe lock out there aren't that shortstop he was he was automatic and every ball on cell Dino as a few hiccups. Here there and acquire under. And quite apparent from other load. You'd actually want. Ultimately got to land unit or op but it got to have continued fight like that Alec I. Opt. Oh yeah this I don't know how much longer I can do so obviously. We're talking about the shortstop position there Robert and we got a for our first look at Manny Machado and Dodgers uniform last night he was on base four times couple hits couple walks. How close with a burst actually landing Manny Machado. Look at the David Stern went on the record and strong. And it caught a lot of op art because the it. But it was very clear how strong interest what I don't think it was ever really people. An alternate or 11 note here. Corporate Kirk or meaty. Another equipped while our Caldwell. I don't they were really what people. They're borrowing quantity over quality and every year and a over the top actors I don't think it hurt early all. Acutely. I while her interest is strong we're going to. You know what struck. Me and much art or other much are likely. Other players and they were ever. And there you go guys can just elect him we all figured collective eat crap. From the prospect orders are all worried you're gonna give up our guys. David berg. Don't worry more. And try to go get somebody out or are there any regular rock and roll guy go don't a couple of moves court order certainly it may. It. Yeah I thought I was gonna say billion mean is that something that he might regret. Not kind of pushing the chips are because I get you know Robert makes it sound like the birds are kind of a distant second in that and that many Machado sweepstakes so. You're and that it. Technically debate because. Coming here you want I cannot be our. Right again and had the whole way along. With it was pretty clear to me that the Dodgers or the pat on the Toronto. Once he goes down earlier in your heart you knew that they were all. And I laid back. Next year they didn't worry about a walk. They're gonna have bigger comeback. Record or like last year where they were able lately and so. What your arteries in eight article sent a world where. A look at what it does for your team I've ever are also a wicket that it takes away. Is bill Schmid navy town of Ketchum after the game. Tonight on the fan and then on the on the links from a flea baseball post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. Baby tell Shimon let you go and we will catch up down the road all right. And it's one hour one more thing aren't welcome Robert de. I haven't I mean your Lamar you're covered recreate it here we're completed about. Very much. I want to you or all in my. Oh. All right there is bill Schmidt and Robert I will I'll let you go as well thanks for a couple of minutes this afternoon you have an open invitation on my index show every Saturday night. There is Robert Murray on Twitter at buyer rob Emery of the newly launched athletic Wisconsin he's the brewers beat writer just coming on board. This week as they launch the site and get some lecture Wisconsin sports coverage out there in the Twitter sphere and the inner webs. Going forward. They join me on the great West Bank hotline start your renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval from great midwest bank dedicated to providing perfectly curbs personalized home loans. To those right here in our communities since 1935. And a quick break on the other side we'll go inside the clubhouse here from Travis shock. AB Josh caught up with him little while ago Shaw has the night off with a lefty on the mound. He's obviously getting the all the offense going a little bit here in 28 team studious to say. Coming up next year on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by housing got together building better. Here on the only station brewers man's need sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes info as we take you inside the clubhouse. Brought you might coaches call me grill myself thirteenth street. Good food and good drinks. Great find that this is the Pella windows and doors on deck show billed by dosing gotten on 1057 FM. The fans. Yes it is and it's live. From the international. Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios mayor Mitch you're getting set for first pitch of game two between the brewers and the Dodgers. Down at Miller Park Jason Anderson goes for the crew gets Clayton Kershaw. For the Dodgers. Brewers now lost seven straight. They come in at 55 and 44 and out three and a half games behind the Chicago Cubs who got a 72 victory. Over the cardinals in game two of that series at Wrigley after getting smacked yesterday. By the cardinals they would come back and kind of returned the favor. Little bit today in the brewers' three and a half games behind the Chicago Cubs for first place in the NL central as we begin action. Today time now we're gonna head back down to Miller Park check in the baby tell she caught up with Trevor shot. In the brewers' clubhouse and as Shaw looks to get going here. Let's see what he has to say. Bill Schmidt and sudden burst clubhouse was third baseman Travis sharp Travis takes the time and welcome back thanks connect. A couple of days off there. Yeah has nicer resent body kind of take a few days off let everything recover and yesterday it was going to be back. Now we're back in baseball but before I ask any baseball questions I got say LeBron in LA are you ordering a purple or Nicole Lee Gardner's gold. Until I got to go to golds to man the gold assistance the standard is a Laker locker go to Google. That's your decision form totally agree with that note 63 to play for you guys. Tom obviously eleven games over a tough stretch he gets on Cuba's baseball yeah I mean everybody goes through stretches sing every team goes through stretches. Every World Series industry stretches so. It's good that we're going to right now we have time to rebounding getting it you get good momentum going towards the end of the season just so happens view on the stretches were. And now we've played some tough teams. We room we're banged up a little bit before the break now I can mount a couple tough team to yourself. Or just looking at rights implement. Tough pitchers in Alaska you're in Paris with hill that curve ball that he's got his nasty here out of it with Kerr shot today that might not be the worst one maybe get today off four. Yeah I mean. On first that are in the face Kirsch Aldrich over chills Massey and his current his current laws gross. Casper is this on camera locking down on target and when when he's when he's he's throwing everything for strikes he's tough. I was watching them it seems like he's got like two or three different versions of that curve ball a Spitzer through different arming Syrian drop down holidays at the big sweepers. Kind of the strike plan. She's kind of tough to decide which ones going just. So we need answering your obviously got tape rolled the guys that are your going up against the day. What do you what what's the number one number two focus that you have when you're when you're just trying to see a guide me for the first time. For me I looked received was majorities like what time it was side of the plate he attacks on against lefties. Guys attendance focus on one area of the plane now focus on that area. The guys that kind of do both sides as the pastor who's against you kind of tough. You've been able Lou swing the bat a couple of homers here in Glasgow days for the for the break got to feel good. That does give us in a pretty good spot on in the break so hopefully we'll we'll get it on here right now in this clubhouse always fun always outgoing a couple of things on the last couple of days everything good. Yeah we've readjusted its over. I don't think we'll talk about it anymore. I know everybody around this city is just waiting for the last 63 it's got a lot of games at home a lot of lot of things he got control at this point yeah I mean we're still. Secondly it lands though. We're still a good spot. Obviously the county plan while it's going to be. Could this finally got stressed Americans walking doing division titles such we've we've got to fight a little bit behind now we just got to make up a little background here. How much of flashy when you guys were fighting from behind and still you know tightening cloning game right there too you know 161. What is that carry into this year when you go through the last two months. I think he's gonna help I mean to go through experience last year where every game kind of matters the last three weeks of the season that's a good learning experience for everybody is. A lot of guys first time through that and it should benefit us this year. There is maybe tell us with the brewers third baseman Travis Charlotte gets the day off with Clayton Kershaw on the mound. Tonight he did face Rich Hill last night dancing comments there how he almost he says he'd almost rather face Kershaw the Rich Hill who is. Obviously one of those finessed lefties getting pretty old I've no idea how he continues to be successful foray major. Major League Baseball team at this point in his career but he does he keep continues to do it and who does them well and a quick break here again. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show coming up take a look at the injury report it to look at maybe. Some expanded standings as well in the NL central and take a look at who's not who's not that's coming up next on the Pella windows and doors hello windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shell built by housing got. Right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Baseball is 90% mental. And the other half is physical. So who's injured on the crew appears today's injury reports on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show go by Jose got. I'm 1057 FM. And it's live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Dallas studios welcome back to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shell built by housing got. Together building better here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan mayor Mitch here getting set. For game two of three between the brewers and the Dodgers as livers let's get back on the winning track they've lost seven straight. Games you'll getting any easier tonight as they take on. Multiple Cy Young award winner Clayton Kershaw. For the Los Angeles Dodgers first fall last night's 64 again in the opener. Of this series and take a look at the injury report now some rare good news on the injury front. For your Milwaukee Brewers as Ryan brawn now returns from the ten day disabled list he's back in there tonight playing first base. In the cleanup spot in Kregg council's order. Otherwise pick your favorite brewer and they're probably on the disabled list right now is that Davy still on the ten day DL Matt Albers on the ten day DL he is. Working his way back. Junior Gary on the ten day DL Jimmy Nelson again sixty day DL. It's been very very quiet endgame Jamie Nelson this year. Men might get a little bit louder numbers continued to struggle like this Eric names still on the ten day DL this hamstring injury Jonathan BR. On the ten day DL with a thumb injury. Obviously a couple of these guys should be coming back at some point soon my theory golf I got this from Tim Allen. Over the last you know before the all star break and I think that the brewers. Went to some of the players and hey if you have any. And he nectar or herb or bad bad hamstring or sore muscles lettuce will throw you on the DL we'll bring you back maybe. The week after the all star breaker you know right away from the all star break and I think that's why you saw so many guys go on the disabled list there. A last week obviously is a revolving door. Around the clubhouse again Ryan brought back in the lineup hitting cleanup for the brewers are playing first base. Also he returns from the ten day DL let's get you who's hot who's not. Some of the brewers are hot while some are not. This is who's hot who's not. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Build bio Zynga. Brandon what drift red hot from the plate. One for one with a bomb in Pittsburgh last weekend. Spent a thousand in the month of July great to see there a bread Phillips do for five in his short time back up as a major leaguer Kristen yellow to red hot. Could have been should have been the hero last night in fifteen games in July he's twenty for sixty. They run scored seven doubles twelve RBIs. Actually no home runs does have a triple. Has struck out seventeen times in the month of July. Eric names of those twelve for 41 before he went on the DL in the month of July. Jonathan DR. Eight for 28 in the month of July to 286 batting average in 261 by the way. He's got a could maybe get a little bit more time. In that middle infield for the Milwaukee Brewers Trevor Shaw again kinda stand steady this year on the 250 markets and at 242 as we speak. He's five for 58 with four home runs in the month of July and Hayes is Sagal and just to fifty in July but six of those hits six of those fourteen hits. Our home runs he's got seventeen RBIs while so the production. In the slugging in the power is definitely there for Hayes juice and daughter who's not hot Keon Broxton in fifteen games in the month of July. Three for 27. With twelve strikeouts for Keon Broxton a couple of stolen bases for him as well in the north in the poll 59. In twelve games in July he's one for seventeen the one. Of course was the big home run against the twins on the fourth of July to lead the Milwaukee Brewers. Two victory back on. That day let's get to look your quickly at some standings here in the National League central in the brewers' sit at three and a half back to Chicago Cubs who are. 57 and 39 members 55 and 44 in the car or the cubs beat the cardinals today seven to two so gained three and a half. As we speak burst and obviously gain a half game with a victory tonight spurs have lost seven straight. We'll go to Saint Louis they're 49 and 48 on the year fired Mike Metheny last week there eight and a half back from the cubs for first place in the National League central. And a half game behind them nine games out of the first place. Our cubs is the Pittsburgh Pirates who have conversely won seven straight. Have not lost lost and the same time the brewers have not won there cabinet that the Burres heels will be here in the red sit back. Eleven games under 514 and a half back. At 43 and 54 of the Chicago Cubs who are in first place. In the National League central let's get to the starting lineups here again for the brewers and the Dodgers as we cannot. Inch our way toward the first pitch here chase sentencing goes to the crew against Clayton Kershaw for. The Dodgers. First for the visiting Dodgers it's chuck Peterson out in left field he's leading off batting second and playing shortstop Manny Machado. Batting third not right field Matt Kemp batting fourth and at third base Max Muncie batting fifth. And doing the catching it just money ground all batting sixth. And playing center field tonight Chris Taylor batting seventh and at first it's Cody Ballinger batting eighth and at second base and wreak a key gate Hernandez batting ninth doing the pitching. It's Clayton Kershaw for the Los Angeles Dodgers and for the brewers. The rounds McCain needs often and Satterfield Christian you how much bat second and plays left field. Batting third I'm playing third today's news angle are batting fourth and at first base Ryan brawn batting fifth that shortstop. Tyler salad email batting sixth. And at second base it's aired on Perez batting seventh and on right field tonight. Met Eric Keon Broxton I'm cement can't key on Broxton. For the brewers behind home plate hitting eighth aircrafts. Batting ninth air batting ninth near the pitching for the crew it's chase Anderson that's gonna do a force here. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show billed by housing got. After the last pitch you make the switch to the blue points farmer flee baseball post game show presented by mocking generals hockey Tim Allen baby tell us hopefully talking about a brewers' victory. Here after this one as they go for the first victory in quite some time my thanks to bill Schmidt and Robert Murray of the athletic Wisconsin check his work out. Those guys joined me on the roundtable today on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by housing got together. Building better talk the after the game on the fan.