Brew Crew shut out the Cubs in game two 4-0

Brewers Coverage
Wednesday, June 13th
06/12/18: MIL 4, CHI 0 - The Blain's Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey -- we are #MILHockey. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid recap the Brewers shutout of the Cubs in the second game of their series. Hear from Counsell and from Tim and Bill's interview of the winning pitcher Chase Anderson.

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome to. The blaze farm league baseball post game show preset about. The Milwaukee admirals who we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the Internet. National Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios here's the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt. It is a final from Miller Park and what a difference a day makes as the brewers bounced back where they came to victory for. Nothing shot out over the Chicago Cubs and welcome everybody. That is the blaze farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag real hockey Tim Allen maybe taos bills med. Brian or pot back in the hot seat today and Tony Griffin Nino is here as well as the brewers get a four zip. Shut out victory over the cubs on just two hits how about chasing Anderson just what the doctor ordered in this one as he was just amazing tonight man. You kill all your good guy as last night everybody had to work enable led to work Jefferson to work cater had to go Albers known as the DL. And what about it a manager's best friend somebody goes as seventh inning chase only out the only other pitcher in the brewers' rotation you leash is seen. Tim a complete seven innings this year. Yeah and he does that tonight on a 107. Pitches just one hit that was an infield single by contreras. And that was it he retired the final seventeen batters faced. He allows the one hit no runs a couple walks and six strikeouts in this performance he's he was just amazing tonight and it took a little bit. To get his changeup work and but the curve ball was outstanding the two seem force team. And then he finally started feel in the change up as the game moved along in and the cubs were confused the entire day I I thought though early. That the cast by Domingo Santana was dragon and those of you that believe in momentum and tone setters and everything you know exactly what I'm Stan. Yesterday I tried to play the home. Off on bias. Professional broadcast calm cool collected role. And that didn't work so today right out of the shoot first batter I was screaming. About what a great catch by mango handset I'm not shut my mouth tonight. That was that was a big grab and and I'm not sure what would happen after that but it certainly helped and chasing Anderson was just amazing tonight so. We don't. I think you know these interviews that we've done as of late Billy have up propelled these guys that perform well we talked to chase yesterday we're gonna hear that later on today. And we joked about it with with Josh later a couple of weeks ago Jim that that we were gonna talk to them because he was Johnson's good roll now we can get in there we're gonna. Loosen them back up. And he'll go for another month or two without giving of Iran's are ready to calm down about job yet. Yeah at the brewers get the win first team in the National League to forty victories as the brewers with this win. Forty and 27 back in the first place in the National League central and those of you. Following you along without us at home here in your cars are on the app wherever you might be. You guys know full full well that billion I've been talking about it this summer is going to be a back and forth affair no doubt you saw in the last. Joseph 24 hours. Back and forth back and forth and is that gonna surprise me if the cardinals get hot in pop up in there with there a couple of days or whatever might be in first place. An amazing summer is set up for baseball here in Milwaukee wanna get your reaction here what a difference a day makes. 4147991250. And hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter and we have a swami in our midst here on the fan. A lot of people say that Billy we can as sort of attack our coworkers a little bit I think that's a strong word. But I do believe that we also give credit where credit's due and assure eleven an amazing. A performance by a chili's MVP on our staff right here on the Francis the stick around for that I think can be entertained with that. He had his finger on the pulse of what was gonna happen and the brewers offense it didn't take long for the brewers to get going in this one. As. He get a couple of base runners early America aims thrust into that one spot in your thoughts and add to that the line up here with. Flames and yell it's going back to back lefties against Iowa chat would. I turned out to approve a bid for the for the crew as they put a couple of runners aboard. Right away in the bottom of the first inning for Travis off on a 30 pitch. On day. A two run double for Travis dog there in the first inning the brewers take that to zip lead. Into the third inning. As you see chase start and settle in here. He. The as Kristen yell it's leads off with a a walk. And that it was so Lorenzo Cain who. You know normally this would be on the other side of things and right here is when I thought the brewers were probably gonna win this game because it was you allow. And again this what we've talked about from from our perspective on the brewers side is that. You know you you make certain plays in the other guys made those plays we haven't made those plays from the brewers' side of things. Cubs on the other hand on Kristen galaxy was there was an attempt to pick off he moves to second. And then Lorenzo Cain hits a ball up the middle and the cubs well they'd sort of lose their mind check this out. Came back. As of now yeah Alex. Give it back. That was an amazing play by Lorenzo Cain and he read that thing all the way and he knew. Behind him Billy that nobody covered first base. How about it Tim I mean you're you're bringing guys in my Lorenzo Cain a former world champion and people talking up wouldn't. Pressure on the brewers last night that's with the cubs did that's how they succeeded laid out in the game. Greens are McCain's been there and saw that Cy Young unit Dunst that's certain points. He has that was that was a brilliant play from Lorenzo Cain and again you know the cubs didn't make the play. Some of the little stuff we talked about we've been on the other end of that little stuff. The cubs however they screwed that thing up a little lucky break for the brewers but it wasn't a lucky break I mean McCain skillfully. You know really choreographed that thing. And a little taster of their own medicine because Travis shot immediately made him pay. Shaw. There was on fox sports Wisconsin Travis job the second of his 22 run doubles to give the brewers a four zip lead. That's the way it turned out right there as the brewers get the victory for zip they shut out the cubs. You're not you know open up the paper check online tomorrow and see that our man burst got shut out again by the coast sports are. It's the other way around here. It was chasing Anderson filling seven full innings of one hit no run baseball walked a couple of men six strikeouts. 107. Pitches surprised no I wasn't that he went to chasing Anderson. Up into the upper ninety's in pitch count after six to send him mob bright back out there in the seventh inning no no no Smart when you when you have Zeus hang out in the on deck circle that seemed if chase spot Jamont. EB done after six and they would make make work with Taylor Williams earlier on. But you have an opportunity kill another one and like you said. He he was your big dog and I knew I needed him to be your big dogs were for all 2018. It's been a rough early start by what one to get on with. It was and Taylor Williams pitched a yes scoreless eighth inning did allow a base hit there and Jacob Barnes a scoreless ninth inning and there's the brewers' victory forty and 27 here in the 2018 championship season. As they even up the series at a game apiece. I don't need to tell you how big of a victory this is to lie. You shouldn't think so no I didn't I didn't think now. This well this was yeah I think we all know because we all heard the panic that was brain. Running rampant through these hallways today. Veolia and I'll tell lines and on the mentions it was and it was not them. Big time right 4147991250. Let's get your reaction I do have one little minor little. Beef a little bit and so all have I'll have that for you coming up in just a little bit and and we go to Johnston. Our buddy in North Carolina just and how sweet does this feel. Man this is about so we do lie. But it costs Sunday morning breakfast apple file whatever you wanna call it man just sit there with Terry Anderson. Travis so we need. To make any 28 from world championships C. We have these guys feel this way. I'm compared I don't care who were facing this is big time baseball. I think you're beat me beat my beat. And I'm happy to report when I got back going to be you know beggars can't be two years. Especially with this a competitor you always want an 81 about Akamai etiquette because I don't go out there via the fact Romney boys. But. We left a couple runs out there. Can't have a guy at third base where no ops had a guy on third base one out and that apple I'd love it because they can't forget their theory. Problem since when would we were both good is that one right can make different. So I hope tomorrow we capitalize on this black. You know I really long. The came around her. In being loaded it wearable the first double happier shall first that are that would act that was you in light yeah. It's not. White people look at it and move with a guy who reporting it was very important right to a really. But that'd be accurate play with a two strike approach to it contact. It got the guys know. Take some complain a lot about the umpire right. And that in wondered Travis on a double that I for its operatives in I've forgotten. I know there were the ball most of them correctly. Down the plate and all part of upon ultimately what. Yet to show you how fair I can be in and to show you how objective we at times can be and I totally I'm a fan that's you guys know that. I think becomes a lot to gripe about that that's right zone today I thought it was it is totally in Kansas win against the cubs. Again it it did or not and we we're not complain because we take he's got in the way we can get that the umpire has the horrible call. All the guys out of politics York and we went back I want her apple can withstand and while we get the W I don't care. I don't now with all politics it's it's not I'll be on the alcohol were able Peru Robert Packard and others that are so called pork. Payment comes from. Yeah I'm in doubt that they were that all right our. Just didn't take it easy I'll talk again and hopefully tomorrow the seal the deal with a series victory. 4147991250. Abby. The calls did go for the brewers. I will say that. That they know that if I from the cubs on gripe and I'm gripe in a little bit about the strikes don't have fun doing well that's it's about time but something bounced right for the brewers and then certainly it did tonight. They earned it though they got it done great pitching from chase Sanderson some timely hitting by yet Travis jaw. And some nice bullpen worked defensively they played a solid game as well Eric things back into the mix wanna get your reaction here. That's up 4147991250. My minor little beef here has nothing to do with the actual game. So yeah has something to do with Miller Park. So just think he would think about that especially those of view that were at the ball game tonight. I didn't hear a lot of cub fans. So to speak at two ads. That's the way you do it that's the way you shot a mop it's the boys farm fleet post game show. Presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey Tim and house for zip brewers beat the cubs. Let's add this one a brewers fans time to go inside the box score brought you by Dave and buster's quote Sosa. Eight drink it play. And watch sports. Brewers shut out the cubs tonight in game two this three game set needless to say setting up babe. Big time game tomorrow shop scene Mike Montgomery gonna go at a 1101 bits and of course. I will be here talking hopefully about. A brewers victory for 147991250. As we go inside the box would Dave and buster's in wallets OC eat during play and watch sports. And what a difference 124. Hour period makes. And that's baseball guys. And you know you can turn things around the very next day now. What we talked about last night is do something different do you know whatever you gotta do OK they pitched well let's just start there that was different. However that wasn't a man made difference that was just the performance difference. I'm however Craig Counsell. But did Jack up that line up just a little bit there was no brawn no zoos. It took a look at this lineup BC famous yellow it's Kane's shot. He got three of the first four guys that lefties. That's different. Yeah raise your hand if if you've got a little bit I don't know confused and made the right word when Eric famous. Is the top of that lineup. That was the one died in Nazi come you and I talk about yellow which possibly moving up their last night. Yeah in your ear mass planned to be able to go left right left right all the way down number lineup tonight. Things you deadline abided Nazi yet you had left left right left through the for the first four hitters were left handers. And it paid off guys base different things then yell which was on base constantly and look retarded as charted with the couple of doubles there was some production we'll check out the numbers and get to you guys. At 4147991250. But he said there Eric names on one time one for four with a run scored Christian yellow John based wise one for three with a walk. Lorenzo Cain a two runs scored he was an old for four tonight but it made his presence known on the bases as we had earlier their on in the show. Travis shot two for four with four knocked the Indian and a walk as well Domingo Santana and over with three strikeouts and an F five bowl. Jonathan VR left with left calf tightness. The suspect cannot be serious but he was one for three with a walk while he was still in their 277. Now aired on Paris Kaman didn't. Reached the plate Manny PDL for four tonight over three for a land horse you a couple of k's chasing Anderson one for two with a strike out as well Eric so go our way they. Base hit in his pinch hit appearance him. Now I don't know exactly whose swing looked a little bit better has Eric so guards. Wife was the one that up fairly balled out the most in today's wide softball game. She also beat the cubs and it's really not fair though from from what I'm hearing is that. I believe her name is Casey is so large she is a former standout softball player at Arizona State. I don't know if when we talk about a brewers wives softball game that that balls I'll play term can be used it. Yeah nice while you Zan well Donna Jason Anderson I don't know exactly if his wife participated namely he participated heavily to brewers went. Seven and he's won a bit retired the last 7080 phase struck out six walked a pair. Taylor Williams a scoreless frame had one base that allowed a couple of strikeouts jig a Barnes. In to finish off the ninth scoreless. Jake Barnes back and in the ninth inning Tim last time remember when he was an. I and the ninth inning that was. Well one of those days right after you and I talked to him after can naval went to our men. It was a little bit different story tonight brewers went four runs on seven hits nowhere is no runs two hits one air for the cubs. Burst seem to forty wins in the NL as Milwaukee brewers' forty and 27. It's amazing it keeps keep an eye on here man in in the 28 team championship season they. They get it done and they continue to harbor. Right around that 1213 1415. Games over 500 mark that's where good teams harbor they do in this that this could be back and forth affair. At the boxing gloves on that's going to be a right hook and then a body punch in the new answer back where they. What day I don't know what another boxing term would be good and opera caught they've got a battery out. The Bakken for her with a round house as governor upn and what is bought the land and in and part of this even even after losses guys as much as we get disgruntled that at times. Is the strains. Fun factor part of this thing it will be it will be a fun summer promises to be ups and downs for sheer. 35000. Plus at Miller Park. Cubs fans weren't too too jacked up in this Monday that it get all she dazzled out. Note to his gut. And here's my mind will be fear bottom in the sixth inning brewers trying to tack on runs and I hear. Nothing. I don't hear anything. Was it time to go to the bathroom for the guy runs sound effects in the music machine. The clapper wasn't going there was no sound effects there was no music. There was no nothing you'd thought it was a rally for the cubs. Opposite. Just that's rally kill the brewers here. I don't understand it. I'll never understand it and I've been complaining about it since 2006. When I started this show. If you guys want to meet to teach how to wrap up a crowd. I have a little experience with a microphone is sound. Over thirty years of doing this I can help you wow who is deciding this stuff. I'm only upset with that I am I don't understand it. And I I'd listen for that stuff. It was like a librarian there. Cubs fans are down because they were loosened fours at brewers fans were down because your butt numb to sleep. Okay sorry 4147991250. That was my own little mind is now there's only a minor beef so much as you little little baby tirade. Let's go to Jim in Chicago bay resident brewer fan down in fill in the Asia what's avenue gym. Pay go grab help flag and fly high over the center field bleachers of Wrigley Field. Because the mayor being gone city today proclaimed that I shall hit or RBIs. They may see you guys are one of the shot out from like middle of the game idea I just didn't wanna win it although that was about and and game obviously but. I started obviously get a little greedy I wanted to shut out just because all the shut outs came our way. Absolutely and we're catapulted back in the first place. And yes we're two and eight but I mean. Promised myself I'm not gonna live in the past the get a live in the moment. And we want tonight Edward first place right now and let's have fun and enjoy it and. That it could go back and forth Jim thanks for the call it it it's going to go back and forth and it just did in the first two games here back and forth tennis match. Grunt and groan NC we go from boxing tennis. A slight that 4147991250. Hey Leo Ryan Moore abouts in the studio to write Europe the ball game last night correct yes. Yeah how we're the cub fans last night from your viewpoint stream lout. You know they or weren't that. Yet they were they definitely showed up last night but that's how baseball goes man. You know I mean one year. You know when they explode for all those runs of the mechanized play people are gone crazy but tonight those. The fans were quiet I noticed in the first inning Jay Sanderson is blue that 95 mile per hour fastball right past Anthony Rizzo. And if you like that fired up the team in acting dentist can shut everybody up our knowledge that sent the message for some reason. Yet and I thought the cats from Mingo early was a little bit of its own set or two and I thought I'll mandates it's gonna glance off his club right. Al Moore is gonna be display in the old merry go round is going to be standing there at there at third cub fans are going to be going crazy and off their run and again here in the first inning to take a ones that lead. The huge cats I know ozone Carolina when Lorenzo Cain played begin a top box and I was like that's all the momentum right there in the dugout was gone crazy said the game's over. That really was a brilliant fly it it was advocates. The only reason I say that is because Cain knew what was happening yet that's the whole deal there he didn't know. You'll imagine. If Jonathan VR hit that ball. It would have been a double play right. I mean it's let's do this and college that's on the that you see from hobby die as a something that the cubs would duty to it was a championships I'll play it was one of those the UC for a contending team signed so when the brewers put that on the cubs I feel like they can send the message to call the momentum tonight and that's all I have been saying this all year well for the last two years the couple explode for 89 runs. And the next night they get shut out. I don't have again stand on that but it just seems like that's kind of figure out how to shut him out tomorrow as well. Well and hopefully that's the case but you know of the of the keys there with that running play in in the third inning. Was the fact that you made him pay you immediately. And you saw last night the drop all by VR and what happens it's immediately Hayward with an RBI base here it's almost like instantly. You make them pay for mistake in this was. Just an just an opposite. Of what's been going on the brewers didn't make their place tonight the cubs didn't and that's how fickle baseball can be let's go to Glendale sailor mark. Mark you're on the fan votes happen. Make him I hope and I'm an outlet in terms entered my crawl last night's bomb. Amnesty you'll morality. So much you know shepherd a lot of things like that. Correct me if I'm rocking the brewers are chewing it now obviously against house. So I'm a leader but banking gains between them you know for the year so epic chase. Roughly nine games you know last in the schedule. Arms what happened and what it can't happen at camp that's OK but history can now. Fibers or the rest away or 500. I think it must realize in the markets rout in the imports while wanna say it yes. I'm putting an analogy here you know how many use that he adds. A rivalry wished. You know pickers and beer Detroit teams sit through you know important yours may be the longest and that's reverently opt out but my feeling is that. You know over the in the last summer yours with the exception or the championship game between the payers Beers and 2000 tents to more relevant right or is in the viking. Culture contributed more geared up over that span. Lewis in the congress did you know it's great rivalries years and years it's. Billy don't do that to him don't don't need a quote dispute that gave him. You feel every wants me out I got sixty but what I'm trying to say is. I think there's a little bit of a coming of age you Alter its arms. I think we had. It is starting to be somewhere now. Picking up you know the brewers have not playing yeah what's its 98 epidemic nationally so we have an epic history with the cops. It's been lewis' yeah that's what you are starting to become very relevant between two teams and they aren't. They're players. On the and I expect both teams are Ritter who went to divisions. And I think the root of the sufferers specialty and like with Detroit and that's what it is becoming a relevant rivalry it's not just of stringer I need to go any that they desk. Becoming a I think needs now is obvious are concerned. You know with the brewers. I don't know I I absolutely agree with that market got a let's go because I heard that left to connect a couple of times just the I will say this saved and I and I I did save them via the because subtle with swing and catch it. Phone bank. I will say this JR Radcliffe in the journal sentinel I do like. The main brewers beat reporters. Billy and I I don't go off half launch in. Too often about about writers but I will say this that Adam McKelvey hardcourt and Rosie reacted to cover the brewers very well and that they do an excellent job they really do. As are going to be some typos here and there is going to be out. Now or wrong start time here and there for sure terrorists like usually in those two those three guys are on that beat better than just about anybody else in the country and any team across the state. I I would agree and as far as what I see in me but the other guy the other guy that's gaining some steam for me because I'd like it's just off. It's just off senator from the hard strategy of baseball just the normal baseball article which are good don't get me wrong I love it. But JR Radcliffe of the generals then he goes off the beaten path a little bit at times and he did write a nice piece. If you wanna check that out about exactly what mark was saying right there. About the comparison between the brewers cubs rivalry. And the cubs and brewers rivalry. All I'll explain more after the break your brewers get the victory wanna get your reaction here for zip final. When your hot you're hot player or not. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. You buy steel horse realtor accompany your roll call begins at steel horse They welcome back Burress get the game two victory against the Chicago Cubs and cub fans as you drive down 94. And yet had passed received in Kenosha drop a little more money in the southeast Wisconsin portion of the state the traffic as more night it is going to be a little bit worse smoother sailing. The road construction a little they cleared up but if if you do want to take that seven mile road. I'd teacher that we are talking about last night Jimmy week we should give them the details. Yeah and and I think if you if you can get past that you get down to about highway fifty in Kenosha the new and exit right there. And they go left and to be heading east and just keep going east for about and forty miles and that's where the just just take that route you had said you bet you that's that's it gets in there. All right who's hot who's not how much Jason Anderson's night tonight he goes into that hot category seven shutout innings on just one hit. Retired the final seventeen many faced. That was about as good as you'll see on the chase Sanderson indeed. And I that would be enough top categories the not category. Let's say the Chicago cubs' defense and I did not work I got another on the hot category Christian yellowish keep in a minute to hold tonight we we joked around about. You know you line up three left handed hitters that. In the first four batters that you're gonna face tonight. 37 knee in the last week ten for his last 27 with a pair of doubles and a camera that's big time for Kristi and yell it's as the brewers get a four zip. Victory and and as though I was saying before the break a nice piece from my JR Radcliffe in that. Journal sentinel about the cubs and brewers rivalry and I think it would lean toward. The EU's Denis of brewers fan you should be more. Into this that the cardinals brewers thing because the cardinals have cost you. A lot more success than the cubs have over the years. And I was just insisting how solid piece doubt there. And now he compared the both the cubs and brewers organization since 1970 because I think that's a fair comparison. In the cubs have been around for two point six a million years and the brewers just since 1970. So I thought it was a well done piece you might wanna check that out. Brewers go after a series. Win would a victory tomorrow if they can get it done when he gets a reaction on tonight's ball game. And though little forward thinking with Ford financial partners and FF PW by moving forward together if you wanna. They give us the lay of the land on what to what tomorrow may bring. I might I might be as nervous as I've been all year about tomorrow's game. And I wanna do something that puts the little kid back in a little kid back in the baseball Stellent. Billy during the break here wanted I wanted to do some today adding get a chance to do and I definitely wanna get that done tomorrow. Been awhile since I just simply. Purchased a couple of packs of base. All cards. Oh and I used to viewing your favorite pastimes. It was the it was these things and I still do it occasionally a few times he snot nose Timmy ride his bike got the glove on the one side the handlebar. Nine seven cents in his pocket to go get a pack of upper deck baseball cards no upper deck that didn't exist outside area that was there was tops tops my dad tops down south anonymity had a crappy player ver you know whatever the Seattle pilots in the in the one year before the brewers moved and he was a key was the fact spoke just to get a little bit of noise gone. I wrote I've battled fifteen miles long time for Chipper Jones rookie card. Okay came in Italy as a shortstop people fanatics and know what guys that there days when I started by the cards they were a nickel pack just that the column but you guys and then it went to a dime and I couldn't believe it I only that yup yup sold and then Tim is also going down to the local ice cream shop and back when back in his day you can go to the ice cream shop. And get for fifty cents a couple of two's scoops of ice cream and they put sprinkles on an itchy areas probably really cool time. Now of what it was was a couple of packs of baseball card tonight go to the bakery and there was debate rewrite nearly. And dime store where I drive like yards and a vial little strawberry pie it will hand and I'd park along the urban. Open on my cards and house now. Did you ever did you ever purchase one of the Beckett magazines three could. Check and see how much the card was worth because that was my big thing first they wanna have for I didn't even know they existed knows that some welfare and I'm looking at some cards Whitman and I'm like what are these sports magazines here what's packets that have like a bunch of cards on the on the cover. And it's like that's a price guide echo a price. So it'll tell me I'm atomic cars from Europe. And I couldn't afford the new one yeah. But so I had to by the out do like the one a year older two years older not like it didn't matter no it didn't didn't jump up that much no no no not at all so. Yeah will cart toxic Billy you should. Where are your cards. All my cards are are still in the closet I am planning I I got a couple of binders of I was bigger basketball card I have like three or four decks worth of Steve Nash rookie cards that I asked you twice now and see if there's any worth the nose. It's amazing what some of these cars are worth it there really is even the newer ones. Even the newer 17991250. Let's get to you guys met in west mend your next here in the fan. Thanks for. Or can we do a whole lot wetter than it into a local law. Because. I mean with our case and it and are. Back. Here wearable ball. Or. I. Actually. But it on the ballpark on our trip roundtrip. Fare in year. Wire that people on walked in wallets will. Why people are people. Like an. Hour. We. All we can be a better job or your. Your group. I I do I do and I think we are doing better though I will say that it is becoming a little bit better last Genesys looking at the numbers this morning. I've preparation for today's game. That the brewers are averaging about 5000. More per night than they did last year so that's that's really that's a pretty impressive jump night here which is saying about the of the column. Thing the cubs and brewers that they'd they'd definitely we definitely can do better in the one word no doubt but the almighty dollar map. It sure. So horrible. Part I mean I look at all. Like oh. I can get in the pool for eighteen dollar and act. I'll I'll bubble about art. Art art that my order right. Yeah you. About where it's cheaper. For. Many more. Aren't an alert me. And all our. Air or. Matt. Well stated well stated Matt is a great call right there failed remembered just today. Was look at the go to the game tomorrow 110 start game three Chicago in the Milwaukee at Miller Park and he bought it online. Ten rows behind the yacht cubs' dugout. Because unfortunately. They haven't via cub fan. Also so now written my question would be did did they call you hit you up for tickets well first of all yes yes as a cubs fan they had the audacity to issue out and I just said no I can't. Zion I can't get help via a ten rows behind the rug cubs' dugout at that like sixty bucks a ticket. And those less than 24 hours away from the game. Yeah my my old man's going tomorrow they'll they'll be there and I think I think key got got lucky and somebody else bought the tickets for. So that's that's even better you got to just make sure the bush moves your friends well enough that they by the tickets and they need to despite double Beers. That's true man you bring up a great point though man and and the question is rather simplistic. Can brewers fans do better in these games at home against the cubs it's a very simple question. And I think the answer is yes I do I understand the ramifications of taken a family there with a bunch of you know reveled up cub fans and in the market. I'd do understand that but can we as a fan base do better than what's been happening. That's insistent. He put it simply a sickly dead and Billy. Day later write out their children of the games and and and you can change the defeats a little bit. But I where we go on here legal targets Jesse right now what's up Jesse. Which Jesse's girl. He's. Hey that's your generating sales up. Doubt good bailout ball that was found at the I adapter. Albert analysts don't go at it. We had a very good at the you know the great because then they had a couple of them the united grew at a fairly vote on the way out so well. It a couple pre nup. But at the casino that that's a good one Jesse and also Tim I don't I don't know if you've ever done this maybe you're a little bit. More mature than I was in in my younger days what what the better one to do is make sure that you're sitting behind some cubs fans. And then you just get all the peanut shells these this and the amount and their hoods. I qualities. Really yeah. Now here's the here would be my lock I would throw peanuts at a cubs fan. And a guy would dock. Oh a woman or a child would turn around it would hit them right in the IE. The salt then would get into the rat now creating some sort of infection and I'd be sued for assault. Could. That's what the feet. That would be my life but I know the closest ever get a somebody throws or drink down and storms away no one's ever to. Now I feel well not not at all 4147991250. Jets insisting let's let's talk about that a little bit. After the break here. Can brewers fans do just a little bit better when the cubs command at Miller Park brewers do get a victory tonight a huge. Bounce back win it to even up the series at a game apiece. Chasing Anderson dynamite tonight can hear. Or can't wait to hear from my Craig Counsell talk about that and hopefully we'll get time to squeeze in our conversation Billy and I had with chase just. Less than 24 hours ago and he talks about this cubs brewers rivalry. A big game pending in game three tomorrow you're listening to the boys farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey tempt house. Ryan Moore about here on the fan. And every game there's a moment when you say to yourself. Are you kidding me guest today is are you kidding. Moment of the game. Rusty by Jeanne Wagner plumbing company you can trust Jim Wagner plumbing dot com. This is the blames farmers league baseball post game show. Present and by Milwaukee admirals hockey we are passed tag mill hockey. Yeah finally something went right for the brewers in terms of the other guys screw it up a little bit and are you kidding me moment of the game with Jane Wagner plumbing company you can trust check commodity Wagner plumbing dot com. It was the bottom of the third inning with a runner at second base and Kristen yeah Ellis who was Lorenzo Cain where they bat in his sand. All what was worse. The sand computers. Or the cubs' defense in the pickle. Who you so the computer is is quote not responding. As many get the nice little speedy wheel of death. So you're within the next three minutes we might randomly hear about it took just stuck it down on it and we know what happened cubs screwed up. And I'll be happy to announce that. The cubs screwed that thing up but brilliant base running by Lorenzo Cain he knew what was going on he detected that early. Panic don't flagged yeah Alex in for a landing at second base and just back pedal and scoot it back to first base and right immediately after that. Travis shop made him pay him will have our. Big money player of the game from pot a lot of me hotel and casino beat that player right there that's Travis off the second of his two run doubles. Was in that third inning in the had a beer pot a lot of me big money play of the game when chuck and Bart askew tomorrow morning what it was. Say it was the third inning two run double from Travis jaw. Making the score four zip in the gonna pick up reward play from pot a lot of me hotel and casino 4147991250. It's go to elk horn and sailor. Eric Eric you're on the Faneuil seven. Eric. Eric Eric. Well hey guys the yeah. Saved by a actually aids and ai department thank you. Last year at the beginning of the few before we knew that about team that we had. You it probably had a group the murders. And you need to have more fun watching numbers. And fat let's enjoy this as they are certainly get. And it was a night where. I'll watch a man and out haven't gone out on Broadway at ninth you know the eleventh inning by it. This team is fun to watch. And I don't get brought it or I'd just sit back and Julius baseball. Well I I will tell you this you've got it Erik I will tell you this it's not that it's it's a 100%. Every minute of every game. Is I'm not frustrated by a bomb going going to say that right away. But the you know. Over the long hall of a baseball season out we all need to understand that we cannot win every single game it's not happening and and there's going to be your prototypical. I say prototypical because every team goes through it. A six to one loss you pitcher didn't have a bad day and your off that they are there guy did it. You are a little flaps. Maybe it was a travel day we forget about sometimes the Wear and tear on these guys they're traveling every single day these guys you know what surprised me Billy when we're. At the ballpark yesterday. War talk and Craig Counsell do you read member what time that was when was cred Craig Counsell speak into the media around ground forces team. OK 415. It was a 710 start time yesterday yeah there were dudes on the field playing catch. Warm enough there were used for fifteen there were Jews on the field warming up at 340 when they allow players aren't media members to go into the locker rooms are talking to players. Mean think about their day's work it's not just seven tend to the end of the game as a not the way it works out. As is and I'm not that you know I'll defend those guys when it's warranted and that part of it is warranted. It's not just the three hour game that they can goat. But hey grabbed snot nosed him he's got a vote of ballclub hanging off the handle bars looking for a pick up in I wanna play game five go play gave an hour and a half up again at home for dinner. That's the way it works here these guys get off the plane. At the sometimes are traveling all night and that being said you have to consider that and some of the prototypical losses that every baseball team pass. Now when when the bush gets this shell of a little bit. You'll see it over the long stretch over bigger don't let anyone tell you they're not good. To simply because the cubs were a half game ahead of the brewers yesterday are coming into this game today. Does not mean that they're not a good baseball team they're both good baseball teams let's have some fun throughout the duration of the season and again. Just tell you part of the fun is some of that frustration that you'd get no doubt roller coaster ride and yet. The ebbs and flows of the 162 is is what makes this game fun and it's what makes this job fun for a slightly. You were joking about it last night how solid socks we turn this microphone on. Fifteen seconds after you turn the volume down on the TV and it's raw reaction but that that's the ups and downs in the labs and closed. Bosses fans us is broadcasters. Can go without these guys every single day. Yeah and it's it's a daily grind now were were. Gonna have video post game it's the big show tomorrow. That's about it and then now that would be a grind out stuff that's challenging that's going to work. That's I mean that's that's that's where Nelson digging your shoes in bringing your lunch pail and in the war now. Let's throw all one's sleeves up and going to battle them man your battle stations. That are really what that but there's an off day on Thursday. And then I believe it's the next 31 days the brewers play thirty baseball games and now of those thirty baseball games guys. There's not a team decided that there's not a team that's going to win thirty games in 31 days they celebrated the Cleveland Indians last year for winning what was it won the two in a row. Some like that yeah like they won three consecutive World Series because you don't see it happen every. Yeah but again though you lose a ball game like last night that doesn't mean you can't give frustrated but frustration doesn't mean that that isn't in a strange weird way fun. 4147991250. John in river western next here on the fan. It's up John. Yet Garrard on them. Jonathan your your your on here sorry it's. Upton you know there are licking them I mean realistically I'm I'm under a round numbers. The rotations definitely you know over performed a little bit or are considering where a hundred million dollars short of what the cut celery as. Yeah I believe a word about it in the last ER year but we're definitely making sure aren't popular. They're figuring out the guys who can fit into the rotation in the bullpen. I don't really able brewers and had anything to be worried about. No and I will agree with you on the financial side of things. And that that's what's gonna make beating them if indeed they'd they'd do end up doing that this year. That much sweet and does that that big money didn't biting anything because your at the disadvantage eat you look up to that team in payroll and everything else. There's there's not three different competing TV stations. That had a Disney owned company will throw them a 180 million dollars that you Eagles spent Jon Lester here. There. Yeah it's it's. But there's some players on this on this baseball team that are under performing in not hitting on all cylinders hoosiers like you say about Chicago so this again this going to be a a dog fight down the stretch here 4147991250. As the brewers take game two of this three game set they've got double some and rye written on tomorrow's game brewers fans there's tickets available I know this. It wasn't more than a couple of hours ago that a family member purchased three seats but 1012 rows behind the cubs' dugout. So can we do a little bit better as a great great tech question impose from one of our listeners. Can we do just a little bit better in terms of attendance against the Chicago Cubs I think the answer to that is yes wanna get your thoughts on that. Ablaze farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals Tim Allen. They beach house bills mid Tony Graffanino. Behind the glass over there Ryan Moore about. Get a sports class were back here in the fan. And boom. I welcome back it is a brewers four zip win over the cubs is just love sand that now can they sealed a deal. Would a victory tomorrow to take the series I know one person that. Works here on the fan is a well we call a swami I think. Yeah no kidding call my shot today it was fired up then. We're we're gonna have a little bit more this coming up later. It it just tests be addressed chuck Freeman went with an absolute pipe bomb today on the fan FaceBook page. Big time so stick around for that we'll have that for you the drive of the game since our computer is down still. Little bit and I believe we can get this where we're looking for for the one that put him up to nothing are we looking for. For the dialog form yeah I'm thinking that drive of the game with Acura Brookfield is going to be after some brilliant base running and and I Cobb little bit of a screw up there are in the bottom of the third inning Lorenzo Cain just masterful. In. It would be in the air traffic controller right there aren't. They're bring it in yell it's for a landing at second Ginn is it himself back to first base. And the brewers Travis jog third baseman made him pay immediately. Shaw. He had knocked in all for the brewers runs a couple a two run doubles for Travis saw that one in the third also had one in the first inning. And Jay Sanderson. Is with the right hander really. The best performance he's had thus far this year one hit no runs through seven innings. And I got the job done 4147991257. Taos. And up bill in Franklin welcome aboard your on the fan. Nate they're greatly on the night of epidemic myself on you know an awesome time but let me try to bought silence being called after the break from making them at 31. Every agreement they include an apple cup if music scene. And her thing kind of sit back and you can portion of the cup and it's pretty. Yeah yeah I better was. That was that all right IE I hear that you I've felt a lot better I felt. Obviously. A little bit better when they immediately news you know like we just said Travis Shaw. Made him pay on that thing and that's usually the other way around you saw last night and I mean you yet a perfect example of that last night on the other side. That VR doesn't catch a ball and and completed double play on a sacrifice fly ins over us would've and now by a couple of feet. And what do Jason Heyward due immediately after that and RBIs base that's tied. Ball game well and take huge turning point in and have under a when the cubs scored their first run to attempted to make it 21. When we you have I believe that was that was the body as one where he steals second ball goes in the outfield the ends of the third. And a sac fly scores of men and it's it's 011 ballgame they tied up there after the Kraft summer. And speaking of getting a man in from third I really thought that it was another opportunity for. Jonathan via aren't laid down a yes squeeze play with a runner at third and about Maine Mingo did his job getting the runner over there. And it's just you know they'd they'd they'd decided not to do that then. You know sometimes don't shift feel and and I respect numbers cyanide totally get that large sample size is more. Clarity in a lot of these situations with today's baseball but. You know seven number's up your tail once in awhile and I go with go with. Just what you feel right there go with momentum a little bit go with what you talk about being put putting pressure on the other team. Put oppressor put the pressure on a cub infielder to make apply. Was so moving parts and Jonathan VR screen and toward first base. And Romer from third just common to barreling down the line make those guys make a play once a while not saying I adopt that philosophy. At all times as we all know what Bunning is in in brewer bill these days assist as is not going to be huge part of their baseball game Newton. By Billy where we get ago here on down south of the border Justin's in Chicago. Sub Justin. They get I didn't expect Michael. More important you are no problem do. Relieved Livan down here trust me accurately after and I'd perspective really the nerve wracking ever since I've been down. Cappy deem best for her it's over 110 I don't know why but it does living down here these games really really gets so nice. He got to win a weighted to the it was over to the report up on the porch gotta little space and she's she's been out all right right. Please do your neighbors do you agree on that. No no I don't think so I mean adamant about lack of an easy take it down Favre about ugly and it. Think it's a penalty of up to Mexico I think you're in the the definitely leave it. Definitely we've. And a side note living down here that I think the fans but cubs fans are more concerned about. But the purse and the percent are about the cops my despair Norton threaten people down here equity series they're going government we don't talk to each other that much you know. They normally don't release. We say anything I want to. The last series before gamer. Wrigley on the pot go matter but he didn't think they're gonna win that game when Davies pitch in on map that something was here people apart so. The kind of worried about a down here that that's nice to see but he had definitely relieved after this game nor appreciate all the work you guys do on the spot initial. I you've got a man thing thanks for the call. It. I I would love to know. How it shook out last year at the deadline Billy with the I was taking time to deal mean I would love to know. Because I I agree with with our last caller that that the cubs are a little concerned with the brewers little upstart. There on the way there's no question there on their way the cubs know we know what the cubs knowing. And the cubs front office they notice well. Must be nice to have a fat wallet down there for sure. But nonetheless they know it. I would love to know. Give. If CEO in the front office of Chicago. Said to the White Sox. What ever you do man give us the final chance to be an offer don't let it snow let us know the final situation is and and Woolsey we know. But about and I will iron and I wonder if David Stern's on the other hand maybe they both do that maybe GMs do do that. While I was told brilliant strategy rhetoric con two watt why would you not call the crosstown team as soon Heyman. I might have a deal and in in place of the senate guys that you're going to be seen for awhile. They try to deals slasher that didn't work out though Theo made a call for Michael former from the tigers and they are even willing to give up hobby by as any in half that was the the rumors and it I think he'll even kind of admitted that. So I think the you gotta you gotta shopper around a little bit. Yeah yeah now out I was told by former brewers GM that. This isn't fantasy football it's not really negotiated this outside I completely disagree. And now he's not. It's it's it's exactly that it's it's at obviously a much higher. Higher level but it has to work like that that's it's that'd that your standard negotiating is that not. We are going to hear from Craig Counsell if you wanna join the conversation a big win for the crew tonight. And maybe even bigger of taking grabbed one tomorrow and take the Ceres and extend the lead in the US central which is important and I don't want it tell you guys that I'm not scoreboard watching because we are. But I do know that this thing is going to go back and forth throughout the season so are these games big yes they're two games swings here. This to an eight mark in the ten games against Chicago. It it grades on meal that there's no question about that but if you know if you move forward. And and you start with tomorrow's game yeah it's just soften that blow a little bit and and you've you've drawn a line in the sand of sorts to say. It's not just going to be a shot out after shout out after shout out like it has been you got your hands rule here. 4147991250. Brewers get a victory at Sam Allen Bill Smith baby taos Ryan Moore about. And their Graffanino behind the glass over their love that new nickname for a for probably had its time line absolutely dynamite his last name is idle men it was going to be Griffin American Idol men and he does like that. But since he likes that told us he likes that. It's now Graffanino. It's probably one of the cardinal sins in all of radio if you if somebody gives you a nickname and you tell them you like it. It will change it will change it should never opened my big fat mouth I should just capture microphone off and then when it made them mistake. That's true. All right so once a swami on the fan radio station staff were gonna talk about that here from Greg council come on up here on the fan. You're listening to the plains farmers league baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals. Hash tag male hockey won twenty bucks Chile's cash deal listening to children wink or tomorrow morning at 835. And know that Chile's MB beads to win. Chili's is back baby. Back now here's Tim with today's Chile's MBB. Well I'm just gonna give the answer right now on this chuck Freeman is usually isn't impeded its right to problems that come on the under read it. Safer how are tomorrow morning much hope that. You can pick up lunch or dinner at chili's is brought to regularly Chile's right over there off the Iraq freeway. On some shed drive. You give yourself. A big order a tock goes zero screams love tacos Blair and out you you're just lol those things up you get doc you give. The chips chips and it's also true orders of the chips and salsa and your shot right there. So he has your Chile's MBB and the reason why is he just heard the the promo there are about how he guaranteed the is Bardot said the aftermath of chalks guarantee we're guaranteed a victory. And he threw this out there and Alice a piece of audio from where bill. This is that I was on the fan FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 0157 FM the fan and it was a shot by shocks. Girlfriend. And it was man it was it was just pro wrestling asked chuck ripping off some glasses look a little bit rock ask. Com little bit. Loaded dusty roads ask I think is is that a better way to put it to look nothing like the Iraq come. The Iraq. I looked shocked but Cutler completed. Roosevelt pianist Aaron let's hear from chuck. Freeman's unrepentant. And neighbors are gonna win it do I think the brewers ago well today. Young lady player. Does that click I was walking out of the house or see its favorite baseball team does that look like a guy. Who thinks is baseball team's gonna lose that. You obviously don't listen to chuck the wind Gordon Moore six to ten mil Nolan does this morning amid predictions. I guarantee no make many guarantees on the radio station for the starting committee guarantee that. They will definitely win tonight's game I don't they've lost eight of ideas these guys. And drive around town hall today and I see the W flags flying at break if I've broken 845 bomb. I've seen the land of Lincoln might displace him targeted all right you know history the Chicago Cubs this horrible. It's absolutely important. Yes I think they're gonna win tonight at the deathly guarantee so I'm gonna go watch my favorite team. Winning game tonight somehow someway they will not lose tonight I guarantee oil bunt away. One more thing and admit a lot of deaths regarding this. Different things people of that me I've heard from a lot of you guys on Twitter today and FaceBook and all that money guys don't think I'm gonna be right in this. But we grow this one goes out to you hole and he matches up and on the show today is an item very nice to you and Michelle and I treat your portly and all that. Here's another thing if the brewers lose the ninth. We would've been nice the bark. I will do anything you set the ground rules you pick today. But as they're gonna happen. Brewers and get the job done tonight and we'll see tomorrow morning six and then I shut him Michael. I'll pol that. Shock Raymond call and he is shot that was off. Is brought to you by chili's chili's is back baby back. All right there I ago let's hear from my Craig Counsell and just a couple of minutes here. This squeeze yen here if you wanna jump aboard 4147991250. Spot away at the bottom mega junior listen. I haven't seen in awhile. Yeah old now. Does nothing to blame on me if the brewers lose right. Well I I also don't work there anymore so. You don't started very different times app that's correct. Hold on I didn't know this you just got a promotion. Did you. Like or go. Monica it's fun we're where we worked and stopped him. Don't well we'll talk about that off there go up. Today and Aaron. Now what was that. While want want that was short musical interlude. All of musical interlude. Bottom may go what's on your mind dude. Not a whole lot. Tomorrow is very important in my eyes all right I think they'd. My out of the game ever on the part about today's big I knew they were when they chat at a chat with patent numbers. Tomorrow with Mac game finally win this series go eat here. And then. Go on. Yeah it's hi I'm well I'm already nervous yet hope for sure it's been. Yep but all hands on deck. It would be nice to win a series and these guys just the yeah. Took to get that over let them get the monkey off the back now we won tonight let's go out there tomorrow. Win that series. We the Phillies go five and on and on and recruit and like you that it's going to be a battle and you know what it is or not yet been close throughout the seat. God is that is amazing yeah we'll we'll allow we'll chat soon all right thanks dude what are the cubs go on Thursday and I asked. Are they playing on Thursday. They're out there and they have a Carlson as well. Friday they start a weekend series with the cardinals found him toasts. In saint Louis the end zone there on another trip here so it's all hands on deck for both of these baseball team is a huge weekend. Baseball on the and a centro. That is that is a little bit bigger for the cubs here. Brewers out of the central after tomorrow they've got the Phillies in town and that's no via easy task could mean the Phillies have been. Have been decent this year I mean I think they're slowly start nick you know come come back down to earth but. The cubs and cardinals don't have the cardinals ours moans a little bit of blood to in the central and they wanted to. Really stay relevant in this thing so you're right Ryan it's it's. It's kind of a big deal here don't almond and they're all you know go back and forth this year. And the rest of the summer here let's hear from Craig Counsell after the brewers four zip victory in game two of this three game set. We'll do that next year on the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need. Before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. For his zip brewers beat the cubs game two of this three game set and the series pending on a 1101 pitch tomorrow shop scene and Mike Montgomery. On the bomb to do some battle tomorrow and with the off days as we're just discussing for both of these baseball teams. On Thursday then I would think that everybody should be available on both sides and early on. Maybe if you can put up for two or three run lead on either side of might be good enough to hold up these opens are pretty good. On both sides of the diamond. Let's get to Craig Counsell is use got to be pleased with the big time bounce back win. Where it all I was just. Republicans. And and and what it means. There are very close I think. The you know it was a situation where obviously we. Spent a lot of capital last night to try to win that game and so you know going seven innings and there have been more than anything it was you know it was. Chase kind get back to something that that we like Lisa we saw on last year and his stuff was you could tell right away that this stuff was his fastball looks specifically was. At a different gears tonight. Just to spite their editors swings. Knows a little little bit off with a command early in the game but says he got going it was it was really impressive. In front of them a little things went on it but that's including doorway. Went through it they would. Yards and picked off Hampton. And release some on the beast as the via Europe to. Yeah I mean. Looked at dozens of that base running play by Cain who it was as flat out brilliant that it really was and I'm nurses and you like that. You know exactly what he was doing. You know I had no idea what he was planning on doing. There was amazing it really was. You talk about you know. Seeing the court and see in the Flores a bass and as a basketball analogy but that's that's see in the field and understand what's happened in new zone. Not to my captain that was incredible. Work them. Well as lower lose human I talked to guys but yeah. C said he has practiced that play in Kansas City. Is that it's never happened but they've practiced that play. So that's why he knew it he knew what he was known you had. Thought about four. Now. Yeah and I didn't and realized as it was at home. But that's that's what's incredible that he knew in new orders it was I don't play at home base in non. Solely any told the LA knew you was telling the Alex run back all the way to the base. Then nearly sprinted back to the base tired and I was going. Yeah and so it gets us around them and it's it's you know it's also Rhonda is found that play really. And it's you know and I think here and run and that they should squeeze its go around for some like those those pretty cool. Back to Jason seventh where you. With Jennings up where you can make a move after a Bryant leads off the inning and was that a gut decision and how does that play. You know I just go ahead Jennings are to see you Lois is gonna go on that inning. And you know I was it was just just just coverage. Notice currency was gonna play out that inning. Gregor is our existence or. It's house two swings or wrong it's very close here not for sure I mean. Also we we jumped on the first inning which at was. You know I expect. No it really important so are offensive. Success this year is the first inning. No we we its base hits against him. You know these walks and guys in the past but you know that we respond to some good pitches in the first couple innings. Yup you know for for many anything and his people are his case that a solid three rockets relatively. Yeah the it was a good fortune three guys that. Just shows College Baseball could be you know right. Yeah I mean I think come. That that's that's part of the game for her. Although no one was a little bit softly but. Yeah I did she got some fortunate now last inning but you certainly pitched well enough to. No one of zeros Berkshire you know the pitched very very well. It's pitch count ball you know interest your dollars you'll get those three outs. No we had a we had all the time you know we had guys movement so it was in all it's it's it was at the point in the game waited to see how the inning he sent him back out there and you see on the inning goes and he pitched well. It's not. Something. You know I always felt something in his in his calf. Not serious disease has got a chance to play tomorrow so we just that there was no reason to to you know risk at that point. I'd areas Greg council after the brewers four zip victory in the a play in that third inning Lorenzo can play. He called it brilliant is pretty cool. And that the Kansas City Royals had practiced that plight. They think about that. You who would even think to come open that scenario. No kidding. I mean that's that's I mean first week in spring training kind of thing or or or middle of June where you have it's plenty of time to think about random. Situations around through that that would be the last thing I would think of bring back Ned Yost. Giving please at least he that it I think yeah he did Ned Yost. Led team practiced that life. Pre answers that it. The puts in for good thought. But it it really does all right we're gonna go inside the club louse up next. We hear from chasing Anderson in our conversation. Billy and I had with him yesterday. We'll get his comments after his performance tonight that's all coming up next here on the fan. Now here's the Baja. In the scenes post game update as we take you would inside the clubhouse brought you by Adam deputy dot com ready to get inside a new house. Out of deputy dot com. Guess deals done that others cats. Won't. We were talking to chase Sanderson yesterday about the cubs in the rivalry and who chasing Anderson might have hated while he was grown up as a sports man because you know I admitted Billy is you know I admitted that. I hate the cubs yeah and that's not the most heavily brave of you by the way Willis I know you must go against those guys have. It's not that it's not personal to the guys. In size don't exist like any of these players personally. I just do not like they're uniform. He almost got away with one show we just needed a little taster of care if the let's let's hear from Jason Anderson yesterday and then now following that. We'll get chases common answer the comments after his own performance tonight furious Jim and tell us inside the Bruce. All of us Jay Sanderson bruised right and our Jason Noel thank you very much it's going to be back again you know look forward a series okay the fun factor in a series like this morning that. Fun factor how. Sounds very thought. Oh win the basketball fan base thoughts and that we will hit homers. And look at sort of junior dominated the zone is on the red red right. Another winning ways Lou we're battling on the air and post game show quite often been about this rivalry here. Rivalries are are sort of organic gardening I mean you can't force someone that. They can't you can just see you know. The last will be here is that dinners and sixteen. Just continues to get bigger and bigger heroes and also rose and make you very generally has been for us it's really just trying to win win today. I guess the cubs and then more about tomorrow tomorrow. It's another game though is its own bitterness talking to himself the division. And you know. The stupid these kind of these tests here's really what makes your season and you know we're going to be for that bad that tennis. No radio. And they've been Mary Bryant said last time they were here. Hi there might be a good rivalry broom because teams are kind of similar you guys celebrate obviously set hitting homers so he has a silvers for Hummer stretch in the same thing. When you see the battling celebrations to dug outs coming already shown there is does that bring any adrenaline nerves that he is blocked out right. I think it does I think you synergy that we bring everyday and they realize energy to an. You know we respect the cubs and what they've done obviously and I north Florida. Taking this division back and bring him back to Milwaukee and I continue to do we do as a team and didn't see our progression since sixteen since that. You know quote unquote rebuilding started has been. Fascism. I'm assume it's such a which you know we knew we had the call those like I've always said what we continue to play every day and you can see. How much somehow much only have played together as a team. What now see I hate that others saying I know I respect them but but I hate them. I'm town right now I think if there is a loony bin for different for me it's going to be because of my agent because when you're grown ups and its. Who's thirteen that you just Jesus had to do was at San Francisco and here's how we'll examine that uncertainty is hated. Man if I hope. Baseball wise stuff as others at Texas Rangers fan. And my body that was a catcher and I story possession plans these Triplett for the resumption Iran version love the Yankees. If you thought by the Yankees so I think I've rooted hatred for the Yankees. But not because obviously they're they're really good team but just because he kept talking about Monsanto I was seeing these storied franchise and you know nothing nothing really. I don't him anymore he's fun to watch those guys played but you know bad guys get out of sorts and I really disliked but we'll discuss the talk about him so much. You're beating that team because they come up here and talk about a mile time. I was with my parents school it was like 60%. Give Chicago so if you guys. We'll take two or three said take the division back to shut those people aggressively here. That's a fluorescent light the next decade there. And everybody's going to know watching this area would love that that's Fuzzy well that's it and so you know we're doing our best we can we got a heck of a team here and it's just continue to get better. And on the afford to let him pitching into and get back on track against these guys and in Omaha for a two for him to continue to do overdone and when series I mean. Just or die here. Here for a reserve final thing. Do you sense city we've talked about the rivalry I don't sense any hostility because. I know it's a strong word maybe you're just wrong word. But when. When their guy their catcher's standpoint and your dugout bat had hit me the wrong way. Is there anything bidder like that with the guys. Not really I think it's just part of the game his emotions can get to the best balls as soon as were most on the field their emotional film don't win sums usually get emotionally excited. He doesn't mean we get emotional and I was mad at that you know just to respect them motion happy and that. So I think for us is you know this continue to to play and understand we control our our emotions on the on the on the field and it's itself as a stimulant for this team knows that emotions and it takes it up another notch. So policy it's nice to have the solutions there way in the you know more than half of them have been at. Those guys play hard over there and yet we expect that cell again stuff. For sure and I hope that I don't you just moved there really welcomed and appreciated and I mean we would we look forward to competing as a gunman reported that you know it's to balance out it's going to be fun. Ours here and yes. Sides areas Jay Sanderson our conversation yesterday. And let's. That's here a couple of comments from chase after a brilliant performance the night. Think the biggest thing was we scored some runs early it. On some great base during a looking at their accounting errors in these at least. Team in Davis is one now so those things are in this four runs. Stephen I think. For me to have the conviction on a pitches. Remained just leave me and on the right path and had a good game playing going in but the Candace is back to you know. As a team as a whole and this is a big game. I distressed at what do my best and your team a chance to win but. The days it was in the run through an economic slowdown build. Exterior it's opponent. It's hard to say is that that team is so good either of the facility and outcry after get a Jim and walk the guy forget no matter what they were it was they were. There's overseas is that it was a more observers than. Two guys on base in getting out of that you know is basing the kind of get our left that that was by the the terrifying get a better for them because McManus kind of spotted about a good fast on the early on and then. As a kitten on the curve what came to play the cutter a little bit change it was good just but don't throw pitches for strikes and construct bones that were huge in the later innings. And yes I know this. Team expects India to earn enough to which images maritime that's that premise often doing working hard and try to do you know a daily basis and every. Just days it is a big difference starting pitcher so. Punitive this team is whoever come in knows it against the cubs even better so just continue to build off that and you know. Moccasins and I would look for look looking back Lester but it's good to have that feeling again can get that feeling from last year. And knowing that I can continue to attempt to be like be a pitch that was western continue to build on that so. Don't despair and for that I you know that the women as they went. Yeah. You have you come out with a lead you through seven innings and you don't do your own that and you know the teams in Italy you initial emotions are too much emotion those as far from a success balance and so. You know I just yell let's go really loud and you know. Teed and Barnes became a cause that that. It is get those runs are it was a big excuse for me today getting in their groups uncomfortable it feels good to go out there and put seven innings to get their offense back in the various. All of those things are just you know. Little little successes on the way. Mary is Jason Anderson after the performance tonight seven innings he allows just one hit no runs walked a couple of men struck out six. 107 pitches. And some raw emotion from chasing Anderson that they downplay I think the rivalry just a little bit and A he knows he's being recorded Billy and I sense that from. From chase. The certainly in our conversation yesterday that. Now better watch it let these guys you know say they're thing. But I'm gonna make sure I I show some respect over there. Which you could kind of tell you his watch in and knew that he was recorded. Oh for sure and you you can tell on both of those sound bytes that we just played there there's genuine now com. Love of competition between those two teams but there's also a little bit of disdain because brewers nowhere where the cubs of bad and that's where they want. The indeed. Tomorrow morning chuck and went clear they will talk more brewers baseball for ia and chuck Freeman. Who's at the ball game tonight shock. Nice job calling your shot and we played the audio indeed that echo was awesome sometimes you got to shake it up a bit and. Yeah you'd argue that the I did that a gut feel rhetoric about them and went about a big fit about guarantees but. You know I get that part of this that at the bit them and you know white you know that on one hand you know giving you were were in the media and at the root of it as we always say. Well Princeton. And but yeah it up guys to a note three of a guy here you know worked from. Well from Wisconsin so you know we were going to that separate is is it we continue to do well offense. Too and we want a cute he'd do well obviously and yeah it thought that the the public good bottle like a lot. Kick it to you struggle like fifth third entry I have a eulogy and called it wouldn't want to tighten it up and up often viewed by. You know he did a we had a listener asked us that question not I it struck me s.'s so simplistic. And and it made a lot of sense. Can brewers fans I know you guys human part of been talking about this last a few years about the cubs fans infiltrating Miller Park in. He put attuned to me this way I wanted to get your thoughts on this to chuck and that is. Can brewers fans at least do a little bit better in infill in the stands with with brewers butts in there. Well but the cup fans are here I feel you know the worker have that will be attempted people attended. As the block a couple of days ago. Oh I hit a few people we were you know for the market site I think. And considering the history of the opening confederate history of the team there's not a winning history I think Milwaukee. Held the job. Sporting the team they'll like him fifty year they've won ten division title. You know they've won two division title yet of people car covered out here and you know what I when I hear people pocket all of a lot of people out your September. But it it go back to school well. In a bit now a lot to cheer for they are at the bit a whole heck of a lot so. I think what you'll you know and then they haven't quite the pin the Kamal what Bobble head days and all that sort of thing but. Supporting this piece. The Brooke Bennett who were little work they generally do I thought it would bad I had no idea but I think you know they head out and com. I don't know what could take it these cub fans out here. You know it it there was a time in Chicago to a park this morning where there were more White Sox fans in Chicago the cubs fans. Amid a drop seven or 8000 at Wrigley Field for games in the early eighties ladies. But you know now at that it's quite different. Though. Bomb. I don't know I think that. You know the rough re going to be one for several years now and I don't know I could turn around or at are getting more were cramped in there that propaganda organ from up here. You've just got to sneaking suspicion is so super suspicion I do at least. That. Someone's gonna throw a little bit too inside and I don't want this day I'm not saying I want this to happen. But with some of the emotions that we've seen thus far this year. How will soon contreras dropping the F by one point in the dugout. Chasing Anderson coming off with some emotion Matt Albers earlier this year some almost and I don't know I think it's right for the pick and later on September when they face each other what six or seven times. That things could get a little messy job. You know him Albert hit. Out of the rubble it you know. And ruffle. At that stage and yeah if it's in the now upper upper orbit are okay. Let me get through anything in return from the cup. At their want. I thought in the back in my mind need be I hear your same maybe. That time with a bit right or you know be a little bit on the cubs or you aren't going to be at that but that's the way he played it never happened. No knowledge did didn't but I just that may just may be that that the stakes are gonna get higher. And their high now because this same big counts for the same win loss now as it would in some camera but it just feels bigger than. And I just I don't know man and that just because this thing continues it back and forth affair man these periods really insisting in September. It it you know without a doubt and it all right I don't know you talk to book going back for the addictive. That that could be to speak you know you'd want equipment. Then it all out that that's what tonight's game was huge yeah they've got the pivotal beat up the rubber game all but you know David little loft tomorrow. But it project he's had you know cops come out of here. What behalf again lead the division it didn't wanna be solved through would have but I know just humans but you don't wanna be down there you have the must leave here in the division. Let the division for most of the season it ought to be dumped would have with Philly can over the town on Friday. Right on the money there's chuck Freeman Nguyen gets more Bruce conversation him in part tomorrow morning right here on the fan chuck go brewers in this a big one tomorrow ma'am we'll talk to you tomorrow. You've got Derek where. All right take these these areas and a but it it it's it just is a big game on Sar. Nokia more Hugh. I'm already a little nervous about that so are you more nervous about the game or post game meets the big ship. Well no I'm more agitated about posting these next. Nervous about baseball and its. Griffin Nino a nice job I want to thank our our crude down at Miller Park yet knows the audio Ryan Korvotney is along side and I you Ryan horrified might be with you Billy on Sundays and I main guy may not be here being Father's Day well that's good you should you should don't take some time and you know what. Maybe you'll have. Ryan Moore hot he's he's a new father you'll have as his young son. Make an appearance if he didn't keep everything locked down and fitness and Pickett who you can hope that together at one accident. I wanna act that. Took four. Who can you give Ryan's so what it. Yeah it's the return of myself since I've left you've got to a third of the Sox. Take two or three from the Phillies. Job Judy the Indians. I was needed after allegedly caught you on this show and weeks literally I'm telling you guys you will you lost the brewers lose to a third of the Sox the job to do the Indians. Did you take two or three from the Phillies. But then last night. The other clamps and extra innings. That's why we're fighting to have you on the show on a regular basis to stay tuned for that. All right you guys you guys take it easy for Ryan or about maybe taos bills med. My name is Tim Allen we'll talk to tomorrow after the last bits as you make the switch post game meets the big show. That should be insisting enough but oh by the way there's a rubber match between the cubs and the brewers at Miller Park guys have a great night Mozart did miles. And smile Milwaukee the world will smile back it's.